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Читы для Eric the Unready

Чит-файл для Eric the Unready

Eric the Unready

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Legend Entertainment Company
Издатель:Legend Entertainment Company

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1993 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
        This walkthrough assumes that you've tried each section first
      and have at least made your own maps (use the F6 key), so that you
      don't need specific directions to go somewhere: eg. Go east, go
      north, kiss pig, etc.

        The adventure is made easier in that items which are no longer
      useful are conveniently removed from your inventory after each

        Be sure to collect and read the newspaper after each part.

Kissing Pig

        You need the rope from the barn to descend into the pit. For a
      laugh, EAT SHIT. Also get everything from the medicine chest
      beforehand. You'll need to use one of these items on the pig.

Next Day

        Wait until your squire gets you out of your armour. Attend the
      meeting at the Union Hall. Go to the armoury and answer the copy
      protection questions to get the cloak. Look in its pocket. Go back
      to your barracks and get the helmet. At the pond, fill the helmet
      with water. Go to the palace and talk to the guard. Get the
      kindling from the fireplace. Go outside and plant the bean in the
      garden. Water it. Climb the beanstalk. After the briefing by Bud
      the Wizard, take the magic coin and go to the torch vendor's. Then
      enter the ice cream parlour and talk to the boy. Make a fire,
      accept his earmuffs and wear them. Buy the float. Pay the bard to
      recite the epic and wait. Take him to the palace. Wait, then go
      upstairs and eavesdrop. Downstairs, wait until the fight breaks
      out. Outside, pull the banana from the stone. After another
      briefing from Bud (make a note of the five items of your quest,
      and WHERE you need to use them), go to the pond and follow his
      instructions regarding the banana.

In Quest of the Pitchfork

        Check out the graveyard, then get past the tree to the west by
      giving it some refreshment. Move branches to reveal the trapdoor.
      Descend, open the mailbox (memories of Zork I!) and get the prize
      offer. Go to the rock shop and get your free gift. Use it to break
      into the house. Pull the rug and open the trap door. Get the beard
      from the trophy case. Go upstairs, and search the bones to get the
      ID. Go to the publishing house and give the prize offer to the
      dwarf. Go outside, wear the beard, kneel, and go in and try again.
      Go to the rock shop and get the starter rock. Wander around until
      someone gives you a coin. Win the memory game to get the catapult.
      Load it with the starter rock. Get on the ferris wheel, pull the
      lever and push the green button. At the top, shoot the red button
      with the catapult. Stand and get the pitchfork. Tie the cord to
      the roots and jump. Now go back to the house and go to the top.
      Drop the rock, stand on it and go through the hole.

In Quest of the Wrench

        Enter the inn and talk to the keymaker. Talk to Bruce. Read the
      book the bard gave you and give Bruce the coupon. Listen to the
      conversation and order what they keep arguing about. At the
      castle, go north. Get the berries. Go northwest. Use your last
      medication on the attack turtles. Go to the stables and give the
      drink to the two-headed oaf. Take the root. Go to the top and
      light the root. Go down and use the torch to melt the wax. Press
      the blob on the key to make an impression. Take the impression to
      the keymaker. Go back with the key, unlock the door and play
      Jeopardy. You may need to play it twice to win.
In Quest of the Steak

        Listen carefully to the offensive acts that the herald recites.
      Go in. Attend the reciting of the legend and Lily's show at the
      auditorium. Go to the shooting gallery and shoot until you win a
      few prizes. Note what distracts the guy in charge. Visit the elf
      and talk to the musician who comes along eventually. Go to the
      Pavilion of Tomorrow. Take the rubber band and leech. Take the
      marble. Pull the shade. Take the marble. Put the rubber band on
      the snake. Take the marble. Put the cord on the aardvark. Take the
      marble. Stand on the floorboard. Take the marble. Visit the
      jugglers at the auditorium and give them the leech. Wear the
      gloves and climb the maypole. Visit Lily. Take the weed and give
      it to the musician. Wear the shades and play the elf's game. Go to
      the Fool's Guild and play with the whoopee cushion or something so
      that they give you a fool's cap to wear. Perform an offensive act.
      Annoy the boy until he gives you an apple. Give the apple to the
      chef and take his apron. Give the guy in charge of the shooting
      gallery the woodcuts to distract him while you make off with a
      crossbow. Leave the fair and attack the dragon. You have to
      predict where the target will move to next before you fire. Take

In Quest of the Crowbar

        Read the paper over the past few days and make a note of the two
      items about unicorns. Note the sad story in today's paper. Do what
      the guy in the paper did to annoy the unicorn. On the branch, take
      the leaf. Go to the temple. Take the robe, wear it and look in its
      pocket. Ring the fourth bell. Show the paper to the virgin and
      give her the hanky. Wait. Once outside, put the hanky and leaf in
      the bowl. Take the chow. Ring the fourth bell again. Once in the
      room with the virgins, talk to them. Go into the sanctuary and
      wear the ring. Get in the vat. Wait until a virgin comes in.
      Uncloak and talk to the virgin. See what eventually happens to
      her. Cloak. When another virgin enters, give her the book to read.
      Enter the mouth in her place. Talk to the god working on the hole.
      Note his problem and the fact that he has a bottle opener. Check
      out the Goddess of Beauty and visit and talk to the God of the
      North Wind. Listen carefully to his complaints. Note that it's his
      birthday. Take the note and deliver it to Morty, by showing it to
      Clio. Give what he gives you to the repairgod. Get some nectar. Go
      to the Library and borrow books until you get one about reaching
      Mount Spa. Take it to the duplicator quickly before your loan
      expires. SAVE (or be prepared to UNDO). In the lab, work the
      machine (one of the switches is fatal) until you get a slimewig
      from it. Take it, go outside and get the message for Morty from
      the pigeon. Deliver it. When he calls in Clio, go outside and take
      the woad. Repeat this, and this time take the costume from the
      case. Read the bulletin board near the vending machine, ring for a
      cake in Clio's office and wait until it arrives. Take it to the
      God of the North Wind, and light the candles with the dragon by
      pulling on its tail. Go back to the pond and get the golden key.
      Visit the forgetful god and give him the nectar repeatedly. Get
      the egg. Now follow the ritual described in the book. At the top
      of the mountain, use the Golden Key.

In Quest of the Bolt Cutters

        Read what the newspaper has to say about roddenberries. Check
      out the crew and talk to the captain. Give the berries to Zulu.
      Once you take control of the ship, visit Milligan's Island. Take
      the bottle and do the test. Relaunch the bottle and wait until it
      returns. It may take more than one go to gain admission. Take the
      umbrella. Go to the Pirate's Island and take their test. Get the
      rum. Go to Monkey Island. Summon the banana the way Bud the Wizard
      told you to, and give it to the monkey. Take the coconut. Go to
      Lilliput. Put the coconut and umbrella on the belt. Afterwards,
      examine the lever and pull it. Put the dragon on the belt. Go to
      the island with the iceberg. Go to the Playroom and put the
      coconut on the guillotine. Make the drink and return to Phantasy

At the Black Gate

        Use the pitchfork on the pitch. Use the crowbar on the crow. Use
      the steak on the black eye. Take the candygram! Use the bolt
      cutters on the lightning. Turn the moon with the wrench. In the
      turret, turn the hourglass on its side. Take the eyeballs and put
      them in the sockets of the skull. Hoot. Answer the question (it's
      reflected, so the answer must be too). In the passage, look at
      what is right under the chain. In the dressing room, take the
      makeup, read it and apply it to the chain in the passage exactly
      half an hour before the wedding. Go back to the dressing room and
      get on the broom. It may take more than one attempt to reach the
      passage below the Great Hall. Open the trap door and come up under
      the cake. Wait and watch events unfold. At the right time, give
      the candygram to the witch. Take the princess and at the gates,
      blow the whistle. That's it.



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