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Читы для Evidence: The Last Report

Чит-файл для Evidence: The Last Report

The Last Report

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Adventure / Arcade / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

You are Dan Singer, reporter from Channel Z. You just broke up with Sarah
Hopkins... when she
calls you. She's discovered something very important and thinks this might be
the story of the
century. Unfortunately, it's too late. Before you can talk to her she's
murdered. And you are suspect
number one! Can you prove your innocence... and can you do it in time? What
you need is:


This is where thing are starting. Just when you got around, the phone rings.
It's Sarah asking you to
come over. Don't bother, she'll be dead when you arrive so no hurries. Tell
her you'll be there in
about ten minutes.

Search you place. Look at the coffee table. Here are your car keys and a
notebook with some
valuable phone numbers. There's also a phone with an answering machine. You
can listen to
messages or call people from here.

Now watch some television. There's a lot of news but most important issue is
Alec Smith has had a
heart attack. Check out the vcr; you must have it repaired.

Now go to the desk. Check the right drawer and find a wallet with some money
(several bills of
$100) and an ID-badge of Channel Z. Then turn on the computer. There are two
files: 'file' and
'channel z'. The last file will show you the news you already saw on TV. The
other file is a kind of
cyberdiary. In here, you can keep track of events.
Now leave the apartment and go to...


In the glove compartment of the car you will find a photo camera and a
flashlight. There's is a file in
the car too but don't bother catching it; not possible. Select you car keys
from your inventory and
start the engine (this will be an automatic sequence after this first time).

After starting the car you will have to point out a destination on the map.
Choose Sarah's


Enter the building and meet the guard. He won't let you through. If you talk
to him too long en tell him the truth, you'll be taken to the police HQ.
That's why you have to tell him a story and walk outside again.

Go to the Cleaning Service car and the door will open. Ask 'him' if you can
distrub him and that you want to borrow his clothes. It'll cost you 100 bucks
and you pay. Walk back into the building and straight into the elevator; cop
will let you pass now. The elevator stops at Sarah's apartment.

When you stay in the apartment too long, the alarm will go off and you'll be
captured. Game over! This means you have to run off the alarm first. This is
how you can do this:

1. Go to the desk and open the drawer. There's a piece of yellow paper with
three phone numbers on it. The phone number behind her own name isn't her own
phone number (check this with the phone number in your notebook!). The last
four digits of the phone number on the piece of paper are the code for the
alarm: 4040.
2. Go upstairs and look at the books above the bed. Look at them closely and a
panel appears. Type code 4 0 4 0 and the alarm will not cause you any more

Now start investigating. In front of the toilet table is a small object on the
ground; a ring with the inscription 12/991. Go downstairs and look at the
painting. In the right lower corner there is a name: Duqui. Go to the desk and
turn on the computer. A password is asked for; type 'duqui'. Press enter. This
computer also has two files: 'file' and 'channelz'. Both won't give you very
much info besides the story on Alec Smith. Important is the trash bin. Click
on it and you will find lots of info on Andy McCrowny and Alec Smith. The
password to enter the trashbin files is 'smith'.
Important is that Alec Smith, as public prosecutor, was making a file on
McCrowny. Sarah thinks this is a case of insurance fraud. Smith would have
some evidence which is on video tape 3. Sarah also suspects McCrowny of
smuggling drugs to raise money for his campaign. Besides all that, McCrowny
should be the one in control of Lake Hospital.

Now go to the closet in front of the desk and find ten videotapes. Pick number
three. When you accidentally take the wrong one, put it back again with the

Now Lake Hospital has been mentioned and you know Alec Smith has had a heart
attack, this should be you next destination!


The only way to get into the hospital is to wait outside for the ambulance.
When it arrives, jump in the back by placing the arrow cursor on the back of
the car. Jump out of the ambulance in the garage en walk towards the door with
the 'exit'-sign above it. Look through the small chink and wait till the nurse
leaves. Go through the door and get the doctor's coat. Take a look at the
green book left on the reception desk. Smith is in room 8. Enter the hallway
and find room 8. But Smith is gone! Under the bed there's a scrap not saying
'Docks: Sirius B...'. This might take some searching!

Go back to the hall and find room 2. Push the button near the bed which calls
the nurse. Disappear a.s.a.p. from this room by going to room 4 using the door
between both rooms (don't go through the hall!). Leave room 4 and go to the
nurse's room at the end of the hall. Get the strange looking yellow key from
the board and select it immediately as an 'active object' in your inventory.

Now save the game here!

Leave the nurse's room and find yourself facing a guard. The only way to get
rid of him is using the small kart with stuff on it. Click on the use-symbol
and then on the kart. Keep the left mouse button pressed down for a brief
moment and then let go of the button. The kart will roll down the hall and at
that moment you should move the mouse to the right to steer the kart. It'll
bump into the guard and leave him unconsciousness. Get his gun and go to the
elevator. As you already selected the yellow key as an active object you only
have to push the button to the left of the elevator to enter it. Downstairs,
the first 3D action game is about to start.


The meaning of this action sequence is to escape from the hospital. Shoot all
guards. You need to hit them 4 times each for a kill. When you walk to a dead
guy, you get his bullets.

Cheat: shift + C + F = extra life and health.
Cheat: shift + C + V = game will be skipped.

Note: Extra bullets can be found in the room next to the room that looks like
a living room. Watch out: this room is darkened and there is a guard shooting
at you. Kill the guard first. In this room there's a closet with new ammo
which you can take by walking into this closet. There also is a First Aid kit
which restores your strength.

Find the washing area a.s.a.p. This is a large and very luminated places with
lots of washing machines and those famous karts to pick up laundry (like in
those famous prison escape movies!).

When you come from the living room, walk on to the other end and find a
grating. Take a step back and shoot the grating away. Now go there and enter
by pressing 'enter'. Use the flashlight instead of the gun! You are now into
the ventilation shafts.

The route inside the shafts should be like this: straight forward, first
junction straight ahead, second junction turn right, next junction turn left,
junction after that turn left again. There's some stairs. Climb them and leave
the shafts and find yourself outside the hospital.


Now you've had the tip about the Docks you can go to the harbor. Find the
Sirius Bar and Killroy's boat rental. Enter the bar and talk to the girl
behind the counter. Say something nice en she'll fall for you immediately. Her
name is Jessica James (friends can call her Gigi). You can chat on for a while
but it's better you ask her if you can show her something. She'll tell you
it's Strinsky's. He comes here a lot to play pool. She also thinks he cannot
be trusted! He can't stand losing! Tell her you want to play with him (pool,
that is). She thinks it's possible but as he isn't in right now, it can't
happen yet. Leave the bar.

Mind you: Strinsky's ring was found in Sarah's apartment so this means he's
got something to do with Sarah's death!


Go back to your place and call your friend Michael Haywood. He should be able
to help you with the video tape but... he won't cause he's got no time. Some
friend! Then call Peter Rugler, your cop friend. Tell him you want to show him
something and that it's urgent. he agrees on meeting you in the restaurant.


Go there and meet Rugler. Give him the videotape and the ring for analyses.
Thank him and return to your apartment.


Do something to kill time, for example listen to answering machine messages or
work on the cyberdiary. Then call Rugler and ask him for any results. He will
meet you in the restaurant again.


Meet Rugler as agreed. Forensics have checked both tape and ring and they now
have fingerprints. He returns you both items. Thank him and leave.


As time has passed, Strinsky is in the bar. Go there and talk to Gigi again.
She'll tell you he's there and you can go to the back. Meet Strinsky and tell
him you want to play with him. He'll agree for a 1000 dollar game.

Playing this game is easy. Move the cue by placing the arrow on the back of it
and move it down. Move it down as far as possible and then one 'step' back up
again. Wait till the pushing strength is 5 or 6 white balls. This way you
should put it in the pocket! And you've won $1000! Then leave the bar to
follow Strinsky.


Save the game here. If you loose the chase, you don't have to play pool again.
Start the car as usual. As soon as the screen turns black, pay attention! You
best push the 'arrow up' button which means you step on the gas as soon as the
game starts. Strinksy will speed away immediately and this way yo won't loose
valuable seconds!

Cheat: Shift + C + V = game will be skipped.

There's no standard procedure for the chase but here's some hints and tips:
  * The route is always the same. Try to remember when to turn left and

  * Stay away from the brakes as much as possible to avoid losing valuable
    seconds. Brake too much will mean you loose Strinsky out of sight.

  * If police cars start chasing you, don't mind them and keep on going.
    They'll back off after a while

  * You might loose Strinsky near the end. When you see a fire fighter truck
    at that time, follow that truck cause it's going the same way as Strinsky!
    When you've done all right, you end up at Central Station. I got caught once
by the cops and ended at the police station. if so, play again till you are at
Central Station.


Go down to the subway and meet Strinsky and friends. They will hunt you and
you run into the tunnels. Another action game starts.

Cheat: shift + C + F = extra life and health.
Cheat: shift + C + V = game will be skipped.

This game works the same way as in Lake Hospital basement. The thing is you
have to run all the way through the tunnels till the next station. When you
arrive there, turn right towards the small gates and you made it.

Some hints:
  * Almost immediately after the game started, a train will approach you
    from the back. therefore, go to the other track a.s.a.p.

  * You can hide for trains in between both tracks or in the alcoves at both

  * You can also get bullets from dead guys. Mind you; there's no
    possibility to regain strength without the cheat codes.

  * The trains can kill you and also Strinsky's men. You can save bullets
    and strength to hide in alcoves when a train can also kill the thugs.
    Don't forget to take their bullets!

  * Take your time waiting for trains. There's no timer element in this game
    so there's no need for speed. In between of two trains passing you can
    make it to three alcoves ahead. This is the best way to proceed: move up 2
    or 3 alcoves while shooting bad guys.

  * Mind you: two trains can come from different directions right after each
    other. So keep looking forward an backwards to spot the train coming.

  * When several of Strinsky's man come across your path, advice is to go
    into a shoot out near an alcove. Shoot out will take time and this way you
    can hide quickly when a train comes.
    After shoot out is over, you will get another city map. Choose Central
Station. Go to the clerk and buy a ticket. Go to the phones and call Haywood.
A mysterious man will arrive and he'll put something in a locker. End the
conversation with Haywood and walk to the lockers. Look at Strinsky' ring and
see the inscription: 12/991.

The 12 is the number of the locker, 991 is the combination. Choose the right
locker and turn the wheel in the right combo. Open it by clicking on the
button left of the digits. Take the videotape and the envelope. The text on
the note inside it is a cryptically code for another safe. Go back to the
phones and call Haywood again. tell him you have info about Sarah's and Alec's
murderers. He'll meet you in an hour at Channel Z.

Leave the station by train; you bought a coin already. Don't use the car as
the police is watching it!


Put the videotape from Central Station in the videoplayer beneath the middle
monitor. Here's how to operate:
  * Switch left monitor D on by pressing the left green button.

  * Press button V.

  * make sure the switch under the middle monitor is on D.

  * Play the tape with the 'frame forward' button (the > button). At a
    certain point there will be white lines in the screen image. Stop now.

  * Switch on the middle monitor and press the 'mix' button. The image of
    monitor D will be fuzzy on the middle monitor now.

  * Put the switch beneath the middle monitor on E.

  * Press button V.

  * Play the tape frame by frame till white lines appear, vertical this

  * Press the 'mix' button again and the image will be transported to the
    middle monitor.

  * The middle monitor will now show the text 'VOTE MAC CROWNY'.

Go back to the hospital. Enter through the ventilation shafts grating and
crawl through the shafts to the gratings that gives access to the washing room
in the hospital basements. Press 'enter' to enter.

You now have to look for a gray safe door. It somewhere in the corners of the
storage room which can be recognized by all the creates.

Once you've found it, open the door by using the Central Station code. The
code is 1 1 2 4. Watch out; you only get one change to do this so do it right!
If you fail, yo have to do the shooting game again.

Save the game once you are inside the vault. Not before entering!


The alarm will go off while you're inside. Never mind! Go to the middle of the
lab and find some boxes. Get a pouch of drugs out of it. select the camera
from your inventory and select the 'use' function. put the cursor on the glass
bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks and press the button. A picture has been made
and evidence is yours now.

Leave the hospital through the ventilation shafts again. walk away from the
hospital and select Central Station on the map.


Go to the phones and call Peter Rugler. tell him you found a drugs lab and
he'll meet you in 10 minutes in the restaurant.


Tell Peter about Strinsky. He'll check on his files again. Give him the pouch
of dope and he will ask if there's more. Give him the photo. He'll call you


As you can't go home, go back to the station to call Peter fro some results.
Tonight there will be a drugs deal in the harbor and he wants you to meet him


At the harbor there's three directions; bar, boat rental and storage halls. Go


Tell the owner you want to rent a boat. This will cost you $1000 which you
will pay. You get the keys put have to answer some questions before he will
give you a boat. He will ask you three questions. This is Part 1. If you give
a wrong answer, you can try again. This will be Part 2. Wrong again? Then Part
1 again. Part 1
  Q: Where is the flag on a ship?
  A: Stern post
  Q: What is to be measured with a sixth?
  A: Latitude.
  Q: What's the nine tail cat?
  A: Bloody marks on the prisoner's backs.

  Part 2
  Q: What has right of way?
  A: Sailboat.
  Q Where is the fore pole?
  A: On the bow.
  Q: What was the bow of an 18th century war ship?
  A: Toilets.
The boats are to the right of the cabin. But don't go there. Go to the hangar.
As Peter is not in the bar and near the boat rental, he should be here. As
soon as you open the doors of the hangar, you see your friends dead body.
Someone is approaching you from the back and yo can see his shadow. He/ she
tells you you're under arrest. After the shadow has spoken, your cursor
changes into a 'look' symbol. Press the button now and you'll end up dead.
Therefore, select the gun from your inventory and select also the 'use'
symbol. Press the button when the cursor is on the shadow. Pump some led into
your opponent and that will give you time to search the hangar. Right to a
pile of lumber is a box which you can examine. This is the final evidence!
Although it doesn't seem that way, looking at the box is a vital thing to do
to end the game! Walk away from the box after examining it (arrow down).

Select the keys to the boat from your inventory. Go outside and meet Strinsky.
He tells his men to kill you! Run to the boats and you can start it
immediately. Run off with Strinsky's men on your tail.

The purpose of this boat chase is not to get killed. Avoid rocks, lighthouses,
the tanker and buoy's. After a while, Strinsky's men will not be as careful as
you are and kill themselves. And Strinsky with them!
                                   the end

"Evidence" / "Evidence - Het Bewijs" walkthrough.
Copyright June 1998 Fugazi - Last update: August 29, 1998

Questions, suggestions, remarks or additional information? Just want to let me
know what you think of this walkthrough? Mail me!

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