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Читы для Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Чит-файл для Evil Dead: Hail to the King

Evil Dead:
Hail to the King

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Heavy Iron Studios
Издатель:THQ, Inc.
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 28 марта 2001 года
Жанры:Action / Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Nocturne, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Даты выхода игры

вышла в марте 2001 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Evil Dead: Hail To The King Walkthrough
Created By G.P. (Nightmaresedge@aol.com)
Version 1.0

Before you read the walkthrough please read this first:
This walkthrough of Evil Dead: Hail To The King may not go through the game
as you're supposed to, this is only my suggestion of how you go through it
and possibly the best.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail me at Nightmaresedge@aol.com.
If you also have AOL, please don't IM me. I'm probably talking to my friends
or surfing the web. I don't wan't to be interrupted of my privacy.

If I misspell a word or forgot to put a word in a sentence, please don't
contact me about it only if you have absolutely no idea what the word or
sentence means.

If I have some sort of information wrong about the game, feel free to e-mail
me. But don't, DON'T e-mail me something stupid or something not worth
e-mailing about.

Now back to the walkthrough.

Table Of Contents
1.Revision History
3a.Walkthrough Disc 1
I.The Hellbillies
II.The Last Pages
III.Someone's In Her Fruit Cellar...
3b.Walkthrough Disc 2
II.The Armory
III.The Portals
IV.The Final Battle
4A.Healing Items
4C.Conversion Items
5.Game Hints
5A.Fighting Deadites
6.Credits and Special Thanks

1.Revision History
This is still my first version of the walkthrough.

The main character in the game. He's the guy that gets screwed over on every
episode of the Evil Dead Series (If you haven't seen the alternate ending of
Army Of Darkness, you'll know what I mean). To me, he has the best
one-liners in the whole world (I know he may sound dorky at times but come
on, it's Bruce Campbell!). He has weapons from his chainsaw hand, to his
trusty old boomstick.

Ash's girlfriend. She's pretty much the reason why Ash is running around the
whole place.

Abdul Alzeez
Also known as the "mad poet". From way back then in Damascus.He translated
the Necronomicon and helps Ash in his journey.

Bad Ash
Ash's arch rival. 95% more deadite than him, too. He's yet, another Ash

Ash's Hand
He's the one that turns on the recorder and awakens all the deadites (Don't
you just want to kill it?) but that's pretty much all it does.

These floating legless monsters are the most annoying ones in the game. And
once you kill one, they come back, so don't even bother staying around
trying to kill them all.

They're found in the labrynth and in the cemetery. They may not be as hard
as the normal deadites but they're just as annoying and long to beat. They
also come back from the same spot you meet them so once you kill one, take
the item it drops and run away from that area.

Only six of them are in the game and are only found in, well, the
hellbillies' house. They're not that hard but they do take a lot out of your

Wolverine Troops
These kids are pretty fast and can shoot arrows at you. You can find them at
the Wolverine Campground.

They're not just any normal pigs. They are also somewhat annoying. You can
find these at the Hellbillies' house in the pigsty.

These guys are easy. About four chainsaw hits (No need to turn it on) will
get them down. They can be found at the cemetery and the pathway from Ash's
new car and the Wolverine Campground.

Little Demons
These are found in Damascus. They're pretty much the same as bats. Just
watch out when they come in groups.

Robed Demons
Found in the Damascus palace. They do some sort of fire attack on you and
they're pretty quick, too.

If you have not read the top of the page, I suggest you should now.  If you
already have, continue down.

Disc One
I.The Hellbillies
The game starts back in the old cabin. Ash is checking out the fireplace and
he sees his old hand. His hand runs to the old tape player and plays it at
the time when Professor Knowby says the words to awaken the dead. Ash tries
to stop it but it can't. Then they take Jenny. Ash doesn't believe what's
going on so he grabs an axe and checks the mirror. Then himself comes out
the mirror, his evil self, and runs. Ash goes to the toolshed and makes
himself a chainsaw connected to his hand. This is when the game starts. You
start out in the cabin next to the tape player. Go to the tape player and
get the save tape. Go to the kitchen and check the fridge to find a baloney
sanwich and check the bathroom medicine cabinet for some vitamins. Find a
piano there and there should be the first Necronomicon page. Take it and
head to the back door. Get the crowbar, the large gas tank, and any
mushrooms you find (Mushrooms pop up at random, so take as much as you can).
Run around to the front of the cabin and get the gas tank and shovel. Before
you go to the hellbillies' house as it gives clues on Knowby's note, you
should go get a bunch of healing items so you'll at least be able to survive
the game for ten minutes. Here's how. Run down south to the car tracks. Keep
following the tracks until you meet Ash's new car. Too bad Jenny had the car
keys. Take the gas tank and forget the car and that Necronomicon page on the
broken bridge for now and head east. Walk through the pathway of bats and
you'll meet some deadite kids from the Wolverine Group. There are only two
of them so kill them quick. Take the jerky from the bench and the lighter
fluid from the grill. Head past that and  take the church pamphlet to the
east and shotgun shells to the north. Then head down south. There will be a
lot of Wolverine Troops so just keep running and saying your one-liners.
Check the middle and left tent for some rifle bullets and a letter. Then
head far from the campground to the mining area (The place with a bunch of
rocks) and use your shovel to dig through the rocks. Once you're inside the
cave, go a little forward to find a Wolverine Guide Book. Now you can use
your converter to change your white mushrooms into small health kits. Now
that you'll be able to survive the game for a longer time, go all the way
back to the cabin. This time, head for the back pathway, up north. You'll be
in the labrynth. Run around the labrynth until you find a lawnmower. Get
it's cord and turn around and keep running until you find a fork. Take the
right path and you should be out of the labrynth and on the pathway to the
hellbillies (Check your map). Walk the pathway until you get to the next
area, the hellbillies. Get the gas tank and walk up ahead to meet your first
undead redneck. Finsish him off and go to the junkpile and search around to
find the moonshine jug. Then, go to the generator and use the cord. Two
hellbillies will wake up and attack you. They're not really fast but they
are really strong so try to kill them at long range until one dies. Go near
the broken down cars to find a crank and go inside the house. You'll find
you boomstick as soon as you walk in. Pick up the letter on the floor and
get up on the table on the corner. Use your crowbar on it and you'll be
inside the attic. You'll meet the old grandma from the note you found in the
living room. She's trapped in some force field and the only way you can get
her out is by finding some amulet in the house. The grandma wants you to
find the amulet and helps you by giving you a pigsty key. You'll be back on
top of the table after the cutscene is over. Also, if you come back up the
attic there will be two different random cutscenes of Ash asking for a hint
of where the amulet can be. Anyway, go to the other corner to find a
hallway. Walk through the hallway and you'll find a book. Now you'll be able
to change your red mushrooms, the lighter fluid, and the moonshine jug to
small gas tanks. Be careful when you exit the menu, though, two hellbillies
will pop up at the front and back of you. This will be a little tough. Try
to get through the guy in front of you somehow (Like hitting him with your
chainsaw). Run to the corner, turn around, and start shooting if you haven't
killed one of the enemies yet. After they're done with, go to the blinking
light and you'll pick up some pork links, then head to the door. You'll be
in a room filled with blood. On the corner is a pump. You can put the crank
in the pump now. You're not finished with it, yet, though. Use the pigsty
key to the door beside the save box. You'll be fighting two mutated pigs.
One will charge at you while the other just stands there until you come near
it. You can kill them pretty easily but if you're getting annoyed by how
hard the game is already, just run around them and get the pump motor and
run back around. Connect the pump motor to the pump and all the blood will
be drained in a grate. You're going to have to meet all the blood again
because you have to go down the grate. Don't worry, it's not a whole sewer
or anything, it's just one room......with a really big mutated pig. He's not
a boss or anything, though. He's just as strong as the other pigs you've
encountered earlier. As soon as you go down the grate, you might not really
see it, but the pig is looking right at you, guarding the amulet. You could
do the same choices as the other pigs you've met. Once you've gotten the
amulet, head back to granny and she escapes from the force field, but turns
to a gigantic spider. She's simple to beat but you still might get hurt. You
don't need to turn on your chainsaw for this battle. Every time she turns
green, you just hit her with your chainsaw. Pretty simple? Just hope you
don't miss. She can take quite some damage to you. After you've defeated
her, you'll find a Necronomicon page and some herbicide. Don't bother
looking around her, as big as the attic is, there's nothing here. When you
come back to the "living" room, you'll find a save tape. Now's the time to
save your game. Save your game in the house and leave (Never mind the pig
next to the exit unless you're pissed or something).

II.The Last Pages
Now that you have some herbicide, you can cut down some vines in the
labryinth now. It's a little tricky to find so when you're lost in the
labrynth, dying, or something else, you can just reset your game and go to
the places you haven't went. I don't really remember where the place is but
run around the labrynth until you find a crossroad of some sort. From the
screen, take the left path. Follow the path and I suggest you kill the
skeletons along the way. You'll meet a dead end with large vines covering
the path to the cemetery and church. Use your herbicide to destroy the vines
and meet your next boss......"Tree Bitch". Now this may take getting used to
but I hope I'll help on this one. Run around the large area (Do not go near
the tree) until he starts to hit you. If you're running, he won't be able to
hit you. Keep running around until he stops attacking. Then run up to him to
the far right side and keep hitting him with your chainsaw (No need to turn
it on) until you take off some life. Then run away as fast as you can
because he'll hit you if you're too slow. Repeat this till he falls. Also,
when he stops attacking, you might not know if he's done attacking or not.
If you don't think he's going to attack, wait for about three seconds then
run in. There's no need to rush. After you've killed the mutated tree,
you'll meet Father Allard, the man Professor Knowby was talking about in the
letter. He wants you to find the rest of the Necronomicon pages while he
waits behind the gate of the cemetery (Chicken). He helps Ash by giving him
his car keys. He says he got them from Jenny but she disappeared and dropped
the keys. Anyway, I guess you'll have to do what he tells you to. Also, the
labrynth is a lot easier to navigate (None of those darn skeletons anymore.
But there is one deadite, though). Grab the save tape in the middle of the
area and save. If you didn't listen to my strategy on defeating the boss or
you did but it didn't work or something, you've probably lost almost all of
your health kits. If you have, head south to the next area and you should be
on a crossroad. Wait around until you hear a sound (Like a voice or
something. Not the "join us" one). That means a white mushroom appeared
around the place. Grab it and wait until you hear it again. You can keep
doing this to refill your health kits. Now go back to your car and try to
start it. Sorry to disappoint you but you can't ride your car. When you
start it, it goes on reverse and hits the broken bridge. Grab the battery
that fell out of the car. Now climb on the back of the car and grab the
Necronomicon page. Get off the car and go back to that mining area (In the
Wolverine Campground). Place the battery in the hole and walk on the log and
head towards to fight the leader of the Wolverines, Troop Leader Nugent.
He's not so hard to beat, just stay away from his attacks. If you saw the
cutscene, you should know how to beat him but if you didn't, this is how you
win. The way to beat him is probably the simplest of all the bosses. Wait
beside a pillar until Nugent is right in front of you. Then, strike the
pillar with your turned off chainsaw. The rocks should fall on him if he was
near enough. If he was too far the rocks will fall on you, taking a lot of
damage. If a pillar runs out of rocks, go to another pillar. Also, in the
middle of the battle, there might be two bats flying at you. They can die
from the rocks, too. But if you're fast enough on killing Nugent, they might
not even show up. He'll drop the key to the archery range. Climb the big
pile of rocks to go back to the save box. You'll find a save tape there,
also. Save your game and head outside the mining area and run back to the
crossroads. Head to the right side of the screen to find a fenced door. Use
your archery range key to open it and get the save tape and run all the way
to the back of the room to grab the fifth and last page of the Necronomicon.
But once you get it, there will be three little Wolverines shooting at you
with arrows. Don't even bother hiding behind the boxes, they don't really
help. Just run at them and slash them with your chainsaw. They'll stop
firing at you if you go too near. After they've been defeated, you'll
receive the rifle, the strongest gun in the game.

III.Someone's In Her Fruit Cellar...
Now that you've gotten all five pages, return to the cemetery gate to talk
to Father Allard and he'll finally let you in. He wants you to find the
Kandarian Dagger while he leaves the cemetery and will meet you later. Now
inside the cemetery, you'll find four crypts. Head to the southwest crypt to
find Troop Leader Nugent's hat. Watch out for the skeleton on the way out.
between the north and southwest crypts, you'll find a blinking tombston.
Take it and go on the northwest crypt, a save box. Now go to the northeast
and head inside the crypt. You'll find another skeleton and a save tape. Now
go down to the southeast crypt. You'll find a bat and an evil sapling. Now
take all these items you've just found and go north of the cemetery. You'll
find three graves, a spun doily, and Linda's sweatshirt (Ash's old
girlfriend). You're supposed to the items you've found in the cemetery and
place them next to the item with best meaning. But since the spun doily
doesn't have a grave, and your grave has only the word "mother" in it, I
think it's pretty obvious what to do with your grave. Place Nugent's hat at
the middle left grave. The middle right puzzle is already done for you so
put your evil sapling to the far right. The door to the church should be
open now. Go inside and meet your skeleton self. He's just like any other
enemy, just with a longer life. Start from your small handgun bullets to
your boomstick, then your rifle. But if you've hit him with all your handgun
bullets and haven't used them yet, he should probably be dying by now. After
you've done away with another clone of yourself, Ash takes skeleton Ash's
chainsaw and uses the parts to make a better chainsaw that can hold more
gas. Ash finds a hole under the coffin skeleton Ash was inside. He stupidly
falls in and finds himself inside some underground cave. There are skeletons
and deadites here so run the one way path only killing the skeletons on the
way. Remember to grab any mushrooms you find on the way. You WILL need it.
Down the pathway you'll find a room with a projecter and a record that keeps
repreating (Sound familiar Evil Dead fans?). You're able to turn off the
record if you're creeped out or just getting annoyed. Go to the next room to
find a wrench and a save box. Don't bother trying to go through the smoke.
It will also hurt you if you touch it. So bring the wrench to the steaming
pipe between the projecter and the wall. When you try to tighten it, a flood
of blood of will come bursting out of the hole. Well, now that the pipe has
been closed, the smoke from the other room is also gone. First, you should
definitely save the game now. Now head to the new door and you will find
yourself in the lockedfruit cellar in the cabin. You will find the Kandarian
Dagger on the ground. Ash tries to take it out from the ground but Annie
(Evil Dead 2 character) comes out of the dirt with the dagger still stuck in
her back. This may be the hardest boss in the game. At the start of the
battle, run around to find some jam around the place. Then stay next to a
wall and start shooting at her with everything you've got. Remember, she
might sidestep at most times so remember to not shoot right after she
recovers from the last shot. Try to make all your shots count because you
will need to. After she's on half life, she will transform into that
Kandarion Demon her mom turned into, with full life! You've probably wasted
a lot or all of your bullets by now. If you've ran out, you're going to need
to turn on your chainsaw and start slicing. My strategy is simply just a hit
and run attack. It may be long but it works. After you've finally defeated
Annie, Ash climbs up the fruit cellar and sees Father Allard and Jenny.
Jenny seems to be posessed by a deadite. Father Allard tells Ash to hand him
the pages. Father Allard translates the words from the pages and the deadite
inside Jenny flies away. While Ash is acting corny as usual, Father Allard
hits him in the back of the head. It turns out that he was Bad Ash all
along. Now Bad Ash takes Jenny with him through the portal, knowing that Ash
will come for her. Ash then jumps inside.

Disc Two
Ash falls into Ancient Damascus and meets a funny looking guy. He helps Ash
by telling where he is and tell him he should speak to the "mad poet". Now
that you're ammo is probably all out and possibly low on health kits, you
may think the game will just try to kill you now. Not really. In fact, the
second disc of the game is actually a lot easier than the first one (Because
those friggin deadites aren't around as much). Take the save tape and save
if you think that was the best you can do with Annie. Run up the hill and
take any mushrooms on the way. At the top of the hill you will meet two
skeleton knights. They're pretty easy. Just keep hitting them with your
chainsaw. They'll eventually die. Sometimes, they might get back up and
start attacking again so watch out. They'll drop parts for a bridge so make
sure you get all three of them. After you've gotten all three parts of the
bridge, combine them to make a part of the bridge. Now go to the bridge far
off in the background. Use the part on the platform to make the bridge
crossable. Walk through the bridge to find a skeleton knight. Kill it, take
the notice, and check the prison cell. Day suddenly turns into night and
here you'll find Abdul Alzeez, the "mad poet". Ash finds out that he's the
one who translated the Necronomicon and he wants Ash to break him out. He's
kidding, right? No he's not. The only reason Ash will do this is because he
wants to get Jenny back. So he's going to have to be bossed around again.
You'll need a bomb called the "white scimitar" to break him out. Run back
across the bridge and go inside the now unlocked door. You'll meet a
merchant there and an upgrade kit grab the upgrade kit and combine it with
one of your guns to make it hold more bullets. I suggest your pistol first.
The upgrade kit will make the total bullets it can hold up to fifteen. Now
talk to the merchant. Hey, isn't that Ash's old Delta? Anyway, he'll tell
you the white powder is in the palace but he also needs a fuse for the bomb.
After the talk with the merchant, head all the way to the other side of the
room to find some levers. Pull a lever and the door to the palace is now
unlocked. Leave the place and get the moonshine on the shop that has nobody
in it. Talk to the other merchant outside and he'll give you a rope that can
be used as the fuse for the bomb. Now head to the palace to find the white
powder. Watch out for the two deadites, though. After you've received the
white powder, combine it with the fuse and return to the first merchant.
He'll give you the gas tank from Ash's old Delta. Great. Now combine that
with your fuse and powder to make the bomb for Abdul. Return to him and Ash
blows up the cell door and Abdul unlocks the door that was locked in the
palace. Once you're in. Walk forward to find an updgrade kit, a save tape
and a save box. I suggest you upgrade your rifle next. Take the save tape
and save your game. Now go back to the screen showing the big door you came
in from and head left. Kill any little demons you find but kill them quick
because they'll be more coming. Head to the unlocked door and once inside,
take the rifle nails to the wall next to you and the letter on the ground
head deeper inside the room and you'll meet some sort of robed priest. He's
pretty fast with his wierd looking fire magic so you might want to shoot him
with your guns. After he dies, he'll drop the sun key. Now go to the other
side of the palace, killing any monsters on your way, and go inside the
unlocked door. Kill the robed demon and he'll drop the earth key. Now head
to the other door in the same hallway, using the sun key. Head inside and
you'll meet two of them this time. They might get a little annoying so you
might want to shoot at them far away. Once they've been finished, grab the
orb and go back to the other hallway. Go to the locked door using the earth
key and inside you'll find two other demons. Kill them off and grab the
other orb. Now head back to the main area of the palace. Save your game and
place the two orbs on the stands. You'll meet "Mr. Fancypants." He can be a
little tough, because that darn kick he does can almost hit you from
anywhere! He has a pattern though. When he's throwing the fireballs at you,
just run around him and he shouldn't be able to hit you. After that's done,
just keep attacking him with your chainsaw and if he does his little barrier
attack, slash him and jump back at the same time and he shouldn't be able to
hit you. This also works for that kick he does. After he's done for, the
fountain in the first of the temple will open up and lead to some stairs.
Once inside, there's a save box, a big door and a puzzle. Save, then check
out the puzzle. It seems that the puzzle is too hard for Ash so he just
shoots it. Unbelievably, it opens the door. So go into the next room and
you'll meet, yet, another boss. This boss isn't really like the other
bosses. He's not really big or anything. Just keep firing your guns at him
and he should go down in no time. After that's over, check the lever. Pull
it so the some of the water will get drained. Now go down the stairs and
pull the other lever to lower the drawbridge. Now leave the place and head
to the armory.

II.The Armory
Once inside, you'll find a big armored knight chasing Ash. Ash run into a
room and locks it. Don't bother trying to go back outside. Ash is too
scared. So just keep going forward. You'll find a save box but forget about
it for now. Head forward and left. Kill the skeleton knights and check the
cabinet for some rock salt ammo for your shotgun. Go inside the unlocked
door. In here, you'll find some ammo for your pistol, a save tape, and a
hook. Now go back to the first hall. Use the hook on the chain on the wall
and the door should open. You'll be in another hallway. Head inside the door
to Ash's right and you should be in the blacksmith's shop. Get the third and
last upgrade kit and upgrade your last gun. Take note of the table near the
stairs. Now head up stairs and kill it to get the skeleton key. Also, take
note of the levers all the way down the corridor. Now go back down the
stairs, leave the shop and go to the last door down the hall, using the key
you found. This should be the captain's room. Take the paper, the ammo in
the box, then enter the door to meet the captain. Just keep firing away from
a distance and he should die pretty pathetically. Now get the key mold and
go back to the blacksmith's shop and go near the table and use the key mold
to make yourself a nice new key. Now climb up the stairs and use the key on
the levers. The big bowls will move to their position.....well, one of them,
anyway. They also show the locked door that was in the soldiers rooms now
unlocked to some friendly skeleton knights. Before you thank them, check
that bowl that wouldn't move. It seems that the track is broken. Take the
broken track, you might be able to fix it somehow. Well, go all the way back
to the soldiers room that was unlocked. Watch out for the deadites floating
around now for some reason. Now once you get to the room they're currently
in, go ahead and thank them, and by that I mean kick the crap out of them.
Go inside the unlocked door and kill the skeleton knight they left behind.
Get some more rock salt ammo on the drawer, then go to the door on the
right. Kill one more knight to get a hammer. Now go all the way back to the
blacksmith's shop and go to the anvil. Use the hammer on the broken track
and it should be as good as new. Go upstairs and place the fixed track. Once
Ash fixes the track, the bowl pushes him off the ledge (Who didn't see that
coming?). Now he falls down back to the main room and yes, that big scary
knight did not go anywhere. This could be a little hard for the first time.
Run to one side and pull the chain and run to the other side and pull the
other chain. One should be filled with lava and the other should be filled
with cold water. Now run back to the one with the lava and wait till he's
near you and ready to kill you. Then pull the chain and the lava should fall
on him. Then run to the other side and wait till he's near and pull the
chain for water to fall on him. One more time should kill him off right
away. After the big battle, Ash uses the knight's armor to improve his
chainsaw once again to a buzzsaw which can kill a deadite in two or three
hits. There should be a save tape, a pump lever, and a save box in that
room. Use the tape to save and take the lever back outside to the secret
room under the fountain in the temple. Once inside, place the lever on the
pump that doesn't have a lever (Obviously). The water should be drained in
the room before after you've pulled the lever. Go down the to the new area
and you'll meet Abdul Alzeez again. Ash will attempt to open the door but
something attacks you from behind. A......well, I don't exactly know what it
is or guess what it is but you'll have to fight it now. Watch out, he's big
and strong, but also really stupid. Go right in front of him, between his
arms and he won't be able to hurt you. Then just keep hacking away. That was
a toughy, wasn't it? After the ridicoulusly easy battle, Alzeez tells Ash
what's Bad Ash trying to do. After the conversation, you go through a portal
to find out who knows what will be on the other side!

III.The Portals
Oh no! It's the little things that can't hurt you! You wish you could go
back but it's okay, just keep killing all the demons until no more come
back. There might be a mushroom there so get that if there is one (It's the
one that looks like the wall is blinking but it's actually  in the next
room). Go to the room with a bunch of crates or cages and run all the way
down the corridor to find a hand. But it's not any hand, it's yours. Take
that and the save tape and go back through the portal. Once back, Alzeez
will send you to another portal to find a book (If you're not paying
attention to the game, it's not the Necronomicon). Once inside you'll find
more robed demons. Do away with them and you'll notice you're in some
library. You'll see four books that you can move but don't do anything with
it yet. Check the stairs of the other side of the room to find a podium in
the middle. Check the podium and you'll see some blue lights shining on each
of the bookcases. There should be two on the far left, four on the middle
left, one on the middle right, and three in the far right. So move the books
in that order. The door to the far end should open. The book should lie in
there, along with a save box. Grab the book and take out all your healing
items, gasoline, and ammunition. This will be your last save. Now head back
to find the portal. After you go back to Abdul, he'll use a spell to switch
lives with Ash and his hand. Ash's hand will walk through the catacombs and
will have to face dangerous courses. Well, too bad you won't be able to see
it. The hand comes back with the wheel thing that you're supposed to place
on the slot (I seriously thought that you would play as the hand for a
while). Ash comes back to life and goes through the last portal that leads
to Bad Ash with a final battle.

IV.The Final Battle
Bad Ash is a pretty fast walker and a pretty strong hitter. Just keep firing
away with your strongest guns while backing off at the same time. Also,
remember that the far side of the area is a dead end so watch out on that.
There's also a little cheating way to hurt him easier. Run past a pillar and
go right behind it. Bad Ash should walk right in front of it and won't be
able to go further. Now you can shoot him a couple of times through the
pillar. But he moves a little forward after you shoot him so he'll be able
to move around again after two or three shots. After you've defeated him,
he'll turn into the Kandarion Demon and you'll have to fight the final boss.
He can hurt you a lot so hopefully you have at least about five healing
items. Hit all four pillars (Getting all the mushrooms in the way) and he'll
hit you after passing by every time. After hitting all the pillars, he'll
turn vulnerable (He should be half invisible). Turn your chainsaw on and run
at him and start slashing away as much as you can. After he turns
invulnerable again, do it again about 2-3 times and he should die. Enjoy the

Here are some items that might give you a little help on your strategy.

4A.Healing Items
1.Small Health Kit-Heals Half Life
2.Large Health Kit-Heals 3/4 Life
3.Vitamins-Heals 1/4 Life
4.Baloney Sandwhich-Heals 1/4 Life
5.Jerky-Heals 1/4 Life
6.Pork Links-Heals 1/4 Life

1.Chainsaw-Short Range, Stronger Than Any Gun
2.Axe-Short Range, Weakest Weapon In The Game
3.Knowby's Pistol-High Range, Weakest Gun In The Game
4.Double Barrelled Shotgun or "Boomstick"-High Range, Holds Only Two Bullets
5.Rifle-High Range, Strongest Gun In Disc One
6.Nail Gun-High Range, Holds Fifteen Bullets
7.Rock Salt Shotgun-High Range, Holds Four Bullets
8.Spike Rifle-High Range, Strongest Gun In The Game

4C.Conversion Items
1.White Mushroom-Can Be Converted Into Small Health Kits
2.Red Mushroom-Can Be Converted Into Small Gas Tanks
3.Moonshine-Can Be Converted Into Small Gas Tanks

1.Small Gas Tanks-Recovers Half Of Chainsaw
2.Large Gas Tank-Recovers All Of Chainsaw
3.Handgun Bullets-Ammo For Knowby's Pistol
4.Shotgun Shells-Ammo For Shotgun
5.Rifle Bullets-Ammo For Rifle
6.Nails-Ammo For Nail Gun
7.Rock Salt-Ammo For Rock Salt Shotgun
8.Rifle Spikes-Ammo For Spike Rifle

5.Game Hints
Since the game is surprisingly hard and cheating, I've made some tips on how
to fight enemies and getting more health kits.

5A.Fighting Deadites
Pretty much the reason of why the game is real difficult. They're sometimes
easier than bosses! There's almost no possible way of defeating one without
getting hurt or losing a lot of ammo. Well, try this strategy. When you see
any kind of deadite, walk up to it and attack it (With your chainsaw or your
axe, preferably a turned on chainsaw) and hop back at the same time, then
walk up to him and repeat. This should work well if you know how to do it.
If it's too complicated you can try another strategy. But this is the only
one I know. If you know a strategy, I'll be gladly to post it with your name
and e-mail address.

Surviving is easier. What you do is never kill the floating deadites. They
always come back so just run. But you do kill everything else. You also may
be low on health kits around the part where......well, all the time. This
only works after you've killed the tree boss, though, but that's not real
far. Anyway, the labrynth is gone and it's just a crossroad now. There
happens to be a lot of white mushrooms around here. If you here that wierd
demonic sound (When someone is, like chanting or whatever) that means an
item just came up in that area. In the crossroad area it's nothing but white
and red mushrooms there so if you just hang out around there, getting all
the mushrooms as soon as you see them, you'll get up to about six or seven
mushrooms and then you could cash in your check........converting your
mushrooms is what I mean.

6.Credits and Special Thanks
This walkthrough was written and created by me, G.P., I'd like thank my
brothers, Santino, Andrei, and Luigi because they love the Evil Dead Trilogy
more than I do (Haha, well, almost) and they didn't ask me to do this. I did
this on my own free will. I guess they just inspired me.

This walkthrough was made by G.P. (Nightmaresedge@aol.com) and will not be
used without my permission.

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