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Чит-файл для Exile: Escape from the Pit

Escape from the Pit

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Spiderweb Software
Издатель:Spiderweb Software

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.


Информация актуальна для
The Exile for Windows FAQ v1.0
   by Jeff Vogel

This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file for Exile: Escape From the
Pit, a HUGE, highly detailed shareware fantasy role-playing game for

This FAQ contains a description of the game, system requirements, tips
regarding common problems, and hints for the trickiest puzzles (Oh well,
having people buy the hint book was nice while it lasted.)

This is a FAQ in the truest form - everything in here I've typed out for stuck
gamers more times than I care to think of. I don't mind this, of course. I
love hearing from and helping people. I can be reached at
jvogel@math.rutgers.edu, SpidWeb on AOL and EWorld, and 76463,1521 on
CompuServe. Feel free to drop me a note!

Section 1: What is Exile?
  1.0 What is it?
  1.1 System requirements?
  1.2 Why should I register?
  1.3 Bugs and Troubleshooting
  1.4 Does this feature exist?
  1.5 How BIG is this game, anyway?
  1.6 My screen colors go all funny when I run Exile!
  1.7 Is Exile on the World Wide Web?
  1.8 How do I get it?
  1.9 What about Exile II? Future games?
  1.10 Plan to make a scenario editor?

Section 2: Nastier Puzzles
  2.0 How do I get past the gremlins in the glade?
  2.1 Where is the stone key?
  2.2 How do I get into the tower where Grah-Hoth is imprisoned?
  2.3 On the third floor of the Crypt of Drath, how do I get past the
  2.4 Where is the graymold?
  2.5 Where can I store my items?
  2.6 Where is the fifth piece of mold?
  2.7 How do I get over chasms?
  2.8 How do I get past the goblins in Erika's tower?
  2.9 How do I pass the double barrier in the Vahnatai cave to the far west?
  2.10 How do I enter the Shattered Fort?

Section 3: Miscellaneous
  3.0 Is it safe to kill the dragons?
  3.1 If you killed a dragon you shouldnUt have...
  3.2 How can I get money?
  3.3 hat's the latest version?

Section 1: What is Exile?
This section describes the game, what you need to run it, and how to get past
various problems you may encounter.

1.0 What is it?

Spiderweb Software presents a new, full-length, fantasy role-playing
shareware game for the Windows:

        EXILE: Escape From The Pit v1.1

"exile n. 1. Enforced removal from one's native country. 2. The state
or circumstance of being in Exile."

        Above ground, there is only one nation: The Empire. That's all
it's called. What need is there for fancy names when there's only
one game in town?
        The Empire maintains order at all costs. Misfits, magical
creatures, and petty criminals of all sorts are unwanted, and the
Empire has one tried and true way of disposing of them...

        They are sent through a one-way teleporter into the
Underworld. And you are considered misfits.

        There are hundreds of miles of tunnels under the surface
world, filled with creatures fantastic and mundane, all scrabbling
for the same limited food and limited space. It is into this hostile,
war-ravaged land that you are sent to find your fortune. Or just
try to survive.

Exile is a shareware full-length fantasy role-playing game. It
boasts intricate game machinery and an enormous, highly detailed
world. Among its features:

*  An enormous cave system, filled with special encounters and
almost 80 towns and dungeon levels.
*  Many, many people to talk to and puzzles to solve.
*  Multiple game objectives. Win the game in one way, or several.
*  Elegant, skill based character generation system. No character
classes - customize your characters as much as you want.
*  Full auto-mapping.
*  Ultima-like top-down view.
*  First half of game available, at full functionality, without
paying. Play many of the towns and dungeons for free.

Exile is $25 shareware. It requires Windows 3.1, a 13" monitor, 2 MB RAM,
and 256 colors. Exile is compatible with Windows 95!
A hint booklet is available for $6. The unregistered version of Exile may
be freely redistributed.
Questions may be sent to jvogel@eden.rutgers.edu.
Author is member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).


                                      - Jeff Vogel
                                      Keeper of Exile
                                      Spiderweb Software

1.1 What are the system requirements?

     Exile requires Windows 3.1, 256 colors, 2 MB free memory, 5 MB disk
space, and a 13" monitor.

Q: I have 16 colors. Will it run?

A: Exile runs on 16 color machines. It's a very dicey proposition, and
when it does run, the colors are ugly.

Q:The screen is really tiny. What's the deal?

A: Go into your system settings and select a screen driver with a lower
resolution. You'll be able to see the game just fine.

1.2 Why should I register?

     Exile is $25 shareware. Without registering, you can play the first
half of the game at full functionality, and believe me, that's a LOT of game.
     Upon registration, you get a code that lets you into the second half
of the game, a printed out instruction manual, and a command reference card.
Plus, you have made it possible for a full-time Mac game programmer to
continue making software for our favorite platform.

1.3 Bugs and troubleshooting.

Q: My game became unregistered when I moved up to a new version!

A: When you register, make a copy of your misc.dat file and put it in a safe
place. Put in in the folder with the new copy of the game.

Q: I register, but then the game is unregistered when I run it again! What
do I do?

A: Sometimes, the game becomes corrupted when it becomes uncompressed.
Contact me at SpidWeb@aol.com, or call me at (908)545-7552, and I'll
reregister your copy.

Q: I'm getting crashes!

A: OK. First, turn off sounds. Then, if running Windows 95, turn off the
file checking and compression utilities. Then make sure no other programs
are running. Then move up to a more recent version (1.1 fixes many problems).
        If none of these things work, then contact me. (SpidWeb@aol.com)

1.4 Does this feature exist?

Q:  How do I save maps?

A:  Yes. Select Save Maps from the Options menu.

Q:  How do I store away my excess items? I can't carry enough!

A: There are storerooms in Silvar and the Castle. Ask around.

1.5 How big is this game, anyway?

Big. The lair of Sulfras, Erika's tower, and Grah-Hoth's castle are at the far
western edge. The Castle is at the east-west halfway point. Fort Duvno is
at the north-south halfway point. There are 77 towns and dungeon levels,
and 42 outdoor sections. Every section, town and dungeon has a bunch of
special encounters. There's a LOT of game there.

1.6 When I run Exile, my screen colors go all funny.
        Not a bug. More a quirk in Windows. The only way Exile can guarantee
it gets all 256 colors for its graphics is to take over Windows colors.
This makes other programs look somewhat quirky.

1.7 Is Exile on the Web?

        Yes. There is an excellent Exile Web page, maintained by Mark
Bradburn. It's occasionally tricky to get into, so be patient. Jump to...


1.8 How do I get Exile?

        Exile is on a variety of shareware collections, can be downloaded
from AOL, CompuServe, and EWorld, and is at many ftp sites, including
ftp.cdrom.com, and ftp.cica.indiana.edu. A copy can generally be found
at ftp.wustl.edu, in /pub/WINDOWS_UPLOADS. File exile11.zip, or something

1.9 What about Exile II? Future games?

        Exile II: Crystal Souls should be out around March 1995. It details
the war between the Empire and Exile, and the discovery of a new, fascinating,
dangerous race - the Vahnatai.
        Exile III should be ready by late 1996. It details the return
to the surface world, and will be the last game in the Exile trilogy.

1.10 Are you planning to make a scenario editor?


Section 2: Nastier Puzzles

     The hint book for Exile contains piles of hints. It's over 20 pages of
densely packed text. It's a good buy.
     However, some puzzles are icky above and beyond the call of duty. Here's
some hints to get you unstuck...

2.0: How do I pass the gremlins in the glade?
     They're unhappy. Find some wine for them.

2.1: Where is the stone key?
     Motrax saw it once. Ask him about "bribe." Then search the caves
southeast of his lair. The key is at a special you probably visited already.

2.2 How do I get into the tower where Grah-Hoth is imprisoned?
     The buttons are a red herring. Use a magic map. Look for secret things in
the southwest corner of the dungeon. Then search for secret doors in the north
wall of the tower.

2.3 On the third floor of the Crypt of Drath, how do I get past the
(This is my favorite puzzle. You have to play it to find out how obnoxious it
Walk into the east teleporter three times. Search for secret doors.

2.4 Where is the graymold?
Start in a boat by Fort Dranlon. Take the river east to the large lake. Follow
the shore north, and follow the river heading away to the north. The graymold
it at the source or that river.

2.5 Where can I store my items?
In version 1.1 or later. Leave items in the room in the inn with one crate
in it in Silvar, or in the 3x3 room off the storeroom in the Castle.

2.6 Where is the fifth piece of mold?

On the other side of the river. To get across, see 2.7, or go mess around
in the Giant Castle way to the north. You're looking for the giantUs boats...

2.7 How do I get over chasms?
Get the Orb of Thralni. It's hidden in the Waterfall Warren, 2 sections
west of Fort Dranlon.

2.8 How do I get past the goblins in Erika's tower?
(This is my second favorite puzzle)
"Pierce them both to get the prize."

2.9 How do I pass the double barrier in the Vahnatai cave to the far west?
Play Exile II.

2.10 How do I get into that big fort beyond the lava just west of the
Tower of Magi?
Go see Patrick. Ask him about 'fort' or 'akhronath.' He knows where the
key is.

Section 3: Miscellaneous

     Odds and ends.

3.0 Is it safe to kill the dragons?
     You are supposed to kill Pyrog. All the others know something you need to
know for one of the winning quests. Once you find it, it's OK to kill the
dragons, but it's not very nice.

3.1 If you killed a dragon you shouldn't have...
Use the Exile Editor. It can unkill all the dragons in its
unregistered state.
If you don't do this, you're stuck.

3.2 How can I get money?

The wandering encounters outdoors around the start are designed to give
a decent amount of $$$ at low levels. Also, the Getting Started In Exile
file that came with the game has many good tips.

3.3 Latest version info.

        The most recent version of Exile is 1.1. It includes cleaner sounds,
a nicer display, cleaned up graphics, and a plethora of bug fixes.

     In sum, Exile is detailed, deep, and highly addictive. Highly, highly
addictive. Give it a try! And please, like it or not, tell me what you think.

                                        - Jeff Vogel
                                        Keeper of Exile
                                        Spiderweb Software

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