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Читы для Fallout 2

Чит-файл для Fallout 2

Fallout 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 3 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Black Isle Studios
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Локализатор в России:
Издатель в России:
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 октября 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Даты выхода игры

вышла 19 мая 2006 г.
вышла в октябре 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
By Shot2Hell (ouisel@worldramp.net)

Revision History
Before you Start
Character Creation

This was written by me, Shot2Hell.  All the stuff in here was done by
me, through incredible amounts of time, effort, and throwing things at
my computer.  If you rip it off, I'll be very unhappy.  I don't mind if
you take this FAQ, as long as you keep it untouched.  That means don't
put your name where mine is, and don't try to sell it or anything,
'cause this is meant to be free to go through.  The latest version can
be found at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com).

Also, this is a fairly adult game with some adult themes and language.
This walkthrough will follow suit.  Parents, don't yell at me if your
kids find wordy-dirties in the FAQ, because the game itself uses much
stronger swearing than I do, and it's got some stuff that even the
parental controls can't get out.  If I had kids, I personally wouldn't
let them play unless I trusted them with PG-13/R subject matter.

First version.

Make sure you get the v1.02D patch from the official Fallout 2 Site,
located somewhere on Interplay.com.  The link should be fairly obvious.
Without the patch, the car will give you more headaches then the ones
in real life.  If you play for a while, then patch the game, then all
your saves will be invalidated.  Since I don't want you to have an
ulcer or anything, I'd advise to patch first.

First of all, make sure you make a character that fits your play style.
If you're gonna go around crushing people with tables, don't give
yourself a 4 in Strength.  Also, for those of you who want to go
through the game slappin' down everything in sight with no challenge,
you can use a hex editor to start with 10s in every attribute, or you
can be even more blatant and get the character editor.  It's somewhere
on GeoCities, and I know that the official Fallout 2 Site has a link to
it somewhere.

Next, traits: Gifted is generally good all around, because the 5 skill
points you end up not getting are easily offset by the extra 7
attribute points you end up with.  Pump some of those into
Intelligence, and you've nullified the downside to this trait.  I don't
usually have another, but I'd pick Chem Resistant or Bloody Mess.
Bloody Mess is just plain fun, but Chem Resistant means you won't get
addicted as easily to chems.  I use this because you CAN get addicted
to RadAway.

I wouldn't use the other traits, because most of their downsides are
way too hard on you.  Skilled hurts when you can't get a perk as
quickly, and fast shot is terrible later in the game, unless you plan
on running around using burst fire on all your enemies.  Small frame is
a wonderful trait, but not until you get NPCs and a car to be your

For attributes, make it balanced.  The general opinion is that
diplosnipers are the best characters in the game.  High agility and
intelligence, however, are important for any character.  If you want to
speak well, take charisma, for thieves, luck, for brawlers, strength,
and for snipers, perception.  If you want to combine types, split the
bonus, i.e. 6 in strength AND perception, as opposed to 7 in one and 5
in the other if you want both a sharpshooter and a brawler.

For tag skills, once again, follow it to your character.  Brawlers pick
up Melee and Unarmed, sharpshooters pick up Small Guns, Thieves take
Steal, Sneak, and Lockpick, Diplomats take Speech.  A note: money is
pretty hard to come by out here, so if you expect to be doing a lot of
buying, either get combat-intensive and loot corpses in the desert,
learn to gamble well, or steal.  Gambling works best, but wastes
precious skill points to become extremely effective.  Also, never pick
energy weapons.  By the time you get a few, you'll be able to get the
"tag" perk, which lets you pick a 4th tag skill, and I usually choose
energy weapons.



Temple of Trials-not too hard to get through.  The stuff around here
consists mainly of scorpions and ants, none of which are too hard.
Just remember to take them on one at a time.  If you see a raised
plate, they're trapped.  Use your traps skill on them for 25 xp per
trap, or trigger 'em, hope they miss, and pick up the shafts to sell
for a few caps.  When you get to the stuck door, look to the vase near
it.  It'll have explosives, which you use on the door.  At the end,
you'll see Cameron.  Whether you fight him or talk him out of it,
you'll get the Vault 13 Suit from the first game and a few XP for
beating the Temple, but none for beating Cameron.  Oh well.

Arroyo Village-A few things you can get done here before you face the
outside world.  The well needs to be repaired for a few XP.  The
village Medicine Man needs somebody to weed his garden of the spore
plants (which can occasionally be tough), also for some XP and a few
Healing Powders.  The Village Elder will give you $152 and directions
to Klamath, which isn't that much, but it's better than nothing.  In
the lower-left corner of the village, you can get another $100 from
your Aunt's tent, in a vase.  A few guys around the village can improve
your Melee Combat and Unarmed skills, but only if they're really low.
Somebody else up near the farms has lost his dog, and you have to go to
the hunting grounds to find it.

Hunting Grounds-Not a problem, here, just make sure not to step through
the green sludge.  The dog is located in the upper-left area.  Also, if
you look around on the ground, there are 2-3 Broc Flowers, and 2-3
Xander Roots, which the Medicine Man can make into Healing Powders.
Get the dog, Smoke, and head back to the village.

Arroyo Village-Just give the guy his dog back for a few more XP.  By
now, you should've leveled up.  Leave the village, going south, to get
to the Bridge.
Bridge-Talk to the bridge guard.  If your PER is high enough, you will
notice that his spear is better than yours.  Talk to him about it, and
he'll tell you to get a piece of flint and he'll work your spear over
for you.  Go back to Arroyo.

Arroyo Village-Talk to your aunt.  If you have a good speech skill, you
can convince her to hand the flint over for free.  If you're a good
thief, steal from her.  Otherwise, you'll have to give her a few
healing powders (3 or 4, I think).  Go back to the bridge guard.

Bridge-The guard will sharpen your spear.  If you are any good with
Melee Combat, then this'll be extremely useful, as a sharpened spear
does more damage than a sledgehammer.  Now, with all the stuff at
Arroyo done, head to Klamath.


Downtown-The kids here are annoying, but not as bad as in the den.
Don't bother talking to the village greeter, it's a waste of money.  If
you think you can kill a dozen radscorpions without resting, talk to
the guy who looks like one of the Arroyo villagers.  He needs help
guarding his cattle.  Kill all the radscorpions, and get some XP, as
well as a slight Karma increase.  Whiskey Bob needs somebody to refuel
his distiller, and that means you'll have to get through the trapper

Trapping Grounds-Unless you think that you're 100% Badass, run like
hell through here.  The shed is in the lower left, but the Golden
Geckos in the area will tear you apart.  Get inside the shed, grab some
of the wood on the floor, and use it on the distiller to get it
working.  Also, there are 2 or 3 bottles of beer on the ground, you
should get 'em, you'll need them later.  Now, unless you want to test
your skills against some pretty tough creatures, just run back to

Downtown-Talk to Whiskey Bob for a couple more bucks ($100-150).  You
can go to the other locales, but there's nothing really special.  One
guy wants the location of Whiskey Bob's shed, but I didn't care to
divulge such info.  I'm sure there's some XP in it, though.  Go to
Vic's house and loot it for a Pipe Gun and some ammo, and, more
importantly, Vic's Radio.  You'll need this soon.  If you think you're
good, head to the left into the canyon.

Canyon-There's a screwed up robot here.  You can kill it for XP, but it
can probably outrun you.  There's also a crashed Vertibird
(Helicopter), with a few corpses around it.  Search them for. a yellow
keycard.  Ooh.  Hold me down.  Head back downtown, then go to Trapper

Trapper Town-talk to one of the guys in the building to get the Trapper
Town key.  Alternatively, you can get it from the dog downtown by
feeding it some jerky, or you can just lockpick the door.  Head through
the mall, killing rats as you move.  Don't forget to stop by the
abandoned gun shop and pick up the work boots.  When you get to the
ladder, go down.

Klamath Sewers-Go around killing rats.  Not much to get here, but
there's a ladder down.  Go down that way.  You'll end up in the lair of
the Rat God.  Kinda tough, with around 60 HP, but I've killed it with
only 8 damage once.  I think I got it with an "Instant Death" critical
(which is a lifesaver sometimes).  When you finish it off, search the
area for equipment.  There should be 2 ladders up-the one you came in
by, and another one.  Keep following this path.  When you get to the
locked door, you can pick it, or if you jam the lock, use the dynamite
on the shelf next to it.  You'll come up near a wrecked Highwayman.
Search it to get a fuel injection system, which will help later.  Also,
make sure to get the beer in the area.  Now, head back through the
sewers and trapper town to downtown Klamath.

Downtown-In the room with Whiskey Bob lies the main quest of Klamath.
The people like you right now, but if you finish this quest, you'll be
idolized.  Talk to Mrs. Buckner and she'll tell you about Smiley's
disappearance, and the location of the Gecko caves.  If you have the
money and inclination, you can pay off Sulik's debt and take him along.
Trust me, the Gecko caves are one tough place at this point in the game
alone.  When you're ready, leave Klamath and head for the Gecko caves.

Gecko Caves-Try to take on the Geckos one at a time.  You only need the
boots in your inventory to avoid taking damage from the sludge.  Also,
make sure to raid the room next to your start point for some more
boots, in case the first pair dissolves.  The caves are fairly
straightforward, so long as you don't get killed by a Gecko blitz.  Get
to Smiley at the end, and take him back out of the caves.  If you can,
you can try to fix the generator-it'll help later, when you have an
electronic lockpick.  With Smiley in tow, head back to Klamath.

Downtown-Talk to Mrs. Buckner and you'll get thanked for saving Smiley.
If you haven't paid for Sulik, she'll cancel the debt and you get him
for free.  Talk to the daughter in the room and she'll officially
release him.  Then you can talk to him and get him to join up.  Talk to
Smiley before you leave for an important perk-Gecko Skinning.  With
this, you can get gecko hides off of slain Geckos, with fetch a nice
price right now.  However, they weigh quite a bit, so remember that
when you're deciding whether it's more important to carry a Gecko hide
or a fresh-stolen shotgun.  If you feel like making a few quick skins,
head down to the trapping grounds and kill some geckos.  When you're
done, talk to Smiley until he tells you where the Den is, then leave
for the Den.

West Side-Welcome to the game's first half-challenging town.  First,
remember that the kids in the area will steal from you when you get
near them.  My solution is to steal the item right back-they can't do
anything if they catch you, anyway.  Another thing you can do to
alleviate the problem is to shoot the kids, but then you'll lose a lot
of Karma and get tagged as a childkiller.  If you can't get the item
back (like, you left the area and came back), Flick'll sell 'em back
off to you at inflated prices.  Still, you can kill him for a bit of
karma, XP, and some REALLY nice items including a .357 Magnum and a

Becky's bar is right next to the sign at the entrance, and you can tap
her for a little info and 2 quests, both of which involve mindless
searching, and I only have a mediocre amount of luck with.  The first
is to get some money from Fred.  I spotted him with all he asked for,
and ended up with a lot of karma, and got paid back for all but $50 of
the money.  The next is to collect a book from somebody on the east
side of town.

East Side-Talk to him if you want, but he won't have it.  Just look for
it on the ground (it's called the Lavender Flower, and if you read it,
it's one of those smut novels with a zillion plot twists.).  Head back
to Becky's and hook her up with it for a few XP.

West Side-Talk to Lara to find more jobs.  First, she wants you to
scout the chapel for her.  Head back to the East Side.

East Side-Not too hard if you can talk.  BS the guard for 500 XP by
saying Metzger sent you.  Use the "search" (hand) option on a crate for
500 more XP.  Head back west.

West Side-Talk to Lara to get some cash.  She'll ask you to ask Metzger
if he minds if she goes after Tyler's gang.  Head to the East Side.

East Side-Head to the slaver's guild.  You can join 'em, but I play
honest, decent characters, so I didn't.  Talk to Metzger and get
permission, then head back to Lara on the west side.

West Side-Lara wants you to do a bit more work for her-find a weakness
in Tyler's gang.  Quickly!  To the Batmobile!

East Side-Talk to Tyler outside of the church.  Be casual, and he'll
tell you that the gang's getting drunk that night.  What a coincidence.
at any rate, return to Lara.

West Side-Lara won't pay you (she's got to make sure it's not a trick),
so be prepared to help her fight the gang if you want the money.

East Side-Lara's gang will run in and start the fight.  In my game,
though, resistance was stiff, and Lara started losing guys inside the
church, so I had to step in and lay the smack down on Tyler's boys.
She'll pay you double for your services, and you finish another string
of quests.  Head to the West Side.

West Side-Head to the great Ananias's place, and look in the back room.
If it's around midnight, you'll see a ghost.  Talk to her, listen to
her story, and head to the East Side.

East Side-Talk to Mom about the haunted house, and listen what she has
to say.  While your there, you can pick up a quest to feed Smitty
something, get 200XP for hearing Stacy's story (it costs you a few
bucks to get her a drink), and talk to Karl in the back.  Ask him his
story first, and make sure not to give him money.  That'll help you
later.  Now, with all that done, head back west.

West Side-Talk to Joey (he's right next to the East/West Grid).  If you
have a good speech skill, say Anna's gonna bust him up and he'll give
up the locket.  Give it to Anna, and she'll die.  Make sure to get her
bones, and a shovel from the nearby bookcase.  Also, go as far to the
left as you can to find Smitty's.  Ask him about the regulator you got
in Klamath and he'll tell you how to get the infamous Fallout 2 Car.
Make sure to give him dinner, too, and he'll get you a stimpack.  You
can get a set of pliers from his locker, if you haven't gotten some
already.  With the bones and shovel, head back east.

East Side-Head to the graveyard and look at the tombstones.  On the
ones that reads "Anna Winslow", use the shovel on the grave, put the
bones in (Steal Skill), and cover 'em back up to finish the Anna quest.
You can dig up the other graves, but you'll get the graverobber Karma
pick and lose some Karma.  Now for the official quest.  Go to the
slaver's guild station and talk to the guard at the door.  If you're
half-decent at repairing things or speaking, you can get in a word with
Vic.  Give him the radio, and he'll fix the slaver's radio.  Metzger,
though, will demand $1000 to let him go.  There are a few ways to do
this:  Raise the money, if you're a female character you can whore
yourself out to Metzger and he'll drop the price to $500, if you think
you're a bad @$$, blow the whole slaver's hideout to hell (not
recommended unless you're really good), or join the guild (but it'll
hurt you for the rest of the game).  Your pick.  Once you've got Vic,
pump him for info and you'll get the location of Vault City (which is
WAY out there across the map).  Head out of town.

Main Street-On your way to Vault City, you'll stumble across an unknown
spot.  It'll be a small farming community.  DON'T DO THE FOLLOWING
Talk to Jo to get a quest to investigate the Ghost Farm.  Before you
leave, visit the Tanner and get Balthas to send you on a quest to find
his kid.  Talk to him again to get Laddie the wonder-mutt.  Get a rope,
and go to the well.

Well-Not very tough.  Search around for a few change bags on the ground
(love the reference), and you can also get Johnny's BB gun.  It's kind
of useless, but keep the ammo.  If you can get the Red Ryder BB Gun (a
true classic!), then this'll give you enough ammo to destroy anything
(the Red Ryder does 45 damage).  Head back out.

Main Street-If you want to be an ass, talk to Balthas and tell him
Johnny died.  He won't talk to you for a while, and will consider the
search over.  The quest isn't over, though (notice how Laddie stays
with you).  Head for the Ghost Farm.

Ghost Farm-Look at the impaled bodies.  Notice how they're fakes.  Head
up to the farmhouse (if you see any guards on the way, go with them
quietly), and stand on the middle carpet.  You'll take some damage on
the way down, and the guards will take you in.  Go peacefully.  Talk to
the leader of the Slags and agree to take his message to the people of
Modoc.  Before you leave, go to the upper-left and you'll see a crowd
of kids.  Laddie will run up to one of the kids on the left.  Talk to
him, and you'll find that he's Little Johnny.  Tell him his dad is
Balthas, and he'll ask you to take him home.  Don't do it yet, just
leave through the door and ladder behind Vegeir.  Leave the farm.

Main Street-Talking to Jo reveals that he doesn't trust the slags.
Shoot down his points one by one (tell him the bodies are fake, and
that Karl is getting shitfaced in the Den), and he'll agree to talk
with the Slags.  Go back to the Ghost Farm.

Ghost Farm-Talk to Vegeir and ask about getting Johnny home.  He'll get
you an escort back.

Main Street-Balthas will be overjoyed to see his kid again.  He'll give
you a combat leather jacket (excellent armor until you get the Leather
Armor Mk2), and Modoc will give you discounts wherever you look.  Talk
to the crazy old farmer with a shotgun, and on your way out, he'll ask
you to protect his cattle.  It isn't very tough, but you've gotta kill
some FAST puppies, so be prepared.  When you get back, he'll give you
some cash ($1000, I think), and that'll be done.  If you've got a
decent Doctor skill, you can fix Bessie's broken leg, and she'll tag
along for a while.  You can get her butchered at the slaughterhouse,
but I don't believe in helping a brahmin up just to decapitate the damn
thing.  You can also seduce the farmer's kids, but if he catches you
with 'em and you don't have a REAL good excuse, it's shotgun wedding
time.  Seduce the daughter with the female for some hilarious wedding

You can also talk to another guy in town, who'll ask you to find
Cornelius's gold watch.  Save that for later, and help him tend his
garden (shoot out all the resident rats).  Then, get some explosives-
you can buy some from Sheriff Jo.  Go to the outhouse behind Rose's Bed
and Breakfast, and go down the chute.  Use the explosives near the
rockpile-give it as much time as you can, and HAUL SOME ASS out of the
place.  Chances are you'll take 20-70 points of damage, so you might
wanna rest after that.  Go back down into the sewer area, shoot down
the Mole Rat, and get the watch (it looks like a book).  Give it to the
guy, and you'll get some nice Karma for it.  You can also talk to Rose
to get "the biggest damn omelet you've ever seen".


-Thanks to Interplay for making such a fun game, even if it's a royal
pain unpatched.
-Thanks to Wet Planet Beverages for distributing Jolt Cola, which
allowed me to destroy the Slaver's guild at Level 4 in only 6 hours
worth of tries.

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