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Читы для Fallout 2

Чит-файл для Fallout 2

Fallout 2

 За игрой наблюдают: 3 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Black Isle Studios
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Локализатор в России:
Издатель в России:
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 октября 1998 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG / Isometric
Похожие игры:Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Даты выхода игры

вышла 19 мая 2006 г.
вышла в октябре 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
  Steve's Guide to Fallout 2
  (Warts 'n all!)

  I tried to base this guide on all the possible quests, things to find, and
  things to do in each location. It's not a walkthrough, though it does
  contain detailed instructions for some of the tricky bits. I feel that this
  structure will allow you to role-play freely (different characters have to
  solve problems in different ways), yet still help you to find obscure
  objects or quests. If you are looking for a specific object or location,
  just search for the name of it with your browser.

  Orientation-wise, directions are always given assuming that the top of your
  screen is 'north'. The longer compass direction names are abbreviated, such
  as NE for northeast.

  I purposely didn't put in a Table of Contents, lest you see all the exotic
  places you're eventually going to visit before you're supposed to know about
  them. Though the locations are presented in the order that you would
  typically reach them, your mileage may vary.

  You are about to embark on a fabulous adventure. I hope that you will enjoy
  your journey...



  Before you even think about starting to play, check out the Interplay
  Fallout 2 site, and ensure that you have the latest version installed. If
  not, download and apply the patch. Be careful to only apply a patch
  compatible with the locale from which you purchased the game! This guide was
  written using the U.S. version, patched to V1.02. Owners of the U.K. and
  some other European versions may note that there are no children running
  around in their game, so some of the comments pertaining to them in this
  guide may not make sense, and a few minor quests will not be available.

  Beware that if your Intelligence (IN) is too low (I mean, your character's
  in the game, silly. Don't take it personally ;-), you won't be able to get
  most of the quests here simply because no one will be able to converse with
  you! Likewise, not having a high enough Charisma (CH) or Speech skill will
  also alter NPC responses, and you may miss out on important conversation
  choices that lead to quests. So, I recommend having both IN and CH at a
  minimum of 6 (you might scrape by with lower CH if you have a decent Speech
  skill) to keep your options open. If in doubt in a particular situation, pop
  a Mentat to boost both temporarily. Just for kicks, it's worth starting up a
  game with IN 3. Yes, it's a very well balanced game :-)

  Unless you are going the diplomatic route, and have enough CH to be able to
  talk your way out of anything, make sure you start off the game with greater
  than 50% of either Unarmed or Melee skill. It will be quite a while before
  you obtain any decent weapons! Beware that one of your first encounters
  involves fighting bare-handed, so even Melee won't help here.

  I recommend a minimum Strength (ST) of 6. With less than this, you'll be
  severely disadvantaged at hand-to-hand, unable to take any unarmed perks
  (most decent ones have a min ST of 6 requirement), and you won't be able to
  carry much inventory either. Likewise, unless you're going to play the
  'ultimate bruiser' type of character, a starting ST of 9 or 10 is a waste,
  since you get a chance later on to increase your ST by 3 using... artificial

  Unless you are taking on the role of a thief, a decent Barter skill is also

  Early in the game, when your character is relatively weak, there is a
  sure-fire way to defeat critters like Ants, Radscorpions, and Silver Geckos
  without taking so much as a scratch: approach to within about 5 hexes. Let
  them come right up to you. Then, hit them with your best shot, but make sure
  you have at least 5 AP left. Then retreat in a straight line. They will
  follow you, but won't have enough AP left to strike! Repeat until critter is

  NPC's make great packrats. They can help you carry all the stuff you pick up
  after encounters with hostile critters. Be careful about giving them burst
  capable weapons though... or you could find yourself replaying a lot of
  encounters :-( Also, be sure to fine-tune them before heading out on the
  wasteland. You don't want someone wasting valuable ammo on easy critters
  (rat is hit for 243 hit points... yeah, I think it's dead. Just wasted a
  rocket, dammit!) In this case, take their best weapon or ammo away from them
  before heading out. On the other side of the coin, make sure you use the
  Combat Control dialogue to ensure they are using their best weapon when you
  know an important encounter is coming up.

  A high Outdoorsman skill is extremely useful for avoiding unwanted random
  encounters. Sometimes, you just want to get from A to B without being
  bothered. Carrying a Motion Sensor in your personal inventory while
  travelling is alleged to help in avoiding random encounters. And you get XP
  for using this skill!

  Like the man says: save, save, SAVE! You never know when you're going to
  mess up in combat, blow a dialogue with an NPC, etc. Contrary to what you
  may hear on the grapevine, you can also save during combat, though this
  practice does seem to make the game more likely to crash... but you just
  saved, didn't you? So, no big deal.

  Those pre-apocalyptic Californians must have been avid readers. There are
  bookcases everywhere. A lot of them contain valuable stuff, so check every
  bookcase, desk, pot, locker, etc. Anything that exhibits a hand icon when
  you move your cursor over it is worth having a look at. Scavenge to your
  heart's content!

  The designers hid stuff behind walls in this one, so check for items

  You can rest nearly anywhere when no hostile critters are nearby. Derelict
  buildings in most towns make a perfect spot for this sort of activity.
  There's no rush to get through Fallout 2. Use the time! Why waste Stimpaks
  when you can heal while resting or travelling?

  There are all sorts of people to sleep with, marry, etc. I didn't bother to
  document any of these... encounters, unless they furthered the plot :-)

  Well, are you ready to begin your quest?


  Temple of Trials

  Kill all the Ants and Radscorpions to gain valuable XP. Take all the
  Radscorpion Tails you can carry off the dead critters. You can barter them.
  Check all the pots and chests for Healing Powders and such.

  There is a section with raised plates that appear as you walk across the
  floor. If you step on a plate, a spear is fired at you from the wall. If you
  have some Traps skill, you can disarm these plates for 25 XP each.

  Get the Explosives from the pot south of the locked door. Save the game!
  Then, stand right in front of the door, arm the Explosives (give yourself a
  minute at least), drop them, and retreat to a safe distance until the door

  Defeat Cameron in hand-to-hand. Weaker characters might try using the
  hit-and-run technique I described above. He still gets one hit in every
  turn, but it's better than 2 or 3! Diplomatic approach: with CH 10 and IN 10
  (possibly lower will work too), you can talk your way out of fighting
  Cameron :-)

  Remember to retrieve your belongings from the chest outside the door you
  just came through. Then, head through the final door, Chosen One.



  Repair the well - 100 XP.

  Get training from Lucas, standing near stone head - add 5% to Unarmed skill.

  Jordan, in tent east of stone head, will train you with spears - add 5% to
  Melee Weapons skill.


    1. Rescue Nagor's dog, Smoke, from the wilds - 100 XP.

      Nagor is standing east of Hakunin's (medicine man's) tent. The wilds are
      NW of Hakunin's tent. In the north part of this section is a plank
      amidst some puddles of radioactive goo. Cross it, approach the dog, and
      he will follow you back to Nagor. While there, you might want to grab a
      few of the bright orange flowers... and kill a few Geckos. Hakunin will
      make Healing Powder for you if you bring him Broc Flower and Xander
      Root. See Quest 4 below.

    2. Find Vic the Trader - Vic will join your party.

      See the Den, Quest 8.

    3. Obtain flint to have Mynoc sharpen your spear - Sharpened Spear.

      Mynoc is the bridge guard on the way out of Arroyo, to the south. Need
      decent Perception to notice Mynoc's spear in the first place! Then, get
      the flint (beg, barter or steal) from your evil aunt Morlis, who is
      standing guard outside a tent SW of the stone head.

    4. Kill the evil plants that infest Hakunin's garden - 100 XP and he'll
      make Healing Powder for you anytime in future.

      Kill the two spore plants in the garden located just NE of Hakunin's

    5. Retrieve the Geck for Arroyo.

      Talk to the Elder, in the tent NE of the well... but I can't possibly
      tell you how to complete this quest. Not yet, anyway :-)



  Don't trade with Maida Buckner if you can help it. Her prices are too high!
  You can have the tribal Sulik join your party by paying off his remaining
  debt of $350 to Maida. Well worth the trouble, because he's much better than
  you in combat at this stage in the game. Alternatively, you can get Sulik
  for free if you complete Quest 2 below, but I always found it handier to
  have him with you on this particular quest.

  In the Golden Gecko, talk to Fighting John Sullivan. He'll train you in
  Unarmed (add 10%) and Melee Weapons (add 5%). Also worth 150 XP.

  You can talk to Jenny in the Bathhouse to learn a bit more about Vic. You
  don't have to sleep with her to get this info.

  Raid Vic's house, east of the Bathhouse. Make sure you take and keep Vic's
  Radio. The Pipe Rifle is virtually useless, but it's worth some money

  There's an exit grid to the NW, with a crashed vertibird and a maintenance
  robot there. You can take out the robot for XP, and retrieve a Yellow
  Reactor Keycard from one of the corpses... but I never found out where to
  use this Keycard!


    1. Refuel the still - $50.

      Talk to Whiskey Bob in Buckner's. You must buy him a drink. He'll then
      tell you about his still that needs to be refuelled. It's located SW of
      town. Be ready to fight some Geckos. Careful, because Golden Geckos
      radiate you when they get a good strike in! Wood to fuel the still is
      located right there in the cabin.

    2. Rescue Smiley the Trapper - 1000 XP and $100 from Ardin.

      Talk to Ardin Buckner. She puts the Toxic Caves on your map. Get some
      Rubber Boots (see Quest 4 below), exit Klamath, preferably with Sulik in
      tow, and head for the Toxic Caves. Smiley is holed up in the back. Be
      sure to grab the 2 packets of Rad-Away from the locker in the wall
      there. Note the locked elevator. You probably can't open it yet (I've
      described what to do below. See Toxic Caves Elevator, unless you don't
      want to spoil it yet) When you return to Klamath to collect your reward
      from Ardin Buckner, talk to Smiley, and he'll teach you how to skin
      geckos. Great little revenue earner from now on.

    3. Guard the brahmin - 250 XP.

      Talk to Torr, the tribal who hangs out near Buckner's. Kill all the
      Radscorpions there, including the ones hiding in the woods south of the

    4. Kill the rat god - 300 XP.

      Take western exit grid to Trapper Town. Get key from Slim Picket (you
      can also obtain the key by giving some Meat Jerky to a dog you find in
      the brahmin pen near the SE exit grid). Be sure to get Rubber Boots in
      Guns store (lockers). Find manhole that leads down. On second level,
      kill Keeng Rat. Also a dead trapper there with a 10mm Pistol on him
      (might depend on your PE as to whether or not you find him). Take ladder
      in NE corner up. Find door on next level. Either lockpick or use
      explosives on it. Take next ladder up, and grab the Fuel Cell Regulator
      from Highwayman outside.

    5. Rustle the brahmin - 150 XP and 50$.

      If you prefer to follow the Dark Path, you can shop the location of
      Bob's still to the bartender at the Golden Gecko for $50 instead. Then,
      you can ask the Dunton twins (building east of the Golden Gecko) if they
      have any jobs going. They'll ask you to either talk poor Torr into
      leaving the brahmin, or knock him unconscious. This quest does not do
      wonders for your karma, as you can imagine.


  Toxic Caves Elevator

  You need an Electronic Lockpick (normal or MKII), which you can buy in New
  San Francisco before you can open the locked elevator at the rear of the
  Toxic Caves (see Klamath, Quest 2). I recommend you don't take the car with
  you, because you won't be able to access the trunk once you're there. Just
  leave it in Klamath. The walk will do you good for a change. Also, might be
  handy to take Vic with you unless your Repair skill is high, because you
  must fix the generator there to power the elevator before you can use it.
  Also recommend taking along a Sniper Rifle, because there's a big, bad
  security bot armed with missiles waiting at the bottom for you! You can take
  out his sensors with one good targeted shot, and then finish him off at your
  leisure. Once you've polished off the bot, there are lockers full of
  goodies, among them: Bozar (best gun in the game!), Combat Armor MKII, 200 x
  Micro Fusion Cells, 280 x Small Energy Cell, 200 x 4.7mm Caseless, and 200 x
  2mm EC (very hard to find indeed :-)



  Make sure you give Karl (Mom's Diner, far SE corner of town) something and
  then get him to tell you his story. Comes in handy later.

  Buy a drink from Becky, then ask her about 'Dyer'. Hmmm. Then, cross the
  exit grid SE of Becky's and talk to the barkeeper in The Hole. Ask him for
  info. Then ask him why Becky's drinks are cheaper than his. Offer to find
  out. Return to Becky's and wait till the guard leaves the door to the north
  of the bar. Lockpick it, go down the stairs, and discover that Becky has a
  still there. Talk to the barkeeper in The Hole again, for 400 XP and $100.
  He'll offer you $500 to destroy the still, but tell him you have a better
  idea. He should buy his stuff from Becky. You get 900 XP for this.

  Flick, south of Becky's, is a good guy to trade with... but beware those
  kids of his! If you're not careful, they steal stuff from you. Make sure
  that you always run past them (don't walk or loiter), and every time you do
  go past them check your belongings afterwards to make sure you haven't lost
  anything valuable. I lost a very important item once this way... took me
  ages to figure out where it had gone, and that was after I had restored to a
  game much previous to where I was. If you do lose something to the kids, you
  can buy it back off Flick as a last resort :-(

  When you think your party is strong enough, you can take out Metzger and his
  guards to free the slaves for 1250 XP. If you visit Becky again after this,
  she'll offer you $1000 for having got rid of the slavers. If you decline to
  accept the money, you get 50 Karma points instead. Your choice.

  Tubby, across the street from Becky's place, usually has a Sub-machine gun
  for sale. Definitely worth it early on in the game.


    1. Collect money from Fred - 200 XP.

      You have to try talking to all the male addicts in the vicinity of
      Becky's. The one who will talk to you is Fred. He owes Becky $200, but
      in the end, you're best off taking only $50 from him. When you go to pay
      Becky the $200 back, she splits it in half with you anyway, so it only
      costs you $50 when the dust has settled. After all this, make sure you
      remember to stop by the Den much later and talk to Fred again, because
      he makes good use of the $50 you left him with, and will give you: 200 x
      Small Energy Cell, 250 x Micro Fusion Cell, $2000... and a Plasma
      Grenade :-)

    2. Get book from Derek - 300 XP and $80.

      If you complete Quest 1 above, Becky gives you another job, which is to
      find a book she lent to Derek. He hangs out by Mom's Diner on the SE
      side of the Den. You get $80 if you find the book and return it to
      Becky. Often, the book can be found in the outhouse north of The Hole...
      but not always.

    3. Lara wants to know what is being guarded in the church - 500 XP and

      You have to fast-talk your way past one of the guards to get into the
      church. Then, just examine one of the crates. Easy money.

    4. Get permission from Metzger for gang war. - 200 XP and $50.

      (You have to do Quest 3 first). Talk to Metzger in the Slaver's Guild on
      the east side of town.

    5. Find weakness in Tyler's gang guarding the church - 200 XP.

      (You have to do Quest 4 first). Talk to one of the guards outside the
      church again. Appears they are going to have a big party tonight and get
      drunk. You have found the gang's weakness.

    6. Help Lara attack Tyler's gang - $300 and $100 bonus if you help in
      the fight.

      (You have to do Quest 5 first). Then agree to accompany Lara and her
      gang to the church. We killed one guard outside the church, and it was
      enough to net a $100 bonus. If you think you're up to it, however, it's
      best to finish them all off... get their weapons and cash them in for
      much needed supplies.

    7. Deliver a meal to Smitty for Mom - 150 XP and Stimpak (and free

      Talk to Mom in the diner in the far SE corner of town. Then hop on over
      to Smitty's garage on the far west side of town.

    8. Free Vic from his debt by getting his radio from his house in Klamath
      and paying Metzger.

      Once you have Vic's Radio (from his house in Klamath), talk to Vic, and
      then you can buy Vic back from Metzger for $1000. Vic is a fairly useful
      NPC to have join your party, especially as he has considerable Repair
      skill, and you probably are lacking somewhat in this skill early in the

    9. Get car part for Smitty.

      You need to complete Quest 3 in Gecko to get the Fuel Cell Controller.
      Smitty will install it for $2000. Voila, you now have a car! If you also
      have the Fuel Cell Regulator (obtained in Quest 4, Klamath), then Smitty
      will install that too for $750, and you'll get better mileage.
      Refuelling the car

      This process is not especially intuitive, so here's how you do it. First
      of all, the car runs on either Micro Fusion Cells or Small Energy Cells
      (but you get twice the mileage per Micro Fusion Cell). You can buy Micro
      Fusion Cells from Smitty for starters. To check how much power is left
      in the car at any time, left-click and hold on the front part of the car
      (not the trunk! BTW, you can store tons of gear in the trunk). Then move
      your cursor down to the Binoculars icon and let go. The percentage power
      remaining will appear in the window at the bottom left of your screen.
      To refuel, you must have some fuel cells present in your inventory. Then
      left-click and hold on the car, move your cursor down to the Backpack
      icon, and let go. Finally, point to the fuel cells in the inventory box
      that pops up, and they'll be used to refuel the car (warning: make sure
      there are no NPC's standing where the inventory pops up, or you'll wind
      up talking to them instead of refuelling the car. It's a 'feature' ;-)

    10. Return Anna's locket - 850 XP.

      Go into the derelict building next to the Brotherhood's outpost any time
      after midnight. You'll see the ghost of a woman, Anna. Talk to her (heh,
      one way traffic), and you'll discover she's lost her locket. Go talk to
      Mom in her place all the way SE in the Den. She'll tell you about Joey
      (one of those 3 thugs that are always just standing around). Get the
      locket off him in whichever manner you prefer and return it to Anna.
      Then, if you pick up Anna's Bones, take a Shovel from the bookshelf
      there, and head to the graveyard... you get some more XP for laying
      Anna's Bones to rest (her grave is located in the bottom row).



  If you examine the well just NE of the General Store, you'll see you can
  enter it using a rope. There are a few coin bags down there, and in the
  northern section, a (pretty useless) BB Gun... but a BB Gun nonetheless.

  Talk to Grisham, the Slaughterhouse boss. When you try to exit the
  conversation, he'll ask if you want to guard his cattle from wild dogs. Try
  not to let any of the poor buggers get killed, because he deducts $100 for
  each brahmin you lose - $1000 (if you manage to save them all). He's a
  miserable git, but it's fairly easy money.

  If you have some Doctor skill (at least 40%), you can try fixing up Bess,
  the brahmin. She's lying injured just south of the Slaughterhouse. You get
  200 XP for this, and she'll follow you around for a while...

  You can kill the 'giant chicken' that's locked up in the fenced-in compound
  next to Rose's for some XP. But you leave the village without an egg


    1. Farrel has a rodent problem in his garden. Remove the infestation -
      300 XP.

      Farrel is the old codger located in the house SE of Rose's B&(north
      Modoc). He'll ask you to help him by cleaning out his garden. Go for it,
      but beware. The critters there are poisonous.

    2. Farrel wants you to find Cornelius' gold pocket watch. Find it and
      return it to Farrel - 2000 XP.

      Farrel will also tell you about the longstanding feud between himself
      and Cornelius (Rose's husband) over the supposed theft by Farrel of
      Cornelius' watch. So... you suspect Farrel did steal the watch, because
      there's a safe in his wall that he gets very touchy about when you
      discover it. But, to find the real culprit, you have to check out the
      Outhouse to the east of Rose's. Go down below (yech!), and dynamite the
      pile of rocks there (Jo has some dynamite for sale if you need it). Of
      course, head back up the ladder as soon as you set the charge. Then go
      back down, take out the critter, and retrieve the watch from the
      critter's lair. You get 500 XP for dynamiting the rocks, and 1500 XP
      more when you return the watch to Cornelius.

    3. Jonny is missing. Find him and bring him home to Balthas.

      Talk to Balthas in the Tannery. Offer to look for his son.

    4. Jonny's in the Slag caves. Find a way to get Jonny back home to
      Balthas - 2500 XP and Combat Leather Jacket.

      When you return Jonny, Balthas gives you a little something for your
      troubles :-)

    5. Something strange is happening at the farm northeast of Modoc.
      Investigate and report back to Jo.

      Go talk to Jo at the back of the General Store. He'll ask you to
      investigate the 'Ghost Farm' NE of Modoc. When you get there, make sure
      you examine one of the grisly bodies that are skewered on the poles.
      Then go into the shed. When you walk over the middle rug, you'll drop
      down below. Talk to Vegeir, and agree to take their message to Modoc.
      Before you leave, go to the very rear of the caves, over an exit grid.
      Talk to all the boys until you find Jonny... but you can't take him with
      you yet.

    6. Deliver Slag message to Jo in Modoc - 3500 XP and Assault Rifle.

      Give him the message from Vegeir. If you remembered to examine one of
      the fake bodies at the Ghost Farm, and you got Karl's story out of him
      at the Den, you'll have completed this quest. Now you can wrap up all
      the Jonny quests too. Return to the Slag Caves. Vegeir will give you an
      Assault Rifle, and agree to send you back to Modoc with Jonny! See Quest
      4 (if you didn't find Karl yet... you still have time to travel to the
      Den and talk to him in Mom's Diner - 500 XP).

    7. Jo is suspicious of the Slags. Find out about the dead bodies at the
      Ghost Farm and find out what happened to Karl.

      See Quest 6.


  Vault City

  In the Courtyard, just in front of the Bar, is a little boy named Curtis. He
  has lost his Mr. Nixon doll. The doll is located behind the Bar building, in
  an outside corner (west of a large pile of rocks). Return the doll to Curtis
  (100 XP), then stand around a while and listen to what he's saying. After a
  while, you'll find a Wrench in that pile of rocks I just mentioned.

  You can get Cassidy, the bar owner, to join your party. He's damn handy with
  a shotgun, especially in the early stages of the game. Eventually, he'll
  need Heart Pills. You can find these in the Doc's place in NCR.

  Charlie, the guy lying flat out in the tent, is actually radiated (I
  originally thought he was drunk). 200 XP if you can spare a Rad-Away to fix
  him up.

  If you have good Repair skill (or Vic!), you can fix the Auto-Doc in the
  back room of the Clinic for 100 XP. The guy there is not eternally grateful
  when you do it... but if you and your party ever need to get healed
  afterwards, this place then becomes an option.

  If you have a Vault 13 water flask, talk to Vic's friend, Ed. He hangs out
  in a shack near the brahmin pens in the Courtyard - 500 XP and some new
  locations on your map.

  To get into Vault city proper, you can try to sweet-talk Wallace in the
  Customs office into giving you a Day Pass. Better yet, you can bribe Skeev,
  his assistant. You pay him $200 for fake citizenship papers. Then, you can
  blackmail him for $300 to keep quiet! Net: $100 and a set of fake papers. I
  never needed a Day Pass. The fake papers are good enough as long as you
  don't flash them around unnecessarily :-)

  In Vault City, Randal in the Amenities Office, east of Val's place, has
  great stuff for sale at the best prices I've ever seen... and he accepts
  false citizenship papers!

  You can talk the guy in the Information Center (that's west of the Servant
  Allocation Center) into giving you a Science book and a Repair book.

  Valerie (Vic's daughter) can upgrade weapons:
  Expanded magazine (from 8 to 20) for Desert Eagle .44 - $1000.
  Expanded magazine (from 24 to 100) for Assault Rifle - $1500.

  Once you become a Citizen, there are a lot of goodies you can find in the
  Vault, including... er... a few Water Chips :-)
  Level 1: Male characters can date the nurse for 100 XP. A further 300 XP if
  you can convince her that radiation has made everyone there sterile.
  If your Doctor skill is 80% or better, you can also get Combat Implants.
  Access the medical computer in the room where the doctor is. If you search
  the medical database, you should eventually find schematics for the
  implants. Then, talk to the doctor in the Clinic (Courtyard). Make sure you
  repair the Auto-Doc first! You also need one set of Combat Armor (doc strips
  them for parts) per operation. Then, the following operations are available:
  Low impact - $7000 ($5000 if high CH). Increases Normal and Explode
  resistance by 5% each.
  High impact - Low impact and $40,000. Never took this one. Increases Normal
  and Explode resistance by a further 5% each. Not only is it expensive, but
  it makes you one ugly mother, and thus reduces your CH as well.
  Low thermal - $10,000 ($8000 if high CH). Increases Laser, Fire, and Plasma
  resistance by 5% each.
  High thermal - Low thermal and $50,000. Never took this one either.
  Increases Laser, Fire and Plasma resistance by a further 5% each. Way too
  expensive, and it makes you ugly to boot, thus reducing your CH.
  Level 2: If you repair a rattling vent on the wall to the NE, you'll get 100
  XP and 50 x Micro Fusion Cells are hidden there. Two of the doors are
  jammed. You can open these if you have ST 8 (use Buffout). Some good ammo
  here, and a Red Memory Module that you'll find a use for later. Other doors
  are locked. You need Lockpick skill of 70% to open these. Once you do open
  these, you'll find: a Wrench ;-), and a Computer Voice Module (hmmm...),
  amongst other things.
  Level 3: The Central Computer knows the location of Vault 15. There are some
  general supplies and weapons in the locked rooms.

  Just outside the vault entrance, near the Correction Center, there's a guy
  preaching (Moore). If you humour him for a while, he'll give you a briefcase
  and ask you to deliver it to a Mr. Bishop in New Reno (the Shark Club,
  Commercial Row). It's worth $500 and 500 XP, and Bishop will give you
  another errand. After you deliver the briefcase to Bishop, you can shop
  Moore to Lynette for 500 XP, but I didn't like doing this.


    1. Get a plow for Mr. Smith - 250 XP and Desert Eagle .44.

      Mr. Smith is located outside his tent, just to the east of the Clinic.
      Offer to get the plow for him, then buy it from the shop just west of
      the Clinic.

    2. Solve the Gecko powerplant problem.

      Talk to First Citizen Lynette, quite a rude person. She hangs out in the
      SE corner of the Central Council building, located in the NW corner of
      Vault City. Eventually, she'll get around to mentioning that there's a
      way for you to become a Citizen, other than passing that ridiculously
      difficult test...

    3. Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua - 500 XP.

      Talk to Amanda, the distraught woman in the tent next to Curtis. Her
      husband is being held in the Servant Allocation Center in Vault City.
      You might be able to convince Barkus that Joshua has a contagious
      disease, and he'll be released for free; else, you'll have to fork over

    4. Deliver beer and booze (10 each) to Lydia - 250 XP and $300.

      Lydia runs the Tap House, just inside the city gates. Deliver 10 real
      booze (not the rotgut or the radiated stuff) and 10 beers to collect.

    5. Deliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie - 250 XP and $50.

      Val is Vic's long-suffering daughter. She's in the Maintenance Center,
      just north of the Tap House inside the city gates. If you can supply her
      with these items, she'll also give you a Super Repair Kit (you need this
      item for Skeeter in Gecko). But, you'll have to wait a few days for this
      to happen... If you couldn't get the wrench by helping Curtis (see
      above), then you can find one on the Morningstar Mine's premises in
      Redding, or on Level 2 of the Vault City vault - but you need to be a
      Citizen with high Lockpick skill to get it!

    6. Scout the eight sectors around Gecko and return to Stark - 350 XP and

      Talk to Stark in the Corrections Center.

    7. Enter NCR and return to Stark - $500 and 750 XP and Motion Sensor.

      Easy money.

    8. Deliver Lynette's holodisk to Westin in NCR - 4500 XP.

      After wiping out the Raiders (and taking their Account Book. See Raiders
      section below), talk to Lynette. If you managed to get the Holodisk from
      Bishop's safe in New Reno, that proves Bishop was hired by NCR (2500
      XP). Then Lynette will ask you to deliver Bishop's Holodisk to Westin in
      NCR (2000 XP).




    1. Solve the Gecko powerplant problem - 4500 XP.

      Talk to Harold in the Manager's Office. Hmmm. You need to convince Vault
      City that Gecko needs a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator for their
      power plant, to stop radiation leaking into the groundwater. After the
      conversation, be sure to nab the Coolant Report and Part Requisition
      Form off the desk behind Harold. Then, before you head back to Vault
      City, do the following:
      Northern part of Gecko is the Junkyard. In the building to the NW of
      Skeeter's place, in the northern-most room, there's a manhole. Go down
      it, and find the (sentient!) mole rat in the SW corner. Talk to him, and
      he'll give you a Talisman. Return topside, and you'll find Gordon in the
      house NE of Skeeter's place. When he sees that you have the Talisman,
      he'll give you a Holodisk that contains economic data concerning the
      Take this Holodisk to Councillor McClure (the sane voice of Vault City
      :-) He's located in the same building as First Citizen Lynette, but his
      office is in the NW corner. You'll get 750 XP for delivering the Gecko
      McClure will get you the part for the power plant (see Randal in the
      Amenities Office)... and, he'll be able to fix you up as a Citizen once
      you get the part installed back in Gecko, thus bypassing that witch
      Lynette :-)
      Back in Gecko, enter the Power Plant, east side of town. You'll need
      Yellow and Red Pass Keys, which can be found by scrounging in the
      various lockers and bookcases around the place. If you have really high
      Charisma, you might get Festus, located in the far SE of the plant, to
      install the part for you, but mere mortals have to do it themselves...
      so go talk to Hank, the ghoul in the room through the red doors, right
      next to the reactor core. Then log on to the computer just behind him to
      program the maintenance bot:
      Initialize: A1546761, 5B576005, 35C76863
      Initiate repair sequence (you feed it the part when requested). Then,
      Add a command
      6 times (returning back to main menu after adding each one) until you
      have constructed the following program:
      1) Amplify Plutonium-Gamma Shield
      2) Deharmonize Neptunium Impeller
      3) Calibrate Uranium-Rod Driver
      4) Set Voltage on Saturn-Class Capacitor
      5) Test Jupiter Wave Compiler
      6) Install Hydroelectric Magnetosphere Regulator
      Then: Execute program
      And watch the Maintenance Bot go!

    2. Optimize the powerplant - 2500 XP.

      Talk to Festus (SE corner of Power Plant) once you have repaired the
      reactor (see Quest 1). He'll give you a Holodisk. You need to insert
      this Holodisk into the Vault City Central Computer (the one that's
      spewing out operational gibberish on Level 3 of the Vault City vault).
      First, you need to become a Citizen to get in there. If you've done
      Quest 1 above, then you can go talk to Councillor McClure, and he'll
      make you a Citizen! Log on to the Vault City Central Computer, and it
      will ask you to insert the disk that Festus gave you. Then, return with
      the optimized disk to Festus, and he'll tell you to use it on the
      computer you used to control the Maintenance Bot

    3. Get super repair kit for Skeeter - 250 XP and Fuel Cell Controller.

      Skeeter is in the Junkyard, north part of Gecko. Valerie gives you this
      item for free 2 days after you supply her with a Wrench and Tool (see
      Vault City, Quest 5). In return for the Super Repair Kit, Skeeter gives
      you the part you need to get that car up and running! You can also buy a
      Super Repair Kit from Smitty (the guy in the Den who sells you the car),
      but it'll cost ya!

    4. Get 3 step plasma transformer for Skeeter - 350 XP and weapon

      Talk to Jeremy in the north part of the Power Plant. If you have the
      Part Requisition Form you got from Harold earlier (see Quest 1), he'll
      give you the Plasma Transformer. In return, Skeeter will perform one of
      the following upgrades for free:
      Scope on Hunting Rifle
      Expanded magazine (from 8 to 20) for Desert Eagle .44
      Expanded magazine (from 24 to 100) for Assault Rifle

    5. Find Woody the ghoul for Percy. Try the Den - 1000 XP and 3 Rad-X, 4

      Percy's house is in the Junkyard, north part of Gecko. Talk to him, then
      travel back to the Den, and check out the 'mummy' in the room next to
      where you found Anna the ghost. It's Woody! When you return to Percy
      afterwards, he'll give you some anti-radiation supplies.


  Broken Hills

  On the east side, in a garden near the mine, there's Seymour the talking
  spore plant. He wants to be replanted. Talk to the poor thing when you have
  a shovel, and you'll get 1000 XP plus get clued in as to how to defeat a
  sentient scorpion at 'chess'. The scorpion and his professor friend are
  located in a building just to the SE of where Seymour winds up. Leave your
  party behind, and challenge the scorpion to a contest of 'smarts'. Knowing
  what you learned from Seymour, you can defeat the scorpion at chess for 500
  XP. I always let the scorpion live afterwards, which is why I didn't bring
  the gang along.

  The place where you replanted Seymour (see above) is actually the Old Ghouls
  Home. Talk to Typhon there (Set's son, from Fallout!), in the SW room. In
  exchange for: a Cat's Paw magazine, a blow-up Sex Doll (ahem... bookcase in
  building Marcus is/was standing in front of), and a bottle of Rotgut, he'll
  tell you the location of his 'treasure'. You get 2000 XP after you deliver
  all this stuff. Then, have a look down the well in the centre of downtown.
  Oops! You can convince Micky the treasure hunter to go down the well after
  your treasure, but then he becomes stuck down in the well. I never figured
  out a way to get him out of there.

  Marcus is the best addition to your party in Fallout 2! You must complete
  Quests 1 and 2 below, then Marcus will agree to join you, and you get 1000
  XP to boot.


    1. Fix the mine's air purifier - 1500 XP and Combat Shotgun.

      Talk to Zaius, the mine foreman, located in a building just outside the
      mine on the NE side of Broken hills. He'll ask you to go to New Reno and
      pick up a new Air Purifier from Renesco (west side of Commercial Row).
      When you return, leave all your party members outside the mine! Then,
      just blitz right through the mine to the NE corner, using a Stimpak or 2
      to alleviate the damage taken due to the bad air. Once you replace the
      Air Purifier, you can return, picking the Ants, Radscorpions, etc. off
      at your leisure. Zaius presents you with a Combat Shotgun as a reward.
      Every time I fixed the air purifier, Quest 6 popped up crossed out. See

    2. Find the missing people for Marcus - $500 and 1500 XP.

      Go to the east side of town. There are a few manholes in this area (one
      of them in an outhouse). Go down, kill a few ants, and locate the bodies
      in the NE corner of the tunnels. On one of the bodies, there's a note
      from 'Francis' that implicates him as the killer. Once topside again,
      you can located a man called Don in a house in the NE corner. Tell the
      poor guy you found his missing wife (500 XP above). Then, talk to
      Sheriff Marcus for the rest. Complete Quest 3 first, then you may
      confront Francis with the note you found (other 1000 XP above). He
      leaves town quietly.

    3. Beat Francis at arm wrestling - 350 XP and Power Fist.

      All you need is ST of 10. Use Buffout or whatever. Eric gives you one
      dose of Buffout when you complete Quest 4.

    4. Divert more electrical power to Eric's home - 1500 XP and Buffout.

      Eric lives in the first (fly-infested) house on the right as soon as you
      enter the east side. He needs you to divert more electrical power to his
      home. Go to the generating station back on the west side, and use your
      Science skill on the computer terminal there to do this (worked after a
      few tries with 53% Science skill).

    5. Break Manson and Franc out of jail.

      Talk to Jacob, in shop to east of Ore-processing Plant. Tell him you
      hate mutants. Not my style, so I never took this quest.

    6. Blow up the mine's air purifier.

      I'm assuming that if you play an inherently evil character and take
      Quest 5, that you'll also get this quest. And I'm also betting that
      Jacob will ask you to go a step further and wipe out all the Super
      Mutants in Broken Hills. No thanks!



  The raiders are holed up in that little spot marked 'Unknown' that lies
  between Vault City and Broken Hills. There are many traps in the cave
  leading to their lair. They are also heavily armed, so beware heading in
  there with NPC's like Vic and Sulik in tow, as they are quite liable to be
  killed unless you are very lucky.

  If you do manage to vanquish them, you get 2000 XP for ending the raider
  threat. Also be sure to take all 3 of the Dog Tags (from the footlockers) so
  you can prove to the folks in Vault City that the raiders were hired mercs.
  When you report to First Citizen Lynette that you wiped out the raiders,
  you'll get a $1000 reward and 1000 XP. Even better, once you have the 3 dog
  tags, you can open the raiders' safe (numbers on the tags form the
  combination, 500 XP more) and get their Account Book, which proves who hired
  them. Show this to the First Citizen for another 1000 XP and $500 (if have
  the Holodisk from Bishop's safe in New Reno, then you get Vault City Quest 8

  I never was able to figure out what to do with the tribal
  'Shadow-who-walks'. He won't talk to you, even if approached without



  Go see the sheriff. He's injured, and requires a deputy to do a few jobs for
  him, starting off with... Pay Widow Rooney's back rent. Just pay the widow
  the $120 she owes for 1500 XP! (and the sheriff gives you $100 for the job
  anyway, so you're only out of pocket for $20) Then, when you report back to
  the sheriff, you get Quest 4 below. The sheriff also has a slew of weapons
  stashed around his office, ripe for the picking.

  You can buy the deed to the Wannamingo Mine from Mayor Ascorti for $1000. If
  you manage to clear the mine of critters for him (3500 XP!), he'll buy the
  deed back off you... worth $2500 and another 1000 XP.

  'Painless' Doc Johnson has Super Stimpaks for sale.


    1. Kill Frog Morton - $1000 and 3000 XP.

      Frog and his gang are holed up on the west side of town. You have to get
      by some tough rats first. Completing this quest has the unfortunate side
      effect of putting all of his nasty brothers on your tail. You'll meet
      them in random encounters for the rest of the game... until you bump
      them off too!

    2. Find out who cut the whore - $500 and 1250 XP.

      Talk to the bartender in the Malamute Saloon for more info. The guy who
      did it is located on the premises of the Morningstar Mine HQ, north side
      of Redding. He'll confess to you as soon as you start speaking to him.

    3. Find the excavator chip - $1000 and 2500 XP.

      Be prepared to kill a few real ornery critters! Bozar rules for this one
      :-) The machine that holds the chip is on the bottom level of the Great
      Wannamingo Mine. Once you have the chip, you can sell it to either
      Dangerous Dan McGrew of the Morningstar Mine (who is aligned with the
      New Reno underground), or Marge LeBarge of the Kokowebe Mine (NCR).
      Either one pays the same.

    4. Break up the bar brawl - $300 and 1500 XP.

      Just talk to the irate woman miner who's arguing with the guy at the far
      end of the saloon. I wound up tossing both their sorry asses in jail.


  New Reno

  Talk to Jules, standing just outside the Virgin Street carpark where you
  first arrive. For $100 a pop, he'll tell you about each of the 4 crime
  families who run the place. You have to tread carefully here if you want to
  keep your options open. Take all the quests for any one family, and you'll
  be 'made' by them, and thus not able to take jobs for other families! The
  quests always come in a particular order, and I've indicated below which one
  makes you a 'made man' (or woman), but only if you report back after doing
  the quest... so you can at least get all the benefits of the gear and money
  accrued while doing it, and one of these quests in particular is worth it
  for the gear alone ;-)

  Regardless of your sex, you can choose to sleep with Mrs. Bishop (2nd floor,
  Shark Club). Make sure you deliver the suitcase (that you got from Moore in
  Vault City) first to Mr. Bishop on the 3rd floor, else you'll have to fight
  your way back out of the casino afterwards! In any case, leave your party
  outside the casino before you venture upstairs and take up Mrs. B's offer. I
  discovered that if you take them up to the 2nd floor with you, then sleep
  with Mrs. B, that I couldn't find them anywhere upon returning. Jealousy, I
  suppose. After you sleep with her, she'll mumble the combination of the wall
  safe in her sleep. It contains a necklace and some other goodies. The safe
  in the north room has a map that gives you the location of the Raiders, and
  also proof that the Raiders are actually mercs hired by Bishop. Beware that
  this safe is trapped! If you set off the trap, you'll alert Bishop's men,
  and that is not a good thing. If you don't have high enough Traps skill,
  there's a trick you can use to get by it. Just arm an Explosive, and drop it
  right underneath the safe. Then go hide at the NE corner of the swimming
  pool. When the Explosive detonates (also triggering the trap at the same
  time :-), Bishop's man comes to investigate. He doesn't find anything, and
  goes away again. Now you can open the safe and pilfer the contents!

  If you have good Unarmed skill, you could try your hand at boxing. If you
  decide to have a go, do yourself a big favour and get the pair of Plated
  Boxing Gloves (technically, it's cheating, but all's fair in love and
  Fallout :-) from a locker in the basement of the Shark Club. Then, go to the
  Jungle Gym on 2nd Street and talk to little Stuart, who arranges the fights.
  If you're carrying the Plated Boxing Gloves with you, you'll automatically
  wind up with these on in the ring and have a much better chance against
  those bruisers!

  If you can't find a Voice Recognition Module anywhere else, Eldridge in the
  New Reno Arms shop (west side, Commercial Row) will part with his for $2500
  after a bit of negotiating. I usually happened to be swimming in weapons at
  this stage in the game, so if I hadn't been able to get the Module by
  lockpicking the doors on the 2nd floor of the Vault City vault, then I just
  bought the part from Eldridge, and traded some weapons in to get the cash
  right back from him about 10 seconds afterwards :-)
  Eldridge can upgrade weapons, but he's really too expensive:
  Expanded magazine (from 24 to 100) for Assault Rifle - $6000.
  Night Sight on FN FAL - $12000.
  However, there is an unassuming fellow named Algernon lurking in Eldridge's
  basement who is an absolute weapons wiz and will perform upgrades free! Just
  wait till Eldridge is in the front room where you deal with him, then sneak
  in the side door on the west side of the building, and head for his back
  room. Don't worry about the dogs. Locate the hidden stairs (behind the
  shelf, next to his bed), go downstairs and talk to Algernon, who I got to
  upgrade the following for me:
  Expanded magazine (from 24 to 100) for Assault Rifle.
  Night Sight on FN FAL
  Flamer to Improved Flamer (fires hotter fuel)
  Flamethrower Fuel to Flamethrower Fuel MKII (hotter fuel)
  Plasma Rifle to Turbo Plasma Rifle (more damage, greater range)
  Laser Pistol to Magneto-Laser Pistol (extra penetrating power)


    1. Find a way into the Sierra Army Base - 1000 XP and 'made man' of the
      Wright family.

      You have to do Quest 3 below before you can get this quest. The Depot is
      located just north of New Reno. Leave any weak party members outside,
      because there are a load of high tech gun turrets guarding the approach!
      It helps if you have a long range weapon (like a Sniper Rifle) to take
      out the turrets with. Once you damage the sensors (lenses) so they can't
      see, then you can pick them off without them being able to fire at you.
      Once inside the fence, and after you eliminate all the turrets on the
      inside too, you are free to explore a bit. In the little hut to the west
      (careful of traps on the door and one of the small ammo crates) is a
      large ammo crate containing a Howitzer Shell. Load this into the
      Howitzer in the shed to the east, then use the Howitzer to blow open the
      Depot main door. Before entering the Depot building, you have the option
      to go down the manhole located amongst the generators and throw the
      switch there. This action changes the force fields inside from
      impassable to passable (but, you'll lose HP going through them). If, on
      the other hand, you have decent Repair skill, it's better to leave this
      switch alone. You can temporarily disable each field by repairing its
      associated generator, and you won't lose any HP this way.
      Level 1

      Once inside, get the Password Paper from the desk just inside the
      entrance, then use the computer (enter password) and disable the force
      fields. In the SE room, you'll find a locker containing a Yellow Memory
      Module. The locker next to that contains... er, Dixon's eye, along with
      a holotape explaining what happened. There's a jar of the Bio Med Gel
      the tape references on the floor near one of the surgical tables. In the
      living quarters at the north end, there's a row of lockers. One of them
      contains Combat Armor! When you are ready, use Dixon's eye on the
      retinal scanner near the elevator to open it...
      Level 2

      If you don't attack any of the robots, they won't bother you! So, unless
      you need the XP and are heavily armed and armoured... If you must, the
      best way to take out a robot is with a targeted shot to the sensors. If
      you get a critical hit, the robot is rendered effectively blind and
      won't attack you anymore! If you plan to return to the Depot later on,
      then you should enter the room to the west and deactivate the repair
      computer (just hit the OFF button). You get 200 XP for this, plus any
      robots you do kill won't be automatically repaired when you leave the
      Depot. In a room to the far SE, there's a computer you can use to
      de-activate that electric plate on the floor that leads to the weapons
      store. There's loads of goodies in there, including: Plasma Rifle(!),
      Sniper Rifle, and 2 sets of Combat Armor. When you've finished looting
      the place, you can use Dixon's eye again to take you to the next level.
      Level 3

      Here, if you talk to the supercomputer (Skynet) via his console, you'll
      see that he wants out of the place. You'll have to find his brain
      somewhere on Level 4. Be sure to grab another eye (General Clifton's)
      from the room to the NE. Then make your way to the room in the NW and
      access the computer there. Hmmm. You need a brain, some Bio Med Gel, and
      a part from a robot (the same kind of robot as the disassembled one in
      the back room there). So, I went back to the room near the elevator, and
      opened fire on one of those robots. Of course, then I had to kill all
      the robots on this level because they attack once disturbed. Tough on
      the ol' Stimpak supply, but great for the XP. After you kill them all,
      take a Motivator from one of the dome-topped ones, then use Clifton's
      eye on the left-hand retinal scanner to access Level 4... When you
      return from Level 4 with the brain, place it, the Bio Med Gel, and the
      Motivator into the disassembled robot in the back room. Then use the
      computer to activate it. Now, either you've extricated Skynet and he
      becomes a useful NPC, or you've found a nice home for one of the other
      brains (500 XP in any case) and you at least have a mule to help you to
      carry all that booty out of the place :-)
      Level 4

      Find the room all the way to the NW that fronts onto a large room full
      of cryogenic suspension tanks. Access the computer there, and have it
      retrieve the cadaver first. Yikes! It comes alive and you can talk to
      him, but then he runs away... and promptly decomposes into a heap. If
      you examine what's left, you should find a Red Ryder LE BB gun, one of
      the best Small Guns in the game! Anyways, return to the computer, and
      ask for a Brain next. Unless you have an astronomically high Science
      skill (125% or better!), you'll inadvertently kill Skynet (Cybernetic
      Brain) and wind up with one of the other... less desirable brains. Ah
      well, at least you came away with something. Once you have the 'best'
      brain you can manage to retrieve, return to Level 3.

    2. Recover your stolen car.

      The first time you leave your car in the Virgin Street carpark, it'll be
      gone when you come back. If you pressure Jules, he'll tell you about the
      'chop shop' it's been taken to. If you pay the nice man there $1000,
      you'll get 750 XP for getting the car back without resorting to
      violence. Also, you can pay another $500 for some 'enhancements' to the
      car. Alternatively, you can just wipe the whole garage out for the fun
      of it :-)

    3. Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose - 4000 XP
      and $1000.

      On the east side of Commercial Row is an old railway station. Talk to
      Chris Wright there (jeans and leather jacket, ya know... the 'Ian look'
      ;-) Then, if you head to the building directly south of there, you'll be
      able to talk to Keith, who'll let you in to see dad (Orville Wright).
      After getting the quest from Orville, talk to Keith again (you'll need a
      Charisma of at least 7 to get anywhere. I had to pop a Mentat!) He'll
      tell you where Richard's room is. Then, when you search the right-most
      bookcase there, you'll find an empty Jet canister (500 XP). Show it to
      Jagged Jimmy J (dealer on 2nd Street), and he'll tell you it was laced
      with Radscorpion poison (another 500 XP). Confront Renesco with this,
      and he should spill the beans about the Salvatore family's involvement
      (1000 XP more). Finally, return to Orville Wright and tell him it was
      the Salvatores (2000 XP and $1000). You'll also be rewarded with a major
      quest to get inside the Sierra Army Depot.

    4. Track down Pretty Boy Lloyd, recover the stolen money, and make an...
      example of him - 500 XP and $500.

      Go talk to Mr. Salvatore on the 2nd floor of Salvatore's Bar (across
      from the Shark Club). Lloyd is holed up in the basement of Mordino's
      Casino, the Desperado. While you're here, you can pick up a Poison Tank
      in the room to the SW (useful in Quest 13). Then, lockpick your way in
      to Lloyd and confront him. Get him to lead you to where the money is
      buried in Golgotha, but make sure you get him to dig up the grave (he
      put a little surprise there for the unwitting to find). I tried just
      taking the money and letting him live, but if you do that, Salvatore
      knows. So, I had to kill the poor bugger. You lose 10 Karma points for
      that, but it's probably worth the XP and money if you can sleep at
      nights after doing this sort of thing.

    5. Go visit Renesco the Rocketman and collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute of
      $1000 - 750 XP.
      See if you can talk Renesco into giving you a 'discount' in exchange for
      paying the $1000 he owes Salvatore out of your own pocket. If so, you'll
      get a once and only opportunity to take everything you can carry from
      Renesco and you only have to pay him $1 for the privilege! That's a lot
      of gear for $1001 :-) When you report back to Salvatore after this one,
      be sure to ask him if you can have a laser pistol to aid in your next

    6. Help guard a secret transaction taking place in the desert - 1000 XP
      and 'made man' of the Salvatore family.

      Talk to Mason. He'll give you a laser pistol (as if you don't have
      enough of the damn things already) and train you in the use of it if you
      ask him to (adds 5% to Energy Weapons skill, so probably worth it). Then
      all you have to do is follow him out onto the desert, watch something
      very interesting indeed, and return. You don't have to lift a finger.

    7. Assassinate Westin in NCR without making it look like a murder - 2000
      XP and $500.

      If you got the suitcase from Moore (the man preaching outside the
      Correction Center in Vault City), then you can deliver it to Mr. Bishop
      on the 2nd Floor of the New Reno Shark Club, Commercial Row. He'll ask
      you to kill Westin.

    8. Murder Carlson in NCR - 1000 XP and 'made man' of Bishop family.

      After you complete Quest 7, you're offered this last quest by Bishop. If
      you have decent Steal skill, you can rob the Presidential Pass off
      Grunther (Tandi's Secretary). Use it on the guard in front to Carlson's
      place (across the street from the Hall of Congress), and he'll let you
      in. If you take Carlson out quietly (HtH or Super Stimpaks), you'll get
      an additional 2500 XP.

    9. Deliver ten Cat's Paw magazines to Miss Kitty - 1000 XP and $750.

      She's the proprietress of the aptly named establishment across the
      street from Jules. Wow. You have to look in every nook and cranny while
      playing the game to find enough of these. I'm not quite sure it's worth
      the bother :-)

    10. Deliver a laser pistol to Eldridge - 500 XP and $1500.

      Any time after you figure out that the Salvatore family are packing
      Laser Pistols as firepower, you can pay a visit to Eldridge at New Reno
      Arms. If you deliver a 'lightbringer' to him, he'll reward you for your
      troubles. You can obtain one by killing a Salvatore, or, you should have
      a few handy if you completed Quest 1 above!

    11. Deliver Big Jesus' package to Ramirez at the Stables - 500 XP and

      If you talk to Big Jesus Mordino upstairs in the Desperado, he'll give
      you the location of the Stables and a package to deliver. Bit tough if
      you're a woman, but stick with it and he'll eventually give you the
      quest. Ramirez is in the building to the west at the Stables. After you
      deliver the package to him, go into the back of the building and get the
      researcher there to let you see Myron. Go down the manhole and get past
      Myron's guards. I shot my way through the first time, and bluffed my way
      in to see Myron on other occasions. Talking to Myron is a gas! Best
      'talking head' in the game besides Sulik. Get a cup of coffee or a stiff
      drink, then sit down, relax, and get into the conversation thread where
      he tells you all about how Jet is made. Fantastic story! You can get him
      to join your party, but I was always full up. And besides, comical
      though he may be, he's a pain in the butt when it comes right down to
      it... especially if you're playing a female character.

    12. Collect tribute from the Corsican Brothers - 500 XP and $125.

      The next Mordino family quest. The Corsican Brothers hang out in the
      Golden Globes porn studio, across from the Jungle Gym. Just collect $250
      from them and return to Big Jesus Mordino with it. He gives you half of
      it back, and offers you a final job...

    13. Assassinate Boss Salvatore for Big Jesus Mordino - 2250 XP and $500
      and 'made man' of the Mordino family (plus Grease Gun and Leather Armor
      MK II).

      If you're going to become a 'made man', this is not a bad way to go.
      Just be prepared to wipe out the whole Salvatore family (500 XP above is
      for wiping out Boss Salvatore himself). Make sure you take the
      sunglasses off Mason once he's dead. When placed in an active item slot,
      they increase your CH by one!
      If instead, you prefer a 'cleaner' way to take out Salvatore, you can
      use your Steal skill to swap a Poison Tank (obtained in basement of
      Desparado. See Quest 4 above), with the plain Oxygen Tank that Salvatore
      is constantly using. You don't need high Steal skill to pull this off (I
      did it with 18%!), but be prepared to save and restore a few times in
      the process. Then, leave the room before Salvatore croaks and you've
      offed him without firing a shot :-)


  New California Republic (NCR)

  Buster is the little guy in the tent right where you arrive at NCR. As arms
  dealers go, he's a little expensive, but has some decent stuff. At first, I
  couldn't figure out why he told me to get lost sometimes, then I finally
  figured it out. He doesn't like night-time visits! Best time to go see him
  is around noon. His guards all have Bozars, one of the best weapons in the
  game, so if you're a good thief...

  The area outside the NCR city walls is called the Bazaar, and basically
  anything goes there. Downtown NCR is a different story. You (and your party)
  have to put away your weapons before entering NCR proper. Anytime you draw
  your weapon while inside NCR city walls, you'll have to fight your way out
  the hard way. All of the cops there have Pancor Jackhammers - the best
  shotgun in the game.

  Once inside the city, talk to Sheriff Dumont, the grey-haired cop standing
  on the corner just south of the city entrance. He'll arrange for you to see
  Westin, and President Tandi. You just got two very important introductions.

  Duppo, in the shop next to where the Sheriff is standing, has a good
  selection of wares. Make sure you examine the stuff on all of his tables,
  especially the one on the right. He's got a different selection there :-)

  Talk to Doc Jubilee in the Hospital. He tells you about Saltbeef, an old
  prospector who allegedly has a map that gives the location of Vault 13. In
  the bookcase behind Doc is a bottle of Heart Pills (could be handy if you've
  got Cassidy for the long haul) and a hypo full of Poison. Hmmm.

  Talk to the guard inside the gate of Westin's place. If you saw the Sheriff
  first (see above) you'll be able to tell him you're looking for work, and
  he'll let you inside. Saltbeef is located in a shed just inside the gate.
  Give him some booze and he'll tell you all about his finding Vault 13. He
  made a map, but it seems the doc at Shady Sands might have stolen it from
  him. Another dead end? Talk to Felix, the foreman standing guard outside
  Westin's door. Again, you'll be allowed past because you talked to Sheriff
  Dumont. Even if you're here to kill Westin for Bishop (New Reno, Quest 7),
  you should talk to Westin first (see Quest 4 below), for dead men give no

  Dorothy the tomboy and Toto her sidekick robot are standing outside the
  Power Station in the NE corner of NCR. Save the game before you approach
  her. When you get close, you'll be dragged inside to help dissuade a guy
  from suiciding. With lots of panache (CH 9 and Speech 80%), you can talk him
  out of it. Mention his ex-wife Mira, and when you get this dialogue choice:
  "Now's your chance. Be the big man. Really stand her down.", then you'll
  have hit paydirt for 6000 XP! If you can't talk your way out of a paper bag,
  you can always just let the guy waste himself, then repair the damaged gear
  for Dorothy. In any case, she gives you some manuals in return for the
  favour. If instead you allow the station (and Dorothy) to blow up, it takes
  down the force fields that are blocking the entrances to Westin's place,
  etc. But this isn't much help, as there are other ways to get by them.

  If you get the Hubologist, located in the building across the street from
  Dusty's Cantina, to 'enlighten' you, your Luck will change... for better or
  worse. Save your game before speaking to her. Mine went from 7 to 9 on the
  first try, so I just left it at that! This action has the side effect of
  making you a level AHS-1 Hubologist, but as far as I could determine, it
  didn't alter any NPC reactions, so no problem.

  There's another Brotherhood outpost here, in the SE corner behind Dusty's
  Cantina. All the guy there will tell you is that there's a branch in New San
  Francisco too.

  The guy in the junkyard, west of the slavers in the Bazaar, will fit a
  Blower to your car to give it more power for $1000.


    1. Retrieve papers from Dr. Henry - 1000 XP and $1000.

      You need to do Quest 3 before you get this quest. Then, go see Dr. Henry
      in the building just south of Duppo's store. He won't give you the
      papers, but they're free for the taking from his desk in the hallway, so
      don't harm him.
      If you have decent IN and CH and Science skill, you can get a side quest
      here. Mention Vault 13 while conversing with Dr. Henry. Then ask about
      'cyber-genetics'. He'll give you some Mutagenic Serum, and ask you to
      carry out an experiment on a Super Mutant for him. Just make sure it's
      one you're going to kill anyway :-) You'll get Dr. Henry's Cybernetic
      Dog as an NPC for doing this. Not much cop, if you ask me.

    2. Free the slaves in the slave pen, for the Rangers - 3000 XP.

      Talk to Elise, in the building just north of the Brotherhood outpost. If
      you want to join them, you have to kill the slavers in the Bazaar
      outside. Not a bad quest if you're leaning toward the 'good' side. Kill
      all the slavers, open all the slave pens using the terminal at the end
      of each row of pens, and report back to Elise. You get a Ranger Pin :-),
      and it wouldn't hurt to take the Ranger Map off the bench in the back

    3. Kill the Hubologist in NCR for Merk - 2000 XP.

      Merk hangs out in the back room of the bar in the Bazaar. Ask him for
      work. Then, kill the Hubologist (located in building north of Dusty's
      Cantina, downtown centre). Now, if you just waltz in and shoot the poor
      Hubologist, you'll alert the cops and have to fight your way out of NCR.
      Been there, done it once, and unless you're in the market for a dozen
      Pancor Jackhammers, it's not recommended. So, you can use that old
      faithful Fallout standby: 'Death by Stimpak'. Just use a few Super
      Stimpaks on your victim (3 was enough in this case), then use your Pip
      Boy to wait 10 minutes, and you have a dead Hubologist with no one the
      wiser. Funny, but I didn't lose any Karma points doing this. I guess
      life in the Wasteland is cheap - either that, or Hubologists aren't very
      popular ;-)

    4. Stop brahmin raids - 1000 XP and location of Vault 15.

      Ask Westin about Vault 13. He'll promise information in return for your
      doing this quest. Then talk to Felix again, and he'll lead you out to
      pasture (literally). While you're there, you'll overhear two Deathclaws
      chatting to each other, and mentioning that they wouldn't harm a human!
      Return to the ranch and report back to Westin. You tell him that as long
      as he posts a person there, the problem will be solved. If you didn't
      know where Vault 15 was yet, then Westin puts it on your map.
      Now it's safe to kill Westin (unless: a. you want to cut a deal with him
      and kill Bishop instead. But this would be much harder, believe me!...
      or, b. you want to complete Quest 6 below). If you do decide to bump him
      off, then all you have to do is give him the Poison you got from Doc
      Jubilee's bookcase in the Hospital. Folks will assume he died from his
      heart condition, and you'll have completed Bishop's quest successfully.

    5. Retrieve Parts/Gain Access to Vault 15 - 5000 XP and $6000!

      After you've talked to Sheriff Dumont, it's possible to pay a visit to
      President Tandi, a survivor of the original Fallout! She's located in
      the Hall of Congress, in the far SE of NCR. After getting past 2 of her
      aides, you'll get to talk to the Pres herself, and she gives you this
      quest. Travel to Vault 15, which should now be on your map, to the east
      of NCR. When you complete all the Vault 15 quests, return and speak to
      Tandi. Then get your reward from Gunther, the man in the suit. Also, if
      you got the Spy Holodisk, then see Vault 15, Quest 1 below.

    6. Deliver Westin's holodisk to Lynette in Vault City - 1500 XP (plus
      H&G11 and 2 Frag Grenades).

      If you took Vault City Quest 8, then when you deliver Bishop's Holodisk
      to Westin (just say you're on business from Vault City to get in), he'll
      give you a Holodisk to take back to Lynette. When you deliver it to her,
      she'll send you to Randal to collect your reward.


  Vault 15


  You must start with Quest 3 here.

    1. Give Spy Holodisk to authority in NCR - 4000 XP and $4000.

      After you talk to Gunther and get your reward for carrying out NCR Quest
      5, talk to him again about the NCR spy. It's Feargus, the guy in the
      Hall of Congress entrance room, who promptly leaves the scene after
      having been disgraced.

    2. Kill Darion.

      You need to complete Quest 3 to get this quest. Enter Vault 15 (door in
      side of mountain near shack where Chrissy was held), using the Keycard
      Zeke gave you upon the completion of Quest 3. Take out all the raiders
      on Levels 1 and 2. Then proceed to Level 3. In the middle room of this
      level, there's a locker containing the Computer Parts that Tandi is
      looking for. Darion is in the room to the SE. Kill Darion and his
      guards, and access the Computer there. You'll be able to copy info onto
      a Holodisk that proves there is a spy in the NCR council. Lastly, access
      the first Computer in the room to the SW to find the location of Vault
      13! When you're done, see Quest 4 below.

    3. Rescue Chrissy - 2500 XP.

      Seek out the 'older woman' named Rebecca amongst the squatters there.
      You'll talk in privacy, where she'll give you this quest to rescue her
      daughter. Someone overhears your conversation though... Go talk to
      Dalia, who is blocking the path to the east, and ask if she just saw
      someone go by. She'll let you pass. Take the exit grid east and ask
      Phil, the guard in front of the shack, if he saw the eavesdropper. Turns
      out it was him! You can talk him into releasing Chrissy without having
      to fight him. Once you've unlocked the door with the key Phil gives you
      and chatted to Chrissy, she'll run back to Rebecca. Follow her back to
      the tent, chat with Rebecca, and then go see Zeke in the house. You'll
      get Quests 2 and 4 as a result.

    4. Complete deal with NCR.

      Return to Zeke after you wipe out Darion and his crew. Then head back to
      NCR and talk to Tandi again. See NCR, Quest 5.


  Vault 13

  Don't shoot! The deathclaw you see upon entering Vault 13 is Gruthar... and
  he talks! You get 2000 XP for finding Vault 13.


    1. Fix the Vault 13 computer - 9000 XP and... a GECK!

      Talk to Gruthar, and offer to take a look at the broken computer on
      Level 3. I hope you brought a Computer Voice Module with you. If not,
      you can get one from the Vault City vault, or Eldridge in the New Reno
      Arms shop. Talk to Jimmy in the room where the mainframe is on Level 3.
      He'll tell you the whereabouts of the old Military Base west of here.
      Then, open up the voice interface terminal there, replace the sabotaged
      Voice Module, and report back to Gruthar. You get 5000 XP for fixing the
      computer, plus 4000 XP for finding the GECK. You also have the run of
      the place now, so go to the storage room on Level 3 and raid all the
      lockers, making sure you at least take the NavCom Parts. Er... aren't
      you forgetting something? I think you should pay a visit to Arroyo now
      that you finally have the GECK!

    2. Talk to Goris.

      He's the hunched-over creature in robes, SW room on Level 3. He'll join
      your party, but he's only got a claw for a weapon... though it does
      pretty high melee damage.


  Military Base

  Scrounge around for some interesting stuff in the tents outside the
  compound, and kill the wolves when you get a chance. Inside the compound,
  there's a shed with some Dynamite and Ropes inside. Just SE of the mine
  cart, there's a Metal Rod on the ground. You can attach it to the cart, then
  attach some (unarmed!) Dynamite to the Rod. Then push the cart into the heap
  of rocks and KABLOOIE! You get 5000 XP for gaining access to the Military
  Base :-)

  Level 1

  Once inside, beware of the rats, because these suckers radiate you when they
  bite! In the SE corner, there's a mutant named Grundel whom you can try to
  speak to... but he just wants to eat you, so I wasted him. In the SW corner
  there's a generator you can repair to restore power to the place. You get
  1500 XP for doing so. You can now take the elevator in the NW corner down to
  the next level. But before you do, there are some Rockets in the crates near
  the elevator. Also, you might want to leave any weaker party members behind,
  because there's some tough stuff on the next levels!

  Level 2

  Even taking Marcus with you can be a bit dicey, because you have to place
  yourself carefully so you're always at the centre of the action; else, he
  tends to run ahead and get himself killed. So, I find the best combat
  setting for him here is "Attack whomever is attacking me". OK. There are two
  rooms full of Super Mutants on this level. I recommend giving yourself (and
  Marcus, if he's with you) a shot of Psycho before tucking in. Then, proceed
  down the corridor to the room in the SW corner. You get a bit of help from
  the mutants themselves here, because they can get in each other's way. But
  try to get the guy at the back of the room first, because he's got a Plasma
  Rifle and can shoot right past his mates! As you're taking on this lot, the
  rest of the crowd starts spilling out of the other room... anyway, it's not
  my place to micro-manage your team! So, once you've finished wiping them
  out, make sure you search them all for weapons and ammo. Also, search the
  footlockers in the dorm, and make sure you don't miss the set of Power Armor
  in the locker room next to the dorm! Equally important are 6 Super Stimpaks,
  located in a wall locker in the room all the way to the NE.

  Level 3

  Get the Green Memory Module from the locker in the room immediately to the
  SE. The Memory Modules can be used with the Brotherhood's medical computer
  in New San Francisco to upgrade some of your SPECIAL attributes. Again, wipe
  out all the Super Mutants on this floor, then take the elevator to the far
  SE down...

  Level 4

  Make sure you raid the hidden footlocker at the base of the bed in the room
  next to where you arrive. Then head north to face Melchior, the deranged
  Super Mutant. He can summons his Deathclaw and Fire Gecko pets indefinitely
  as long as he's alive, so concentrate on taking out Melchior first, then
  wipe out whatever pets are left. When you've killed everything here, be sure
  to get the Gauss Pistol from the ammo chest behind where Melchior was
  originally standing!


  New San Francisco

  You enter via Chinatown. To the east, at the end of an alley, is Mai Da
  Chiang's 'Red 888 Guns' shop. He's got lots of high-powered stuff here,
  usually a few Miniguns, a Gatling Laser, and also a Super Sledge. Check all
  his tables. The weapons he has at any particular time are slightly random,
  and may also be based on your current stats to maintain balance.

  Lao Chou's 'Flying Dragon 8' shop is immediately to the west. The door is on
  a hidden wall, so can be tricky to find. Be sure to look on all his tables
  too. Among the usual goodies: M60, Laser Rifle (Ext. Cap.), Electronic
  Lockpick MKII, Expanded Lockpick Set, Field Medic First Aid Kit.

  You'll no doubt have noticed the fighting ring in the centre of Chinatown.
  You can challenge either the Dragon, who represents 'good', or Lo Pan
  ('evil') to a fight to the death. The Dragon will train you to add 5% to
  your Unarmed Skill, if it's not high enough already. If you do challenge
  either of these guys, don't try it with less than 130% Unarmed, and you have
  to fight a few of their minions first, getting progressively more difficult
  each time, before you can take on either master himself.

  If you head north past the fighting ring, through the gate, and onto the
  northern exit grid, you'll wind up on the docks. Keep heading north, and
  you'll eventually wind up at the Poseidon tanker. Jenna, in the General
  Store on the tanker (north of the entrance), has an Electronic Lockpick MKII
  for sale.

  If instead of taking the northern exit grid once you go through the gate,
  you head east and take the exit grid there to the NE, you'll wind up staring
  at a... space shuttle. Take the circular stairs downwards to the Hubologists
  headquarters. Talk to AHS-7 there as you enter. You can become a Hubologist
  by talking to Juan and Vikki (a thinly disguised Tom Cruise and Nicole
  Kidman) in the prayer room, and then reporting back to AHS-7. He'll give you
  Quest 4, but I quite took to Badger so never had the inclination to carry
  this out. If you're looking to address some more practical concerns, then
  see Crocket, the scientist in the room to the SE. He'll upgrade Power Armor
  to Hardened Power Armor for $10000 a go. It takes him a day to do each set,
  and he'll do a maximum of two sets for you. Probably worth it if you have
  NPC's like Sulik and Vic in tow.

  You should start with Quest 10 here.


    1. The navigation computer needs the NavCom part to work.

      See Vault 13, Quest 1.

    2. You need to use a FOB to access the navigation computer.

      See Navarro, Quest 3.

    3. Kill the Shi emperor.

      When you go to kill AHS-9 (see Quest 5), he'll offer you money to bump
      off Ken Lee and the Shi emperor instead. I never took this quest.

    4. Kill Badger so the tanker vagrants will embrace the Hub.

      Didn't have the heart.

    5. Kill the AHS-9 - 5000 XP.

      Enter the Hubologist headquarters and seek out the man in the suit in
      the back room at the eastern side of the facility. He'll try to make a
      deal with you to kill the Shi emperor instead, but nah, I'd rather waste
      the Hubologists, so start with him! Once you've wiped out all the
      Hubologists, report back to Ken Lee in the Steel Palace. Hmmm. The
      'Emperor' is a computer! He'll give you the password to access the
      mainframe in the back room. Get into the Chemistry section of the
      database, direct fuel to the Poseidon tanker, and you'll have completed
      Quest 7 as well!

    6. The Shi need plans for a vertibird from Navarro - 5000 XP.

      In the Steel Palace, talk to Ken Lee in the stone-walled room. If you
      then agree to give the Vertibird Plans to Dr. Wong (the same guy who had
      Chip's spleen. See Quest 9), he'll let you see the 'Emperor', but only
      if you complete Quest 5 first. Even though you may have already given
      the Vertibird Plans to the Brotherhood (Quest 10), you still have the
      originals because Matthew only made a copy of them. So, you can give
      them to Dr. Wong.

    7. The tanker needs fuel - 5000 XP.

      In the Steel Palace (see Quest 9), in a room to the SE, there are a load
      of scientists. I just marched right up to the computer in the SE corner
      there, hacked into it, and diverted the fuel to the tanker! My Science
      skill wasn't terribly high either (80%). Alternatively, you can do Quest
      5. You get more XP this way, and another opportunity to try out all
      those new weapons and up the body count :-)
      Getting to the Enclave

      Once you've got: the NavCom Parts (Quest 1), the Tanker FOB (Quest 2),
      and the fuel (from here or Quest 5), you're ready to roll. But first you
      have to make a major decision. Do you want to take on the Enclave
      yourself, in which case a stealth approach is recommended, or do you
      want to go in with all guns blazing? If you decide to go it alone, then
      do yourself and your party a favour and leave them standing on the dock
      right here. You can collect them later. If, on the other hand, you
      decide take them with you, beware that if you ever ask them to "Wait
      here till I get back", it could be the last time you will ever see them
      again! OK. Now down to business. Go below on the tanker, and use the
      Tanker FOB on the keyless entry device in front of the locked door on
      the west side of the hold (2000 XP). Then take the ladder up, and use
      the NavCom Parts on the PoseidoNet Navigational Computer for another
      2000 XP. Finally, make your way up to the captain's place, and access
      the computer there to set sail. There's a beautiful cut scene here, and
      you get 15000 XP for reaching the Enclave! See Enclave section below.

    8. Find Badger's girlfriend in the hold below the ship - 5000 XP.

      Badger is located on the tanker, in the room behind the General Store.
      Be prepared for a big fight, then go down the ladder that's behind him,
      and notice his girlfriend (Suze) standing in the NE corner of the hold.
      She's trapped by an assortment of Aliens, Floaters, and a few Centaurs.
      Wipe them out (there are a few more to the west side of the hold), then
      speak to her and she'll follow you upstairs. Wait till she rejoins
      Badger, then speak to him. Now, having done the crew a favour, you'll be
      able to talk to the captain of this fine vessel! He's located to the
      east, through the bar and up the stairs. Speak to him, and you'll learn
      that you need three things in order to get the ship started. Finding
      these items involves Quests 1, 2, and 7.

    9. Get Chip's spleen - 5000 XP.

      Chip is the bald guy standing just to the SE of the General Store on the
      tanker. Talk to him, and you'll discover that he lost his spleen in a
      bet against Lao Chou! When you speak to Lao Chou (shop just to west of
      Chinatown entrance), he'll tell you that he gave the spleen to Dr. Wong
      in the Steel Palace. The Steel Palace is located off an exit grid, at
      the end of the road that leads east from the fighting ring. Dr. Wong is
      the short, rotund Shi man in the room of whitecoats just to the north as
      you enter the Palace. Ask him about the spleen. He tries to fob you off
      with that line from Silence of the Lambs, but if you say that chianti
      goes better with liver instead, he realises that it's a human spleen and
      agrees to return it to its owner! You get 2000 XP for this. So far, so
      good... but now it gets to be more like a Fed Ex quest. Go talk to Chip
      again, and he wants you to ask Dr. Fung (building just SE of fighting
      ring) to put his spleen back in for him when he gets it. You talk to Dr.
      Fung, and that's OK with him (if you were on good terms with Doc
      Holliday, Fung happens to be a mutual acquaintance and will put the
      spleen in for free). Then go back and speak to Chip once again, and
      he'll tell you to wait a day and get back to him. Then he leaves the
      tanker. If you come back to the same spot a day or more later, Chip will
      be there, reunited with his spleen, and you'll get 3000 XP more. He'll
      give you information now, but it's not ground-breaking stuff, if you
      know what I mean.

    10. Get the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood of Steel - 23500 XP and
      access to the Brotherhood's facility.

      You'll find the New SFO chapter of the Brotherhood behind Lao Chou's
      shop (west of the brahmin pens). Talk to Matthew there, and he'll ask
      you to sneak into the Navarro Enclave base and lift the plans. He
      suggests you go it alone. Good advice. If you bring any of your party
      along, it immediately turns into a shooting fest (though, myself and
      Marcus took on the whole place the first time I played. Depends if
      you're feeling lucky today ;-) So, once you're good and ready, head for
      Navarro (see below). Upon your return, present the Vertibird Plans to
      Matthew, and you get access to the...
      Brotherhood of Steel

      Take whatever Memory Modules you have with you. You can heal yourself
      and get the following SPECIAL stats upgrades by accessing the terminal
      next to the computer there:
      ST - Red Memory Module (2 weeks)
      IN - Yellow Memory Module (4 weeks)
      PE - Green Memory Module (2 weeks)
      CH - Blue Memory Module (3 weeks)
      The lockers in the room to the south are a veritable gold mine:
      Brotherhood Armor, Power Armor, YK32 Pulse Pistol, and YK42B Pulse

      Next, you should have a look at Quest 8!



  Do yourself a favour. Stop one square short of Navarro (NW of New SFO, on
  the coast) and save the game. Once you get to Navarro, you're greeted by a
  guy in robes named Chris. Whatever you do, don't allow him to alert the
  base. I said I was just looking around, which ended the conversation... then
  promptly shot him. Try alerting the base now, Jimmy! Once you've managed to
  get by Chris without alerting the base, head for the shack attached to the
  gas station (sleeping quarters), and open the trap door. Follow the L-shaped
  corridor till you come to another door, then just waltz inside. If you're by
  yourself no one will bother you (recommended for this whole area... but once
  Marcus and I took out the entire base, turrets and all. Lots of fun and XP
  :-) You can walk right by the Quartermaster there, to that room full of
  lockers. In one of them, you will find a set of Advanced Power Armor! This
  puts you on a level playing pitch with your Enclave friends. Another locker
  contains a Blue Memory Module that can be used back in the Brotherhood's HQ.
  There's a Plasma Rifle to be found too, and a decent cache of Micro Fusion
  Cells, if you don't already have enough of these.

  Once you'r wearing the Advanced Power Armor, you can head up any of the
  circular elevators to the ground floor. Seek out the blind cook (Cookie!) in
  the kitchen of the barracks to the SW. He's a great source of info. You can
  find out about the FOB, for one thing, by asking him where the Enclave is
  located. Then, you can tackle Quest 3 below.

  Cookie will also tell you about the rivalry between Raul, the Vertibird
  mechanic, and Quincy, the guy who guards the Vertibird Plans. Now, you can
  use this knowledge to your advantage, not only to grab the Vertibird Plans,
  but to have a little mischievous fun in the process :-) First, go talk to
  either of the two technicians in the northern room of the building to the
  SE. Ask them where you could find some Vertibird Plans, and they'll tell you
  to ask maintenence. Quincy hangs out in the building to the NE. Tell him
  that one of the techs sent you for the Plans. When he asks which one, lie to
  him that it was Raul. You can then take the Plans from the locker behind
  Quincy (for 3500 XP!), and promptly march over to see Raul in the hangar to
  the NW. Tell him what Quincy said, and Raul will leave his post to go beat
  up Quincy! When Raul leaves, rummage in the lockers he was guarding and get
  the K-9 Motivator (see Quest 2 below). Anyway, if you don't feel like going
  through all this rigamarole, you can always just Sneak and open the locker
  behind Quincy to get the Plans (40% Sneak skill worked after a few attempts)
  or use the old reliable 'Silent Super Stimpak Death' (feed him about 6, then
  wait 10 minutes till he pops off). Once you have the Plans safely tucked
  away, you can work on the quests. Once you've finished Quest 3, return to
  New SFO and present Matthew with the Vertibird Plans.


    1. Deal with the deathclaw - 1500 XP.

      To the SW on Level 1 is a room containing a lone scientist and a
      cyberdog. Talk to Dr. Schreber, discern his evil plans, and bump him off
      for 1000 XP. Don't worry about alerting anyone, because the room is
      soundproofed :-) Take the Blue Pass Key from Dr. Schreber's desk and
      talk to Xarn the Deathclaw in the room to the south. You can release him
      through the other door using the Blue Pass Key, or have him join you.

    2. Fix K9 - 3500 XP.

      After talking to Dr. Schreber (see Quest 1), if you locate Raul back at
      Ground Level in the hangar to the NW, you can retrieve the Motivator to
      fix up the cyberdog (actually, 'K-9'). He'll join you then, but he's not
      much use at all, really.

    3. Retrieve the FOB from the base Commander - 3500 XP.

      There's an important object in the Commander's quarters that you might
      as well retrieve while you're here. The quarters are in the room right
      behind the mainframe on Level 1. If you talked to Cookie (see above),
      then you can try to bluff your way by the guard outside the Base
      Commander's office. If your CH, IN, and LK combination is high enough,
      you can get in to see the Base Commander by fabricating a story about
      how you're here to secure the 'tanker passkey', and you'll be able to
      just walk right in and take the FOB from his locker, with his blessing
      On the other hand, if the guard at the door won't let you in, now is the
      time to open fire, if you've done the other quests first, that is! When
      you're finished taking out everyone on this level (unfortunately, this
      puts the whole base on alert), try to open the first locker next to the
      bookcases. You'll need fairly high Lockpick skill (I had 70% and an
      Expanded Lockpick Set) to do this. Inside the locker is the Tanker FOB,
      which will come in very handy later on!



  The entrance is to the east, a bit hidden amongst all the trappings there.
  Make your way inside, then access the terminal in the entrance foyer. Hmmm.
  Looks like you need a Presidential Passkey to do anything useful here. If
  you have any party members with you, leave them here for the time being. If
  you go inside with them tagging along, folk are going to start shooting. You
  can pick them up again later after you get a feel for the place! If you exit
  the foyer to the east, there's a locker room on this level absolutely chock
  full of 2mm EC, which is very hard to find. There's also a room to the NE
  with ammo crates full of Rocket Launchers and Plasma Rifles. Also, some
  lockers containing Plastic Explosives which, ahem, might come in handy later
  on. Nothing else particularly interesting on this level. After you're done
  exploring here, I recommended heading down the stairs to the south of the
  entrance foyer.

  Level 1

  Immediately upon entering here, there are some lockers full of goodies. To
  the east are the Detention Cells. You can speak with your village elder
  through the force field. Things are definitely not looking good. Take the
  circular stairs (to the south) down to the next level.

  Level 2

  Wahey, a maze! I had some fun figuring this out, but if you number the rooms
  as below:

  1  2  3
  4  5  6
  7  8  9

  Then if you access the terminals in rooms: 2, 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9 you'll be
  able to open the exit door in room 10. Be quick about it, because you take
  damage from the floor here as you go! Oh, if you forgot to bring your GECK
  along, you can pick one up here. Just head east out of room 6, then north.
  The locker all the way to the NW contains a GECK. And to the west, through
  room 4, there's another locker room. One of the lockers here contains a set
  of Advanced Power Armor MKII, the best armor in the game! When finished
  here, head through the exit door in room 10 to the south and go down the
  stairs. If by any chance you need to come back this way, just enter room 6,
  access the terminal there, and all the correct doors will be open to allow
  you to go back up to Level 1 :-)

  Level 3

  If you're going to try the stealth and cunning approach to rescue your
  friends, this is where the fun begins! (if instead you got here by killing
  everything in sight, then follow the 'Ah heck, it'll do' path below). Locate
  the President and have a (long) chat with him. Man, is he deranged! Once
  you've learned the 'Master Plan', take the non-confrontational exit out of
  the conversation, so he doesn't call the guards. Then, you can use either of
  the methods below to bring on the endgame:

  The 'Intellectual' way: use the (by now patented) 'Silent Super Stimpak
  Death' approach to kill the President. Feed him about 8 Super Stimpaks in
  succession, then use your Pip Boy to wait for 10 minutes. Get the
  Presidential Passkey off him. Then, go talk to Lt. Col. Dr. Charles Curling
  in the room to the NW. You can convince him to release the FEV virus into
  the ventilation system, but only if you have at least: IN 9, CH 8, Speech
  70%. Once you get the conversation choice: "That's OK. Take your time,
  doctor. It's a big concept to swallow.", you'll know you have it made! After
  the virus is released (5000 XP), head down to Level 4 via the stairs behind
  the President's office. In the room that contains the mainframe, there are 3
  technicians. Wait patiently for the FEV virus to waste them (or use your Pip
  Boy to wait 10 minutes), then walk right up to the middle computer terminal,
  arm an explosive, drop it there, and head back up the stairs. You've just
  earned another 10000 XP (as if it matters at this stage in the proceedings
  :-) Then, follow the instructions at Endgame.

  The 'Ah heck, it'll do' way: waste the President with the weapon of your
  choice, and get the Presidential Passkey off him. Everyone in the immediate
  vicinity is alerted, including the security bots, but you can still make
  your way down to Level 4 via the stairs behind the President's office. In
  the room that contains the mainframe, there are 3 technicians. Save the
  game. Walk right up to the middle computer terminal, then wait patiently for
  each one of them to turn their backs and walk the other way (very
  important!). Once this has happened, arm an explosive, drop it there, and
  head back up the stairs (if you make a mistake and alert one of the
  technicians, thus entering Combat Mode, try again). You've just earned
  another 10000 XP (as if it matters at this stage in the proceedings :-)
  Then, follow the instructions below.


  Try to exit via the circular staircase directly to the south of Level 3 (the
  blast doors may be shut and preventing your exit. If this is the case, head
  back down to Level 4 and enter the room directly to the south that contains
  3 terminals. Log onto the south-most one as 'Smith, J.', and use the
  Presidential Passkey to activate the Emergency Defense Systems Shutdown.
  This action will open the blast doors again, so you can head back up to
  Level 3), go up the circular stairs, and emerge at Ground Level. When you
  get back to the entrance foyer, notice big Frank Horrigan standing there.
  Save the game! Just once, it's worth walking right up to him and hearing
  what he has to say... but you're at an extreme disadvantage if you do this,
  so it's best to restore after and do it this way: skirt carefully all around
  the south edge of the foyer and make your way to the computer terminal. Give
  yourself a shot of Psycho, and log on as 'Smith, J.'. Use the Presidential
  Passkey option, and Activate Counter Insurgency. The turrets will keep Frank
  busy while you polish him off (em... hope you brought some Stimpaks along!).
  Once Frank is dead (good animation :-), head for the exit door even if
  people are still shooting at you. Once you get the door open, the game ends!

  After the credits roll, you can choose to continue playing. Gives you a
  chance to kick back and try some random encounters with the odds stacked in
  your favour for a change, and you might also be able to find some more of
  those special encounters :-)


  War Story

  Recently, while replaying Fallout 2 in order to check out a few things I was
  unsure of, I managed to get through the whole thing in about 8 hours playing
  time by taking a few... short cuts. This section may only be of academic
  interest to most, but if you're just looking to rehash a certain section of
  the game and don't have the right saved game hanging around on your hard

  I built a character with: CH 10, IN 10 (so I could talk my way past most
  things), tagged Small Guns, Unarmed, and Speech (though in retrospect, Big
  Guns or Energy Weapons would make the final battle a little easier).

  Then from Arroyo, head straight south for New San Francisco (large spot
  marked 'Unknown' in SW corner of World Map). Save the game after every few
  grids of progress on the map, because you can't survive any of the random
  encounters yet (run away, run away!). When you get to New SFO, talk to
  Matthew outside the Brotherhood outpost and get the Navarro quest to
  retrieve the Vertibird Plans (Navarro doesn't appear on the map until you
  learn about it).

  Head straight for Navarro (saving and restoring a lot to get past the
  Enclave patrols). Once there, take out Chris. This was extremely difficult
  for me, because I had no weapons to speak of at this point. I finally
  managed to blind him with a lucky kick to the eyes though. Head down the
  manhole in the shack next to the Gas Station, and loot the room full of
  lockers for weapons, ammo, and most importantly, Advanced Power Armor! Now
  we're armed and dangerous. head back to the surface, and with 40% Sneak
  skill you can manage to nab the Vertibird Plans from the locker behind
  Quincy. Also, get the tanker FOB from the base Commander's office (by
  talking to Cookie, the blind cook, you can find a way to bluff your way into
  the Commander's office to accomplish this). Now head back to New SFO. If you
  can kill anything big, like Enclave patrols, Deathclaws, Aliens, etc., then
  do so from now on as you need the XP!

  Back at New SFO, you now have access to the Brotherhood's facility. Take
  everything you can carry, and trade it in for your weapons and ammo of
  choice at either of the two gun shops here. Then, head for Vault 15 (small
  spot marked 'Unknown' in SE corner of World Map). You can stop at NCR
  (bigger 'Unknown' spot just before it) and steal a Bozar from the guards in
  the Bazaar there (need only 50% steal skill). The reason why we need to go
  to Vault 15 is a simple one: we must find Vault 13, and its location is on a
  computer there. Read the Vault 15 section of this Guide for details on how
  to do this. I'm afraid you're going to have to kill a few people here,
  though. Once you have the location of Vault 13 on your Pip Boy, you can
  either head for New Reno (if you still want to play 'nice'), or go straight
  to Vault 13 and raid the place for the NavCom parts. If you decide on New
  Reno, then it's roughly on a beeline NW of Vault 15, towards the middle of
  the World Map.

  The proprietor of the New Reno Arms (west side of Commercial Row) will sell
  you a Computer Voice Module. Then it's off to Vault 13.

  Talk to the Gruthar the Deathclaw at the entrance to Vault 13 (unless you
  didn't visit New Reno to get the Computer Voice Module and just want to
  trash the place), and offer to fix his computer. Then, head down to the 3rd
  level and install the Computer Voice Module that you just brought from New
  Reno to mend the computer. Go back up and talk to Gruthar. You now have the
  GECK. But head back to the 3rd level again and raid the storage room there.
  Lockpick all the lockers there until you find the NavCom parts! Then, it's
  back to New SFO.

  Head for the docked tanker on the north side of town. You must rescue
  Badger's girlfriend by taking out all the Aliens and other beasties in the
  hold below to gain the Captain's confidence. Then go to the Shi Palace and
  divert fuel to the tanker. Finally, head below again and use the FOB to gain
  access to the NavCom room. Fix the NavCom computer with the parts you got
  from Vault 13... and you're ready to sail to the Enclave! Finito :-)


  Special Encounters

  Generally you need Luck of 9 or 10 to get all or most of these encounters
  during the course of a single game, but Explorer and Ranger perks also help.

  Talking Head

  Touch the monument. Twelve hours later, he'll let you take a piece of him. I
  never found a use for this Monument Chunk.

  Bridge of Death

  Heh. Bridgekeeper scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, re-enacted
  1000 years later. Save first, then talk to the Bridgekeeper and answer the
  questions to cross the bridge and get to the exit grid. If you answer the
  final trivia question correctly, you'll merely be allowed to cross the
  bridge... but if you answer the question with a question (in true
  Pythonesque fashion), the Bridgekeeper does a dead parrot imitation, and you
  get his robes as a prize (see Armor Catalogue).

  Federation Shuttle

  On the bodies near the crashed shuttle, you'll find 3 Hypos full of an
  advanced drug. It appears to restore you to full HP with no side effects!

  Exploding Brahmin

  Watch out, these beasts are lethal. Get outta there, and fast!

  Guardian of Forever

  You wind up staring at some stone ruins. If you walk through the stone
  portal, you'll 'time warp' right into a deserted Vault 13 on the 3rd level.
  In the back storage room on the floor is a one-of-a-kind experimental weapon
  called a Solar Scorcher. Pretty powerful stuff! At first I thought it was
  only of academic interest because I couldn't find my way back out again. The
  elevator doesn't work anymore :-( But, a little perseverance revealed that
  if you access the Water Chip computer there (next to the 'talking'
  computer), you 'break' it, leaving the vault with only 150 days left to find
  a new chip :-) This action 'warps' you back to the surface, and you get 1000
  XP to boot!

  Tin Woodsman

  Use the can of oil you find near him to free up his jammed Power Armor. You
  get 150 Micro Fusion Cells in return for the favour.

  Unwashed Villagers Attacking a Spammer

  Scene from "Life in the Global Village" (Act 3).

  Cafe of Broken Dreams

  Meet the cast of the original Fallout (well, Tandi and Set at least). Also,
  some of the 'extras' who felt they could have got better roles. Even Dogmeat
  is here! I tried prancing all around him wearing a Leather Jacket. No dice,
  won't follow you this time. However, when I give him Iguana-on-a-Stick...
  the game promptly crashes on me, every time :-( So, I believe you are meant
  to get Dogmeat to join you again this way, but I can't verify this! Anyway,
  one more thing here: if you didn't know how to already, there's a tip to be
  gleaned for saving Dogmeat from destruction at the Military Base in the
  original game. Or, you can always read Steve's Guide to Fallout for more
  detailed instructions :-)


  Weapons Catalogue

  In each category, I've tried to arrange the various items in order of
  lethality... or just sheer badness :P

  Note: all Melee Weapon damage points are for a character with ST 6, and no
  Bonus HtH Damage perks.

  Melee Weapons
  Brass Knuckles          Knife                    Club
  Dmg: 2-6                Dmg: 1-7                 Dmg: 1-7
  Combat Knife            Spiked Knuckles          Crowbar
  Dmg: 3-11               Dmg: 4-11                Dmg: 3-11
  Sledgehammer            Spear                    Sharpened Spear
  Dmg: 4-10  Rng: 2       Dmg: 3-11  Rng: 2        Dmg: 4-13  Rng: 2
  Cattle Prod             Ripper                   Power Fist
  Dmg: 12-21              Dmg: 15-33               Dmg: 12-25
  Ammo: 20 x Small        Ammo: 30 x Small Energy  Ammo: 25 x Small Energy
  Energy Cell             Cell                     Cell
  Super Sledge            Mega Power Fist
  Dmg: 18-37  Rng: 2      Dmg: 20-41
                          Ammo: 25 x Small Energy

  Thrown Weapons
  Throwing Knife         Spear                 Sharpened Spear
  Dmg: 3-6  Rng: 16      Dmg: 3-11  Rng: 8     Dmg: 4-13  Rng: 8
  Molotov Cocktail       Grenade (Frag)        Grenade (Plasma)
  Dmg: 8-20  Rng: 12     Dmg: 20-35  Rng: 15   Dmg: 40-90  Rng: 15
  Grenade (Pulse)
  Dmg: 100-150  Rng: 15
  Anti-mech only

  Small Guns
  Jonny's BB Gun          Pipe Rifle               10mm Pistol
  Dmg: 1-3  Rng: 22       Dmg: 5-12  Rng: 20       Dmg: 5-12  Rng: 25
  Ammo: 100 x BB's        Ammo: 1 x 10mm           Ammo: 12 x 10mm
  Hunting Rifle           Desert Eagle .44         .44 Magnum Revolver
  Dmg: 8-20  Rng: 40      Dmg: 10-16  Rng: 25      Dmg: 12-18  Rng: 15
  Ammo: 10 x .223mm FMJ   Ammo: 8 x .44 Magnum     Ammo: 6 x .44 Magnum
  Upgr: Scope             Upgr: Exp. magazine to
  Shotgun                 Sawed-Off Shotgun        14mm Pistol
  Dmg: 12-22  Rng: 14     Dmg: 12-24  Rng: 7       Dmg: 12-22  Rng: 24
  Ammo: 2 x 12 ga. Shot   Ammo: 2 x 12 ga. Shot    Ammo: 6 x 14mm
  Needler Pistol          .223 Pistol              Sniper Rifle
  Dmg: 12-24  Rng: 24     Dmg: 20-30  Rng: 30      Dmg: 14-34  Rng: 50
  Ammo: 10 x HN Needler   Ammo: 5 x .223 FMJ       Ammo: 6 x .223 FMJ
  10mm SMG                Combat Shotgun           H&CAWS
  Dmg: 5-12  Rng: 25      Dmg: 15-25  Rng: 22      Dmg: 15-25  Rng: 30
  Ammo: 30 x 10mm         Ammo: 12 x 12 ga. Shot   Ammo: 10 x 12 ga. Shot
  Tommy Gun               Assault Rifle            FN FAL
  Dmg: 3-20  Rng: 32      Dmg: 8-16  Rng: 45       Dmg: 9-18  Rng: 35
  Ammo: 50 x .45 Caliber  Ammo: 24 x 5mm           Ammo: 20 x 7.62mm
                          Upgr: Exp. magazine to   Upgr: Night Sight
  FN FAL HPFA             HK P90c                  M3A1 "Grease Gun" SMG
  Dmg: 11-22  Rng: 35     Dmg: 12-16  Rng: 30      Dmg: 10-20  Rng: 20
  Ammo: 20 x 7.62mm       Ammo: 24 x 10mm          Ammo: 30 x .45 Caliber
  Single burst
  Red Ryder LE BB Gun     H&G11                    H&G11E
  Dmg: 25-25  Rng: 32     Dmg: 10-20  Rng: 35      Dmg: 13-23  Rng: 40
  Ammo: 100 x BB's        Ammo: 50 x 4.7mm         Ammo: 50 x 4.7mm
                          Caseless                 Caseless
  Pancor Jackhammer       PPK12 Gauss Pistol       M72 Gauss Rifle
  Dmg: 18-29  Rng: 35     Dmg: 22-32  Rng: 50      Dmg: 32-43  Rng: 50
  Ammo: 10 x 12 ga. Shot  Ammo: 12 x 2mm EC        Ammo: 20 x 2mm EC

  Big Guns
  Flamer                       Light Support Weapon  M60
  Dmg: 45-90  Rng: 5           Dmg: 20-30  Rng: 40   Dmg: 18-26  Rng: 35
  Ammo: 5 x Flamethrower Fuel  Ammo: 30 x .223 FMJ   Ammo: 50 x 7.62mm
  Upgr: Improved Flamer                              Min. ST 7
  Rocket Launcher              Minigun               Avenger Minigun
  Dmg: 35-100  Rng: 40         Dmg: 7-11  Rng: 35    Dmg: 10-14  Rng: 40
  Ammo: 1 x Rocket             Ammo: 120 x 5mm       Ammo: 120 x 5mm
                               Min. ST 7             Min. ST 7
  Vindicator Minigun           Bozar
  Dmg: 14-19  Rng: 30          Dmg: 25-35  Rng: 35
  Ammo: 100 x 4.7mm Caseless   Ammo: 30 x .223 FMJ
  Min. ST 7

  Energy Weapons
  Laser Pistol            Plasma Pistol            YK32 Pulse Pistol
  Dmg: 10-22  Rng: 35     Dmg: 15-35  Rng: 20      Dmg: 32-46  Rng: 15
  Ammo: 12 x Small        Ammo: 16 x Small Energy  Ammo: 5 x Small Energy
  Energy Cell             Cell                     Cell
  Upgr: Magneto-Laser
  Laser Rifle             Solar Scorcher           Plasma Rifle
  Dmg: 25-50  Rng: 45     Dmg: 20-60  Rng: 20      Dmg: 30-65  Rng: 25
  Ammo: 12 x Micro        Daytime use only         Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion
  Fusion Cell                                      Cell
  Upgr: Exp. Cap. to 24
  Turbo Plasma Rifle      YK42B Pulse Rifle        Gatling Laser
  Dmg: 35-70  Rng: 35     Dmg: 54-78  Rng: 30      Dmg: 20-40  Rng: 40
  Ammo: 10 x Micro        Ammo: 10 x Micro Fusion  Ammo: 30 x Micro Fusion
  Fusion Cell             Cell                     Cell


  Armour Catalogue

  In order of protection afforded.

  Leather Jacket        Leather Armor                Combat Leather Jacket
  AC: 8                 AC: 15                       AC: 18
  Normal  0/20%         Normal  2/25%                Normal  2/30%
  Laser   0/20%         Laser   0/20%                Laser   0/20%
  Fire    0/20%         Fire    0/20%                Fire    2/25%
  Plasma  0/10%         Plasma  0/10%                Plasma  0/10%
  Explode 0/20%         Explode 0/20%                Explode 0/20%
  Leather Armor MK II   Metal Armor                  Metal Armor MK II
  AC: 20                AC: 10                       AC: 15
  Normal  3/25%         Normal  4/30%                Normal  4/35%
  Laser   1/20%         Laser   6/75%                Laser   7/80%
  Fire    1/25%         Fire    4/10%                Fire    4/15%
  Plasma  1/10%         Plasma  4/20%                Plasma  4/25%
  Explode 1/25%         Explode 4/25%                Explode 4/30%
  Tesla Armor           Combat Armor/Bridgekeeper's  Brotherhood Armor
  AC: 15                Robes                        AC: 20
  Normal  7/20%         AC: 20                       Normal  8/40%
  Laser   19/90%        Normal  5/40%                Laser   8/70%
  Fire    4/10%         Laser   8/60%                Fire    7/50%
  Plasma  9/80%         Fire    4/30%                Plasma  7/60%
  Explode 3/20%         Plasma  4/50%                Explode 8/40%
                        Explode 6/40%
  Combat Armor MKII     Power Armor                  Hardened Power Armor
  AC: 25                AC: 25                       AC: 25
  Normal  9/40%         Normal  12/40%               Normal  16/50%
  Laser   9/70%         Laser   18/80%               Laser   19/90%
  Fire    5/35%         Fire    12/60%               Fire    14/70%
  Plasma  4/50%         Plasma  10/40%               Plasma  12/50%
  Explode 8/45%         Explode 20/50%               Explode 19/60%
  Advanced Power Armor  Advanced Power Armor MKII
  AC: 30                AC: 35
  Normal  15/55%        Normal  18/60%
  Laser   19/90%        Laser   19/90%
  Fire    16/70%        Fire    16/70%
  Plasma  15/60%        Plasma  18/60%
  Explode 20/65%        Explode 20/70%



  I'd like to thank the following people for contributing to the MKII version
  of this guide. Thanks very much for the tips and corrections, folks :-)

  Tom Dillane
  Vadim Dribinsky
  Barak Engel
  Roman Lapos
  Patrick McGinley

  Copyright - Steve Metzler for the Games Domain - March, 1999. All rights

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