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Читы для Feeble Files, The

Чит-файл для Feeble Files, The

Feeble Files, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Adventure Soft Publishing
Издатель:Adventure Soft Publishing
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Официальный сайт:Открыть

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

This is an extremely long adventure with rather complicated puzzles
and frequent and lengthy automatic sequences over which you have no
control. There is also quite a lot of toing and froing. You are
going to have to be very, very patient.

It is a good idea to play with the Hitbox names On, it simplifies
finding likely objects to manipulate. Don't forget that, in order
to actually do so, the name of the object must be showing on the
screen. Note also that you have to look at each location again and
again, every time you visit it, because new items become available
all the time. If you cannot interact with something named on the
screen, it's because you don't yet have the appropriate item - but
at least it will give you an idea of what to look for. Examine/use
each object you find or are given.

Familiarize yourself with the interface as soon as you are able to,
it takes a bit of getting used to. Particularly the so-called
"Action" (use/talk) and "Double Action" (combine/use on) icons;
usage can be a bit confusing at first - specially since sometimes
you don't know whether to pick something up or use it.

Save often, particularly after solving a puzzle or getting out of a
dangerous situation.

>From the start:

Ministry, CCD

After the intro, you are outside the CCD - and you need transport.
Enter, look around and use the HoloMail and listen to the messages.
Open the cupboard and get the helmet. Note the drawer. Pick up the
doll, go outside and attempt to use the bike - you can't because you
are not wearing the right gear. Go back in and combine the doll
with the teleporter. Pick up the leather jacket and use it. You
can now go outside and use the bike - you put on the helmet
automatically. Head for...

The Space Bar

Note the guy in the telephone booth. Enter the bar and talk to
everyone as you come in. Delores gives you a package to take to
Metro Prime, a guy will give you a leaflet, the pilot will tell you
he's carrying some CDs. As you leave, there will be a scene to
watch. Use the bike to go to...

Metro Prime

Talk to the two guys arguing and find out what the problem is. Go
out through the archway to the right of the screen. In the city,
walk left (note the telephone booth and the girl inside) till you
come to a teleport. Use it. Go left through the alley till you
come to a door. Use the door and Feeble hands the package and gets
some money. Leave the alley and visit the Pill Shop. Look around
and note the empty canister by the door. The shopkeeper explains
what he is waiting for. What a coincidence. Leave and go right and
up to the Ministry Headquarters. Go inside and talk to the
secretary, but she won't let you in. Go out and enter the
Observation Dome next door. Use the credits on the vending machine
three times and Feeble will get angry and kick it, after which he'll
feel the need to confess. Leave and go to OmniBrain. Use the
Confessional. How about using the leaflet on the machine to
the left? Too small. Well, we know where it can be made larger -
use the bike to get to the CCD and combine the leaflet with
teleporter. Bring it back to the machine. OK, the CDs are now

Take the bike to the Space Bar and go in. Talk to the Enforcer at
the bar and ask if anything new has been banned, then tell him you
have information - this means that the Enforcer shoots the poor
pilot and you get his permit. That's not nice, Feeble.

Take the permit to the pilot who could not unload. Now the pills
can be delivered, so go to the Pill Shop and buy a bottle. You are
also given another one of dodgy pills. Go to the HQ secretary and
use the good pills. You are so charming that the secretary lets you
through - however, the guy in front of the lift won't let you pass
because you aren't wearing the right gear. You've got to find a
place to change, but it will have to be somewhere here, because if
you change elsewhere you won't be able to use the bike to come back.

To save you the trouble I will tell you that the only place is the
telephone booth, in which a girl is talking. Remember the guy in
the telephone booth at the Spacebar? Go there and talk to him. He
asks for a drink. Go to the bar, talk to the bartender and ask for
the drink - charge it to the guy in the booth. Now combine the
dodgy pills with the drink and give it to the guy in the booth.
Wait till he comes out, use the bike and get to the other booth.
The girl is outside, crying, and gets killed for her pains. Nice
going, Feeble. You've just had two innocent people eliminated.

Combine the coat with the booth to change. Now you can go back to
HQ and use the lift to speak to the Minister. Watch. You end up


You will find yourself being hypnotized every few minutes and
transported somewhere else, and there is little you can do about
it. Use your brief stays to look around - the important thing is
the recreation room, where you must pick up the poster - actually,
the tacks which hold it to the wall. Eventually, you will wind up
in your cell. You have to act very quickly. Open the sanitation
unit, combine the tacks with the bed - when you next get hypnotized
you wake up because of the tacks, pick them up and lay on the bed.
As soon as the warden comes in to attend to the sanitation unit, i.
e., as soon as he has gone past you, get up and leave, heading to
the right of the screen. Go downstairs and enter the first door.

Pick up a bowl and combine it with the Dispenser, to get some
gunge. Before you come out, save your game. Step out. The idea is
to use the gunge on the two cameras you will see in the floors
below, but without getting caught. It might be worth your while to
have a trial run. For instance, if the warden is in front of the
first camera, wait till he is gone and then go down. You must not
be on the same floor with him at any one time.

Once you've dealt with both cameras, walk left and go inside the
lift, which leads to the factory. As soon as you step inside,
locate the camera (centre right of the screen) and use the gunge on
it. Walk to the right and examine the grate. You have a
conversation with someone you cannot see. Keep talking till that
person tells you the number of the rebel channel (667).
Save before you leave. Find your way (carefully) to the recreation
room, use the TV till you get the rebel channel, pick up the big red
knob and use the cupboard to hide - and be quick about it. The
warden will come in, try to turn off the TV and blow a fuse because
he can't. OK, now you can leave the cupboard and walk around

Go back to the factory, go to the right and use the lever to start
the conveyor belt. Step on to it to go through the grate, where
you'll meet Delores. There is a conversation after which you need
to get gold of her reworked doll. You also need about five of the
ordinary dolls, so pick them up. Leave.

Outside the lift, go up the stairs and pile the five ordinary dolls
in front of the round grate by the door, then use the reworked doll
on them. OK, go through the grate. You will find yourself in front
of a puzzle you have to negotiate to get out.

The tile puzzle

First of all, observe that there are five different colours and that
each belongs to a different type of symbol. Because they will soon
start to change, familiarize yourself with the shape each colour
has. The idea here is to follow a sequence, namely white (W), red
(R), yellow (Y) and green (G), time and again, until you reach the
other side. Unfortunately, 1) the colours start to change and you
can only step on the tiles when they are the same colour they were
originally, 2) you only see half the floor, so you cannot plan the
best route to follow.

I will attempt to guide you through so that you don't spend the next
twenty years trying to get across. All the directions (f=FORWARD,
s = SIDEWARDS, b = BACKWARDS) refer to Feeble's viewpoint, as
facing forwards.

So, step on the white tile and, waiting for the tiles to be the right
colour, click on the following: fR, fY, sG, bW, sR, fY, sG, fW, sR,
fY, fG, sW (the single tile), sR, fY, sG, fW, sR, sY, bG, fW, sR,
fY, fG, sW, sR, sY, fG and off. I hope I got that right! If not,
you will at least get an idea how to solve the puzzle.

The Ignition Circuit puzzle

At any rate, when you are through go outside. You automatically
enter the vehicle. Look around and use the cover to the right and
get the wires. Open the ignition circuit and look at it. Use the
wires on the input keys to the left. Now, the idea is to draw the
wires across by combining the input keys with the output keys. If
you get the colours right, you get a high pitch sound and if you get
them wrong, it's a low pitch. For instance, I combined Input 1 with
Output 4, Input 2 with Output 2, Input 3 with Output 1 and Input 4
with Input 3. This happened to be right, so I automatically took
off and watched the sequence. But suppose the second and third
combinations had been wrong, I would have heard:
BLEEP-bleep-bleep-BLEEP. Then its just a matter on clicking on the
left and starting again till you get it right. When you do, just
watch, and you will wind up at...

The Forest Planet

Watch. At the end, follow Sam to the village, walking to the right,
across the bridge, right, up and to the gates. Watch. Pick up the
spear and follow the native back towards the ship to...

The Maze puzzle

This requires a great deal of patience. Get Sam and Feeble over the
bridge and well away from it. Get Sam to blow up the log. Somehow,
either wait for or entice the native to this side of the bridge, or
to the other, whichever you think is best to corner him, and the idea
is to converge on him from both sides so that he is between Sam and
Feeble and cannot escape. As I said, this takes some doing, but
I'm sure you'll manage it before Christmas. Once the native is
caught, watch.

OK, at the end, step out and you get captured. Watch some more.
You wake up all tied up. Watch the next sequence. When it is over,
pick up your rope to escape. Have a good look all around. Use...

The Chemistry set puzzle

If you click on the white inset, you will see a set of instructions
to get the Passive Control Potion. However, if you follow them to
the letter, it won't work. Bear in mind that the flasks in front
should be taken to be A to E, left to right. It doesn't matter how
you place them or in which order, you just have to get the right
combination of chemicals and the right condition (cold or hot). If
you get a brown solution, you might as well start again - only next
time try the same combination but a different condition. This is
how it worked for me:

ABC + heat = F
DEA + heat = B
ABD + heat = G
ABE + heat = I
BCE + cold = H
ACD + heat = J

At this point, I used the resulting solutions, thus: FBG + cold.
This did the trick.

Once you have the right solution, use it on the water cover to put
it in the native's drinking water. Use the remote control to call
the robot to the Lab. Go to the buttons, examine them and use the
one to open the statue door. Change to SAM and go to the village,
then enter the statue. Change to Feeble and press the other button
to teleport SAM in.

Next, use the Directory on the table and then the telephone. Ask to
cancel the unlisted number status. When the phone rings, Filbert
will come in and be captured by SAM. Watch and, at the end of all
that, pick up the God suit and combine it with the Projection
Machine. Watch.

Change to SAM and go out and up the mountain (follow the path to the
top left of the screen) till you reach the Mountain Top. There,
shoot the bird. Go back to the Lab. Change to Feeble and go find
the bird (near the broken bridge) and combine the bird with the
rock, then walk away. Watch - the natives will rebuild the bridge
to get to the bird. Cross the bridge to get to the ship.

Inside, Delores (alias "The Squid") will tell you what to get. Walk
out, look around and use the spear on the Cover. Get the battery.
Go back to the Lab. Inside, use the Directory then use the phone to
get a laser relay. Change to SAM, go to the village and to the Big
Statue. Look at the statue and pick up the gem (use the weight
icon). Go back to the Lab.

In there, change to Feeble and go to the Mountain Top. Use each of
the items on Delores and watch. You find yourself at...

Metro Prime (again)

There is another bit to watch here. At the end, leave in search of
a ship. However, when you hit the Newsagents you realize you are
wanted. Go back to the hideout, look at the Filing cabinet, pick up
the dress and use it. Much more suitably dress, most becoming:
leave again and walk all the way left to use the Teleport. At the
upper level, go into the Arcade. Talk to the guy in the booth and
ask for some tokens. Go up. Use the Arcade Machine and win the
games to get more tokens - if you fail at the first attempt, use
another token. I am afraid I cannot help you here because all the
puzzles change each time you play them; so all I can tell you is
that you must keep playing (and winning) till you have at least 500
tokens. I don't envy you the task.

When you've done, have a look at the machine to the left, then go
downstairs and use the tokens on the Grabber machine. Keep the
flashing button pressed to move the hand to the left over the red
fish. When you stop, the hand will be as far up as it can go - try
moving it down as far as it can go. In fact, you should stop about
the half way through and let go of the button so that the hand picks
up the fish. You might have to do this several times till you get
it right. The bad news is that you don't need the fish, you need
the cat which is underneath - but at least you know how to get it!

Now use the kiosk and ask the guy about the machine upstairs, then
ask to use it. You go upstairs and play. I didn't seem to do
anything, yet I won. Go downstairs, use the kiosk and you will get
a ticket to the Zoo. Leave and enter the Zoo by using the door.

Have a look around and move to the right. Talk to the tourist - he
asks you to take a picture of him. When you have the camera, move
the flash control to the left five times to get it to maximum power,
then press the red button. While the tourist is blinded by the
flash, run out of the Zoo with the camera.

Go to your bike and use it. You'll find that it has been clamped -
a guy will come along and tell you that you have to pay to get your
bike back. Go to Delores in the hideout and tell her about the bike
- she will tell you to go get Gardum. Pick up the newspaper on the
wall. Leave and, at the Newsagent, pick up a paper. The vendor
will tell you to pay or put it back. Use the newspaper on the pile,
that way you get to keep the new one. As soon as you come out of
the alley, use the paper and you'll get loads of ads, just as in
real life.

Go to the HQ and you will see Gardum very faintly, over the beast to
the right of the door. Talk to him and he tells you about a ship
called KICK A55. Go left and enter the Observation Dome.

Keep going left (note the other vending machine) and through the
door. Use the button to the left to pressurize the Airlock, open
the door, go in and use the camera with the porthole. You'll see a
ship coming in. Leave, close the door. Go to the docking area.

You will see that strange creatures have come out of KICK A55 and
are everywhere. Go to the bike and open the saddle to find one of
them in there. Go down the stairs and all the way left to the
office. Go in and open the cupboard to put the creature in. You
might be interrupted, but make sure you also put the toy cat in and
shut the door. Watch what happens. At the end, pick up the keys
off the floor. Leave and go and use the keys on the bike to free it.

Use it and go to the Ministry - you won't be able to go in because
there is a Bounty Hunter guarding the entrance. Keep talking to him
till he gives you the means to call him when you find Feeble. On
yer bike!

Find the Junk Ship and go there. You will see a chest on the
foreground. Use it to get a space hopper and a bicycle pump. Use
the pump to break it up into its component parts. Now head for the
Broken Down Bike - talk to the salesman and he will ask you to tow
him, giving you his tow cable. You take him to the Space Bar.
After a long conversation, in which you ask him about the Mud, he
will give you a jar. He sets his alarm and goes into the booth.
Use his bike and the alarm will go off. Do this three times - he
will then turn the alarm off and head for the bar. Look at his bike
and you will see the tow chain. Get it. What next? Ah, yes. Use
your bike.

Go to the Omniclub and, to enter it, use the metal bar on the
door. Step in and use the DJ console. Use the Master Control and
keep pressing the blue light switch until the filter falls out.
Then use the tube from the pump on the broken handle and use the new
handle. Press the play button twice, once to get the light on and
the other time to start the sequence - watch how the seats at the
bar are lit. What you want to do is to click on the Stop button
when the red light is on the second seat from the top. No doubt it
will take a while, because it's not all that easy. Then, back off,
examine the stool and if it says "Loose", pick it up and also the
blue filter on the floor. Leave and get on the bike.

Go to Metro Prime. Head for the Arcade, and before you come to the
door you will see an Air Supply machine. Use the valve on the hopper
and use the mud on the hopper. Then use the hopper on the air
supply. Right, now go to the OmniBrain and use the Confessional,
acknowledging who you are. Leave.

Now comes a rather tiresome bit when you wander around not knowing
what to do next until an announcement from OmniBrain tells you
you've won a prize. However, it would hardly be a good idea to try
to collect it, so move around some more till a second announcement
tells you the prize has been collected. Now, this is interesting.
Go into OmniBrain to find out what happened. Get the jumper.

OK, I think we've got everything. Go to the Airlock (don't forget
to pressurize it before you open the door), place the stool of the
Stand Here Spot, put the hopper on it, put the prison suit on it,
use the jumper on the hopper, use the newspaper with your photograph
on the hopper, leave, close the door, press the button to
depressurize the Airlock and use the blue filter on the porthole.

Go to the telephone booth and use the card the Bounty Hunter gave
you on the booth to call him. Watch. Now you can get your bike and
go to the Ministry. Enter and use the HoloMail. Listen to the two
messages. Get on your bike once more, and this time go to the Tomb.

Use the coffin and your dead grandfather talks to you. At the end,
open the drawer and get the can of paint and the paper. Go back to
the hideout. Use all the ads to pile them up on the boxes outside.
Then use the can on the symbol above. Finally, use the paper you
got from the drawer on the symbol. Return to the Tomb and use the
paper on the symbol on the floor. Watch. At the end of that, you
get a screwdriver and a pass.

Go to the Junk Ship, note the car, use the pass on the door. It
won't work. However, make a note of the number above the door.

Go to the Ministry and use the card key on the drawer, which will
open. Pick up the coin and the photograph. Go to the Observation
Dome and use the coin in the Vending machine to the left - you get a
credit. Use it on the other Vending machine by the door, to get a
Star Spotters Action Kit. Leave and go into HQ. You'll hear a
voice. Use the intercom. Pick up the cup and combine the Mud with
it. In order to get into the lift, give the Star Spotters kit to
the guard. Go in and give the cup to the Minister. Watch.

Now you can get at the encoder. Change the top line to 7829353,
which was the number over the door at the Junk Ship, and the bottom
line to 2130778 (which is the date backwards with the year
forwards). Exit.

You can now go to the Junk Ship. Use the tow rope with the red
car. Use the card on the door and go in. Pull the lever to spot
the magnet. Out, use the car.

Go to the Space Bar. There, use the screwdriver on the number plate
of the Salesman's bike and then use the plate on the car. The
repair man will arrive and fix your car, thinking it's the vehicle
he has been sent to repair. Watch the next scene. Towards the end
you act as Del and have to shoot the guards. This is difficult
because, by the time you've sorted the cursor and are pointing it in
the right direction, you are dead. However, keep trying till you
win. Another bit to watch and you are in...

The Rebel Base

Talk to everybody. Go to the left through the door and talk to the
character standing there. Move on to the left and use the bed to
sleep. You dream bad dreams. At the end, you will be in the
central room, with SAM. Watch. Use the door to the right and it
won't open, so SAM will shoot at it and the bullets get flattened.
Watch. Pick up the disks off the floor, go left and use the disks
on the red dispensing machine to get two cans of Omnicoke. Or
whatever. Now you can go right and right again. Get in the car
and you go to...


When you arrive, go right - note the posts - and to the building you
can see in the distance. Watch. Go to the left. Watch some more.
One of the robots is very bored. When you are in charge again, go
to the posts and use the cans on them both. Go back to the
building. Eventually, one of the robots comes by and stops when it
sees the cans for a bit of fun. Use the screwdriver on it (even
though you are behind the door) and you will disable it. Look at it
and get the dark green and blue circuits (just the two). Use the
screwdriver on SAM, look at him and get his dark green and blue
circuits. Now look at the other robot and put in the slots the
circuits you took from SAM. Use the robot (now SAM, actually) and
he will walk around to the back - when you are able, take control of
him and enter the Turbolift. Go to the Maintenance room. Move the
lever three times. Change to Feeble and go left and close all the
vents you find. The last one, by the car, will blow up. Change to
SAM and move the lever to the middle. Change to Feeble and use the
hole. Inside, go forward, go forward, turn left, go forward until
you are at a grill connecting with the Maintenance room. Watch.

OK, now walk across the bridge and get the jacket on the floor to
the right of the desk, and you'll get a security pass. Pick up some
grenades. Go into the Turbolift and click on the Interrogation
room. Move left till you see Delores being tortured and back off.
Talk to your sticky mate on the right and he will tell you about
Gardum and his cell companion, Mandrin. Talk to Mandrin, who is
very thirsty. Go to the lift.

This time, travel to the Brain room, go up the stairs and use the
pink stuff. Watch. You get a chain and some brain slime. Go back
to the Interrogation room and give the slime to Mandrin. He gives
you a key. Go to the lift and this time travel to the Research
room. Pick up the fire extinguisher, walk to the right, use the
antimatter weight and then pick it up. Note the button. Go to the
lift and travel to the Surface.

Go back to the car and you will see Gardum. Talk to him and then go
back to the rebel base in the car. Go to the left and use the key
on the machine next to the drink dispenser. You pick up the bungee
rope. OK, back to the car and to CCCC.

Use the fire extinguisher on Gardum and then use him to block the
hole on the ground. Go to the Turbolift and then to the Maintenance
room. Go across the bridge, up the stairs and into the grill.
Inside, look up, move up, turn around, go forwards till you are at
the grill. Use the rope on the grill. Use the chain on the grill.
Then go back, move forward, turn left, move forward till you are at
the Maintenance room. Get the lift and go to the Brain room. Walk
to the right and around the big vat to the left. You will see the
rope and chain dangling. Combine them with the hook on the floor.
Use the weight on the rope and chain. Use rope and then the weight.
You shoot up, where you can use the lever. Go to Maintenance.

Here, use the screwdriver on the Mangled robot to get a metal
plate, and then move the lever right forward to "suck" (or is it
right back? Can't remember, it's one or the other, anyway). Go to
Research. Go to the right and push the button. Go left to the
Firing Range and use the grenades on it - keep doing this till one
of the grenades lets off a green gas. Go to Maintenance. Go across
the bridge, up the stairs and through the grill. You'll have to
move sharpish, now. Look up, move up, move forward, use the metal
plate with the fan. Go back, turn right, go forward until you are
in the Maintenance room. Go to the lever and move it to "blow".

Now you can go to the Interrogation room, where everyone will be
asleep. Go to the left and pick up the badge on one of the guys who
are laying down on the job. Go to the lift and travel to the

Pick up the book - you read it. Open the chest and grab the axe.
Walk to the right and use the axe on the Omnibrain. The baddy comes
in and, when you get the chance, "use" him to waste him with the
axe. You smash the glass and then "use" the big brain.

You end up in the Founder's room. Talk to the "body". At the end,
use the computer.

That's it. Watch the finale. Gosh, I thought this game would NEVER

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