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Чит-файл для Fields of Glory

Fields of Glory

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Жанры:Strategy (Real-time / Wargame)

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Fields of Glory can be a daunting game, paticularly for the strategy
game novice. Hopefully these tips will go some way to simplify life
for all of the budding Napoleans, Wellingtons and Bluchers out there!

The first thing to bear in mind is the way the command structure
works. If you order a commander to deploy at a particular location,
he will pass on the same order to any other officers and units in
his charge. Don't forget that any detached units (those that you
have given direct orders to) will need to be re-attached or ordered
to rejoin command before they can be ordered at a higher level.

So open the database for your chosen army and look at your top level
commanders. Check their personality and leadership abilities and
then look at units in their command. Bear the structure in mind as
you return to the battle screen.

Look at the enemy's deployment, and compare it to the strategic
targets that you wish to capture. Is he vulnerable to an attack on
either flank, or in the centre? Choose a target, preferably an
infantry brigade and prepare your attack.

I will use the battle of Nivelles from the French perspective as a
suitable example.

Considering the strategic objectives, your battle plan should be to
launch a flanking attack on the British right, destroying the
infantry and capturing the town of Nivelles. To launch a successful
combined arms assault you will need at least one cavalry brigade, so
you will to deploy the 1C/6C/IV cavalry next to the 1/12/IV infantry
on the hill to the south-west of the map. While you are waiting for
them to arrive bring the 1/5/13 artillary across as well.

As a rule of thumb, always hit an infantry brigade with several
volleys of cannonfire (at least until you see a few corpses on the
ground) before attacking with double the number of men. Keep a
cavalry unit nearby as a threat - if they form square, then keep
pounding them with the cannon. If they are routed then run them down!

So, when you are ready to attack order your cavalry to overrun
Lloyds Artillary on the hill, and then put them behind the 1st
Hanover brigade.

Bring your cannon forward, and target the enemy, and then deploy
your infantry in column either side of the cannon, and order them to
hold until they are formed. Check their status by clicking on them,
or just by watching - if they are milling about they will be less
effective in an assault. Patience is the key.

`     CCCC       Cavalry in reserve

`   IIIIIIII     Enemy brigade in line

` IIII     IIII  Columns of Infantry
` IIII A A IIII  protecting artillary.

Notice that the enemy will always try to turn their line to face the
greatest perceived threat. If you juggle the position of your cavalry
, you will be able to keep them off balance while your cannon go to
work. Keep up the artillary barrage, until the enemy reacts. If he
advances, withdraw the artillary and assault with the infantry. Once
they are engaged, you can use the cavalry for a flanking assault,
although this is generally unneccesary. Once the enemy breaks, persue
them with the cavalry until they are out of range, but don't let
your cavalry stray too far. Call them back if needs be.

Now you can deploy on the hill, and prepare in a similar way for an
assault on the British 5th brigade. This time, you may not have as
much time to prepare, so be prepared for some quick thinking and
possible losses.

If you ever see an enemy commander on the battlefield, simply order
your nearest infantry brigade to deploy on top of him. He will
almost certainly be killed. Don't let the same fate befall your
commanders, though!

The major threat that the British present is a potentially
devastating cavalry counter attack, once they realise that you are
chewing up their flank. Keep an eye on enemy cavalry deployments,
and be prepared to interpose your cavalry to give your infantry time
to form square.

As regards infantry formations, column is the best formation for
general manouvre and deployment, but it is worth forming into line
prior to an assault if you have time to do so. The French mixed
formation combines the two. Skirmish is useful for manouvre through
rough terrain, but not if you expect to be attacked.
As for the rest of the battle, keep up the initiative by moving your
other troops forward, picking off one enemy unit at a time. Watch
for an opportune moment to send an infantry brigade to capture
Nivelles. If you want to capture Genappe, keep an eye on the report
screen until the British have lost about 60% of their forces and
send a cavalry brigade if you have one free.

At some point, you will be faced with a situation where most of your
units are engaged on a broad front. Hopefully, you will have the
advantage as several enemy brigades should have been routed at
minimal cost. All you can do is trust your commanders, and watch for
situations where you can zoom in and overwhelm an isolated enemy

If you have been bold and decisive, then you should have earned a
strategic victory. Now try the battle from the other side and see if
you can avoid the errors that your electronic adversary  made !

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