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Читы для Final Fantasy VII

Чит-файл для Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в Японии:ファイナルファンタジーVII
Издатель:Sony Computer Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа/цифровая доставка
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 22 августа 2012 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть
Жанры:RPG (Japanese-style) / 3D
Похожие игры:Final Fantasy 8

Даты выхода игры | Раскрыть все

вышла 20 августа 2015 г.
вышла 4 июля 2013 г.
вышла 4 июня 2009 г.


Информация актуальна для
                           ------------FINAL UPDATE VERISON------------

Version 2 - Updated on 1:11 AM 31-DEC-98
Version 3 - Updated on 1:53 PM 21-MAR-99
VERSION F - Updated on 9:54 PM 16-APR-2000 (What the heck !?)

Written by Kelvin Leen



Intro notes :

This is the first FAQ I wrote for a Final Fantasy game. I have only written 2 so
one being this and the other a Real Bout Fatal Fury Game Boy guide. As far as
getting updates on infomation from other gamers is important in any aspects of
which I hope to receive for this FAQ.

Most importantly, I would respect people to give me some credit for writing and
not claiming
themselves unless they have contributed to an update of info, which I have to
know too.
Otherwise, please leave the FAQ unchanged.


Due to some big response to things I've left out in version 1, this update will
contain the
most requested things from the e-mails that I got. Worry not, keep those mails
coming, I
don't mind addressing your questions one by one, if time is what you've got.

On this version, I will address on the Character's abilities, advantages & so
I felt
that players should share their ideas, especially for an FAQ like this one.


Okay, after getting more than a hundred E-mail for the past months since the FAQ
was released, many questions have been posted and answered, but still many are
still lost in the game. Frankly I must admit that I'm a little behind time with
update, but hey, we all have a life outside the gaming universe, right ?

Honest to god, Squaresoft and Edios haven't really done a good job in releasing
to prevent crashes, AI and fixing some gameplay problems .... I must say that I
have got
many E-mails of people trying to find a spot to climb ladders and other objects,
and really
got angry about it. This problem is annoying even for me, but please be patient
make it !

This update will help as I'm updating it many tips and info that many gamers
sent me.
Many thanks for the kind comments of the FAQ, I promise that if FF8 is ever
for PC, I will write another groundbreaking guide like this one ! Keep on gaming
thanks a lot !

There will be some changes in the hint guide, so read it. As for new additional
they are found at the ending part of the FAQ.

Oh yeah, I also wrote 2 mini-faq for Simcity 3000 and SNK's Last Blade 2. If you
help, E-mail me okay ?


Differences in the PS & PC versions :

There isn't much differences in the 2 versions, except the gameplay which is
tougher for
the PC. I understand that the PC version isn't as popular to gamers in my
homeland (S'pore),
because many have gotten the chance to beat the PS version. However, this
is the
Japanese's International version, the version with all the extra cinemas, less
bugs, new
monsters and bosses - for those who don't know.

Also, if your PC is a low-grade pentium, worry not, you can play a slower but
real stable
version of FF7, if run on Windows 95 or 95 Plus version. It's VERY common to see
that your
game will hang on Windows 98, as the Windows OS itself has a lot of bugs that
will hang &
might corrupt your gamesaves.

This FAQ is written because I feel that people need to know a thing or to ease
their trip to
finish the game. Tips and other clues are given, so this is a little bit of a

Oh yeah, one reason I would think led to the unpopularity in the game is the
tendency to
CHEAT. I did, but not without making life diffcult for myself, however, I did
find ways
(like PS players) to bring the beautiful Aerith back to life ! No way .. she's
gone I'll
keep it that way ! ALWAYS !

So to those people trying to ask or cheats of her resurrection, forget it, I
won't help in
this. She's gone, just let Tifa have Cloud okay ? :)

There are parts that require you reset if you did something wrong. Heck if you
can, hit
ALT-F4 or ALT-Q if you saved beforehand and want to quit and reset.



This is the most important update for this Version F of my FAQ. Please, read
through and follow it closely, you won't go wrong for sure !


This little bitch is a random encounter that you will face in the game. She only
in forests and very easy to defeat.

After you win, you will enter a small field with a downed Yuffie. She will start
questioning you. Sounds real easy eh ?

However getting her is NOT easy if you do not know what to do. Here is what you
do :

1. Answer her first question with the BOTTOM OPTION.

2. Answer her second question with the TOP OPTION.

3. Answer her third question with the BOTTOM OPTION.

4. Answer her fourth question with the TOP OPTION.

5. Answer her fifth question with the BOTTOM OPTION.

6. Once you pass the 5th step, you will name her.

You CANNOT MAKE ANY MISTAKES ! She will run off and steal your cash and you will
have to
find her again from start !

Don't go to the save point in the field or she will escape with your cash.


This guy is really easy to get as well. However, you might want to spend
to find
a passcode to the safe in the SHINRA MANSION. Inside the safe is the key to his
crypt and a
boss, REDXIII's limit break and a materia.

The safe's passcode is : Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97

Defeat the boss and grab the key, go down to basement 1 and you will bypass a
door on the
way to the mansion's libary at the basement. You might miss it though.

Enter the room and meet up with a coffin. Opening it, you'll meet Vincient.
Answer him the following and get him :
"Talk about Sephiroth"
"Who are you ?" (Leave the room and return again to get this topic option)

After the last topic, just when you are about to leave the basement, he will
appear to stop you and claims to join you. Enjoy you new buddy.


                            THE GAME HINTS SECTION:

Without any delay, here are the hints of the game ...

-To buy flowers from Aerith, choose the 2nd option when you first meet her at
Midgar. It's
cheap to buy one, later giving it to Tifa or Barret's daughter is your choice.
(No, Tifa
will not be angry or jealous.)

-When cornered by the soldiers at the bridge, fight them all unless you are
of HPs. It
adds count to your number of kills for your 2nd level limit break.

-At the train ride to the next reactor to wreck, remember that talking to some
commuters inside will grant your party items (Potions ... etc)

-Timing is very important here ! If you can't get out of a section, it means
you cannot
move on to the next section and collect items there !

-After escaping the train, keep going to the foreground will land you in the
hands of a lot
of Shinra baddies, which can help increase your EXP points. Do it at your own

-When you meet Aerith at the church, do treat her nicely.

-Near Aerith's house at the Garden is a COVER materia. It's free so take it !

-Sneaking out ? Walk, don't run or else Aerith will know.

-Don't forget that one of the homes near Aerith's house is a house with a
PARADISE FLYER. It's on the 2nd floor on the wall near the stairs. (The 1st
has a
boy watching TV.)

-When you get to the Area 6 (Red light district), you need to get a lot of items
getting to Tifa. Below are the things you'll need to do - they may or may not

1. Enquire about Tifa at the brothel at the Southeastern part of town.
2. Go to the top of the town to Don Corneo's mansion to learn that Cloud has to
dress as
   a woman.
3. Go to the dress shop and go get the kid's father back from a bar near the
4. Answer carefully about your preferences for the dress. He will then make it.
5. After trying out the dress, go to the gym and win at the squats minigame.
6. Go to a sushi bar lookalike bar and order the today's special. Say it taste
   and get a coupon.
7. Trade the coupon for some laxatives at one of the buildings. (Man behind
8. Go to the bar where you found the dress-maker. Go to the top room and give
   medicine - after a while, you'll get a perfume.
9. Go to the brothel and talk to the guard at the entrance.
10.Exit the screen and talk everyone you see. you should get a membership card
from a
11.Go to the shop near the save point. You ought to help the shop owner in
getting an
   item from the inn. Stay at the inn and get the most expensive item from the
   (I think it's a condom.)
12.Trade and get another key-item. (Forgot what it was...)
13.There is also another item found at the brothel. Enter and find it, return to
the dress
   shop to change up. After that, head straight for the mansion. If you found

-While inside the sewers, after fighting APS boss, remember to get the STEAL
materia lying

-At the train graveyard, when you encounter an ememy (Ghost rider is it's name I
steal from it ! The item is a staff which is only available after you leave
Midgar !
Aerith will need this upgrade if you intend to conserve your magic !

-If you got the time & guts, try training for anybody's limit breaks at the
Cloud had better have that Blade Beam Limit break if possible !

-When fighting Reno, any allies pyramided in his attacks should be attacked by
anyone else,
to free them. If all 3 are hit by the condition, the party's dead. Cloud's Blade
Limit break is able to break away the pyramid condition on your party member.

-When you are climbing up the mess to the Shinra HQ, you can pick up items if
with care.

-At Shinra HQ, do save the game whenever you can. My advice is to go fight up to
the 60th
floor, it helps make your party stronger.

-At the back of the 1st floor, you can find the 2nd TURTLE's PARADISE FLYER at
the board.

-On the 2nd floor, there is a shop that has 2 chest that can be opened. You can
only do so,
at Disc 2 .... Don't forget to watch the Shinra product video after the couple
the shop.

-Just keep fighting the guards at 60th storey if you aren't fed up of getting
scolded by
Barret. There is a fixed amount ... beyond that then there will be none.

-Before heading off to the 62th storey, return to level 1 to save. At the 62th
floor, the
man will ask you to guess the answer. Get it in one try, if you can you'll get
materia will is useful at this point. If you fail but save your game, try again
until you

-63th Storey slove - From where you encounter the computer, go to the top right
side of the
room. You will open one door, walk through and open the door nearest the center
room, you
will then get into the left-most room already. Take the bag, and climb the
Airduct to the
the right-most room to collect another bag. Exit the room and open the door to
the center
room to get the last bag. Use the airduct in the right-most room to get back to
the computer
and get everything. Easy ?

-Make a very early mental note that if you return during DISC2 on this floor
hides Cait Sith's
ultimate weapon, at the locker area. (Cloud should say "It's not mine." at this

-At the exercise room, don't dunk 200 gil for a drink, you'll be cheated. Come
back at Disc 2
and get source items.

-On 65th storey and later levels, you might meet 2 ememies that are important to
One is a machine with a lot of blades at the bottom - steal Carbon Bangles from
it ! The other
enemy you ought to steal from is the enemy solder with a blade (Those who can
cast level 2
(eg.ICE2) spells), you'll get HARDEDGE swords from them. Cloud's weapon upgrade
at Shinra HQ
is VERY useful indeed.

-When fighting the boss at different platforms, REDXIII's limit break will still
hit the boss.
Have Barret in your party for a much easier fight.

-At the motorcycle minigame, keep going after those closer to the pickup.
Different color bikes
inflict different amount of damage ! The best is to beat as many of them down as
Remember to minimize the damage done.

-Outside Midgar, pick your 1st enemy skill - MATRA MAGIC from the Custom
enemies. Wait
for them to cast it and you to learn it (Equip anyone with the ENEMY SKILL
MATERIA first!)
Anyhow, steal from the Custom Sweepers. They will grant access to ATOMIC
SCISSORS, a weapon
for Barret.

-At Kalm's inn, at the 2nd floor is a MEGAEIXLIR that can be found near the
stairs. Reach for
it 5 times and you'll get it.

-During the flash back, you ought to touch Tifa's cupboard and table for strange
However, Tifa won't be pleased about you doing that !

-Playing with the piano will reap results, but not the Elemental or Final Heaven
manual as yet.

-Explore cupboards, doors under stairs carefully for many items in Kalm. Enjoy !

-At the Chocobo farm, remember to talk to the Chocobo nearest to the fence for a
MOG materia !

-There is a 2nd Chocobo Lure at the ranch, as you walk into the area by the
fence. (Not for
PLAYSTATION version ... I think.)

-Even with a Chocobo, you still will encounter the Midgar Zolom if you stand
around. (IDIOT.)

-At the Mithril mines, at the room to the right, there is a LONG RANGE materia.
Be prepare to be
fed up in trying to reach it. You can only climb the vines up to reach it a
certain odd angle.

-At the mines, steal from the enemy swing a ball and chain for GRAND GLOVE, a
weapon for

-To increase the kill rate, use Matra Magic to blast your foes dead. Use it when
large groups
attack your party.

-At the forested areas near the exit/entrance of the mine, beware of the blue
colored birds.
Their attacks reap heavy damage but they give a BOOMERANG when you steal, a
weapon for
Secret Character Yuffie.

-At this point there are 3 things to do. Get Yuffie, go either Junon or Fort
Condor. Save
Junon for the last one and get Yuffie first.

-At Junon, save the little girl's life by letting your lungs fill up with air
completely for
about 4-6 times.

-To jump up to the next level, swim near the pole and blow the whistle for the
girl's pet to
jump you up there. Keep trying, it ain't tough.

-When you are learning the marching steps, it's easy at first but when you march
with the
group later, it's really tough. Don't worry though, the ratings rarely go up
you are really good at it. (I love it when you flop like hell.)

-Later at the send off part, keep your results to an average and you'll get a
PLUS materia
from Rufus. Do any better, you'll get a FORCE STEALER for Cloud. (Getting the
PLUS is better
then the weapon.)

-When you're inside the ship, talk to EVERY person you see ! If not you won't
find Barret.

-At Costa Del Sol, go and head for the beach at once. See Hojo there and chat
with him. Do
not sleep at the inn first or else he's gine the next day.

-Can you afford a house ? You can buy the house at the bridge area for 300,000
gil. I like
this idea.

-Going on the mountain path to Corel, at the Mako reactor area, you'll fight
creatures. Steal from them DIAMOND PIN which is for REDXIII.

-At the track area, Save the game and switch back to Windows. There, change your
Repeat speed to the maximium and then switch back to the game. Later when you
allow yourself
to fall through the tracks, tapping either left or right and the OK button is
much easier
with the repeat rate increased. You will mostly likely fall on the area with the
hanging around. (Trust me, this worked for me.)

-Gold Saucer is an interesting place, but you have only some minigame available
to play.
The motorcycle one is great for earning GPs, you'll get 10GP for 10,000 points
and above.
The first try you make in getting 10,000 and above score earns you 10GPs and a
spd source.

-Gold Saucer has a secret. When you meet an extra person moping around the
zone, talk to him. He's sell you GPs for Gil, but only a certain amount. It's
like 1 out
of 50 times you'll bump into him. Good Luck.

-Always remember, buy the ticket that allows unlimited entering.

-At the bottom of the prison, when you face an enemy with a lot of spikes, use
Cait Sith's
MANIPULATE materia to control and use the skill "LASER" on your party member
enemy skill materia. (If you explored hard, you should have two. One is from
Shinra HQ and
the other is at Junon.) This step is important.

-If you have managed to earn Barret's 3 level 2nd choice Limit break before
fighting Dyne,
then use it here. Once it's all it takes to kill Dyne.

-Don't take chances with the thieves you fight in the prison. They might escape
with your
items, which may include your weapons !

-When racing Chocobos, don't forget that there's a Materia lying around the room
you race. Switching to Auto is useful, after your Chocobo overtakes the others
distance, switch to manual and race all the way ! (Collect the materia, it's
one chance
to do so.)

-You lose the race too often ? The computer will then let you win after much

-The area around Corel and the desert of Gold Saucer has a type of dragon foe
an attack named "Flying Sickle" that rises one's limit gauge quite fast & causes
quite bad damage to weaker character. Have one character hold the MANIPULATE
to control these beast and use the Sickle attack on your own party members. This
is to
allow your party to train in their limit breaks. Just note that even at stronger
the attack still does a sum of damage ... so if you wish to, you can come back
and train

-The buggie you get can be transported to and fro from Jumon & Costa Del Sol!
drive into the city and pay the fee to go across, and then exit. The buggie is
for your
useage later !

-Using the above method, drive beyond the forested area between Mithril mines
through a river and get to a cave on the other end. If you have fought (in terms
of normal
combat) enough times to make your last 2 digits same - (E.g. 12011) you will get
This will grant you the Great Gospel, the Limit break for Aerith later at a
the Gongaga area. (After the Rocket town part)

-Don't forget to bring Tifa along to Gongaga area. She's the key person to one
question. Also down forget to visit the ruin reactor to get Titan Materia.

-Go to Cosmo Canyon, or rather you can only stop at Cosmo Canyon. The buggie
cannot go
beyond there, as it breaks down.

-You'll see 2 TURTLE PARADISE FLYERS here, one's at the inn counter and the
store counter. Look hard, you'll miss them !

-Ready your MANIPULATE AND ENEMY SKILL MATERIAS here. The cave of GI scene will
tough foes, with a useful ENEMY SKILL to learn. Also don't forget, that you have
to walk
on the slimy ground in one part of the cave. Running will send you to the wall

-If anyone is dead, ramming into the spikes will bring them back to life, with
one HP.

-The spider sub-bosses are all tough. Ready your limit breaks if you must.

-I wonder if this is true but I heard from a gamer that using an X-potion or
Down will kill the boss in the Cave of Gi at once ! Lazy to try this but you
wanna try it out !

-Getting to Nibelheim, you will meet all sorts of black robed figures. You can
get items
from them.

-Don't worry about the way people react. Your recollections at Kalm are right.
Just go
to Tifa's house and read a report on her dressing table for further evil

-The "Piano tunes" is a pain in the ass. I sloved it any it might not get the
Final Heaven
limit break manual, so try again. For the PC version (Using the default keys)
tune is:

Cancel  Switch  Menu  Pageup+Menu  Pageup+Switch  Cancel  Switch  Menu
OK  Cancel  Switch  Cancel  Start

There are 4 effects : Get 1 gil, Get Elemental Materia, Get nothing, Get Manual

-Inside the Shinra mansion, slove the Safe part by turning to :-
1) Turn to your right until it says 36, press OK
2) Turn left till it says 10, press OK
3) Turn to your right to 59, press OK
4) Turn to your right to 97, and press hit OK

Just do the following to get the door unlocked. Plain and simple, just follow !

-There are enemies that are Scales inside the Mansion. You can learn the ????
enemy skill
from them, so arm the Enemy Skill materias. (Cannot be manupilated)

-Vincient can be found at the corridor to the libary. Just move up and you find
room with coffins inside.

-To get Vincient, just answer his questions like this :-
*Talk to him and choose the bottom answer
*Open the coffin and talk to him again, answer with the second answer.
*Leave the room, and continue exploring. He will come to you before you go

-Get to the caverns and the first thing is to activate the ladder, not go into
any pipes
first. Once you can keep going up and down the room, then slide through the
to get

-Leave the place by the only unblocked exit at the cave, explore the area until
you get
to the reactor. There is a small door at the background. Hit ASSIST button to
Exploring will get you a CR SNIPER & ELEMENTAL MATERIA. CR SNIPER is for

-CR Sniper is useful for a trick I've learned. It's attack percentage is 255%,
which means
it's virtually impossible to miss any shot, Link the DEATHBLOW materia and cause
damage. However, CR Sniper is only useful for several stages ... weak later on.

-Do not bring Vincient along to fight the boss blocking your way, especially
limit breaks. His Gillian Beast's flare will cure the boss.

-You have to learn TRINE from the boss, as this spell is only available on 3
one of it is this one. Equip Lighthing materia with elemental materia on your
to recover lost HP during TRINE. (Better have 2 enemy skil materia ready here !)

-Getting to Rocket town, talk to the old man staring at the rocket for a blade
for Cloud.
(Keep talking to him.)

-Rocket town's boss is Palmer, the fat Shinra Space division officer. If you use
summon on him, you can die laughing at the attacks made on him ! (I love it when
he loses.)

-It's been known that for lower performance machines, that the escape scene from
town is know to hang the game application very easily. Please save before
entering the
town. Your best bet to spot the error is to see a Shinra soldier firing on the
plane itself.
After that, it just hangs.

-If you brought Yuffie along, when the plane crashed into the sea, she tells you
to simply
go west. Following her instructions will lead you to her hometown of Wutai, and
also to the
reveling of her true identity. Remember this, once you get here, you must
complete the
subquest or else you can't leave the island.

-At western island, there are several bridges for the player to cross. There is
path that
leads you to nowhere. The other leads you to Wutai.

-Wutai enemies provide good items. Hang around here to get a lot of stuff !

-The Razor Weeds around Wutai have a very important and useful Enemy Skill,
The beach area has a Turtle that has the Death force Enemy Skill. Steal from it
an item
as well - Adaman Bangle. This item may have few materia slots, but it can be
for a
fair amount of cash.

-The first thing you should do when in Wutai is head to the western most
at the
city area, to a place where you'll meet up with the Turks, who are taking a
break. Make sure
you get this done first, before meeting up with Yuffie.

-Upon getting to Wutai, look around and talk to everyone. You will get to meet
Yuffie if
you manage to open the box at the Item shop. She will appear and snatch your
materia away.
After that, go the house nearest the entrance. She's hiding behind a board, so
search there
and then she will hide in a huge container outside the Turtle's Paradise Tavern.
container will shake as a clue. Hit it twice and she'll be caught.

-Once at her house, pulling either of the controls will still result in trapping
party. Outside that room on the wall is another (Final) Turtle Paradise Flyer.

-After this part, go to the Turtle Paradise and read their signboard. After that
the tavern and meet up with the Turks. After all this, go to the counter and
to the
man. If you got to find all the flyers, you'll be rewarded.

-At the western area, there are 3 places to visit. Go to the bell and hit it
once. A door
opens below it, go in and meet a friend who's taken Yuffie & Elena (Turk) as
Once you can access to the Mansion do search around the whole house for secret
that will grant you the Magic Shuriken & Hairpin.

-Go up the Da-Chao Statues now, Reno & Rude will guide you on the right path to
If you manage to find a cave hole, enter to get Cid's Dragoon Lance. After that,
meet up with your "friend" again. Fight a sub-boss here and after all this,
Yuffie will
return your party's Materia again. She screws up during the distribution of the
and that's quite funny. Before leaving, under her house is room with a lot of
cats. Walk
straight and talk to the cat. It leaves and you'll climb up to get a HP ABSORB

-If you trained well, you can visit the Pagoda at the very western end of Wutai.
Fight your
way up and at the final level you'll face off with Yuffie's papa, Godo. He also
uses TRINE
eneemy skill, so you can learn from him. During this whole time, you should
defensive equipment and use a Hyper on yourself to be able to increase the limit
faster. If you win, you'll get Yuffie's limit break, as well as another

-To get a keystone for the Ancient Ruins, go to the house near the Gongaga area
to get
infomation on the Keystone. The house is situated at the far east of Gongaga
near the
coast area.

-Return to Golden Saucer to fight in the BATTLE ARENA for Dio's amusument any
amount (up
to 8 matches.) to get the Keystone for the TEMPLE OF ANCIENTS. Be careful !

-Remember, if you win a complete 8 matches, when you leave the Arena, talk to
outside and you should get a pair of Running Shoes (Cast Haste spell !)

-Oh yeah, if you've got Mythril at this point, you can trade for the Great
Gospel, the
4th level limit break for Aerith.

-When Aerith dates you, screwing up on the stage act will result in Aerith
slapping you,
perform well and get a good laugh, but screwing up provides a better one.

-There is a possiblity of either Yuffie, Tifa, Aerith and Barret (It's true !)
Cloud. It all depends on your treatment to the characters listed here !

-When you're inside the Ghost Inn room, check for an item in the cupboard.

-At the ground floor of the Ghost Inn, check at/near the shop for another Turtle

-Going to the Ancient Ruins ? Better have a good party as the enemies are quite
for some or weaker parties. If you used Vincient's CR Sniper trick, it should
ease the way
for many.

-Remember that everything here can be collected. Just keep walking and you'll
find a path
somewhere. Only 2 spots can be acessed at the clock room.

-At the second part of the maze, where strange pillars roll down onto you, just
pressing on. You'll make it at the end.

-At the clock room, treasure chest with monsters inside do not offer any items
for you.
One of the enemies in one of the room is known as the Magic Eye, they are able
1500 and above HP from your members during the fight ! Just cast Bio to kill

-At the clock room, you can fall into the bottom of the room, to get Nail Bat, a
weapon with no material slots for Cloud.

-At the 4th hour of the clock, you can get Princess Guard, the only Ultimate
weapon for

-When you get to room of holes, if the impish fella go into the hole at the
most hole, the only way to counter it is to what for it at the hole next to the
sealed door.

-When fighthing the Red Dragon boss, just wear or equip fire protective
equipment. No DEMI
materias or Spell to be casted against this beast !!!

-When your party reaches the clock room, DISEQUIP Aerith at once. Strap her with
any lousy
armour or staff, don't give her any accessories as well. This is ... after this
part, she
is out of the them forever. You can always use her Limit breaks during the boss
later, since she takes more damage and increases her gauge faster.

-When you visit the bone village, remeber that you'll never make it to the end
forest without the Lunar Harp. Just dig around the lower left hand side of the
head tent.

-At the forest, wait either at the left or right hand side to collect a materia
in the air. The red orb floating around is what you want.

-At the shell village, you'll get another enemy skill materia at one of the
the one where you can rest. It's around the bed furthest from the ladder.

-Look carefully, for there are some items to be taken.

-Equip your party with water protection equipment. After Aerith dies, the Jenova
uses Aqualung and many water spells to attack. Good time for those with ENEMY
SKILL materia
to equip and learn the attack.

-Save game here, you're changing disc here !

-Follow your way out of the place, and get to Glacier Lodge village, the
of Aerith.

-At one of the houses, you can get the Glacier map, some items and info. Visit
house in the village for infomation and many other things.

-When Elena wants to slap Cloud .... just keep tapping Left as she readies to
She'll then tumble down the snow. Get the snowboard from the injured kid's house
and ride
your way into the snow.

-At the snowy place, remember that being in the snow for too long if harmful to
Explore around until you faint. Remember that you can only get what you missed
only at the
ending part of Disc 2 and the whole of Disc 3. Also, if you managed to make it
the southern
most part of map with a sign board, you can walk back to the village from here.

-When climbing up the mountain, remember to keep your body at 38 degrees before
climbing again.

-There are 2 puzzles to slove while inside the cave, one is getting a blouder to
clear a path
and the other is breaking 4 stalacities to go on. Also, in the caves is a red
colored spider
(Stilva) that has 2 Enemy skills to learn from. (Trine & Magic Breath)

-When facing the 2 headed sub-boss, steal a protect ring from it. The left head
is easily
subjected to physical attacks while the other is subjected to magical attacks.

-At the crater you have to fight your way up. There are barriers to crossed.
notice the
pattern, and cross with care. If you fail, dragons will attack you.

-Later at Junon, make your way to the Airport with Cait Sith and meet Yuffie
there. On the
way you can fight some enemies, without proper care, you might lose. When Tifa
tries to free
herself, you can press two buttons to combine a series of movement to escape.
Press your button
to slap the Shinra Bitch. Please don't lose, it won't look nice for Tifa !!!

-When flying, flying pass the Gold Saucer desert is extermely dangerous. you
might bumb into
a red color thing in the sand. It will release the Giant Ruby weapon to fight
you !!

-Get to Mideel, at the small island towards the south-eastern corner of the
map. There
you'll find Cloud but he is in no condition to fight. Before entering the town,
Tifa's materia if you need them, and have at least one of every Chocobo green.
forgot which)
Find a white chocobo and scratch the the chocobo's ear. You will get a power
magic materia,

-There is a key up at the balcony and walking around the side of the house (The
one that sell
accessories) and searching the ground. You'll find a key and use it on the door
at the weapon
shop, and then be honest to the shopkeeper to get a Cursed Ring !

-Get the elixir from one house and be honest to the owner. (Honesty is the best
policy here)

-After Tifa leaves the party to care for poor Cloud, Cid takes over the party.
You cannot
do several things at places when Cid is the leader of the party (If you bought
the villa at
Costa Del Sol, you cannot rest there.)

-Return to North Corel first (your choice) and do the train scene. You have to
climb from
the mountain path to get to the Reactor, and then ride another train to chase
You have
to quickly catch up with the train. Pull the controls quickly ! Only 10 mins to
spare !!!

-Hope you brought Barret along, so that he can clear up his name at Corel, only
if you
make it for this mission.

-Fight your way to the control car, on the way, try to steal from the Bird like
Eagle Gun, as it grants you the Warrior Bangle. During any fight you should not
cast any
summon magic as it takes to long for most of them to do damage.

-To stop the train, one clue which I think should work is to pull the controls
upwards. If
you make it, then the cinema of a train stopping will be shown. After that, you
should get
the ultima magic materia and also Barret's Final limit break from one black
inside the
town. Remember, pull the levels upwards and that's it !

-Oh yeah, you can access a hidden cinema at this point on about Cloud's past at
Just go to the lab downstairs and you'll see the flashback !

-Go to the Condor Fort for yet another fight. My advice is to let the enemy get
to your
fort and fight the commander. Steal from the commander and get the Imperial
armour here ! It is very useful for Cloud for the rest of the game !

-After all this, return to Mideel to look for Cloud. Before entering Mideel, I
advice your
party to change your materia on your armour so that an Earth Magic Materia is
linked with
an ELEMENTAL MATERIA. Everyone should do this, and then enter the town. There
will be an
earthquake and the party will see the Ultima Weapon flying around. Wait on it to
fight your
party, the first attack it often (99% sure of it) is a Quake 2 spell !! Hope you
took my
advice earlier. Steal a Curse Ring from it before it flies off.

-Inside the life stream part, just keep talking to all the different Clouds. You
never know
which you have to speak to.

-The party with Cloud on the team will have to return to the Junon Port to go
below to the
underwater reactor. You should talk to the guard guarding a big door at Junon
pay him
to access the upper levels of the base.

-When you make it to the underpass area, you have to fight your way down into
base below.
The guards here are still push-overs. When you get to the underwater tunnels,
morph an enemy
known as the Ghost ship for an item that you can trade later at Kalm.

-When you meet up with Reno at the Submarine base, you will fight a horrible
machine that
has two powerful arms to catch your party ! Once in it's grasp, your team-mates
are in
danger. Your best bet is to equip yourself with powerful weapons with materia
slots enough
to hold plenty of summons or magic materias. It's as easy as that, the boss is
also weak
to Lighting spells, so you have a save bet to destroy it fast with your magics.
Once you
win, you'll get the God's Hand, a 255% hit percentage weapon for Tifa. Equip
a DEATHBLOW materia for 100% deathblows !!! (A very important upgrade for the
team from
here onwards)

-Don't forget the Leviathian scales in the box next to the submarine. Take your
time to
search around, as this doesn't affect the headstart of the enemy submarine.

-I leave it to you whether to kill the Shinra guards, they will never put up a
fight, but leaving them alive shows you that those guys are acutally wimps.

-When you control the Submarine, your best bet is to get close to the enemy sub
and blast
away ! Just pummel your torpedos away, and the sub will then sink. Get it in the
first try,
as failure would meaning running through the bloody complex again, though I
about a
shortcut that you can take to get to another submarine.

-Beware of the ocean's biggest object swimming around. You don't wanna die in
it's hands,
although you can run from it.

-Use the submarine and locate the following things :-

*Sunken Plane near the coast of the Gold Saucer Desert (Near the only place at
the Gold
 Saucer where your Submarine can park)

*An Ancient Key, located under the northern island. Just keep searching until
find a
 path that leads you into a cavern with a spiky object erected in the cave's

*The Sunken submarine, a red object nearby the Junon Sea reactor. (Beware of the
 weapon, it swims around that area !!!)

*The cavern that leads you to the Waterfall. This is where you can get
 weapon and 4 level limit break manual.

*Killing the Emerald Weapon that swims around the whole ocean.

Other than this, there is nothing in the ocean for you to explore.

-It is possible that the Emerald Weapon just appear beside your Submarine when
you exit out of
the Sunken plane ! Just quickly float the Submarine up and he'll go away !


Okay, for those people who are really in need of an adventure or training, then
here. You'll collect some of the most important items for your party to enhance
themselves here, as well as the best training ground you'll have. (Until you get
to the
ending of the game that is.)

The Hallway of this plane has a save point and a chest. Have Yuffie here (Useful
Save game before heading into any of the rooms.

The first room near the save point has got several items. Use the following
instructions to get them ALL !

Once you enter, Go straight to the chest on your TOP right hand corner.
Next walk back to the other VISIBLE CHEST near the stairs.
Go down, and walk all the way to the left, then go straight up. Search and get
the CONFORMER - the Ultimate weapon for Yuffie (You'll need it, trust me !)
From the spot you stand, go all the way to the right and move up all the way.
Search here and get the added cut materia !

Okay, go back and save. If you have survived, then how do you feel about the
baddies here ? Using the Conformer, you'll beat them all in seconds. Strap the
MORPH MATERIA WITH A HP ABSORB MATERIA and you'll beat them real flat !
Steal from them different armour and morph them into different enhancements
for your statisics !!!

You'll face off with Reno and Rude here, at the room on the Hallway's left.
They are both tough here, my advice is to rob them both of their items,
as they really are enhancements ! Reno carries Sephiroth's TOUGH RING, and
Rude carries a ZIEDRICH, a materia-less armour of SUPER defence !
In the next room, you guys will get Cid's 4th level manual as well as another
summon materia (Hades) here.

NAME              GIL (With Gil Plus Materia equipped)      MORPH         STOLEN
Unknown 1 -       10000                            POWER SOURCE    FIRE ARMLET
Unknown 2 -       20000                            GUARD SOURCE    AUROA ARMLET
Unknown 3 -       15000                                  MAGIC SOURCE    BOLT
Serpent   -       5000                                    MIND SOURCE     WATER
Poodler   -       5000                                        SPEED SOURCE
Bad Rap   -       5000                              LUCK SOURCE        INK

Train here, trust me the experience you'll get is plenty, with Yuffie's morph +
trick used here, you'll reap rewards in no time !

-Okay, the last Huge materia to rescue is at Rocket Town, so go there and have
Cid in the
team, (He'll makes things more lively here.) and rush into town.

-You'll need to square of with Rude here. Steal another Ziedrich from him before
he loses.
Rude despite the fact that he's badly beaten, is not dead as yet !

-The passcode for the release of the materia inside the rocket is :-

-Upon returning to earth, return to COSMO CANYON to safekeep the huge materias
as moving on to another mission. Before you go, find the ancient key to save
next scene.

-Okay now that your party has gotten the 4 huge materias, it's time to trade
for easy to
use Master Materias ! At this point, you might only be able to get the BAHAMUT
ZERO materia,
if you had gotten the Bahamut & Neo-Bahamut to MASTERED level.

-To get the Master Command Materias of Yellow, Red & Green, you'll have to get
least one
of every materia of the 3 colors to master level. Red & green need everything,
while Yellow
only needs some of the materias. This means that you'll need to go get the
Knights of the
Round materia for the Red Master Materia.

-Oh yeah, fly your airship back to Midgar and talk to the man at the front of
city gate
about a missing key.

-Anyway, moving back to the story, you'll need to get to the ancient forest
again, if you
followed the tip from above, then go talk to the man and start digging once
again. Just go
all the way to the crshed aircraft's nose tip and search. You'll get the Midgar
city key
after trying. Your team should be facing north, the back of the characters's
is facing
the enterance and the front of the icons should face the nose tip.

-Getting the Midgar city Key, return to explore the old stomping grounds, and
few items
that should help you on the way. (Eg. Tifa's Ultimate weapon, Sneak Glove ..

-Once getting into the ancient city, a sequence should follow, after that return
to Midgar
once the Diamond Weapon resurfaces. Wait at the coast near Midgar and the thing
will fight
you once it comes into contact. Believe me, you'll better have Exp plus, Gil
as well as any weapon that doubles or triples the materia growth rate, as this
Weapon helps
you earn a hell lot of points ! Anyhow, do steal Yuffie's Rising Sun from it,
Conformer is more powerful, but the Rising Sun can gain 2x Materia Growth
best bet to destroy the Diamond Weapon is to keep using Trine or Lightning

-This next part is one part that needs a lot of time. Your next objective is to
drop into
the Midgar City and ruin Hojo's plans. Before this, you can do the following
objective first.

-Fly near Fort Condor. You see a familiar Black Dragon there ? It's the Ultimate
(A bastard Dragon ... you'll find out.) Strap your team with the right equipment
materias. Do have enemy skill materias and heavy assualt materias (HP absorb, MP
and many others) equipped. This bastard carries different items each time you
meet it,
so don't forget to steal from it. It will escape so just fly around and chase
You might get bumped off but it's finally burial ground is nearby the mountians
COSMO CANYON, which later allows access into the Ancient Mysterious Forest, for
another puzzle awaits. (OPTIONAL) You can learn the enemy skill, Shadow Flare
from it
before it dies ... Dangerous, as you might be killed.

-Okay if you're ready, the dangerous Midgar city adventure awaits ... you will
battle a
whole lotta bosses here, so keep your power up always. Also, this is one place
that you
can only return to once, so figure out how to get everything you see !

-If you had faced off with Reno and Rude at Wutai, then you'll have the chance
off a duel with the Turks ... advice is, that you shouldn't ! You'll get the
if you steal from the Turks :-
Elena will be carrying a Minerva Band (An armor for ladies)
Reno still carries a Tough Ring (A ring orginally owned by Sephiroth)
Rude still carries a Ziedrich (A powerful armor for those materia-less lovers)
This fight can be tough ... good luck defeating them all !

-Using elemental protection is handy for those who lost to the Turks. A lot of
and cure
spells are pretty useful for this fight if you plan to attack them every round.

-Search all Tunnels. Going Northwards will sent you to Shinra's HQ where you can
get somethings that you couldn't carry out the first time you visited. (Refer to
early chapters for details) and going Southwards, will grant you the W-item
Useful for an infamous duplication trick that really helps you along the way !

-When you fight the massive armor machine, it's best to keep everyone's status
I almost died fighting this bastard ... he's tough.

-When climbing up to get to Hojo, bring Barret and a treasure chest containing
Ultimate weapon, the Missing Score will be available. Without him, the item is
not there
at all.

-When you face off with Hojo, bring Vincient and RedXIII will not say great and
things for those who are really curious. I expected Vinicent to say something
about the
past and RedXIII to say something great but no they are quite lame here.

-Hojo is really easy to beat. At least have one character with Ultima materia
equipped and
his 2 & 3 forms are TOAST. If you've got Yuffie, use her Conformer + Morph trick
here and
it'll be even easier !

-After this part, the only thing you'll need to do, is to go into the final CD
and load
the final stage of this game. I won't spoil anyone's surprise here, but here are
tips to aid
your journey into the center of the planet to destroy the great Sephiroth.

+ There is no save point but rather, you'll get a Save Crystal. Do not activate
this item
until you get to the level where the party/everyone's deciding which path to

+ There are items to be collected, and they should be. It's worth to take
trip to
scoop all the items back as you train your party here.

+ It doesn't matter if you cheat here, the enemies are tough so morph them with
the Yuffie
Conformer Trick / Tifa's God Hand Deathblow Trick !

+ Remember that there is a way to return to the airship, only if you never made
it to the
core of the planet ! Your last chance to turn back is where everyone is waiting
to be
split up into 2 groups. (At the place where I advice you to place the save

+ Your party should take the left path if you intend to win the game fast.

+ Your party ought to take the right path, with Enemy Skill Materias equipped.
(Heroes !)

+ Sephiroth can be destroyed if you just keep using 4x cut ! Keep it up and he
rot away !

+ Safer Sephiroth's SUPER NOVA attack is worth hanging around for ... Cool

+ For those who wonder if Cloud will die in the final duel, try NOT pressing
anything at
once the time gauge fills up.


TIP'S OWNER : mike reilman 


-if you have found the Acc. "Ribbon", equip it on who ever is going in to
battle. This allows some of the handicapped events not take any effect.
Good way to cheat the system!

(Okay, commonly used technique to survive the Arena.)

-cast REGEN on yourself in here, which disables most abnormal statuses,
but it only lasts for 3-5 battles.

(Hmm .... I find this step is waste of time.)

-if you have the Ultima Weapon for Cloud, just keep doing normal attacks
on the creatures. The creatures were so far back in the game, you could
do about (what i've experienced) 9500HP damage! The time when your royaly
skrewed is when you have "all matiria broken" and "weapon broken".

(Hahahha ... I enjoy doing this one ...)


-if you get the "double-cut" matiria, equip it on Cloud's weapon,
have the Ultima Weapon equiped on him too, and you'll get maybe about
9000-14,000HP damage on enemies. Just wait till the 4xcut attack!!! Lots
of HP lost there!!!

(Try Yuffie's Conformer with a MORPH materia strapped. I had more fun using

-The Emerald Weapon (under water) gets stronger as you get stronger. At
level 72 I can't beat him still. Because his stupid Emerald Shoot attack
that does around 7500HP damage on me!

(Not entirely true. I don't know how to correct this one, but there are
some players that made an easy killing here.)

-Set Goals for yourself, for example, your going up against Safer
Sephiroth you might say you won't battle him until level 80. I'm going
for level 99 !

(Sephiroth will be MUCH more diffcult when you are at level 99. I think winning
him with a lower level sounds much cooler.)
(Can you imagine a kid saying this ? "I beat Sephiroth at level 20 ...")

-at the begining of boss battles, plan out what your going to do, so
once your time gauge fills up, you can quickly get to the attack you were
planning. This makes all of your players attack one after another, which
really racks up the HPs lost from the boss!

An example : I have Cloud summon a Neo Bahamut, Vincent with Bahamut,
and RedXIII with Odin or Hades, which totals up to
14,500HP-16,000HP of damage in one round!!!!

(A gentle reminder for those reckless people out there.)

-equipped an "all" matiria with a "restore" matiria. Make
sure that you have the spell REGEN in the ability list so you can cast it on all
your characters. REGEN prevents most abnormal statuses, and continually
heals the castee. Through tests, it heals between 25-40 HP a second.
Think about one minute! that would  be 1500HP-2400HP healed of time gauge
filling! Really useful in tough battles!

(Regen in many cases is a waste of time for me.)

-When fighting Godo in Wutai, use BOLT3 and ICE3 about 5 times, and you
should be easily beat him. Also cast REGEN on yourself and cast CONFU on
the healing head of Gogo so he heals you for about 1000HP.

(Godo's easy, depends on your level and skill.)

-Stay in the Waiti area for a long time and stock up in X-potions and
Phoenix Downs. I have 99 of each and in one battle I used 13 of them.
Always have 99 of each when battling bosses and going into new areas.
Believe me, you'll be coming back here to stock up on them agian near the
end of the game!! This also helps you get lots of money and exp.!

(I wouldn't do that ... there are OTHER MORE important things to train for
elsewhere ....)

-Give the "HP plus"  matirias to Vincient so his hit points get really
high and when he uses his limit breaks, up to 9999HP! I have the death
gigas limit break and he gets to 9999HP and he is unstoppable!

(No big deal. Vincient must be properly used in a correct situation to be
really unstoppable !)

-When you're impressing the new president (Rufus), if you do terrible, I
mean like nothing at all, you'll get silver glasses! (Dang!)

(Don't bother.)

-If you can get Aeris's second level 2 limit break (Fury Brand) this is a
good one to use on your foes. It increases your ally's limit breaks to
maximum (except for her's). Best time to use that is in the Gold Saucer,
where the dragon things increase your limit break like no tommarrow! Good
way to train your limit breaks!

(A little secret I kept from you readers, this helps in getting your limit
a higher level.)

-There is a boss-like creature in the Gold Saucer area. Use your
manipulate skill to control him. Once it is his turn to attack you,
you'll see he has the aqualung enemy skill!!! Use it on your party (It
does LOTS of damage so be prepared) and have a good skill throughout the

(Okay, you might want to do it with slightly stronger characters rather than the
first time you get to this location.)

-in the core of the planet (near the end of the game,) there is a
creature (not sure how it looks like but I think it has spikey arms or
somthing like that) it has a VERY useful Enemy skill called "pandramo's
box". Weird looking but alot of damage done.

(Pandora's Box has always been a deadly attack, so get it !)

- here's a chart of the first three bosses...
SPIDER BOSS-820-880 HP-????MP
AIRBUSTER-    1030-1100HP-0MP(it's mechanical)
SWAMP BOSS-1090-1140HP-????MP

(Why would you care ?)

- In sector 6, much damage is done to you here, train your limit breaks
and you'll have your second limit breaks in no time!

(Follow my tip in the walkthrough.)

-Steal Hi-potions from the motorcycle spiders

(No comments)

-when your at the house where you trade Mythril for Great Gospel, choose
the small box upstairs.

(Follow my tip in the walkthrough.)

-If you want to, you can get a bolt armlet from the guy (that gives you
Mythril). All u have to do is get your last two digits of battling the
same BEFORE the rocket town part.

(Not sure about this one.)

-In the cAve of Gi, the enemy skill is death sentance.


-Use "Choco/Mog" matiria to stop the spider sub-bosses. (80%

(Quite a tough bunch, those spiders can be a nightmare for

-Useing an Phoenix Down on the boss of Gi does kill him.

(Not much of a challenge though)

-In the Mansion(Neibliem) when you open the safe, you will have to fight
a boss. Use "choco/Mog" on him and he will stop 95% of the time.
When he is about to die, he morphs into a red thingy. Spells are basically
futile, so just use Deathblow and normal attacks.

(No comments)

-Before going to Wutai, Go back through the Mythril Mines and face the
Midgar Zolom. DO THIS ONLY IF YOU HAVE AT LEAST 1700hp average of your
party. Learn Beta enemy skill from him. It knocks about 1000hp out of you
so have lots of HPpluses.

(Try my tip in the walkthrough for more effect.)

TIP'S OWNER: ShadowMage7@webtv.net

The best place to gain levels is not the ship underwater, it is the
magic pots in the crater. give them an elixer then kill them. 1 wil give
u 8000exp 1000ap. yes 1000. this is VERY usefull. they are found on the
left path in the swapey area.

(Depends on where you want to train. I still say the Underwater plane is cool.)



Being the main hero of the story, he cannot leave the party unless the story
states he's
not in. Cloud is basically an attacker and no way should he be placed as a
healer or
BACKUP fighter ! His weapons are able to deal heavy damage, with the proper
levels and

Useful Weapons :-
Hard Edge, Butterfly Edge, Organics, Crystal Sword, Apocalypse, Ultima Weapon

Useful Limit Breaks :-
SHOULD UPDATE HIM AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE. For players lazy to get his level 4
stick to Level 3 then. He really packs a wallop.

Useful Materia chain for him :-
Enemy skill, HP absorb + mastered Steal, Counter + Mastered Knights of the Round
Mime + Counter, and as much HP plus as possible for his Ultimate Weapon.

Best Weapon info :- ULTIMATE WEAPON ~ Keep HP as high as possible, as the more
you have is
the more damage dealt.

Barret is the founding father of Avalanche and acts as Cloud's backup attacker
What he lacks is MP but his attack power kind of made up for that. He should not
be a
front line fighter unless he has close combat weapons, other than that, he
inflicts pain
from back rows at the same time, taking less damage from the back position he's
at. Unless,
your fave character is him, he should rot waiting for some action. Bring him for
Huge Materia mission and the Midgar Assualt at Disc 2, that's where he shines !

Useful Weapons :-
Atomic Scissors, W Machine Gun, Enemy Launcher, AM Cannon, Maximum Ray, Missing

Useful Limit Break :-
Forget his level 4, go for his level 3 breaks and you'll win big time !

Useful Materia Chains :-
HP Absorb + Steal, Counterattack, Mime

Best Weapon info :- MISSING SCORE ~ The better your Materias are, the stronger
the weapon.
So place MASTERED MATERIAS and you'll hit big time !

She's the main reason why FF7 had so much problems with people hacking to get
her. She's
the party's main Magic healer and attacker. Other than that forget about her,
dies at
the end of Disc one and really not so worth it to try training her up. I
that she and Cloud can make it as lovers but she died ... what a cursed fate.

Useful Weapons :-
Striking Staff, Wizard Staff, Prism Staff, Aurora Rod, Princess Guard

Useful Limit Break :-
Everything she's got. She has no doubt the game's most useful limit breaks, but
the level
4 one is the best. Try to get and use it once before she dies and you'll know
what I'm
talking about !

Useful Materia Chains :-
Anything, as she a real magic attacker, strap her with anything magical in

Best Weapon info :- PRINCESS GUARD ~ It's the only Ultimate Weapon that acutally
earns AP
unlike all the rest. It enhances as she defends her team-mates.

The babe of the game, Tifa is the next strongest attacker after Cloud. However,
her place
is more often taken over by Cid and Yuffie, only after they have earn their best
weapons or
have extremely powerful levels. She possesses the strength to really drain enemy
HP, so
try her. She's got a powerful cheat in one of the weapon, known as the GOD-HAND
cheat which
I mention earlier.

Useful Weapons :-
Grand Glove, Tiger Fang, Diamond Knuckle, Dragon Claw, Crystal Grab, God's hand

Useful Limit Break :-
Just upgrade to level 4, her attacks keep getting more deadly as you upgrade.

Useful Materia Chain :-
Death Blow + HP Absorb (Only on the weapon God's Hand), HP-absorb + Steal,
Contain +
added effect

Best weapon info :- Premium Heart may be the acutally ultimate weapon for her,
but it
really sucks in battle. It's weak and not really worth getting. Instead, abuse
the 255%
hit rate of God's Hand and do deadly damage on every one you see ! Therefore
the best wepon for Tifa, despite the low materia space it has !

You can forget about using this guy for most part of the game, as he isn't as
valuable as
other members ! RED XIII is able to support much battles in Disc 1 but ends up
useless for
many missions. He shines as a backup but Barret's a better choice than him. Use
him as a
healer or a backup fighter.

Useful Weapons :-
Diamond Hairpin, Silver Barrette, Gold Barrette, Adamantium Clip, Crstal Comb,
Seprah Comb,
Behemoth Horn, Limited Moon

Useful Limit Break :-
Stick to level 3 or 2. His level 4 isn't worth anything either.

Useful materia chain :-
I advise players to invent a proper chain for him. Remember that he isn't really
worth it
but throw in Double Cut, Mime, Steal with HP/MP absorb and he's great as a
fighter too !
Also, he can act as a bonus character, by carrying those materias like Gil up,
Enemy Lure
and other independent materias !

Best Weapon info :- Limited Moon ~ With more MP he's left, the damage
increases ... Worth
it ? I don't think so !!!

One character that really whacks Cloud's attacking power out is Cid. His power
than Cloud anytime, so he's also worth keeping in your main party. He shines at
any point
of the game, but don't forget to train his limit breaks when you get him !

Useful Weapons :-
Trident, Mast Axe, Partisan, Dragoon Lance, Spirit Lance, Flayer, Venus Gospel

Useful Limit break :-
For damage, anything from level 3 to 4 is good enough.

Useful Materia Chain :-
Counterattack, and anything listed at Cloud's section.

Best Weapon info :- Venus Gospel is supposed to be the best, but it needs more
to become
stronger ! Anyhow, FLAYER is better as more damage is dealt with it and it gains
AP !

For those who enjoy the sight of big things, Cait here is one character that's
cute and
deadly as well. You might not see the person of this guy, but he is the Shinra
named Reeve. (The finance minster of Shinra !) Cait's attacks aren't strong and
MP too is
weak. But strap him with any Summon type of materia with HP and MP plus, he's
useful. One
thing about him too, you can find his items almost everywhere you go.

Useful Weapons :-
Green M-phone, Blue M-phone, Gold M-phone, Crystal M-phone, Battle Trumpet,
Starlight Phone
HP Shout

Useful Limit Break :-
Using level 1, you can deal out damage from dice roll. A full set of six is as
good as
getting hit with Super-Nova or worst ... his level 2 is jackpot which has a risk
of killing
everyone (Allies) with the wrong a set of pictures formed ! Choose well as each
has it's
own set of benefit and disadavantage ! It is also possible to kill Safer
Sephiroth with his
level 2 break. (Get 777 and it's ALL OVER for your foes !)

Useful Materia Chain :-
Anything that is magical and two or more spaces for HP and MP plus materias.

Best Weapon info :- HP SHOUT ~ The more MP you have, the greater damage. Worry
not, even
at low MP rates, as long as level is high, this rule might be overwritten.

Trust me, this thief is gonna be your member during the final clash with Safer
She's a ninja thief, out for stealing your party's materia as well as grow
stronger. She
never really cares about others, but her attacks are the 3rd strongest in the
game !
She should be trained as soon as she joins your party ! Don't put her in front,
just strap
her behind the party !

Useful Weapons :-
Pinwheel, Hawk Eye, Twin Viper, Magic Shuriken, Rising Sun, Oritsuru, Conformer

Useful Limit Break :-
Stay at level 3 ! Her Level 4 doesn't really do damage for stronger foes !

Useful Materia Chain :-
HP Abosrb + Morph (Conformer only), HP Absorb + Steal, Double Cut (Mastered)

Best weapon info :- CONFORMER ~ The stronger your foes are, the more damage
to your
foe. Using Morph on your enemies will do tons of damage, and will morph them

Vincient Valentine-
An ex-Turk who was recreated into a monster by Hojo, this guy is deadly. His
limit breaks
are really dangerous, but at times, not useful ! Your team should carry this guy
often if
you plan to equip him with his best weapon. Keep him as a backup fighter as he
works best
behind the attackers.

Useful Weapons :- Shotgun, Shortbarrel, Winchester, Peacemaker, Long-range
Sniper CR
Supershot ST, Outsider, Death Penalty

Useful Limit break :-
Upgrade to level 4 as quickly as possible.

Useful materia chain :-
Death Blow + HP Absorb (Long Range Rifle & Sniper CR only), Manipulate + Steal,
HP Absorb +
Steal or any attack materia

Best Weapon info :- DEATH PENATLY ~ This weapons accounts for those foes dead in
hands. If the kill rate of his is low, I advise you to switch to OUTSIDER, which
AP gain as well as a fair sum of damage !


Okay, I got this mail from someone (Vertgo4731@aol.com) who wrote to me about
items he got from the Fort Condor Battles. It's an interesting list of items so
try to find all items. Some of them I heard have no effect, they are just
that's all !

Here's the list :-
Magic Comb
Seraph Bomb (Contact the person to find out more about this item.)
Peace Ring
Tinctures (I have heard about these items being useless.)
Pheonix Materia (Quest item)
Huge Materia (Quest item)

Pretty cool listing eh ?

The case of that G-spot :

First it was found at the Myrthil Mines, pulling the levels at Yuffie's house
and then later during the hunt of Lunar Harp.

Shit, it's the case of that G-spot, the one which allows players to climb up a
ladder or rope to get somewhere else !

As diffcult as finding a real G-spot (Sorry if this phrase is offending to
some !),
you'll need to do 2 things, One: return to Windows and change your keyboard
typing speed to the max. Second: move near the area which you cannot climb up
and keep moving along the object and hit your interaction button (Default as
Enter Button) and if you do find the spot, you'll automatically climb up !

It's not simple at all, but I really wish that the Square or Edios acutally came
with patch to correct this matter. It looks stupid that a ladder is so wide and
only climb it from an angle ! Bloody irritating !

Protection or Destruction :- Use of the added effect materia

Take a materia that has a certain effect and equiped it linked to an Added
materia. Check your status screen and look at your protection chart. If you
your added effect and materia on the weapon, you'll hit your foes with an extra
effect. If you equiped it on your armour, then you're protected from that
effect's harm.

Many people don't know how this used, but I'll tell you, it's important. Try to
earn as
many added effect if you're intending to have an easier time in the game.

Some well known match ups and effects :- (AE = Added Effect)
Note : Due to the long period of time that I have not played the FF7 game, there
will be some info being omitted. I will update if I have the chance !

Contain + AE = Attack - Stop foe, stone foe (Death), Protection from being stone
to death
or frozen in time.

Destruct + AE = Attack - Kills foe outright, Protection from Death spells.

Elemental spell materia + AE - Attack - Attack enhanced with elemental spell
Protection from the element

Mystify + AE = Attack - confusion, Protection from confusion

Seal + AE = Attack - sleep, silence, Protection from sleep and being silenced

Time + AE = Attack - Slow or Stop time of foe, Protection from any Slowing or
of time on player.

Transfrom + AE = Attack - Turns foe into Frog or Mini person, Protection from
Frog or Mini

Alexander + AE = Attack - Attacks enhanced with Holy, Protection from Holy

Hades + AE = Attack - Mixed and random effects on foe, Protection from a list of

Ifreet, Shiva, Phoenix, Titan, Choco/Mog Kujata, Leviathan & Ramu + AE =
Attack - Respective element damage enhancement, Protection from respective

If anyone knows extra effects or mistakes, please E-mail me at once !

Some matters to clear up -

There is no possible way to revive Aerith. (I'll kill the next idiot who insist
this is
possible !)

There is no unlimited gil trick. It's a bloody rumour ! (Max, if you're reading
then we can start laughing about this matter !)

There is no way Sephiroth will ever join the party. If he did, then who's left
fight in the end !

You cannot change your name after you set it the first time ! You can however
download a Trainer (Cheating program) which allows you to edit your player

You can view the game's full motion videos from the CD, just use Windows
locate the movie files in the disc. Each disc has it's own movies, several are


All the thanks to these following people ....

Squaresoft and Edios - Thanks fro bring FF to the PC but no thanks for the
problems you caused us gamers !!!! :(

The ever great F**king "O" Ong Kok Hwee - My mentor who guided me through the
tough parts !

My loving Rei Ayanami - Love ya ALWAYS !!! :)

Anthony G Willis - Thanks to this guy, I beat this game with some tips from him

All those E-mails - For reminding me of mistakes, extra tips & info and also
problems to help others !! Also the comments send !


                        E-MAIL TO : billykane@edsamail.com.sg

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