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Читы для Forgotten: It Begins, The

Чит-файл для Forgotten: It Begins, The

It Begins, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Ransom Interactive
Издатель:DreamCatcher Interactive
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 20 ноября 1999 года

Даты выхода игры

вышла 1 ноября 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

After the introductory movie you are deposited in a study. Examine everything.
Notice the collection of artifacts around the room; does the picture of the
in the aviator outfit look familiar? Look in the garbage can. There's a letter
there to Richard from someone else, read it. Go to the desk. Open middle drawer,
there's a poem inside. Open the box on desk. Inside you will find your inventory
backpack. You can now place items in your inventory for later use. Click on
directional globe, it will automatically go in a special slot. This globe can be
clicked on in order to back out of close-ups, etc. Read the letter from Richard
to you asking for your help and filling you in on more of the story. Grab and
drag the gun and watch it go into your inventory. Grab and drag the box over to
the side. Underneath is a card. Click on the card and it will begin to rotate.
Click on the face and you are immediately transported to ...

The Street

Behind you is a gate. You can unlock one of the locks with your card but there's
no point right now, unless you have all three, as per the poem. Go up the stairs
to the hotel and notice the door is barred from the outside. Look at the strange
symbol on the wall. Turn around down the steps and turn right into the alleyway.
There's a garbage bin there. Click on it and it will reveal pages of a diary.
More of the story to learn. Turn around and head across the street to the other
alley. Click on the book and watch a gruesome movie clip. I wonder who that was?
Try going to the end of the street, you find out it's a mirage. Go back down the
street and follow the sound of the creaky sign to the only door that you can go
in which is the ...

Apothecary Shop

Examine everything in the shop. Check out the door at the other end, it
when you touch it. Look at the strange clock on the wall, its hands are moving
backwards. Underneath the clock is a bowl of water with strange symbols around
it. Pay attention to the order of those symbols. Just for fun, try beating the
drum and crushing some bones. You have to click on the lid and grab and drag the
bones one by one into the container. Then turn the handle and watch the skull
to the side. You now have to find a way out of there. Click on the red carpet
it will slide open to reveal a puzzle. Press the stones in the same order as the
clue by the water bowl under the clock. Bottom, middle, left bottom, left top,
right bottom, right top, top. A trap door will open showing stairs going below.

Torture Chamber

Go down the ladder and head down the tunnel until you reach a boarded up
entrance. Click on the lamp and the door will open. The lamp automatically goes
into your inventory. Go through the doorway and you will see the bloody remnants
of a torture chamber. Click on the little worktable in the corner. Open the
drawer and take the key. Drag the key to the keyhole of the middle door. This
opens up to a prisoner's cell. After you have rattled the chains and flushed the
toilet, open the book and read the diary entries. Take the key. Insert the key
the door on the right and you are now in ...

The Wine Cellar

Nothing much except wine here. There's another door, try exiting through there.
Ouch! What's this? A dumbwaiter! Click and drag the handle to the halfway point.
Climb in and push the handle all the way up. Enjoy the ride.

Hotel Lounge and Lobby (Present)

Climbing out of the dumbwaiter you enter into the run-down lounge of the hotel.
There's mysterious unintelligible whispering around you. Go through the doorway,
then turn right and grab the handle of the double door and slide open. You're in
the lobby. Your eye is drawn to the only object in the room, the registration
book. Open the book. Click on the pen and drag it into the inkwell, then onto
book. The pen begins to write a name, but before you can read it, you are sucked
into a time rift and propelled back into the past when the hotel was

Hotel Lounge and Lobby (Past)

Click on the letter in the slot. Out it jumps onto the counter along with a key.
Read the letter to Amy, it tells you that Richard has hidden the floor key in
lounge. Pick up the key and you get a close-up of room no. 814. Go into the
lounge (which is now in its original condition). Notice the dumbwaiter has an
of-service notice on it. Examine the phonograph, but it won't work without a
record. On one of the tables is a card and some money. Take the card. Look at
player piano. The close-up reveals a card-sized slot on the side. Drag the new
card into the slot. Immediately, the piano begins to play. This triggers the
opening of a secret compartment in the wall. Inside is a key with the number 8
it. Take the key to the elevator in the lobby. Inside the elevator, drag your
floor key in the number 8 slot. Pull the handle and up you go.

On the eighth floor, take the straight hallway to the end. At room number 814,
drag your key to the keyhole.

Richard's Room

Examine everything, starting with the strange marking on the wall. Click on the
radio and turn the station, but what you receive is garbled. On the other side
the bed is a music box. While you are enjoying a nice version of Moonlight
Sonata, double-click on the diary pages. You learn about the diabolical
and his grisly voodoo distractions as he locates a secret compartment in the
elevator. (You must complete a few steps first before using this.) Take the
dismantled card. Take the record and examine bible in the drawer below. Go into
the bathroom and turn on both taps. Out comes a key! This is the key that will
enable you to go back down to the lobby. Coming out of the bathroom, you are
treated to a cool video. Go back to the elevator and put the key in the bottom
slot. Pull the handle.

Hotel Lobby and Lounge (Past)

In the lounge, place the record on the base of the phonograph. Crank the handle.
While Amazing Grace plays, a secret compartment will open. Inside is a key with
the emblem of the Romanovs, the two-sided eagle. Along with it is a piece of
paper with a type of secret square written on it. Put the key in the number 7
slot in the elevator, it works! Pull the handle and back up you go, now to the
seventh floor.

Wandering the halls you try all the doors and the only one that will open is the
utility room located down the left hallway at the end.

Utility Room

Turn the tap handle; this will unlock the crate so you can move it. The crate is
moved underneath a grate that can be reached now. Turn both screws and click on
the grate. Inside are tickets to Santa Fe (to be used in Episode 2?), a card,
a key with the Romanov marking. Head straight down the hallway, past the
to the second door on the left with the same marking. Unlock the door and enter
the room of Nicholas II.

Nicholas's Room

Examine the statue. There's a poem requesting the return of its eye. Look in the
mirror; you see Crowley etched in the dresser. Read Nicholas's journal, you
discover that there's a different reason for the disappearance of the Royal
Family than listed in the history books. Examine the map on the table. Recognize
the symbols? Look at the Faberge egg, there's an imprint of a card on it. The
open doorway is yet another illusion. Examine the lamp. Notice the red glow in
the right one? Click on the lamp and try to take the jewel. You receive a shock.
Unscrew the light bulb on the left and now you can safely take the jewel.
the jewel in the eye socket of the statue. You receive a card with the same
drawing as the egg. Place the new card on the Faberge egg. A nice animation of
the egg opening occurs. There is a key inside that fits the door to ...

Anastasia's Room

Look at the maps and calculations. Examine the pictures and personal effects of
Anastasia, and read another letter. Examine the jewelry box on the dresser.
Another card-shaped slot. Place the blue card in the slot. The music box opens
and while playing a tune moves the wall uncovering a secret room. Inside the
room, read the journal and take the matches. Return to the elevator.


In the elevator, click on the panel by the floor. Turn the key until the
starts up. The ceiling drops down when the elevator stops at the attic. Climb
and press the large button to the motor room. There's another large button;
it and click on the door to the attic. Examine everything in the attic. You
notice Thibodeau's top hat. You can push it around, but nothing happens. At the
candle, take out the matches. Select a match, strike it on the cover and light
the candle. The lit candle reveals a crate. When you open the crate you notice
the other piece of the dismantled card. Fit both pieces together. The card
activates. Click on it again and you are transported forward through time.


Back in the hotel lounge (present), click on the mirror and watch the movie.
Richard strips you of your inventory but leaves you with a letter of
After you finish reading, a card appears. Click on the card and listen to the
nice music while watching the credits.

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