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Читы для Fork in the Tale, A

Чит-файл для Fork in the Tale, A

Fork in the Tale, A

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:AnyRiver Entertainment
Издатель:AnyRiver Entertainment
Жанры:Adventure / Arcade / For Adults / Int.Movie

Даты выхода игры

вышла 28 февраля 1997 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
General Tips:

The following tips should help you throughout the game.

Click on icons quickly as they appear on screen. You may be penalized for not
acting and you may also miss opportunities for points, action, and
conversation. Best of all, clicking on icons is the best way to realize all
the humor embedded in the game.

If you are uncertain as to the meaning of an icon, click anyway. You'll soon
discover the meanings through usage and will learn how to use actions

No action can lead to certain death. This is not a story on a rail. You have
free will to make choices but just sitting there will not advance the story

Use aggression, passivity, or cooperation as appropriate to the situation Your
reaction will guide the conversation, the action, or place you'll go. You will
learn to select actions and tones appropriate to the personality your are
dealing with (these are conversational puzzles).

Play scenes several different ways to fully realize the ability of choice
imbedded in the game. You will also see the seamlessness of the video and
audio edits.


There are many worlds within the universe. They are all connected and can be
entered if you can access 'the portal' or other devices such as the Rendalla
band. The islanders of Eseveron were transported from other worlds, primarily
from the lost island of Atlantis. In the final days of Atlantis it became
clear that the Defiance, if it didn't get its way, would blow up the island.
Some of the Atlantans escaped before the explosion while others who were
wearing Rendalla bands were able to transport themselves to a new dimension.
After the devastation of Atlantis, its remaining citizens restored their
culture On Eseveron. However, things are no longer right. The Forest spirits
are in an uproar; Pyrodarts, formerly a stunning device, now kill. The King
and his right led man, Cage, want to burn down the Forest and kill the
Amalions (men-hating woods women). The King fears there is another defiance
afoot, the same sort that blew up Atlantis. They want to unlock the code to a
bomb and use it against the Defiance. They are enlisting scientists by force
to break the protective code.


Story Line: You are going about your own life, walking through a parking lot
when you accidentally step into a scuffle between a pretty girl, an older man,
and a gang of hoodlums. You take a bullet in the chest or back depending on
your level of courage.

The woman kneels over you and slips a glowing bracelet called a "Rendalla
Band" on your arm. She whispers, "Here' take this. It's your only chance. Look
for me on the other side."

The thugs run over and start fighting when they see the band on your arm They
determine they'll "get it on the island" and run off.

Paramedics arrive. The lead medic picks up your arm, the Rendalla has
disappeared and a glowing Dragon Tattoo replaces it. "You have been chosen my
son." He shocks you with defribillators and you are transported through a
portal connecting different worlds and dropped off the shores of the island of
Eseveron. You will learn that Eseveron is a parallel dimension, populated by
the people you saw in the parking lot and a lot more characters. You could not
survive on Earth without a Rendalla. Your only chance is to gain energy and
power on Eseveron and return to your Earthly body with more strength.

The Parking Lot Scene:
Hint: Help the girl and you'll move forward in the game faster. If you act
cowardly during the shoot out you'll die slowly in the bureaucracy of the
hospital waiting room.

Note: There's a consistent theme throughout the game's story line. You are an
unlikely hero. In fact you're not a hero, just a regular guy who stumbles into
the role. But to win the game, you need to become a hero and that means acting
heroically. It's the story of growing bigger (emotionally and 'karmically').

Click on the Icons: In addition to arrows and gesturing men icons, there are
Memories and Self Talk icons. They look like clouds. The Memories enable you
to ask about people or places later. The Self Talk is comic.

Tips: When you land in the ocean and need to swim, there will be directional
arrows. Follow the direction of the fish unless you hear an ominous sound,
then go in the opposite direction of the fish. Follow the sea turtle to get
help in understanding your next goal on land.

Your welcoming committee consists of a band of men trying to run you down on
horseback. Use the icons that come up such as Memories, and Looking around to
get your bearings for use later in communications.

Be aggressive and takethe horses head on. You'll get points for dodging the
animals. Four stars and you escape to flee with Naranya (the woman in pink
gown who was in the parking lot).
Go back in the water: possible shark attack. Would weaken you and you'll end
up on the hospital bed with surgeons desperately trying to remove the bullet
from near your heart.
Lose the horse dodge game and get captured by the King's men. Go to dungeon on
Castle Grounds.

The underlying objective on CD 1 is to find out where you are, how you got
there, and what you are supposed to do to get back home. You do this by making
your way successfillly though the forest to the wise man, Mersham. Before
doing so you'll explore the Castle Grounds and gather key information about
the King, his men, the Amalions, and the Defiance. Before leaving you'll gain
power in the form of an Entropy Tracker, a tool for locating and calming
disturbed energy.

You will roam through the Forest alone and with companions in the game. The
Forest is the domain of the Amalions, a tribe of women who live close to
nature, but hate men. The King's henchmen search the Forest looking for you
and Naranya. Amalions and the King's henchmen all pose a threat to you ranging
from death to capture. There are also plans afoot to burn down the Forest
because of a suspected Amalion uprising. An 8 star game appears. You earn
stars by evading capture. Earn enough stars and you make it through the Forest
to where Mersham is waiting.
Tips: If following Naranya, stay close. It's easy to lose her in the chase.
Click on concentric circle icons as you are running. They will enable you to
fend off your pursuers and gain points toward an explanation.
Hint: When memory icons come up, click on them. You'll learn more about your
situation and the mystery on the island later in conversations.

Forest Spirit Puzzle: The puzzle represents the disturbance of the Forest
Spirits. You need to learn the magic gesture to calm them. Only then can you
encounter Mersham (Lead Medic on Earth and powerful shaman on Eseveron).
Hint: Guide the hand in a motion which appears to change the pattern of the
confetti-like shapes and colors. Start in the upper left corner and try
different directions of the hand. When there is a deliberate-looking change in
the pattern, continue moving in the same direction. All of the gestures in the
Competitor and Hero levels are made of 3-5 straight shapes connected at right
angles such as stair steps. In Visitor, any movement across the screen will

Meeting Mersham: You will learn about the Rendalla, the King's Men, other
worlds, and about Caring, True Power, Helpfulness and Gratitude; all
information that will help you build up energy, unravel the island's mystery
and get you to Earth in a condition which will allow you to survive the

The Luma Seed: This is a magical object that appears throughout the game to
dispense information and assistance, or give you a magical power that you have
earned. At the end of CD 1, the Luma Seed will appear with a puzzle. Solve the
puzzle and you earn the Entropy Tracker, a device you'll need for locating
energy disturbances.

Solving the Entropy Tracker Puzzle: This is a gesture problem similar to the
Forest Spirit puzzle. Guide the hand to direct the formation of a shape
constructed of right angles. Continue moving in a direction when the shape
takes on a more solid form. It will begin as a wisp and end as a top-like


When you are captured, if you aren't killed, you'll be tossed into the
dungeon. Here you'll meet the Castle Architect, a quirky fellow with lots of
secrets. He knows you want to go home. He'll help you on your way if you bring
him information. The "Key" to your release from the dungeon is bringing back 5
pieces of information you'll glean from listening in on conversations on the
castle grounds. These make up your 5 quests on CD 1. Information does not need
to be gathered all at once. You can leave the castle grounds with help of the
Architect's magical map.

Negotiating the Castle Grounds:
When you are on an Information quest 4 arrows will come up pointing N. S. E,
W. (there will be fewer arrows if you are in an easier mode.)
The North Arrow leads you to a door directly in front of you. This is the
entrance to the main area in the Castle. Once inside there is a door on the
left, and a flight of stairs to the right. Up the stairs there are two more
doors. You will explore these rooms at various times.
The East Arrow takes you to a door opening into the Lab.
The South Arrow turns you around to explore the Castle Grounds. There are
several conversations to overhear throughout the grounds.
The West Arrow takes you down a corridor. On the right you'll see a door under
the decking. That is the backdoor to the dungeon. Use it to report back to the
Castle Architect without the pain of getting captured and thrown into the

If you are very wounded or killed on Eseveron, you become conscious of your
weakened body still hanging onto life in the parallel dimension of Earth. Due
to the bullet lodged right next to your heart-you're almost a goner. You will
not survive on Earth unless you accumulate more energy on Eseveron. After a
dreamlike re-entry into your body on the surgical table, you are transported
back to Eseveron's waters for another attempt at gaining energy. As the story
unfolds you will lean about many ways to build

Overview of CD 2: Geared up with the Entropy Tracker given to you by the Luma
Seed, you'll have the tools to negotiate this level. You start out in the
forest with Naranya but within moments you'll have the following story action
Continue with her through the forest;
Get captured and go to the Castle Dungeon,
Arrive at the Black Smith's Forge,
Have a run-in with Amalions;
Get captured by Amalions and entered into a fight to the death
The underlying objective is to meet the Blacksmith and get his magic Dragon
Staff and then follow the "Daughters" to the Inn. Additionally, you'll get
information to further the story and understand the events to unravel the
island's mystery.

Story: The Black Smith has been blinded literally and metaphorically by his
inability to understand Time Power. He is an exceptionally hard worker and
dedicated to forging magical weapons. Recently his most important research
manuals and formulas have been stolen. When you arrive he believes you are the
thief comingback for more.
Tips: The Blacksmith will try to club you. Keep silent. He will also attack
Naranya. Attempt to help her by distracting the Blacksmith. Do not abandon her
if she goes down and becomes unconscious. If you remain in the forge and both
Naranya and the Blacksmith are felled, a bomb-like device will be activated.
You will need to solve the Panel Puzzle to deactivate it.

Panel Puzzle Solution:
Each button and switch activates one of the other buttons or switches on the
panel. The key is to try each one, map out what it activates and then follow
the pattern that the panel generates. There is a secret button on the panel
behind the lever.

Labyrinth to Core
After solving the Panel Puzzle you fly through a labyrinth of tunnels leading
you to the Power Core. In order to negotiate to this core you'll need the
Entropy Tracker. Click on the Tracker. Depending on the setting of the
difficulty mode, you may or may not need to do the magic gesture to activate
its power. The Tracker has a red pointer at the top. The pointer vibrates when
it detects energy disturbances. Train the Tracker over the tunnels to
determine which one you should enter. Enter where the disturbance is highest.
You need to make this decision and click before you fly out of the tunnel you
are in. If you are late, you'll fall into the chasm and will lose points. At
the end of the labyrinth you'll hit the Power Vortex. Click on the right spot
and it will transport you back to the Blacksmith.

Blacksmitht's Conversational Puzzle
Story: The Blacksmith shuns everyone in quest of his work. He is a bully and
abuses his powers. He sees you as weak and decides to take your Rendalla band.
This is life threatening to you.

Conversational Puzzle: The game includes four main conversational puzzles. The
first one you'll encounter is with the Blacksmith. In these scenes, skilled
conversation, rather than physical action, is key to winning. Getting tbrough
these scenes successfully requires that players:
Figure out what sort of attitude will work against the antagonist
Choose the right speech acts and movements when they are presented.

Tips: To win the Blacksmith's Conversational Puzzle first you must confront
him aggressively. Be forceful. Click on theTrue Power memory.

Blacksmith's Dragon Staff
Ask the Blacksmith's wife for something. She'll give you the Dragon Staff,
which will evolve into a defensive shield. You'll need this to shield yourself
though the forest. The LumaSeed will explain its defensive powers.

You will need the magic staff given to you by the blacksmith's wife to
successfully negotiate the forest, thwart the Pyrodarts, and defend against
the Amalion traps and King's Henchmen.

Amalion Encounter: They believe you are one of the Swale (Swine/Male)
attempting to burn down their forest and kill them. If captured they will
throw you into a fight-to-the-death with one of Arisar's men.
Tips: In the fight, click quickly on icons. As you play you will learn their
meanings: punch, hold, directional moves, rolls, pushes, karate chops. When
your energy is flagging use a defensive move such as a push to the side or
spin, rather than an energy consuming offensive move.

Using the Magic Dragon Staff: Depending on your level of difficulty, click on
the icon, make magic gesture to activate, click to ward off Pyrodarts and
other threats.

Hint: Defending against Pyrodarts requires waiting until dart teas been
launched. Click too soon and your defense is down by the tune dart nears you.
Note: When Dragon Shield drops away from Dragon, re-energize by clicking on

Daughter Chase: The Blacksmith suggests you go to the Inn and find Eleusia
After arming yourself with the staff, you take the West Trail through the
forest. It's heavily inhabited with Amalions and the King's men. You'll deal
with them using the Staff. However, you'll also spot beautiful maidens in the
distance. Click the rectangular icon when you see them. You will need to spot
and tag all 10. They are Eleusia's daughters and will lead you to the Inn.

Story: You gather information by spying around the Castle. You learn:

Conlin appears to be Naranya's father, a highly regarded research scientist on
Earth who studies ancient civilizations. He stumbled onto evidence that an
ancient civilization found a way to travel inter-dimensionally. He links the
travels to the Rendalla band and secures one for himself and his daughter
Conlin is being held by the King to decipher the protective code encasing a
bomb that the king would like to use. A group of scientists is working on the
encryption with Conlin. However, Conlin is stalling to prevent the information
falling into the King's hands.
The King believes Naranya is one of the leaders of the New Defiance and orders
her captured. He believes he can get to the others through her.
Eleusia, the Inn Keeper, is also targeted by the King for capture.
The King's Men talk of mutiny. Eleusia is everyone's surrogate mother, a
kindly, woman with 10 lovely daughters. They cannot believe she is a member of
the Defiance.
Arisar wears a half heart locket around his neck. His infant daughter wore the
other half He lost her as an infant when Atlantis blew up. He believed her
dead all these years but recently has word that she may be alive on another


Overview of CD 3
You have just arrived alone at the Inn. If you approach the Inn you will meet
the Inn Mother, Eleusia -- if you leave, you will go to the Castle. The
objective is to meet Eleusia, go upstairs to meet the other "Guest" and then
get the Celesphere from Eleusia

Story: Eleusia and her daughters have forgotten the true meaning of Help, and
often smother their guests with food and attention. They currently have one
guest when you arrive, Naranya, and she is very sick.

Tips: Do not become distracted by Eleusia's daughters. Your goal here is to
meet the other guest. You will gain points for asking about the guest and you
will loose points if you ask to see more of Eleusia's daughters. Eleusia will
occasionally try to take the staff away from you. She will always be
frightened by it, which will give you enough time to click on the icon and
grab your staff back. If see takes the staff, her daughters will go outside
with it, and you will have to chase them through the forest to get it back.
Once you have earned enough points to see the other guest, approach the

Eleusia's Staff Puzzle
Eleusia and her daughters will try to stop you from going upstairs. If you try
to talk to any of them you will be smothered and loose your staff. The only
solution here is to use your staff to repel Eleusia and her daughters. Time
your activation of the staff carefully. If you use the staff to early you will
lose it.

Eleusia's Conversation Puzzle
Story: Eleusia will try to stop you from seeing the other guest by distracting
you with her daughters. By now, you know that the other guest is Naranya, and
she needs your help. Eleusia will listen to you if you talk to her now.
Confont Eleusia, then click on the Help from your memory.

Naranya in Bed Puzzle
Story: Eleusia will guide you upstairs to see Naranya, who is seeing visions
of the annihilation on Atlantis. Eleusia will ask you to help Naranya. There
are only two solutions here:
You can use the Dragon Memory if you have it. Thismay be obtained from Mersham
after the Swale Fight on CD 2.
Overwise, you must use the Entropy Tracker on Naranya

Eleusia's Celaphere
After you help Naranya, Eleusia will give you the Celesphere. The LumaSeed
will explain its power of drawing compassion from an attacker. You will need
to complete a gesture problem to activate the Celesphere, which will begin as
a sphere and end as a flower. Naranya will leave the Inn with you and guide
you to the castle.

Return To The Inn
You must avoid all attacks and earn points to return to the Inn. You must
return to the Inn if you left to retrieve the staff, or to complete the quest
for the Castle Architect.

Swale Fight
If you did not win the Swale Fight on CD 2 and get hit by an Amalion or a
Pyrodart, you will be captured and return to the Swale Fight. You continue the
fight from the last round you were in.

Castle Dungeon
Story: You gather information by spying around the Castle. You learn that
Arisar orders his men to capture Naranya alive and unharmed since she is a
leader of the New


East Trail
Story: You are following Naranya along the East Trail. You have the
opportunity to ask Naranya some questions and find out how she ended up at the
Inn. Here's what you learn:
Naranya was tricked by one of Arisar's men who was wearing a cape just like
Mersham. Naranya ran up to him and was captured. (Later, Arisar's men will try
the same cape trick on you). Luckily for Naranya, a group of hunting Amalions
happened to pass by and attacked Arisar's men. Naranya crawled into the bushes
and got away.

You and Naranya are then attacked by the Amalions who capture Naranya and take
her away. You have various options here, but they all lead you to being alone
in the forest.

You walk alone in the forest and must find the Amalions to get Naranya back.
Arisar's men have set fire to parts of the forest: they are still in the
forest and are looking for you. They will do various things from capture to
death if they catch you. The Amalions believe that you are trying to destroy
the forest and that you do not appreciate their efforts to save it. You must
put out the fire to prove to the Amalions that you are not like everyone else.

Mersham will appear to guide you. If you do not see the Forest Spirits then it
is really Talisan disguised as Mersham.

When you see the fire, use the Celesphere to put it out and earn a point. When
you earn 4 points, the Amalions will stop their attacks and approach you.

Amalion Conversation Puzzle
When you first meet the Amalions, ask Seshara (the Amalion Queen) where
Naranya is, they will knock you unconscious and take you to another part of
the forest. The Amalions are very unfriendly now, and they take your staff
away. You must tell Seshara that you need her help. There is more than one
correct path to take through the dialogue here. Remember that you are here to
see Naranya. The Amalions do not like weak people, so never beg. If you don't
get yourself killed, you will eventually get to see Naranya.

Kalinia Fight
Story: You have just seen Naranya and have a new problem: now Naranya thinks
she is an Amalion and that her name is Kalinia. Naranya will try to kill you,
and you must fight her. This will play a lot like the Swale Fight that you had
earlier, with a few exceptions:
You will only be able to fight defensively. Deep down, Naranya is still your
friend so you don't want to attack her.
You will be given opportunities to make Namaya start to remember who she
really is. Not all of your memories will work. For example, Naranya will not
remember being captured by Seshara but she will remember her father.

There are several ways to win the fight:
If Naranya runs out of energy and passes out, you can approach her and use the
Entropy Tracker.
If you get 6 points to make Naranya remember who she is, Seshara will stop the
You must first show Bravery, then Reason with Seshara, and finally show your
Gratitude. Naranya will pass out and you can use either the Dragon Memory or
the Entropy Tracker to revive her.

Story: Seshara will tell you about the Shell and that you need to get the
Amagoshard from Arisar. Seshara will give you the Thunder Stone in exchange
for the Celesphere.

Initiation Dance
The Amalions perform their Initiation Dance for you. You must play the drums
to make more dancers appear. You can use the drum beat (from the other drums)
as a guide to help you play on beat. In the final moments of the dance, smoke
will fill the area. Use the Thunder Stone on the smoke to make a dancer
appear. When smoke appears again you may use the Thunder Stone again. If you
use the Thunder Stone, you will see a vision of the Annihilation. If you do
not use the Thunder Stone, you will see more of the dancer. After the dance,
Naranya will say goodnight to you and you will fall asleep.

Amalions Captured by Arisar
In the morning, you and Naranya hide in the bushes. Arisar and his men appear
and capture the Amalions. You will learn that Arisar and Seshara were once
married and they had a daughter who was lost during the Annihilation. Seshara
blames Arisar for the death of their daughter since he went away. Arisar
explains that he was looking for a safe place for Seshara and their daughter.
He also says that heard news that their daughter is still alive on another

Mersham at Lake
Naranya takes you to the lake to meet with Mersham. You must first prove your
identity to the Forest Spirits (by performing the gesture you learned
earlier). Menham will give you the Vanishment (which will make you invisible).
The LumaSeed will appear and help you learn the gesture to activate the
Vanishment. Naranya will tell Mirsham of the plan to go to the Castle to get
the Amagoshard and free the Amalions. At the end of this scene you will be
captured by Arisar's men.

Story: You gather information by spying around the Castle. You learn:
Conlin was caught changing notes and was taken away to be "persuaded."
Cage is very angry with the other scientists, who have not yet broken the code
Conlin was taken to the dungeon. The guards take him out periodically to
torture him.


You are thrown into the Casde Dungeom The Castle Architect sends you on more
quests where you mill team the following:
The King and Cage suspect that the Amalions have the Celesphere. They suspect
that one of the Amalions might have swallowed it.
The King orders Arisar to get the Celesphere from the Amalions. If they do not
hand over the Celesphere, Arisar is to cut them open until he finds it.

The Castle Architect will then transport you outside at the Castle; you must
now find Arisar and the Amalions. Go to the War Room to find them.

War Room
If you peek into the War Room, you will see that Arisar is going to force
Seshara to play a game for the lives of the Amalions. To save the Amalions,
you must use the Vanishment.

Saving the Amalions and Yourself
Once you use the Vanishment, you enter the room (the bad guys cannot see you).
You will see 2 bones in Arisar's hands; one of them has a red dot. You will
then be standing in front of 2 candles. You must blow on the candle that
corresponds to the hand with the bone (left candle for left hand; right candle
for right hand); click on the appropriate hot spot. You will also need to
recharge the Vanishment after each time that you blow on the candle, since it
uses up magic very fast. When you earn the points needed to save the Amalions,
your Vanishment will disappear and you will be caught.

You must play Arisar's bone game to save first Seshara and then yourself
To determine which hand the bone is in, watch the candles. If the right candle
flickers, the bone is in the right hand, and vice versa

Arisar Conversation Puzzle
Once you have earned enough points to save yourself, Arisar will try to bully
you into playing for your life some more. Instead you should confront Arisar
and ask about Care from your memory. You will tell Arisar that you know that
he lost someone that he cared for and ask him what happened to his daughter.

Arisar will send his all his men out of the room. Arisar will show you the
picture of Naranya, and ask you to help him find her. Arisar says that he just
wants to ask her a few questions and that he won't hurt her. When you agree to
make a deal with Arisar, he will free the Amalions and give you the
Amagoshard. The LumaSeed will appear to help you learn the gesture sequence
for it.

Congratulations you have almost reached the end of the game, but there is
still more for you to do, and the fate of this world is at stake.

There are multiple exciting endings. The one you get depends on your actions
from this point on. Good luck!

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