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Читы для Fort Boyard: The Legend

Чит-файл для Fort Boyard: The Legend

Fort Boyard:
The Legend

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в Франции:Fort Boyard: La Légende
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Walkthrough by A.W.L. Langenhuijsen

After competing in the TV-show Fort Boyard, you're destined to find Napoleon's
treasure, said to be hidden inside the fortress in the Atlantic Ocean, just of
the coast of France. With the money earned in the show and a healthy portion
of adventurous instinct, you set course to find the treasure!


After arriving in La Rochelle, you head to your hotel. Inside, go to the
reception desk and tell the clerk your team won 16 grand. He'll give you the
key to your room. Ask him if there are any messages for you. There is one.
It's a note with a phone number and the request to call that person. Don't
forget to take a city plan from the counter.

Go to the bar inside the hotel and meet the beautiful Liliane (if you have any
doubts, she's the girl wearing the red dress!) Walk towards her, be friendly
and tell her she's very beautiful. She'll leave now, but thanks to your kind
words, you'll meet her again later. Now talk to the bartender. He tells you
about the golden coin he has inherited from his grandfather.

Now go to the hall again and from there to your room (use the stairs).

In your hotelroom there's a lot to be examined:

Go to the closet and examine the jacket. It has 5 pockets and you must search
them all. You will find a businesscard with the word "Armstrong", which, when
examined, will tell you it's a code for your credit card... There's also a
note with the word "Magnum" on it which is the code for thщ box... what box?

In the drawer of the nightstand between the two beds you'll find a book. Use
the phone on the nightstand to order coffee (white button and button '2'). Go
away from the nightstand to let the bellboy in. Drink the coffee but more
important is to take the sugarcubes.
Again use the phone to call a friend. The number is on the card you found in
the jacket; 1614601542. He'll tell you a story about the fort and a book about
a guy called Duroselle, written by Denis. He lives at the Place de la Tour 1.
If he hasn't moved away..

Now use the look-symbol to check the bed with the white sheets. You should
find the small box mentioned earlier. The word "Magnum" hides the code for the
lock; the Magnum's most known caliber is the .357. This is you code 3 5 7.
Turn the wheels and press the button left of them. The suitcase will open and
reveal to you a credit card, a compass, a medallion and a golden Napoleon. Not

No lie down on the bed with the white sheets and get some sleep. Dream about
the fort. Sleep twice to see both dreams 'available'.

In the bathroom get a penknife and some aspirin from the pouch beneath the
mirror. You can also use the hairdryer but there's no need for that (unless
you feel idle).

Now go back to the bar of the hotel and use the penknife on the money cabinet
on the counter. Open the drawer and get the bartender's golden Napoleon. That
makes two of it!


Leave the hotel and choose the cash machine from the map. Put the credit card
in the slot and enter the code. "Armstrong" is the hint, meaning the first man
on the moon. As this was in 1969, the code for the machine is 1 9 6 9. Press
these figures and then get the largest amount of money possible; 3000 bucks
(get to the second screen of the machine!)


The guard will ask you for 3 bucks entrance money. Give it to him. Go to the
left and buy the only left Japanese guide to the Tour. It'll cost you another
35 but that's okay. Invest in your future! Go back to the first guard and talk
to him. Conversation doesn't run very smoothly but keep talking:
1. Ask about the southern cannonball hole in the east wall. He doesn't know a
thing about it but his colleague does. He tells you you're the second person
asking for it. Go on in this direction and he'll tell you a cute blonde chick
with blue eyes came before you. She left her ticket to the aquarium and when
you've done allright in conversation, he'll give it to you. Costs you another
35 bucks! Just keep paying cause it'll all pay back later.
2. He tells you about his colleague who's in the library. His name is Jean

Now go to the right and climb the steps of this tower. In the top room you can
examine the walls. Only important thing is the inscription '4MA'. If you can't
find it, don't worry, not a problem right now!


Give the sugarcubes to the dog Trésor. He will leave and you can enter
the shop. Pick up any item you like and Liliane Denis will come to you. Talk
to her. Tell her it's important that you speak to monsieur Denis. She asks you
why and you tell her it's about a book about Duroselle. Tell her you're after
the treasure. This seems like giving away info but it's the only right way.
Avoid talking about the army or the war at any time!
When the word 'treasure' has been mentioned, she finishes by telling you
cooperation will be a great deal. She gives you a card and once you're
outside, you remind yourself to give her a call tonight.


Call your friend. He found out Duroselle is buried on the isle of Aix. You
must take a look there before you go to the fort.

Hang up the phone and call Liliane Denis. The number's 46416969 (on her card,
remember?) She wants to cooperate and you tell her 50-50 is fine. She then
tells you she has discovered something important. Her father had a letter from
Duroselle to his daughter. She wants to meet you in the Tour the next morning.
Who are you to refuse?
Now sleep and time will pass...


Go to the Tour de la Lanterne. Go to the top and meet Liliane who has just
made some pictures of the inscriptions, especially the 4MA one. She gives you
the picture and the Duroselle-letter. She tells you her father was looking for
a combo of figures and letters. Just a matter of translation?


Inside, you'll meet two men. The one in the red sweater warns you for the
legend. The other one is an explosives expert. You can talk to both of them,
so don't worry when one of them disappears.
The explosives guy is the one to have a conversation with. He's an expert...
and so is Jaqueline Duroselle, the granddaughter of Duroselle (the one from
the letter). When you are done talking to him, walk on and meet Jaqueline.
Give her back the ticket you got in the Tour and she'll talk to you. Show her
the Boyard-coin as an ID and she'll tell you about navy officer Duroselle...
and the treasure. Best thing is, she gives you the address of Jaques Dufaux,
an electrician that worked inside the fort. That can come in handy! Happy you
leave the fish.


In the library, the lady asks you if you're a member. Tell her you're not and
the give the lady the Japanese tour guide and she'll give you admittance for
the rest of your life. Walk around till you'll have to choose 3 possible ways
of walking. Choose the left one and meet Duby. Tell him you found Duroselle's
inscriptions. When he asks you if you could translate them, tell him 'no' and
show him evidence; Liliane's picture. Let's go to his house!

In Duby's house he'll tell you about the fortress. He wants a slice of the
cake, but tell him he gets 10 percent of nothing!


Take the ferry to the isle and visit the three locations over there.

First go to the cemetery. From the harbor, that going to the right. Examine
the tombstone. The text is upside down but, when read with a mirror, says:
Three times the tigers of the sea will block your way but the fourth time the
fort will welcome you".

Then go to the house of Jaques Dufaux. From the harbor this is to the left.
Tell the old lady at the door you have a job for Dufaux. Once inside the
house, use the left side of the blue button on the panel left of the screen.
Pull it and the music will be louder. Dufaux is somehow hypnotized by it and
will cooperate when you tell him it's about an important job. Leave the house.

Last important location on Aix is the pub. Go there (arrow to the top of the
screen) and meet two sailors. Both sailors offer a solution. If you choose the
young sailor, you'll have to solve a chess problem. If you do this right,
he'll take you to the fort for nothing. If you choose the old sailor, you just
have to give him money.
The chess problem is not that hard. Move the bishop to the top and to the
right till it's crosswise to the king. The king will take one step forward.
Now use the knight that most to the bottom of the screen to take two steps
forward and one step to the right. Checkmate and good-bye to the king. The
sailor tells you to meet him in the harbor.

In the harbor talk to him and take the dinghy to the fort!


                                   part two

                      TREASURE HUNTING - INSIDE THE FORT

Go left and go to the door. Press the tiger's head above the door three times.
Then a fourth time and the door will open. Enter! Go through the hatch in the
floor and find the first puzzle. Put the medallion in the left hole and hear a
lock open. Go up again and open the chest. Take out Napoleon nummero three!

Go outside and climb the wall. When you look carefully, you see some 'dots' on
the wall. On the top of the screen on this line of rocks, a golden arrow will
appear which marks the way up. Go there. Then go to the tower, the Tower of
Fouras or watchtower.

Inside the tower room, choose wisely those keys. Choose keys number 2 (left of
the middle row) and key number 5 (middle key of the lower row). Leave the


Near the podium is a bowl. Examine it and find a bottle with an unknown
powder. Take it and enter the corridor. At the end you find a junk hole with
an iron bar in it. Take the bar and leave the corridor.

Note: When you have found the matches in the hospital later on, you can also
examine the dark room in the corridor. There are some glyphs that are
interesting but not necessary to complete the game.


Near the gong is a pit. Use the iron bar on the pit and you'll get a bronze
key. Use the iron bar on the gong and Fouras will tell you about the library
and that you must choose wisely!


Open the chest with the bronze key and get your fourth and final Napoleon
coin. Now you have got all coins necessary to enter the treasure chamber!


On the podium you will find a Boyard coin which to Liliane is very worthless.
Be careful not to switch this one with a real napoleon later on!


Before you open the door, remember your dream and turn the left poke first and
then the right poke. Open the door and enter. As Fouras already told you, you
get to pick one book. The one you should get is in the middle row. This row is
divided into three sections. The book's just to the right of the corner of the
middle and small section. It the first great black book seen from the left of
this section.
You'll read it automatically and the only important thing is the riddle about
portside, portside, starboard, portside.


To enter this room, use key number 2 from Fouras' Tower, which is the
horizontal key. Inside, it's dark and you can only see a blue door. Just left
of the door is a light switch. Use it and Dufaux the electrician will tell you
what to do. To your left is a switch panel and to the right some meter
lockers. Go to the right and pull the switch on the outside of the lockers.
It's black and you should put it on 'manual'. Then open the lockers and make
sure all switches are green. If not, do so. Then go to the left side of the
room and start using the panel. This is the order in which you should do

1. Turn the lower buttons starting from the left switch to the right switch.
2. Turn the upper switches to the left, starting with the right switch and
then on to the left.
3. Turn the two keys.
4. Press the three green buttons from left to right.
5. Press the blue button.

When you've done it right, a music will start and the lights will be restored
in every room of the fort.


To enter this room, use key number 5, the vertical one taken from Fouras'
tower. Enter and turn the PC on. Some figures will appear.

The black numbers from the image are the ones shown by the computer. The trick
is to take each of these numbers minus 2. This will make the numbers as shown
in red. Now go to the panel and take a look at it. There are big buttons and
small buttons. The big numbers equal the big buttons and the small numbers
equal the small buttons. Now read the red numbers from left to right and from
top to bottom. This makes big one, small one, big six, small two, big seven,
etc. Press the buttons in the same order as the numbers.

So press big button number one, small button number one, big button number
six, small button number two, big button number seven, small button number
six, big button number two and small button number seven. Then pull the switch
and a music will start; many closed door will be open now!


Enter the room and go to the table. There's a lot to be found here: matches, a
small and high bottle with some kind of developer fluid and a small and wide
bottle with some acid. Get them all and leave.


Now it's time to get the treasure. Enter the Room of the Lion's Head by
putting the cursor on the keyhole. Be precise! At the gate, use the powder and
the matches on it in that order to blow it away. Enter and look at the cups.

Now you have to put those four napoleon coins in the cups. The order is told
to you in the book; portside, portside, starboard, portside. In other words:
left, left, right, left. Put the coins in one by one in the cups left, left,
right and left. Then click on the head itself. The crypt will open up to you.


Fouras will tell you a story about the Tiger of the Sea. It's a bit confusing.
This is what you should do. Put the letter from Duroselle, given to you by
Liliane, in the square in the wall. Use the developing fluid on it and a
drawing appears which looks like a sad face. Now put the four Napoleon coins
in the slots above the drawing in the same position as the 'mouth' of the
'face' shows you. This means; lower left hole and lower right hole and both
center holes in the middle row. A get a green diamond and the wall will move


It's a long story about the war and the soldiers. This is the deal. There are
26 candles to be divided in 20 provinces. Every of the 8 officers gets an
equal amount of these provinces. Two of them get 1 province more then the
others. This means those two get 4 provinces and the rest gets 3 provinces.
Two officers are at war and half of their provinces is destroyed. This means
two of their four provinces is destroyed. In total this is four destroyed
provinces. And they should be as far away from eachother as possible. The ones
destroyed are those marked with an X in the outer square of candles.

Then there's a meeting in which the officers are killed. The meeting is the
circle of six candles. The officers are the ones on top and at the bottom (far
away!). Also blow them out. Put the diamond in the middle to let light shine
again. Solved!

Now you've solved it, you only have to choose your treasure. Of course, like
in every good fairy tale, you choose wisdom or the book. If not, and you
choose the gold, you'll become Fouras and are doomed to spent the rest of
forever in his tower...

 й A.W.L. Langenhuijsen, wcfawl@worldonline.nl

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