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Чит-файл для Fort Boyard: The Quest

Fort Boyard:
The Quest

в России известна как

Fort Boyard:

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Fort Boyard: Изгнание
Разработчики:Adventure Line Productions и Expand
Издатель в России:Новый Диск
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 8 сентября 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Action / Adventure / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Tomb Raider (1996)

Даты выхода игры

вышла 27 февраля 2003 г.
вышла в сентябре 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Fort Boyard: Millenium the Quest Solution/Walkthrough

This walkthrough is to help those stuck at certain stages/rooms in this game as
some stages can get rather tricky but others are downright straightforward. At
the first few stages of the game, you might find the puzzles way too easy, but
as you progress later in the game, it gets a little more complicated in the end.

There is very little difference in whether you choose Guilliam or Anna, except
for the starting and ending cutscenes. The puzzles are also the same for each.

The one main thing that you must actually learn from this game is how to control
your character properly. Although all the moves seem rather limited, there are a
few subtle "moves" which I didn't realize at first but found to be useful later

Now everyone should be acquainted with the normal, running, standing jump, etc.
There is however a few variants.

Run Jump - Now this might seem a little odd at first. To do a "Run Jump" you
actually have to hold SHIFT, then FORWARD + [Spacebar] ([Spacebar] is pressed a
split second after FORWARD) This does a standing jump that takes you (slightly)
further forward than just FORWARD + [Spacebar] normal jump. This could mean the
difference between missing a platform and falling to your death. TIP: When
swinging from a "hanging metal chain" to another, always use this Run Jump
instead of a normal jump to ensure that you will always catch the next chain
without missing. But please note that it is possible in some cases to over-jump
and fall off the other side of a narrow platform. There is no need and no
difference in running a long distance then jumping, you never need to do this
(This is NOT Tomb Raider!). Jumping is normally done while standing still.

Back Hop - Just press and hold back (Down Arrow) and tap the [Spacebar] or just
press Down Arrow + [Spacebar] at the same time. This a little maneuver mostly
used to quickly dart backwards (mostly used in combat to avoid blows). This can
be done while holding a weapon as well.

Health Meter- Notice the "snake-head" thing at the right side of your health
bar? If that goes missing, it means that you've been poisoned. If it's there,
means you're NOT currently poisoned. To cure poison, you use the (#6) Blue Herb
(which you have to collect along the way). Creatures like spiders, snakes, bats
and scorpions can poison you just by hitting/attacking you. In that case, either
kill the spider or avoid it, THEN use the (#6) Blue Herb, otherwise it is a
waste if you get poisoned again immediately after using it.

First Room
(cutscene- you're given a staff (weap#2).) When you're running and jumping, make
sure that you keep your weapon. You can't use switches on wall switches (ALT) or
jump and catch chains when you're holding a weapon. So only take it out when
you're under attack. (Very seldom).

To the left from your starting platform you should see a switch on a wall with a
platform infront of it. Around the room there is also another higher platform
with 3 crates on it. This does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! it is just for decoration.

Now, jump on the floating crates to the switch. This is a good time to practice
your normal jumping and Run Jump. Note the differences when you do a Run Jump
and when you do a normal jump. If the crates are relatively close to one
another, and you do a Run Jump, you would often over-jump and fall off the other
side into water. Just go back to the starting platform and you can try again.

Once you've reached the switch, to use it stand infront of it and press ALT. You
might sometimes notice that your character shifts a bit to position
himself/herself infront of the switch automatically to use it. Note: These types
of switches, like the one infront of you, can only be used once. So don't keep
standing there pressing ALT repeatedly. If the switch has been used then it
cannot be triggered again.

It is also not really possible to "get stuck" in most of the rooms. Although
some rooms are better solved in a certain order, it is not possible to get
completely stuck that it makes the room unsolvable.

Okay, the switch opens the door, means that you can use it to get out. Jump on
the floating crates to get to the empty platform nearest the door. Then jump
from that platform to the door and press ALT to....eh...open....Whoa!..

(cutscene) you....eh...open??..the door?

Second Room
Step forward a bit and you should get another cutscene. (cutscene) A mage guy
holding a "snake staff" gesturing to you with his hand to "come here" then
changes into a bat and flies out the window.

Oookkaay...what was that all about? Okay now for practicing the metal chain
swinging/catching. Stand facing the chain then Run Jump/Normal Jump to catch
hold of the chain. You character will cling on to the chain without letting go.
You can then turn Left/right to face the next chain. To ensure that you catch
the next chain, make sure that you see that your character is swing forward
before you Run Jump (normal jump tends to miss sometimes). Just Hold Forward &
SHIFT and press [Spacebar] when your character is swing forward (facing the next
chain, of course). You don't have to wait until your character is swinging
extreme forward before you jump, just as long as he/she is starting to swing
forward (as long as not backwards). Practice until you can do this as fast and
as consistently as possible.

Okay basically you're aiming to land on that floating crate. While standing on
that crate, you'll see that there is a switch next to a periodically leaking
steam pipe (which can damage you) on the left, and a big gold box on a platform
on the right of you. It doesn't matter which you go for first.

If you get to the gold box and open it, you get a red gem.

When you go for the switch, make sure you wait until the puff of steam stops
before quickly jumping in and flipping the switch and jumping off into the water
or back onto the crate if you're precise enough.

To get to the exit, just fall into the water and swim there. Swimming is similar
to Tomb Raider except it is hard to tell how long before you suffocate. There is
no time limit in this game so, what's the hurry? Just take your time and swim to
the exit platform.

While floating infront of it, press [Spacebar] to climb up, [Spacebar] again to
step up to the door and press ALT to go through.

Okay that should be the basic stuff needed so far. After this I'll just point
out what to do without going into too much detail.

(cutscene, frogmen talking)

3rd Room- 3 Colored Flames
(cutscene, a YELLOW key disappears into a fountain like pedestal)

Now you see 3 flames with 3 COLORS. Infront of each is a wheel, which controls
the intensity of the flame. Just press ALT for your char to hold on to the
wheel, then use your left/right cursor keys to turn the wheel more open/close.

If you haven't figure it out by now, you basically need to make the room lights
yellow. So just turn the Red flame all the way to the right (Full) and the green
flame twice to the right and there should be a cutscene showing the key
appearing. Just make sure the blue flame is all the way to the left (lowest

Get the key (press ALT) from the pedestal. Then exit through the door once you
have the key. The 3 color pad next to the door does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING do don't
try and use the key on it, just open the door as usual.

(cutscene, some guy on top of a tower waving his hands)

Courtyard (for first time)
(cutscene, the guy you gave you the staff the first time appears to you and
tells you to meet him in the tower)

Now please note that you never get attacked here, ever. So don't get jumpy.
There are plenty of doors here as well as 2 more levels up from where you are.
But you cannot get there until a lot later after solving other rooms first.

From where you are facing go forward. Ignore the doors for now. Keep running
until you get to a place on your right with this big red "bird cage" with a
flame on the top. You'll also notice that there is a Green and Blue herb here on
the floor. Stand near then and use ALT to pick them up. You can carry a maximum
of 5 of each. Don't use them unless you really need to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Every time you:-
i)   go into a room, solve it and come back out.
ii)  go up stairs and come back down (available later)
iii) basically get the game to do a "Loading..." and return to here...
...these 2 herbs will replenish. So make sure you check back here to stock up on
herbs before entering any rooms.

In later stages where you have combat encounters you might need to use a few of
these herbs so don't waste them otherwise the later stages become nearly
impossible as you keep on dying.

Now, back to the "red bird cage". Use your yellow key (which you already have)
on the "lock" on the left side of the "red bird cage" (this is the only place it
fit is anyway)

You'll see a door have it is wooden bar removed enabling you to enter. But
"which door was that?" you might ask! Okay, the way to tell (other than trying
every single door available) is to look at the door itself and see if it has
those 2 metal/wooden clasps/handles (which were holding the wooden bars) on
them. That would be the door(s) that was/were recently unlocked. If you solved a
room, the door will be barred again, so you know which ones you haven't done

NOTE: Sometimes the door(s) shown in the cutscenes can be on the upper levels.

You can choose to meet the white hair & beard guy in his tower by going forward
towards (opposite side of where you put the key). There is a sign next to the
open doorway (a tower with an UP arrow). Enter the doorway.

(cutscene, talk to white hair & beard guy, tells you to get pieces of a

You should be back near the "red bird cage" again. The doorway you just entered
is barred now indicating you've been there already. Go back to the "red bird
cage" again. You'll find another Blue and Green herb! Yeah! Pick up both again.
Note: If you didn't pick up the herbs the first time, you'll only have 1 of each
now. It is important that you get as many of these herbs for later and use them
only if there is extra on the floor here. That way you ensure that you have
enough in combat encounters later.

For now, there is only 1 door available to you. Go around to where you first
entered this courtyard, the door is a few doors down (away from the "red bird
cage"). If you don't know where I'm talking about, just look for a door with
those 2 clasps/handles but without bars across it.

Once you've found it, enter the door.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Flying Darts
In this room you have 2 walkways (with gaps in them) and darts shooting
horizontally across one end of the screen to another. If you fall down in this
room, you die. There is also a chest suspended by a chain in the corner to your

Just jump (not Run jump) onto the first walkway (you might need to adjust by
QUICKLY pressing back if you land too far forward and are at risk of falling
over the other side)

This is also a good place to judge distances for yourself. Knowing exactly when
to jump and Run Jump can save you a lot of unnecessary restarting of levels when
you die.

There is a shortcut trick to doing this. Firstly the 2 walkways, Walkway A (the
one closer to the entrance) and Walkway B (the one closer to the suspended chest
and the exit). Now for Walkway A, there are 4 gaps along the way, the first 3
are small gaps and the last one near the gold box is a large gap. For Walkway B,
there are 4 small gaps. "What's my point?", Well the small gaps can be run over
without falling through!

So just stand on Walkway A, line up so that you can run in a straight line
towards the other end (close to the gold box). You can ignore the darts for your
first try. They do only a little damage each. You can time this once you get the
hang of it. Hold SHIFT + Forward and run forward. You'll see your character,
kind of "stumble" on each gap but won't fall through if you don't stop. Just run
across the 3 small gaps and (you have to) jump the last gap. Then jump to the
platform with the gold box and open (use, ALT) it. You'll get your weapon#3. For
Guilliam, you get a sling, for Anna you get a slingshot. Both weapons are
roughly the same and are used for the same purpose. Although the slingshot
(Anna) is slightly faster (big deal!).

Know turn around and take out your weapon#3. You should see a switch on the wall
(it is a white horizontal thingy with a red dot in the center). Press Ctrl to
"attack" or shoot it with your sling/slingshot (weapon#3). You can use your
mouse to control the vertical tilt (up/down). You can just keep shooting and
adjusting to see where it lands. You have unlimited ammo by the way. It
shouldn't be too hard to hit the switch, but once you do the suspended chest
will be lowered onto the platform beneath it.

Jump/run over to that chest. Remember that Walkway B has all 4 small gaps that
can be run over without jumping. But jumping from Walkway A to Walkway B, you'll
need to Run Jump, then adjust yourself if you over-jumped a little to avoid
falling over the other side.

Open (ALT) the chest and get the first piece of the Talisman (Tiger Head). By
now you should be able to differentiate between a chest and the gold box, so
there should be no confusion.

(cutscene-exit unlocks)

Jump back to Walkway B, run to the exit and then leave.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Big Cage
You should see a big cage on your left, infront of you there is a pool of water
and pass that there is a place where you can put 2 keys and at the end there is
a chest.

Go to the end and open the chest. You should get a green gem. (cutscene-
trapdoor opens) Jump into the pool and press ALT to dive. Tomb Raider fans
should have no problems with this. basically, once you're underwater you need to
use your cursor keys to control whether you face left/right, up/down. To swim
down, press Forward arrow and hold Ctrl to kick/swim to surface, press Down
Arrow and hold Ctrl to kick/swim upwards.

Okay dive down, go forward and turn to your right. Surface up here (where the
trapdoor opened. Go up the ledge and press [Spacebar] to pull yourself up.

Open the chest infront of you. You should get the second part of the Talisman
(Bat) (cutscene- trapdoor opens) Turn around. You should see this wooden crate.
Walk up to one side of it (not facing the wall) and press ALT when you're next
to it. You should see your character "latch on" to it. You can then either push
forward (press Forward Arrow) or pull it back (press Down Arrow) depending on
whether you have space to maneuver, then press ALT again to let go. In this
case, you can only PUSH the crate. Press and hold Forward to keep pushing the
crate. Moving the crate reveals a key on the floor that was under the crate.
Pick it up (ALT).

Jump back into the pool and this time swim to the opposite side (not the way you
came). When you surface, you should see that this section of the room has
another circular pool of water and a gold box on top of a platform. There is
also a crate in the corner. Go to the right side of the crate (facing it from
where you are) and press ALT (char latches on). PULL the crate all the way next
to and under the platform with the gold box above. You will also see that there
is another key that was under the crate you just pulled from the corner of the
room. Go and get it. You should have 2 keys now.

Jump/climb ([Spacebar])onto the crate (which should be just next to and under
the platform with the gold box) and jump/climb onto the platform ([Spacebar]).
You need to make sure that your face is mashed up against the platform otherwise
you'll just jump up and down where you're standing.

Open the gold box and you should get a blue gem. By now you should realize that
the gems are going onto the Talisman (displayed on your top left-hand corner).

Hop off the platform and into the circular pool. Dive down and go back the way
you came. Use both the keys on the thingy with the 2 keyholes. (Or in other
words, use (ALT) the thingy with the 2 keyholes, TWICE)

(cutscene- water drains out, thingy drops and burns in empty pool)

Now avoid the temptation to just jump right back into the now empty pool. It is
gonna hurt if you do. Instead, locate the steps/ladder (it is on the opposite
side of the empty pool from the keyhole thingy). Just stand above it (facing it)
and press ALT. Your char will automatically climb down the ladder a bit. You can
press Up/Down Arrows to climb Up/Down ladders like these. Just climb all the way
down the ladder and climb up the ledge below. When you climb up the ledge, make
sure your face is right up against the wall (don't press Forward) and just press
[Spacebar], you'll automatically climb up.

Then head all the way straight across to the exit (black hole in the wall).

(cutscene you exit from a grate)

Courtyard (again)
You're back in the courtyard. You're on the opposite side from the "red bird
cage". You need to get back the tower (stairway to white hair & beard guy's
place). Just go forward all the way, you'll end up at the "red bird cage". Then
pick up the 2 herbs here again. Then go up the stairway to the white hair &
beard guy's place (to the right side pass the "red bird cage")

(cutscene-you get all pieces of Talisman)

(cutscene-door unlocks)

Back in the courtyard again. Go and get the 2 herbs again. Then go find the door
that just opened. You should be able to locate these by yourself. Okay, okay, it
is the next one down on the left (facing away from the stairway you came down

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Crystal Pedestals
In this room there are 4 white, 1 blue, 1 green and 1 red crystal pedestal. In
the center of the room there is a snake.

Just take out your weapon#2 (staff) and REPEATEDLY press Ctrl to attack in a
series of combo attacks this is the only way to do any good damage against a
monster. If you just hold down the Ctrl button, your char will just swing once,
swing once, swing once.... You can't kill anything like that. Just take out your
staff, run up to the snake and keep pressing Ctrl. You'll kill the snake (it
vanishes in a green cloud thingy). Check and see if you're poisoned or not
(whether the snake head on the right side of you health bar is still there).

Use the wheel on the blue crystal pedestal and turn it so that the blue beam hit
is the white crystal pedestal on the right nearest the door. Then go to that
white crystal pedestal and turn it so that the beam hit is the white crystal
pedestal just infront of it. Then go to that crystal pedestal and point it is
beam towards the green crystal.

So what you have now is a blue beam going right out from the blue crystal
pedestal, hitting the white crystal pedestal on it is right and going all the
way down in a straight line through another white crystal to the green crystal
in the other corner of the room.

Then go to the Green crystal pedestal and turn it is beam to hit the red crystal
pedestal . Then go to the red crystal pedestal and point it is beam to hit
another white crystal pedestal (not referring to the last 2 with the blue beam
passing through it).

Go to the white crystal pedestal (to the left of the blue crystal pedestal) and
point it is beam to the last crystal pedestal (nearer the door. Then the last
white crystal pedestal should automatically point back to the "stone square" on
the wall below the purple circle (from which the beam originates).

Go to that "stone square" thingy and use the Talisman on it (ALT). If done
correctly you should get a cutscene. (cutscene-energy field surrounds Talisman,
fusing it)

Press ALT again to get back the now fused Talisman. You can now leave the way
you came.

(cutscene-you get clubbed on the back of your head and are introduced to the bad
guy. One of the frogman guards turns on the other and lets you escape)

Courtyard (yet again)
Your standing infront of a now unlocked door. But first, go back to the "red
bird cage" and get your 2 herbs. Then return to this door and enter it.

(cutscene-you overhear the guards worrying over your escape)

Room With Spikes, Bats, Tiger and Spider
Now this room might seem daunting at first. Now don't move forward unless you
wanna get skewered. Instead turn right and face the tall pillar next to you.

Walk up next to (right up against it), don't press Forward (let go your Up Arrow
key) and just press [Spacebar] to climb up the pillar. Then Run Jump to catch
the chain and swing forward and press [Spacebar] again to land infront of the

Open the chest to get this eh...thingy. (cutscene-camera pans around the room)
The thingys which you get from each of the 4 chests are used on the large
pedestal (with the fire) and the last thingy near the tiger is used on the
pedestal next to the water by itself.

Turn around and Run jump (not normal jump otherwise you'll miss) to catch the
chain. Then swing back the way you came. You can try to land safely on top of
the pillar then drop down back to the door or you could just overshoot and per
chance take a little damage. It doesn't matter. As long as you don't hit the

Climb up the other pillar and swing across on the next 2 chains to reach the
next chest to get another thingy. Now on your right there should be a section of
floor with no spikes so just hop on down and head towards the fire pedestal. Use
the 2 thingys you got so far on the slot closest to you from where you came
(cutscene-underwater gate opens, spider symbol behind it) and also the middle
slot (cutscene-underwater gate opens, tiger symbol behind it). Now if the bats
attack you, take out your staff and start hitting (don't need to face them) to
kill them off. They will keep coming back so down bother to kill them that way

Okay, this part requires a bit of timing to be effective, so do all this as fast
as possible.

go into the pool in the center of the room. Turn and face the fire pedestal.
Dive down and go into the underwater passage and touch or "go near" the Spider
symbol. There should be a green flash from the symbol. (cutscene-spider turns to
stone). The spider is only stoned for a short time so hurry. Go back out the way
you came. Climb out of the pool, and head back to the pillar infront of the
platform with the second chest you opened and climb up the pillar.

Turn around and swing on the 4 chains to the chest with the stoned spider
infront of it. Open that chest after landing infront of it, THEN QUICKLY Back
Hop (press Down Arrow + [Spacebar] together) off the platform before the spider
turns back to normal. (cutscene- pillar rises)

OPTIONAL: If you didn't manage to keep the spider stoned, or you couldn't be
bothered to set the switch, the alternative is to swing to the platform with the
spider and the chest as normal, quickly take out your staff and kill the spider,
keep the staff, open the chest and then Back Hop off the platform before a new
spider appears in it is place. The only drawback of this is most of the time the
spider can hit you when you land and poison you, so you have to use your herb
(#6) to heal your poison, otherwise you'll die.

Either way, just use the third thingy on the last slot on the fire pedestal
(cutscene-underwater gate opens, bat symbol behind it)

Jump back into the pool and touch the Bat symbol underwater (opposite side of
tiger) (cutscene-bats drop dead!) Then go back up for air. you should be facing
the side of the pool with the tiger moving around in the distance. Normally the
usual thing to do next is to enter the hole in the wall where the bats are to
flip the switch inside in order to raise the pillar near the tiger. But I've
found it a bit too risky to try and jump to that pillar since it is surrounded
by spikes and it is not worth the risk of restarting the level at this point.
Just make sure your health is currently about half or more. If it is not now is
a good time to heal yourself (herb #5).

Dive back down and touch the tiger symbol. (cutscene-tiger turns to stone
temporarily) Quickly get out the way you came and this time climb up pillar next
to the spider's platform.

Jump directly up to catch hold of the monkey bars sticking out and press and
hold forward until you drop infront of the stoned tiger.

Now this part is a little tricky. You cannot climb up the platform from where
the chest is positioned on top of it. If you do that, then there will be not
enough space to stand on and you'll fall back down. By then the tiger would have
revived and start attacking you. Instead climb the section of the platform a bit
to the right of the chest so that you can stand infront of it.

Open the chest. You get the forth thingy. (cutscene-floor spikes are turned off)
With the floor spikes off, the tiger can wander around the room. Let it wander
away from you (near the entrance door). Then quickly hop down, jump back into
the pool, and turn the tiger to stone again. Then surface and go to the stone
pedestal next to the pool and use the final thingy in it is slot. (cutscene-exit
door unlocks) Then run and climb the pillar next to the spider's platform, drop
down onto the little platform infront of the hole in the wall (where the bats
were) and exit.

(cutscene-you're walking up the stairs and bats fly in your face)

Room With Mine Carts and A Boiler
Right. The aim is to push the mine carts (they'll keep on sliding along the
rails until they hit something and stop) and make them land on top of the
"wooden squares" or floor switches.

This part is a little hard to describe so I'll do it step by step. It is not too
difficult to figure it out for yourself though. So if you want to do that, then
skip the next few steps.

Now this has to be done in sequence otherwise it doesn't work. If you miss a
step you might have to restart the level.

For convention sake, lets just call the side of the room with the entrance door
"South" and the opposite side "North" of the room.

"South" and the opposite side "North" of the room.

Step#1: From the entrance door, go all the way to the right and then turn left
and go all the way up to the opposite corner. (Northeast corner of the room).
Here you will see 2 carts in the corner (one on the East Side rail and the other
on the North side rail). I'm referring to the cart on the East Side rail. Go to
the North side of that cart and face it (you should be facing south) push the
cart (just press ALT) so that it slides down and stops when it hit is the cart
just south of it.

Get the idea so far? If there wasn't a cart there to stop it, it would continue
sliding all the way down to the other side of the room. That is why the sequence
is so important here.

Step#2: Stand on the East Side of the same cart and push it West (I know there
is a wooded stopper pole there but you can stand behind it and push the cart
from behind it)

Step#3: Then go to the South side of the same cart and push it up North. It
should be sitting on top of your first switch.

Step#4: There should be one cart to your right (on the East-most rail). Go to
the north side of that cart and push it all the way down south until it hit is
the other cart down the rail.

Step#5: Follow that cart you just pushed. Stand on it is East Side and push it
West. Another switch depressed.

Step #6: Now there is a cart just to your left (the one that stopped the cart in
Step #5) Go to that cart's North side and push it south.

Step#7: Then go back to the same cart's East Side and push it West. Another
switch depressed.

Step#8: Now go towards the boiler in the center and there should be 2 carts next
to each other next to the boiler. There should also be a switch on the floor
next to the one depressed in Step#5. Stand on the cart's (the cart slightly
further away from the boiler) West side and push it East. Another switch

Step#9: Turn right and face south. Go all the way (follow the rail) south to the
cart at the end (there are 2 next to each other here as well) and stand on this
cart's south side and push it North to where the cart in Step#8 originally was)

Step#10: This cart should be in the same position as the cart in Step #8. Stand
on it is East Side and push it West.

Step#11: Then stand on the same cart's south side and push is North. Another
switch depressed.

Step#12: Now turn and face West. You should see a cart on the West-most rail.
Stand on it is West Side and push it East.

Step#13: Then stand on it is North side and push it south. Another switch

Okay, that's the "South" side of the room done.

Step#14: Now run all the way to the NW corner. There is a cart there in the NW
corner of the rails. Stand on it is West Side and push it East. Now leave this
cart alone.

Step#15: Go to the East-most side rail. You should see 2 stopper posts and cart
next to the cart depressing your first switch in Step#3. It is the cart that's
on the south side of the cart in Step#3, NOT the one near the NE corner. Stand
on this cart's East Side and push it all the way West.

Step#16: Stand on this cart's South Side and push it up North.

Step#17: Then stand on the same cart's East Side and push it West. Another
switch depressed.

Step#18: Now there should be a cart to your right (closest to the one in
Step#17, also the one next to the stopper pole) Stand on it is North side and
push it South. This is just to get it out of the way so that you can push the
cart next to it. Now leave this cart alone once it is out of the way.

Step#19: Now go for the cart that was next to the one in Step#18. Stand on it is
West Side and push it East.

Step#20: Then Stand on it is North side and push it South. The last switch is

(cutscene- the boiler door opens and a key pops out of it)

Go and get the key from the boiler. Exit the room.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (2nd Floor)
Welcome to the second story of the courtyard. Turn left and run to the center
(where there is a bridge. You'll notice that there are 2 herbs here too! Get
them both. If you already have 5 healing herbs (#5) and cannot pick up another
one, then heal yourself now (if you're injured) by using one up and then pickup
the extra healing herb on the floor. I'll call this the "Herb Bridge". Nifty,

Just cross the "Herb Bridge" to the other side. turn left and keep going until
you find the downward stairway. Enter the stairway to go back down.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (and yet again)
Find your way back to the "red bird cage". Pick up whatever herbs you can

Use the key you got from the boiler on the right side of the "red bird cage".

(cutscene- 3 doors unlock)

Now, You'd notice that one of the doors was the "bat door", That's the room with
the bat boss in it (i.e. combat encounter). There are 2 on the bottom floor
where you are at.

Just go to the right side of the "red bird cage" (facing it) and go down the
hallway to the first door you see with metal clasps/handles on your left.

If you accidentally enter the other one, it doesn't matter. Just follow
whichever room I'm describing.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Books and Shelves
Okay this room is pretty easy, although the order of the orbs (or crystal balls)
that are found on the floor are random so I can't really tell you what you'll
find in such and such a location for sure.

Please note that there are scorpions on the floor so take out your staff and
kill them as you encounter them. Also make sure to check your health to make
sure you're not poisoned, otherwise use your herbs(#6).

I'll also call the side with the door "South" and the other extreme end "North.
But the maze of shelves makes it a little hard to tell after a while. So just
ignore it if you can't follow the compass directions I give.

Step#1: Infront of you to slightly to the left, there is an object on the floor.
Pick it up. It normally should be a yellowish gray ball with a circle with a
plus '+' symbol in the center. Like this --> Е.

Step#2: Then go back and around. You should see a torch on the wall. Go up
North. Just before the corner, and to the left of the last bookshelf down the
end, there is a scorpion walking around. Kill it. Then continue going down where
you were heading to the NE corner. Turn around and you should see a blue ball on
the floor. Get it. It should be a blue ball with an '=' symbol on it.

Then go around back to where you killed the scorpion and continue walking along
the North most edge of the room until you can't go West anymore. Turn left and
you should see a bunch of opened books on pedestals arranged in a semi-circle
around a flame. Below each opened book pedestal, there is a place to put those
round orbs, balls or whatever.

Just pass the books on the south side is another scorpion/spider. Kill it as
well. Use the 2 orbs/balls you got so far on wherever they will fit below the

Step#3: Go to where you killed the spider/scorpion or whatever that WAS and
continue until you hit the south-most wall. Turn right and get another blue ball
on the floor to the West. This should be a blue ball with the approximately
equal sign (squiggly/curvy '=' sign).

Go back and place it where it fit is below the books.

Step#4: Go West (left side of books) until you hit the West most wall. There
should be a torch on your left. Turn right and head North to the North most
wall. A little to your left, there should be another bluish purple looking ball
on the floor. Get it. It should be a pink ball with a "female" symbol on it. I'm
not sure but I think that when you're playing Guilliam, you get the "male"
symbol here instead

Go back to the books (south and East) and place all the orbs/balls that you have
if haven't done so already. After you've placed the "female"/"male" symbol
another shelf should open, revealing another orb/ball inside it.

The open shelf is blocking your way so you cannot go to it from the left. So,
facing the shelf infront (North) of the books, go around to the right side of
the shelf, to the North-most edge of the room and around to the newly opened
chamber. There is however a scorpion there, so don't forget to kill first. Get
the red ball on the floor. It should be a red ball with a triangle on it.

Go back and place it below the books again.

Step#5: Now go South of the books again to where you killed the second
scorpion/spider. You'll notice that there is now an opened chamber with a lone
book pedestal sitting inside it. That's for the ball with the infinity symbol on
it. You don't have that right now. From here, turn right (away from lone book
pedestal) and go a little west then turn right again to see another newly opened
chamber with a bluish ball on the floor. Get it. It should be a dark blue ball
with a circle with a slash across it. Like this Ж.

Go back and place it below the books.

Step#6: Go a bit to the East (right side) of the books and turn right and head
south until you hit the south-most wall. Turn around and you should see a blue
ball on the floor. It should be a blue ball with the "male" symbol on it.

Step#7: Head back to the books but instead of going to the books, from the south
path which you came, turn to the right and enter that path. Then turn North,
there should be another red ball on the floor to the North. There should also be
another scorpion/spider here so kill it or swing your staff around if it is too
hard to locate. If you get poisoned, cure it with your (#6) herb. Get the red
ball. It should be a dark red ball with the "infinity" symbol on it.

Use all the orbs/balls on the books. Then use the last ball (infinity symbol
ball) on the book pedestal by itself to the south of the other semi-circularly
arranged book pedestals.

(cutscene- gold box unlocks)

Go back to the gold box and open it. You should get a red gem. Exit this place
the way you came in. From the books go North to the North-most wall, the East to
the East-most wall then South to the entrance door.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (where you'd expect?)
Go back and get your 2 herbs from the "red bird cage" area. Heal/replenish
accordingly. Then go look for the other unlocked door on this level.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Snakes and Flame Pedestal
In this room, you will find snakes right infront of you, there are also floor
spikes in certain areas.

Take out your weapon#3 and shoot the switch up on the opposite side of the room.
That should raise the pillars on the opposite side of the room. You can kill the
2 snakes on the floor using your staff if you want.

Go across the room towards the pillars that you just raised. Turn left and you
should see a switch on the wall on the right of the exit door. Use the switch.
(cutscene- grate is hoisted up) Go to the small flight of stairs behind the now
raised grate. The 2 chests on top only contain herbs, so don't open them unless
you have less than 5 for either on of them. When standing on top of the stairs
and facing the flame pedestal, the chest on your left contains the green healing
herb(#5) and the other one on the right contains the blue poison cure(#6) herb.

Turn right (same side as the chest with the blue herb) and jump onto the pillar
then jump onto the boxes in the corner, then turn left and jump the next 3
pillars. When you reach the last pillar, jump directly up to catch the monkey
bars . Go forward and stop when you reach the last monkey bar, then press
[Spacebar] to drop on the right-angled ledge below. Hop down into the enclosed

Open the chest and get a green gem. You can use the switch if you want, but all
it does it extend another set of monkey bars for you to reach the other ledge
that you can easily jump to instead.

Jump across to both ledges on either side of the exit door (don't hop down yet)
and over to the next 2 pillars. Next to this pillar in the corner, there is a
tiger symbol on the wall (you already know what this does). Use the symbol by
standing on the pillar and pressing ALT when facing it. Of course, this is timed
as well.

Turn around and Run Jump to the next pillar (adjust make sure you don't fall off
onto the spikes). Jump over to the next 2 ledges and down to the stoned tiger.
OPTIONAL: If you fall down to the entrance door, then you can still run around
and jump over the floor spikes surrounding the tiger. Quickly make your way to
the switch and use it. (cutscene-floor spikes turned off and exit unlocks) With
the tiger still stoned, the exit unlocked and the floor spikes turned

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With 4 elevators and Cages
Okay this room has got 4 elevators in each corner (they're not cages) there is a
small table on the opposite side of the room. There is one side with the 3
animal symbols and 4 switches on the other side.

You can use all 4 switches now. That opens all the elevator doors. However, you
can only use the animal symbols once so don't touch them yet.

In the center floor you can see 4 sections where different animals are caged.
One is empty. When you go down an elevator, you have a limited amount of time to
grab everything in there and get back into the elevator before the floor rises
up in that chamber and crushes you.

First, let's go to the empty one. It is the elevator to the left of the animal
symbols. Go into the elevator, it takes you down, run inside, avoiding the floor
spikes, grab the yellow ball and get back into the elevator as fast as you can.

You can then use the ball on the small table to place it there.

Okay, now for the tiger. It is the one to the right of the animal symbols. Use
the tiger symbol (the one the left) and run into the elevator, get pass the
stoned tigers, get the red ball. The chest just contains a green healing herb
(so if don't need it, forget it). Run back into the elevator.

You can use the ball on the small table to place it there.

Now let's do the bats. It is the one to the left of the switches. Use the bat
symbol then run into the elevator. Run and jump over the floor spikes
surrounding the green ball in the corner. Get the green ball and jump back over
the floor spikes and enter the lift. Ignore the boxes and metal chain they do

Use the ball on the small table to place it there.

Now for the spiders. It is the one to the right of the switches. Use the spider
symbol then run into the elevator. Grab the blue ball AND open the gold box
there. You get a blue gem from this. Then run back into the elevator.

Use all the balls on the small table to place it there if you haven't already
done so.

(cutscene-center cage/elevator lowers)

Enter the central elevator that comes down.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Elevator Surrounded By Floor Spikes
(cutscene- you emerge from the elevator to and area surrounded by floor spikes)
To your right, just next to the elevator door, there is a chest. Open this to
get your weapon#4 -- the whip. This is used to whip around hooks or other
"horizontal flag pole"-like ledges so that you can swing on them to clear chasms
more easily and consistently without having to rely on jumping (which can miss
sometimes). Whipping and swinging gets you there every time.

Btw, you might wanna kill any bats that get in your way while you're at it.

Turn around and go to the other side of the elevator door and climb on top of
the crate. take out your weapon#4. See that hook conveniently hanging
above/infront of you? Just use your mouse to adjust your tilt up/down so that
you're roughly looking at the hook, then "attack" the hook (using Ctrl) to swing
across Indiana Jones style!

Flip both switches. You can kill the scorpion(s) first but they come back after
a while so hurry with the switches.

Climb onto the next crate and use the whip on the next conveniently located
switch above that. Flip another 2 switches, kill another scorpion.

Then now go to the central elevator via the walkway with no floor spikes and
onto another crate located just next to (but behind) the elevator. Whip across
using the hook there, yada yada yada, repeat until you've flipped all the
switches and then exit through the exit door.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (second floor again)
(cutscene- you see another door unlock)

Head back to the "Herb Bridge" and restock and heal. If you're seriously low on
herbs you can go back down & up stairs until you've filled up on herbs.

Now lets go to the newly opened door.

Room With Caged Animal Walkway
In this room there is a long, caged up walkway, which you can climb on top of.
To the left you can see a tiger with a switch on the floor near it. There is
also a Ring of Fire there. That does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The gold animal symbols are used to stone/immobilize the respective animals in
the room. The other gray colored animal symbols are used in this room to get the
animals to stand/depress the white floor switches near them.

The main idea is to lower all the platforms in the rooms that lead to the gray
animal symbols (by using all 3 switches on the wall near each animal). Then
after that, quickly use all 3 gray animal switches to get the animals to stand
on the 3 white floor switches near each of them before the effect of the gray
switches wears off.

Climb the pillar to your left. Use the bat symbol on the wall there. (cutscene-
bats disappear temporarily) Then turn to the right where the bats where and Run
Jump to catch the metal chain hanging there. Swing all the way over to the
platform where the bats were and use the switch. (cutscene-platform to gray bat
symbol is lowered)

Turn around and locate the exit door directly behind you. It is the door that's
caged off by a series of 3 grates. Climb the section of the cage closest to the
wall and under a platform. You can see that the exit is located below in the
caged area.

Go forward and stand on the pillar on the opposite side. Jump directly up to
catch the monkey bars and go forward until you reach the platform with the
spider, the gold spider symbol and the white floor switch (near the spider). Use
the gold spider symbol on the wall there. (cutscene-spider gets stoned) Turn
around and use the switch near the spider. (cutscene-platform to gray tiger
symbol is lowered) Then find a place on the floor without floor spikes and then
hop off onto the ground.

Now there is no easy way to do this part. You need to walk by or jump over the
floor spikes to reach the pillar on the right side of the tiger cage area. Get
as close as possible to the pillar until you see that floor spikes surround it.
However, there is a square on the right side (when facing the pillar) of that
pillar. You need to Run Jump and land on that square without the floor spike.
Then climb up the pillar and jump to the platform and use the gold tiger symbol.
(cutscene-tiger gets stoned) Then turn around and jump back onto the pillar.
Then jump into the tiger cage. Use the switch there. (cutscene-platform to gray
spider symbol is lowered)

Ignore the rest of the stuff in the cage, they do nothing. Then turn around and
run forward, pass the white floor switch and climb up to the caged walkway and
out of the tiger cage.

Okay, the gray spider symbol is on a platform up to your left. The one on the
platform in the middle of the caged walkway is the gray tiger symbol and the one
at the end is the gray bat symbol.

This part will be timed so do this in order: Go to the end of the caged walkway,
climb up and use the gray bat symbol. (cutscene-middle grate opens) Then turn
around and Run Jump off the platform and also over the now opened middle grate.
Climb the platform to your left and use the gray tiger symbol. (cutscene-inner
grate opens)

Then hop back onto the caged walkway. Then go to and climb the platform with the
gray spider symbol and use that. (cutscene-outer grate opens)

Then hop off the caged walkway (preferably a place without floor spikes). Then
run around the floor spikes into the opening at the base of the middle of the
caged walkway and to the exit door before the grates close on you. Exit through
the door.

(cutscene-you do a daring leap over a venomous snake, and break your ankles.

Room With Mirror Control Panels
In this room you have a series of 6 control panels each with a symbol with you
should be familiar with from the library. In the middle of the ceiling there are
triangular mirrors which can deflect light paths that originate from colored
circle thingys on the wall. There is also a red/orange crystal thingy in the
center of the room on the floor.

The idea is to use those 6 control panels (go behind it and use the little
wheel/button thing at the back) to turn the mirrors on the ceiling so that the
blue beam goes to the other blue circle thingy on the wall, the green goes to
green and red to red.

You might want to play around with the controls until you figure out how to
accomplish this.

While standing near the red/orange crystal thingy in the center of the room and
facing the control panels, I'll label the control panels from left ("female
symbol") to the right (Infinity symbol) CP1 to CP6.

The solution is use (ALT) the control panels: Step#1: (CP5) circle with slash
symbol Step#2: (CP5) circle with slash symbol Step#3: (CP3) circle with plus '+'
sign Step#4: (CP3) circle with plus '+' sign Step#5: (CP3) circle with plus '+'
sign Step#6: (CP2) "male" symbol

NOTE: That's 2Ж, 3Е and "male" symbol. If you accidentally press the wrong
control panel or press too much, just remember that pressing the same control
panel 4 times is the same as when you haven't pressed it at all. Otherwise if
you're not sure, just restart the level and try again.

(cutscene-red/orange crystal thingy in the center opens revealing key)

Get the key and exit the room.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (bottom level)
Make your way back to the "red bird cage". Get the herbs and heal. Use your key
on the last keyhole on the "red bird cage". (cutscene-3 doors unlock) The second
door that unlocked in the cutscene is the door that leads to the Spider bosses
room. All 3 doors were somewhere upstairs.

Since there are no more doors open downstairs, go to the upstairs stairway and
enter the stairway.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)
Courtyard (2nd level)
You can go up and down the stairs until you've got 5 of each herb. Then, from
the 2nd level stairway, go left and all the way down until you see a light brown
door on your left with webbed markings on it.

This is the Spider bosses room. Enter through this door.

Spider Boss Room

(cutscene-you enter to see the shadow of a VERY...small spider)

(cutscene->>danger music<<, you're entrance/exit is webbed up)

Now, I'm not talking about the small spider. The spider boss is that big, blue
spider that hanging around the ceiling and walls.

Avoid the large spider's shadow as the Spider boss will land smack on top of you
if you stay under her too long.

Here are the rules of engagement:
1) You CANNOT injure the spider boss when she's running away from you towards
the wall.
2) You can only knock the spider boss down when she is hanging on her web
against the wall by shooting her with your weapon#3.

So the main idea here is to avoid standing under the spider boss (avoid shadow),
wait until she hangs down from her web, then take out your weapon#3 and shoot
So the main idea here is to avoid standing under the spider boss (avoid shadow),
wait until she hangs down from her web, then take out your weapon#3 and shoot
her down. She will fall on the floor and get up and head right for you. Take out
your Staff, and keep pressing the Ctrl key to hit her as much as you can.

She will then shoot web at you and immobilize you, then pick you up and "give
you a big kiss" (poisons you). Use your poison cure herb(#6) and let her climb
back up the wall (you can't damage her when she's running away, only when she
heads straight for you).

Then repeat:
1) Take out weapon#3 (sling/slingshot)
2) Shoot her down
3) Take out weapon#2 (staff)
4) Hit her as much as possible
(get webbed)
(get kissed)
5) Cure poison.

Doing this a few times, you should be able to kill the spider boss without too
much difficulty. You can ignore the little spider. Killing it will only cause
the spider boss to replace it with another one.

Once she's dead, all the webbed up stuff will disappear allowing you to leave.
(cutscene-webbed corner burns away revealing green gem)

Get the green gem(s) in the corner. Leave this room.

Courtyard (2nd floor still)
You can go up and down the stairs until you've replenished all your herbs and
healed yourself.

Then on this 2nd floor of the courtyard, go to the bat boss's door. From the
stairway on the 2nd floor (going back down), it is somewhere to the right.

Enter the bat boss room. (cutscene-door flaps open)

Bat Boss Room
(cutscene-bat boss hops off his alcove and hovers over you)

Now this boss has 3 attacks:
1) Bat arrows- He shoots these series of 4/5 bat-like arrows (or arrow-like
bats) at you.
2) Sonic stunner attack- shoots these blue/violet energy circles down at you. If
it hit is you, you're stunned long enough for him to pick you up and drop you
(damages you)
3) Bat Swarm- creates a swarm of bats surrounding himself. Only damages you if
you're near him.

The Sonic Stunner attack is by far his most despicable attack as it is difficult
to avoid and too costly when you get hit.

The best way I've found is to climb up to some place high, then shoot him with
your sling/slingshot. When it hit is him, he'll fall to the ground and then
flap/fly slowly back up. You can then repeatedly (if you're accurate enough)
keep on shooting him, (he falls back down), (he flies back up), shoot him again
and repeat until he dies.

The main reason for getting up high is so that he doesn't/cannot use his Sonic
Stunner attack against you. It is also easier to shoot the bat boss from above
rather than fumbling with the mouse and keep trying to look up and see where he
is (by then he'd probably use his Sonic stunner attack against you).

You can develop your own technique to fight this guy. But if you want to know
the best way I've found so far, then follow my lead:

You need to run to the right side (as you enter the room) and climb the stone
ledges there. DO NOT climb the left side. The reason is the bat boss hangs
around that side and it is impossible to hit him with the weapon#3 since he's
either to close to you or beneath you.

First thing I do is run for the stone ledges/steps on the right and start
climbing them. Try to avoid his Bat Arrows as they might knock you off the
ledges onto the hard floor below if you're in the middle of climbing a ledge.
Time it so that he stops shooting it at you while you're climbing.

Climb up 3 stone ledges, then instead of climbing the last one on top, jump to
the wooden looking ledge/alcove on top of the entrance doorway. From here, you
should be able to avoid most of his attacks.

From here, you can take pot shots at the bat boss while taking minimal damage.
Take out your weapon#3 and shoot the bat boss.

If you hit him, he falls on the floor. When he flies back up, he will either fly
around or immediately use his Bat Swarm attack (which doesn't touch you).
Quickly shoot him back down again, repeat until he dies. If you miss him and let
him complete his Bat Swarm attack, the next thing he's gonna use is his Bat
Arrow attack which will most likely hit you as it is difficult to avoid. So just
make sure you can accurately shoot him down quickly every time he flies up to
keep him from damaging you.

The weapon#3 (sling/slingshot) does a little damage to him but it is the safest
attack/defense against it. Ideally you should be able to hit him while he's down
on the ground, but there is that problem of hitting him again with the slingshot
when he escapes you and flies back up. Not to mention him using his Sonic
Stunner attack.

Once he's dead the sarcophagus opens. (cutscene-sarcophagus opens) Go down to
the sarcophagus and use it to get the blue gem(s). Leave this room the way you

Courtyard (2nd floor)
Go back to the "Herb Bridge" to replenish and heal.

The only unlocked rooms now are the ones on the 3rd floor.

You will find the 2nd floor upstairs stairway to the left of the Bat boss's

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (3rd floor)
There is no herbs on this level. Try to avoid falling down since there are no
railings on this floor. If you want to go back down, you can always use the

From the 3rd floor stairway go right and into the first door with the metal
clasps/handles on your right. There are 2 such doors side by side. So if you
entered the other one jump to the other room description.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Room With Snakehead Flame-throwers
This room is full of snakeheaded flame-throwers. However, their frequency of
firing isn't that often so it should be too hard to perpetually avoid them.

Turn a bit left and go straight down and open the chest at the end down there.
Then turn right and run to the diagonally opposite corner of the entrance door
while avoiding the flame-throwers.

There you should see a gold bat symbol. Use it. (cutscene-bats drop dead) Then
turn right and head to the large hole in the corner. Go next to the flame-
thrower next to the large hole and press ALT when standing above the hole on the
side of the flame-thrower for your char to grab hold of the ladder.

Climb down the ladder onto the platform. Walk/run along the platform until you
reach the end. Run Jump to catch the metal chain THEN instead of falling onto
the pillar and then Run Jumping onto the other metal chain, just swing from
metal chain to metal chain. Bypassing the pillar. The make you way all the way
around to the chest. Open it to get a red gem. Then retrace your steps all the
way back to the ladder.

Use (ALT) the ladder and press Up Arrow to climb back up. Then avoid the flame-
throwers and make your way to the entrance/exit door. No sweat, right?

Courtyard (3rd floor)
Stock up on herbs downstairs if you need to. Now lets go into the next door on
the 3rd floor with the metal clasps/handles that's not locked.

Enter the door after (to the right of) the door you came out of.
(cutscene-you see a man in a machine being turned into a frogman)

Room With Colored Pillars
In this room you'll notice a lot of pillars around the room. There is a tiger in
a cage at the center of the room. There are also some wooden crates here and
there. There are also a few scorpions on the floor. Killing them would be easier
in this case.

Now the thing to notice here is that for almost every pillar, there is a shorter
pillar and a taller pillar of the same color. The shorter pillars can be climbed
whereas the tall ones are simply too tall to reach without first climbing up on
another shorter pillar. Furthermore, if you were to climb on top of a shorter
purple pillar, the pillar will sink and cause the taller purple pillar to rise.

The main idea is to raise all the taller pillars (by climbing onto and standing
on the corresponding shorter pillars) then dragging a crate over the shorter
(depressed/sunken) pillar to prevent the taller pillar from sinking and the
shorter pillar from rising when you next stand on the taller pillars and jump
from tall pillar to tall pillar.

The rule-of-thumb is to sink all the shorter pillars and place crates over them.
Then all the taller pillars will be arranged nicely for you to jump around and
get what you need from this room.

The shorter pillar nearest to the door is fixed and doesn't sink. So this is
going to be your starting point for you to climb up on when you start jumping
onto the taller pillars.

I won't go through the lengthy process of telling you exactly which pillar to
sink. Just go up to each one and jump up to it to climb up on top of it. Do this
until only the taller (cannot be climbed directly onto) pillars remain.

If you count the sunken shorter pillars in the room, there should be around 8.
There are also 8 crates in the room (although you might need to drag some over
long distances in order to place them over some sunken pillars, which do not
have crates near them.

The only exception to this is the white sunken pillar to the left side of the
room (below the platform with the chest above). This one has a raised square
area around it, preventing you from dragging a crate over it. So skip that one
and just place all 8 crates on the other 8 sunken shorter pillars.

(After placing all 8 crates over all sunken pillars except the white one in the

Also make sure that all the pillars up now are the taller ones and none of them
are short.

Ready? Okay. Start that the first short pillar nearest the door, climb that.
Okay when jumping from pillar to pillar make sure you adjust your char (by
pressing Back or Down Arrow) when you land on the next pillar since there is a
high probability of slightly over-jumping. Note the difference of jump and Run

Step#1   : Jump to the red pillar

Step#2(a): Jump to the gray pillar
Step#2(b): Jump to the blue pillar
Step#2   : Just Run Jump directly from the red to the blue pillar.

Step#3   : Jump to yellow pillar
Step#4   : Jump to cyan pillar
Step#5   : Jump to purple pillar
Step#6   : Jump to gray pillar

Now ignore the white pillar.

From the gray pillar face raised platform to your right and jump directly up to
catch the monkey bars. Go forward until you land on the platform. Use the switch

(cutscene-tiger released)

Climb on top of the gold box and face the tiger cage. Jump directly up to catch
the monkey bars running diagonally across the room towards the roof of the tiger
cage (not the same one you came here on). When you reach the last monkey bar,
press [Spacebar] to drop down on the roof. Use the gray tiger symbol.

(cutscene- tiger jumps and depresses white pillar and raises the other)

Good boy! Here's a treat!.... OW! My arm! j/k.

You can use the monkey bars to get back, etc .. the way you came or if you're
impatient, you can just jump off the roof and take some damage.

Go back to the starting short pillar nearest the door.

Step#1   : Jump to the red pillar

Step#2(a): Jump to the gray pillar
Step#2(b): Jump to the blue pillar
Step#2   : Just Run Jump directly from the red to the blue pillar.

Step#3   : Jump to green pillar
Step#4   : Run Jump to white pillar

Climb up the platform to the chest and open it. You should get a blue gem. Hop
carefully off back onto the white pillar (don't fall all the way down otherwise
you'll have to redo this room) and exit the way you came in.

(cutscene-the redundant bat flight)

Courtyard (3rd floor, where else?)
Now there is only one room left in the courtyard that you can enter. It will
open later when you return to the bottom level.

For now, make sure that you have as many herbs as you can carry. This is the
last time you will be coming back to the courtyard so make sure you're in top
shape and stocked up to the fullest.

Then go all the way down to the bottom level of the courtyard.

(cutscene- a door near the stairway unlocks)

Prepare yourself and enter this door.

Tiger Boss Room
(cutscene-tiger boss jumps in)
Now doesn't this guy look a little like a skinnier version of King from Tekken?
Well he's also got a few attacks that resemble his as well.

One attack is where he knocks you down with a short charge and starts pummeling
you when you're on the ground. Other than that he just punches like a boxer.

The first thing to do is to get out of the doorway and head straight towards the
area of the pier with the 2 stacks of crates. The reason is that this portion of
the pier is supposed to break off and send both of you down the river towards
the waterfall. So if for any reason, If either your char or the tiger boss is
not within this section of the pier after a certain time or after the tiger
bosses life reaches a certain point, then this part will fail and you have to
redo this again.

Try and use as little healing as possible because you'll need as much as you can
get later on.

When fighting the tiger boss, make sure to keep to the section of the pier
that's gonna break off. You can tell because it is slightly different colored
from the rest and it has the 2 stacks of crates there.

You can sometimes try and avoid his charge by not facing him directly. For
example, try facing a bit to the right when you attack with your staff. So when
you're leaning forward when you hit with your staff, he might often miss and
charge just behind you. As I said try doing all this without wasting too much
health. Save about 1 or 2 healing herbs for later. You shouldn't really need any
cure poison herbs as there isn't anymore means of getting poisoned at this

(Pier successfully breaks away with the both of you on it) Once the pier breaks
off, this "raft" will be sent down the river. The tiger boss will go after the 6
crates, which are still on this "raft".

Stay away from him and avoid all the crates that he picks up and throws at you.
Of course, don't fall off the "raft". Just keep away from him and stand to one
corner of the "raft". When you see him pick up a crate, Walk/Run away and stand
on the other corner.

When he's finished with all the crates, he should stand momentarily at the front
part of the "raft". That's the best time to finish him off. Just go p to him and
keep whacking him with your staff. You should be able to kill him with no

When you kill him, you should automatically get the red gem(s). (cutscene-tiger
boss' body falls off raft and into river)

On top of Waterfall
This is by far the MOST UNNERVING stage that pass in the game. Mainly because it
relies primarily on how good you can jump from platform to platform. This is one
stage where knowing WHAT to do isn't enough.

Sometimes when jumping down from somewhere, your character might start
"shifting" when he/she lands and end up falling off the platform instead. So you
should try and adjust yourself quickly after every landing.

Now I personally don't have a very SAFE way of doing this. My basic rule is "The
less jumping needed, the less mistakes, the less deaths, the less restarting of
levels" Sounds good? Well you can really get creative on how to solve this

My way is the hard and fast way. Often it involves taking damage here and there.
That is why it is better to save a few healing herbs from earlier on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're not sure whether the next landing you're going to
attempt is going to kill you, heal yourself first. Generally, if you're in
doubt, just keep your health to about at least a third of a bar.

Kamikaze Way:
You're standing on a green platform. If you look down you can see that there are
other red/clay colored platforms those are the breakaway kind that shake and
crumble off when you land on them. Needless to say, once you've landed onto one,
quickly jump off to another platform nearby.

Let's try one now. Please note the difference between Run Jump and Jump.
I'll call the current direction you're facing now "East" and behind you
is "West".

NOTE: Make sure you have slightly more than have your health to before

(Facing East)
Step#1: Jump forward to the platform just infront of you.
Step#2: Stand a little to the left (closer to the waterfall) and Tap Forward
(Down Arrow) until you fall off to the breakaway platform below.
Step#3: Quickly walk a bit back (so that you're in the middle of the breakaway
platform)and Jump slightly forward and land on the next platform below, but
adjust yourself to prevent falling off it.

This maneuver might require some practice and might not work 100% of the time.
It will also cost you about half your health bar so be prepared. It is better to
walk back a little bit (Step#3) before jumping to avoid over-jumping. if you
look at the 2 platforms you'll find that the breakaway one is almost half-
overlapping the one you need to land on below so it is difficult not to over-

(Face West)
Step#4: Turn around and face West. If you are critically injured, then heal
yourself. Then center yourself properly on the platform and jump to the next one
Step#5: Center yourself properly on the platform and jump to the next one below.

(Face East)
Step#6: Face East and RUN off to the next platform below.
Step#7: Walk off to the next platform below.

(Face West)
Step#8: Turn around and face West. Center yourself properly on the platform and
jump to the next one below.

(Face East)
Step#9: Face East and walk (Tap Down Arrow) off to the next platform below. Get
the healing herb.

Now for the fun bit. Take out your weapon#4 (whip). Look up (use the mouse) at
the branch sticking out of the waterfall above you to the East.

Step#10: "Attack" the branch with your whip and you should swing across with no

(Face West)
Step#11: Turn around and face West. Center yourself properly on the platform and
jump to the next one below.

(Face East) Step#12: Face East and walk (Tap Down Arrow) off to the next
platform below.

Step#13: "Attack" the branch above you with your whip and you should swing
across with no problems.

Step#14: You can keep your whip for now. Center yourself properly on the
platform and jump to the next one below.

Step#15: Turn around and face West. Center yourself properly on the platform and
jump to the next one below.

Step#16: This time back away a bit further from the edge on the platform and Run
Jump to the next one below.

(Face East)
Step#17: Face East and RUN off to the next platform below.
Step#18: RUN off to the next platform below.

Step#19: Slowly WALK off to the next platform below. This might take a little

You should be quite far down so far but not out of the woods yet. There should
be no more platforms directly below you.

(Face West) Step#20: Turn around and face West. Take out your weapon#4 (whip).
"Attack" the branch above you with your whip and you should swing across with no

Step#21: "Attack" the branch above you with your whip and you should swing
across with no problems.

Step#22: This time back away a bit further from the edge on the platform and
jump to the next one below.

Step#23: Run Jump off to the riverbank below.

Whew! If you're still struggling, this is about the fastest/easiest way down I
can find, so keep trying. It is possible you could have missed out a step or two
so make sure you center yourself nicely on the platform before attempting the
jump to the next platforms, etc.

Go to the body of the dead Tiger boss and pick up the healing herb there. There
is nothing else to get in this area. To exit, enter the cave/doorway in the
distance to your right.

(cutscene- you get clubbed again!)

Boulder Dash
Now there is a rather large boulder coming up right behind you so you better

Run to and stand on the red tile/button on the floor. You change into a tiger!
Now this is pretty straightforward, keep running all the time and jump over the
lava (from island to island) until you reach the end.

Stalactites will fall down to hit you so steer clear of them. You don't want to
take ANY damage in this stage if possible. When jumping from island to island,
it might be okay to stop for a second to do the jumping properly instead of
falling into the lava.

Note: Don't even dream of doing this stage in human form! You'll never make it!

Also make sure that you're Run Jumping over everything. Normal jumping isn't far
enough. Just fall into the hole at the end of the tunnel.

(cutscene- Boulder misses you overhead)

(cutscene- You see your fiancй being taken into a room by 2 frogman, you chase
after one into a mineshaft but he collapses it behind you)

Note: You will recognize this place in the cutscene later.

Mr. Toad's Mine Cart Ride
All you can do at this stage is walk up to the red bat symbol on the floor
infront of you. You will change into a bat.

Now those of you good at flight simulators, here's your chance to prove
yourself. If you're critically injured then heal yourself first before changing.

You CANNOT heal while in animal form.

The aim of this stage is to change into a bat, and fly towards, and keep as
close to the frogman in his mine cart at all times. He will be collapsing the
tunnels (boulders block the passageway) a few screens after he leaves it. So if
you hang too far back away from him, he will seal you in the tunnel and you will
crash against the next boulder blocking the tunnel.

But at the same time, he's also firing rocks (or his BB gun) at you was you're
trying frantically to keep up with him. Just don't take too much damage and
avoid his shots whenever possible. But your primary concern is to keep away from
the ceiling, walls and floor and to avoid crashing into any obstacles on the

The best way is to hold SHIFT all the way during this stage. And constantly try
to steer yourself in all directions in bat form away from obstacles. Also try
not to bump into boulders in the ceiling, they tend to damage you when you touch

not to bump into boulders in the ceiling, they tend to damage you when you touch

It is a test of endurance and raw nerve and fancy flying!

See you on the other side!

(cutscene- frogman falls out of mine cart and locks himself away from you)

Bat Droppings
You're currently in bat form. The open cliff area to your left has several bat
symbols on certain platforms for you to change back into bat form in order to
complete your task here.

The "Heartbeat" that you're hearing is the approximate time you have to stay in
your current animal form. The faster the heartbeat means you're gonna change
back very soon. Not good when you're flying over lava!

There is also no way to stop and hover in mid-air as a bat. So try and fly
around above a platform in circles so that when you do change back, you'll land
on your feet. Holding SHIFT will also increase your speed.

The object of this stage is to fly to the furthest platform which has a bunch of
ball bearings scattered all over the place. Fly close to a ball bearing (without
touching the floor) and press ALT to grab 1 ball bearing. Then fly up to one of
the 4 trays located on separate peaks and (you have to estimate) drop it into
the tray as you fly by! "Use the force, Luke!" *SPLAT*! j/k.

You also have to take note of when you're gonna change back so don't be too
ambitious and try to do all at once. You can only carry 1 ball bearing at a

You can FLY near a bat symbol (without crashing) and it can also prolong you bat
form. The best on is the one nearest the platform with all the ball bearings.

If you want to get the healing herb next to that bat symbol, it is best to let
yourself change back into human form on the ball bearing platform and then Run
Jump down to the platform with the herb. This fall will also damage you a bit
(about one quarter of a bar). Then use the symbol to change you back to bat form
and fly back to the mine cart.

After you've put a ball bearing into each tray, the gate will open.

(cutscene- gate protecting frogman from you opens)

Fly back to the mine cart (where you came and fly around and allow yourself to
change back to human form.

Take out your staff and start whacking the Frogman inside the cave. Although he
doesn't have any :health bar" If you keep whacking him, he will die eventually.
I recommend having about at least half a bar of health when you fight him. He'll
just attack you with his belly bouncing/rubbing against you.

Once he's dead, you might want to heal yourself if you're critically injured. If
you have more than 3 healing herbs left then you can easily use 1 to heal
yourself now.

Only when you're ready, then use the spider symbol on the wall.

(cutscene- you turn into a spider and crawl into the tunnel)

Incy Wincy Spider
Now this is another timed staged. The reason is that you only have a certain
amount of time from starting this stage to get to another spider symbol before
your current effect wears off. There are several spider symbols placed all over
the tunnels but reaching them in time is the main concern.

Now hold SHIFT throughout this entire stage. Otherwise you won't survive! Also
at all costs try not to spiral and walk upside down on the ceiling (unless
you're in a hurry). Otherwise this gets extremely disorientating and you might
end up getting turned around and losing your way.

For this starting part, if you're not familiar with the tunnels, then "The safer
path" will help you reach spider symbols faster. The main problem about this
stage is taking a wrong turn somewhere and being unable to reach a spider symbol
on time.

But for those of you who are more familiar with the tunnels, you can try "The
faster path". Which involves reaching the spider symbol just in time.

(Starting point)
-Hold SHIFT all the time and Run forward.
-At the starting intersection (dead end infront of you), turn left. There is no
way out to the right path as far as I can tell.

-Travel down the tunnel.

-The first path to your right leads to a spider symbol. But getting it and
doubling back doesn't gain any time so ignore this path and continue going down
the tunnel.

The tunnel curves a little right here and has circular ring designs on the
tunnel walls here.

You have to keep going straight all the way.

The next tunnel has fire in it, and hence, is impassible.

The next tunnel (to the right) is actually where you go for "The Faster Path".

The Faster way:
Turn right into this tunnel and go for the spider symbol that is further into

Skip to {PATH#1}

The safer path:

Ignore that opening to the right and keep going straight down the tunnel to the
end where there is a spider symbol. Going near/touching it will cause the green
rays/waves to prolong you spider form.

Then take you time to turn around as long as you're next to the spider symbol,
it will keep prolonging your spider form. Make sure you keep yourself the right
side up otherwise navigation may be difficult when you can't tell up from down
or left to right.

Head back down the tunnel back to the last opening (now on your left instead)
that was mentioned.

Turn left into that opening.


Follow this tunnel. It curves a bit left.

Turn RIGHT at the next opening on the right.

Go forward and turn quickly to the next left. There is a spider symbol here.

Okay I will call this T-junction (excluding the spider symbol) TJ#1.

(At TJ#1)
At this junction, you should stand near the spider symbol, which will
perpetually prolong your spider form for you, and give you time to look around.

If you look opposite the spider symbol, you'll see that a short way into the
opposite path, there is an opening on the left. This leads to a large room with
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING inside. So DO NOT go in there unless you wanna get lost and
take the risk of dying from being away from spider symbols too long.

(From the spider symbol)
Turn left and go straight.

At the end, turn left and head towards the flame jets. Time the flame jets and
pass through quickly.

Go down tunnel. Tunnel curves a bit left.
Turn left and go into opening on the left (before you see the fire-blocked
tunnel up ahead)

Now there is a spider symbol that is on the left side wall.

(From the spider symbol)

Continue forward and turn into the first right opening that you see. (The rest
are dead ends)

You will enter a large room with 3 openings:-
1) the opening you entered by.
2) if you walk on the right-side wall in an anti-clockwise direction, there is
an opening here. To the left of this opening, there is a Spider symbol there.
AND if you walk a short distance into this opening, there is another spider
symbol there. But this tunnel is blocked by fire.
3) This is the tunnel you need. This opening is furthest away from the other 2
openings (which are side by side) and also furthest away from the spider

Locate the opening (3) and enter it.

This tunnel should curve right and have a spider symbol just infront of a series
of 4 flame jets! This is the only place with 4 flame jets in a row. The exit
lies just after these 4 flame jets.

Pass these 4 jets and reach the end of the tunnel.

(cutscene-spider exit is tunnel)

Dangerous Waters
(cutscene- you come out from the tunnel and change back to human form)

In this room there are 3 pools of water. The pool nearest the platform (not the
one you came by) with the large door above has a circular ring of stone
surrounding it.

The other 2 have a broken ring of a few stone blocks around them.

There is also a giant "opened hand" statue here. This does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
Confirmed. There is also a passageway that is blocked up with broken wooden
beams in one corner. This also has no significance whatsoever! To the right side
of the platform with the large door above there is another passage doorway that
seems to lead to nowhere.

Well, if you recognized this whole place from before, you know, this is the
place in the cutscene where they showed the 2 frogmen carrying off your fiancй?
That's the one. This doorway that seems to lead to nowhere is where the frogman
in the mine cart collapsed the tunnel behind you remember?

So as of now these passageways serve no purpose. They are just there for
accuracy that's all.

You should stock up on the 2 healing herbs here. But if you're slightly injured,
and you have extra healing herbs. You might want to wait until after you've
defeated the boss here before you heal yourself to full and grab it.

By right, this stage can be completed without taking ANY damage.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Jumping into any of the 3 pools here means instant death.

The boss in this stage is the 4-armed Octopus.
Half an Octopus? A Quadopus? Whatever....

In the center of the room there is this... thingy with a switch infront of it.
Using this switch will cause the water on top of each pool of water to stop
flowing. Enabling the boss to come out.

Before doing so, you might want to go to each of the 2 boulders (near each pool)
and push as near as possible (the falling water stops your boulder) to the 2
pools with a broken ring of a few stone blocks around them. This is to save you
the trouble and the danger of having to push them all the way when the boss is
popping in and out of pools. The boulders are used to block these 2 other pools
so that the boss can only come out of the pool nearest the platform (not the one
you came by) with the large door above with the circular ring of stone
surrounding it.

Use the switch on infront of the thingy in the center of the room.

(cutscene- Octopus comes out of one of the 3 pools)

Run away to one of the 2 pools where the Octopus boss is NOT and use then push
the boulder to block up the pool. If the Octopus boss comes out of the pool that
your trying to block up, let go of the boulder (ALT) and quickly Back Hop (Down
Arrow+[Spacebar]) a few times out of the way of it is thrashing tentacles. Then
continue when it is gone.

Do the same so that both the 2 pools are blocked up. Now the only place the
Octopus boss can appear is the pool nearest the platform (not the one you came
by) with the large door above with the circular ring of stone surrounding it.

Now the trick to NOT taking any damage (btw, one hit from it is tentacle takes
away half your health bar!) is WHERE you stand.

If you observe the way his tentacles swing around, you'll notice that some
tentacles (and always the same particular ones) will swing horizontally (swiping
everything standing from left to right) and other tentacles will thump the
ground in an Up/Down motion.

The trick is to find 2 tentacles 2 of those types of tentacles that thumb
Up/Down and stand between them since they do not hit sideways, they would not
touch you.

One such position is directly where the pool with the circular ring of stone
surrounding it, meets that platform with the large door above it. That gap
between the pool with the circular ring of stone surrounding it and the platform
with the large door above it is where you need to stand.

Face the large door above the platform and treat that direction as "North", then
you would stand on the North edge of the pool with the circular ring of stone
surrounding it.
Note: Is not necessary to stand ON the circular ring of stone surrounding the
pool, just beside that will do.

So when the Octopus boss is ducking back down into the pool with the circular
ring of stone surrounding it, Run and stand in position. When he comes out, test
and see if he can hit you. Try and get the position right it shouldn't be too
difficult to pull off.

Once you've determined that he can't touch you, take out your staff and take
your time whacking him to death.

Once he's dead, a stalactite will fall to the ground providing you the means to
climb on top of it up to the large door above the platform.

(cutscene-Octopus Boss dies, stalactite hit is the ground)

This is the last stage. So grab all the healing herbs you can get here. I
recommend healing to full BEFORE entering this door so that you will start with
full health every time you do the next stage.

To the left side of the platform with the large door above, you should notice a
stone block formed by the fallen stalactite. Climb up this and climb up the
platform and enter through the large door when you're absolutely ready.

(cutscene- one side of the door opens and you enter the large door)

Last stage
(cutscene- you enter an elevator and exit to find your fiancй in the same
frogman-making tank)

(cutscene- ice tiger blocks your way, Arok announces your presence)

Now what did I mean by, "...so that you will start with full health EVERY TIME
you do the next stage."? Well to tell you the truth, this final stage is very
difficult to pull off. You most likely won't be able to complete this stage
every time. It depends largely on your luck and your skill (in maneuvering your

Now for the rules:
RULE#1: You CANNOT do anything to the machine to release your fiancй at this
stage. In fact, this is "done" in the end game cinematic and not manually done
by you.
RULE#2: You need to kill Arok BEFORE the "mutagen" from the upper portion of the
tank reaches where your fiancй is. Otherwise, stage failed.
RULE#3: Arok will mostly cast ice-tigers just BEHIND you all the time. Hitting
it once with your staff will get rid of the ice-tiger. So DO NOT waste time
repeatedly pressing Ctrl and cycling through all the combat moves with your
staff. You don't have the time.
RULE#4: This is important to note. Arok is INVULNERABLE when he casts out an
tiger to attack you. So DO NOT waste time whacking him when there is an ice-
tiger hitting you from behind, he takes no damage when the ice-tiger is around.
You will also notice that he goes transparent after the ice-tiger appears. The
only thing you can do at this point is Back Hop and swing once at the ice-tiger
to get rid of it.
RULE#5: Arok can only teleport to 5 different locations. The 4 corners o the
room and the middle (where he originally started from).

The basic rule here is SPEED (working against time). Do everything as fast as
possible with very little delay.

For example:
-Always Run (not walk) to your target.
-Instead of turning 180 degrees around to hit an ice-tiger, Back Hop (Down
Arrow+[Spacebar]) so that you land behind the ice-tiger (which is normally
behind you all the time) and hit it ONCE ONLY. DO NOT cycle through all your
staff attack combos. That will waste a lot of time!

This stage is all about SPEED and AGILITY. This no doubt has all the puzzle-
solving gamers stumped. It is all about combat in this stage and avoiding blows.
Your main target is Arok. Once he's dead, you win the game.

The main idea is to catch Arok at his most vulnerable and then beat the crap out
of him. To do this, you need to get him a bit cocky.

The way he fights is this, if you run up to him, and he get to cast an ice-tiger
behind you before you hit him, then he turns invulnerable (transparent) and the
ice-tiger will be clawing you from the back doing minimal damage.

When you kill the ice-tiger, he will just teleport away to one of 5 locations in
the room.

You should then quickly swing around and see where he is appearing next. Then
run there and try to land a hit. If you do land a hit on him before he casts his
ice-tiger, he will swing his snake-staff horizontally and knock you down on the
floor on your back. You might think, "Hmmm...that was a stupid thing to do...".
BUT WAIT! This IS the way!!

Well not exactly getting knocked down on the floor bit. If you get knocked down,
Arok will just teleport away and you'll take a long time to get up from it. This
long wait might cause you to lose this stage.

"So how am I supposed to stay on my feet?"
Well if you haven't noticed so far, I have mentioned a maneuver a few times
before that is vital to finishing this stage.

The Back Hop.

Without doing this maneuver it is impossible to finish this stage on time.

Combat Maneuvers
Okay let me explain the technical details to finishing this stage.

At the beginning, don't waste time taking out your staff yet. Just run straight
for Arok (the mage guy) then take out your staff once you reach him. He should
at this point teleport to one of the other locations.
Note: This is to prevent him casting his first ice-tiger to delay you further.

Swing (fast turn, hold SHIFT + Left/right arrow keys) and look around you and
see which of the other locations is he appearing. You should have a keen eye for
spotting him.

Then waste no time and race towards him. If he manages to cast his ice-tiger
then hit it once to get rid of it. Use Back Hop if the tiger is behind you. The
sooner the ice-tiger is gone, the sooner Arok will teleport and reappear for you
to hit him again.

Damaging Arok
If you managed to reach him before he can cast his ice-tiger, then quickly hit
him ONCE ONLY. Then IMMEDIATELY Back Hop (Down Arrow+[Spacebar]). He will swipe
horizontally with his snake-staff and miss you (hopefully). Then he will try to
be cocky and gesture with his right hand, "Come, Come" (Just like in the second
room when you first entered). RUN forward and beat the crap out of him!
(pressing Ctrl repeatedly) When you're hitting him, he will "dematerialize" into
a bunch of spiders. Whack these bunch of spiders. You will find that Arok takes
major damage from this! Ah hah! After Arok has fully "re-materialized" back, he
will teleport way. All this time you can continually do damage to him so keep
pressing Ctrl!

Just repeat doing this to him and he should die from it.

The trick is to be able to reach him after he has teleported somewhere else. You
must be able to spot him, run after him, hit him once, back away, run towards
him and continually hit him even in spider form.

After Arok dies, the game is won!

(cutscene- free fiancй, machine blows up along with Arok)

The starting and ending cinematic is the only thing that is different from
Guilliam and Anna. The in-between ones are more or less the same. The only other
difference is the weapon#3. Guilliam gets a sling (leather strap) and Anna gets
a slingshot (hand held Y-shaped catapult)

Come to think of it...what ever happened to that old guy with the white hair and

Brought to you by Bounty Hacker


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