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Читы для Fountain of Dreams

Чит-файл для Fountain of Dreams

Fountain of Dreams

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для


An effective initial party is a Medic, Vigilante and Survivalist. Ochoa or the
Admiral, who will join later, eliminate the need for a Hood. Key attributes
are Dexterity, IQ and Aptitude. With 23 Dexterity you have a powerful
advantage against Klowns. You can generate higher Constitution points by
pressing the number of the characters's profession. You'll also get more Bonus
points. Leave Strength no higher than 16 - you can boost it higher as you
play. One character should have 16 Charisma, all need at least 16 Dexterity,
IQ and Aptitude. Willpower and Luck should gradually be increased to at least
16. The skills you definitely need are: Stealth, Pharmacy, Brawling, Lockpick,
Bomb/Alarm Disarm, Demolition, Gunsmith, Medics, Handgun, Blades and
Perception. To avoid mutation, don't fight mutant beasts or those that cause

You may store characters at the compound, but they will die when it's wiped
out by the Klowns. After completing the police assignment, you can store them
at the police station. Doc DeMedici will heal for free and cure mutations.


From the compound, see the police station, ask about Miami, twice and agree to
help. You'll get a rifle and explosives here. After 4 AM, go to General Store
and use Lockpick on door in southeast corner. Say Diz sent you, and you'll
hear about a gun shipment. Now go to Bahia Mafia headquarter east of the
police station. Accept their assignment. North of the General Store, visit the
Admiral and agree to trick the Bahia. You'll get $2,000 and a better rifle
when you do. Get the Admiral or Ochoa to join; both are good at picking locks.
Explore the city until midnight, Monday, then complete the police assignment
by giving Mafia guns to the police.

Explore the OhOh temple. You'll find gear in the crates south of the entrance.
More is found further south, but you'll have to wage a major battle. Go to the
compound, recruit Ignaz and Junior and store Junior at the police station.


The password is DESOTO. Explore the buildings, opening all desk drawers. Go to
the eastern compound and find Imelda in the first house north. If She's not
there, keep checking back from 1700-2400. (Her brooch is found in the bushes
in front of the house.) Get her to join, then go to the first house south,
which is Mario's. Search the closet to find five pairs of rubber boots; give
one to each character. Use rum in fountain and enter it to get vault key.
Irwin's house is the next one to the north. Be nice to him and you can store
characters at the Guard House near the Bottling plant, too.

To the left of Irwin's and beside the Guard House is a building in which you
can find the vault downstairs. Use Mechanic skill on the broken machine to
blow it up and find explosives. Open the vault with the key from Mario's.

Use the safe combination (092089) to get $750. The password for the guard is
Muricelago. Go to the building on the southeast corner, the Bottling Plant.
Use stairs to go below. In the basement, operate the valve, then go to the
northeast corner and find the vault under a table. Open it. Leave through east
door after someone sees you.


You can get B.L. Astor to join by giving her the Voodoo Cologne. Dr Brewho has
some. Talk to him about Madame Lupe; say Lukos if he asks about a message.
with Astor in the party, the Gun Shop won't sell to you. In that case, see
Gramps Astor, who'll tell you to find a gun that will get you back on good
terms with the Gun Shop. Go back to Desoto's. upon entering, you'll see fields
infested with Mutants. Head for the southeast corner to find elephant guns in
the fourth or fifth row. Give them to the Gun Shop, then visit Gramps.


You must have one free character slot for this mission. Also make sure
everyone has maximum hit points, because the sawgrass is deadly. Head for the
sawgrass, the go to the west side. In the middle, you'll sight a hut and some
Mutants. Wait for Wilfred to arrive, then take him to Tomtom. Next take him to
Big Daddy in the OhOh Temple. When you wake up, enter the south door.

To pass the tests, you need a canteen or a bottle of rum. Pour either over an
item in the southwest corner in each of the four rooms. You'll exit the
temple, and you can now store characters in the temple. The OhOhs and the
Beachcombers will also be friendly.


Leave one slot open for another character, Granny. To find the Kollege, go
past the right side of your home till you hit Mickey's wall, then proceed east
to the Kollege.  Upon arrival, get as near the main gate as you can. Enter the
small house on the right, which is the Kiwi House. Here you can rescue a Klown
who will help. Use mechanic tool kit. On the second floor, avoid the carousel.
Shoot the mirrors if you get caught there. In the tiger room, you can get
excellent armor from the safe, whose combination is BOZO. You can rest in the
unnamed house without being harmed. Check the rooms at the big Top for gear.


Go to Kermit's Mansion. On the way, enter the Sand Trap, where you'll get
caught and relieved of everything but handguns and ammo. When exiting the
Midway, put on the rubber boots to get past the electrified grill. When you
meet the guards around the next corner, kill or ignore them, or destroy the
phone. Destroy the bell around the next corner. Don't touch the Egress, leave
the next box alone, and touch the eight ball.

After the eight ball crashes through several walls, follow it into the Big
Top. Do not take the balloons. Kill the old Klown. Avoid traps by walking
south on the west edge of the ring. When Kermit attacks, kill him. Examine,
and unlock the crate. When the real Kermit attacks, kill him too! (There is
still another Kermit and some Mutant Lions. By staying out of the ring, you
can probably avoid them.) Get the large ring from Kermit.

Take the northeast door and you'll find some lockers and the big key that
opens the arsenal in the basement. Exit by jumping out the hole in the back
wall, then go east. Enter the other hole, follow this passage, and you'll find
Granny Astor.


Take Granny home, and Gramps will ask you to store her at the police station.
He and Doc Brewho will join you with the mutants. Keep Joey. At the shack
where Wilfred was found, Doc and Gramps will talk to the Mutants. A bit north
is the Fountain and Kiwi.

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