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Чит-файл для Fox Hunt

Fox Hunt

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
To find the abort codes for a nuclear warhead and find rent money. FoxHunt is
an interactive movie game. You, the player, watch the movie and actually alter
the story line. When the hero, Jack Fremont, approaches an obstacle, quickly
respond with the correct action and proceed. Otherwise, your game may end on a
most unpleasant note. There will be short segments where you cannot interact,
so be patient and pay attention to detail. Inspect all scenes carefully, many
hold clues and necessary items. Also, be sure to save your game periodically.
This way, you can backtrack any mistakes without completely restarting.

Disk 1:
Jack's apartment- after looking around, within the alloted time, make sure to
collect the video book and some keys. The keys are hidden in the chair. Just
as your timer expires, Fat Freddie will enter the scene. It is not necessary
to defeat him. However, remembering which window he escapes from is a valuable
piece of information.
Back room of Flower Shop- Jack wakes up from a knockout shot. He must find the
taco (spy weapon) and the CIA identification card. Attempting to use the
computer or taking too much time will trigger the end of the interactive
portion of the scene.

Jack's Apt. Pt #2- Make sure to pick up the knife (if you haven't done so
already) and the bullet that is found on the table. You may encounter Fat
Freddie once again. When Frank enters the room, Jack will escape safely, if he
exits through the same window that Fat Freddie did. Hospital Scene- Jack needs
to find his way to the exit on the first floor. Starting on the 3rd, follow
the hallway without turning unnecessarily. When Jack reaches a 'T'
intersection, turn (L). Now, follow the hallway into the waiting elevator.
From the 2nd floor, turn (R) at the first fork and keep following the hallway
without making any unnecessary turns. This will lead you directly to the next
elevator. On the 1st floor, continue straight through the first intersection,
turn (R) at the next, (L) at the next, and proceed easily to the exit! Note:
In Strategy Mode, there are only two floors.

Venice Stores/Fleurde Spy- Do not go directly into the waiting car. Inspect a
nearby vacation poster and note the number of grass huts in it. Now, turn
around and move forward into the 6 Hr. Express delivery store.

Disk 2:
Depending on your previous actions, Jack may go to either Las Vegas or Aspen.
Las Vegas- Jack must first battle some show-girls. The first two can be
defeated by doing nothing more than blocking. Punch the third show-girl once,
then continue with kicks only. The last show-girl can be defeated by a simple
block. Attack or block them when they begin moving or when their facial
expressions change. Before leaving Las Vegas, you must go to another 6 Hr.
Express store. Aspen- Follow the ski hut sign that corresponds to the number
of grass huts that were in the vacation poster outside the hospital. Move
through the ski gates in a (L)/(R) pattern and don't miss more than 2
snow-boarders if you want to pick up the gold medal. Immediately find another
6 Hr. Express store.

Note: In Strategy Mode, Jack will always get the gold medal. However, you must
still do well to reach the 6 hr. express. Las Vegas pt #2- In the segment
after speaking with Chauncy, you are working against the clock. Find a blue
feather, a bullet and a knife (not too important). The blue feather is placed
randomly, the knife is inside a red book that is hiding underneath some
underwear, and the bullet is found in a bra. If you are taking too long,
continue through the curtains and up the ladder to reset your time. Once up
the ladder, pick up a gambling chip and proceed to the rack of gambling chips.
Move the chips to reveal some powder. Move the powder to reveal the clue that
tells which deck of cards to choose later on.

Playing Black Jack- Watch the clip from the video book, paying attention to
the man's actions. The CIA guy will instruct you on the first two hands. The
third one is up to you. If the Wolf performs the identical movement as the man
in the video book, take a card. Otherwise, stand. Winning 3 hands will take
you to disk 3 ! Note: As long as the knife was attained in Jack's apt., you
will automatically move to disk #3, but you will have no money.

Disk 3:
Fighting in the final stages- This is a difficult part of the game and may
take a while to get through. You must battle both Alans, some Russian
wrestlers, a caveman, and Frank. When battling the Alans: If they begin to
swing, block. If they wait (dumb boxing type pose), punch or kick. They are
the toughest. In case you haven't noticed by now, Jack is really good at
kicking his opponents. The rest of the battles can be won by Jack's flurries
of round-houses and leg sweeps. Fox Hunt video game-- Shoot the duck, not the

The chase in the tubes- The object here is to shoot the bad guys ahead of you
and to avoid the gun-fire from behind. The trick is to manuever the guys from
behind you to in front of you while spinning to avoid their gun-fire. To get
behind your opponent: turn down the tube with the white light luminating from
it, watch which way your opponent turns, and follow. Now, shoot and destroy.
Keep this up until the Wolf is caught! You can now watch the Final Ending!

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