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Читы для Frontier: First Encounters

Чит-файл для Frontier: First Encounters

First Encounters

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Frontier Developments и David Braben
Жанры:Simulator (Space) / 3D / Privateer/Trader

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.


Информация актуальна для
				Originally by
				Jeroen van Drongelen

				Now by Graham Thurlwell

		(C) 1995-1998 Jeroen van Drongelen and Graham Thurlwell

			       Document version 2.2

This FAQ is now produced by Graham 'Jades' Thurlwell, since Jeroen has
decided to concentrate on other things. I have taken the 1.1 version of
the FAQ that Jeroen wrote, and I have added and changed some bits of it.
This file is as such a hybrid of mine and Jeroen's experiences.

This file contains information about this game in the form of a question-
and-answer style document, oh, let's say.. FAQ. Also, strategies, technical
information, hints & tips, and loads of other info about FFE are
included. The latest version of this file will be available from one or
both of my FFE Downloads pages, the addresses being:-


A HTML-ized version will be available as soon as I can knock it together.

Readers of this file can always contact me in case of wrong information
in this file, additional facts, or just to chat about Frontier. In addition,
more information can be obtained from my FFE site at:-


Here goes...


(Key to symbols: + Updated since last version [1.1] * New since last version)

1. Introduction
	What is First Encounters?
	Features of First Encounters
	Who made First Encounters?
	What are the system requirements for First Encounters?
	+ What versions are there?
	How do I know which version I have?
	+ My version is an old one - how do I receive a new one?

2. Gameplay
	How do I control a starship?
	The Autopilot -- friend or foe? :)
	What's the deal with the engines and their different 'modes'?
	I know the engine modes, but how do I use them?
	I keep crashing into planets!
	I can't land manually. Explain!

3.  Missions/Tasks
	Where do I find them?
	What sort of general missions are there?
	Explanation of each type of missions
	Handcoded missions
	What's the difference between Military missions and other missions?
	+ What about ranking, how does it work, and why is it important?
	* Medals and how to get them
	* How is the Elite Rating calculated?
	+ The Handcoded (-that includes Thargoid-) Missions

4. Troubleshooting guide / Bug List


	What Operating System do I need?
	Game won't run. What are the configuration tricks?
	Game runs, but no music is heard
	Game runs, but no digisound is heard
	Game crashes when I try to fire laser
	The game bombs out with an 'Exception Error' and lots of numbers
	I load a game, but FFE returns me to the options menu immediately
	I load a game, but FFE says 'No Commander File'
	Game slows down to a crawl on a >= 486DX/66 CPU
	Can I run FFE without the CD in the CDROM drive?
	Engine sound is gone when I throttle up
	Musical instruments get corrupted or keep 'hanging' continuously
	The ship flat spins wildly and is difficult to control

General gameplay hints/tricks
	Help! One of my medals/permits has just vanished!
	Where do I get a Class 3 Military Drive?
	Stardock doors open, I hit 'accelerate', but nothing happens
	I can't hyperspace
	Autopilot's destroyed. How do I get home?

	I don't see any military missions on the bulletin boards
	I've changed sides and promotion is taking a long time
	I've changed sides and my original employer won't give me some
	  mission types anymore
	My assassination target won't show up
	When on photograph missions, close to an installation on a planet or
	  moon, some invisible force pushes me back FAST
	I want to get the 'Wiccan Ware' (the race) but the spaceport's busy
	I killed Dentara Rast / Dr. Innitu but I'm not given credit
	The '5 Furies Statue' is incompletable, not enough time
	The person from 'Pickup hith-hiker mission' doesn't show up
	Pick up hitch-hiker: mission not completed while I think I did!
	The hitch-hikers blow up my ship when I pick them up again
	I missile-bomb 'Rockforth Academy', but when I return I don't
	  seem to have completed the mission

Thargoid mission-specific
	I'm on the Thargoid mission, and I get harassed by far too many
	  ships - even after the missions they keep bothering me
	When leaving the station at Polaris, I'm no longer in Polaris!
	When leaving the station at Polaris, a lot of Thargoids fly
	  around me, but nothing happens.
	Nothing happens when I click YES/NO in a Thargoid ship
	Thargoid shuttle is always busy
	When I'm done, I land at Alioth, they take my Thargoid away!

5. Tips and Tricks (even the weird ones, including slingshotting, and
   having fun with your ship while ejected..:-)

6. Interesting Star Systems

7. Customising and messing about with the components of FFE
	Fun with music
	Fun with sound effects
	Fun with graphics

1. --- Introduction -------------------------------------------------

- What is First Encounters? (I'll try to make it short..:) -

Frontier: First Encounters (from here on mentioned as FFE) is the
third in a science-fiction game series, all of them set in the same
universe. This universe is shown to the player as a fully 3D virtual
reality-view through the windows of a spacecraft of your choice. This
universe contains other ships to interact with, space stations to dock
with, planets to land on, etc.

The first of the trilogy, 'Elite', came out in the mid 1980s, and was
one of the first games of its kind: not only the arcade element was there,
but also the concepts of exploration, earning money, trading, etc. This
was about the first of 'virtual reality' games, in a time that VR was just
being invented on bigger computers.

Then, in 1993, after a LOT of Elite imitations, 'Frontier' came out. This
was the second in the Elite trilogy, and had 'Elite 2' as subtitle. The
gameplay itself had not changed, but was greatly expanded in possibilities,
including the ability to have fully different solar systems, each appearing
to function according to laws of nature, plus a universe that's made
accordingly to current theories and beliefs of solar systems positions.
The game 'Frontier' was critizised upon, as being dull after a few hours
of play, because nothing would happen after the player got himself a nice
rank and bank account. Whether or not this was a problem to you really
depended on your personality and what you wanted out of the game. Whereas
'Elite' had some secret missions to complete when the player didn't expect
it, Frontier didn't.

In 1995, FFE was made, and it addressed the problem of dull gameplay: a
plot was made into the game, plus many improvements in graphics, sound,
maths, etc. Unfortunately, after the exciting new missions, there seems
to be little else to do, but hey, a 'regular' game would have ended by
then, wouldn't it?

While there's been quite a lot of controvosy about the abrupt end to the plot,
intrepid players have hacked into the various files of the game and found
out that there should have been a lot more happening, and an early interview
with David Braben hinted that there were supposed to be other ways of
playing the game. Of course, the numerous bugs and kludges employed to get
the game released on time have denied this to us. (A page dedicated to the
'broken missions' can be found at http://www.jades.org/brokmiss.htm).

FFE is a so-called 'open-ended' game. It has no real 'goal' to reach,
and it does not 'end' if played long enough, like Frontier and Elite.
The player can see for himself what he decides to do with his spaceship,
and how to earn his living. In the Frontier universe, a starship commander
can take on bounty hunting, smuggling, mining, soldiering, pirating,
delivering people or packages, and of course... trading. The money he/she
makes can be spent on bigger ships, better weapons, a wide variety of new
equipment, or just donating it to charity. There are also numerous
'missions' to fly for other people, including working for the three
super-powers to earn a higher ranking. It was the introduction of military
ranks and medals to obtian which was one of the new things Frontier and
FFE offered over the original Elite.

- Features of First Encounters -

o 3D virtual reality Universe to fly around in
o 5 different 'journals' (newspapers) to read what's going on in Space
o Semi-correct universe (star systems are positioned as in 'real life')
o Full motion video while interacting with Starbase personnel (CD version)
o Choice of a wide variety of spacecraft and equipment
o Realistic space-travelling in all dimensions
o Freedom for the player to do whatever he/she wants
o Missions to take and complete to work your way up

- Who made First Encounters? -

FFE was made by a lot of people who appear to work under the name
'Frontier Developments Ltd'. However, the idea and main programming
work(?) was done by one of the programmers who wrote Frontier's
predecessor "Elite", David Braben. Of course there was a whole team
behind FFE, and the names of those people are mentioned in the manual
and intro-sequence credits-texts. Some players of FFE find it ironic
that the previous game, Frontier: Elite 2 (FE2) had a much smaller
team than that which produced FFE...

The programmer Ian Bell, who wrote the first Elite game together with
Braben, had no participation in FFE and only a small role in the production
of FE2. However, he (and a lot of us Frontier players) feel that he should at
least be mentioned in Frontier/FFE credits for more than just the original
1984 Elite credit. He thought up lots of spacecraft shapes and
universe-details in Elite, which Mr. Braben used in his Frontier/FFE
games. Without Ian Bell, OR David Braben, there would be no Frontier today...
For those who would like to see a list of who did what, see the FAQ on
Ian Bell's site at [ADDRESS].

The game is published by GameTek - U.K.  The GameTek WWW site address
is http://www.gametek.com. Recently, Gametek have been taken over by
US software house Take 2. At the time of writing this version of the FAQ
Gametek's site is still active and the patches are still there.

- What are the system requirements for First Encounters? -

I won't quote the label on the box, I'll tell you my own findings:
To play on a MINIMUM system, you need:

4 MB of RAM
Hard disk with about 5MB free space
500KB free base memory (patch says 560KB !)
DOS 5.0 or higher
Standard VGA graphics
CD-ROM drive (if you have the CD version)

However, this configuration will probably cause the game to slow right
down to slide-show-speed. I've played FFE on a 486DLC-40, and it was
just about playable on 'low detail' level. Here's what you need to run
the game so you'll actually have fun:

Minimum: Pentium-60 or 486DX/120 (or higher)
8 MB of RAM or higher
Hard disk with about 5MB free space
500KB free base memory (patch says 560)
DOS 5.0 or higher
Standard VGA graphics
CD-ROM drive (if you have the CD version)
Soundcard / midi

The game is reported to run smoothly on maximum detail levels + SB16/Midi
sound. However, when approaching big and busy star-ports, the framerate
drops noticably. When a player is at a planet and there are some 20-30 ships
around it may be neccesary to switch to low detail.

Pentium 100's and above should have very little trouble. On a P120
everything appears to run smoothly, although I suspect a bit of slowdown
when there's a lot of smoke close up.

- What versions are there? -

Apparently, there is a UK and a USA version of First Encounters. I
live in Europe myself, so I can only give information about the UK
version. Apparently there are also translations into a couple of
other European languages which are basically the same as the UK version
(I'm pretty sure a German version exists).

The 1.00 version of First Encounters was virtually unplayable due to
the many programming errors. The Frontier Development team started
patching things up over the months that followed, resulting in a few
'patch disks'. The most recent one is v1.06, available at Gametek's WWW
site (see section xxx). This fixes a lot of problems, but still
leaves a few of them in. Sadly, enough to devote a whole chapter to
them. Apparently, this new patch simply overwrites FIRSTENC.EXE so
there's no need to apply all patches. Just the original + patch 1.06
will do.

- How do I know which version I have? -

Start the game, watch the intro, and when you see a big octagonal ship
with green lasers shooting down all other ships, press SHIFT-V. The
version number will be displayed. Most patched games will return 'v1.1
remastered version'.

- My version is an old one - how do I receive a new one? -

You can get a patch that will update your copy of FFE to a more
stable version. You can get this from the Internet at Gametek's own
site (http://www.gametek.com), the Downloads Page of Jades' FFE Site
(http://www.jades.org/download.htm) or perhaps your local
BBS. If you've got no access to these forms of communication (in which
case how did you get this FAQ?!), contact Gametek. They should send you
a patch disk. If you're a registered user you shouldn't need to send them
your original CD or diskettes, but they _may_ ask.

If all fails, contact me, and I'll see what I can do.

2. --- Gameplay -----------------------------------------------------

Space-travel in FFE is quite different than in most space-simulators.
Instead of the 'Flight Simulator'-feel that most games offer, FFE
has a more 'realistic' way of space flight. Read on...

- How do I control a starship? -

In most situations, the device used to control a starship is a matter
of personal preference. However, it must be said that controlling
by keyboard alone has become quite diffucult. In FFE, the enemy
ships evade more effectively than in Frontier, so it's quite hard
to track them with keyboard controls. I've found that most people
(including myself) use a mouse for steering, and keyboard for every-
thing else (throttle, ECM, etc).

I can't say anything for joysticks, except that I've heard lots of
people complain about bugs in the joystick-routines. This problem is
now covered in the 'Bugs' section. Gametek says it's a game written
primarily for mice. Er, that is, it's written for -people- I guess,
but they will be using a mouse. A computer mouse of course, not a real
one.. Ha ha.. who would want to use a real mouse...? (it's getting late).

Since the Starship Manual covers all the keys to use, they are not
listed in this file.

- The Autopilot: friend or foe? -

Almost everybody uses it, although it can be a pain in the neck some-
times: the autopilot. It's a great tool to get you safely from one
docking station to the next while the Commander's reading the papers,
or using Time Control to skip travel-time. The downside is, that the
autopilot doesn't handle 'objects in between' very well. It also has
the tendancy to crash into planets, instead of shutting down in time,
and reporting to the commander that the target is near.

I must say that the autopilot functions best in maximum time acceleration
mode. Example: You launch from an orbital station and set the autopilot
to a starport on the planet surface. If you press ALT-F3 to accelerate
time, you'll see the planet approach, you'll see the autopilot trying
to get on the other side in a rather clumsy process, and chances are
you'll see the starport approach too fast, and crash. When you launch
and press ALT-F5 (maximum time acceleration) you'll find that the moment
you switch on time control, you're safely at your destination.

The autopilot can also be a handy tool to circle around other starships,
or scooping up cargo-canisters.

- What's the deal with the engines, they have different modes? -

An FFE starship interplanetary drive has three modes of operation: OFF, ON,
and AUTO:

When engines are ON, you enter a SET-Speed value (by throttling up or
down), and your engines automatically try to assume that speed. Also,
when you change your heading, the steering rockets will push your
ship into the direction you're facing, while attempting to maintain
your SET speed. This is a computer-controlled engine mode.

When engines are OFF, you completely disengage all computer interference
to your engines. You can only throttle UP or DOWN, and steer your ship.
This manual mode can be very handy while scooping up cargo items, or in

When engines are AUTO, the autopilot will control all throttle and
navigation functions, and fly towards the target set by you. When the
target appears to be a Starport or an orbital station, the autopilot
will attempt docking/landing.

- I know the engine modes, but how do I use them? -

All starships have two head-up display cross-haired sights: one for
direction, and one for actual movement. When those two crosshairs are
both visible right in the center of the screen of you (slid into each
other) you are looking in the same direction as your ship is moving.
You'll notice this by looking at the stars fly by.

Engines in Manual mode:
When you slightly change your 'facing' direction, the 'movement'
cross-hair will slowly follow. Slowly, because it takes time for your
ships' steering-rockets to push you into the right trajectory. And the
faster you go, the longer it takes. 'Real' physics you see...

Engines in OFF mode (full manual control):
When you change the direction of your ship, expect no change in the
actual movement of your ship (other than gravitational influences)
until you start pressing ENTER or SHIFT to fire your rear/forward
engines. So, when you slightly point your nose up about 10 degrees,
the 'movement' sight will not follow your 'direction' sight. But when
you keep pressing ENTER, you'll notice the direction changing.

- I keep crashing into planets! -

The braking process is something to get used to in space. Sometimes,
you must start braking a long way before you even SEE the planet you
have business on. A handy tip might be: always point your nose (cross-
hair) a little along the side of the planet. That way, when you're
going too fast and cannot brake in time, you'll just swoop past the
atmosphere, and you can try again by turning around, and approaching
a little slower this time. When the planet is in sight, I suggest a
speed of 30 KM/s.

When you're going too fast and are about to crash, you might want to
turn your ship around, facing the opposite direction of movement,
switch the engines OFF, and keep pressing ENTER. Remember, your aft
engines are the strongest, and in engine OFF mode, they produce a
little more thrust. You might want to point your ship 90 deg. upwards,
so you'll avoid the planet altogether, instead of just trying to slow

- I can't land manually. Explain! -

Check the following conditions:

o Do you have Atmospheric shielding? If not, you might explode due to
  excessive hull temperature (check your temperature gauge).
o Is your engine in the 'Set speed' mode? And if so, is your set speed 0?
  (you should be descending slowly if your speed is set to 0)
o How about your landing gear? Is it deployed?
o Is the landing site safe? Don't land on buildings, mountains, etc. Seek
  out a nice grassy field or desert to land on.
o Is your horizon straight at around 0 degrees? You might experience
  trouble if you don't land 'leveled out'.

If your altitude is around 1000, and all the above conditions are OK,
you should make a safe landing within a minute. A little longer on
low gravity planets. Try landing on Earth's moon.. It takes ages for
you to descent on SET speed 0.

A quicker way to descend, though very risky if you get it wrong, is
to set your speed to 0 as normal, and then turn engines OFF. You will
descend much quicker, accelerating on the way down. This is due to you
not being slowed down by the thrusters. To slow your descent, turn
engines back on. Note that the fastest speed you can get away with
landing at is about 100 Km/h.

3. --- Missions/Tasks -----------------------------------------------

- Where do I find them? -

Missions and tasks to complete are found at bulletin boards on orbital
stations and spaceports. On almost every BB there are some people who
want other people killed, people who require transport for themselves,
or just the ones that want information. Also, when in a Federal or
Imperial system, there's always the military to work for, who have the
more exciting missions. Also, there are missions that have
a direct influence on the newspapers and vice versa. Most interesting
things you can do with those.

- What sort of general missions are there? -

Although the number of missions in the game are infinite, the nature
of these can be categorized. I'll attempt to do just that. The common
kind of missions are:

o Information
o Delivery
o Taxi/Transport
o Assassination
o Bombing
o Reconnaisance
o Hand-coded missions

- Explanation of each type of missions -


The lowest paid, least interesting missions. Person A wants to find
person B, and if you've seen person B, you can tell person A, and
person A will pay you an incredibly low amount of credits. This mission
requires you to remember the names of people you've seen so far on the
bulletin boards. Sometimes a 'wanted' person is on board your ship. In
this case, I advise you not to turn him over, it will damage your
reputation. And besides, the credit you get for it is not worth it.
Turning over your passenger should only be done if you have agreed on
getting half or all of the fee upfront.

Delivery (civil & military)

When taking on a delivery-mission, you are expected to take a small
item (which doesn't take up any cargo-space) and deliver it to a
nearby system. The risk of this mission depends upon the item(s) that
are carried. When you accept a delivery mission, and get 2000CR or more
upon completion, you can guess the item you're carrying is 'hot', and
some people ARE going to try and stop you. Also, the person who's asking
you to do the mission has information on the risk you're taking with it.
This mission-type is also found in the Military or Navy.

Taxi/Transport (usually civil only)

These missions are virtually the same as the delivery mission, except
that you now 'deliver' people or other sentient beings to nearby star
systems. These missions are paid better than delivery missions, but
require you to have enough 'passenger cabins' in your ship.

Assassination (civil & military)

These missions, only for commanders with a fair Elite ranking (about
'Below average' will do for the low-priced assassinations), require
you to track down a target ship, and eliminate it using information
you got from the person who gave you the mission. Most ships you are
to destroy are bigger transport vessels (Lion transports, Boa's,
Clippers). If you want to keep your record clean, you need a hyper-
space cloud analyser to track the target to a nearby star system, and
hyper-jump after him. Needless to say, you'll have to know how to fight.
This mission-type is also found in the Military or Navy.

Bombing (usually military only)

These kind of missions are almost solely found in Military or Navy.
Paid well, these missions have a high 'promotion value' for your
Military career. You are to destroy a specific site on a planet or
moon in a nearby star system, using a nuclear missile that you are
given (make sure you have space for it!). Expect heavy opposition
when you approach the target.

Recon (usually military only)

You score high with the Military command if you succeed in these
missions. These missions require you to photograph a site using
the camera you're given (and you can keep it :). Also, before you
take the picture, you must destroy an orbiting satellite which
tries to transmit your registration number outside the system. It
fails, because you are also given a device to jam all satellite
transmissions. But be sure to destroy it, otherwise you'll always
have someone on your back.

When you photograph a site from a very close distance ( < 10KM I think)
you'll get extra credit for it.

3-4 Hand-coded missions

These are the missions you bought FFE for...:) These are the missions
that are coded into the game by hand, and not by some randomized
mission generator (like all those 'Bomb this, Photograph that' missions).
They also have a direct link to the real Universe, and the things that
are happening in it. Your actions will be front-page news in at least
one of the five newspapers, and these newspapers often contain 'clues'
as where to go for these more exciting missions. An explanation of
the hand-coded missions is given in a different chapter, because it
might decrease the 'adventure' element in the game. Read at your own

- What's the difference between Military missions and other missions? -

Military missions have a direct influence on what the Military think of
you. This is noticable in the form of a ranking system, but also the
availability of missions. A commander who's not trusted by the Military,
is not given as much, and as exciting missions as a trusted commander.

- What about ranking, how does it work, and why is it important? -

You have 3 forms of ranking: one for the Federation, one for the Empire,
and one from the Elite Federation of Pilots ('Elite rating').
The ones for the Empire and Federation have mostly to do with the
military missions you'll be flying. Do them right, and you'll get
promotions, and the higher your military rank is, the more missions
you will be able to take. For instance, Imperial Bombing missions
are available if you are at least a 'Baron'. And, when you are just
an Outsider, you'll only see delivery missions on the Navy rosters.

The ranks are worked out on a points system, with each type of mission
being accorded a certain value. As you continue to do missions, your
points score will increase along with it. At certain scores the program
will decide to award you a promotion. The ranks are:

 Federation    Empire   Points

 None          Outsider      0
 Private       Serf          1
 Corporal      Master       16
 Sergeant      Sir          81
 Sgt-Major     Squire      256
 Major         Lord        625
 Colonel       Baron     1,296
 Lieutnant     Viscount  2,401
 Lt. Commander Count     4,096
 Captain       Earl      6,561
 Commodore     Marquis  10,000
 Rear Admiral  Duke     14,641
 Admiral       Prince   20,736

Points are awarded based on the following scale:-

delivery:2, assassination:14, photo:16, bombing:18, excellent photo:20

- Medals, and how to get them -

Every so often, the military may deem you worthy of a medal. The medal
you get depends on what you've done. Here's a list of the medals you
can win, and when they are awarded:-

Federation			Empire		When

Certificate of Valour	Crimson Brassard	First 'important' delivery
Starburst			Black Polygon	First secret delivery
Purple Omega		Golden Spike	First assassination
Vermillion Crest		Platinum Cross	First Photo mission
Blue Excelsior		Legion of Honour	First 'excellent' photo
Frontier Medal		Celestial Warrior	First bombing mission

An example of an 'important' item is gravatic detonators. Note that
your first photo mission shouldn't be 'excellent' otherwise you won't
get the 4th medal.

- How is the Elite Rating calculated? -

The 'Elite rating' has nothing to do with how well you perform your
duties. It's just how many ships you've defeated. You start out as
'Harmless', and when you've destroyed 4 ships, you're promoted
to 'Mostly Harmless'. Keep this up until you're 'Average' or better
still, 'Competent', and people on the bulletin boards trust you to
do their high-paid tasks. I advise you to get 'Competent' as soon
as possible, because the really neat missions are only given to
Competents. See FFE manual page 68 for the list of ratings.

Despite what the manual says, the Elite Rating is still determined
purely on the number of kills you get. In case you're wondering, 6000
kills will make you Elite. The ranking system is the same as that of
Frontier Elite 2, and the number of kills required for each rank are
as follows:-

Rating		Kills
------		-----
Mostly Harmless	4
Poor			8
Below Average	16
Average		32
Above Average	64
Competant		128
Dangerous		1,000
Deadly		3,000
ELITE			6,000

If you're wondering how this compares to other versions of Elite,
take a look at this file:-


- The Handcoded (that includes Thargoid) Missions -

(WARNING: Reading this part might decrease the fun of playing)

These missions are special, different from the others. They can have
an effect on the game like no other event. They might even give you
nice things for your ship to keep...
The times listed is mostly the time that the mission is FIRST sighted.
Sometimes the real action takes place months after the time listed.
Monitor the newspapers closely, for they will provide information about
these handcoded missions.

A more detailed walkthrough of the missions can be found at:-


1. Wiccan Ware race

This one's easy. Just pick up a parcel and bring it to Alioth. You should
be able to get there using 2 jumps, you figure out how to. If you didn't
win the race, you might want to restore your game, and try again. I suspect
there is a random factor here.

2. Disease at Sohalia

Not really so much of a 'mission' than a task to perform. In the first
weeks of game-time, there is an ad on the BBS of Sohalia from someone
who needs medical supplies for the planet. Pick them up at a
neighbouring star system and sell them on Sohalia. No credit, just a
whole lot of cash, even with 4 tonnes at a time. You might be able to buy
a Viper after that. And that's a ship to build a career in.

3. Art delivery to Beta Hydri

The timing on this mission cam be quite tight, so be prepared to drop
everything to do it. Someone in the Federation wants a piece of artwork
know in the Empire as the Duval Artifact. The Empire probably won't be too
happy about you doing this, as it appears that the artefact isn't quite
legitimatly obtained...

4. Assassination of Dentara Rast

In the system Tiliala [-4, -1] there's going to be a civil war. You can
decide to assassinate a key figure in this war, Dentara Rast, by taking
on this mission from a bulletin board. Expect a price on your own head
when you do this. This is a typical assassination mission, with the
exception that you must assassinate him BEFORE he hyper-jumps. You'll
get a criminal record this way, and you'll be fined 10000 credits in
the Federation, Alliance, and Empire. So there's going to be not much
left from that 50000C hit.

5. Kill the assassin of Dentara Rast

When you don't kill Rast herself, just wait a few weeks, and you'll
find a mission in which you must kill Rast's assassin. A more 'noble'
mission, this is. The Federation and the Empire won't blame you for

6. The 2 hitch-hikers

These turn out to be Federation spies, so if you're an Imp-lover don't
do it. Bring 2 hitch-hikers to a system in Imperial space, and pick them
up later to bring them back to Federation space. You'll see an article
in Imperial Herald before you're supposed to return to pick them up
claiming that two spies have been captured. Ignore it, your passengers
aren't them. What they did in the mean time....? "Don't ask, don't tell".

7. The single visitor to Thompson's Planet

This has something to do with the 'Destroy Rockforth legal academy'
mission. A single person must be transported to a star system far
west. I suspect he is the one who creates a 'diversion' later on,
when you are to destroy a building on the same world.

8. Destroy Rockforth legal academy

You are to turn the Rockforth building into a nice, flat, plain
piece of ground. It's just like a typical bombing-mission, but there's
a bug here: the building sometimes doesn't get destroyed when you hit
it from close-distance. You have to fire on it from +/- 200KM away, and
hit SHIFT-F4 to advance time. The mission wil score only then. You'll see
a "DONE" in your mission roster when you're successful.

9. Transport a Dolphin

If you read RIG, you'll know there's a lonely dolphin somewhere, waiting
for some company. That's your job, if you like. You need a passenger
cabin for this.. So long, and thanks for all the fish.
"Admiral, there be dolphins here!"

10. Pick up hitch-hiker

A woman (probably a Federal spy) has to be extracted from the Imperial
world she's been working on. You'll have to get her out. This missions
has a bug: Sometimes you pick her up, take her back to a Federal world,
and you'll get both a 'Well done' and a 'You suck' message. It has
occurred one time that I've done it well, and when you do, you're
instantly promoted up one rank from the Federation Military.

11. The 5 Furies statue

This mission has a bug: the dates given are impossible for you to
complete this mission. I found out that there's a typo in the dates.
You don't have to wait until the first date to pick it up, just be there
before the second date mentioned.

So, get the mission, travel immediately to the first system, and you're
given the statue immediately. Otherwise, wait a little while. I've done
it once.

12. Assassinate Dr. Joreb Innitu (military 'special' mission)

A scientist comes too close to the truth. Need I say more..:) Take him
down BEFORE he hyperspaces, it's the only way. When you're done, your
ranking is instantly raised by one! So, it might be a good idea to have
built up a really good ranking before you take this mission.

UPDATE: I question the truth in the text in section 12. I've recently
done this mission for the Federation, and was NOT awarded that extra
rank up. I'll check into this later.

On tests that I (Jades) have done, it seems that the mission is scored
as a standard military assassination. It's quite likely that this will
be the first assassination you take from the military, so success will
get you the appropriate medal (see the section on medals above).

12. The Thargoid missions part 1

*You must be Elite ranking 'Competent' to get this mission*
The papers mention something about Mick Turner who has died on his
exploration mission to the Far North. Around 4 october 3252 you
must go to Turners Requiem on Fortress Culloden, on Alioth [0,-4].
Go to the Requiem, and donate the maximum amount of credits. Then
accept the mission, but don't go North just yet.

If you've gotten the information from the 'Journalists Welfare Fund'
you know that the System you're going to is protected by a Defence
Satellite which gives away your ID and position to INRA. So, you must
first travel to a Federation or Imperial system and get a CLASSIFIED
MISSION in order to receive a Transmission Jammer and a Nuclear Missile.
You have no intention to complete that mission, but you really need
those items for your Thargoid encounters. If your military rating is
important to you, you may want to take the nuke from the opposing side.

When you have the stuff, travel to coordinates 32,32 and go to Pleione.
In your Remote orbital map, go to Pleione 3B's orbit and you'll find a
satellite. Target it, travel towards it, and ... DESTROY it! If you don't,
INRA will chase you forever, wherever you'll go.

Then, do what you're told by the Mission funders: use your map to locate
the wrecked Turner's Quest, and take a few pictures. Also, look for its
flight recorder that's there flying around somewhere. Make sure the
'object's labels' are visible by pressing L, target the flight recorder,
and autopilot towards it. Make sure you have room in your ship, by
dumping some radioactives (the price for peace with Thargoids :).

You can also visit the wrecked Thargoid vessel, but it's not a mission
requirement I think. The Thargoid ship is marked with "???" for its ID.
There's lots of Alien Items there to scoop.

Then fly back to Alioth. You might first want to go to the world you stole
the transmission jammer + nuclear missile from, and face the music. You
will lose some 'appreciation points' from that military, but that's not
really important.

'Small' Bug:
Upon landing at Alioth and fast-forwarding to the next day, you may find
that you are unable to take off, and text headed 'Message from INRA
Counter-Intelligence Directorate' will appear. This might have been
another mission, but there aren't any buttons for more info/accepting.
If you want to know more about what might have happened if the mission
worked, take a look at:-


13. The Thargoid missions part 2

When you return from the successfully completed Turner mission, you are
given the chance to go and meet the REAL bugs -- the Thargoid race.
Once again, you're given the Argent's Quest at your disposal. This time,
the Transmission Jammer and Nuclear Missile are standard issue, so you
don't have to take a military mission anymore to get them. What you DO
have to do however, is to take as much fuel with you as possible. You
might want to get rid of some unnecessary equipment, like missiles,
some shields, energy booster/bombs, etc. You'll thank me later.
Save your game before jumping to Polaris. If you have a total of 200
tonnes of military fuel, you'll do allright.

Go to Polaris, there's a Thargoid Forward base there, and a thargoid
shuttle. When arrived at Polaris, do the same as in Pleione: destroy
that satellite first. I think it's at Polaris 3D, but you'll have no
trouble finding it using your remote orbital map.

Then, you can press 'N'(avigation computer) to quickly select '???'.
That's the Thargoid shuttle, and you can engage Autopilot and time-
control. When you're going to dock with it, save your game first.
When docked, notice your radar. It's suddenly filled with dots.
Go to the map and press 'C'(center). You'll notice that you're no
longer at Polaris, but at Miackce, FAR north. Launch, and you find
yourself floating between curious Thargoid (Thargon?) ships. The game's

What happens next is up to you. I suggest you don't fire, but wait
and fly around a bit. Sometimes you might have to press ALT-F2 or F3
to speed up time, until you get the message from the Thargoids to dock
at their space station. Then, press 'N' to select their docking station
(I think its the top, or first option). Autopilot in, (save your game
first) and wait for the Thargoids to disarm your ship. The Thargoids
will then propose a mission to save their race from extinction...
If pressing their response buttons "YES/NO" do not work, you'll have
to restore your game. I suggest you say YES because the Thargoids will
kill you when you don't. You know too much by now.

14. The Thargoid missions part 3

You must travel all the way back to human space, to the system Hotice
(aren't you glad I made you take all that fuel with you? :-)) and get
a vaccine for the Thargoids. Go to the target on Hotice, fire your laser
at it (the Thargoids said 'missiles', but that doesn't work) and when
you see the bunker open up, land nearby it. Deploy your Mining Machine
and wait a minute. Then retract retract it again, and look in your
inventory. You should see a 'Mycoid Vaccine' in your hold. When you
don't, make sure you have ROOM for it by dumping some radioactives.
If you got it, blast off towards Miacke [37,144]. You have to refuel
somewhere for this, I think you must go to a Federal or Imperial world
since the Alliance of Independent Systems expect results from you when
you enter/dock at their systems.

If all goes well, you get a message from the Thargoids when you enter
Miackce, asking you to dock again. Press 'N' to select "???" again and
engage autopilot. Save your game before docking (save your game before
hypering in, for that matter). When docked, you'll get a message asking
you to wait briefly. Do just this--don't engage time control yet! After
a few seconds the Thargoids thank you, and are willing to give you a
Thargoid War Vessel as a present. You can accept it, or decline it, but
you've come all across the Galaxy for this..admit it! Click YES and when
they tell you to enter time control, and press SHIFT-F5. Then wait until
you see the familiar human background change to the alien interior, and
you get the message GO IN PEACE. Blast off towards human space, namely
Alioth, and receive a big well done message from the Alliance. You can
keep your ship, and sell the goodies in it. You will be able to reach
home in TWO jumps!!

Bugs in this mission:

Sometimes the Thargoid stations are busy. Restore game, hyperspace in
again and see. Or, hang around in front of the docking bay and have the
ship crash into you. Lots of savegame required for this one.

Sometimes, when you return to Alioth, you receive a rather neutral
message that you are paid, and your old ship is given back to you.
When this happens, restore the game back from where you blast off
from the Thargoid station in your alien ship. I don't exactly know
what causes this "bug", but you might want to try again, and try to
avoid any populated systems on your way back. Perhaps it's random, I
don't know. But I have solved many thargoid-mission returns this way.
You can keep your Thargoid ship.

4. --- Troubleshooting guide / Bug List -----------------------------


Even with the v1.06 patches, FFE is still a bit unstable. Therefore I
strongly urge you to leave 'extensions' on (i.e. jades.01) for the
saved games. If you get caught by an unrecoverable bug in a saved state,
restoring the previous save may rescue your commander. Another thing
that this can be useful for is restoring your position if you make a
big mistake in play.

- What operating system do I need?? -

FFE only runs in DOS, Windows 3.xx and Windows 95 won't run it at all.
This is due to the way that the game has been written, and there is no
patch available to change this. You should reboot into DOS mode, since
this seems to be the best way to run the game.

- Game won't run. What are the configuration tricks? -

FFE might have trouble with computer memory, or the way your memory has
been set up. Try the following configuration using DOS 6.xx or the memory
managers you get with Windows 3.11:

; ** CONFIG.SYS **
Device = C:\Windows\Himem.sys   (Or C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS if you don't have Win3)
Files = 40
Buffers = 40
LastDrive = Z
Stacks = 9,256
Dos = High
;This line is for CD version owners, in my case the Toshiba CD driver
Device = C:\Tools\TOSHV111.SYS /D:CD0

@Echo Off
rem Put your Soundcard settings or other SET's here, for example:
Set BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 H5 P330 T6


rem Put your Soundcard drivers, CDROM MSCDEX + other drivers here

Diagnose /s
C:\Tools\SBMPU401 /e


- Game runs, but no music is heard -

If you have a wavetable add-on card on a Soundblaster 16 soundcard, try
downloading the SB-MPU patch from Creative labs. Enable it like I did in
the AUTOEXEC.BAT, and you'll have less trouble. Also goes for a number
of other games.
Also use FFE's latest version, 1.06. There were bugs with the sound in
earlier ones. Of course, make sure you've run SETUP to set your sound

If you own a Creative Labs Soundblaster AWE64 card (Value and Gold) and
have Windows 95, you may find that the DOS drivers for your card supplied
on the accompanying CD will refuse to install even if in DOS Mode. You will
get digital sound from the card when adding the soundcard settings in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file, but MIDI won't work.

What you need is a file called 95dosapps, which contains updated drivers
for using the soundcard in DOS mode. You'll find the relevent file at
http://www.soundblaster.com in the tech support/drivers/awe directory

Once you've installed the files properly, you will need to select AWE 32
as your soundcard. Be amazed at how much better the music sounds! Pity
it doesn't improve the sound effects...

- Game runs, but no digisound is heard -

When booting 'clean' or indeed cleaner than normal :) make sure you DO
have all your soundcard-drivers loaded and configured correctly. Your
soundcard's settings must be set accordingly to FFE's sound settings,
and with hard resets, soundcards are returned to their default settings.
Also use FFE's latest version, 1.06. There were bugs with the sound in
earlier ones. Of course, make sure you've run SETUP to set your sound

- Game crashes when I try to fire laser -

You might have one of the early versions of FFE. Patch the game to the
latest version (1.06). Also, you might try to delete the file HMISET.CFG
from your FirstEnc game directory, and re-run SETUP.EXE from this dir.
Try auto-detecting, and make sure there are no IRQ or DMA conflicts.
This bug is known to exist in version 1.01 or below.

- The game bombs out with an 'Unhandled Exception Error' and lots of numbers -

Try the configuration files AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS mentioned
earlier. Remove any EMM386 or QEMM memory managers, but you must leave
HIMEM.SYS in. If this error occurs during Thargoid missions, there's
nothing I can do at the moment. There seems to be no solution for it
other than rebooting and restoring earlier games. Make sure you have
the latest version of FFE, though. In version 1.06 I never saw this error.

- I load a game, but FFE returns me to the options menu immediately
  or I load a game, but FFE says 'No Commander File' -

There is a problem with FFE's save-game slots. The 28th slot is never
'loadable'. So, delete some of your earlier games and try again. You
also might want to switch directories if you don't want your games
deleted. Also make sure all your commander files have an A attribute.
In your commander directory, type ATTRIB +A *.* to make sure. Without
A attributes your commander files might seem to be gone, so if you've
made a full backup recently you must attrib them back.

If the program keeps rejecting your commander file, just try another.
If this keep happening during Thargoid missions, there's nothing I can
do about it. Just make sure you have version 1.06, it doesn't seem to
happen there.

- Windows 3.11 says 'Borland 32 bit DPMI module needed' and Windows 95
  says 'this module cannot be run on WINs32', or something in that
  direction -

Gametek has informed me that FFE is not, and will not be, compatible with
all Windows versions. But then, who needs Windows eh? Windows 95 users
will have to make an MS-DOS session of it by right-clicking FIRSTENC.EXE
and choose Properties. Alternativly, choose 'command prompt only' when

- FFE slows down to a crawl on a >= 486DX/66 CPU -

This can be a number of things. According to some people in alt.fan.elite,
it can be caused by a plugged-in joystick when no joystick is selected in
SETUP. It also might have something to do with the way your computer
handles your memory. So try booting as "clean" as possible (see 4.1) and
when this fails, try examining your CMOS settings. There might be some
entries there having something to do with write back cache or memory re-
fresh (slow/fast).

WARNING: Only change settings in your BIOS when you know what you're doing,
and before you start, make sure you have a way to set the CMOS back to
default in case you screw up.

- Can I run FFE without the CD in the CDROM drive? -

That's possible. I use it too, sometimes when I get fed-up with the video
animations, and wanna play some CD music while in orbit. Here's how it goes:

Go into your FIRSTENC directory on your harddisk, and type ATTRIB -R *.* /S
This will flag all your files READ-WRITE, in case this wasn't done already.
Next, create a directory in your FIRSTENC dir. called CD_DATA. Copy all the
FirstEnc CD files into this directory, EXCEPT the dir. called \DATA!! This
directory contains all the movies, and that's about 600MB. Even for big
harddrives this is a waste of space. You don't even HAVE to copy ALL of the
CD's files into CD_DATA. These are the files in MY CD_DATA dir:

\FX\*.*		\SOUND\*.*

But for now, copy all of them and delete some later if you think they're not
needed (like the french or german versions)

Next, find the file FIRSTENC.CFG and load it into a text-editor (for DOS 5
or higher users: EDIT FIRSTENC.CFG will do). You'll find only one drive-
letter in there, corresponding to your CDROM drive (G: in my case).
Change the letter into something that doesn't exist yet in your PC, let's
say J: for example. Save the file.

Then remove your FIRSTENC CD from the CDROM drive, and type:
(where X: is the driveletter where FFE resides, and GAMES being the
directory where FFE resides). When you see an error message, you might
want to check your SUBST command for errors, and your CONFIG.SYS to check
that your LASTDRIVE is indeed J or further in the alphabet.

When no errors are displayed, start FFE without CD. I recommend creating
a batch file to SUBST the drive to CD_DATA, start FFE, delete the SUBST
drive afterwards. When you're in FFE, the first thing you must do is
TURN THE VIDEO ANIMATION OFF!! If you leave them on, the game goes looking
for that \DATA directory that we didn't copy..:-)

- Engine sound is gone when I throttle up -

This is sometimes due to the fact that your music is set to ON or
Continuous. If you turn music off, all sound effects are restored.
This may be due to the quality (or lack of quality) of your sound card

- Musical instruments get corrupted or keep 'hanging' continuously -

This happens more often with wavetable users than the FM synth users.
I cannot give a solution, except to try the MPU401 patch from Creative's
website. It solves some problems (and not just with Frontier).

>From what limited knowledge of electronic music I have, it appears that
the files suffering from this are those which originally appeared on
Frontier: Elite 2. It could be that they got a little scrambled in
conversion. The Quality Quartet tunes apear to be OK.

- The ship flat spins wildly and is difficult to control -

There seems to be a bug of some kind in the joystick routines in FFE,
and the program can misbehave when some (all??) joysticks are used. I'm
not sure what the problem is caused by, but it seems the only solution
is to unplug your joystick while playing FFE (NOTE:- if you unplug the
joystick while FFE is still running the game will crash.) Fly using
mouse instead (hold down the right button while moving the mouse to move
the ship)

I recently bought a Thrustmaster ACM joystick card, and I don't appear
to have as much trouble as I used to. This could mean that the joystick
bug could be attributable to the use of the Gameport in most soundcards.
IIRC a press release from Gametek mentioned trouble with soundcards, and
this might have also impacted on the joysticks.

* General gameplay hints/tricks *

- Help! One of my medals/permits has just vanished! -

Relax! For reasons know only to David Braben, the medals and permits
section of the commander information screen overflows by one line, so
some of your medals and permits will effectivly be displayed underneath
the top of the console.

If you get another medal or permit, it might result in the bottom item
in the first column moving below the instrument panel.

If you click the commander status button again you can see that the bottom
line flashes up briefly so that you can read the hidden text. You haven't
lost anything...

- Where do I get a Class 3 Military Drive?

One of the slightly annoying new features of FFE is that systems selling
this drive are very rare. I am on the lookout for systems selling them, and
so far Facece (0,-4) is the most convenient. I think that you can also get
one in either Gateway or Alioth, but this is still to be confirmed.

- Stardock doors open, I hit 'accelerate', but nothing happens -

Make sure you have refueled your internal tank. Press F3, F10 and click
'refuel'. Then accelerate again, and see what happens. Also, check that
you have the right kind of fuel for the right hyperdrive!

- I can't hyperspace -

When you're just starting, you have a ship that can hyperspace a
relatively short distance. Make sure you select a star system on the
map that returns 'Fuel Required:' information on the lower-left on
your starmap, instead of 'Out of Range'.

Also, you can't jump when you're very close to a stardock or space
station. The manual says why.

And finally, when you have engaged your autopilot, hyperjumping is not
possible. Switch your engines to MANUAL or OFF and try again.

- Autopilot's destroyed. How do I get home? -

Don't Panic! You get home using manual controls. When you're done screaming,
here's the deal:

The easiest way of getting to a safe place is to pick a planetary starport,
it saves time wasted on docking station-positioning. When you don't have
atmospheric shielding, try to pick a MOON to land on.

First, set your target using your map. Point your nose towards it, and
remember the distance (AU). Let's say the distance is 10 AU. Then,
accelerate using the ENGINE OFF method (so keep ENTER depressed) until
you're exactly half way there (5 AU). Then, turn your ship around and
do the same. In the same time-frame, you should be at the same speed
you were at, before you throttled up, or close to it. Then pick a
comfortable speed (not too fast) and use a quick time acceleration
(SHIFT F3 or maybe F4) to approach your target. If you find yourself
'spinning' and swooping around your target, then you were going too
fast to begin with. Slow down, and if necessary, use faster time-accel.
If your target is on the surface of a planet, it might be a good idea to
establish atmospheric flight first, and then fly around the planet with
an ALTITUDE reading AVAILABLE (that means you're well within the atmos).
Fly about 30000 km/h, and use time-accel very carefully. To find out if
you're going the right way, face the ground, and examine it. You should
see your targeted green square somewhere. Align with it, and go around
the planet to reach it.

* Mission and military-specific *

- I don't see any military missions on the bulletin boards -

That's either an old version you're using, or you have made the
military your enemy. Try patching up to v1.06, and fly to Eta Cassiopeia
and look on the bulletin board there. If you already use 1.06, go to
Eta Cas anyway and see. Perhaps you can restart the game, to make sure
the missions work. If you do too much work for the opposing force, the
military may give you delivery mission only, for a while.

- I've changed sides and promotion is taking a long time -

As the manual hints, working for the other side isn't tolerated. Work done
for an opposing side while ranked will result in you being penalised.
Exactly how this is calculated isn't certain, but it seems that one employer
will deduct a certain number of points from your 'rank score.' This may
result in you getting demoted. At a guess, it seems that you are deducted
half the points you would have gained from doing the mission.

To illustrate this, say you hold rank in both the Federal Military and the
Imperial Navy. You've just taken a recon photo of the President of the
Federation's secret love nest on Mars, and have managed to caputre a
shot of the President and the First Lady indulging in a spot of rumpy
pumpy from a range of about 1KM (very long lenses in these military

You arrive back at Facece and are rewarded for your audacity with
a cool 20 rank points and a Legion of Honour medal (this being your
first 'excellent' recon). Meanwhile in Eta Cassiopea, the Feds are
understandably pissed off at what you've just done, and deduct you
10 points.

- I've changed sides and my original employer won't give me some mission
  types anymore -

As I mentioned in the previous section, it appears that the game penalises
you for being a turncoat. As your score declines due to your treachery it
might mean that it drops below the threshold for doing certain missions.
Serves you right for being traitorous scum :-P

- My assassination target won't show up -

It happens. You get information from someone that your target is going
to leave at a certain time and place, but things can go different. In
the usenet newsgroup alt.fan.elite we have a theory about this:

The target ship must appear somewhere on a starport. But what if the
starport's full, and the target ship can't land there? We suspect FFE
does not take this in account, and the target ship vanishes from the
game. If you think about it, it's actually quite realistic.

As a player, you can bypass this by hyper-jumping into the system again,
and see if the target has shown up this time. Every time a player jumps
into a system, all the system's inhabitants and planetary positions are
randomly different. So SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE JUMPING IN!!

- When on photograph missions, close to an installation on a planet
  or moon, some invisible force pushes me back FAST -

I'm afraid so, and there's nothing to do about it at the moment. I'm
currently trying to determine what kind of planet causes this, but
you'll have to take your picture as quickly as possible, and jump out.
Just photograph if you're within 100KM of the target. You might try to
fly back again when you've been pushed back, but it might happen again.

- I want to get the 'Wiccan Ware' (the race) but the spaceport's busy -

Patch to version 1.06, it's fixed there. If not, try this (and it goes
for every 'spaceport busy' situation):

Buy a missile, combat-target the weakest ship that occupies the landing
pad, and blast off into orbit (3KM away according to manual). Then face
your red target, and fire the missile. Press SHIFT-F4 once to make your
missile hit the target for certain, then wait a bit (SHIFT-F3 for a few
seconds) and head back for the spaceport. Your target will be either
destroyed, or he will have fled. Perhaps you'll have to wait until midnight
to have the traffic controls 'reset'.

- I killed Dentara Rast / Dr. Innitu but I'm not given credit -

There are two possibilities for why this is happening. The first is the
usual explanation for botched hits. In order to get credit for _any_
assassination, you must not kill the ship before it takes off. This is
because the target only boards the ship just before takeoff, therefore
blowing the ship up on the launchpad will only scare your target, not
kill him.

Another possibility is that you let the target ship hyperspace and then
followed it to it's destination by using the hyperspace cloud analyser
and killed him in deep space. For some reason, the game takes this as
meaning that the target has escaped, even if you jump it and blow it
away in it's destination system. Therefore you should take him out
on launch, and get to 12,000 feet and hyperspace as quickly as
possible once he's in little bits.

- The '5 Furies Statue' is incompletable, not enough time -

There's an error in the mission-text regarding pickup time. I don't
know the exact times (YET) but when you take the mission, you might
want to fly to Arcturus immediately (with passenger cabin fitted) and
dock there. You will be give the Statue, even if you've arrived before
the set time. If you're there earlier, you are able to complete it
easily. This is fixed in version 1.06

- The person from 'Pickup hitch-hiker mission' doesn't show up -

Yes she does, she just doesn't say she does.. ;-)  Land at the
starport a few days before pickup, wait a few days until the pickup
must occur, and watch your cabin space. It should be occupied with
1 person after the pickup date. Blastoff immediately and search the
map for a nice, nearby Federal starport. You should be able to find
2 of them within 20 Light Years. If ms. Thikka is not on board on the
specific date, wait a few days longer, and press F2 again to see.

- Pick up hitch-hiker: mission not completed while I think I did! -

I have not been able to complete this mission either, and discarded it
as a bug. I picked up the hitch-hiker, flew back to a Federal world, but
still got the 'failed' message. In one rare moment, the mission WAS a
success, but I have never been able to trigger that again.

UPDATE: I've recently completed this mission, first try. It was in
version 1.06, and I brought her back to an unknown Federal world.

- The hitch-hikers blow up my ship when I pick them up again -

And does that trouble you?

Ok, seriously: In early versions of FFE, this is unavoidable. If you're
playing v1.06, I suspect you didn't take off quickly enough. If the
hithhikers say "Let's go--NOW" I suggest you listen to them. Hyperspace
as quickly as possible. You're probably best off taking off as soon as
they board, so you should ensure you have enough fuel to make it to Edethex
before actually arriving there.

- I missile-bomb 'Rockforth Academy', but when I return I don't
  seem to have completed the mission -

The missiles almost never really do any damage when you fire them from
close range in real-time. A workaround: Fire missiles from about 500KM
away, and press SHIFT-F4 after they're away. This will enable the 'if-
always-hit-it' bug. Also, you might not be using a powerful enough missile.
I'm performing tests of missiles, and the most powerful conventional (i.e.
non-nuclear) one seems to be the MV2 Assault Missile.

- What is the 'Journalists Welfare Fund'? -

This is connected to the Thargoid mission series, and is there to
give you a hint about the location of the 'hidden' system where
Mic Turner got iced. All it gives you is one of the coordinates, and
tells you about the defence satelite. Of course, since you've read this
FAQ you already know that ;-) The message often stays on the boards
for some time after you finish the missions.

- Thargoid mission-specific -

- I'm on the Thargoid mission, and I get harassed by far too many
  ships - even after the missions they keep bothering me -

That's because you didn't blow up the satellite in the first mission.
In that first mission, you are NOT given the tools to do this, and
you must take on a "CLASSIFIED MISSION" from the military to get them
yourself. You won't be completing this classified mission, but you snatch
the Transmission Jammer and Nuclear Missile and use 'em for your own
purpose: the Thargoid systems. Seek out and destroy that satellite on
Pleione, or you're going to be a busy commander. Don't worry about not
being able to complete that military mission you took to get the Jammer
and Missile - your rank points go down, but they're up in no time.

Also, if you LIKE living on the edge, and plan to keep on playing even
with INRA on your tail, you might make a forced hyperspace misjump at
times. This will confuse lots of INRA ships, and the game may run some-
what faster.

- When leaving the station at Polaris, I'm no longer in Polaris! -

That's correct. It's a little unexpected for Commanders who didn't
bring enough FUEL WITH THEM, LIKE ME !!  :-(

But the Polaris system is (was?) just a base for the Thargoids, and
their home planet is located far more to the north. When you dock at the
shuttle (which turns out to be a transporter) it hyperspaces a long
way to Miackce [37,144]. And you have to be able to return this distance.

- When leaving the station at Polaris, a lot of Thargoids fly
  around me, but nothing happens. -

Not yet anyway. Just be patient... they're as curious about you as
you are about them. Just wait a bit (perhaps you can use SHIFT-F2 or F3)
until you receive a message from the Thargoids to dock with their
really BIG station. If you dock with the big station without having
received this message, chances are that you won't receive any Thargoid-
communications there.

- Nothing happens when I click YES/NO in a Thargoid ship -

This might be caused by the use of accelerated time during Thargoid
communications inside a space station. Use time control only when
the Thargoids say so. The solution is non-existent at this time.
Restore your game before you entered the station. Version 1.06 is
more friendly about this, it never happened to me anymore.

- Thargoid shuttle is always busy -

Don't know what causes this, it's probably a bug, although it seems
to happen less frequently with version 1.06. You'll have a decent
chance if you restore your game, and hyperspace in again. Otherwise,
you can try floating just before the Thargoid shuttle's entrance, and
wait until the occupying starship crashes into your Quest ship. This
can take a lot of gamesaving and restoring to figure out just when the
ship leaves the Thargoid shuttle.

- When I'm done, I land at Alioth, they take my Thargoid away! -

Happens sometimes, don't know why. It might have something to do
with the fact that you dock/land at planets before you go to Alioth,
but I recommend you restoring your game after you left the Thargoid
station in your new Thargoid ship, and hyper to Alioth again.

... it must be something you did wrong, but I haven't figured out
just yet what this might be.

5. --- Tips & tricks -------------------------------------------------


When you buy a Fuel Scoop tractor beam, you don't need a Fuel Scoop
and a Fuel Scoop cargo bay converter. So all you actually need to
make full use of a Fuel Scoop is that 1 tonne Tractor Beam! However,
it doesn't scoop fuel...


To reach your destination more quickly, use this method:
Hyperspace into a system. Set your autopilot target, and allow it to
fly straight towards it (press SHIFT-F3 for faster movement). When
this is done, switch your engines to 'Off' and go into the fastest
time-skip mode (SHIFT-F5). Then keep the [Enter] key pressed until
you are at a distance of 4 to 2 AU. Then press [Tab] once, and your
ship will immediately stop and dock/land at your destination.
So with this method, you can effectively bypass the 'braking' pro-
cess! Think of it as the space station's tractor beams pulling you
to a halt..:-)


If your Naval ECM doesn't kill an incoming missile, just try again
a couple of times. When you quickly press [E] 5 times, all incoming
missiles should be gone. If they're not, read the second tip.

If missiles are immune to your ECM waves, do the following:

During battle, you may have found out which of the attacking ships
have ECM capability. Keep a combat-lock on that ship, and when some
ship fires a missile at you, press M to fire a missile at the ECMming
ship. He will activate ECM shortly to destroy your, and every other
missile! I call this the "poor man's missile jammer".

Another clever tactic which seems to work is selecting the missile
as a target and launching a missile of your own. If you're lucky
your missile should destroy the enemy missile before it hits you. Of
course, you could always try to be flash and shoot the incoming
missile out of the sky :-D

Stupid tricks start here:

- Slingshot around big planets -

If you haven't already done so, or don't know how, here's how you sling-
shot around a planet. Hey, every commander must do this at least once..:)
Look up a big gas giant, similar to Jupiter or Saturn. Aim a few centi-
meters above the edge, and fly towards it with a speed of 90.000 km/s.
Then activate time-skip to 4 or 5 and look at your speed. It'll increase
by the planet's gravity. For maximum effect, face the planet at all times.

- Asteroid landing -

Some bigger, fast-spinning, spherical asteroids can be landed on. When
you're close enough to one of these, your 'mass-lock' will indicate you're
in orbit to the asteroidal body, and you'll receive an altitude reading
when you're close enough. Lower your landing gear, and take your ship
VERY close to the surface and try to match the speed of the asteroid. When
you can almost touch down (<100M) set speed to zero and try to keep the
horizon in your sights. You might make it..:)  If you do, take an external
view, and watch your landed ship floating a couple of meters above the
surface. Then deploy MB4 mining machine, use escape pod, and take a

- The ghost ship escape pod trick -

Go to an orbital space station. Buy an escape pod, and leave the station.
When the doors open, fly a little bit outside (so that your ship keeps
spinning in sync with the station) and eject. Request docking permission
and fly back in the space station. You'll get a new ship. Launch again,
and you can fly THROUGH your old ship..:)  ...in case you ever wanted to
see the insides of a Panther..:)

- Flying through a planet -

Insane as it may sound, this trick actually works with certain planets
in the game. The best one to try it with is Canopus 1. Simply select the
planet as your autopilot destination and fly towards it. Once you're
close to it, point your ship at it and set for maximum power. Unless you
are very unlucky you will fly straight through, with the accompanying odd
visual effects.

The reason why you can get away with this seems to be due to the game's
selection of reference points. If the planet is near to a very large body
it might not be selected as the reference point. It appears that the game
calculates your altitude relative to the reference body. The collision
detection on planets appears to be a bit kludged,so you flying into the
planet isn't picked up if the program isn't keeping track of how high you
are due to the planet not being the reference point. In the case of
Canopus 1, it is just over 1AU away from the bright giant star.

6. --- Interesting Systems -----------------------------------------

Here are some interesting systems because of fame, strange bugs, illegal-
to-visit, and generally weird systems.

Spica		-4,-17
Hadar		-6,-40
Antares	-39,-34
Dumbell	-72,40	Nebula, but no special system found
Polaris	0,76
Beta Lyrae	-146,85	Contat Binary. System crashes if jumped into
Betelgeuse	59,14		I could fly into the atmos of btlgeuse B
Pleiades	32,32		Lots of systems with nice looking stars
Rigel		92,6		Supergiant star

7. --- Customising and messing about with the components of FFE ----

- Fun with music -

This can be done. FFE's programmers left the sound and graphics files
seperately, 'un-grouped', and unpacked on the CD. The music files are
to be found in FFECD:\MUSIC\*.HMP  If you want to convert them to some
other, more compatible format like MIDI, you should get the program
HMP2MID.EXE The address is:-


- Fun with sound effects -

The sound effects are in a somewhat raw format, and can be found in
FFECD:\FX\*.RAW  You should be able to load the samples into the software
that came with your soundcard. In the case of (AFAIK) most of Creative
Labs' soundcards, this program will be called WaveStudio. When you load
the samples into 'your favourite sound package' (as they say in the trade),
you'll need to use these settings:-

Channels: Mono

Sampling Rate: 22,050 Hz

Sampling Size: 16 Bit

I'm not sure if it's possible to replace the original sound samples, I'm
currently messing about with any samples I can find lying around. Watch
this space!!

- Fun with graphics -

The graphics files reside in the root \ of your FFE CD-ROM or in the main
FFE directory on your hard drive if you have the 3.5" version, and are
called CABIN?.BMP (?=0 to 5, according to ship size. 5=thargoid).
These can be used directly in any Windows environment. You might even
want to create your own Frontier desktop-theme.

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