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Читы для FX Fighter

Чит-файл для FX Fighter

FX Fighter

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Argonaut Software
Издатель:GTE Entertainment
Жанры:Arcade (Fighting) / 3D
Multiplayer:(2) head-to-head

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.


Информация актуальна для
(Frequently Answered Questions)
Version 1.1.1

Welcome to the OFFICIAL FX FIGHTER FAQ. Here you can find pointers and answers
to the most Frequently Asked Questions about FX FIGHTER. This FAQ provides an
up-to-date supplement to the README.TXT included with every FX FIGHTER game.
Enjoy, Mal. (The README file contains essential information every FX FIGHTER
player should read.)

The following names mentioned in this FAQ are registered trademarks:FX
FIGHTER, Brender, Argonaut, GTE Entertainment, Gravis GamePad, Pentium, Sega,
Virtual Fighter, NEXGEN, Nx586, Windows, Windows 95, Helix Multimedia Cloak,

You are welcome to duplicate and redistribute this document, as long as it is
not modified from its original form.
(C) Copyright 1995 by GTE Vantage. All rights reserved.

1) Introduction
1a) Who created FX Fighter?
1b) What is needed to run FX Fighter?
1c) Can I play FX Fighter under OS/2?
1d) Can I play FX Fighter under Windows?
2) The Game
2a) The Demo.
2b) What is FX Fighter?
2c) What are the differences in the fighters?
2d) Hints
2d.1) ***The hidden moves are here***
2d.2) Is there handicapping?
2d.3) Can I change the difficulty level?
2e) Can I ever be Rygil?

3) Other problems
3a) Advice for 4MB setups.
3b) My frame rate is too slow, can I speed it up?
3c) Helix Multimedia Cloak problems.
3d) SX/NexGen chips.
3e) I install the game and it won't recognize the CD in the drive.
3f) Joystick/Keyboard won't work properly.
3g) My Gravis GamePad won't calibrate properly.
3h) Running FX Fighter in Windows 95.
3i) Running FX Fighter in IBM PC-DOS 6.3 or higher.
3j) The music volume control does not work, how come?
3k) It won't install any drive other than C:
3l) When will a patch disk be available?
3m) The camera flies around erratically.
3n) General sound problems.
3o) Playing over a network/modem.

4) How to contact GTE
4a) How can I contact GTE Entertainment on the internet?
4b) How can I contact GTE Entertainment by phone?
4c) How can I contact GTE Entertainment via US (Snail) Mail?

FAQ Answers

1) Introduction
1a) Who created FX Fighter?
FX Fighter was developed by Argonaut Software and is published by
GTE Entertainment. FX Fighter is the first PC product to use Brender
3D rendering technology, developed by Argonaut Technologies, Ltd.,
to create a true 3D fighting arena.

1b) What is needed to run FX Fighter?
You will need a minimum configuration of a 486/DX-33 with 4 MB of
RAM to run the game. A floating-point processor is required
(designated by "dx" in 486/DX-33. Note: for example, a 486/SX-33
does not have a floating-point processor). However, a 486/DX2-66
with 8MB of RAM is highly recommended. This game will not run on a
chip produced by NEXGEN. The Nx586 does not use floating point
technology, causing the game to crash. This game screams on a
Pentium processor and 16 MB of RAM, so if you are one of the lucky
ones, you'll have a great time.

1c) Can I play FX Fighter under OS/2?
Yes, although GTE does not directly support OS/2. While we are
currently testing FX Fighter under OS/2, we have no specific
recommendations on how to run the game under this operating system
at this time. The results of our BETA configuration analysis of
FX Fighter under OS/2 are included in the readme.txt file on the
1d) Can I play FX Fighter under Windows?
The game has not been designed to run under Windows. We recommend
that the game be run from DOS.

2) The Game
2a) The Demo. It's out. Check our web page (http://www.im.gte.com) or
a local bbs. If you do not find the FX Fighter demo on your favorite
local bbs, email the area code, phone number and bbs name to
gtechsup@imagitrek.gte.com and we will probably be able to get it up
there for you.

2b) What is FX Fighter?
FX Fighter is a heart pounding, fast-paced 3D virtual fighting game,
similar to Virtual Fighter by Sega. FX Fighter is the first 3D
fighting game to utilize all the PC's capabilities.
2c) What are the differences in the fighters?

*Sheba is of the Feran race, a cat-like species. The Feran are
extremely ruthless, and specialize in shredding their enemies with
their long claws.

*Venam is from the Manti race of beings. The insectoid Manti use the
carcasses of Humans and Ferans as food for their larval offspring.
The Manti also can spray a deadly venom at their victims.

*Cyben 30 is a member of the Cyben empire. The Cyben, a mechanical
species, seek to dominate the galaxy and populate it with artificial
life. Cyben 30 uses his Shock and superior strength to annihilate

*Tropis is the home planet of Kiko, a warrior of the rebellious Kanti
people. The technology and weaponry of the Kanti is primitive.
But what Kiko lacks in hi-tech, she makes up for with deadly skill.

*The oldest civilization belongs to that of the Karlakians, the home
of Ashraf. He appears to be a harmless monk, but don't be fooled.
His Chakra can render an opponent helpless and vulnerable to attack.

*The planet Ursae, a long dead world, was once the home of Siren.
Her motive is obvious, to conquer the galaxy. Be careful of her
telekinetic powers.

*Jake is a government agent from the Human Alliance of Planets.
His tactical training and brute strength prepare him for victory.

*The Magmen are a mysterious race. Though there is ample myth about
them, to this day no evidence of their existence has been found.
Magnon, thought to be one of the Magmen, is renowned for his
strength, toughness, and durability. Reputedly, Magnon can kill
easily with his Lava Breath.

2d) Hints
2d.1) THE HIDDEN MOVES!!!! (which marketing authorized for release)

Back break throw = f,d,p/d+p
Energy Push = f,d,f+p
Fireball = b,f+p
Heavy uppercut = b,p

Swipe Punch = f,p
Knee strike = b,k
Twirling punch = f,b,p
Poison spit = b,f,p

Heavy claw slash = b,p
Jumping spin kick = b,f+k
Frank n steiner = f,f,k

Heavy claws = p,p

Forward elbow = F+P
Roll attack = D,F+P (When ducked)
Mid kick = F/D+K
Lava breath = B,F+K

Knee throw = B,D+P
Triple kick = K+K
Two fisted punch = F+P
Throwing star = B,F+P

Blastoff throw = U+P (Up close)
Rotor arm attack = F,F+P
Rocket punch = B,F+p
Roundhouse kick = D+K

2x Punch+kick = F,B+P
Face pounder = F,F+P (Up close)
Shoulder charge = F+P
Twisting uppercut = B,F+P

Levitation throw = U+P (Up close)
Back throw = B/D+P (Up close)
Knee to groin = F+K

2d.2) Is there handicapping?
Yes. You can raise or lower the character's handicap in the
Character Select Screen by pressing Up or Down on the gamepad, or
pressing A (up) and Z (down) for Player One, and L (up) and ","
(down) for Player Two. The higher your handicap, the more damage
your punches will inflict.
2d.3) Can I change the difficulty level?
Yes, the difficulty level can be changed in the Bout Options screen.
Move the cursor down to "difficulty" and either lower or raise the
number (1-7) to decrease or increase the difficulty.

2e) Can I ever be Rygil?
Thanks to David Sisselman@AOL, everyone can now be Rygil. David wrote
a small batch file which enables the user to convert Magnon into
Rygil. The patch can be found at the Games Domain web page
(http://wcl-rs/bham.ac.uk/gamesdomain/). Special thanks to David
for sharing his awesome patch with the rest of the world!

3) Other Problems
3a) Advice for 4MB setups.
FX Fighter will run on a 4 MB machine, however some additional
configuration may be required to get the memory needed.
(3.5 mb total memory free)
Memory Type Total = Used + Free
---------------- ------- ------- -------
Conventional 640K 23K 617K
Upper 123K 51K 72K
Reserved 128K 128K 0K
Extended (XMS) 3,205K 217K 2,988K
---------------- ------- ------- -------
Total memory 4,096K 419K 3,677K

***Total memory needs to be above 3,500----^***

Total under 1 MB 763K 74K 689K

Largest executable program size 617K (631,696 bytes)
Largest free upper memory block 72K (73,312 bytes)
MS-DOS is resident in the high memory area.

Try the following config.sys and autoexec.bat for basic requirements.
Config.sys Autoexec.bat
FILES=30 (Sound Card and CD-ROM drivers)
(Sound Card and CD-ROM Drivers)

Make sure that you back up your original config.sys and
autoexec.bat before making changes.

3b) My frame rate (game speed) is too slow, can I speed it up?
You can increase the frame rate (and speed up the game) by lowering
the detail levels in the game to a minimum (see Detail Levels in the
Options screen). Basically, the more detail (texture) you add to the
characters, the slower the game plays: Flat (fast), Gouraud shading
(slower), Texture (slowest).

3c) Helix Multimedia Cloak. This product is not compatible with FX Fighter
It's modified MSCDEX.EXE and MOUSE.COM drivers lower conventional
memory, however, lower conventional memory is not needed. The game
will run with conventional memory around 550K, but needs at least 3.1K
of XMS memory. If you are using this product, FX Fighter will not
detect the CD-ROM in the drive, and ask you to insert the proper FX
Fighter CD-ROM in the drive. Reboot your system with the MSCDEX.EXE that
comes with MS-DOS to remedy the problem.

3d) SX and NexGen processors. This game will not run on a chip produced
by NEXGEN. The Nx586 does not use floating point technology, causing
the game to crash. Also, the game will not run on an SX type chip.
The game requires a floating point processor, or a math coprocessor to
to the complex calculations required by BRender's technology. GTE
cannot guarantee compatibility with a system using a separate math
coprocessor or an Intel Overdrive processor.

3e) I install the game and it won't recognize the CD in the drive. This
is a problem that we have been having on some systems. A number of
users have been able to get the game running under Windows (although
not directly supported) with few problems. This error could be caused
by a number of things. If you are encountering this problem, you can
try the following to remedy the situation. 1) Update your sound and
CD-ROM drivers. Many systems have old and outdated drivers. However
unlikely this may seem, it is recommended that you use the latest
drivers to run the game. 2) Try running the game in Windows. Windows
uses its own set of drivers for such devices. If Windows recognizes
the CD in the drive, but DOS does not, it is a good indication that
your drivers need to be updated. 3) Set up FX Fighter to run with no
sound. If the game functions properly (without sound), you will need
to update your sound card drivers. 4) Lastly, try making a boot disk.
I know many of you will scoff at this idea, but many problems have been
fixed by users making a boot disk. If all else fails, try the basics.

3f) Joystick/Keyboard won't work properly. If you choose to play the game
in two player mode and have your joystick plugged in, the keyboard will
not be detected. To solve this problem, you must unplug your joystick
from the game port located on the back of your computer and re-run
FX Fighter. The keyboard will not reset if you do not restart the
game. Currently, The game is not playable in 2 player mode with a
joystick plugged in. If you have 2 joysticks or gamepads, you can
purchase a Y-Cable. This device will enable you to run 2 gamepads off
one joystick port. However, not all Y-Cables are the same. Make sure
you purchase a high quality cable, preferably one manufactured or
recommended by your sound card manufacturer. The developer has been
told of this problem and is currently working on a solution.

3g) My Gravis GamePad won't calibrate properly. There have been some
reports about the GamePad not calibrating properly (it only calibrates
on half of its range of movement.) We are taking reports for this
problem to remedy it.

3h) Running FX Fighter in Windows 95. The game is currently not supported
in Windows 95 and GTE cannot offer support on how to get the game
running properly in Windows 95.

3i) Running FX Fighter with IBM PC-DOS 6.3 or higher. The game was not
tested on IBM DOS and there could be problems. Some users have called
the technical support line while running IBM DOS and have had some of
the above mentioned problems. We cannot rule out IBM DOS as fully
compatible with FX Fighter.

3j) The music volume control is not working, and here's why.
FX Fighter uses the volume control in the CD ROM drive and not the
sound mixer on the sound card. Unfortunately, not all CD ROM drives
have internal variable sound control. If you are experiencing non
variable music control it is because your CD ROM has an on/off switch
and not a variable sound control option. An alternative for this is
the following. You can take a sound cord and plug it in the front
of your CD ROM drive. Run that cord around the back of your computer
and plug it in the LINE IN on your sound card. In theory, you should
be able to control the volume by the knob/dial located on the CD ROM
3k) FX Fighter will only install to the C: drive. To fix this, you can
install to the C: drive and XCOPY the game to another drive.
Example: XCOPY C:\FXFIGHT D:\FXFIGHT /S. You will be asked if
the destination in a file or directory, select directory, and you
will be set. You will also need to edit the fxfight.cfg file located
in the FXFIGHT directory. Type edit fxfight.cfg and change the game
path, the second line in the file.

3l) The Patch. We are working on a patch to fix some of the above
mentioned problems and should be out in approximately 4 weeks of
this posting.

3m) The camera flies around erratically. This is a known bug and there
are a couple simple fixes. If this problem is occuring, try turning
down the detail levels on the characters and arena. If the problem
still occurs, you can hit the HOME key to disable the camera. The
page up/page down keys will zoom in/out, and the arrow keys will
rotate the camera.

3n) General sound problems. We have had several problems that have led
to sound card/driver incompatibility. If you are experiencing
problems, please try running the game with NO SOUND, and see if the
game will run.

3o) Playing over a network/modem. FX Fighter is not a modem/network game
and will not be playable with either of these devices in future
versions. If there is to be an FX Fighter 2, modem/network support
will be addressed.

4) How to Contact GTE
4a) How can I contact GTE on the Internet?
To reach GTE Interactive Media on the World Wide Web, contact URL
http://www.im.gte.com. The Web Page is where to look for the most
up-to-date FX Fighter information, artwork, demos, and special moves.

4b) How can I contact GTE Entertainment by phone?
GTE Technical Support can be reached at 619-431-4264, Monday-Friday,
between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Please note: No game play hints
will be given out over the phone. The Technical Support E-Mail
address is gtechsup@imagitrek.gte.com.

4c) How can I contact GTE Entertainment via US (snail) Mail?
You can contact us via snail mail at

Technical Support Department
GTE Entertainment
PO Box 4358
Carlsbad CA 92018

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