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Чит-файл для Great Ultizurkian Underland, The

Great Ultizurkian Underland, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Информация актуальна для
1. Getting Started

Q. What do I do first?
A. How about opening the chest next to you? I assume you've already gone
through the introduction before you started playing. If not, hit Q to quit
then start up the game again, and choose the introduc- tion from the menu.

Note that you can't choose "Quest Onward" unless you have saved your game. To
start from scratch, choose start a new game. Later, you can choose quest
onwards and it'll automatically load your saved game for you.

TIP: To save more than one game, or to keep a game that you want to be able to
come back to without having it be overwritten by later saves, go to DOS and
make another subdirectory like ULDSAVE, then copy *.SAV and *.USE from your
Underland directory to the save directory. Then to restore that game, copy
them back and overwrite the ones in your Underland directory.

Q. How do I open the chest?
A. USE it. Stand beside it (or over or under it), and hit U (be sure your Caps
Lock is on), then hit an arrow key on your numeric keypad- the one that looks
like an adding machine's keypad.

Q. Now what?
A. LOOK at what's in the chest. Hit L then move the cursor, using the keypad's
arrow keys, until the cursor is on top of the chest. Then hit L again.

Next, GET the item. I think it's a note of some kind. Hit G then use the
keypad arrow that points at the chest. The item should now be in your pack. To
read it, hit I to look at your inventory. There's a cursor that looks kind of
like a pen or pencil. Use the keypad arrows to move it so it points to the
note, then hit U. You have to USE notes, scrolls and books to read them.
Hitting L to look at them' will just tell you what it is ("A book", "You see a
scroll", etc.)

Q. What do I do now?
A. Head north and start exploring the dungeon. Don't worry, there aren't any
monsters on this level. Non-player characters (NPCs) move around in this game,
so you'll sometimes have to chase 'em to talk to 'em. You have to be standing
right next to someone to talk to him or her. Hit T to talk. First ask their
names (type NAME and hit enter) then their jobs (JOB, enter). Any words after
that that appear in yellow can be typed in to get more informationand continue
the conversations. It's just like in Ultizurk 1.

TIP: This game comes with a README.TXT file that can be read at any time from
within the game just by hitting H (for help). It explains a lot of the
commands, how to USE certain items- weapons and tools- from your weapons hand,
how to wear armor and sheilds, etc.

Look in all the chests you find and help yourself to anything you might need.
Talk to everyone- THIS IS IMPORTANT- and write down what they say on a piece
of paper. You'll go through lots of sheets of scratch paper in this game!

Remember what the intro said about everyone getting restless and suspicious?
They're all forming guilds and secret societies and use a series of passwords
between each other. The people on level 1 will give you passwords to say to
people on the other levels. Some of them will give you more passwords to say
to other people and so on. Eventually you'll get to talk to people who will
give you some valuable tips and hints. Be sure to follow all these leads and
talk to EVERYONE at least once.

Oh, and be sure to visit the Lycaeum (great library) on the ground level.

Q. What's the point of this game?
A. To figure out why everyone is using passwords and stuff, and try to do
something about it. The King will give you some more info on this, as will the
introduction (if you STILL haven't viewed it!).

Q. What do Yell and Blink mean?
A. Yell lets you use certain magic spells that are activated by shouting
certain magic words. They use up some of your mana. Blink lets you
automatically teleport between the known dungeon levels. That's a spell you
yourself have gained, being Guildmaster of the Wizard's Guild and all.

2. Where is...? (Places and people)

Q. The King?
A. He's in his throne room in a building on Level 1. Use your overhead map
(during the daytime so you will see better) to show you all the buildings and
pathways that lead to them. The red dots indicate where people are. Look for
people inside the buildings and talk to them. It's kind of south in level 1.

Q. The siren queen, Losi, Harry, Tom, Ol' Killer, etc,?
A. Hard to say, since everyone moves around so much. All the sirens are on
level 6, and everyone else is somewhere on the level that one of the NPCs told
you they'd be on. Just keep talking to people and asking their names until you
find the one(s) you want. (Ol' Killer's on 8.)

Q. Leomund the Wizard?
A. On level 2, working in his laboratory (NE area)

Q. The treasurer?
A. Level 2, kind of S by SW of Leomund.

Q. Gold, food, weapons, armor, sextant, etc.?
A. In various chests all over on levels 1 and 2, and in a few out-of-the- way
chests in some dungeons. You can also get items such as gold nuggets or food
by looking in the blood of slain monsters. There's some info on this in the

Q. The Lycaeum?
A. On level 8. By the way, levels 7 and 8 are really the same level, on the
floor of the extinct volcano. I guess the other levels have been tunneled into
the inside sides of the volcano's lava cone.

Q. The ground level?
A. Levels 7 and 8. As stated above, they're really the same level. 7 is in the
eastern ground area, and 8's to the west. They're connected by a long bridge
over a river or lake or something. You can also BLINK between them.

Q. The polar icecaps?
A. The polar waste regions can be reached via a ladder that's on level 4.

Q. The Rainbow Pool?
A. It's way back of beyond, behind the iron doors on level 9. You need the
Soulsbane and a great key before you can enter.

Q. The cyclops' level?
A. Level 9.

Q. Level 9?
A. The entrance is via a small islelet in the eastern part of the main city on
level 8. Use your overhead map and you'll spot it.

Q. The jubjub tree?
A. On level 8 near the top and bottom. It looks kind of like a palm tree. Keep
using your L command to look at trees until you find one.

Q. The grappler rope?
A. In a chest in a corner of the cyclops' area.

Q. The soulsbane?
A. It's also called a Diamond Sword. Ask all the armorers you meet about it.
One will give you some more info, as will a book (or scroll) in the Lycaeum.

3. How do I... (Part 1)

Q. Get gold?
A. You can find gold nuggets in chests and in the blood of monsters. You need
to GET them and will carry them in your pack until you cash them in at the
treasurer's. Only then will it be added to your purse as spendable money.

Q. Get food?
A. Chests, monster blood, or buy some at an inn.

Q.Increase my level?
A. Say "ADVANCE" to the King. Note that levels increase fairly slowly in this
game. You need about twice the experience points per level increase as you did
in Ultizurk 1 or 2.

Q. Heal and restore my hit points?
A. Eat a nightshade mushroom, say "HEALING" to the King, or sleep at an inn.
You have to have food then, though.

Q. Restore my mana?
A. Eat spirit jelly or sleep at an inn when you have food in your pack.

Q. Open magically locked chests?
A. You need a magic wand. It's in a chest somewhere.

Q. How do I use it?
A. From within your inventory when standing next to a magically locked chest.
It won't work if you put it in your weapons hand and try to use it from there.

4. Where is...? (Quests)

Q. Nightshade mushrooms, gossamer silk, spirit jelly?
A. The gypsy woman on level 1 has lots of info about where to find these (you
have to look at night) and what they're good for, besides Leomund's quests.

Also look in the cabinets in Leomund's lab and house.

Q. Light blue and yellow berries?
A. They grow all over on level 8.
Q. Another pocket watch, elven sword, sextant?
A. In chests in various places. Remember the note you found when you first
started the game? LOOK at carpets in front of important people. Also there's a
chest towards the SW of level 3.

Q. Skeleton of a fallen hero? I can't dig up any of the tombs!
A. These heros are the ones talked about in the Lycaeum, that were crushed by
a cyclops. Look there.

Q. This or that potion?
A. There are ten potions. If you talk to everyone, you will eventually have a
list of ten clues to things that are buried in dungeons where monsters live.

Q. I dug where I was told, but didn't find anything! Are the NPCs lying?
A. No. You have to LOOK at a hole after you've dug it. If there's something
there, it'll tell you. Then you need to GET it. Make sure there's enough room
in your pack.

Q. The diamond?
A. In a chest in a building in the ice country.

5. How do I...? (Part 2)

Q. I have all ten potions. How do I use them?
A. The book in the Lycaeum says to mix them in an empty bottle.

Q. How?
A. Open your inventory then USE the empty bottle. You have to have all 10
potions in your pack. You can mix the potions before you actually need to use
them, to get some free space in your pack.

Q. Cross the ice?
A. Put the grappler in your weapons hand then close your inventory. Hit U to
use the grappler, then hit an arrow key in the direction you want to go. Keep
doing that until USE fails, then you should be able to walk normally again.

Q. Open the iron doors?
A. Use the key from within your inventory.

Q. I can't! It says I need to have the greatest offence and defence to enter!
A. You need to complete the soulsbane quests first.

Q. I have the diamond. Now what?
A. Talk to all the armorers- say "THE DIAMOND SWORD"- until you find one that
can compress the diamond for you. He'll tell you to take it to another armorer
to cut it into a swordblank. Say "CUT" to the other armorers until you find
one that knows what you're talking about.

Q. Where's the well near great magic?
A. Think! Who's the greatest magician and wizard in the realm- besides you, I
mean? Look around his house for a well. Stand next to it, open your inventory
and USE the swordblank.

Q. I'm inside the iron doors. How do I go further?
A. There's a series of switches that can be walked on, stood next to and USEd
to switch them up or down. Try every combo, and write down the ones you've
tried, until one works.

Q. Works how?
A. The first series lets you open another iron door when the four switches are
in the right sequence.

Q. I got it but I'm in a dead end!
A. Head north. There are hidden teleporters that will whisk you away to
another place in the same dungeon.

Q. I can't get past that kind-of E-shaped area in the Rainbow Lord's dungeon,
with the five switches and the plaque on the wall that says to use one at a
A. I labeled the various rooms like so, according to the order in whick I was
teleported through them:

(NE corner) #8 (large, spread out one in NE area) #7

(5-tined E- (largish diamond-below #8) shaped one #5 between 8 and 7 and below
the NE extension of 7) #6

(tiny diamond- shaped one) #4

(The one where (small square) (SW corner, under #7 you start from) #2 and to
the right of the #1 SW extension of #7) #3

The descriptions are approximately in the areas on the overhead map where the
corresponding dungeon room or area actually is, relative to each other.

Switches in area 1 lead you through, in order, until you get to 5. Most
switches swing you around through the first 5 areas again, starting at
different areas (when you go north in 5) but ending up back at 5 again. One
switch sends you to 6 then 7, then back to 5... if you haven't found all 5
orbs yet. Then, that switch combo in 5 takes you to 6, then... to 8, where the
rainbow pool is!

Q. I'm in 8. How do I get all the iron doors to open?
A. One particular sequence of up/down switches opens them all. Keep trying,
and write them down as you do so you don't end up trying the same combos over
and over.

Q. I'm at the Rainbow Pool. How do I stop its power?
A. First you need to diarm it's protective field by placing the 5 orbs around
it in the holders. Then open your inventory and USE the empty bottle to mix
the 10 colored potions into one rainbow potion (if you haven't already done so
earlier). Then USE the rainbow potion from your inventory screen, when
standing just below the rainbow pool.

Don't be too dissapointed at the ending, when you find out that all the
legends about the Rainbow Lord were incorrect. You do actually accomplish your
goal, by dispelling the fear and mistrust of the people and restoring peace
and harmony to the realm.

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