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Читы для Grinch, The

Чит-файл для Grinch, The

Grinch, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Artificial Mind & Movement и Universal Interactive Studios
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 17 ноября 2000 года
Жанры:Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person / For Kids
Похожие игры:Gift, The, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Tonic Trouble

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2000 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Stone Heart Locations

Post office in WhoVille
Past the Mine field in Who Dump
High Ridge above Ski Resort Area in Who Forest
Guarded/fenced house in WhoLake

Presents hanging ABOVE: These are for later in the game, don't worry about those
until you have the Grinch Copter.
Stinging Insects: Annoying little flying rats... breathe on them and they'll die

Kids/Cops/Guards: Slime officials for presents, shoot eggs at kids for presents,
breathe on skulking dudes just hanging around for presents.

Shuffling the Mail: Once you get past the security guard to enter the post
office, you will see two hallways on either side of you, and a big room
with "Cindy Loo Who" in it. This room is pretty much irrelevant actually. Start
on the right hall; You have to time your runs past the security beams, send Max
into the little tunnels to enter the rooms and open the appropriate doors for
(and get into them within the allotted time). The doors are all color coded, so
it's not that difficult to figure out where Max needs to go.

Once in the room(s), the game will prompt you to press a button to shuffle the
mail, and that will be it. Once you're finished in all rooms (#5 has to be done
last - it's the one with the stone heart outside) the blueprint will be waiting
for you at the exit.

Painter (for paintcan): The Painter needs to be bounced in order for you to get
his paint can (to paint the mayor's posters to complete that mission). Swing
to the scaffolding he's standing on, wait until he jumps to the outer plank, and
then buttbounce on the opposite end of it. He should be tossed over your head to
the Xmas tree in the center of the town, leaving his paintcan behind for you.
(later, when you have the egg launcher, go find the painter in the tree, and
shoot him for a present)

Statue: The statue is guarded by an invisible security field. Breathe on the
field to see it, then jump over the field (normal jumping will do fine), turn
the security, then modify the statue.


Bears: Well I think they're supposed to be bears, but I think they're more
yeti/snow beasts. These have an obvious movement pattern to them - get close
enough for them to swipe at you (but not so close that they actually can hit
and as soon as they DO, walk in and breathe on them. They will disappear down
their hole and drop a present for you. The single exception to this pattern is
the summer beast in Who Lake, who you need to feed a beehive to (it's obvious,
don't worry).
Bees: Every house in the forest is Bee-able. For some you need to use the Rocket
Spring however! Timing is everything - if you know you're not going to make it,
drop the hive and RUN LIKE... keep running until you don't hear the buzzing any
longer. If you stop before that, you're toast.

SKI LIFT CARD: The second house from the entrance is the one that contains the
ski lift card. However, you must first complete the mission of stuffing bees
all the chimneys, and you must have the slime shooter in hand, because in this
particular house, the chest containing the ski lift card has a swarm of
stationary bees above it that you have to slime. Once you slime them, you butt-
bounce the chest and get your card.

Ski Resort Area:

Dog: Loving dog will not let you near the skis so you can slime them (They're on
the right side of the house) so you need to lure the dog under a peak with a
(avalanche) piece on it, then shoot the snow so it traps the dog temporarily.
then jump the fence, run around to the skis, slime them, and get out. No big
if time runs out after you slime them though, it's not like you can really DIE
this game...

White Mountain Civic Center:

Woman standing in front of the house: Shoot the fastenings for the sign above
head to knock her cold, then enter the house to see the giant cake. You will be
prompted to gather fireworks at this point.

Goofy Dancing Dudes: These guys wearing the swiss outfits and dancing up above
need to be shot with eggs in the belt buckle (this will force them backwards and
drop them off the edge) at which point you go and butt bounce them for presents.

Green goggled guards: These guys are like a highly trained SWAT team, but if
you're careful, you can beat them. The key is to sneak up behind them and
on them. It isn't as easy as it sounds, but it's do-able.


Shutting down the electrical fields in the tunnels: Each major section has a big
pipe in the middle of it sticking straight up, with either an orb or a guard on
top. In the main area, it has an orb guarding it that you must shoot with a
egg (the glowing red eggs - you can carry only 5 at a time). Once you shoot the
orb, jump to the top, then butt bounce the top to break it. You'll fall into the
pipe and find all kinds of goodies, including a pipe to connect, a blue print,
eggs, and presents. This is generally the case in all major area pipes. You must
activate the red button to DEactivate the power fields in the tunnels outside -
and then run to the grease spot on the floor and spring out of the pipe (must
reach full power). You're timed, so MOVE IT.
Navigating the tunnels: Make a note of the direction you want to face *before*
you go into the big pipe to deactivate the power fields at the end of each
colored tunnel. This gives you a second or two help when you spring out of the
pipe and run for the end of the desired tunnel. (Blue or Green)

Guard on the main Pipe: In this area, you must shoot the wrecking ball near the
guard which will hit him and throw him out of the area. Then you can get on and
break it, etc. as above. I think a normal egg will do it for you.

The Rat Mission: In this area you must look up, shoot the wooden sheets hanging
from the cranes which will fall to create "bridges" for the rats to cross the
gullies. Then you shoot out the grate from the pipe with the blue print behind
(use normal eggs, and shoot several times) and have Max lead the rats to this
pipe. Once close enough they will get the idea and go in on their own (Max does
not actually enter the pipe). Make sure you position the Grinch away from rats
and this pipe, because he scares the rats and they will not go near him. I'm not
sure, but I think barking at the rats tends to make them pay attention better...
they're rather stupid. :)

The Robots/Computer Mission: You have to shoot the robots with a nitro-egg, and
then pick up the rubble from them. There are 10 robots overall in the dump, in
all areas except the mine field and power station. (there are robots there, but
they do not count for this mission) Once you have all the robot pieces, you go
through the green tunnel and find the area to the right that has a neon arrow
pointing at a grate below it. Shoot the grate with a nitro egg and then feed the
robot parts to the computer. Nothing really special happens, sorry to say.

The Birds: Startle the birds so they fly up in the air, then shoot them to make
them drop the pizza. Like the robots, there are birds in all areas of the dump
except the mine field and power station. There are 10 sets, including one set by
the final pipe.

The Power Plant: To get into the power station you must first slime both cameras
and use your octopus climber to climb the big wall from the dump.

The first power pole: There is a fan with a big white pad in front of it
underneath the first power pole. Breathe several times on the fan, which will
activate the pad (which is actually an elevator). Jump on the elevator to go up
to the first power pole. Shoot the green button on the pole with a normal egg to
power down the line between it and the next pole. Jump to the line and shimmy
over to the next pole.

Once you're over there, be careful of the dude with the electrical prod - you
have to breathe on him. Same idea here, shoot the green button to shut off the
line to get to the first landing area.

The First Powered Fence: Use Max here. He has to run under the electric fence to
the red button, and then he's timed. He must run to the buttons in the small
areas to change the colors before time runs out. HINT - The one across the
needs to be done LAST.

The Second Power Poles: Here there is no elevator - there is a pipe sticking out
from the wall near the far power pole - spring up to the pipe sticking out from
the wall, then spring up to the first platform. Shoot the green button to power
down the line. HERE there are 2 obstacles on the line - shoot those to remove
them, and cross as usual.

The "Fans": For lack of a better word, lets call them fans. I think they look
like wind generated turbines or something to that effect. You jump down into
area, and behind each one there is a small fan that you breathe on to activate.
Then you spring back up to the top and jump from fan to fan across the top. It's
tricky but easier than a lot of other missions in this game.

Final Electric Fenced Area Before Powerplant: There is a line going straight
across to the Power plant, and it is deactivated. Cross it, then when you're on
the balcony of the power plant, turn and shoot the button on the pillar in the
middle of the electric fence to turn off the security system. I think somehow
they wanted you to go through all kinds of hoops to turn it off, but this worked
faster, heh. After you finish the total shut down of the plant, you can come
and clean up this area of presents.

The Power Plant Course:

There are several types of obstacles in this place:

Electrified floors with a guard: Slime the guard, and then breathe on him
Electrified walls: Slime the two panels you want to climb, then QUICKLY change
your octopus climber, jump as high as you can, and climb up. (Jumping first
you a second or two leeway)
Power lines: Look all around for buttons to shoot
Security Cameras: Slime them

Upper Area: As soon as you leave the cave you arrive in, there is a scout in
front of the wooden wall on the left. Shoot the scout (the first time he'll
a present like usual) and then use your octopus climber to climb the wall - up
here you'll find the last items for the mini-missions, like the tent, shorts,
etc. There is also a line from a tree that you can cross to get another
for the marine mobile.
Sonic Scarecrow: (Thanks to "Grinch Master" for this one!) After jumping on the
sonic scarecrow bellows, jump to the first branch and then hold down your swing
and jump buttons together, which will propel you through the rest of the
in no time (well, in time to pass before the time runs out) BUT CAUTION! Don't
forget to let the buttons go when you land or you could jump right off the
ledge :)

Mayor's Villa:

The Mayor's Villa: Until you have both hook and rope, don't bother going into
this house. Once you do, see next tip...

The Mayor's Bed: Once you have both hook and rope, you can proceed to the
Villa. You must arrive in costume to be allowed to pass the scout. Once in,
TIPTOE to the Mayor's bed, where you will be prompted to press the appropriate
button, and from there the game will show you the video. Mission accomplished.

Submarine World:

Sea Cows: "Fast bump" the sea cows toward the seaweed trapped presents to have
them eat the seaweed and free them for you to bounce.

Mini-mission - gathering parts for the Marinemobile: There are 5 pieces to find
once submerged in the submarine world.

Flashing orb #1 (soooo hard to catch)
Flashing orb #2
Behind the breakable wall #1 (the walls are slightly "different" and you must
rush at them to smash through) Go above and hit the target, then get below
the time limit to get the part under the cage.
Behind the breakable wall #2 - Go above and hit the stalagtite hanging from the
ceiling, which will fall and smash the sunken ship, releasing another part.
The final part is in seaweed which the seacow must release for you

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