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Читы для Grinch, The

Чит-файл для Grinch, The

Grinch, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Artificial Mind & Movement и Universal Interactive Studios
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 17 ноября 2000 года
Жанры:Arcade / 3D / 3rd Person / For Kids
Похожие игры:Gift, The, Rayman 2: The Great Escape, Tonic Trouble

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 2000 г.


Информация актуальна для
The Grinch FAQ/Walkthrough
By RedPhoenix™
                For Sony PlayStation

My First FAQ. Don't complain.

0001: Tutorial Level/Comp. Room
0002: WhoVille
0003: WhoForest
0004: WhoDump
0005: WhoLake
0006: FAQ
0007: Gadget Pieces
0008: Acknoledgments
0009: Legal Disclaimer
Tip: Use Edit--->Find and search for the numbers above to instantly jump to the
part you are looking for. Wasn't that simple!
0001: Tutorial Level:
Room1) Butt drop boxes.
Room2) Slide the stone.
Room3)Use Max to collect the key from the next room through the hole in the door
and return to the grinch with it.
Room4)Breathe into the breath analyser.
Room5)Use the elevator to get to the...

Computer Room
Computer is used to construct gadgets. Contains 4 tunnels to Who-
ville/fores/dump/lake. Above the computer room is a floor with bonus level doors
marked "750", "1500" and "2500" this is the required number of presents to
access that particular bonus level,(you get nothing, dont even bother) there is
also a locked door that will open when you've collected all of the "Sleigh
Parts." The four vacuum tubes will become accessable one at a time as you
complete certain missions in the level prior.
	Note that the order in which I've placed tasks in this walkthrough are
just in my opinion the quickest/easiest way to proceed but not mandatory to
finish successfully. Presents are too numerous to list, and you dont need em.


0002: Whoville

	Upon entering Whoville you may first want to familiarize yourself with the
area around you, busting presents and smashing trees does not require any tools
or items and is a good thing to work on while finding your way around. When your
ready, start with your back to the vacuum tube where you entered, head forward
under the brown overpass and past the x-mas tree on the right side, ahead you
will see an orange snowman/shaped bldg with a guard sleeping outside the door,
and "030" on top, this is the "Countdown to x-mas clock tower." "Tiptoe" past
the sleeping guard to enter. Once inside you will find the "Who cloak" and some
presents to bust, don't drive yourself crazy here trying to go up on the
elevator, you have to come back later with the jetspring to open the hatch above
	When you exit the tower look to your right, there is a ledge over a kid
with a BP on it, use the nearby pole to swing up onto the ledge to collect the
BP, this is a difficult manuever that takes timing and practice, see the FAQ's
section for help with this. From there go past the x-mas tree, again on the
right, to the yellow bldg with wide front steps and a clock overhead, this is
"City Hall." To the left of city hall, just past and over the guard, is a ledge
that you can jump/climb up on to for another BP. From here go back to the vacuum
tube, with your back to the tube, walk around the corner to the right, and look
to the right, there is a blue bldg with a guard out front, this is the "Post
Office." Jump/climb up on the post office roof for another BP.
	Now with your who cloak on, (go to a phone booth to change,because this
guard is awake!) enter the post office unrecognized to "Shuffle The Mail." Once
inside go into the room directly in front of you for curiosity's sake only,
ignore the little girl here, like the elevator in the clock tower, she will only
distract you from your mission. The halls to either side of where you entered
here are one hallway circling the room your in, go to the right hall as you
leave here being careful not to come into contact with the red security rays,
past the red ray on the right will be door#1(purple), stand in front of the
door, call max and send him into any one of the little holes on the outer wall
of the hallway (this ones easy, go in across from door#1 and make two lefts.)to
find the color coordinated entrance to the room where the grinch is waiting
	Have max step on the round switch to let him in, a timer will start, run
the grinch straight ahead to the mail cubbies and shuffle the mail. Exit to the
right and repeat the sequence for room#2. This time exit to the left and go back
the way you came, past the room with the little girl, and into the opposite end
of the hallway to find door#3 on your left, repeat the sequence for each door in
numeric order till you reach door#5, this door should be open by now and a
"Heart of Stone" in front of it, enter to collect another BP, on your way out of
the post office , the little girl has left the BP she was holding, inside/left
of exit. When you exit, go through the vacuum tube to the computer to assemble
your "Rotten Egg Launcher." With your egg launcher equiped, return to whoville,
change out of your who cloak so you can use your gadgets, and head for city
	Use your egg launcher to shoot dead center of the clock overhead to enter,
once inside enter the basement, in here you will find four filing cabinets on
each of three walls, look closer, one on each wall is a hair taller than the
other three, use your ability to move objects and pull out the taller one on
each wall for a BP(3 total), then head upstairs. Like the hall in the post
office, the two doors upstairs lead into one hallway circling the statue room,
enter the right door and tiptoe past the guard(this is sometimes tricky, hide in
the shadows and stop when he does)and into the hall, when you get past the
guard, you'll see the statue room on your left, and the mayors office on your
right, go first into the mayors office on the right, in here collect a BP, slide
the filing cabinet aside, pull out the safe and butt drop it to collect the
"Hammer and Chisel", then tiptoe across the hall into the statue room.
	Once inside stop at the top step and breathe to make the security beams
visible, carefully jump each beam and press the button at the back of the statue
to de-activate the security system, then go to the front of the statue to
"Modify" it, collect the BP next to the statue and exit city hall. Head for the
scaffolding across from the post office and correctly time a butt drop at the
end of the plank with the guy on the other end for the "Paint Bucket." You will
have to swing across the poles from atop the brown platform to get there. At
this point you will want to complete your "Smashing Snowmen", "Painting the
Mayors Posters" and "Egging the Houses" missions. Complete these missions in the
order of your choice, leaving the "Advancing the Countdown to Christmas Clock"
mission incomplete till you have the jetspring to open the hatch over the
elevator. When you've found everything listed below, return to the computer to
assemble the binoculars(this will enable you to zoom in and out with your gadget
sights for
Snowmen (butt drop)
1)In front of vacuum tube.
2)From vacuum tube, past P.O. and scaffolding, ahead.
3)Around perimeter of x-mas tree.
4)Also around perimeter of x-mas tree.
5)Left side of city hall.
6)Right side of city hall.
7)Left of countdown tower.
8)Right of countdown tower.
9)Up on brown platform between the x-mas tree and the scaffolding.
10)Up on blue platform between vacuum tube and city hall.

Posters (press triangle when prompted)
1)With back to tube, up on ledge, right of vacuum tube.
2)Up on blue platform, between vacuum tube and city hall.
3)Around bottom of brown platform, far end from vacuum tube.
4)Top of brown platform, between the tiny and main bldgs.
5)From vacuum tube, past the P.O. and scaffolding, ahead on right
6)Up on ledge, over kid, opposite the countdown tower.
7)Right of countdown tower, up on left side of double ledge.
8)Extreme right of city hall, next to musical horn.
9)Left side of pink bldg, by phone booth, left of city hall.
10)Up on ledge, right side of blue platform.

Open Windows (launch eggs inside)
1)High above vacuum tube.
2)High above P.O.
3)High above kid, past P.O. and scaffolding.
4)High up on same bldg, other side, other end.
5)High up on brown platform, x-mas tree side.
6)High up on bldg, right of blue platform.
7)High above corner area, right of city hall.
8)Above music horn, right of city hall.
9)On top of odd looking bldg, between countdown tower and city hall.
10)High over double ledge, right of countdown tower.


0003: Who Forest
	Once again let me remind you that the order of tasks may seem redundant,
to return to the same place several times, when you could have collected all
items in one place at one time, my path takes you through each task one at a
time so as to cover each mission in whole, and reduce the possibility of leaving
important items behind. Once again busting presents and drooping trees requires
no special tools or items and is a good thing to work on while finding your way
around. When your ready, you should first collect all of the jetspring
blueprints so you can return to Whoville and complete the countdown to x-mas
clock mission. Start at the vacuum tube where you entered Who Forest and look
around the back of the vacuum tube for your first BP, proceed up the path till
it makes a U-turn to the right and you see a cabin up on your left, go around
the cabin on the left side up the ramp to collect another BP, continue along the
main path till you enter the clearing and find another BP, continue straight
ahead past the BP, be sure that you don't jump or fall off the tree, ride the
elevator down so it's there when you need it again, then head for the computer
to assemble the jetspring. (Whew!)
	Once you've equipped the jetspring, return to Whoville, remove your who
cloak (if you havn't already)and tiptoe back into the countdown tower, once
inside, stand on the elevator and jetspring up to open the hatch above, now you
can take the elevator up. When you reach the second floor, there will be a red
switch on your right and to your left is a series of three levers and a wall of
gears behind them, this floor is easy, change the position of each lever and
jump on the red switch to open the hatch above, take the elevator up, when you
reach the third floor there will be a red switch on your right and to your left
is a series of three levers and a wall of gears behind them and in that left
corner a crate and two small platforms at the top of vertical lifts, now looking
at the levers, in order from you towards the wall, they should be R,L,R, like
the second floor you must change the position of each lever, but this time move
the one closest to you and the second one will move with it, then move the
farthest 	OK, it gets a little hairy here and I've been asked to make it as
simple as possible so even our youngest gamers can understand so for the wall
with the two lifts we'll call the "lift wall", and the wall with the crate in
front will be the "crate wall", and the wall with the switch the "switch wall",
and the last wall with only gears the "gear wall." With that worked out, when
you reach the fourth floor, change the position of only one lever, the one
closest to the corner of the crate wall and the switch wall, then jump on the
switch, that will cause the gears to spin and the pipe that runs from the gear
wall to the crate wall will extend a gear into that same corner, now slide the
crate one time towards the switch wall, climb on top and use the action button
to push the large gear into the wall, now slide the crate onto the lift platform
that is floor level on the lift wall, change the position of all levers except
the one closest to the crate wall and the switch wall corner, jump on the switch
and the crat sleeping guys head to advance the countdown to x-mas clock.
	At this point all missions in Whoville should be complete(except the
presents, this is up to you to figure out as there are too many to list and it's
not necessary to complete till the end of the game for the bonus level if you
want-)and you should now return to Who Forest. You will now need to complete the
"Putting Bees in Cabins" mission as follows; start at the vacuum tube and shoot
two bee hives out of the nearest tree, pick up a hive and a timer will start,
run to the first cabin next to the vacuum tube, jump up on the roof, go to the
chimney and press action to drop the bees down the chimney before the timer runs
out. Making sure you have the jetspring equiped this time, pick up the second
hive(timer starts)and run ahead along the path making the u-turn to the right,
approach the second cabin on the left side up the ramp, jetspring to the roof
and deposit the bees, now run ahead up the main path and into the clearing
towards the huge hollow tree, walk towards the black spot under the tree with
bee hive	Now go into the ski lift area and look for the tree with bees and
black spot underneath under the highest of three cabins here, summon the beast,
breathe on him, shoot down three hives, put one in the sixth cabin above, one in
the seventh cabin next to the ski lift, and one in the eighth cabin by the ice
wall to the "White Mountain Civic Center". Now go back to the branches and up
onto the ledge, turn left and go away from the cabins, past the "Snow Cannon",
and drop off the other end of the ledge onto a small ledge below, shoot the ice
with your egg launcher and collect the "Glue Bucket", jump/climb back up on the
ledge and jetspring up onto the top of the snow cannon, walk to the center and
press action to sabotage the snow cannon. Cross the ledge over to the cliff with
the two cabins and find the tree with bees, summon the beast, breathe on him,
shoot down two hives, put one in the ninth/green cabin next to you, and one in
the tenth/pink cabin just above and beside you.
	You have just completed both the "Bees in Cabins" mission and the
"Sabotaging the Snow Cannon" mission, you now need to start collecting the
"Slime Shooter" BP's from the inside of the cabins you've just emptied starting
in the one your standing on and through to the one at the vacuum tube; inside
the pink cabin your standing on you'll find a BP, inside the green cabin on this
same cliff you will find another BP, inside the cabin by the ice wall you will
find another BP, inside the cabin at the ski lift find only presents, inside the
cabin over the beast in the ski lift area find only presents, inside the cabin
at the top of the huge hollow tree find presents only(and remember to leave the
elevator at the bottom again), inside the cabin at the bottom of the huge hollow
tree find another BP, inside the cabin next to the clearing find another BP,
inside the cabin up to the right of where the main path makes the u-turn find
three BP's and a chest, you'll have to come back here when you've equiped the
slime shoo	Use your pass card at the yellow post to ride the lift to "White
Mountain Ski Resort." Arrive in the resort area to be met by warmly dressed
security, tiptoe up behind the guard while he's walking away and slime him, then
run in and breathe and watch him take off. Just past the guard is a wooden rail
that you can go to either side of, go up the right side and turn left at the kid
and go up to the top of the snowy peak to find your second "Heart of Stone".
Jump down to the snowy platform below, shoot or avoid the kid, and find the tree
with the bees and the black spot underneath, summon the beast, breathe on him
and send max into the now visible cave.
	Return to the grinch and head back towards the snowy peak till you drop
off the platform, turn left(this is up the left side of the wooden rail)and run
towards the left end of the house, shoot or avoid the kid on the way, as you
approach the left end of the house turn left into the alcove and meet another
guard, get rid of him, butt drop the crystalized present and send max into the
cave for another BP, return to the grinch, go to the house and leap the fence,
avoiding the dog collect another BP to the far right of the house and return to
the safer side of the fence, now watch the dog, he will follow a circular path
around the inside of the yard stopping briefly under several overhanging snow
drifts, this next task will be on a timer so think about what buttons you need
to locate to switch gadgets and complete inside of time given, shoot a snowdrift
over the dog with your egg launcher(timer starts), switch to the slime shooter,
jump the fence and run to the right side of the house, aim your slime shooter at

Trees(egg the guy, breathe on the tree)
1)Behind the green cabin, next to the ski lift.
2)Bottom left of the ice wall in the lift area.
3)Bottom right of the ice wall in the lift area.
4)Around the perimeter of the huge hollow tree.
5)Behind the green cabin on the cliff.
6)Behind the pink cabin on the cliff.
7)Bottom of the ice wall at the entrance to the clearing.
8)Along the main path, from the clearing towards the u-turn.
9)At the u-turn.
10)Very close to the vacuum tube.

0004: Who Dump
This level I decided to do a little different, some areas in the dump are
difficult and/or time consuming to get in and out of, so I thought it best to
visit each area, one at a time, and collect all items and complete all tasks in
that area before moving on to the next. When you first enter the dump, bust a
few presents and collect a few red eggs while you look around and try to keep
some on hand through this level. In each area ahead, you will need to "Collect
Parts For the Computer", "Take Food from the Birds" and "Conduct the Stinky Gas
to Who Bris's Shack", along with a few missions exclusive to each area. First in
the "Main Entrance" area, equip the egg launcher, and with a red egg shoot the
little robot(#1)working near the vacuum tube, and collect the spare parts left
behind, do the same with the little robot(#2)working near the big cement tube
with the yellow sign and a silver orb circling over it, do the same with the
little robot(#3)working by the entrance to the green tunnel. Now go up to the
birds	Across the path from the big cement tube is a lever and a large stone
block, slide the block in front of the lever and drop the wrecking ball on the
block for a present. Now go to the cement tube with the yellow sign, shoot the
orb over it with a red egg, then climb up on the tube and butt drop the top of
it, inside find a BP and tiny pipe(#3)to connect, if you've tried to go through
either the blue or green tunnels, you'll know that they have an electric field
blocking the exit to both, the switch inside the tube you are standing in will
de-energize those electric fields for a limited amount of time, this next move
will take a few times to get right, jump on the switch, run to the oil spot on
the floor and using your jetspring jump up out of the tube and run through the
blue tunnel to the "Blue Area" before the electric field comes back on. Once
inside the blue area, take food from the birds(#3)directly overhead of the
entrance, do the same to the birds next to the cement tube in front of you. Over
the stea	Now like in the last area, shoot the orb over the cement tube with
the red egg and butt drop on top of the tube and drop inside, in here you will
find a BP and pipe(#6)connection and another orb to shoot, then jump on the
switch and onto the oilspot to jetspring up and out of the tube, then jetspring
up and into the tunnel back to the main entrance area before the blue electric
field returns. Back in the main entrance area(this gets real repetitive)go into
the cement tube again, jump on the switch and jetspring out only this time go
through the green tunnel and into the "Green Area". Once inside the green area,
shoot the little robot(#7)working near the entrance and collect the parts, do
the same to the little robot(#8)working up to the right by the green neon arrow,
do the same to the little robot(#9)working to the left of the neon sign down by
the orb going back and forth in front of the path to the" Minefield". Next take
food from the birds(#7)in front of the path to the minefield, do the same to the
bir	Now enter the main house and find a BP at the back of the room, now here
you must make SURE you "tiptoe" up the stairs(or you might find yourself back on
the other side of the minefield)and up to the sleeping dump guard and use your
scissors to shave him. Now you must navigate your way back(or just be blown back
by a mine)to the entrance to the green area, through the green area and back to
the main entrance area and collect the BP that you couldn't get to before
because of the two steam pipes on either side of the path it was blocking, now
travel down that path and with the red egg shoot the little robot(#10)working
ahead, now take food from the birds(#10)in this area, now use a red egg to shoot
the orb and turn off the steam valve where the orb was, from here go around
counter clockwise and change the position of each lever,(pipe#10)then go back to
the first one and change it again, then turn the steam valve back on and you
will have "Conducted the Stinky Gas to Who Bris's Shack". If you hop the fence
into	Now head back to the green area where you saw the green neon arrow, with
the red egg shoot the grate over the hole under the neon arrow and "Feed Spare
Parts to the Computer". From here leave the dump with the "Short Circuiting the
Power Plant" mission incomplete, return to the computer and assemble the
"Octopus Gadget". When you've correctly assembled the octopus gadget return to
Who Forest and climb the ice wall behind the lowest cabin in the ski area to the
"White Mountain Civic Center". When you enter you will be in a pit so to speak,
around you should be several eggs to collect, an icy wall and a lever that works
the draw bridge above(timed), equip your octopus gadget, throw the lever, climb
the icy wall and cross the bridge before the timer runs out and the bridge gives
way. When you make it, there will be a red and white twirly thing over the
bridge, shoot this and collect the fireworks(#1), further up on the hill is a
beast and a cave behind him that you can send max into when you get rid of the
beas	Now go to the front of the cabin, shoot each of the two tiny chains
holding the sign over the fat guys head, you may enter now to see the cake but
you need all the fireworks first to finish. Now as you face the front of the
cabin, shoot the twirly on the upper right corner of cabin for fireworks(#4),
now do the same for the twirly on the top of the left side of the cabin for
fireworks(#5), now do the same to the twirly at the end of the path with the
snowballs rolling back and forth for fireworks(#6), now go into the tunnel
behind the cabin and tiptoe past the beast on the right, sneak up and slime the
guard and breathe on him, now with your egg launcher zoom in and repeatedly peg
the dancing doofs on the targets on their beltbuckles till they fall off, shoot
the twirly thing where the doof was and then use the jetspring to jump over and
collect fireworks(#7), jump to the last platform and stop at the fallen tree
crossing to the third doof, shoot him off and shoot the twirly thing, then send
max CAREFULLY a	Again look up on the pole for the green button, shoot to de-
energize and cross the wire, once across drop down and call max, send him
through the electric door to the red switch, step on the switch(timer)and run
back to the other switches visiting each one before the timer runs out to de-
energize the electric door. Enter the now de-energized door and slime/breathe
the guard inside, continue ahead and slime/breathe the guard in the open area,
now ahead further on the left find two pipes, jetspring up on to the horizontal
one and on up to the first tower, shoot TWO green buttons up on the pole, shoot
two things off of the wire, then equip the slime shooter and cross the wire.
Drop down on the second tower and immediately slime/breathe the guard, shoot TWO
green buttons up on the pole and cross the wire, drop down and run around to the
right to find a BP, now have max do the button thing again to get through the
electric door. Now have the grinch move ahead and drop down into the next area,
you will find yourse	You have two options here; if your collecting all
presents as you go, you will want to cross the wire halfway and drop into the
area below, if not just cross over the wire to the door, in both situations
shoot the green button on the pole in the center of the area below to shut down
security temporarily. Enter the door at the other end of the wire to the
"Generator Bldg." Once inside, find yourself at the bottom of the generators in
a large round room with a BP enclosed in a glass ball in front of you, this will
be accessable on your way out of here later, follow the path around to the left
and collect(and keep in stock)both red and green eggs for your mission ahead
stopping to shoot the orb on your way around, when you've come almost all of the
way around to where you started you will come across a grate with a guard on it,
do not step on the grate or the guard will touch the grate with his electric
prod and zap you, slime/breathe the guard and take the elevator up. When you
reach the top there is an electr	At the top find yourself again facing a
with cameras hanging over it, (note the electric wire overhead, this will be the
way back when you've finished your work up ahead)slime the cameras, go through
the door and climb the wall ahead with the octopus gadget, at the top
slime/breathe the guard, cross the grate and shoot the green button on the wall
next to the pole to de-energize the wire overhead and cross the wire. Once
you've crossed slime/breathe the guard and shoot the green button on the wall
next to the pole to shut down generator #2. Now take the moving platform ahead,
over to the next platform, shoot the orb with a red egg and slime/climb the wall
ahead, at the top shoot another orb(w/red egg) and the green button to shut down
generator #3 and pick up the BP at end of the platform, now go back the way you
came to the spot where I had you note the energized wire above, when you drop
down to the door just before that, where you slimed the cameras, look up and
left and shoot the green button

0005: Who Lake

	When you arrive in Who Lake, you will be in a small cave with a short pier
into water, this pier is where you will find your "Marine Mobile" when you've
collected and assembled all the blueprints. Start by "tiptoeing" out of the cave
so you don't wake the bats overhead, just outside the cave on your left is a
small scout, shoot him and note the brown wall behind him,(you will climb this
wall in a minute)go straight ahead to near the other end of the suspension
bridge picking up a BP on the way, now shoot the tiny animal past the bridge and
collect the "Thistles" it leaves behind, go back now to the brown wall behind
where the small scout was and climb this wall with the octopus gadget, at the
top just to your left find a clothes line with two pairs of "Shorts" hung up on
it, equip your egg launcher and shoot a thistle into each pair of shorts(#1)
then continue up the path(noting the wire overhead between two trees)till you
spot the sleeping beast between two tents, shoot the beehive over him and he
will take	Once inside, walk up to the guy eating and breathe on him, he will
pound the table and then start shooting at you, run around him while he shoots
to avoid whatever it is he's shooting, he will shoot three times and pause to
reload, when he pauses run up to him and breathe again and you will get the hat,
after avoiding three more shots, at the pause run up and breathe on him and butt
drop on him and you will get the shirt, he will now start to chase you, run
under either one of two moose heads and wait for him to charge, when he does
move at the last second and he will hit the wall causing the moose head to fall
on his head and you will get the shorts, you now have the complete scout
costume, use the fireplace to exit. Drop down off the hut and pick up a few more
thistles before crossing the suspension bridge, as you come off the bridge turn
right, under the stone arch, and immediately to your left flatten tents(#5 )and
collect a BP, there is also an animal to get thistles from here, just on the
other side of), then collect the BP behind the clothes line, find and flatten
tent(#9)here also, then head towards the water from here to find tent(#10)behind
the changing booth, after you flatten this last tent, use the booth to change
into the scout costume and cross the large bridge into "North Shore."
	In north shore there are no changing booths in the entire area and you
changed into your scout costume to cross the bridge unrecognized, eveything you
must do in this area you must do without the help of your gadgets, not till you
get to the "Mayors Villa" area will you find a place to change. Run off the end
of the bridge and take an immediate left off the edge to avoid the crows
overhead and find a BP on the tiny ledge below, climb back up and go straight
ahead from the bridge, down and into the beach area to the left, go up and
behind the blue shack up on the left cliff from the beach and find a BP, now
slide the nearby stone block off of the cliff to bust open the box below and
drop down to collect the BP that was inside, now call max and send him into the
small hole in the front door of the blue shack, inside he will spill some paint
cans and wind up looking like a skunk, collect the BP in the corner and exit to
find the female skunk at the beach, have max woo her over and she will follow
him, with the 	This next task is probably one of the hardest and most
annoying in the game; go outside the pink shack, step on the "Sonic Scarecrow"
and swing across the branches(from the first jump simply hold down the jump
button and blip across them all quickly) and off the last one (before the crow
returns) to the small and otherwise inaccessable ledge below, collect a BP here
and drop down to ground level, find your way back to the beach where you
started, go up and behind the blue shack again and drill a hole in boat(#1), now
go down on the beach and find the two reels with boats out on the lines and
facing the boats jump up to the reel and use your swing ability to reel in the
boats(#2) and drill holes in them. Now follow the path that max and the skunk
took, to the fenced-in area to find your fourth "Heart of Stone," and drill
boats(#4), then reel in and drill boat(#6), on your way out go behind the cabin
to find a BP, turn right as you exit and follow the fence to find and drill
boats(#7), now standing between the).
	You will now see a short clip prompting you to collect "Sleigh Parts," but
not just yet, there's more to be done first. Return now to the computer room to
assemble the "Marine Mobile." When you've correctly and completely assembled the
marine mobile, return to Who Lake and it will be waiting inside the cave for
you. Enter the mobile for a short task(at the moment you need only enter this
area to retrieve two copter BP's)and return later for more fun here. Ahead on
the right and close to the surface find a BP, then down ahead under the arch
find another BP and return to the cave. From this point as you travel you may be
prompted to do some things or play some games, you may decline these and follow
my straight route or complete them in the order of your choice. Cruise through
Who Lake and across the bridge to north shore, go straight ahead towards the
green shed, pass it on the right and drop down, enter the door ahead to the
"Mayors Villa" area. Once inside stop and look around, ahead is a path with a
wall o	At the top equip your jetspring and jump up to the ladder on the
right side of the villa's roof, jump to the tree limb behind the roof and send
max carefully to the end of the limb for a BP, now continue to the ledge behind
the limb and jetspring up to the next level, drop down on the other end to find
a way across the falls, once across the falls, down ahead on your left you will
find a cave, collect a BP and see the pirate inside, he will offer to give you a
hook that you need to "Hook the Mayor's Bed to the Motorboat" if you bring him
five scouts scarves. Ignore all else and return to the computer to assemble your
"Grinch Copter." With that done go back to the mayors villa area to collect the
five scout scarves. As you re-enter the villa area notice the reel attached to a
log next to the stump, jump up to the reel and swing to haul up the log, shoot
the beehive over the large scout and step on the switch, collect the scarf(#1)
at the bottom of the stump when the scout gets knocked away, now drop down
towaut, he will fly away, chase him with the copter and when(or if)you get close
breathe on him and he will fall to the ground and you can collect scarf(#5),
take the scarves to the pirate for the hook.
	When you've got your hook, go to the bottom of the villa and check to make
sure that the boulder is still on the board, if not shoot it down again, go to
the changing booth nearby and don your scout costume, butt drop on the opposite
end of the board to be catapulted up to the villa, with your scout costume on
enter the villa uncontested but be sure to tiptoe in so as not to wake the
mayor, tiptoe up to the end of the bed and "Hook the Mayors Bed to the
Motorboat." On your way back to the vacuum tube, see the little scout near the
end of the suspension bridge, he will give you his "GPS"(whatever that is/sleigh
part)if you can shoot down so many birds in a specified amount of time. Now
tiptoe into the cave and into your marine mobile, once in sub world see the area
ahead of you as a circular path winding around a small mountain like center and
two hidden breakaway walls on each side of the path. Play the tuba fish game as
you enter to collect the "Twin end Tuba" for your second sleigh part. After you
get yourho Dump main entrance area and head down the path towards the (#10)
pipe, hop the fence and immediately use your binoculars to look into the open
window and see what is supposed to look like three chess boards, if you picture
the house in the middle of the three boards this is the layout of the yard, on
each board is a light spot that represents the position to move the chess piece
to, for that board, in relation to the house.
	Move each chess piece to the spot indicated on the corresponding board in
the window, when you've done this correctly the garage out back will open and
you can collect the tire, your third sleigh part, now go back to Who Forest.
Near the vacuum tube in Who Forest get with the tall kid and max will race him
for his ski's, your fourth sleigh part, now go back to Whoville. Back in
Whoville run towards the christmas tree till you see the trash truck, send max
to stand in front of the truck and stop it, switch back to the grinch and run up
and shoot eggs into the back of the truck until it drops the other twin end
tuba, your fifth and final sleigh part. You should now have all
missions(presents not included)complete with the exception of the "Sleigh Ride"
and "Neutralizing Santa" and be watching a clip about the sleigh, after the clip
go back to the computer room and on the level above to the right of the "750"
"Supa Daw" go into the once locked door to find your sleigh, the sleigh ride is
pretty self explanatory

0006: FAQ's
#1)Bugs/Glitches)Many times throughout this game I encountered situations where
my zoom in and out didn't work or my gadgets weren't there or I was stuck in
place, I had to save often and shut my machine off and restart the game to fix
this problem.

#2)Assembling BP's)Before you think that your experiencing a glitch you must
understand how to correctly and completely assemble your BP's before you can use
them; when your trying to align the BP's use the borders to spot side and corner
pieces, start with the "G" box in the lower right corner to build on and note
that you have to also rotate some pieces, there is also a faint smokey "G" in
the background of the completed BP that's handy for aligning, also note that
until you have correctly aligned all of the pieces and let go of the last
one(the little square turns from green to red)the gadget in question is not
equiped, when a gadget is equiped you will see a short clip and the gadget will
be added to your inventory. Also be careful not to get any one of your
blueprints accidentally hidden underneath another or you will think your missing

#3)Gadget selection and use)Press and hold the L1 button to view your inventory,
left and right directionals w/L1 to select and R1 alone to equip.

#4)Swinging on poles and branches)Adjust your jump/release timing(press jump
earlier or later in the swing)to reach branches far and high, press and hold
triangle while swinging and the grinch will switch directions at the top of his
next swing.

0007: Pieces of things
Blue Print Locations
Egg Launcher(4 in whoville)
1)On ledge over kid across from the countdown tower.
2)On ledge over guard left of city hall.
3)Room #5 in the post office.
4)After shuffling the mail, inside, left of post office exit.

Binoculars(4 in whoville)
1)On roof of post office.
2)City hall basement.
3)City hall basement.
4)City hall basement.

Jetspring(9 in who forest)
1)Behind vacuum tube.
2)Left side of second cabin.
3)Entrance to clearing from main path.
4)Behind cabin next to ski lift.
5)In the tunnel next to the branches.
6)On the ledge up and right of the branches.
7)Next to green cabin on cliff.
8)Next to pink cabin on cliff.
9)Top of huge hollow tree.

Slime Shooter(9 in who forest)
1)Inside pink cabin on cliff.
2)Inside green cabin on cliff.
3)Inside the cabin under the ice wall in the ski lift area.
4)Inside the cabin closest to the huge hollow tree.
5)Inside the cabin closest to the entrance to the clearing.
6)Inside the second cabin.
7)Inside the second cabin.
8)Inside the second cabin.
9)Inside the first cabin.

Octopus Gadget(9 in who dump)
1)Inside the cement tube, center of main entrance area.
2)Near far end of electric fence, right side of power plant entrance.
3)Inside the cement tube in the blue area.
4)Behind the grate in the rat room/red area.
5)Next to the dump guardians garage.
6)Left side of the dump guardians house.
7)Inside of dump guardians house, back of room.
8)Inside the cement tube in the green area.
9)Behind the four steam pipes blocking the path, in the main entrance area.

Marine Mobile(16 in who lake)
(south shore)
1)On the suspension bridge.
2)Behind the sleeping beast.
3)On the ledge under the end of the wire.
4)On the roof of the cabin where you get the scout costume.
5)Around back of the brown wall that you climb to get to the sleeping beast.
6)On top of the large plateau at the waters edge near the suspension bridge.
7)Between the large plateau and the nearby clothes line.
8)Behind the clothes line near the changing booth.
(north shore)
9)On the ledge immediately left and below the bridge to north shore.
10)Behind the blue shack where you find the paint cans.
11)In the box below the blue shack w/paint cans, push stone block over edge.
12)Inside the blue shack w/paint cans, only max can retrieve.
13)Behind the little wall in the pink shack.
14)On the ledge below the last branch at the sonic scarecrow.
15)Behind the blue fenced-in cabin.
16)In the box below the green shack, push stone block over edge.

Grinch Copter(16/4 in each level)
(countdown tower)
1)In the room with the bell picture, only max can retrieve.
2)In the countdown clock room.
(city hall)
3)In the mayors office.
4)In the statue room.

Who Forest
(white mountain ski resort)
5)In the cave left of the ski cabin, only max can retrieve.
6)To the right of the ski cabin.
(white mountain civic center)
7)On the floor of the bat cave encased in crystal.
8)On the ledge opposite the beast in the bat cave.

Who Dump
(power plant)
9)At the far end of the area when you enter the power plant.
10)To the far right of the second electric door that max de-energizes by
stepping on the buttons.
(generator bldg)
11)Just inside the entrance to the generator bldg encased in crystal.
12)Near the button that shuts down generator #3.

Who Lake
(submarine world)
13)Near the surface over an arch.
14)Under another arch near the other one.
(mayors villa)
15)On the end of the limb over the right side of the villa's roof.
16)In the entrance to the pirates cave.
0008: Acknoledgements:
Louie Georgakopoulos
Mogor Indrustries
all the rest out there
0009: "The Grinch" Legal Disclaimer:
All clauses of this disclaimer apply to the disclaimer itself and all
aforementioned materials which are  subsequent to the herethefore, except for
this first sentence. All other disclaimers that may be found on this site, or
sites linked to herein, are obviously subsets of this disclaimer, invalid,
illegal, or a seperate disclaimer against this disclaimer where this disclaimer
doesnot apply. All metainformation, HTML tags, photographs, artwork, text,
opinions, ideas, facts or factoids contained in this site are either my own, and
therefore are Copyright ©1997-2000 by RedPhoenix™, or duly licensed from and/or
attributed to the writers, owners or copyright holders, or in good faith
presumed to be in the public domain; however, you're free to copy, reproduce,
expand, excerpt or adapt this disclaimer to your own purposes, at your own risk,
as long as you assume all responsibility for doing so with express written
permission from Alexander C. Wice. All products, brands and company names
mentioned are trademarks o12 Joanith Drive
Toronto, Ontario
	Use, duplication, disclosure or ritual exorcism of this information by the
Government (any Government) is subject to the restrictions of physical laws.
There is no conscious attempt made nor desire extant to libel or otherwise cause
malicious damage, loss, public contempt, defamation, slander, blasphemy,
treason, sedition, or ridicule to persons of any gender or even none, cabals,
corporations, governments, institutions, corporations, or assemblies of
inanimate objects, alien lifeforms, microorganisms, clergy, vegetables, animals,
or any collections thereof. No representation whatsoever is made as to the
accuracy, political correctness, spelling, syntax, semantics, content or meaning
of the graphics, text or downloadable files on this site, or of suitability for
use or quoting elsewhere or for any other particular porpoise. All information
herein may either in part or in it's entirety consist solely of sequences of
random letters, being presented as either a satire or a parody of other
sequences of numbers, lubs, affadvits, stock holders, stock brokers, and other
which may be proven to have a direct or indirect link to the aforementioned
client have no responsibility bearing to the aforementioned. No electrons,
protons, neutrons or other sub-atomic particles, or agglomerations thereof, have
been knowingly harmed in preparing this site. The above (not relative to the
disclaimer) may have been reproduced wither in part or in it's entirety for
game-revoloution.com, and Alexander C. Wice , RedPhoenix™ and others related
directly or indirectly to the aforementioned client affirm to have not in their
personal opinion to have plaigarized any of the above. All quantum fields and/or
state vectors related to this site may spontaneously collapse, decohere, and/or
go all higgedly-piggedly as soon as you look at them, and the aforementioned
direct or indirect people are not responsible for it's eligibility. You may have
some rights not detailed in this disclaimer by the inferred text. This site

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