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Читы для Half-Life: Opposing Force

Чит-файл для Half-Life: Opposing Force

Opposing Force

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Gearbox Software и Valve Software
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 18 ноября 1999 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / Add-on / 3D / 1st Person
Похожие игры:Aliens Versus Predator (1999), SiN
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1999 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

The first episode of Opposing Force has you flying into the Black
Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico for an unspecified mission.
It appears at first glance to be a babysitting job, but the ride
inbound quickly proves otherwise, and you immediately find yourself
in serious trouble.

You'll quickly want to get on your feet and grab some weapons to
defend yourself. There are a few interesting puzzles in this episode,
but stay alert and you'll begin to make your way safely to your extraction

During the opening sequence, don't forget to look around -- events
happen outside that you don't want to miss.

After waking up in the laboratory, listen to the scientist and head
out to get your PCV vest. It is on a table in the area where the scientists
are examining alien specimens. There is a scripted sequence where a zombie
a scientist through a glass window, and then begins to chase you. Don't let him
catch you by surprise.

After getting your vest, head down to the area where a security guard is
a zombie. After he kills the zombie, talk to him and have him open the security
doors. He will only open the doors if you have your vest.

After going through the doors, pick up the red pipe wrench on the floor. This
will be your primary weapon for a bit, so don't miss it!

You'll come across a lab room with lasers blocking your path. Crouch under the
lasers, and then smash the mirror with the purple laser with the wrench. This
will cause a chain reaction that will deactivate the lasers and allow you to
continue to the next area.

Continue through the hallways and head outside to the cliff face. You'll have
to do some jumping to make your way to the exit door, and be sure to pick up
the knife by the dead Vortigaunt.

Once through the door, crawl through the hole in the rock and emerge outside
where you'll find a downed chopper. You'll need to pass the chopper to progress,
but first you'll have to turn off the power or you'll get electrocuted.

Head over to the area where the generators are fenced off, and watch as a
guard falls victim to a now-electrified fence. The power switch is behind those
but you'll have to access it through the vent on the side.

Use your night vision to find your way through the vent, and be sure not to get
by the electricty when you emerge inside the fenced area. Find the power switch,
it off, and leave via the now unlocked gate. Don't miss the pistol on the floor
next to
the security guard before heading back.

Once back at the chopper, listen to the radio, where you're told to make your
the extraction point. Head underground via the nearby ladder, and continue until
you run
across a Vortigaunt. Shoot him, grab the shotgun next to the dead Marine, and

You'll eventually come to a room where all sorts of bad things are about to
happen. As
soon as you near what looks like the exit, everything starts to explode -- the
starts breaking away, the room begins to fill with radioactive sludge, and the
leading out of the slime becomes electrified.

Once the room starts to collapse, head back to the entrance of the room and stay
to the
far right. Wait there as the rest of the floor collapses around you, and a
catwalk should
drop right in front of you, providing a path to the beams above. Go up and look
around --
you'll see one of the doors has a window next to it, where the G-Man will appear
and open
the exit door for you. Head across the beams and exit to safety.

Continuing downstairs, you'll reach a room flooded with more electrified sludge.
To continue,
you'll have to jump across and find the control room to operate the conveyor.
Move the platform
from right to left, and use the platform as a bridge for you to climb over.

Look for a broken pipe in the wall and drop down further into the sewers. Swim
around for a bit
and you should find a ladder in the corner leading back up.

You'll eventually emerge above a loading area flooded with yet more radioactive
sludge. There's
a drainage control below, but access to the lower area is cut off during
and the loader
is currently stuck behind some crates. Shoot the explosive crate, which will
allow the loader to
finish its job and allow access below. Climb down and across the crates to the
drainage control, and  drain the room.

Open the door and head up the elevator, where you'll meet a few Houndeyes and an
empty tram car. After dispatching of the Houndeyes, move the cart across the
floor until it's directly in front of the tram,  providing a bridge. Carefully
make the jump into the tram, and it will automatically start up, ending the


You continue to make your way to your team's extraction point, but once there,
things don't
go exactly as you might have hoped.

Ride the tram as it begins to climb upward. Vortigaunts will appear outside --
either stay
low, or shoot them as they pop up. Once the tram docks, get out and kill the
remaining Vortigaunts that appear.

A few steps away, you'll meet a chubby security guard,  who currently has his
hand stuck in a vending machine.  Get him to follow you, and he'll take out most
of the  enemies that follow.

Upstairs, you'll come to a locked door. Through a window
you'll see Barney and Walter chatting, who then get a rude
surprise, which upon its conclusion will shatter the glass
window. Enter the room via the window, and unlock the door
from the other side, allowing Otis in.

Continue along and break the glass if you'd like to talk to
the scientist inside the next room. While you're doing that,
Otis will unlock a closet with MP5 grenades and ammo.

Hop on the platform at the end of the hall and head upward,
where a marine is fighting a losing battle with some Vortigaunts.
Finish the aliens and grab the MP5 by the dead Marine's feet.

The door is locked, but there is a vent above the HEV charger.
Use the crates to climb up, break the vent's opening, and travel
through until you emerge at what appears to be the extraction point.

Once in the base, you can see the extraction helicopter waiting
outside -- there's even a Marine waving at you to hurry. Collect
as much as you can before proceeding -- you won't be able to
retrace your steps shortly.

Upon nearing the outside exit, the hangar door will suddenly
close, the G-Man on the other side. The fire door leading back
upstairs will also shut, effectively sealing you in while the
helicopter takes off, leaving you behind.

A few seconds later, Vortigaunts will break into your area.
Eliminate them and escape through the opening one of aliens
created when it broke in...


One of the larger episodes in Opposing Force,
"Missing In Action" follows Shephard as he continues
along the only path available to him, trying to figure
out his next move. There are five distinct areas to the
episode, each of which present special challenges.

Ventiliation Area

Make your way through the pipe area until you reach a small
clearing. Clear the Vortigaunts away, and ransack the crates.
In the corner of this area are some stacked vent pipes providing
access to a vent. Break the vent opening and climb in.

As you make your way through the vent, break the first opening
in the vent floor that you see. Drop through, and you'll find yourself
in a ceiling area.

Some of the ceiling tiles here are unstable and will collapse,
sending you into the electrified water below. With night vision off,
it should be easy to tell which tiles are safe and which are not, as
weak tiles have a slight discoloration. Make your way through the ceiling
area until you reach a ventilation area with two huge fans.

Walk across the beams supporting the fans, and make your way to the
opening on the other side. Drop down on the catwalk and continue until you
are facing two more fans. Walk on the path directly between them and drop
down to find yet a third set of two fans.

One of the fans here has only one blade, and a vent opening underneath it.
Time your move correctly, and climb into and down the vent.

Furnace Area

At the bottom of the vent, smash your way out and you'll emerge in a large
furnace area. Time your movements and make your way to the far side. The door
is locked, but thankfully, there's yet another vent to sneak into.

You'll emerge from the vent at a second set of furnaces. This time, you'll
need to make your way to the furnace receptacle at the far left, and climb in
when there's no fire blowing through. Before making your move, arm yourself and
prepare to fight after running through.

You'll emerge at a third furnace area, where a group of zombies has set up a
cozy little nest. Take out the zombies as quickly as possible and prepare for
your next move.

At first glance, it would appear you're trapped in this furnace/nest area.
However, on a little ramp is a furnace with a "test fire" button on it. Above
the furnace is a sign clearly stating "do not block test fire area", and the
entire area is loaded with explosive crates. Hmmm...

Find the one movable explosive metal crate and place it in the furnace's test
fire path. Press the button and stand back. The crates should all explode,
ripping a huge hole in the floor, providing your escape path.

Drop down the hole, make your way down the mini-cave, and climb in the vent
at the end. Climb out of the vent into a spacious underground cavern area, and
make your way down to a army truck and a dying marine, who has a few final
words of warning for you.

Garage Area

Continue past the now-dead marine and down the ramp. Break every crate you
can, and eliminate all aliens in the area before pressing the button to open the
garage door. The door on the right will open, revealing yet more aliens. Lob in
few grenades and satchels to soften them up before heading in.

Once in the garage, continue going through all the crates. One of the last
will contain a RPG launcher.

Upon rounding the corner, you'll encounter yet more aliens, an elevator shaft,
a very frightened scientist. Peering into the elevator shaft, you'll see
high and low, but the only way up looks to be via a dangling cable, which is
electrified at the moment. Head downward.

Elevator Shaft Area

Use the access ladders on the walls to make your way downward, and jump onto
the roof of the crashed elevator. Climb across the elevator roof to the office

Find your way around the office floor, being careful not to slip on the wet
into another dangling electric cable. Climb over the crates, find the power
turn the power off.

Head back to the elevator shaft and climb the ladders as high as you can go. You
should be able to make an easy jump from here to the dangling elevator cable.
the cable, and swing your way to the roof of the other elevator. Make your way
the roof of the elevator onto the office floor.

Office Floor

From here, you'll need to make your way across the office floor, with a single
crate as your main ally. The first door you find is locked, but there's a vent
Use the crate to climb into it.

You'll see a scientist at the end of the vent, but halfway through, an explosion
rip the vent in half. Climb out and onto the top of the broken vent, which will
allow you
to climb back into the remainder of the ventilation duct. Make your way to the
and the power cell next to him, and then drop down into the office floor.

Open the door behind you and reclaim your crate. Use it to climb over a pile of
next to an office.

Once again you're faced with a locked door and a vent, but no crate to reach the
Break the glass in the office window and lob the grenade (conveniently left
nearby) in.
The entire office will explode, leaving you plenty of room to drag your beloved
around to access the next vent.

Drop down from the vent into the next office, where you'll find a scientist
electrocuted on a table. Make your way around the hallway to a hole in floor,
where you'll
find yet another frightened scientist. Climb down, turn off the power at the end
of the
hallway and climb up the now-dead electrical cable back into the office complex.

At this point, you would appear to be at a dead end, with both doors in the room
However, you can hear soldiers nearby. Use the radio in the room, and an
and a soldier
will promptly blow up one of the doors to reach you.

Use the engineer to break open the remaining door, pile everyone you can into
elevator you find there, and head downward.


This episode contains some of the nastiest combat in Opposing Force.
You'll be forced to fight both hordes of aliens and Special Ops troops,
and you'll need all the help you can get. Don't waste time fighting if
you don't have to -- ammo is a precious commodity here, and you don't
want to expend it unless necessary.

The office area where you get off the elevator is loaded with HORDES of
aliens. Use grenades, satchels, rockets...anything that can take out more
than one enemy at once, and make your way to an office upstairs with a hole
in the ceiling.

In the ceiling you'll find a small walkway with a broken bridge. Jump the
bridge, open the doorway, and make sure you have some long range weaponry
when you turn the corner.

If you peek around the corner quickly, you'll see a large electrified pool
of sludge guarded by two large alien grunts, armed with Hivehands. The bridge
leading across the sludge is broken, and you'll need to take out the aliens
quickly or the hornets will finish you off quick.

Behind one of the aliens is a large pile of explosive crates. Blow them up
as quickly as possible with a long range weapon, which will take out the first
alien. Quickly turn your attention to the second alien and take him out ASAP
with anything you've got. Once you've dispactched of the aliens, you can take
a breather and turn your attention to finding a way across the sludge.

Above the sludge are two electrified cables. Shoot out the crystals on the
left wall, which will cause a chain reaction cutting the power. You can then
swing from cable to cable and make your way to the other side and around the

Ride the short elevator and take out the Houndeyes you meet there. Climb up
the girders outside to the surface, and you'll meet a Medic with a plan:
There's a transit system nearby which should take you to an extraction point
at Lambda sector, but the door is sealed. If only you had an engineer...

DO NOT open the other door. There's a turret behind it which can be taken
out fairly easy from the other side. Instead, climb in a nearby vent, and
when you turn the corner, watch and listen to the two Black Ops talk about
how they want to simply "deliver the package and get out of here".

Getting out of the vent and into the hangar area is tricky. You'll want to
use the medic and be fully healed before fighting the Black Ops, and you'll
need to use plenty of grenades and long range weapons to survive. Make sure
you always have plenty of cover, and retreat outside to let the Medic heal
you if necessary.

Once you've cleared out all the Black Ops, raise one of the garage doors to
reveal a badly hurt Engineer. Leave him for the moment.

Return outside, but this time look for a boarded-up door in the hangar
(the board may get knocked off while fighting the Black Ops). Behind the door
is the same turret you avoided earlier, but this time it's not aimed at you,
and it conveniently has two laser tripmines surrounding it. Get some distance,
lob in a grenade, and take out the turret.

Go outside and bring the Medic to the Engineer, using the doorway you just
and the Medic will heal the Engineer. Bring them both outside, where the
then blowtorch the door leading to the transit system open. At this point, you
decide if whether you want to keep your engineer alive or not.

When the door is blown open, a turret will be waiting for you. It will usually
rip right
through the engineer -- unless you're waiting behind him with an MP5 grenade,
which can
take the turret out fairly quickly. If you're fast enough, you'll both take some
but can use the Medic to heal you both. Continue through the passageway, lobbing
a grenade
ahead to clear tripmines in your way.

Going around the corner, you'll meet more soldiers - one wearing a gas mask, and
wielding an M-249 machinegun, its first appearance of the game. The two soldiers
are very
nervous, and are looking for a transit car. This is a prelude to another intense
with the Black Ops forces, who stand between you and a switch opening the
to the
transit system.

Attacking the Black Ops here is a very tricky proposition; not only are the
special forces
extremely hard to kill, but you'll also have to deal with friendly fire from
two new
recruits, who are just as likely to hit you during the shootout as the
Once you
hit the switch to open the door and return safely, you may want to kill the
soldier with
the M-249, which will come in quite handy shortly.

Once the door is open, walk along the side path and prepare for loads of combat
with more
Black Ops forces. If you move ahead too fast, they will quickly surround you
all sides,
so be prepared to take your time, lobbing grenades ahead to soften up the enemy,
and to
retreat often. You should also lean on the MP5 here, as most of the Black Ops
them and
you might as well take advantage of all the excess ammo lying around.

At the end of the track, you'll find a transit car. Back it up a short bit so
it's positioned
in front of the fork in the track. Shoot the switch to change the track, and
the car up
to the door.

Nearby is a stairway leading to a switch that will open the door for the car to
go through. Flip
the switch, retrace your steps, and drive the car through the now-open

When you reach the end of the track, you'll need to kill a few more Ops, and
find a small
office with a hole in the ceiling. Maneuver a nearby crate and barrel to climb
into the ceiling,
and exit the crawlspace into a hallway in the Lambda lab complex, where you're
about to see a familiar figure...


This is one of the shortest episodes in Opposing Force, but also one
of the most memorable. It revisits one of the best moments of Half-Life,
and contains a few other secret goodies if you know where to look.

Upon starting the episode, you'll hear a scientist calling out to someone,
telling him to "hurry before the portal closes". As fast as you can race
around to the lab doorway, you'll only be able to catch a glimpse of everyone's
favorite scientist as he jumps into the teleporter.

You'll then be left with a bunch of floating aliens looking to do you harm.
Heading around the teleporter, a catwalk will collapse, making a ramp with a
teleportation ball at the top. Run up the makeshift ramp and jump into the
glowing teleporter....

After entering the transporter, you'll reappear high upon a floating ledge in
a alien world. Gravity is much lower here, and your goal will be to jump from
ledge to ledge to reach a teleport ball high in the sky. You'll need to use the
alien jump pads found on a few platforms, and you should save often here, as one
false step will spell certain doom.

Your first jump should put you in view of a dead scientist, who has just
transported himself here. Jump over and pick up the transporter gun next to him.

Side Note: If you use the gun's secondary fire, you'll be transported to the
"Hazard Course" from Half-Life (!), where you'll find a very confused Vortigaunt
swiping at the holographic trainer, to no avail. If you climb up the side of the
room, you can break the window to the observation area, and use a med station to
heal yourself if necessary. The teleport ball there will send you back exactly
where you came from, on the floating ledge with the dead scientist. You can also
the transporter gun at any time to send yourself back to various locations in
heal yourself at any time (provided you have ammo for the gun.)

From here, look up and try to spot a few houndeyes on a ledge high above. Your
will be the ledge next to them. To make the jump, you'll have to run onto the
jump pad
moving in the direction of your destination, and your momentum will carry you
Otherwise, Xen's air physics will not allow you to maneuver to the ledge.

Once on the platform near the houndeyes, it should be easy to reach the glowing
teleport ball in the sky. Upon teleporting, you'll find yourself in an


This episode finds you in an underwater lab, trying
to make your way back to the surface. It seems as though some interesting
experiments have been going on here, so be prepared for anything.

After jumping into the teleporter on Xen, you appear in a rubble-filled
hallway next to an elevator. Hop in the elevator and go down.

Upon leaving the elevator, make a right and continue until you find a
scientist in an underwater tank. Don't get caught off guard listening to him,
though - there are a few aliens behind the control panel waiting to attack.
Take them out, and then press the button on the control panel to transport
the scientist back into the lab.

Lead the scientist back around the hallway and have him open the first
security door for you.

There's a second security door after this, with a bullsquid on the way
next to three small water tanks. Don't bother with the second security
door, as the scientist will be electrocuted before he can get the door
open. Kill the bullsquid and climb up the ladder in the empty water tank.

At the top of the ladder, you'll be attacked by a small horde of aliens
in the ceiling. After clearing them, more aliens will burst through a hole
in the wall at the far end. Make your way through the ceiling to a vent,
climb in, and drop down into the next lab room.

In the middle of this room is a cage similar to the one the scientist teleported
in and out of. Walk in and press the button. The teleporter will misfire a few
times, sending chunks of debris into the water outside the room, and then
teleport you as well.

Under water, find the nearby open vent. Climb in and up and emerge in a darkly
red lit room. Kill the zombies there and enter the small vent at the end. At the
end of the vent, drop down through a few grates into the water below. Find the
ladder underwater and climb onto the small dock.

Continue inside until you make your way down to a small crank. Turn the wheel
you'll see a grate in the water open, also freeing an itchyosaurus. Retrace your
steps and go back to the dock.

Jump back in the water and go through the now-open vent, paying proper attention
to the underwater menace. Quickly make your way to the end of the vent and close
the airlock. The water will drain out, allowing you to breathe again.

When the other door in the airlock opens, you'll emerge into a decontamination
There's a button here to press, but it will only misfire and explode. Enter the
electrocuted hallway and shoot out the electrical box at the far end, cutting

Head around the corner and through the decontamination shower. A few aliens will
appear, including one who, when killed, will provide you with a new alien

Continue into the airlock and press the button opening the next door. Walk
the door, down the walkway and into the teleporter ball.

You'll be teleported to Xen briefly, where you can make a small jump and
back to yet another airlock. Press the button and open the door.

The door at the other end of this hallway is locked, but the walkway and glass
beneath has been shattered. Climb through the hole in the glass into the water,
and swim up to the vent in the underwater ceiling. Break the grate open and
out into a small cave.


You'll continue your journey underground, meeting all sorts of nasty aliens
along the way. This can be one of the most disorienting levels in the game,
so save often and make sure you don't miss anything -- there are a few new
weapons to be found here.

You'll start this level out in a small underground tunnel. Make your way around
to a steel beam and go up. Watch for the electrical wire hanging overhead.

As soon as you emerge, watch out for headcrabs. Jump onto the small perimeter
ledge, onto the catwalk, and around the next hallway.

You'll emerge into a small, dark curved hallway overlooking a large alien
At the end of the hallway, you'll come to a locked door, at which point aliens
teleport in behind you, breaking the glass. Kill the aliens and jump through the
broken window.

Down in the alien habitat, there's an open doorway leading to a small lift. Run
fast as you can and shut the door behind you if possible. When the elevator
the door in front of you will open. Prepare to fight.

As soon as you go through the doorway, a huge zombie will come charging. Take
out, along with the headcrabs in the room.

There are two doors exiting this room -- one is the previously locked door
back to the observation area. Take the other door.

Go around the hallway and make your way to an elevator shaft. Break the glass
climb in the elevator. Climb out onto the roof and then up the ladder in the

At the top of the elevator shaft, drop to the small ledge and look down. There's
another elevator opening with a broken door providing a small platform to jump
Jump on the door and enter the upper hallway.

Make your way around to a fork in the hallway. One path leads to an elevator
down, the other leads to a door somewhat blocked by a yellow construction sign.
the elevator down.

When you get off the elevator, make your way past some rubble, through a
and around past some aliens overlooking another alien habitat.

There's another doorway in the habitat floor -- shoot out the glass, work your
around the ledge of the habitat, drop down and head through the doorway.
the small lift there and go up.

You'll emerge in a room with three glass tanks holding alien specimens. The
tank is broken and the specimen is on the floor. This is actually a weapon
(it uses glowing green ammo you'll find growing throughout the rest of the game)
pick it up.

Continue around, through another small curved hallway, and through the doorway.
Head through another doorway and take out the Houndeyes you meet. After that,
arrive at a room with some glass panels overlooking a red room filled with

Press the button in front of the glass and a hologram of a scientist will
He'll explain that they've devised a grapple out of a barnacle...but it will
attach itself to organic matter. (This, in most cases, will appear in the form
the green alien ammo growing at various locations throughout the rest of the

In the next room, grab the barnacle grapple from the broken glass case.

Continue until you come to a door marked "Specimen Cultivation Room".

You'll be confronted with a greenish room with alient ammo growing all over the
You'll need the grapple to cross this room, but it will be fairly hard with
spitting acid at you.

Kill the aliens and then cross the room, using the grapple to attach to the
It would not be a bad idea to stock up on ammo at this point - it will
after a
few seconds, so don't be in a hurry to leave.

Continue through a red room with barnacles hanging everywhere. Kill the
in the
room, and then exit the room via the other side, avoiding the barnicles.


This chapter revolves around a puzzle similar to the
one found in Half-Life's "Blast Pit". There's a huge boss
blocking your progress, and the only way to process is to
activate a few switches and flush him away. Take your time and
pick up every piece of ammo and health that you can.

You'll start the level by falling into a chamber filled with
sewage. The airlock is sealed, but if you look up, you'll see
the familar figure of the G-Man overlooking the area.

Soon after, the airlock will conveniently open, with a BullSquid
behind it. Kill the squid, open the airlock and move on.

Avoid the slime on the other side of the door and climb the ladder.
You'll arrive at the ugly scene of a small squad of dead soldiers.

Grab all the weapons/ammo you can and continue until you find
"Black Mesa Waste Processing Area 3". Prepare to find something
extremely nasty - the Pit Worm. (yike!)

When you first open the door, try and distract the Worm by shooting
him in the eye, which will stun him briefly. When you have an opening,
jump down to the first ledge and to the right. Take out the aliens you find
there and round the bend to a broken ramp and another alien.

At the bottom of the ramp you'll find a locked door. Back under the broken
ramp you'll find some crates and a small vent opening.

Climb in the vent and you'll emerge at a small control room overlooking the
Pit Worm. In the middle of the room is a panel marked "Flush Toxic Waste",
and two switches labeled (appropriately enough) "Gearbox" and "Valve". You
need to light up both these panels before you can activate the flush control,
but you've got some hoops to jump through first.

Exit the control room via the door marked "02". Flipping the switch will
close the door behind you, and open the door in front of you.

Head around the bend, across the lower walkway in front of the pit worm,
and down the long ladder. More stubby aliens abound, use the shotgun to dump
them. You'll come to another sewage chamber loaded with crates.

Hop over the crates to the other side, and around the bend to a small lift.
Ride the lift up and continue around the bend to a small room overlooking the
sewage chamber. Press the button there and watch as the walls in the chamber
close together and crush the boxes.

Run back around and down the lift to the now-narrow garbage chamber. There's
a vent in the floor.

Break the grate and drop way down into the sewage. You'll eventually make your
way to an override switched marked "Gearbox". Hit the switch and hit the road
the room will start to flood with sewage.

Head back the way you came and ride out the tide as the sewage rises. You'll
eventually be able to float back up and climb up the vent you dropped down
Retrace your steps all the way back to the main control room overlooking the pit
worm -- the "Gearbox" light should now be on. Now you need to turn the "Valve"

Head out the door marked "03". You'll encounter a few aliens and climb upward
you arrive at another ledge to the right of the pit worm. On this ledge is a
marked "Steam Vent". Hit the switch and get out of harm's way as quick as you

The last part is a little tricky. You'll need to make your way to the ledge to
left of the pit worm and turn the pressure valve. The only way there is to use
barnacle to latch on the organic matter above it, swinging perilously in front
pit worm in the process. Try and hit the worm in the eye, distract him for a
and make your move.

Once you open the pressure valve, drop down onto the ledge and get back to the
control room as quick as you can. Head back into the control room, where both
and Valve lights should be on. Hit the switch and flush the big fella.

Once the area is cleared, it's possible to climb around and jump to the far
from either of the side ledges. However, you can just make your way up the
ladders to
the main control panel overlooking the area, use the bridge control, and
leisurely stroll
across into the next episode.


Another huge episode, Foxtrot Uniform features both great military
style-combat as well as horrifying alien encounters underground.
Break out the heavy artillery -- you're going to need it!

You start this episode on a catwalk over some water. At the far
end is a bullsquid -- kill it at long range and head down to the end.

At the end of the catwalk, turn to the right and find another bullsquid.
Kill it and look up -- you'll see some more alien matter growing on the
walls. Use the barnacle grapple to pull yourself up to the catwalk and
eventually make your way to a ladder going upward. Be prepared to fight.

You'll emerge at a large compound, with Black Ops everywhere, who will
immediately begin to lob grenades at you. There is an orange storage in
front of you with some heavy machinegun ammo and some satchels. Run in,
toss the satchels right in front of the container opening. When the Black
Ops come for you, blow them up. You should kill two or three Ops before
moving on.

Causing you great distress in the distance is an Ops member manning a
turret. Lob a grenade over, and the explosive crates surrounding him will
do the rest of the work.

To the left are some stacked storage containers. One of them is open,
and provides a makeshift ramp to the next area. Before climbing, try to
peek through the crates and snipe the enemies on the other side. If they
don't notice you, it's easy, but if they start lobbing grenades, you're
in for a bumpy ride.

Once you've cleared the enemies out, smash the crates and grab what you
can. Continue and crawl into the small hole at the end. When you emerge,
you'll find two friendly troopers, who are having problems with the snipers
in the next area.

This next area is -- literally -- a bomb waiting to explode. The entire
area is wired with explosive crates and trip mines, and any explosion will
send the entire base up in smoke. Be very careful.

As soon as you exit your buddies, look up to the right -- there's a sniper
tower there. Lob up an MP5 grenade and take him out. More Ops will come for
you, but your squad mates should help.  Work your way around the crates to
the right, paying mind to the enemies in the towers. More MP5 grenades should
do the trick.

See that mesh area up at the top of that building? There's a doorway down
below, and at the top is an Op with -- a sniper rifle! Kill the Op, grab the
rifle, and prepare to go to work.

Climb back down, and hug the right wall. You should find a pathway unblocked
by laser mines. Have your sniper rifle ready.

As soon as you round the corner, two Ops will come gunning for you.
Take them out quickly with the sniper rifle. From here, you will need to take
about 4 or 5 more Ops, and the sniper rifle is the cleanest way to go. Hug the
right wall and slip through the crack in the orange door at the end to the next

As you enter the indoor garage area, you'll see a battle going on between the
Black Ops and some aliens. back up and let them fight it out for a bit. In the
end, you should only have to kill one or two enemies to clear the area out. Next
to the truck is a ladder heading downstairs -- prepare yourself for one of the
horrifying battles you'll have in a while.

In the sewers, turn on your night vision and try not to get disoriented. There
are a mess of nasty spiders down here, and you'll need every bit of ammo you
to take them out. Move slowly, and try and lure them into traps with satchels,
grenades, rockets, the displacer, and anything else you can find. Snarks work
especially well down here, remarkably.

If you continually stay to the left, you'll eventually make your way to a wall
with a pipe running along the top. This is the exit out of the first nasty area.
You'll see a light at the end of the tunnel (really!) Emerge at the ladder
out of the water, and prepare to do some running.

Once you're out of the water, run to the end of the ledge where aliens are
from. Flip the switch, closing the door. Run around to the other side, and flip
other switch, shutting the second door. Now that you've stopped what would
be a never-ending supply of aliens, take the remaining ones out.

Once this area is cleared, break the crates in the corner. Rockets are there,
you'll be glad to have them before heading down the next tunnel.

If you can, lure the huge aliens out of the tunnel, back into the area with the
water in it. Once again, use satchels, the displacer, rockets, anything you have
kill the spiders. Once done, head into the tunnels and head left and forward,
arrive in the next map, at the bottom of a grating with a few friendly troops on

Stand back while the engineer blowtorches the grate to allow you out. Once you
up, listen to the squad members as they tell you about the aliens outside, and
standoff at the dam up ahead. At your disposal you now have a soldier, an
and a medic, who will be especially useful.

From here, you have a long battle ahead of you. Outside this little bunker are
of aliens, and you'll have to work your way slowly but surely to the end of the
Start by going left, wrap around the crates and head to the right, and then hug
the left
wall, mowing down all the enemies you encounter. Drop back regularly to have the
heal both yourself and your troops if necessary -- just make sure to keep the
medic out
of harm's way.

From here, make a right and head for the "Secure Access" doors. There's an
opening to
slip through -- head through with your night vision and head to the next map.

As you move forward, you'll hear sounds of a battle. Look outside and you'll see
a few
soldiers shooting a Gargantua, who is tied up on the same dam you once crossed
as Gordon Freeman. It's obvious this scene takes place at a later time, as the
area has
taken more damage and alien plant life has begun to grow on the walls.

Power up using the health and HEV stations on the wall, and then get your
barnacle grapple
ready. Hook onto one of the alien plants on the far wall and pull yourself over.
Try and pick
a plant over dry land so you don't accidentally fall in the water.

Once you land, kill the aliens attacking your troopers, and then press the
plunger at
the entrance to the dam. The fuse will light and explode at the Gargantua's
blowing him
up and opening a huge hole in a pipe below. Drop into the pipe, to the water
and to the next episode.


You've almost reached the end, and it appears all roads are leading
to the same thing -- the imminent destruction of the base. if only you
could prevent that somehow...

You start the episode in the same tunnel where you left off. You won't
be able to get out via the first grate you pass, but you can sneak through
the second one. Climb out of the vent into the small pool of sewage.

Before climbing out onto the beachhead, turn around and look up. Up on a
ledge is a dead marine, and a shotgun and ammo, which you can reach by walking
around the ledge. Grab the weaponry and continue.

You'll reach two soldiers who are very anxious about the situation at hand.
Listen to their story, and follow them as they run off and the music starts.
is one of the most enjoyable sequences in the game -- have fun!

You'll come to another small body of water, and lots of enemy fire. In the
a Black Ops member is manning a turret, and can be taken out easily enough with
sniper rifle or grenade. Unfortunately, there are also Black Ops in and under
water (!), and some will surface as you make your way across. Don't just run
or you and your squadmates will likely get ambushed from behind.

There are some more Black Ops around the downed helicopter in the water. The
need to take is directly behind it, which will lead you to the end of the map.

Head through the narrow rock clearing and you'll come to another open area. Bad
are about to happen. In the distance, someone is lobbing mortars at you -- stand
and you (and any troopers you have with you) will be dead quickly. If you can,
take out
the Black Ops trooper at the cannon with the sniper rifle at the first
opportunity --
you'll save yourself a lot of headaches.

Your first goal here is a door to the far rear right of this canyon, under a
"Ordinance Storage Facility". Get to the door (grabbing the rocket launcher next
to the crate
in the center of the canyon, if you can) along the way and prepare to take out
one Black Ops
member in the room.

Listen to the radio. A squad member who apparently knows you (he asks "Adrian,
that you?")
says his squad is pinned down by a group of Black Ops. They'll open the bunker
door for you,
which is on the other side of the canyon you entered this room from.

Make your way across to the left side of the canyon, where the bunker doors have
been opened.
Unfortunately, Black Ops have arrived outside and will make life difficult for
you, as will
the continuing stream of mortars if the Black Ops member is still manning the

Once in the bunker doors, you'll find the person who was just on the other end
radio -- dead. Grab the heavy machinegun ammo and hop on the small box. Hop
around the boxes
around the perimeter of the room, until you can climb down into the crawl space
next to the
long red pipe.

At the end of the crawl space, you'll emerge at the bottom of the stairway.
Ops are
all over the place, making it a hazardous climb. At the top of the stairs, you
can either go
right or left. The right is a small room with all crates, goodies, and black
and to the
left are more stairs leading to the roof. Grab what you can and continue.

You'll find yourself on the roof of the building with the cannon. To your left
a huge
wall you need to get through. Use the controls on the cannon to lob a mortar at
the wall, which
will then crumble. Do NOT jump off the roof yet -- a few aliens will arrive on
the scene. Take
them out from long distance and head through through the now-accessible door, to
the end of the map.

As you round the corner, you'll find a huge spider waiting for you. Keep your
distance and use
whatever you have excess ammo of -- satchels and the alien spider gun are good

After killing the spider, you'll emerge into a rubble-filled base with aliens to
your left and
right. Take out the alien on the left first -- a chopper circling overhead is
about to attack the
alien on the right, saving you some trouble.

Turn on your night vision and run across into a small darkened bunker. There's
alien inside
to the left - take him out and prepare to battle the helicopter circling above.

Climb up the ramp and wait until you can get a clear shot at the helicopter with
the rocket
launcher. If you must, retreat into the makeshift bunker, or jump through the
crack in the wall
and hide in the back of the truck (with the two energy cells) until you have
another opening to shoot.

Once you have the helicopter out of the way, make your way past the overturned
truck and climb
the ladder. Your goal is to get to the roof to the left, but it's too high.
There's a cable leading
across, but it's currently (no pun intended) electrified. Hop on the vents and
make your way across
the roof, down the ladder, and under the orange door. In the rubble, there's a
door to a small room
with a power switch. Flip the switch and head back up to the roof.

With the power off, you can now make your way across the wire to the other side.
Head across and
run around to the area where there's an open ventilation shaft. Drop down.

You'll drop into a parking garage, with a few aliens lurking about. There's also
some heavy machine
gun ammo and health in the toll booth. Grab it, pop the aliens, and head down
ramp. You'll meet
some more aliens, including another large spider. Frag 'em all.

Across the garage, you'll see another SUV underneath a vent shaft. Beware! As
soon as you head that
way, Black Ops will drop down on your position. Throw some satchels down and
them out as soon as
they hit the ground. If they survive, MP5 'em.

Behind the SUV are a few crates -- break them and grab the goodies. Climb up the
SUV into the
vent, and talk to the security guard there. Apparently the Black Ops have a
and they're
planning on blowing up the base. You haven't got much time. Head around into a
dark corner of the
vent and into the last map of the episode.

As soon as you leave the vent, you'll be attacked by a few more Black Ops. After
killing them,
try to open the door that Barney has barricaded himself behind. he's pretty
upset, and says he's
not opening the door "until someone turns that bomb off!". Fair enough.

To the left is an open gate. Slip through and get your sniper rifle ready. At
far end is a
truck, with two Black Ops members chatting...and arming a bomb. If you're quiet,
you can snipe the
two of them before they even know it. Once that's done, hop on the truck and
deactivate the bomb
with your "use" key.

Head back around to Barney, who will let you in. Listen as he explains about the
Black Ops downstairs.
Grab as much ammo as you can, hop on the elevator, and ride down into the last


The last episode in Opposing Force, you'll find yourself
first battling endless hordes of Black Ops personnel, and
then one of the most badass monsters to grace a PC screen.
More than 100 people wrote in looking for help on how to kill
the final bass, and you can finally find out how below.

A word of advice: work slow, and smart -- if there's a way to
take out large groups of enemies at once, don't miss it.

You start at the bottom of the elevator you were on at the end
of the last episode. You're in a huge warehouse, with crates being
loaded on a conveyor. Black Ops personnel are everywhere, and it will
be hard to snipe the sniper babes, as the usually move too fast. Use
the MP5, grenades and satchels if you have them, and start along by
hugging the left wall.

After a few moments, get your displacer ready -- you'll find a large
group of Ops clustered together. A good shot can take out 6 or 7 of them,
and make your life a lot easier.

Continue along the conveyor belt line, cross over at the end and climb
up the boxes there. At the far end, you can drop down to the left, towards
the beginning of the conveyor. If you time it right, you can duck in and out
from alcove to alcove and get to the next area.

After leaving the conveyor area, shoot the Ops above you and ride the
elevator platform to your right upward. From there, work your way forward
and to the right, until you come to a series of boxes, crates and other
assorted items forming a stairway of sorts upward.

Make your way upward, jumping from crate to crate, until you reach the
top area. Move to the opening at the right -- slowly -- and peek below.
You'll see a huge battle between Ops and aliens going on. Let the battle
rage as long as possible without being seen -- it will only make your job

In front of you are a few swinging crates. Jump from crate to crate and
work your way across the warehouse room from above. Try and attack any
remaining enemies from this lofty position -- it's much easier than trying
to stand toe-to-toe with them.

Drop down and open the large door, making sure to eliminate any remaining
enemies first -- you want to hear what Barney has to say on the other side.

Once in the warehouse door, shut the door behind you and listen to Barney.
Apparently there's a huge alien downstairs, and it's "the nastiest-looking thing
yet!" Stock up on all the weapons and ammo you can, and ride down the moving
platform to the final epic battle of Opposing Force.

After riding the platform downstairs, you'll arrive at a windy area that seems
to be having some trouble with gravity. You'll feel some resistance as you move
forward, but it's nothing to be concerned about. Move forward, go down the
and open the door.

This is the scene for your final battle, and there are a few areas of note to
keep track of: on one side, a rope you can use to climb to the upper level, and
healing pool in the far corner. The bigger room has two catwalks on either side
a large stage, with mounted guns on each side. Below is a pit you don't want to
into. Above the left catwalk are some alien plants, which will come in handy
Man the gun on the right catwalk and wait.

Eventually, a BIG fella will come out of the purple portal. It may be a few
before you can register the first, but keep aiming for his right eye. When you
hit him,
the monster will convulse a little. Use this opening to scramble to the left
and man the other cannon.

With the left cannon, shoot the boss' left eye. At this point, the alien will go
completely berserk, and a hole in his stomach will open, revealing a purple
In a few seconds, a shock trooper will appear from this portal, but before that
fire as many shots from the cannon into the heart of the portal.

While this is going on, you'll obviously want to keep clear of the alien's
breath, and the various times he'll take a swing at you. Once the shock trooper
run around the catwalk to the rope area, kill the newly spawned shock trooper,
and heal
yourself up at the pool if necessary.

The key to defeating the boss is to pump as many shots into the alien's portal
possible. You will have to go through the cycle a few times, depending on what
skill level
you're playing on, but a few things will happen along the way to make this more

After the first cycle, the alien begins get violent, and the room starts to fall
The catwalk connecting the left and right sides of the room collapses, and the
ladder leading
up to the left cannon breaks as well. Your only alternative at this point is to
climb to the
right cannon, use the barnacle grapple, and grapple over to the left cannon at
the right moment.

I eventually found a cycle that worked well for me: grapple to the left cannon,
shoot the left
eye; jump down, climb the rope, heal; run to the right cannon, shoot the right
eye; shoot the
portal repeatedly when the alien's stomach opens; kill the shock trooper that
teleports out.

Depending on how accurate you are with the cannons, you may have to repeat this
cycle a LOT --
10 times or more is not out of the question. However, keep pounding away at the
heart of the
portal when you can, healing yourself as often as needed, and you'll eventually
beat the big guy.
Watch as the alien retreats into the portal, and enjoy the game's concluding

Congratulations! You've just finished Half-Life: Opposing Force!

iNSiDERS (2000) 00-03-26

Through the door, you'll find another small lift. Take it up and you'll run into
a room
with a few aliens. To the right are large doors leading to an elevator leading
to the left are some stairs leading to a door and another hallway filled with
(and goodies). You can take the elevator if you want, but it's basically a dead
end with
ammo and health to be found. Make your way to the hallway via the door to the
left, and
outside to yet another habitat.

This habitat contains two large tentacle creatures that you really don't want to
with. Use grenades to distract the creatures, and then walk quietly (they track
around the ledge until you're out of harm's way. Look up and you'll see a hole
wall where a few more alien plants are growing. Use the barnacle grapple to
yourself up and into the vent.

Make your way through the vent and to a small room where you'll find a small
Listen to the message and then throw the power switch next to it. This will stop
a fan
blocking the vent exiting the room. Smash the vent, climb in, and continue until
fall into the next episode.

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