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Heavy Metal:

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Разработчик:Ritual Entertainment
Издатель:Gathering of Developers
Локализатор в России:Buka Entertainment
Издатель в России:Buka Entertainment
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 2 августа 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Похожие игры:Heretic 2, Tomb Raider (1996), Tomb Raider 2 [I], Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation

Даты выхода игры

вышла 6 октября 2000 г.
вышла 4 августа 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Julie's House

The game starts with Julie taking in the early morning sights and enjoying the
peace and quiet of Eden's beautiful landscape. She is greeted by her sister, and
the game starts. This first area doesn't have much in it, but if you're feeling
like you have to fully explore it, you can climb the stairs near where Julie's
sister is standing and go through the doorway to the machine room. Go through
machine room and through the door on the other side. One the ledge you will find
some boxes you can push around. Pull the taller one out from beneath the
overhang, then climb it and jump onto the roof. There is some Water of Life here
and some health fruit. You can also jump from the roof onto the branch of the
nearby tall tree, scoring some more water. Use the rope to climb down.

Once you're done, go up to the large metal door at the top of a short staircase
(you can pause to climb the lattice to your left to score some more goodies).
the keypad on the door (make sure you're lined up with it) to enter the training
area. Go through the training if you like, or skip it if you're feeling
sufficiently skilled.

After Training

Just a short area here outside of the training room and before you enter the
city. There is a bridge under which a stream runs into a small hole. Jump down
into the stream, crouch, and crawl through the hole to score some Water.

Eden Entrance

Upon first entering the area, push one of the crates on your left up against the
wall next to the small garden. Climb up onto the ledge for some Water. Once
you've got it, go talk to Margo and Zig, then see the meteorite crash into the
Shield. Things are looking bad. Once you're done chatting go forward and down
ramp to your left to the market area. There's a couple of good secrets here.

First, climb up the stairs to where the guy is sweeping the floor. Walk up to
edge of the ledge and do a wall hug (back Julie up against the wall and
press "back") and carefully shuffle along the narrow ledge to the left until you
reach a wider ledge with some water. From there, jump up and grab the pole to
climb across to the opposite ledge and get some more water.

Once you've got that, drop down and go back to beneath the platform where the
sweeper is working. Crouch and crawl under the structure to get some more water.

The next secret in this area requires you to use your sling to smash several
vases. Two men are standing next to a pedestal with a vase. If you talk to one,
he'll ask you to impress him with your aim. Shoot the vase and several of the
ones that replace it to get a powerful secret: The Circle of Protection.

Once you're done here, go back up the slope to the area where you chatted with
Margo and Zig. Take a left and enter the Pub.

The Creeper Pens

Not a whole lot to do here, but you need to pay Angus a visit. He's downstairs
carving out some new cellar space for his ale, and he's making quite a mess of
the place. If your Water of Life meter is full, you can stop off and grab the
secret potion above the bar by jumping and grabbing it.

If not, head down to the basement and chat with Angus. He'll give you some
detonators, which will come in very handy a little bit later. Once he does this,
one of the farmers from upstairs will run down to get you to help solve an
emergency outside. The green rocks have mutated the maggots and flies in the cow
dung, creating gigantic, blood drinking fiends that are attacking the livestock
and people around town.

Julie and her companions will run outside, where a villager on top of the roof
will be swarmed by the giant bugs, causing him to topple over the ledge and go
crashing through the roof of the barn below. This startles one of the huge cow
creatures, which will smash up the place a bit, bringing down a wooden catwalk.

Once you've fought off the bugs and collected all the health and water scattered
about, run up the slope of the broken catwalk and jump across to the balcony on
the other side. From there, shimmy across the clothes line to the roof of the
barn. You can either fight off the bugs or immediately drop down into the hole
and avoid them.

Once inside the barn, grab the nearby Water and fight off the bugs. Climb up the
hay bales by jumping onto one of the glowing ones and then mantling up to the
tall stack in front of you. Then head to the left and jump across the top of the
other stacks and drop down into the hole to the right of where the hay bale
machine comes out of the wall.

Fight some more bugs and grab the nearby health if you need it. More bugs to
kill --hooray! Once they're down, you can check out the other stalls for some
Water and ammunition. You can also get the fruit up on the rafters by climbing
top of the pregnant cow and then jumping up to the beams.

Once this area is cleared out, turn the nearby crank to open the door. Go
and save the farmers from even more bugs. Once they're safe, go back into the
barn and save Bessie the Monster Cow from the bugs. Once they're all done for
get another scripted sequence where Julie falls down a sinkhole to confront the
queen bee herself.

The Vygmish Mama

Beating this giant monster bug can be a little tricky. Luckily you probably
have Angus's detonator packs, which while they don't pack much of a punch in
themselves, they certainly react violently with the green meteorite rocks piled
up around the Vygmish Mama's nest. What you'll need to do is hide behind a crate
until the queen bug is looking away (watch the glowing cones), then run up to
of the rocks at her base, plant a pack, and run back to cover.

Each time you damage her in this fashion, it'll release a small swarm of bugs,
be ready. Just be sure to stay out of her sight while fighting them, or she'll
nail you with a powerful underground tentacle attack. Also be sure to stay out
the water in this area, as it's deadly and slows you down. Once you've blasted
all four of the rocks around the Vygmish Mama, she'll be dead as any other bug
under your boot and you'll progress to the next level.

Eden Marketplace

Upon entering this area you'll see a large workshop on your right, next to a
rather unpleasant looking giant wheel. You can't get in there right now, so
up the meteorite bullets and walk around the path to the left to listen to the
storyteller. He'll give you some interesting backstory information, even if it
does stretch the truth a bit in the interest of making for a good story. After
he's done talking, look behind the mural. There's some Water hidden behind it up
on a ledge. You're going to want to try to get all the water you can in order to
access an important "super secret" in a bit. You can also grab some health fruit
next to the waterfall.

Once done here, walk around the corner and past the giant fan hanging from the
rope (don't worry about trying to mess with it now; you'll return here later).
Walk down to the marketplace and encounter another scripted sequence in which
market vendor gives you a health potion. You can now access the potion by
accessing your quest items (the "6" key by default), selecting it, and pressing
an attack key.

Walk down the ramp opposite the Market and fight off a few more bugs. Once the
first wave is down, use your sling to knock down the giant green rock and
any more from coming down.

A little bit past the rock there is a large slab of stone hanging from a rope.
Climb up onto it, then jump up and grab the rooftop adjacent to it. Hoist
yourself up onto the roof and find another secret --a shield! You can use the
shield to block attacks and add a little extra power to Julie's combo's. Make
sure to also grab the water from the nearby scaffolding.

There are even more secrets nearby. Get off the roof where you got the shield
walk around the corner and around the archway on your right. Here you will
encounter a few shglieks that become mutated by getting too close to the green
meteorites. Fight them off (or better yet, kill them before they become
then climb up onto the roof of the small shed in the corner, then jump across to
the roof of the larger building next to it. Here you will find some Water (climb
the lattice to get to it) and, more importantly, a pistol.

Get back on the ground and exit this area, following the pathway straight ahead.
You'll soon encounter a guy with a shgliek pen, but the shglieks have escaped
are running wild. Give him a hand by using your sling to stun the shglieks and
then toss them back in the pen. Once you've gotten them all, you'll be rewarded
with some ammunition.

Town Center

Follow the path and knock down the first meteorite you come to with your sling.
This will prevent any more bugs from coming down. Also make sure to grab the
health behind the nearby waterfall. Once you've cleaned this first area out,
following the path until you come to Otto testing his crossbow. Have a
conversation with him, in which you'll show him the small meteorite. He can't
analyze it now, but he'll get back to you later.

Once done talking to Otto, keep following the path until you come to an area
two large meteorites next to a schgliek hole. There will be two of the little
critters playing nearby, so you should try to kill them quickly before they get
mutated and become harder to kill. Once done here, move on quickly, as more
schglieks will come out of the hole and get mutated.

Go down the hill and through the archway to the main town square. There's a
fountain in the middle of the square if you need to replenish your Water
(remember, just standing in water will fill it up half way). Here you will see
the child Ariel in some sort of trance, as well as some sort of apparition that
sends chills down you spine and worries you greatly. After Ariel snaps out of it
she'll run off into the church. You can follow her, but there's nothing there.

Go through the arch to the left of where you came in, down a small hill, and
follow the path. You'll eventually encounter a villagers who has a secret to
tell: a Fire Sword is hidden nearby. You can find it easily, but to reach it
you're going to have to have full Water so that Julie can run fast enough and
jump far enough. There's plenty of water nearby, though, and you're going to
to use it to get the sword before you can progress through this level.

To get to the sword, use your sword to cut the rope holding up a nearby platform
(the rope will be glowing). This will lower the counterweight and raise the
platform. Jump on to the counterweight from the porch to its left, then onto the
platform (either directly or more easily from the ledge to the left of the
counterweight). Now, jump up and climb to the top of the platform, then
jump across to the narrow metal ledge. Hoist yourself up, then run along the
ledge until you come to some water. You'll notice the Fire Sword in a small
hole when you round the edge's first corner.

If you have enough water to get the blue streaks on Julie's feet, run along the
edge and jump at the last second towards the sword. Grab the ledge at the end of
your jump, and pull yourself up to claim your prize. It's probably a good idea
save your game before trying this jump.

Return to the town square and talk to the woman and the Pilot the blind man
there. Pilot will begin raving, and signal right before a new meteorite crashes
through the shield and smashes into the building next to you. With the shield
down, Eden is vulnerable, and you must now travel to the shield generator with
Jared and Aeon to repair it. Otto will take the device contained in the new
meteorite back to his workshop and analyze it.

Eden Underground

Start this level off simply by running forward and getting sucked down into the
water during a cut scene. You awaken disoriented and partially trapped in a
crystal, with a bad feeling about your environment. Your companions are done
but there's still hope for you. Unfortunately all of your weapons are gone
Otto's crossbow.

Kill the horned monster with your crossbow. This isn't an easy task, but there
health and ammunition scattered around the area to help you out. Try to conserve
your ammo by holding down the fire button to charge the crossbow up before
firing. Also make sure to dodge out of the way before the horned monster charges
-watch for him to bellow and charge up with energy just before doing this.

Once the horned monster is dead, climb up the nearby rope and swing to the ledge
nearby. Kill or avoid the plant, and jump to the rope just beyond it. You can
climb straight up the rope to a high ledge for more ammunition. Once you have
this, climb back down and jump to the ledge with healing fruit.

From there, jump to the other rope, climb up, and swing to the high ledge
containing all your weapons. Hooray! Julie is packing heat again! Note that if
you fall down into the pit trying to jump to or from this last rope, you'll have
to fight another horned monster.

Once you have you weapons back, jump back to the rope and onto the ledge with
fruit. From there, drop down to the lower ledge next to the giant flashing
boulder. "Use" the boulder to pry it loose with Julie's sword, thus opening the
way to escape.

Of course, you're not out of trouble yet. Once past the giant boulder, look to
your right and notice a small metal ledge beneath a pipe. Hop over to the ledge
and jump up to the pipe. Tuck your legs up (hit the "jump" key) to avoid the
of scalding steam, then make your way to the other end of the horizontal pole.
Once there, climb the rope to the ground.

There will be some evil schglieks here, so you'll have to either kill or avoid
them. Make sure to grab all the health you need, then exit the room through the
only passageway.

In the next room, grab the water and go through the doorway. You'll encounter
another horned monster and an evil schgliek here, so deal with them (harshly),
and then notice a big red button next to a small grate. Press the button to open
the grate, then crouch down and crawl through the exposed passageway.

Drop down into the sewers, grabbing the ammo and Water nearby. Go into the
room where you'll see a rock tumble down, then kill the horned monster and bugs.
Grab some more Water off the ledge and fight or avoid the horned monster. Once
on the ledge, drop down into the next watery room and climb up onto the ledge
with the three waters. Kill the bugs that come out to greet you, then follow the
stream and drop down to the next map.

Eden Sewage

Run down the path next to the stream and kill the plant and horned monster in
next room.There are a lot of items scattered throughout this area, so make sure
to grab them all.

Press the big red button (really, is there a point in this game where you don't
press a big red button?), to extend the bridge directly over your head. You have
to work relatively quickly to reach this bridge, or it'll retract and you'll
to press the button again. Get up to it by jumping onto the nearby mining
platforms that come up from below on a large belt. Jump off to platform onto the
bridge you just extended. WARNING: don't ride the platform all the way to the
or you'll get chewed up by the machinery there!

There's an optional secret here where you can score some Water and a couple of
other items. Climb up onto the ledge behind the extended bridge and grab some
water. From here you will be faced with a nasty jumping puzzle where you have to
time your hops across three pieces of moving machinery. Once there, you can
some more items, then jump to a rope and climb down to the other side of the
extended bridge.

Either way, once you're on the other side of the extended bridge, scoop up the
nearby items and activate the nearby glowing switch. This will turn on a giant
piece of machinery that has three platforms rotating in a giant circle.

This is a tricky puzzle, one that requires you to step onto one of the rotating
platforms and ride it up to the highest point in the circle. Note that there is
also a secret large Water hidden nearby. Upon first stepping onto one of the
three platforms that rotate in a circle, turn around and look beneath the ledge
you just stepped off of at the circle's lowest point. The Water is resting there
on a small shelf. Step off to grab it, then step back onto the next rotating

From the highest point in the rotation, you have to carefully step onto another
beam that moves back and forth on a tangent with the circle. Make sure not to
to jump onto this moving beam --just walk onto it or you'll probably fall. Ride
the beam away from the circle towards another iron shelf with a switch. Climb up
to the shelf and activate the switch.

This will activate another moving beam that will be perpendicular to the first.
Drop back onto the first moving beam, then step onto the second one you just
activated at the right time (saving your game here is a good idea). The last
hazard in this sequence is the electrical bolts that flash across this second
beam at one point. Jump over them to avoid them and get into the next area.

You will now be in a large room with three inactive circular pads on one wall.
Drop down to the floor and kill the bugs waiting for you there. Hey look! It's
another huge red button! Press it! Press it! Doing so will power the circular
pads on the wall, causing them to bob up and down and opening a path to the
room's high exit. Unfortunately it also causes bolts of electricity to dance
across the pads at their highest point in their movement, so you have to move
quickly. Climb up onto the machinery next to the nearest bobbing platform and
across to the exit. Here you will find your first two-handed weapon: a big ole'

Climb up the nearby ledge and hop across to another metal shelf with a lever.
Throw the lever to retract a piece of machinery and expose the monkey bars.
Unfortunately this also opens up some deadly steam vents that pulse on and off.
Jump up onto the monkey bars and time your movement across them to avoid the
blasts of steam.

Once in the next room, kill the horned monster and evil schgliek and progress to
the next room.Here you will find the trickiest jumping puzzle yet. This tall,
circular room is lined with platforms that flap up and down. When they're up,
can run across them, but when they're down, you're going to fall to the ground.
Notice the pattern in which they flap, then save your game, and quickly jump up
from one to the next until you get to the summit. From there you can exit to the
next level.

Eden Shield Generator

At the start of the level, grab the nearby items and go through the door to the
Shield Generator room. Here you will fight some more bugs and some plantS up on
ledges. Kill them off while avoiding the deadly jet of steam in the area, then
activate the nearby elevator and ride up to the Generator controls.

There are more plants here, so kill them off if you have any ammunition left, or
just avoid their attacks if not. The trick to align the shield crystals so that
the laser shooting out of them matches the color of the crystal on top of the
control. There are four crystals to align in this way by using the wheel
to each one. Once all are the right color, the shield will come up.

Unfortunately, the invading forces don't like that idea, and a couple of
creatures beam down to undo all of your hard work with just a couple of
devastating blasts. Julie will run out to the ledge outside, realizing the folly
of leaving the people of Eden unprotected. She will then race out of the room
the next level will load.

Eden Market Under Siege!

Julie returns from the Shield Generator on her own, and lopes head first into a
nasty situation. The entire city of Eden is under attack from ruthless and
powerful invaders. The cut scene at the beginning of this level shows you the
gruesome death of a woman looking for her child (the girl Ariel, perhaps?). It's
immediately obvious that the weapons Julie has in her possession are fine for
swatting down bugs, but these enemies will have to be dealt with in more

Run forward past the skeleton monster's line of fire to the small shed. Hop up
the top of the shed and onto the roof of the building next to it. Climb up the
lattice to find a secret large Water and some ammo, then drop down to the lower
rooftop and go through the door.

Once inside the tavern, you can hear the sounds of the television creature
spouting "Praise Gith!" and "Sacrifice is expected!", among other catchy
This creature is lurking beneath the broken stairs upon which you'll be
and is surrounded by a number of "Smileys", which are the only enemies on this
level susceptible to your weapons. Jump down off the stairs and take out the
Smileys. Don't attack the television creature, though --he'll just spawn more
Smileys and you can't damage him. Once the Smileys are cleaned out, go through
the door in the next room (the one with the fruit on the table).

This next area is a bit tricky and requires a certain amount of guile. Drop down
into the courtyard when the skeleton creature isn't looking and run to the
schliek pen. Jump into the pen and grab one of the little critters. Toss him
the water to make him evil, then duck down until it attacks the skeleton
creature. While they're both distracted, jump out of the pen and race up the
nearby rope. Grab the spiked bracelet on the patio above and go through the

Kill the Smileys inside and go through the break in the wall. Shimmy across the
vertical pole to the opposite ledge. Push the crate up against the ledge and
climb up the rest of the way. There is another crate at the top of this ledge
that is resting precariously on the edge. Push it over and watch it plummet
through the skylight below. Drop down and through the skylight to the interior
the building.

Go through the doorway leading back outside and quickly turn left and gun down
the Smileys that come out to play. After they're dead, quickly run to the wheel
on the wall to the right of where the Smileys came out. Turn the wheel to
activate the steam blast and kill one of the skeleton creatures.

Climb the scaffolding opposite the steam pipe to the top of the building. Walk
forward and pry loose the stacked metal tubes, sending them crashing down onto
another skeleton creature. Once he's dead, drop down to the path and follow it
the hill, around the corner, and past the fan hanging from the rope overhead.
Immediately run the switch on the wall to which the rope is tethered. "Use" the
switch to loosen the rope and cause the fan to smash the skeleton monster who
will be chasing you.

Run up the path and kill the Smileys next to the mural. You are then safe to
enter Otto's shop.

Otto's Shop

Grab the ammo from behind the red metal pipes, and the nearby healing fruit if
you need it. The path on the other side of the metal door is blocked by steam
fire, so you'll have to find another way around. Crouch down in front of the
small passageway opposite the door you entered through, and crawl down the
tunnel, emerging on the other side of the steam and fire.

Go through the door next to the red machine. In the next room, you'll need to
hold down the glowing floor panel to make the bookcase swing out and grant you
entrance to the next room. Problem is, when you step off the panel the bookcase
immediately swings shut. Press the red button to the right of the panel to
activate the machinery and have it deposit the cargo from the green pool onto
panel. This will keep the bookcase open so you can go through.

In the next room you'll find a nice cache of weapons -- a shotgun and an uzi,
with accompanying ammo. Grab everything and then press the button to bring up
elevator so that you can ride down to Otto's secret laboratory.

Once there, Otto will tell you that your sister Keri is fine, but that he hasn't
been able to figure out the pod that crashed through the shield earlier today.
Suddenly the pod will sense your presence and activate, delivering a message
warns of Gith's approach. This monster seeks the Heart of We, which can bend
reality and could allow him to destroy your universe and remake it to his
Gith also needs someone of your lineage to help him do this, which is something
you didn't have jotted down in your calendar for today. He's obviously got to be
stopped. To do this, you have to find the Heart of We, and the only person on
planet who knows where it is is an old man in the swamps called Gruff. You've
to find him.

Go back up the elevator and grab the health if you need it.You must then time
your run across the moving pads to the left of the elevator. To do this, wait
until the giant spinning balls wind down, then race across the pads to the
opposite cave, which leads outside.

Town Center Attacked!

Hooray! Time for a costume change! Julie exchanges her tattered blue outfit for
little more serious red bikini and leather chaps. Quite fashionable among the
killers, I'm sure. Grab the health if you need it, then head out the door and
cleanse the town square of Smileys. Once they're wiped out, go through the
door. Inside you will find a television creature preaching to some mind washed
villagers, with a flashing door in the back of the room. As you head down the
middle of the aisle, be prepared for a fight. The villagers will suddenly turn
into Smileys and attack. Avoid them or put them out of their misery.

Once in the back room of the church, grab the flame thrower, health potion, and
the three large waters. Ready the flame thrower now, as you're going to need it
in a second. Go out through the other door and have another encounter with
who sends a supernatural message of doom from your foe. Ariel then skips off as
if nothing happened, but you're not given a chance to follow up with her, on
account of the very nasty Soul Harvester on your ass right about now.

The Soul Harvester is a difficult foe, so use your heavy artillery like the
thrower and the shotgun. Don't get close to him if you can help it, sine he
a wicked punch with his axe, and can use his gun to suck out your life force and
replenish his.. This creature will also teleport around the battlefield if you
fire at him with a gun, always appearing right behind you. Watch for his
teleportation move to start, then run forward immediately to avoid being
from behind. If you have to resort to melee weapons like your sword, then make
running passes at him where you run towards him, then sidestep at the last
second, slicing him once, then continuing to run. Don't try to go toe-to-toe
him while standing still or you're dead meat.

Once you've beaten the Soul Harvester up enough, he'll teleport away, leaving
your battle to continue another day (or, perhaps, later this same day). You will
then begin the next level.

Outskirts of Eden

Now that you've escaped the battleground that the city of Eden has turned into,
it's time to make your way to the swamps. There's some treacherous countryside
between, though, and there's no telling how much more treacherous it's been made
by the corruption of the green meteorites. Start out this level by walking down
the path towards the waterfall. You'll immediately be attacked by a pack of evil
schlieks, so take them down. Run down the narrow ledge to the right (opposite
waterfall) until you come to a man waving to you on a bridge. Unfortunately he's
standing in just the wrong spot, and the bridge gets blown out. Now you'll have
to find another way around.

There is a very narrow ledge to the right of the blasted bridge that you can do
wall hug on and shuffle across. Put away your weapons, back Julie up against the
wall, then hit the "back" key. She should flatten herself against the wall and
allow you to move sideways on the very narrow bit.

Once on the other side, kill the plant and climb up the vines next to the fruit,
or use your sling to hit the log up above it to bring it crashing down. At the
top of the vines you'll have to kill many bugs, so be ready. There is also some
ammunition and water on the shelf above you.

Drop down into the bird's nest and kill them all off. A good way to deal with
birds is to stand still watching them circle overhead, then watch for them to
dive. When they do, quickly sidestep. The birds will get their beaks stuck in
ground, and you can then chop them to bits. Once the birds around the next are
dead, climb up the vines and kill the plants before jumping over to a new set of

Kill the new birds that appear and jump up and grab onto the tiny ledge to the
right of the "falling rocks" sign. Hand-over-hand to the left until you reach
next ledge. Run around the corner and kill the plant, then drop down into a pool
of water on the ledge below.

Kill all the enemies in this area, then look behind you and drop down onto the
secret ledge with the Water. Climb back onto the ledge with the pool, then
the updraft that's blowing leaves and other debris upwards. Wait until it has
just started, then jump into the column of air and ride it up to the cliff high

Hop up to the vines near where you land and follow the ledges until you come to
some rockets. Drop down to the cliff and grab the bazooka. All right! Kill all
the bugs in this area, then run through the cave near where you found the
to progress.

Watch out for the falling boulders, and then kill the three or four horned
monsters that you'll encounter in this tight cave area. Follow the path down
hill, but watch out behind you when you get near the bottom! A huge boulder will
come rolling down after you, smashing the cave wall wide open. If it doesn't
crush you, it'll provide a means of exiting this area. Go through the hole the
boulder leaves and kill the monsters and bugs in the next area, grabbing the
large Water while you're at it. There will be a ledge you can jump to on your
left, so go there and hoist yourself up to the higher level.

You will notice a large square platform hanging by a rope from the unseen cave
ceiling. Jump onto it, and notice that the side with your weight on it sinks
down, causing the opposite side to rise. Stand on the far side to cause it to
sink, raising the other side near the cliff you need to jump to. Get a running
start and jump to the cliff.

Clear this area out of monsters, then jump down to the lower ledge. Drop down
again to get a health potion. Climb back up and keep following the ledges until
you come to one with a plant and a waterfall, near another hanging square
platform. Jump to the platform, then jump across to the ledge opposite the

Look up and to the right to see a rope. Climb up to the ledge overhead to get
some equipment, and then jump to the rope. Climb the rope up to the top of the
cave. Grab the meteorites you'll find there and kill the plant. Ride the updraft
to the left of the plant to gain access to the opposite ledge. Run along the
narrow path to exit the level.

Eden Cliffside

Run up the hill and kill the horned monster. You'll now have entered an area
a lot of giant claws slashing out from great holes in the cliffsides. Obviously,
you want to avoid being hit by them, but they're often blocking your path.
have to time your movements so that you avoid getting hit.

Wait until the first claw retracts into its hole, then quickly jump up onto the
vines in front of it and immediately climb up. Wait until the claw at the top
retracts, then hoist yourself up and quickly jump to the left to avoid getting

Run and jump past the next 3 claws, grabbing any ammo and other items you
encounter. Climb on top of the shelf next to the collection of 3 bullet clips
jump over the claw to the vines beyond. Climb to the top.

Make a few more running jumps past claws until you come to a fork in a narrow
canyon. There will be a needle spitting plane to your left, and another passage
on your right. Go right. You will come to a troppo with green rocks and a pool

There is a boss creature (another Vygmish Mama) in this area, as well as many
more super bugs, so get your weapons ready before dropping down. Your best
strategy is to ready the bazooka, drop down, and run around firing rockets at
Vygmish Mama until she dies. Then ready your sword and deal with the fire
breathing bugs. If you get lit on fire (and you probably will), run into the
of water to extinguish the flames.

After the boss and the bugs are dead, climb out of the pit and jump up to grab
the vines. Move hand-over-hand sideways until you're over the ledge to your far
left. Drop down. Follow the ledges until you come to another drop off with a
plant. Drop down onto the narrow ledge below (to the left of the plant), then
floor itself to avoid taking falling damage. Kill the plant and the birds in the

Jump from ledge to ledge until you're on a cliff with a shelf. Jump to your
left, and kill the plant. Follow the narrow canyon, but watch out at the end!
There's some tempting health lying on the ground, but it's right within range of
a giant claw to your right. Avoid the claw and snatch the health if you need it
while it's retracting.

Jump to the rope beyond the fruit and climb down, avoiding the claw at the
of the rope. Grab the meteorites while you're at it. Kill the horned monsters at
the canyon floor and follow the path until you come to a ledge where you can
up to grab some rockets. Keep jumping up ledges to the top, where there's
giant claw blocking your path. Shimmy hand-over-hand to the left to get out of
the claw's reach before hoisting yourself up. Kill the walking plant in this
area, then drop down next to the trap plant and kill the birds. Kill the Smileys
that come out to greet you, and make sure to grab the rockets tucked away around
the corner.

Run across the bridge, and don't stop! A giant boulder will come chasing you
across the bridge, wrecking it in the process. Also don't stop moving once on
other side, since the Soul Harvester you encountered right outside of Eden is
back and looking for blood. The way to beat him here is to trick him into
into the trap plant. To do so just get him on the other side of the plant, and
he'll run towards you, right into the trap. The plant will spit him out before
he's dead, but he'll go tumbling over the cliffside.

Grab the Soul Harvester's gun, then drop down to the ledge to the left of the
bridge to score some goodies. To get back up, stun a schliek with a sling bullet
and toss the poor sucker into the trap plant. While the plant is gobbling up its
treat, climb up the vines behind it.

Once the area is clear, use a detonator pack to blow up the green rocks that
in the riverbed. This will blast the rock away and grant you access to the
level's exit

Mooagly Swamps

There's a short detour at the beginning of this level that you can take to get
some extra items, but it requires a little combat. Run forward at the start of
the map, past a schgliek, and kill the plant man that comes out to attack you.
Jump up to the top rock with the fruit, and then across to the nearby ledge with
gas pods. Push the flashing rock over the edge to smash the other pods.

Drop down and collect the items from the rest of the area and then head back
towards the start of the level. Just before you get there, however, head to you
left and go through the cave.

Jump up to the chainsaw sword on the large flat rock, but be ready for a fight.
Two plant men will come out to greet you. Once they're done, take a look around.
There are gas pods and hanging pods all throughout this level, as well as needle
shooting plants and plant men. I won't mention all of them here, so be on your

There's a secret fuel that you can get to by stepping into the pool of yellow
water and then walking into the trap plant. The yellow water coats you with a
filth that the plants don't like, so they'll spit you out, up onto the ledge
the fuel. Remember this trick, because you'll need to use it again soon.

Once you have the fuel, run past the hanging pods, pool of water, and plant trap
to the left, and push the flashing log at the water's edge towards the needle
shooting plants. The shield is handy here to keep the needles away while you
work. Once the log is down, run across it and jump to the plant on the little
island. Then jump to the root of the giant tree on the other side of the water.
Go to the left of the root, watching out for the strangler plant overhead. Drop
into the yellow pool and get spit out by the three consecutive trap plants, way
up to the high branches of the giant tree.

Drop down to the left and run down to the brown lillypads. Skip across fast,
watching out for the exploding bird. When you reach the first island with the
fruit and ammo, you have a choice to make. There's a super health potion on the
island straight ahead, but it'll require taking a short dip in the deadly swamp
waters. If you don't want to risk it, jump to the pads on the right, but
to move fast.

Grab the rockets that you find on the other side. Follow the path to a wide open
space where you have to fight smileys, a Vygmish Mama, and fire bugs. Clear them
out (circling around the Vygmish Mama with the bazooka is a good strategy), then
exit the area through the narrow cave opposite of where you came in.

You'll come to a small stream with a needle shooting plant on the other side.
Jump across the stream to the ledge with the tree. You'll have to kill several
monsters in this area, but watch out for the strangling plant above when running
around. If it gets a hold of you, you're dead. Once everything is dead, exit
through the cave.

Deep Moogaly Swamps

You're attacked pretty much at the start of this level, so be ready to kill the
plant men and the plants in this area. There are several, so it may take a
effort. Once you're done, find the spot, next to some hanging pods, where you
jump up to the ledges overhead. Climb up to the tallest ledge and see the dead
giant below you. There are also some gas pods on the ledge right below you. Make
sure to pop them now; you'll understand why in a moment.

Drop down into the area with the dead giant and go into the cave that is his
mouth. Follow the cave all the way to the bottom and throw the switch. This will
open a door into a giant tree elsewhere on the level. Kill the horned monster
that this releases, then turn the crank to lower the elevator. Take the elevator
up, and exit the cave.

There will be a trap plant to your left, with some lilly pads in the water in
front of it. Jump onto the pads to get to the area past the trap plant. Here you
will find a pool of yellow water. Dunk yourself in it, then walk into the trap
plant. It'll spit you up to the ledges you climbed to get here, and if you
pop those gas pods, you'll now sail right into them.

Find the newly opened door (near the area where you started the level) and ride
the elevator up to the treetop. Pick up a new outfit, ammo, and weapons. Throw
the switch to lower the hallow log down below.

Ride down the elevator and find the hallow log, Pop the pods inside, then run
through to the other side of the water. Jump over the trap plant on the other
side of the giant tree, but be ready for a big fight. Two plant men will jump
in this narrow area. The alternative fire for the chainsaw sword works well here
if you have the fuel.

Once done, shoot the log above the second trap plant with your sling. This will
send it and the schgliek resting on it toppling down into the trap plant. Run
past it while it's distracted. Your path through the rest of the level is
by another trap plant, so you'll need to find a way past this one. Climb the
ledge to the right and grab the schgliek frolicking there. Walk down, toss him
the trap plant, and run past while the plant is feeding. Avoid the giant claw
coming out of the side of the mountain, and exit the level.

Swamps Confrontation

Walk forward slowly with the lake on your left until giant spiked rotors smash
into the ground in font of you, creating a deadly pit. Drop down into the pit
carefully navigate the rotating spikes to the other side. Climb the rope there
all the way to the top and grab the first Tiki idol.

Drop down to the path next to the pit, but watch out for the strangler plant on
your left and the hanging pods on your right. Go right through the hanging pods
(shoot them first), and kill all the plants in this area. Notice the Tiki
off on the right. If you collect all 3 idols and place them there, you can get a
special weapon. For now, follow the path down past some gas pods on your left.

Run up the giant vine wrapping around the tree. Grab the Tiki idol next to the
monkey bars, then cross the bars to the tree on the other side. Run around to
other side of the tree and notice the log hanging from a rope over to your left
and the third Tiki idol on the branch beyond. It takes a carefully timed running
jump to reach it, so wait until the log swings around closest to you and then go
for it (after saving game, of course). Once on the hanging log, jump to the
branch with the idol and grab it.

You have the option now of traveling to the three giant Tiki heads and placing
the idols on them. Once you do so, you'll receive the Horn of Conjuring, which
can summon enemies to fight for you.

If you go get the horn, return to the tree on the other side of the monkey bars.
Then drop down into the building below and make your way to its basement (push
the green button to open the trap door). Grabbing the armor piece there triggers
a scripted event where a nearby dock house is smashed, granting you access to
raft on the nearby dock. Go back outside and run to the raft.

Stepping onto the raft will take you to this level's boss creature, the
Shyknerpad. Beating this boss isn't easy, but it helps to know the trick. Start
off by killing all the snake heads around the central body part. Then keep
to avoid its attacks and wait until the central part stops moving and huddles
down, preparing to attack. When it does, hit it hard. Repeat until the creature
is dead. This will then let you move on to the next level.

Billy Goat's Gruff

This is a much easier level, and rather linear, serving as the corridor between
the swamps and Gruff's home. Begin by killing all the enemies in the starting
area. You can get a secret potion of health first if you jump up to the ledge to
the right of where you start the level, then hoist yourself up. Once you have
that, drop down into the river and head down stream.

Watch out for the strangler plant as you head down, and kill any other enemies
you find. When you come to a ledge on your right with a needle spitting plant,
kill it, then jump up onto the riverbank. Climb on to the ledge next to the
and run along it back towards the start of the level to find a secret Circle of
Protection potion.

Go back down to the river and keep heading down stream. Jump up onto the
riverbank at the next needle plant and grab the rockets and red Tiki idol. Go
back into the river and kill the plant man next to the giant Tiki head. Climb
of the water and place the idol on the head, opening the gate.

Go through the gate, watching out for the strangler plant, and find the Tiki
in the next area. Place it on the next head to open the next gate.

Finally, do this a third time in the last section of the river.

After the last gate, make sure to jump out of the river before you go over the
waterfall. Walk up to the edge to look over to trigger a cut scene where Julie
leaps over the edge and meets the ...interesting Gruff. He'll tell you all about
the Heart of the We and what you need to do to reach it. It's not going to be an
easy task, as Gith's agents hound you ever step of the way. But to save Eden,
you'll do it.

Cemetary of We

After materializing in your new duds, grab the lightning sword and various other
items from this area. There is a lot of Water, ammunition, and health scattered
all throughout the Cemetary, so make sure to grab everything you need. There are
also three rooms in three of the corners here, each one containing either a
powerup potion or a piece of Julie's armor. Make sure to grab them all.

Once you're ready, go through the Temple of Air, grab the ammunition tucked away
in the wings to either side of the teleporter, and then go on through.

Wind of Spirit

When you start this level you must kill two plant men to lower the stone statue
blocking your path. You can jump up to the red mushrooms straight ahead of you
and climb the rope to some extra ammo, but you'll have to fight some fire bugs
you choose to.

Go through the statue opening and make the tough jump on the other side to the
red mushroom head. Once there, drop down to the plants and kill them all to
the next statue.

Once through, follow the path and kill the invisible horned demon to lower he
next statue. Go through, follow the path, and kill the plants, bugs, and plant
men in the next area.

Once the area is clear, jump to the ledge and then to the red mushroom to the
right. Jump across the mushroom caps until you get to the far ledge with the two
stone heads (ignore the door to the right of the first mushroom). Clear the area
out of monsters and items and go through the door between the stone heads. Kill
the Vygamish Mama in the next area (use your heavy artillery if you have to) and
then run to the far end of the hall and kill another Vygamish Mama. Once done,
push each of the two flashing blocks as far as they'll go in their grooves.

Jump up onto the leftmost glowing block from the wall next to it, then turn
around and jump up onto the high ledge on the wall. Run along the upper ledge,
climbing vines when necessary, to the end of the hallway where you entered. Once
there, drop down to your right (away from the great hall) into a new area.

There will be a giant machine in this area that you need to activate. To do so,
push the three giant red buttons on the wall. Just be sure to time your
to avoid the spray of electricity near the buttons. This will activate the
machine and cause one of the stone heads out in the great hall to start

You can also climb up on top of the machine and up a rope to get a large Water,
but you'll have to deal with several Ghosts if you do.

Go back out into the main hallway (activating the machine opens the door leading
there). Notice that more of the floor is gone, so you'll have to make a few more
timed jumps to return to the stone heads and the flashing stone slabs you pushed
out. This time, climb up onto the one on the right and use it to jump up to the
nearby wall. Just like you did for the other wall, run along the high ledge
you get to the far end of the hall, then drop down to the left.

There is another giant machine here, but this time there are three wheels, each
one with a symbol above it and a tumbler mechanism inside the machine. Turn each
wheel until the symbols on the tumblers are all lit up, which will activate the
machinery. It usually works best to start with the right-most wheel and work
way to the left.

Return to the main hallway and run up the stairs to grab the gemstone. Once you
have it, exit the hall and jump back across the red mushroom caps to the doorway
on the other side of the gulf. Go through to return to the Cemetary of the We.

Note, however, that you can get up to the secret red super health potion once
have activated both the breathing stone heads in the giant hall. Simply jump up
into their breath, and if you time it right it will propel you up to the potion.

Cemetery of the We

Go to the other side of the Cemetery and enter the water temple. You'll have to
kill or avoid a number of Smiles and Ghosts as you go. Once in the Temple, go
through the teleporter.

Water of Purity

There is a secret at the beginning of this level if you've got the guts to try
it. Slowly step off the ledge right in front of the teleporter. If you time it
right, you'll drop down onto a pad that will extend at the last second to catch
you. On this pad you'll also find some ammunition, a super health potion, and a
blue teleporter pad.

Either go through this pad or the one on the main level to enter the rest of the
Temple. Be ready for a touch fight here. You must kill a Soul Harvester very
quickly before all the blocks in this area sink into the water below. The
alternate fire on the chainsaw sword works well here.

Once the Soul Harvester is dead, you must quickly turn the two cranks in this
area to raise the platforms into place overhead. Then rush to the elevator and
ride it up, where you will have to kill two skeleton monsters. Once the area is
clear, take the teleporter to the next part of the Temple.

Go through the doorway and down the rope to a tunnel with a gigantic roller.
not moving right now, so don't be afraid. Yet. Go through the door on the right
and kill the Soul Harvester in the room beyond.

Once he's dead, press the three red buttons in this area to activate the roller
and unlock another door outside. Unfortunately this will also release two more
skeleton monsters. Either kill or avoid them and go outside. Once outside, avoid
the roller and kill any Smileys you encounter. Make your way to the other big
doorway in this area and go through. There's another skeleton creature on the
other side, though, so be ready. Lure him out to the rolling pin if you need to.
Once he's dead, jump to the rope on the other side of the door and climb down.

Clear the room at the bottom of enemies and press the four red buttons nearby.
Walk towards the blue teleporter, but be careful! A giant claw will come
through the wall towards you at the last second, so avoid it and time your
movements to step through the teleporter safely.

Kill or avoid the Soul Harvester in the next area (which is actually the area
where you first entered the Temple) and jump into the column of blue light to
exit the level.

Cemetary of We

Go to the Temple of Blood next, avoiding the skeletons. You can kill them if you
like, but it's a big open area and avoiding them is much easier and saves your
precious ammo.

Once inside the temple, go through the teleporter.

Sanctity of Blood

This is, in my opinion, the most impressive level in the game, and definitely
most bizarre. Start off by running up the... uh, slope and avoiding the pincers
by running through them, then pausing in between them, then running up a little
more. Repeat until you're past, then get ready to deal with the skeleton

Jump over the gap and run through the next set of pincers, watching out for dive
bombing fire birds as you go. Run up and kill the two skeleton creatures in
of the giant maw.

Time your jump into the maw by waiting for the mammoth pincers to retract, then
go through the door on the other side.

The next room contains two giant rollers that block your path to a door. There
a button next to the door that you have to press to open the exit, but pausing
do so manually will get you crushed. Instead, kill any Smileys in the room and
then hit the button with your sling. Once the door is open, quickly time your
past the rollers and through the door.

Kill the skeleton creature at the end of the hallway and enter the giant room,
where you'll have to kill another skeleton creature. The floor of this giant
is composed of many segments, some of which will sink into oblivion if you step
on them. You have to make your way to the three cranks scattered around the
turning each one to lower the giant idol in the center. The trick to avoiding
sinking platforms is to follow the pixies that you freed in the Purity of Water
test. Follow them from platform to platform to remain (relatively) safe. Once on
the center section, you must kill two Soul Harvesters to lower the golden
idol. Once it's down, walk up to it and Julie will automatically use the dagger
she found earlier to sacrifice the animal. This will activate a teleporter and
allow you to exit the level.

Cemetery of We

Kill the Soul Harvester to open the door to the final temple, the bridge of
reason. This is the last of the tests you must face before reaching the Tomb of
the We.

Bridge of Reason

Collect the ammo from the floating platforms while avoiding fire from the
skeleton creatures. You should also try to take them out from a distance with
your Chaingun or Bazooka, as you won't be able to stop and fire at them on your
way across the bridge. Once ready, run as fast as you can across the giant
as soon as it raises itself. If you pause at all, you won't make it and you'll
fall to your death.

Go through the door on the other side of the bridge to the next huge area. Stock
up on ammo, then kill the two Soul Harvesters to make a wheel appear out of the
ground. Crank the wheel to unfold the staircases, then climb them up and kill
a couple of skeleton creatures. Exit the level at the top.

Tomb of the We

Follow the path to the Heart of the We chamber. Here you will find the Heart,
you will also encounter the devious Gith. This demigod will taunt you and take
the Heart, but worst of all he will use it to loosen Lord Tyler upon you.

Killing Tyler is tricky, and involves a few steps:

Blast Tyler with your powerful weapon of choice until his health drops a little
and he must use one of his Eden Water vials to replenish it.
Once he tries to do so, switch to the soul sucking gun that you got off the Soul
Harvester and use the alternate fire to suck the water from Tyler before he can
use it.
Repeat this until you blast Tyler's sword arm off
Go grab the sword
Keep pounding on Tyler until his health goes down further, using the soul sucker
gun to prevent him from replenishing his health at all. This is easier said than
done, as he will constantly summon powerful creatures to aid him, so save your
game often.
Once you have Tyler down to the last shred of his health, you must use his Sword
of Light and jump up and behead him.
Once Tyler is dead, the We will awaken and banish Gith. The ending seems happy
enough, until...well, I won't ruin the ending for you. You'll just have to see
for yourself. :)

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