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Читы для Heretic 2

Чит-файл для Heretic 2

Heretic 2

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Raven Software
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 24 ноября 1998 года
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / 3D / 3rd Person
Multiplayer:(32) LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
  * Hunt especially hard for Blade Shrines. There are several hidden
    throughout the game. These turn Corvus' staff into a very efficient weapon
    indeed. The effect of these shrines are permenent and cumulative. The
    powered up Flame Staff is a truly impressive weapon, and will make short
    work of any baddies you encounter.

  * Harpies got you down? Use your Thunder Blast spell. Wait for them to
    begin their attack run. When they drop down, face them and fire one
    Thunder Blast. You will drop them like a bad habit. Another great Harpie
    killer is the Meteor Barrier spell (and you dont even have to aim them)!

  * Best Way to Beat Harpies
    A well timed Force Blast is your best offense against the Harpies. Wait
    until the Harpy dives towards you. Then, when it is about to hit you,
    pound it with a Force Blast right in the face! The aftermath is quite fun,
    if incredibly messy. This technique works well with G'krokon as well.

  * Sometimes you need a defensive weapon at your fingertips. Normally, you
    would have to select the item and then use it by hitting your defend key.
    With a text editor, you can make a couple of changes to your configs that
    will make a defensive weapon fire at the stroke of a key.

    First, open the user.cfg in your Base folder. This file contains any
    aliases you want to create. Let's say you want to create a key that
    activates the Tome of Power. Enter this into your config:
      alias +tome "use powerup;wait;+defend" alias -tome "-defend"
    Save and close your config file. Now, start your game. In the console,
      bind [key] +tome
    [key] can be anything that isn't already bound to another action. In the
    Options Menu, save your config. Now, in a game, you should be able to hit
    [key] and have your Tome instantly activated.

  * If you want to have your server seen by GameSpy and other Master Server
    List-based utilities, you need to set a GameSpy port and make your game
    public. To do so, do the following:
      The default port for a Heretic II server is 28910. You will want to set
      your GameSpy port to that number + 1 with the following command:

      In your command line launch or config: +set gamespyport 28911
      Or in the server itself: gamespyport 28911

      Next, set your public setting to 1.

      In your command line launch or config: +set public 1
      Or in the server itself: public 1

      Additionally, you can set up multiple servers on a single machine by
      changing the port number.

      In your command line launch or config: +set port 2x910
      Or in the server itself: gamespyport 2x911

      ...where 'x' is an integer. For instance, you can have three servers,
      each on ports numbered 27910, 28910, 29910.
      Remember to set your GameSpy port numbers accordingly (e.g. 27911,
      28911, 29911...)

  * In many ways, the Staff is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal.
    With a well-placed spin attack (run + attack), you can pop off your
    enemies' heads in one hit (the effect is awesome in Ultraviolent!).
    Pole-vaulting (run + jump) directly into an enemy does a surprising amount
    of damage. (A bunch of us in a Coop game once took out the end boss in
    this manner when we all ran out of ammo. It took a while, but it was
    probably the funniest moment I've seen in an action game with all of us
    literally kicking the end boss to death!)
    With two successive visits to a blade shrine, your staff can take out just
    about anybody with one good spin attack, plus the powerup is permanent.

  * Configs behave a bit differently in Heretic II than they did in Quake 2.
    For starters, your configs can be saved and loaded from the options menu.
    When you save a config, it resides in your User folder in config.cfg.
    However, you should not edit this file directly since it is generated by
    Heretic II itself. If you want to edit your config, the easiest way is to
    add the bindings in the console and save your config either by quitting or
    through the Options menu. Finally, if you want to add aliases, you should
    do so in Base\user.cfg. These aliases will then be read in regardless of
    what config you use. It may take a bit of getting used to, but the system
    is very powerful and versatile once you do.

  * Make sure you have the correct video driver selected for your Voodoo
    card. Since OpenGL appears in the driver list before 3dfxGL_Ht2, it is
    easy for people to miss the latter driver. If you have a Voodoo-based
    card, you should select 3dfxGL_Ht2.
    Otherwise, you may experience random crashes and visual anomalies.

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