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Чит-файл для Holy Fighter

Holy Fighter

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Cheat-code [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
      Well, unless you know chinese, you MUST read this. It contains vital
     information that may save your life.


      Run the setup program and if you have a sound card choose "Y" for the
     first question. Choose "Y" for the second question if you'd like to save
     the changes.


      Start the game with "PLAY.BAT". After the introduction you can either
     start a new game by choosing the right column or restore a previously
     saved one by choosing the left column and selecting a saved game (In
     chinese the numbers look like the following 1 -, 2 =, 3 *, etc.). The
     rest of this doc will explain the game itself.

                                  The Story

      A king once believed that his brother was too powerful, and would one
     day take over his kingdom.  So he set up a trap to harm his brother's
     honor. The brother fell for the trap and killed himself, swearing that
     in 40 years he would come back as an evil spirit and get revenge on
     the people. So the king buried his brother far away to avoid this
     prophecy, and 40 years later, the prophecy came true, and the kingdom
     was in chaos.  The area with the greatest chaos was the area where the
     brother was buried. Your character believed that the chaos was being
     caused by evil, so he tried to drive the evil away with magic. You went
     to the brother's tomb and found that the dead were brought back to life
     and all coffins were empty. A dragon came out of the cemetary and told
     you that he is the brother that was killed long ago, and that now he
     would get revenge on the people. Your mission is to stop the dragon and
     kill him.


     -Arrow keys (up, down, left, right) to move.

     -Attack using space bar.

     -Change weapons with the ALT key.

     -To use your special item press return.


     -Your basic weapon is the holy sword. You can throw a fireball by
      holding down the space bar and then letting go. You can move around
      with the fireball as well. As the game continues you can acquire
      better swords and weapons.

     -Bombs will blow up and hurt your enemies in a wider range.

     -Holy Paper can be shot rapidly. Holy paper may sometimes be the only
      weapon you can use to kill an enemy. It is the easiest weapon to get
      in the game, so you can use it a lot, just make sure you don't run

Special Items

      You pick special items by killing enemies and opening treasure boxes.
     Some restore life, freeze time, heal you, cures poison, etc...

      To use these items, you must set them at the options menu. Do this by
     pressing ESC during the game. Then go to your inventory and select an
     item by pressing ENTER.  When you want to use it, press ENTER anytime
     during the game.

     Gourd: This medicine heals your life by a small amount. The least
            powerful healing item.

   Ginseng: Gives you two more life bars.

  Mushroom: This heals you from poison. It is the best healing

      Rope: Causes all characters on the screen to freeze.

       Gem: This item gives you a temporary protective aura.

      Flag: Call an ancient "god" to kill all enemies on the screen.

    Mirror: This item looks like a little circle with a rope at the end. It
            is a mirror that calls on the power of lightning to kill your


   Life Meters: Your life meters are the candlesticks on the left.  When
                they all burn out, you're dead!

        Weapon: This is the weapon you have chosen to use. It is shown in the
                upper right corner of the screen. You can change it by
                pressing the ALT key.

  Special Item: This is the box below the weapon box. Press ENTER to activate
                it. Press ESC to go into your inventory and change it.

Colors and Their Meanings

  Fiery Blue: This means that you are ready to cast a fireball.

         Red: This means you are poisoned.

       Stars: This means you are invulnerable.

       Black: This means you are going to become a magnificent rock statue.

Very Special Items

   Magic Book: This allows you to use powerful magic.

  Flame sword: This is a very powerful sword.

  Brass sword: This is another very powerful sword.

   Scroll Map: This is a map of the palace. Press "M" to view it during the

    Jade Ring: This gives you immunity to poison.

    Pouch Bag: This pouch extends your life bar.

   Starry gem: This gem contains a black pearl inside it which will make you

   Magic Bowl: This item is in the possesion of an evil lady. With it your
               items will always be replenished.

          Key: This item opens the palace doors. To enter the underground
               palace you must obtain this key.

 Evil One Key: You need the first key in order to obtain this key. With it
               you can enter the room of the Evil One.

       Marble: This gives you immunity to fire. Without it you WILL burn to
               a crisp ;).

  NOTE:  These items are not needed to kill the evil one. Your sword, bombs,
         and holy paper are the main items. Enjoy this release and look out
         for another one real soon.

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