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Чит-файл для Homey D. Clown

Homey D. Clown

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

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Cheat-code [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Homey is a clown working for some boring impressario. Now he gets the chance of
his life : working for a TV-station. It's your job to make Homey succeed in
getting this job. Have fun playing.

Homey is standing towards his agent. Talk to your agent. Hmm... Seems you should
read your messages. Well, do it. They're hanging on the wall (there should be 4
of them).

  Message 1 : "Come to our office, 1 block east, 2 blocks north, on northeast
  Message 2 : "Need you ASAP at the Brubaker building."
  Message 3 : "Meet me at the hot dog stand, Paulie."
  Message 4 : "We're at 1st and Lincoln. Come soon!"

Great. These are 4 hints to play the game. In fact, they form the rough part of
the plot. But you'll find out yourself. Now take 2 coins out of the telephone
and leave.

You might find the streets a bit crowdy. That's right. But this is done to make
it more difficult for Homey to progress. You'll see. Just watch out for the bad
guyz. They might want to kick your brains out, or shoot you a third eye.

Now go north, cross the street and get shot by the guy with the gun. No, this is
no joke... I reaaly mean it, 'caus it is the only way to get into the hospital
and you might need some things from there. Ok. You should be in the hospital by
now being surrounded by beautiful nurses who just love to ride ya... No no...
Just joking... Besides, the only nurse you'll see in this game ain't that
beautiful and really doesn't have the intention for a ride. Just get up, take
the rubber glove and tongdepressor, blow up the glove till it becomes a balloon
and then leave. Now go to the laundrette and take 2 pieces of 50 out of the
sodamachine. Now leave... Try to remeber this place 'cause you'll have to get
back here later on.
Go to the subway. Use the ticket to get in (I'll let you find out yourself how
to do this). Get off at Lincoln.

Go to the info-stand. Take a map. No go to Elvis' Club and talk to the bar-
tender. He'll tell you that the Brubaker building is at the Commuty Centre.
Take the subway to Washington Street nd go north till the road deadends.

At Washington Street, go to the stair . Search the roofs till you find a
brick and a broken watch. Now go to the stair at. Search the roofs again
till you find a box and a creditcard. Take the red cap. Therefor you'll
have to pass the guy. Put up the blue cap so he'll think you're one of
his fellows. No proceed till you arricve at the Commuty Centre (don't forget
the red cap). Go in.

Talk to Blondie (who says her name ain't Blondie). She'll tell you that the hot-
dog stand is in Municipal Park. A tourist map will show you the way. You won't
need the map as you're using the dox now. Ok. Before you leave, don't forget to
take a suit out of the lockers.
Now go to the stairs. Search the roofs again. Now go back to the subway.
Go to Roosevelt and get yourself clean at the laundrette (let's see if you can
remind where it is located). Once at the laundrette, put a piece of 50 in the
brown box and abracadabra you'll be clean (without even taking off your
clothes)... Now go back to the subway (watch out for the bad guyz who're chasing
you), enter it and get off at Madison.

You're at Madison Park. Find the 3 items in the park (they're shown on the map).
Now go to the dangerous guy, pay him 50 cent and he'll let you pass. So far, so
good. Now there is a more difficult part. You'll have to find your wat througout
a complete labyrinth of halls, passages and doors. Just use the maps I've inclu-
ded to find the train at ROOM 16. Of course, if you really insist, you might
leave the maps for what they are and try to find your way yourself, but I'll
ya, it took me 2 hours to find my way and to complete the map.
Ok, you found the train? Good, now enter it quickly, 'caus the nurse is on your
tail... She'd better not catch you coz if she does, I really hope you saved
your work 'cause you'll have to start over from almost the beginning. Get of the
train at Wilson.
You're at the Municipal Park now. Go to the kid. Give him the balloon
(glove) and he'll clear the passage for you. Now go to the man in brown. Pay him
3 dollar and he'll sell you a tie.
Now go through the passage at the kid. You'll find a dollar bill. This could
always come in handy. Now go on NW till you arrive at the hot-dog stand. Watch
out... a lot of bad guyz are trying to catch you. Once you arrived at the hot
dog stand, talk to the owner. The note he's talking about can be found at the
yellow can, right to him.

You read the note : "Artopos Production Studios is on the 33rd floor of the
                     multimedia building at 1st and Lincoln, just outside this
                     park. Watch out for Klutzko the Clown and his goons, they
                     may try to stop you.
                                                        - Paulie."

Ok, let's go... Go east from the hot-dog stand. You'll find a pass-through to
the north. Take the subway ticket you find around there. Now go NW to the exit.
Before passing through, you'll have to pay the guy at the exit. Just give him
a piece of 50 and he'll be satisfied.

Entering the exit will lead you to the multimedia building. Take elevator A1.
On the second floor you see a few desks, a door to an office and 2 elevators.
Go to the office first. Be fast, because Klutzko's goons are somewhere around
here. In the office, take the 4 dollar bills and the building pass. Now go out
again and take elevator B1 to the 3rd floor. There's a guy that won't let you
pass til you wear a tie. Ok, you just bought one, so wear it. Now use elevator
F1. Show your building pass to the agent. Now search for elevator E3 and use it.
There's a stupid girl asking you about you're presence here. Just tell her you
work here and she will also gain you access.
Ok, on this floor things get tricky. Go all the way end teh hall till you meet
a black man who starts following you. Just start walking around the hall till
left him behind. Don't mind your speed (you're faster than him), just watch out
for obstacles and make sure he won't catch you. Once you left him behind,
continue walking along the hall till it dead-ends. You see 3 passages. Take the
last one. That will bring you to Artopos Production Studios.

You can't get in coz the door is closed. Just use your creditcard to open the
door. Now take elevator D3. You arrive at the studios. You can see the nurse.
Act quickly. Go immediately to the dressing room and put on the red suit. Go out
again........ Pfffww... Seems you were lucky, huh? There's another room here
also. Go into the dressing room again , put on your normal clothes and go to the
other room.

Well, that's it... You succeeded... Now enjoy the ending-sequence.

Funny game, little plot, boring sounds but fun to play,

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