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Читы для Hook [I]

Чит-файл для Hook [I]

Hook [I]

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Shadow Software
Издатель:Ocean Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
by Paul Olivero

Starting your quest in Pirate's Square, your first aim is to get suitable
pirate clothing to blend in with the locals. Take a wander along Mugger's
Alley and find Dr Chop's dentistry. Take the rollerblind from the window
and ask the Doc about gaining money and clothing. Subject yourself to the
Doc's dentistry ways and let him pull two of your gold teeth.

Next stop is Jolliest Roger's Place. Ask the manager a few questions,
concentrating on Hook, the war and how best to get the hat. Leave Roger's
and walk behind Pirate's Square to where Mrs Smeedle keeps her washing.
Grab the pole and the anchor and take a look at the jacket. Then make your
way back to Pirate's Square.

>From the square head towards the Pier and pick up the rope that's lying
around. Use the rope on the anchor and go to the Crossed Swords. From there
take the two cups from the tables and leave. Make your way towards the Bait
and Tackle and take the cup you find there. Head upstairs to the balcony
above the square and get ready for some Infdiana Jones-style hijinks. Use
the rope and the anchor on the clock and start swinging across the Square.
Grab the hat from the passing pirate as you go. Well done Indy.

Knock on Mrs Smeedle's door and then quickly swing back to the balcony
while she's bust answering it. Head downstairs as quickly as possible to
Mrs Smeedle's washing line. Use the pole to get the jacket from the line
and examine to find a coin, which you should nick.

Now that you're rich enough, head back to the Jolliest Roger and find Fake
Jake. Talk to him and find out if he needs a drink (a safer bet than
placing money on Noel Edmonds marrying Mr Blobby). Give the three cups to
the bartender and pay him with the three coins. He'll give you three
foaming cups of brew in return. Give these to Jake and watch him drink
himself under the table. Once he's asleep, nick his trousers. Head back to
Mrs Smeedle's and use the rollerblind to gain some privacy while you change
into your pirate clobber.

Now your ready for Hook's ship. Look in the pots to the right to get some
more cash and head for for the town tailor. Ask her for a metal detector
and give her the money in return for a magnet. Head for the beach and go
treasure hunting by using the magnet on the large X (despite what a certian
Mr Jones would have you believe). Make your way back to Hook's ship and
find the Hoff-man himself (I thank you). Now prepare to go diving.

Take a look at the pulley base and the big shell. Use the pole on the ropes
and use the shell to haul yourself up towards the look-out point. From
here, go right to enter the Neverforest (that's never a forest). Maze time
folks, follow these directions to escape, right, right, right up, right,
up, left, left, left, left, up, right, right. After you've been trapped,
enter the tree.

Go to the round pond and have a chat with Tinkerbell about everything
(you'll be amazed how much she knows about Bird's Angel Delight). Head for
the slingshot and chat to Ace about everything (the tales of how molten
lava is formed will be the talk of any dinner party). Go to the workshop
and pickup the arrow. Now head towards the jogging area and do a Jane
Fonda. Use the excercise eguipment three times to tone up that body. That's
right, can you feel the muscles tightening?

Now go to the Avenger and take the net. Examine it and head for the Four
Seasons (thankfully devoid of any Nigel Kennedys) to get some dead wood.
Use this with the string and take the flower. Go to the chicken and use the
conchshell on it. Grab the eggs while she's startled and return to the
workshop. Give the eggs to the boy and go back to the round pond. Give the
flower to Tinkerbell (ahh) then take the branch from the tree.

Walk to the slingshot then use the strong elastic on the broken strap. Use
the branch with the string. Return to the workshop and use the bow with the
panpipes. Take the pipes and head towards the cliffside. Use yourself on
the far corner of the fence. Keep doing this (about three times in total)
then ask Thudbutt what he thought about your antics. Go back to the
slingshot and use it on yourself. Ask Thudbutt what his happy thoughts are
then go to the dining area and have a chat with Rufio. Say "Oh Rufio".

Go to the round pond again and walk towards the middle of the screen to
enter the Nevertree (that's never a tree). Talk to Tinkerbell then examine
the bed, the chair and the fireplace. Talk again with Tinkerbell and your
memories of long-forgotten but better times should come flooding back.

Now that you regained your faith and discovered the truth about Peter Pan
it's time to go after the nefarious Hook. When the sword fight commences
use the following Monkey Island-Style taunts.

Peter Pan the Avenger!
Good form James.
Tick-tock-tick-tock, Hook's afraid of a dead old crock!
You kidnapped my kids Hook. You deserve to die!
Put up your swords. It's Hook or me this time.
Peter Pan the Avenger!
And that, as someone once said when pointing to the letters T, H, A, and T
in a dictionary, is that. The game is finished. Sit back and enjoy the
reward that is the brilliant end sequence.

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