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Читы для Hunter Hunted

Чит-файл для Hunter Hunted

Hunter Hunted

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчики:Jeff Tunnell Productions и Dynamix
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:Arcade (Platform)
Multiplayer:(2) split-screen

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.


Информация актуальна для
Author - Logan H 

Table of Contents
I. Introduction
II. Story
III. The Players
IV. How Do I Kill ...?
V. Cheat Codes (Don't Use Them, Please)

| I. Introduction |
The platform game, also known as "the side-scroller", is a classic genre that
has been long forgotten in the PC and console gaming world. There was once a
time when almost every game was a side-scroller, but they have given way to
first-person shooters (ie Quake) and chase-cams (ie Tomb Raider). Hunter Hunted,
a game by Sierra Online, is a return to the good-old-days of gaming. Hunter
Hunted is a side-scrolling action game. And it's a darn good one too. It has the
ability to play multi-player games on a single computer by splitting the screen.
This FAQ is intended to help you defeat Hunter Hunted without cheating.

If you notice any typos, spelling errors, or (gasp!) incorrct information,
please contact me via e-mail at . Also feel free to
contact me if you have any constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement
on later versions of this FAQ. If all you want to say is "This FAQ sucks!",
please do not bother writing.

Please note that this is not a walkthrough. This FAQ does not contain any sort
of "How Do I Beat This Specific Level?" section. I decided to forego such a
section because it would make this file huge, and it would mean many extra hours
of work that I did not want to take. Perhaps a Level-By-Level Walkthrough will
be included in the next version.

One final note before I begin: I will not provide pirated copies of Hunter
Hunted or tell you where to get them, so please do not bother asking. I do not
believe in software piracy because it is stealing. If you want to play the game,
please go out and buy it.

| II. The Story |
In the late 20th century, Earth was invaded by a technically superior race of
brutal alien warriors. Five billion humans were exterminated in a matter of
days. Humankind was all but obliterated. Those unlucky enough to survive were
enslaved by the "Masters." Only the strongest, fastesr and smartest of these
slaves leaned to endure. For entertainment, the Masters forced chosen slave
fighters, satirically called "Hunters" to kill or be killed in dark, lethal
arenas deep in the bowels of the decimated cities.

Earth was not the only civilization overrun by the Masters. The planet
Kullrathe, home to a savage species of beasts, also fell under their dominion.
Beast soldiers were captured and held in concentration camps where they too were
forced to play the Masters' "Hunter Hunted" game.

The date is now 2015. The Masters have selected champion Hunters from each
planet to fight to the death. Whether you choose to be Beast or Human, your only
hope is to escape. Scattered within the Hunt Arenas are remnants of the
civilizations the Masters destroyed. If you can survive long enough to collect
the necessary pieces of technology, you may be able to build a vehicle and
escape. You just might be able to escape.

| III. The Players |
**Garathe Den- (pronounced gaireth den) Garathe Den is one of the stronger
beasts to have been brought to Earth by the Masters. Beasts are stronger and
faster than humans. Never underestimate their intelligence. A human Hunter once
claimed to have heard Garathe Den speak. He only spoke one word- "Pain." Garathe
Den is much faster than Jake, and can jump about five times as high.
Garathe Den's Weapons:
Fists - Duh.
Club - The best weapon for killing Jake (See "How Do I Kill Jake?"
       below). Easily one of the best weapons in the game.
Knife - The throwing knife bites. Use it only if it is the last
       weapon in your arsenal.
Ninja Star - An explosive weapon that is very useful for killing
Grenade - Another fun weapon. Best when thrown into crawlspaces or
       tossed into trenches.
Whip - The whip fires a plamsma bolt that spreads like a shotgun
       over a large distance. A wonderful weapon. If you hit an
       enemy with the whip itself (not the plasma bolt), then it
       does not use ammo.

**Jake- (pronounced jake) Jake's records were lost during The Attack. He was
about 13 when the Masters came. Jake is strong and fast for a human. He is an
expert marksman and has learned explosives by reading the few remaining books.
Jake's most powerful weapon is his brain. Jake's weapons deal more damage than
Garathe Den's, although he is slower and less agile than the Beast.
Jake's Weapons:
Fists - Duh.
Ninja Star - Same as Garathe Den's Ninja Stars. They take practice
       to be able to aim.
Grenade - Grenades can be bounced off walls to produce some useful
       effects in Single-Player and some damn fun ones in Multi-
Pistol - Deals low damage but fires in three-round bursts and is
       excellent for taking out Molotov Cactii and Floating Mines.
Shotgun - A great weapon. Powerful and has a cool spread feature.
Rocket Launcher - Jake's most powerful weapon. The _only_ effective
       way to kill Death is with the Rocket Launcher. Use your ammo
       wisely and frugally.

| IV. How Do I Kill ...? |

*Security Robots - These annoying, flying droids fire bursts of lasers. The
color of the robot denotes its power. Green is weakest, then Blue, Yellow and
Red. Kill them easily by dodging their shots then running behind them and
shooting their backs (Use Garathe Den's club if you have it). As they turn to
face you, run to the other side and hit them from behind again. Rinse and
repeat. If you are attacked by multiple security robots, run between them and
hide in the shadows to make them shoot each other, then follow the above
directions to kill whatever is left. Jake's rocket launcher will kill them very
quickly, but don't waste your rockets unless you're close to death.
*Molotov Cactus - A very annoying enemy that can only be damaged while it is
open. This quirk makes the Cactus very hard to kill without taking a hit or two.
The best way to kill it is to throw a grenade from a good distance, then run
forward to force the Cactus to open just as the grenade hits it.
*Manta Ray - If you see a Manta Ray flying toward you, shoot it! Hiding,
crouching, or jumping cannot protect you from the Manta. Use Jake's pistol,
Garathe Den's knives or the club to dispatch Manta Rays.
*Chaos Creeper - Annoying little monsters that explode when they touch you. The
best way to kill them is grenades. If you time your shots perfectly, you can use
Jake's pistol or Garathe Den's club to kill them.
*Ants - Ants crawl along the ground, biting your heels if you get too close.
Their bites don't hurt that much, and they only seem to bite you when you stand
still. If you must kill them, use a grenade. But it's probably better to save
the grenade for a Bruiser or something more dangerous.
*Antibodies - Floating little globs of stuff that slam into you if you bother
them. They dissolve both your health and armor simultaneously. Shoot them from a
distance with the Pistol or Knives. Don't waste more powerful weapons on
Antibodies unless you're almost dead.
*Floating Mines / Mine Generators - Come in four fruity flavors: blueberry,
lime, strawberry and lemon. Shoot the generators with any weapon (except the
club) if you must, or just pop the mines and run past the generators.
*Laser Turrets - Laser turrets come in four types: green, blue, yellow and red
(in ascending order of strength). Red fire the fastest and deal the most damage
per blast. Run away from yellow and red laser turrets, but you might want to
shoot blue or green turrets with your favorite weapon (but don't waste your
*Chameleon - Chameleons are only dangerous if you don't see them. They can
become almost invisible when they want to. If you see them, run back and forth
past the monster and shoot it in the back with any non-explosive weapon.
Whatever you do, do not hide in the shadows when a chameleon is nearby. The
chameleon will pin you to the wall and slash you to death with its razor claws.
*Bruiser - The single most dangerous enemy in Hunter Hunted, the massive Bruiser
is not something you want to face without a good supply of ammo. If you are at a
distance, Buiser fires a combination of missiles and red plasma blasts. When
you're close, he will torch you with napalm. Get away from any walls to fight
Bruiser, or the explosions will kill you. Hide in the shadows until he pauses,
then come out, shoot him once or twice and get back in the shadows. If he get's
too close, quickly run past himand shoot him from behind. Bruiser takes about 20
Ninja Stars, 20 Grenades, 90 Pistol rounds, 30 Shotgun shells, or 4 Rockets to
kill. If you encounter two or more Bruisers, get between them and let them shoot
each other.
*Death - You cannot escape Death. He can move through walls, fly, and throw
fireballs. Touching him saps your health and armor very quickly. Death is neigh-
invulnerable to all weapons except Jake's Rocket Launcher. He needs only two
rockets to kill, although you may have a difficult time hitting him twice. Kill
him if you have the rockets and run like hell if you don't. (Note: "Death's
Army" is by far the most fun cooperative multiplayer level)
*Jake or Garathe Den - (With no weapons) Charge the enemy player and press
Down+Shoot o activate the Beast's Roar or Jake's Electrocute attack to knock the
enemy over. Run over to the enemy on the ground and hold Down+Forward+Punch to
begin slugging them. If you've done it right, they can't get up and they get
slugged to death.
*Jake or Garathe Den - (With weapons) You can use grenades to pin him to the
ground for an easy kill. You could also let them have three Rockets from Jake's
Rocket Launcher. Or, you could use Garathe Den's club to pin them to the ground.
Or you could Roar/Electrocute them, then shoot them as they get up. Whatever you
do, if you want to kill the enemy without taking a lot of damage, pin him down
and don't let him get up!

| V. Cheat Codes (Don't Use Them, Please) |
Hunter Hunted is such a great game, so why would you want to ruin it by
cheating? Well, Sierra did include several cheat codes, so I'll go ahead and put
them here because I know that some people do like to cheat. Those people are
losers. You can beat hunter Hunted without cheats, can't you? I dare you to try.
Anyway, here are the cheats. To activate them, hit enter, type the cheat, then
hit enter again. You will hear a little noise if the code entered correctly.

INVINCIBLE - Toggle invincibility mode.
COLE - Full health, invincibility and all weapons.
TREVOR - All weapons and full ammo.
SNELLINGS - Full health
LUKASZUK - All weapons
RAYL - "God Mode" (I'm not saure exactly what it does)
BLUE - Change character color to Blue
VINCENT - Change character color to grey
OCHRE - Change character color to orange
HAHN - Change character color to brown
AVACADO - Change character color to green
SAGE - Change character color to light green

| VI. Acknowledgements and Legal Notice |
Well, that's about it for the Hunter Hunted FAQ. If you'd like, you're invited
to email me suggestions for future versions of this FAQ. My email address is

Special thanks to the Webmaster at GameFAQS.com, the abcolute best game FAQ
archive on the 'net!

** Legal Notice - This FAQ was written by Logan H. It was not written by anyone
else, and it is the legal property of Logan H. Private citizens have permission
to distribute this FAQ over the internet, BBS systems, or email as long as no
part of the FAQ is changed or altered in any way and no payment is taken for it.
If (for some odd reason) a corporation wishes to include this FAQ in a CD-ROM
collection, you are legally required to ask permission beforehand.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming! -Logan

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