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Читы для Icewind Dale

Чит-файл для Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale

в России известна как

Icewind Dale:
Долина ледяных ветров

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Icewind Dale: Долина ледяных ветров
Разработчик:Black Isle Studios
Издатель:Interplay Entertainment
Локализатор в России:
Издатель в России:
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 июня 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG (Hack-and-slash) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 13 октября 2006 г.
вышла в июне 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
IWD WALKTHROUGH by David Williams

Welcome to Easthaven

As you start you adventure in Icewind Dale, you stop over in the Winter’s Cradle
Tavern for some drinks and hopefully a job or two.  A trader named Hrothgar
greets you and informs you that the town is under his protection and it would be
unwise to harm anyone(trust me on this one, DO NOT FIGHT HIM, it would be like a
pack of mice taking on the Terminator). With that he excuses himself and tells
you to visit him later to discuss a job. There is a Dwarf named Hildreth in the
Tavern you should talk to, for she does provide some useful information. You
should speak with the Barmaid Grisella, she is having trouble with a nest of
beetles in her wine cellar and is too scared to clear them out herself. You
should offer to dispatch them for her, but do not go down there yet. You want to
go get some armor and gear before dealing with the beetles.

Now a good note here is to have either a Bard or a Thief(both if you want to),
the game does give options in dialog based on your class/alignment and such.
First time I played I did have a Bard and Multi-classed Thief/Cleric. If you
to save money all you have to do is search every house and pickpocket anyone
a name(not Townsperson but someone like Hrothgar). Quick saving(Q key) is needed
here, as you thief can get caught and the whole town will attack you. You will
find through out the houses:

Hrothgar’s House: Make sure he is not in his bedroom and pick the Cabinet not
chest. You will find a Short Bow and some arrows.
Pomab’s Place: Upstairs you will find some gems and potions in the Cabinets.
Snowdrift Inn: Several rooms have locked nightstands, pick them for cash, gems,
There is an Elf in one of the Snowdrift’s rooms, pick her pocket for some loot.
You find a knife, and spear in some other houses. Also make sure you choose your
mage and priest spells then rest up here to memorize them.
Temple of Tempus: Pick the head priest pocket a couple of times for some free
healing potions, talk to both priest as well for some backhistory of events.
Winter’s Cradle Tavern: Pick Hildreth’s pockets for some items. If you have a
Dwarf in your party you can have them speak to a townsperson and tell them you
are going on a treasurefinding mission and they will give you a gem(only once
though). If you have a Dwarf/Halfing/Gnome you can also coax knucklehead trout
out of townspeople by demanding and apologies for an insult.

There, once you have cleaned out every house you can, go to Pomab’s shop and
up. Once that is done you should be ready to take on the subquest.

Be sure to speak with EVERY townsfolk around town, as some will give you
to complete.

Jhonen’s Subquest
Jhonen’s is the easiest subquest but does give a decent amount of cash and
experience. Jhonen is on the west side of town muttering to himself. Speak with
him and he will tell you of his dream, agree to help him with his problem. Now
walk someone(a bard is best if you have one) down southwest until you see a one
figure by the water, this is Elisia. Have that person speak with Elisia and she
will tell you her tale, agree to help her and she will give you a broken sword
give to Jhonen. Return to Jhonen and talk to him to give him the sword, he will
give you a answer to take to Elisia. Return to Elisia and she will give you a
reward and some good experience. Now if you want a better amount of experience
and money, have your bard(if you have one) talk to Elisia via song(this option
will appear in the first part of dialogue); when she tells you her story, have
her sing you a song to prove her intentions, then say you still do not believe
her and she will give you a bunch of gems and a lot of experience. Then complete
the responses as before. Also, you can tell Jhonen that she is evil and he must
give you his possessions and flee(which he will do) you will get experience for
this but don’t do this; you want him to have the broken sword because it will
fixed later in the game and is a powerful weapon.

Aspel’s Subquest
Aspel is on the southwest side of town and he has a problem. A wolf has gotten
into his shop(which is behind him) and is tearing the place apart. Offer to take
care of the wolf for him and he will reward you. You will need to pick the door
because Aspel messed up the lock in his haste to get out of his shop, if you
cannot pick it you can bash it open by attacking the door with a weapon. You can
either kill the wolf or have a Ranger Charm Animal it. If charmed it will run
of the shop. Go see Aspel and he will give you gold and Aspel’s Knife(which is a
high quality dagger).

Grisella’s Subquest
Well you already know that Grisella has a beetle problem, now that you are
up you can take care of it for her. Head down the stairs behind her and destroy
all the beetles(there are 5 or 6 of them). You get experience for killing them.
Report back to Grisella that the beetles are gone and she will give you gold and

Damien’s Subquest
Damien has the hardest subquest of the four. Damien is standing on a bridge
southeast of town. Goblins have taken over his fishing hole and he needs your
help in getting rid of them. There are seven of them(some do have bows so be
careful)and 1 leader(he’s the one in armor). Now make sure all of your party
members have projectile weapons(bows, slings, darts). Head down to a cliff just
overlooking the goblins and pause the game(press spacebar or click the skulls in
the lower left side). Have your mage cast sleep(if you memorized it, if not
some darts), and everyone else select 1 target each(make sure you definitely
target the archers first). Unpause the game and if you are quick enough, you
kill them all before they can make their way up to you. If they do start making
their way up, pause the game again and make sure you fighters are between the
goblins and your other party members. Then unpause and get ready to fight. Once
they are all dead loot all of the bodies(be sure to get the knucklehead trout as
proof to Damien you got rid of them). Go back to the bridge and give Damien the
knucklehead trout and you will get experience. Return to Pomab’s and sell the
items you do not want.

Hrothgar’s House
Speak to Hrothgar regarding the business he mentioned and you will learn that he
is planning a expedition to Kuldahar. Find out everything you can from Hrothgar
and then offer to join. He will give you a  job to do before he starts the
expedition. He wants you to go check on a missing caravan a report back to him
your findings. By now one or more of your characters have leveled up and are
better prepared for what lays ahead. Head out across the south bridge(same one
you met Damien on) and go east from there.

Soon as you enter this map, a pack of wolves will attack you, try to kill them
from long range before they get to you. Once they are dispatched head northwest
and you will see an Orc running into a cave, look at the destroyed wagons and
head into the cave(if you are injured head back to the town and heal up-you can
rest in the town but you heal slow so it’s best to rest in the Inn). You can
return to Hrothgar and report what happened or you can get more experience by
heading into the cave and teach the Orcs a lesson.

Orc Cave
Here is where Thieves, Rangers,  come in handy. If they are good at hide in
shadows(Rangers cannot use their thief abilities nor can they get their extra
attack if they are in armor better than studded leather), have them sneak slowly
ahead until you see just 2 or 3 Orcs, then slowly bring up the rest of the
Make sure that you do not move further than eyesight of 2 or 3 Orcs, or else
more will attack. Use your distance weapons and take them out before they can
close enough for melee. They are tougher than goblins but won’t call for help if
you are beating them into oblivion. Search the bodies for any loot and keep
repeating the process. If you follow the trail you will come to the main room
which has some archers, axemen, an Orc leader, and a Orc Shaman. If you keep you
cool you will only have to fight 2 or 3 at a time. When you face the Shaman hit
him with distance weapons first and keep doing so every time he starts a spell.
There are some crates in the main room as well as due south of the main room,
search them for items. If you follow the west path from the main room you will
come to a southwest room that has an Ogre, some axemen, and archers. Sleep
work great here(also keep slowly scouting ahead as Orcs do line the corridors).
Once you get rid of them you will find some items including a ‘caravan
contract’(which you give to the fishmonger who lives to the left of the Tavern-
you get a bunch of experience for it).  Now keep scouting ahead and follow the
path out of the southwest room to the north it will fork into a path going west
and one east. Take the one west(keep scouting) and you will come to some more
container, take the loot and go back to the fork, go east this time. The room
will enter has another Orc Shaman and some axemen. Use the same procedure as you
did in the main room and you shouldn’t have a problem. Take all the loot and
the cave.

Back in Easthaven
Make you way back to Hrothgar(be sure to rest at the Inn and stock up/sell any
items you do or do not need). Stop at the Fishmonger’s house and give him
the ‘caravan contract’ so you get some more experience.
Hrothgar will have you take a list of items over to Pomab, do this, return back
to Hrothgar and tell him you delivered the list and off you go to Kuldahar.


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