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Читы для Icewind Dale

Чит-файл для Icewind Dale

Icewind Dale

в России известна как

Icewind Dale:
Долина ледяных ветров

 За игрой наблюдают: 2 человека

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Название в России:Icewind Dale: Долина ледяных ветров
Разработчик:Black Isle Studios
Издатель:Interplay Entertainment
Локализатор в России:
Издатель в России:
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 29 июня 2000 года
Официальный сайт:Открыть русский сайт
Жанры:RPG (Hack-and-slash) / Isometric
Похожие игры:Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment
Multiplayer:(6) модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла 13 октября 2006 г.
вышла в июне 2000 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
EASTHAVEN - About the Village

Easthaven is where you start, a small fishing community or so they say, dotted
with a few buildings, a tavern, inn and a Temple to Tempus would make this a
unentertaining place to stop for a month or more. You'll find yourself situated
within Winter's Cradle Tavern along with other patrons and travelers who have
stopped by for a mug of ale or warm soup.

     Once you've gotten yourself familiar with your surroundings and controls,
start off by talking to everyone in the village and learn of the expedition that
Hrothgar is planning on leading, which you will very well become a part of.
Gather as much information as you can about what is happening and you'll be lead
through Easthaven with ease and simplicity all the while doing a few
bashing in Goblins and Orcs and preparing yourself and your party for what I
is the *REAL* start of the adventure - Your arrival in Kuldahar.

EASTHAVEN - About the People

Easthaven consists of the following people:

15 Townspeople
1 Dwarf named Hildreth
1 Human named Barreer [runs Winter's Cradle Tavern]
1 Human named Pomba [runs Pomab's Emporium]
1 Human named Quimby [runs Snowdrift Inn]
1 Elf named Erevain Blacksheaf [staying at Snowdrift Inn]
1 Human named Old Jed [mini-quest within Easthaven]
4 Children [Chizelo, Dillsandra, Jeffy and Ahmadora]
1 Sea-Elf named Elisia [mini-quest within Easthaven]
1 Human named Gaspar [mini-quest within Easthaven]
1 Human named Churin [runs wearhouse]
1 Human named Aspel [mini-quest within Easthaven]
1 Human boy named Damien [mini-quest within Easthaven]
1 Human named Hrothgar [mini-quest/story advancement]
1 Human named Accalia [temple of Tempus]
1 Human named Everard [priest of Tempus]

EASTHAVEN - The Quests
Within Easthaven you will come across three mini-quests that are not plot
that will help build your skills of moving about through the village, finding
people and the places they frequent as well as engage in two battles.

OLD JED'S QUEST [mini-quest]

Old Jed can be found mulling around in his home in his drunken state and he
to continue doing so but has run out of wine. Of course, that's where you come
in. Purchase a bottle of win from Pomab's Emporium for 3gp and return it for


Have you found the Sea-Elf name Elisia standing by the waters edge because if
have, Gasper is having some dreams about her who can be found standing by the
turned over boats at the dock. Speaking with Gasper will reveal that he is
dreams of this Elisia Sea-Elf singing to him and when you tell Gasper you have
found her and if you continue to parlay back and forth, you will receive a
sword to give to one while you receive a pearl from the other.

Thanks to Alex for pointing this mini-quest out! Thanks!

ASPEL'S QUEST [mini-quest]

Poor chum not only has a Wolf in his workshop, but he also locked the damn thing
in there. You'd think it would have been dead by the time you got to it but
that's not the case. You'll need a thief here to pick the lock on the door to
gain entry. Once inside, a few swings will have you back outside talking to
and getting your reward.

DAMIEN'S QUEST [mini-quest]

This fine young grasshopper has decided to disobey his fathers wishes to remain
away from the lake to fish and by doing so, has stumbled apon a good pack of
Goblins who have taken the fish to call their own. Times are tough in such harsh
conditions this far north but will get better if you give him a helping hand.
There are 7 Goblins and 1 Leader who is holding the fish. Do the young-in a
favour and help him feed his family. Return the fish to Damien for the reward.

HROTHGAR'S QUEST #1 [major-quest]

The first one is to head off to find the caravan that was said to have been
arriving to Easthaven any time now but something is amiss and it is very late.
Pomab claims if he doesn't get his supplies soon, his shop will go out of
business and leave him out in the cold. This is a quest you have to do to be
to leave Easthaven and will take you and your party out to do battle with a cave
full of Orcs, Orc Archers and Orc Shaman's. It's pretty run of the mill. Return
to Hrothgar after clearing out the cave and make your report.

HROTHGAR'S QUEST #2 [major-quest/plot advancement]

By now you've been hearing all about the expedition Hrothgar is planning on
taking and when you're ready, you will begin heading off with Hrothgar which
ultimatly advance the plot and take you to the next stage of the adventure. This
quest is completed when you return the caravan notice to Pomab's Emporium and
talk to Hrothgar to let him know you are ready to leave. Make sure you've done
everything you want to do in Easthaven because you will not be returning for
awhile, or perhaps never.

THE CARAVAN - About The Lost Caravan

Attained via Hrothgar in Easthaven.

Your short journey will take you to a small area located not to far away from
Easthaven, a quiet place full of snow and ice. Wrap thyself well so the wind
doesn't sneak in and bite you when you least expect it! It is here you will spot
two wagons, long forgotten and aged from the elements but it is the wide cave
opening that will take your fancy. Draw thy sword brave warrior and prepare for
battle. Your first taste of Orcish blood is on the way!

This bloodfest is very easy to clear with a full party of six and you shouldn't
have any trouble weaving your blades through the waves of Orcs who think they
have your number. Two Orc Shaman's may put you on edge for a split second until
you regain yourself and realize that you're the hero on this day. Search all the
crates and chests for extra items to add to your growing arsenal. Simply return
back to Easthaven and talk to Hrothgar to advance the plot line into leaving

KULDAHAR PASS - About the Pass

The Kuldahar Pass is attained after you leave Easthaven with Hrothgar and others
he had taken along with him. During your travels, the party was waylaid and an
avalanche ensued blocking the pass between Easthaven and Kuldahar. I'm sure
you'll get your revenge on those damn Frost Giants soon enough! Being the only
ones to survive this horrid event, it is up to you to find out who or what
Hrothgar was going to talk to once reaching Kuldahar. Of course, you'll have to
make it there first.

Kuldahar Pass is filled with more Goblins who have taken over the mill that
in the pass and you will have to deal with some or perhaps all of them to
continue your way to Kuldahar. Kuldahar Pass is a great place to work on your
fighting skills against lesser creatures, get some pocket cash for the stores
that you'll come across in Kuldahar and of course, experience.

The Pass holds two notable places that you may wish to visit.

The first is a tower where Chereg, a stupid Ogre makes his home. Insult him and
he'll attack you, be nice and he'll leave you be. This is a good chance to see
how you fair against larger creatures.

The second is the cave just north of the tower which houses more Goblins
on dead Beetles and another Ogre which I'm sure you'll enjoy bringing down.
You'll find the source of those Beetles if you explore the small opening from
this location in the top right corner. Within, 3 or 4 Beetles will greet you as
well as fallen Goblin corpses for you to loot.

Once your done, make your way to Kuldahar by passing the Mill and the strew of
dead Goblin bodies.

KULDAHAR - About the Village

You'll be arriving here from Kuldahar Pass and if it's your first visit as it
mine, the atmosphere Interplay has created with this village is something else.
Having a very large, looming tree rising from the ground while all the buildings
jut out from large roots gives the village a very relaxed feel. Green grass
surrounded by a boundry of white snow, birds calling from high above in the tree
tops really sets the mood. The lighting, shadows and everything about Kuldahar
made it my favorite, even over the well done city of Baldur's Gate in their
previous release. Kuldahar will be your home for sometime as there are many
quests to go on and those that will advance you in the story, while others will
be mini-quests branching from the main plot, yet still keep you very well

The story will unfold as you venture through each building and talk to those
within and who make Kuldahar their home and you will learn that the very Great
Oak that lays in Kuldahar and that warmth springs, is begining to fade which
unsettle the balance Arundel will speak to you about.

Your best bet while visiting Kuldahar is to talk to everyone and visit every
building within the small village and cover as much ground and information as
possible before heading to Arundel for your main quest into The Vale of Shadows.
Once you've done that, head to Arundel and listen to everything he has to say,
regardless of the fact some of it does not pertain to the adventure, it is very
well scripted and worth the read.

KULDAHAR - About the People
Kuldahar consists of the following people:

17 Townspeople
1 Goblin named Weenog [helps Orrick the Gray]
1 Human boy named Nate [greets you when you arrive]
1 Human named Amelia [barmaid in The Root Cellar / mini-quest]
1 Human named Gerth [runs Gerth's Equipment Shop]
1 Human named Aldwin [runs The Evening Shade Inn]
1 Human named Urnish [runs the local Pottery Shop]
1 Human named Conlan [runs the Blacksmith Shop]
1 Gnome named Oswald Fiddlebender [lives in the Airship]
1 Human named Orrick the Gray [lives in the Tower / mini-quest]
1 Human named Brother Ferg [priest of Ilmater]
1 Human named Brother Gus [priest of Ilmater]
1 Human named Sister Calliana [priest of Ilmater / mini-quest]
1 Human named Mirek [mini-quest]
1 Human Arundel [story advancement quest]

KULDAHAR - The Quests

While searching through Kuldahar, you will come across those asking you to help
them in their time of need and there are a small handful of quests to keep you
busy but mainly you will be concentrating on the story advancement quest given
you by Arundel. First though, let's look at the mini-quests.

AMELIA'S QUEST [Aldwin's Inn Entitlement]

Speak with Amelia who works inside of The Root Cellar Tavern and she'll mention
just how suspicious it is that Aldwin took over after the previous owner just
vanished. If you go upstairs in the Inn and pick the lock on one of the boxes up
in the room, you will find a legacy key that proves Aldwin is not entitled to
Inn. Confront Aldwin about this and get him to confess for some experience!
this, the room rates lower as well.

Thanks Neil for this entry!


You will receive this when you talk to Orrick The Gray about what he studies and
the books he has been reading for many years on end. He will make a note of when
he was in Myth Drannor and stumbled across old teachings that spoke of a hidden
Elven Outpost within The Spine of the World. He is looking for anything relating
to this and if you come across any, keep Orrick The Gray in mind. You will find
the book he requires when you reach The Severed Hand in Chapter 3.

MIREK'S QUEST [mini-quest]

This quest, if you have not visited Arundel's House yet, will introduce you to
the Vale of Shadows via this pleading man who has just someone very close to him
and asks for you to retreive his family heirloom back. He believe it is lost
within the Vale of Shadows and if you help him, a reward is waiting.

SISTER CALLIANA'S QUEST [mini-quest / story advancement]

Sister Calliana speaks of the Revered Mother Egenia and Revered Brother Poquelin
who have both gone missing over the days while you were in Easthaven. Finding
these two will no doubt help your standings with Sister Calliana as well as
explain why those people from Kuldahar have gone missing.

ARUNDEL'S QUEST 1 [story advancement]

This is your first major quest that will take you some time to complete and
return with a full detailed description for Arundel as to what is happening in
the Vale of Shadows. This will not only advance you as a party and place you
around 5th to 6th level after its completion, but also advance the story to the
next stage. This quest must be completed to continue forward to the other
adventures ahead. Take your time in the Vale of Shadows, enjoy the artwork,
search its ancient tombs and crypts for magical items, fortune and fame, but
of all, solve what Arundel has asked of you.

ARUNDEL'S QUEST 2 [story advancement]

Your second quest will be given to you after you have gone to the Vale of
and learned what you could about the evil that calls the Vale its home. Apon
returning, you will be off to The Temple of the Forgotten God to find the
Heartstone Gem which once rested within the Great Oak in Kuldahar. This quest is
short and the temple itself is very small so finshing it off shouldn't take you
very long.

VALE OF SHADOWS - About the Vale

The Vale of Shadows, as mentioned previously, is your first major quest and one
that many people have gotten stuck on and asked for help on the Icewind Dale
Message Boards. The Vale is darkened by the little sun its walls and cliffs get
and is the perfect place for Yeti to dwell and call their home but there is also
a large number of skeletons, zombies, ghouls and lesser shadows that wander
around too. You will encounter many lesser shadows, some guarding the entrance
the crypts while others remain deep inside their chambers waiting for you to
arrive but you should have no problem dispatching them as well as the skeletons,
zombies and ghouls.

Your goal is to find out what is happening in the Vale of Shadows and report
to Arundel when you learn as much information as possible and if the Vale of
Shadows is responsible for the Great Oaks diminished warmth.

VALE OF SHADOWS - The Outer Crypts

The Outer Crypts are those you will want to explore first and clear out before
heading into Kresselack's Tomb and will need to attain two very important items
from Crypt 1 and Crypt 2:

Crypt 1 - The Gate Key
Crypt 2 - The Sanctum Key
Let us detail the Crypts so you know what to expect and to make sure you have
gone through each one before moving into Kresselack's Tomb.


Crypt One is marked as "1" on the Vale of Shadows Enlarged Map and houses the
GATE KEY your party will need to access the first locked door of Kresselack's
Tomb. The key can be found in the small alcove ahead as soon as you enter the
crypt but getting to it will cause for swinging blades, shot arrows and
magic as a slew of skeletons will bombard you with their attacks.

Don't forget to search the rest of the crypt for extra's and most of all, always
be checking for hidden traps that could bring one or more party members to the


Crypt 2 is marked as "2" on the Vale of Shadows Enlarged Map and houses the
second key, the SANCTUM KEY that you will also need while deep inside of
Kresselack's Tomb. The key lays at the very bottom of the set of stairs at the
back of the crypt and getting there may prove to be a good challenge for a lower
level party of 4 or less. There are numerous amounts of skeletons, zombies,
ghouls and lesser shadows but before engaging them, you will have to deal with
Therik, a skeletal warrior who guards this crypt.

Therik will prompt you to leave immediatly and if you continue to badger him, he
will be even more persistant to keep you at bay and away from the treasures that
lay within. You must penetrate this crypt or you will not be able to get very
while venturing forth into Kresselack's Tomb.

Now if you already have the GATE KEY and leave without a fight, Therik will
that you have this key and will once again enter dialog mode to attempt to
convience you to leave AND hand over the key. However you see fit, bring him
and continue across the bridge after the battle.

It is here that the onslaught of skeletons will come forth, their bones rattling
and their empty eye sockets burring into your soul followed by zombies and
ghouls. A cleric may want to practice his Turn Undead ability to give the rest
the party some breathing room as the skeletons circle, but in the end you must
kill them all and continue down the passage, down the stairs and to the resting
place below.

Here in this dank and dark room, you will encounter lesser shadows, skeletons,
zombies and ghouls and once you have fested them all down in their undead heaps,
reap the rewards found within and most importantly, get the SANCTUM KEY in the
coffin as marked on the Crypt 2 Enlarged Map.

Always remember, move carefully while exploring these ancient crypts for traps
await the careless fool.


A quiet resting place for those within, that is if they weren't walking around
trying to slay any living being who walks before them. Another crypt in the Vale
of Shadows that houses skeletons, a ghoul here and there as well as a carriron
crawler which I have not seen since Baldur's Gate. Watch for its paralization
bite that will make your characters simply stand there and receive the blows
the skeletons as they can no longer defend themselves from the skeletal attacks.
Search out this crypt well and leave nothing left for the next looters.

Watch thy step in this crypt, traps await thee.


The last of the crypts where the dead rest has a wonderful dining area full of
wooden tables, candles, dust covered shelves and of course, skeletans, ghouls
zombies. Battle your way through their thin forces, search the area and clean it
dry and let us head to the last location before we journey to Kresselack's Tomb.
The Yeti Lair is next.

Soft boots and nimble hands will find the traps strewn in this crypt.


The frozen ice cave is home to a good amount of Yeti as well as a storage place
for some full boxes, which you will have to get around on cleaning out for the
coming spring don't you think? Don't forget to collect the Yeti pelts they leave
behind for you can sell them to Conlan in Kuldahar.

Remeber this place, for you will be returning after you are done with
Kresselack's Tomb but more on that later.


Although the book states that Kresselack The Black Wolf is simply a myth, he is
very real and it will take some good sword swinging, magic casting and lots of
healing to get you through each part of Kresselack's Tomb and to his waiting,
spectral form. Do know that the deeper you go, the harder it will become and I
highly suggest your party has at least two fighters with magical weapons of +1
better equiped before venturing forth. Within Kresselack's Tomb you will
encounter undead you have not seen before in your journey and a cleric with a
strong faith may keep you alive much longer, so keep them close by. You will
encounter a Mummy or two and a Wight along side of Skeletal Warriors, Skeletons,
Zombies, Lesser Shadows and Ghouls. Always remember to keep an eye out for trip
wires and dart traps that could slow your party down.

Note as well, if you have a Paladin in your party, you will not be protected
the Mummy Rot Disease due to the fact it is not a natural disease that a Paladin
has protection from in general. A Paladin can remove Mummy Rot with the Cure
Disease ability he or she has. All green bottles found are Cure Disease potions
incase you do not have a Paladin able to remove the Mummy Rot your party may
aquired. Sleeping will not cure Mummy Rot and when your rest is completed, those
who had Mummy Rot will be dead.

The Wight in general is pretty tough if you or your party do not have magical
weapons of +1 or better as normal weapons will have no effect on this undead
creature. A combination of fighters using magical weapons of +1 or better along
side of magic missle, chromatic orb or any other offensive magic spell brought
forth by a mage or cleric will also help in banishing this foul beast from the
face of Faerun.

If you happened to be following along then you'll know that you need the GATE
to gain entry into Kresselack's Tomb and this door is noted on the Tomb Entrance
Enlarged Map as "1" and it is here that you use this key.

Missing the GATE KEY? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You need to explore more, but if you need
that nudge, you can find the answer you are looking for here.

As stated under the Outer Crypt Section, you picked up the SANCTUM KEY used for
the door on the Tomb Entrance Enlarged Map as "2", you will need this to gain
entry into the Sanctum which lays left of the two green pools which you shall
apon entering. You will not be able to enter the Sanctum if you do not have this

Missing the SANCTUM KEY? Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You need to really explore more. You can
find this information here.

Within the Sanctum is where you will find the key to the door straight across to
the right, on the opposite end of the two green pools, this being the PRIEST
Use this key on the door as mentioned above and retrieve the next item so you
gain entry to the double doors at the top of the stairs in the main chamber as
stated below.

Within the Priest Chamber, after using the PRIEST KEY you will find the HOLY
SYMBOL OF MYRKUL which will be used to open the two double doors at the top of
the stairs directly ahead of the two pools in the main chamber. Apon opening
set of doors, standing before you will be Mytos the Bone Dancer, a Skeletal Mage
and his 5 warriors who will demand the keys to be handed over to him. This is a
chance for you to gain some extra experience and I suggest you do so by simply
attempting to talk Mytos into letting you explore the Tomb for the village of
Kuldahar. After draining out every last attempt to let you pass, he will attack
you but you will receive experience for trying to do it the peaceful way.
for a dueling battle as the 5 warriors attack you with swords while Mytos the
Bone Dancer lashes out at you with his spells.

Explore the area ahead once you have danced the Bone Dancer's dance to his very
death and be prepared to face one last tough character, Myrkul's Sending, a
spirit who will float towards you to attack with his minions. This should have
given you enough practice for the Mummy battle ahead who is guarind the
KEY that you will need to gain entry to Kresselack's Tomb in the lower levels.
The Mummy is situated behind a secret door but the room behind the wall can
clearly be seen and if you don't find it while walking down the corridor to
the skeletal archers, simply walk around the area and it should highlight soon

Now the map is a little dark on my screen so if it is the same on yours,
it up a tad so you can see the hallway that leads to the Mummy area, which is
exactly the same as the other side since this map is symmetrical in design. It
took me a few minutes to figure out the passage on the right to continue isn't
blocked by any walls or pillars as the view suggests within the game. You can
into this hallway by simply walking as you would anywhere else.

Once the Mummy has been taken care of, get the MAUSOLEUM KEY out from his small
chamber and take the stairs to Kresselack's Tomb - Level 2 to continue your

Remember, explore the entire area and kill every single foul beast that you come
across to be sure that you have covered this level from top to bottom. You don't
need to stop mid stride and realize you've forgotten something.

Kresselack's Guardians

The fun is waiting for you, incase you think it's going to be easy sailing after
teaching those foul beasts above a lesson in sword and magic play but think
and take the time to do it. The battle ahead is not something I even suggest
walking everyone straight in to as you will be bombarded by magic missles from
Imbued Wight's, hit with Stinking Cloud, Charm, Horror, Lightining Bolt, Melf's
Acid Arrow, Colour Spray and other offensive spells by the Skeletal Mage
behind the bottom pillar in the main chamber. This same pillar also has a switch
to activate the doors to the last level, the very switch people ask about in
terms of finding and opening this door. I'll get back to that in a momment.

As I was saying, to dive into the pit of beasts ahead will be your own doom and
even if you have a party well armed with swords for close combat, it will be the
skeletal archers from afar that will slice you down and bring your own body to
skeletal form. Don't join the evil when you can smite it brave warrior!

There are a few tactics one can use in this situation and having a thief move
ahead while hiding in shadows or a mage invisable is always helpful to know the
numbers you will be facing. When you're ready, bring the foul creatures down one
by one, a pretty sad tactic, but one that works if you want to minimize the
damage done to your party. You'd think these game companies would have some
and when 1 monster moves down the passage to attack, it should alert all the
others in viewing distance of the trouble on the way and also head to
investigate. Doing this solution, I did things this way so save myself time in
having to load up the game over and over again and I'll share that tactic with

The entrance you start at on this level has a door right in front of you. I
by placing a line of 3 fighters to block the passage, then take my thief out to
the chamber ahead to bring back the foul creatures that followed to my line of
fighters. I had my thief run straight through the line, thanks to the nice
in pathfinding for party characters in IWD, the line of fighters simply move out
of the way for the thief. Keep the character in plain view so the monsters line
up in front of your 3 characters, which they can openly take down. If you don't
have 3 fighters as I did, use your 3 strongest characters because there are more
than just easy skeletons to bring down in the chamber ahead.

From memory, you're looking at skeletons, skeletal warriors, skeleton archers,
imbued wights, skeletal mage, zombies and even a mummy. It's a good experience
builder to say the least.

Once the main chamber is cleared and you feel comfortable having your whole
standing in the middle of the triangle floor design with the 3 pillars at each
corner, make your way to the door on the right side. To gain entry into the room
beyond, you will need the MAUSOLEUM KEY from Kresselack's Tomb Level 1. If you
are not sure which door I mean, check Kresselack's Tomb - Level 2 for a better
understanding. It is marked as "1" on this map.

Once inside, fight the small group of skeletons and zombies to attain the PLAIN
KEY which will give you access to the locked gate on the opposite side, once
again this map being symmetrical in design as the one before. The locked gate,
you are having trouble finding it can be easily checked by viewing Kresselack's
Tomb - Level 2 Enlarged Map for more details.

Watch thy step before thee as you prepare to step ahead through the now opened
gate. Traps await those who rush!

A good battle here against skeletal warriors and don't be fooled if you only
fought 3 as there are another 2 hiding on either side of the gates entrance
within the shadows. Slay the wights as well that come out of the adjecent room
and retrieve the PAINTED PAW STONE. You will need this to activate the switch on
the bottom pillar within the main chamber. If you cannot find this switch, check
Kresselack's Tomb - Level 2 Enlarged Map for more details and the exact location
to get you on your way to meeting Kresselack!

Once you throw the switch, the gears will spin on either side of the large stone
door and leave it wide open for your own exploration. Proceed down the stairs.

***NOTE: Rest before going down! Have many heal spells and good offensive spells
that you can muster and be ready to protect all weak character classes.***

Kresselack's Resting Place

This is what adventuring is all about!

Lovely isn't it? This is a great battle that puts you right into the thick of
things as soon as you come down the flight of stairs and you will be attacked by
all those around you with no mercy. These are Guardians to Kresselack's Tomb you
know and they have a job to do. By now you should realize which foul beasts pose
the least threat to your party and I suggest having your front lines deal with
the more powerful and deadly Tattered Skeletons, Spectral Guards and Spectral
Knights that will lunge towards your invading party. At this time, I had a few
invisibility spells memorized for characters who were being attacked by a slew
undead just so I could protect them and keep them alive so I could get to them
and heal their bloody wounds. Concentrate your magic attacks on the larger
beasts who will do the most damage and if you have anyone that are better with a
bow than a sword, use them to your advantage to deal damage before they reach
front lines.

It's a great battle due to the limited space you have for moving around and once
the first wave is done and you move about, others standing in the darkness will
then be second, then third until you're left with the Spectral Knights and
skeletal warriors guarding the door to Kresselack's Tomb.

I was looking forward to battling this undead who, it is said, to have ravished
the Spine of the World with his barbaric attacks and raids, but alas, Kresselack
is in a talking mood and nothing more. Learn what you can from him as well as
accept his offer on finding the Priestess of Auril. Then and only then will you
be on your way to finding out what became of the Vale of Shadows and also, once
you return from killing the Priestess will you have access to Kresselack's
resting place and the items within.

Return to Kuldahar, speak with Arundel and fill him in on what you've learned.


You're here for one reason and that's to figure out if the Vale of Shadows is
source of the Great Oaks, as well as the village of Kuldahar, problems. Your
quest is from Hrothgar but you do receive another while in the Vale of Shadows ,
which I will explain further down. Although not a quest given to you by anyone,
it is a quest never the less to find all five keys, the Holy Symbol of Myrkul
the Painted Paw Stone so you can penetrate into the heart of Kresselack's Tomb.
Here is a break down for you.

The Gate Key

You need this to gain entry into Kresselack's Upper Tomb. It can be found here
within the Crypts.

The Sanctum Key

You need this to gain entry into the Sanctum within Kresselack's Upper Tomb. It
can be found here within the Crypts.

The Priest Key

You need this to gain entry into the left portion within Kresselack's Upper
It can be found here on Level 1.

The Mausoleum Key

You need this to gain entry into the right side of the Mausoleum within
Kresselack's Tomb Level 2. It can be found here on Level 1.

The Plain Key

You need this to gain entry into the left side of the Mausoleum within
Kresselack's Tomb Level 2. It can be found here on Level 2.

The Holy Symbol of Myrkul

You need this to gain entry into the chamber to slay Myrkul's Sending within
Kresselack's Tomb Level 1. It can be found here on Level 1.

The Painted Paw Stone

You need this to gain entry into Kresselack's Chamber within Kresselack's Tomb
Level 2. It can be found here on Level 2. It is used to pull the switch.

Find the Priestess of Auril [mini-quest / plot advancement]

This quest is only available after you have made your way into the heart of
Kresselack's Tomb and have come face to face with his eternal spirit. Parlay
him will reveal this quest and in return he will tell you about the evil that
plagues the Vale of Shadows and Kuldahar. Kresselack will tell you that a priest
of Auril has been milling about his Tomb and if it wasn't for his Guardians, he
fears the doors would be open and the winter chill would make its way to the
depths in which Kresselack haunts. He does not want that.

You are to kill this Auril Priestess Lysan, but make sure when you accept the
quest, that you take it fully and do not "look into it" or "think about it" as
some of the dialog options will have. If you do the latter, the Auril Priestess
will not be in the location when you go to look for her.

Where is Lysan? She can be found within the Yeti Lair in the Vale of Shadows and
will summon a good handful of Yeti to deal with you while she casts her magics
you. If you've killed the Yeti in the lair from before you will not have so many
to deal with at this point when you face her. If you have not killed the Yeti in
the lair yet and visit the Yeti Lair for the first time for this quest, the Yeti
numbers will be far greater.

Also take note to talk to Lysan for as long as possible and learn what you can
the Vale of Shadows and why it is as it is. This information will not only help
you, but also help those within Kuldahar.

Return to speak with Kresselack when you have slain Lysan and he will answer you
to the best of his knowledge as well as reward you with the items in his coffin.


High above in the Spine of the World, some ways east of Kuldahar lays this very
temple that you have been asked to go and explore, to find the Heartstone Gem
that was stolen from the Greak Oak many years before. Your journey will take you
to a high passage full of snow and ice where the winds blow strong and bite at
thy open skin. Tall stone statues will jut from the layers of deep snow marking
the location of this ancient place built into the very mountain itself!

Although this is a small journey into the very heart of the Forgotten Temple, I
did find it somewhat difficult as I was always healing myself after each battle
against the larger and more powerful Verbeeg found within. Along side of
casting hold spells and entangle, facing a Verbeeg could very well be your death
if you find your characters can no longer move due to the magics cast against
party. It is a place I took with care, making sure when I did fight a Verbeeg,
wasn't in very large numbers and always 1 against the entire party. Even then I
found that healing was needed to continue deeper into the mountain and the rooms
beyond. All my 1st and 2nd level spells were of cure light wounds and cure
moderate wounds and I used them every time.

Let's look at the Temple in depth.

Thanks Chuck for pointing out the reference maps were missing their numeric
Key on the online maps!


You shouldn't have too much problem moving about and bringing down the Verbeegs
if you trek carefully and lightly through the hallways as you explore each room
nearby. Never rush into a room within the temple because the last thing you want
to have to deal with are 6 Verbeegs and 2 Acolytes casting Hold Person on your
front lines. The temple is not that large, so take your time with it and of
course, as always, keep an eye out for traps or hidden items that may help you
through to the Catacombs.

The main level does not have anything special that needs to be noted and your
only concern is finding the way down to the next level. For a quick viewing of
where to go, check The Temple of the Forgotten God Enlarged Map for more


Straight as an arrow, right through the belly of the beast you can say. The
Level may look simple and easy, but you will have to knit pick your way through
the Verbeegs and Acolytes who are situated along the route you will have to take
to get to The Shrine. I cannot be any more straight forward than that, except do
search for traps on this level as you make your way down the long hallway before
the larger battle of multiple Verbeegs and Acolytes. They are the last ones who
will block your passage to the Shrine itself and the Acolytes fancy the Hold
Person and Entangle tactics. If you can get a Web off and pelt them down with
your archers, do so.

Once the battle is complete, head to the Shrine and the last level of the Temple
of the Forgotten God.


At first, when I stepped and viewed my surroundings I thought for sure I was in
for a large scale battle, or some type of foul beast that had brought down so
many bodies that lay strewn before my eyes. Not the case. This is an empty room
with a much similar empty shrine and no Heartstone Gem. Click on the shrine
itself to get the description and your journal will be updated.

Return to Kuldahar, speak with Arundel and tell him what you've learned while at
the Temple of the Forgotten God.

DRAGON'S EYE - About Dragon's Eye

The cold reaches of the Spine of the World house many hidden wonders that only a
few scattered people know about, recorded in memories from forgotten tales now
only found in the most old and ancient books. Dragon's Eye is one of these
places, secluded and nestled deep within the very Spine, its access gained by 3
days of travel to its maw toothed mouth opening that juts out, ready to bite
those who venture inside.

You have been sent here to find the source of those who attacked the priests and
Verbeegs at the Temple of the Forgotten God from Chapter 1 and your findings
surprise you as you venture into the darkness of the passages beyond. With each
step you take, you will realize just how low you are to the chain of command
has plagued Kuldahar and the regions near by and Dragon's Eye will introduce you
to new threats which are just on the horizon.

For the adventurer like yourself, Dragon's Eye is a true stepping stone to the
higher levels of 10th and more as you will gain lots of experience and fight
beasts as you dig deeper and deeper into the missing Heartstone Gem quest. Do
know that the deeper you go, the harder it will become but I'll take you through
it step by step and make it easier on yourself and your party of brave warriors.

DRAGON'S EYE - Outside of Dragon's Eye

The chill and bite of the blowing wind at such high altitudes will cause you
harm than the Ice Trolls who are roaming outside looking for food around the
entrance and they will be no match for your party as you cut them down one by
one. Before entering Dragon's Eye, you may want to organize your party order so
your strongest characters are at the front lines because this will help speed
things up as you continue forward. When you're ready, make your way up the snow
covered trail and enter Dragon's Eye.

DRAGON'S EYE LVL 1 - Lizard King Lair

A horrid stentch will waft to your nose as you step forth into the corridor
as well as the warmth, much like a hot summer day, that shall warm your bones
from the freezing cold you just came out from. The glow and crackle of lit fire
pits ahead should warn you enough that these are cave passages inhabited by
intelligent beings, which you will soon learn of as you take a few steps forward
to begin your exploration.

Lizard Men, Tough Lizard Men and Lizard Men Shaman's will be the first
inhabitants of this dim lit world that will greet you with swords, spears and
magic ready but as you battle, you will realize they are droppings to remain six
feet under. You will come across Flamming Oil flasks on some of these Lizard Men
that you slay and I suggest you try not to waste them unless you really need to
because you're saving them for the lower levels where Trolls make their home.

Along with the Lizard Men who call this their home, you will also encounter
Bombadier Beetles, Wraith Spiders, Sword Spiders and Phase Spiders within their
own lairs, which is primarly on the bottom left of the level. You should take
extreme caution with the Bombadier Beetles as they lash out with an acidic,
paralyze cloud effect that will cause any party members caught in its radius
damage as well as possibly paralyze them. Spiders are spiders and they do damage
and poison you too, so make sure you have some antidotes being carried on you so
you'll be able to stop the poison from killing your character during battle.

Remember our Elven friend Erevain Blacksheaf staying at the Snowdrift Inn in
Easthaven? Well, seems like she was out being a brave warrior herself but
unfortuantly for her, traveling alone is risky business and she proved that by
getting killed by the Sword Spider that is resting by her skeletal corpse. Don't
forget to read her journal.

Deep within this network of passages is the Lizard King who is a pretty good and
well rounded tough opponent to bring down to his knees for he does not walk
and always has a circle of Tough Lizard Men and Shamans at his side, but this is
not who you are really looking for. In fact, you won't learn who is behind the
theft of the Heartstone Gem until the later levels, which I'll get to in a

You will learn and also find some of the missing villagers from Kuldahar on this
level, being kept and guarded by Lizard Men Shamans and is only a small piece of
the puzzle that you learn while venturing in Dragon's Eye.

Over all this level is not too difficult at all, the Lizard King being the
toughest to slay, at least up in these dark passages and there are no traps that
I had come across so moving about will be quick and easy for any well rounded
party. Free the villagers, learn what you can from them and then head down to
next level.

DRAGON'S EYE LVL 2 - The deeper you go!

Prepare your party for some very good battles as this is a level dotted with
Tough Lizard Men, Trolls, Wraith Spiders, Bombadier Beetles, Sword Spiders and
Talonite Priests, all scattered through a maze of twisting passges full of dark
and long dancing shadows. This will be the level where you are introduced to the
ever so popular and deadly, green warted, slimy skinned Trolls that not only
a good punch, but also regenerate and bring themselves back up to do more
As legends have it and even as history has written, Trolls hate fire as well as
acid because the damage done is damage that cannot be undone by their
regenerating bodies.

For many vetran AD&D players, killing a Troll was common knowledge but for
who perhaps were just introduced to AD&D when Baldur's Gate came out, Trolls
could prove to be a problem, especially when they keep getting up after you
strike them down. Apon the last blow, the Troll will fall to the ground and seem
dead, but you will notice that you can still target him and attack him. To put
the Troll at rest, use either fire or acid while the Troll is on the ground
regenerating. Fire arrows, acid arrows or any spell that deals fire or acid
damage will do the job and you'll get the experience for the Troll and be able
move on to the other battles that await you and your party.

On the far right end of the map you'll find a very large lair of Bombadier
Beetles and you're more than welcome to give it a shot by running down this
corridor with sword swinging and magic blasting but be warned. There are so many
that doing so would be fatal as their acid blasts and paralyzing effects would
put your entire party at risk and send them to a quick death before you realized
what mess you got yourself in. The reward of course for besting all their
is a falled corpse at the end of the passage, who's equipment will make it worth
your while and time of taking on each beetle and risking your party to the smell
of death.

With the dotted and scattered groups of Lizard Men, Spiders and Trolls you will
eventually come forth into a very vast and large cavern, illuminated by standing
torches that surround a stone dias where the Talonite Priests have come to call
their home. That is, until you arrived to spoil their fun. Mother Egenia, the
head priest of Ilmater and the temple that resides in Kuldahar is being held
against her will by the Talonite Priests and having you arrive just before they
sacrifice her to their God is quite the blessing for her indeed. Scattered
these priests are Trolls who are looking for the chance to gain revenge on the
fallen brothers you have slain on your journey to this retched place. Show them
who's boss here!

During the battle, make sure that you do not cast any radius offensive spells
that would hit Mother Egenia because she'll take it as a hostile threat and
attack the party along side of the Talonite Priests and no doubt one of the
reasons Interplay did this was so you couldn't cast fireball at the centre of
Talonite circle. That would be the easiest way to dispatch this entire group of
priests and Trolls, two fireballs and a looting you will go but since that is
the case, you'll want to use some stealth and lead the Trolls out first before
going in for the final battle. Whatever happens, make sure Mother Egenia does
die or attack you because she has information about her capture as well as tells
you where other captured villagers can be found.

One of the villagers is Conlan's child, who is very mouthy and rude but if you
talk with him long enough, you will receive a key for Conlan's locked chest at
the back of the shop. The weapon within will be of great help down the road so
make sure you talk with all the villagers.

During this solution, I had Mother Egenia vanish on me after I saved her and she
said she'd stick around if I needed healing, which I didn't so I went on my way.
When I had cleared all the lower levels, I returned to talk to her again and
sure that I had selected everything I could so when I returned to Kuldahar, I'd
get my reward from Sister Calliana at the Temple of Ilmater. No matter were I
looked and searched, she was gone and gone for good. Apon my return to Kuldahar
and Sister Calliana, they still believe her missing even though I had spoken to
her once and saved her from the Talonite Priests. If you learn of Sister
Calliana's reward for saving Mother Egenia, please send us e-mail explaining
it is so I may update this part of the chapter accordingly.

I don't recall any traps being on this level either, but it's always better to
safe than sorry so always move about carefully regardless of where you are for
that extra level of safety.

Once you have cleared this level and are satisfied that you have made the
passages safe to walk through, take the dark passage that leads down and get
ready for some undead dancing and body dismemberment slaying.

DRAGON'S EYE LVL 3 - Presio's hoard

The smell of rotting flesh with be caught as you get closer to the bottom of the
stairs as you make your way deeper and deeper into Dragon's Eye and waiting at
the bottom of these stairs is a lovely group of undead who's bodies are rotted
and gruesome looking that some of your members may very well turn away. Clerics
on the other hand will be more than happy to lay these evil creations to rest
the warriors of your party will want to get their blades driven deep into the
undead as they slowly lumber forward.

Cold Wights, Skeleton Archers, Blast Skeletons, Poison Zombies, Wights and
Lieutenants await your living, breathing warm fleshed bodies to feast on and
one of their own to join their growing army of death, which you will have to
battle your way through endlessly.

The numbers of Cold Wights and Poison Zombies are high but don't let the numbers
and large groups fool you as they did with me the first time I explored these
depths. You'll find the Cold Wights fall quickly, as do the Poison Zombies which
don't seem to live up to their name. Not once was anyone of my party members
poisoned by any of their attacks. Leading the attack will be the Undead
Lieutenants and Blast Skeletons, the latter the more deadly of the two mentioned
for apon their death, they explode in a blast of cold energy which sprays and
hits any within a 15" radius. I found it was these blasts that caused more harm
to my party than the actuall battles that took place while I hacked my way
through their numbers.

Step carefully while moving through their undead ranks as there are enough wards
and traps that will cause one or more members of your party to fall to the dirt
and when I say carefully I mean it. One trap removed may make you feel secure,
but believe me, you've most likely missed another 4 that are situated around
Move slowly and double check more often than you normally would as they start to
become an annoyance when you think you're safe and someone walks over a pressure
point that shocks them into death. It is also totally up to you if you want to
clear this entire level of undead, I decided to take the direct route and headed
straight down and then to the right towards the bridge. As a note, be careful
when you cross the bridge and make sure your party does not wander ahead to
the undead waiting on the other side as it is just a lure for those stupid
to attack without checking for traps first. The other side of the bridge is a
death trap waiting to happen so have a theif remove the wards that await the

Soon enough, you will find a small, circular stone building which is across the
bridge and in the bottom right corner which houses a good group of Wights,
Zombies and Presio, a female priest who is behind the entire creation of the
undead army you have just taken care of and slain. Presio casts some very good
defensive as well as offensive spells as she does battle with the party and her
minion of undead create a beautiful front line that will keep your own fighters
at bay while she leashes her magics apon the party. If you love the use of bows
and ranged weapons, she's already one step ahead of you by casting Protection
from Normal Missles, another added defense barrier to her wonderful tactics.

For the more advanced, dive right into the room and see how well you fair
the onslaught of her guards as well as her powerful magic, but if you're not
sure of your skills as a player and your party in general, lead them out one by
one to make it easier on yourself. I don't suggest it for any game because it
spoils the fun factor of what the designers were trying to acomplish by placing
the group where they are.

Once the battle is done, search for traps as the back wall and all compartments
available to be opened are trapped with enough wards that those nearby will have
a bloody death. Clean everything out and read Presio's personal journal for much
needed information to the events that you have gotten yourself into.

When you're ready, head upwards to the stairs leading down and make your way to
the next level. Do make sure you are checking for traps during your walk and
check well for there are many pressure traps all around you.

DRAGON'S EYE LVL 4 - Eldathian's Lair

Finally, a safe haven for you and your party to rest and relax as you enter a
hidden and well protected Temple of Eldath who's walls are covered in old
Eldathian tapestries and the floors are covered in old, well used rugs. Resting
here is available in the healers quarters of the Eldathian Temple who will be
more than happy to welcome you and allow you to stay within their walls so you
may explore the Temple and learn about the Eldathian ways.

So why is there a Temple of Eldath situated below three levels of havoc and
scale battles? For the answer, you can talk to Albion, he who welcomes those who
have found the hallowed and protected walls of the Temple of Eldath.

Those who are quick to explore the Temple of Eldath will eventually realize that
something isn't right. The fact that a temple to a good aligned diety rests
beneath an army of undead, holding cells for captured villagers and the lair of
Lizard King just doesn't sit very well. The first thing the party will notice
the rugs, which are in fact not of Eldath nature and even some of the banners
different in colour and design, which will send the alarms off in some of your
characters depending on their lore level. Having a Paladin in your party will
reveal Albion's true nature, as the aura he gives off is not the aura a Paladin
likes to see around someone and by this time, you've busted them and revealed
their true nature.

Albion will sound the alarm and sorry to say, this is the only way to expose
their true selves and you'd best prepare yourself for a very long and nasty

When the alarm sounds, all the doors will open in the complex and if you can,
have a PC close the double doors leading deeper into the temple which will
in stopping the droves and droves of Lizard Men Elite, Trolls and Yan-ti Elite
that will begin to snake their way through the door. This should give you a
slight advantage in dealing with Albion and those near by who come to his aid.
Although I did this battle with the doors open, as I did not know what to
I found that having those main doors closed afterwards gave me some added time
heal and prepare my party for the waves to follow.

Make sure when you kill Albion, if you are fighting with the doors open, the
corpses around you will begin to pile up and up so finding items may prove to be
difficult so move your mouse around slowly to find everything laying on the
ground. What you're looking for is ALBION'S KEY which will unlock the door
leading down to the last level, but let's finish off with this one before I
finish off this chapter.

The most annoying part of this level, which only adds to its toughness, is that
deep within the temple, in a secluded room is a High Summoner Priest, who
continues to summon wave after wave of Trolls, Lizard Men and Yan-ti Elite which
keep pouring out over and over again towards your party. You will have to battle
your way through each wave as best you can until you are able to bring the High
Summoner down and stop him from summoning those creatures. One of the very
reasons all the doors open in the temple is because when the foul beasts are
summoned, they can easily walk through the complex and find you. Eventually, I
honestly started to get annoyed since it was a great tactic that kept me at bay
for sometime and I couldn't find the room in which the High Summoner was in.
I ended up doing was holding my party near the entrance, closed the double doors
leading into the complex and cast invisibility on my strongest fighter and took
him in to explore each room and corridor, searching for this blasted High
Summoner. Once I found him and the room, I headed my party directly to that
direction to make him beg for mercy as I ran by blade through his eye sockets
turned the blade around causing his body to shake uncontrolably in a spasm of
pain that made his spine snap as he arched backwards in his final death scream.

Now it was my turn to lay on the beef to those within the temple and once you've
taken care of the High Summoner, you need not worry about any wave or group of
beasts heading in your direction to cause you grief. Just move from room to room
and take care of those within as well as loot any shelf, table, sack or whatever
else you find in your exploration.

The books you will find are great to sell in Kuldahar for some extra coin and
also good for some entertainment since they prove to be an enjoyable read.
Perhaps you can save them for afterwards, when you've completed your quest and
read them by a warm fire at the Evening Shade Inn in Kuldahar. Of course, it's
to you.

Besides the High Summoner, you'll also be introduced to the High Ritualist and
his group of guards, who's just as stupid as the rest of them as he slips and
tells you that the Heartstone Gem is with his leader, Yxunomei. Of course,
going to have to lay the beats on this peep as well, just incase he plans on
warning her you know. Spare no exspense when it comes to your own safety! This
battle is pretty straight forward as your fighters should have no problem taking
care of the eight or so Yan-Ti Elite that go to do battle while the High
Ritualist weaves his magics. Hold Person is one of his favorites, so be prepared
to protect your front lines if one or more of your characters are held in their

The last room I explored had people from the caravan that was taken and left
behind from Chapter One, the very caravan that Hrothgar had asked you to
investigate and it was the goods that went to the Orcs while the captives went
the Yan-Ti and their leader Yxunomei for sacrifice and of course, to eat.

Reise Copperkey, Iholikan Qunual and Marchon of Waterdeep will tell you of how
the caravan was taken and what they did to keep themselves alive. The room they
are in does hold a purpose though and that is you can rest here while they watch
over you, without worrying about being attacked while resting. If you happened
have found this room before killing the High Summoner, you can rest here without
any worries and replenish your offensive spell arsenal and heal your bleeding
wounds. For myself though, I found this place last as I wanted to rid the High
Summoner as soon as possible.

Once you've cleared out this level and picked up ALBION'S KEY head to the stairs
which lead to the last level of Dragon's Eye.

DRAGON'S EYE LVL 5 - Yxunomei's Heartstone Gem

Finally, all your hard work and time will result in two things on this last

The first will be learning who took the Heartstone Gem and being able to slay
this foul person.

The second will getting the Heartstone Gem back from their clutches, but doing
will not be an easy task.

I cannot stress enough to you that magical weapons of 2+ or greather are
to bring the foul Yxunomei down who is in fact using the body of a child to hide
her true form but don't fret brave warrior, you'll get to see her soon enough.
Your journey through the twisting passage, which as you can see from the map is
in the form of a snake, will lead you to the chamber that Yxunomei rests and
going into any of the rooms off to the side from the main corridor is not
although for experience and the items found within, it's worth your while.

Step carefully while moving through the snake like passage for there are
points of poison dart traps and paralyze traps that will cause your party grief,
especially if they are attacked by the very skilled and excellent Yan-Ti Archers
who's arrows seem to always strike true. A parazlyed character while being
by three Yan-Ti Archers and their arrows does not stand a chance and I suggest
you engage sword to sword combat as soon as possible so they change their
to something more appropriate that will stop them from launching their arrows at
you. Do pick up their arrows if you have an archer in your party, they will help
you in bringing down Yxunomei once you come face to face with her.

The final double doors are guarded by Yan-Ti Archers and Yan-Ti Priests as well
as Yan-Ti Elite guards and the very back line of Yan-Ti Archers are standing on
pressure traps, so do your best to avoid stepping on them. I found a few
fireballs in their general direction did the trick. Once they are taken care of,
you want to memorize some defensive spells and good offensive spells for the
battle against Yxunomei. This is what I found to be very useful during this
battle and I did not have anyone drop from her attacks, although it was my
time attempting it.

Have your priests cast Bless and Recitation as they are cumulative in their
Healing potions in your quick slots that can be quaffed when the situation looks
Have your priests memorize healing spells, as much as possible.
I found Yxunomei's Magic Resistance was very good, but didn't have much effect
when it came to Agannazar's Scorcher.
Equip everyone in your party with +2 weapons or better as anything less will
no effect.
Weapon wise, I found the majority of my +2 weapons in Dragon's Eye and equiped
characters accordingly to give them the best chance of victory.
My strategy was simple as I created a front line of my 4 strongest characters
had the middle one walk into Yxunomei's Chamber and lure her out into the
hallway, where I brought that character back to the front line so I could get
4 characters attacking her. My theif, who was now using the arrows from the Yan-
Ti Archers was behind this line away from any attacks by Yxunomei and my mage
off to the side so when Yxunomei attacked, the Agannazar's Scorcher I'd cast
would not damage or hit any of my front line. Use the space bar when you have to
to monitor your party members and health status. Having Bless and Recitation
my characters a +3 to hit and +4 to Saving Throws and gave Yxunomei a -3 to hit
and -4 to her own Saving Throws. This defensive spell tactic helped greatly and
dropped Yxunomei very quickly without any loss of lives within my party.

Pick up the Heartstone Gem, clear out the rest of the level as you see fit and
return to Kuldahar to speak with Aldurel.


The journey to Dragon's Eye was to help Arundel locate and return the Heartstone
Gem, at least he hopes it is in the Dragon's Eye where you were sent after
finding traces of poison the the Alurite Priest in the Temple of the Forgotten
God. Besides this, there are other quests that get completed while in Dragon's
Eye and many questions answered from those first introduced in Kuldahar. They

ARUNDEL'S QUEST [Heartstone Gem]

This is found and located on Yxunomei who resides on the very bottom level of
Dragon's Eye and will take some muscle, wit and patience to retrieve it from her
as she is a very tough advisary to over come. The quest for the Heartstone Gem
ends when you return to Kuldahar and speak with Arundel.

SISTER CALLIANA'S QUEST [mini-quest / story advancement]

If you recall from Kuldahar, Sister Calliana spoke of Mother Egenia who had gone
missing some time ago. It is in Dragon's Eye on level 2 that you will find her
being held against her will by Talonite Priests. Find her, free her and she will
tell you how she was captured. Return to Kuldahar and speak with Sister Calliana
and tell her what you've learned.


Everyone in Kuldahar was talking about how children and those who lived in the
village have gone missing over a period of time and no one is really sure what
has become of them or where they could be. These villagers can be found in
Dragon's Eye on levels 2 and level 3, being held captive for sacrifices as well
as food for the foul beasts found within. Free the villagers and spread the word
in Kuldahar of your heroic deeds.

THE SEVERED HAND - About The Severed Hand

Many ages past, a tower of great beauty created by the Elves of Faerun stood in
the Spine of the World, the heart of Orcish and Goblin clans, or so it was said.
For many years did the tower stand in all of its magical glory, a wonderous
creation by the work efforts of all who lived within. Alas, beauty does not last
forever and soon a war waged for many years as wave apon wave of Orcs and
bombarded the Elven Outpost, pushing the Elven forces to the walls and with one
last hope, Larrel cast his magics to save them all.

Today, the tower still stands, known as The Severed Hand, a reminder of what
magic can do when something goes terriably wrong. Long shadows and darkened
hallways await your exploration along with walking, dead reminders of those who
died in the long battles. The background effects as well as music adds to this
errie place and will keep you busy for sometime as you explore its depths and
four towers that jut into the sky.

The Severed Hand took me awhile to complete as it is dotted with an seemingly
endless supply of foul beasts who bar your exploration deeper in to the tower
having more than one access up or town the tower via stairs or elevators makes
this an interesting, yet enjoyable place to visit. If you think this is just an
easy job, you're wrong as you will have to complete a few quests before you can
continue with your own and that is the Heartstone Gem which brough you here
originally. So with that in mind, let's look at the levels which you will be
venturing to.

THE SEVERED HAND - Outside of The Severed Hand

You will be greeted by a wonderful, exploding fireball warning as you step
the entrance to The Severed Hand, which sets a tone for what you should expect
inside but I won't spoil that for you incase you are playing this step by step
through my solution.

If you have a dwarf in your party, expect some dialog change during this short
little introduction to The Severed Hand and then prepare yourself to venture
forth into the ruins and of course, learn its history and what happened.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 1 - Forgotten Shadows

Stepping foot into the first level of the tower may very well leave your thief
smiling softly to themselves for this is a place full of long and very dark
shadows and it will become useful for your party to have someone who can move
about undetected. Of course, there is the mage with his invisibility, but a good
thief can do it all in such situations, especially detect hidden traps under all
of the rubble that is strewn across the towers floor.

Here you will be introduced to Shadowed Orc Grunts, Archers, Shamans as well as
Goblin Grunts, Warriors and Archers. Throw in a few Shadowed Ogres and Worgs
forgotten battles long ago and you have yourself some good battles on the way. I
found the Goblin Archers pretty tough and don't let the name "Goblin" fool you
either for they strike true with their bow and arrows, so get close and get
quick. As mentioned above, shadows lurk around every corner and where light is
not, danger surely is but beware for walking into a room full of foul beasts
suddenly make their Shadowed forms alert and all those in viewing range will
begin to move to the party who is waiting for your thief to return. Be careful
when exploring because one minute it'll be you and the dark shadows while the
next your party is surrounded by battling beasts wanting your very blood!

As many of the tower levels, it is occupied by more than one flight of stairs,
either going up or down depending where you are. I suggest if you are having
trouble piecing the tower together, to check the Online Maps I have created and
marked in detail so you are able to move around freely. The Online Maps are
broken down by levels 1 to 8, and from level 5 and up, I have marked each
seperate tower with a letter which matches the corosponding stairway from level
4. I hope it isn't difficult for you to follow, but I placed all the tower
from level 5 and above as the stairs are situated on level 4 and also put them
the same map.

With that in mind, it is this very level that you will also find the 1ST PART TO
THE ASTROLOBE which you will need to aquire to have Larrel help you unlock the
power of the Heartstone Gem. Even if you have not been told of this quest, keep
these parts on you because when you do meet up with Larrel's helping hand who is
looking for the parts to complete the Astrolobe, you will already have some or
all of them on you. This part you find on level 1 is the first part of four and
can only be gotten by going down the stairs from Level 3. See the Online Map of
The Severed Hand for more details. There are also two stairs going up to level 2
as well as the entrance in which you came through. Search this level out fully
and kill everything you come across to lay the foul beasts to a final rest.
They've been haunting this place far too long.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 2 - Spirts of the past return!

The second level is far from bringing you closer to your destination within the
tower, but rather is another level full of forgotten undead who had battled in
ages past during the time that the Tower fell and was brought to its current
state. The battled vetrans of Orcs, Goblins, Worgs and Skeletons make this level
enjoyable from a battle perspective and it is always wise to search this level
for any interesting equipment that may help you in your journey. Two sets of
stairs go down to the first level as well as an elevator while three others lead
up to the third level.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 3 - Battle onward!

Foul undead await you as you make your way to this level and it best for you to
be ready for the large massive Bladed Skeletons who will race towards you with
blades instead of arms. Swinging, they will aim for thy head, so time your duck
and attack. They will also be joined by Burning Skeletons, who have the ability
to launch fireball attacks at the tightly grouped party and it best to keep a
close eye out for these as they linger in the distance waiting for the chance to

If it not for the undead, watch out for Goblin Archers who will shoot at your
party from above if you've come from the second level via the centre stairway.
Arrows will fly not only from the floor you stand on, but from the openings in
the upper walls. Move quickly through here or you'll become a pin cushion soon

There are five exits from this level and if you need help knowing where they all
are, check The Severed Hand LVL 3 Enlarged Map for more details as to what will
take you where. Two stairs lead down to the second level as does an elevator
while one flight will return you to the very first level and another going up to
the fourth.

Once again, make sure you have explored this entire level from top to bottom to
minimize the chances of your party missing items that may help you along your

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 4 - The Tale of Telanis

One may relax as the last stair is climbed and you reach the top of this level
for it is here one will meet Elves from ages past and even get to speak with
of their spirits who still haunt these rubbled halls and rooms. Circular in
nature is this level, the top level of the base part of The Severed Hand, but it
is on this level that four seperate towers branch off from the base and soar
the sky above. Each is marked easily on The Severed Hand LVL 4 Enlarged Map,
which I suggest you take a look at if you are having problems finding your way

Not having to worry about foul beasts or creatures lurking in the long, dark
shadows will give you more time to explore the ruined tavern, the mess hall, the
bedrooms and other smaller rooms that make this level. On your way, you will
into a few elven spirits by the name of Telanis, Lethias and Sehriya who can
you in on what happened during the last few minutes of the towers fall. Telanis
Songbender can be found in the Mess Hall, where his spirit still haunts and
to those who wish to listen to his beautiful voice. Lethias Defender of the Hand
can be found in the main hallway, just a little ways from the stairs that lead
down to the third level, while Sehriya can be found playing in the bedroom. Each
will give you information that will help you understand and unfold the exact
events in The Severed Hand although Lethias will be able to give you much more
information than the other two.

Unless you failed to clear out the lower levels, you will want to begin to
explore the four towers that loom above this floor and each are marked on The
Severed Hand LVL 4 Enlarged Map for easy navigation.

There are no set flight of stairs that I suggest you going up first as I did not
do them in any specific order, so pick one and let's begin detailing the next
levels and the Quests that go along with them!

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 5 - The Four Looming Towers

Pay attention to the map I have created for The Severed Hand LVL 5 for it is
detailed in one image rather than four seperate ones and this was to make things
easier on myself and you as well when viewing these online maps. Each level
is level 5 of their respected tower, each marked from A to D respectively and
they will always be in the same place on the levels to follow for easy
understanding as they appeared on The Severed Hand LVL 4.

For you brave warriors and those who like attention to detail, I am going to
serve it up to you on a silver platter and hopefully everything will be
smoothly as I have tried to do in the previous chapters. So let us begin and
at our first tower on level 5, followed by the other three.


What was once a glorious pool full of elven carved stone statues and over all
beauty was destroyed when the tower fell, the pools now murky and the remains of
the statues and their tears as dry as the desert. Saddened by this is Demaini,
the female elf who maintained the pools that once stood still and reflected your
image back as that of a mirror. Her own lingering hope of sanity lays in
restoring the pools to their former glory and beauty, but bound by her spirit to
this part of the tower, finding the HOLY WATER she feels will return the pools
their original form is out of the question.

Demaini asks of your services and it is open for you to take if you want to,
is if you wish to go hunting for a barrel of HOLY WATER that will turn the murky
water back to its former crystal clear state. Also, being a former priest when
she was alive and defending the tower from the Orc and Goblin assaults, she will
also ask that you lay the priests in The Severed Hand to rest by slaying them.
Their current state of madness believes that they are still defending the tower
from an attack and you will gain a certain amount of experience if you do so.

Besides Demaini, there are two flight of stairs leaving this level, one heading
up to the sixth level while the other returns you to the fourth.


'tis here in this tower, that you will come across Kaylessa, a brave warrior who
fought in the battles as the tower was falling and who can help you, if you help
her. She is shamed that the fighters within the tower have lost their own sanity
as they haunt The Severed Hand and she asks you to lay them to rest, as did
Demaini asked of you to lay the Priests to rest.

Accept this quest and eliminate all Elven Swordman found within The Severed Hand
so you can receive the 2ND PART TO THE ASTROLOBE which she will gladly hand over
once you've completed her quest.

There are three locked doors on this level behind Kaylessa which house a
multitude of foul beasts that are locked behind in the rooms beyond. A thief who
can pick locks or a fighter who can bash doors in will be needed to get into the

Stairs lead down to the fourth level as well as upwards to the sixth on this


A magical view awaits you as you climb these stairs and make your way out to
destroyed tower, the magics so powerful during its destruction has caused the
formation to remain floating like lilly pads on water as the bricks are with the
air around them. There is no other way to access the floors above this tower,
perhaps they vanished in the explosion. Although I had never attempted to rest
here, it does look peaceful enough as well as safe enough to attempt it.


Careful where you step as you open the door into this ruined looking tavern or
perhaps feast hall and keep close together so back to back fighting can be done
here. A lone Elven Spirit resides behind the counter, polishing off the counter
with a dusty old rag, his eyes lost in some other existance but don't be fooled.
He's watching you approach and waiting for you to get close enough away from the
door so he can signal the Elven Swordsmen waiting in the Ethereal Plane and once
you are close enough, they will appear and attack the party.

This is a great battle if your entire party walks straight in to explore as you
will be surrounded and your escape blocked by the Elven Swordsmen Spirits but by
now, you should be able to handle yourself in these types of situations so hack
away and lay them to rest.

Two stairs exit this level, one goes down to the fourth level while the other
climbs to the sixth.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 6 - The Four Looming Towers

Crackling magic will make its debute as you climb these stairs and open the door
to the room beyond as Elven Clerics and Elven Mages begin to weave their hands
you break into the room so be ready with your own offensive spells and tactics
bring these Elves to rest.

Once the battle is completed and you are cleaning your weapons, have someone
search the room and grab all the items available and found stashed away in
places and also make sure you snag the 3RD PART TO THE ASTROLOBE while you are

A flight of stairs leads down to level 5 while another flight goes upwards to
level 7.


The sound of the stairs creaking and giving way will give the party away as
Swordsmen will be preparing for you! Battle hard brave warrior.

Stairs leading down will take you to the 5th level while a dirt ramp leading up
towards sunlight will take your party to the 7th level.


Prepare thyself for a slaughter fest, on your part I do hope brave warrior. This
floor and the room beyond the closed door is littered with Elven Swordsmen which
are discussing their battle tactics for the battle they still believe is on the
way. I didn't waste anytime here and rushed them quickly, taking on the whole
bunch at once is a lot of fun as fireballs exploded and my swords swung true.

It is this room you will want to search very well for hidden in one of the
is the 4TH PART TO THE ASTROLOBE, another piece you will need to help Gelarith
complete the Astrolobe. Once again, if you have failed to get this quest yet, do
not worry and simply carry this part of the Astrolobe with your party so when
do meet Gelarith, you won't have much exploring to do.

Two stairs exit this level, one goes down to the fourth level while the other
climbs to the sixth.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 7 - The Four Looming Towers

You will notice the map for this level has changed slightly and that is due to
the fact that there is a bridge that joins Tower 7B to Tower 7E and although I
did not put up the map of the bridge, I have noted this on The Severed Hand LVL
Enlarged Map and it is Tower 7E that will lead you to Larrel, the one you seek
help you unlock the mystery of the Heartstone Gem. Let's take a look at this
level in depth.


Do not overwrite your Auto Saved Game as you climb the stairs from level 6 to
this level because you may need to go back to it, but more on that later.

Battle well here brave warrior for there are items of great interest to you and
another who makes The Severed Hand their home. Dotted with Elven Priests and
Elven Swordsmen who want to see you dead will be apon your party as soon as you
come up the stairs and they show no mercy in their attacks. Do your best to take
out the Elven Archers who will be pelting you with their arrows from afar and if
you get a chance to get off a fireball before their numbers surround you, do so
to shrink their large numbers.

Once you have bested these Elven Warriors, check the chest in the north-east
corner and if everything went well when the item was randomized as you entered
this level, you should have yourself a lovely peice of Elven Chain Mail Armor.
Due to the fact this item is randomized in this location it may not be here when
you first open the chest and it may also take a few more tries to get the Elven
Chain Mail but I was told by a reliable source this is where it is. If you've
missed it here, there is one more place you can gain this item from and I'll
cover that further down in this solution.

The reason I asked you not to save over your Auto Saved Game was so you'd be
to reload and do the battle over again and get the item in the chest randomized.
I have also been told that saving your game AFTER this battle and simply
reloading it will randomize the items in the chest, but I have not tried this as
I was given this information after I had already taken the randomized item out
the chest and saved over my game. If you try this method of saving after the
battle, then reloading the saved game and the item is randomized afterwards,
please send me a note and I will update this part of the solution accordingly.

Other than the Elven Chain Mail, you will also find the HOLY WATER that you need
for Denaini's quest so she can return the pools of water to their original look.
You will have to return and speak with Denaini for your reward, but I suggest
finishing off the tower before doing so and head to the 8th level.

Stairs lead down to level 6 while you can climb others to take you to level 8.


This is a unique level of this tower because it is attached to a bridge that
soars high above The Severed Hand and will also take you to another tower were
Larrel is and where you must take the Heartstone Gem if you wish to complete

First though, you will have to deal with the Elven Swordsmen and Elven Archers
who make this level their home and they will attack you as you make your way up
the stairs to this level. Battle hard as always and when the battle is over and
you are cleaning your weapons, search this floor out and make sure you leave
nothing left for any other looters who come this way.

It is best to take the stairs upwards to level 8, just so you don't forget about
it and then return to take the bridge across to the other tower and to meet up
with Larrel and his helper Gelarith.

There are three exits from this level, one being to the bridge to Tower 7E,
you can go down to level 6 or take a flight of stairs up to level 8.


A circular level will greet you as you climb the last pair of stairs and make
your way to the flagstone landing above to where you have come to the resting
rooms of the Elven Commanders and Elven Swordsmen who rested here before the
tower fell. Make your way through each room, which houses roughly one to two
Elven Spirits and once you've cleared out each small room, do make sure you
search and get everything you can.

There are two flights of stairs here, one going down to the 6th level while
another climbs to the 8th.


This part of The Severed Hand is reached by taking the bridge from 7B and this
the tower where you will find Larrel and his assistant Gelarith who are on the
very top of this tower. First though, you will have to battle through a slew of
Elven Swordsmen, Elven Priests and Elven Mages who will make your trip
unenjoyable as you get closer and closer to your final destination.

The majority of the battle will take place in the central circlular room and my
tactic was very simple as I had one PC open the door just as my mage was
casting his Monster Summoning II, which placed about 4-5 Lizard Men around the
Elves inside and then quickly closed the door to let them all do battle. Even
though the Lizardmen perished, they still dropped the health of the Elves as
as a few priests before I opened the door again to have my fighters finish them

Search all the rooms for it is here on this level you will find the DIARY OF
EVAYNE, the daughter of Larrel and he will reward you with some extra experience
once you are able to talk to his spirit as he will learn of what became of his
loving daughter during the towers last stand.

An exit to the bridge can be found here as well as stairs leading up to Level 8.

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 8 - The Four Looming Towers

Ah, 'tis good to see you have made it this far within The Severed Hand and you
are on your way to completing the quest of the Heartstone Gem within this foul
and ancient, forgotten Elven Outpost. This is the very top of The Severed Hand,
except for one more level which is where you can find Larrel, on level 9 to be
exact which you can get to from going up the stairs through tower 8E. So with
last level of The Severed Hand at a reach, let's finish off this level and get
the grand finale!


Beautiful bedrooms rest at the very top of this tower which remain untouched by
time and the elements and one can get a wonderful view from the windows as well
as enjoy the rays of the warm sun that basks The Spine of the World.

Elven Priests line these walls and you will have to bring them to their rest if
you wish to explore each room and find what treasure awaits the adventurer such
as yourself!

There is only one flight of stairs and they head down to level 7.


Chilling cold will be felt as you make your climb up the stairs to the very top
of this tower who's outer walls have been blasted away leaving the locked rooms
behind which hold a few hungry Wraith Spiders who want to feast on your fresh,
plump bodies. Pray tell that does not happen brave warrior! Draw thy weapon and
cast thy magics at these foul creatures and lay them to rest! Search this last
level just to make sure you do not miss anything!

Stairs lead down to level 7, the only flight exiting this level.


Stained windows create wonderful colours of light which illuminate what once was
a lovely and well taken garden which obviously died so long ago due to lack of
care. A stone statue stands in the middle of the room, perhaps once a resting
place for birds who came to feel the warmth of the sun and remain out of the
weather at such high altitudes but even that doesn't look as magical as it once

Here you will meet Valestis who will tell you of the once grand beauty of his
garden and how it pains him so to view it as it is now. Valestis will tell you
what he could use to help replenish the beauty and return it to its former self
and you are more than welcome to take on this quest for these items. PURE WATER,
AN ANIMAL and A SEED. You will not find these items within The Severed Hand, so
don't bore yourself looking for them here as they are within another part of
adventure, which I will note on when we come to them. For now, accept this quest
and let's get on to the last two parts.


Many books from ages past line the walls, the floors and tables of this grand
library, being kept and taken care of by Custhantos who will welcome you to
and read some, if not, all the books he can give you. You will want to take all
these books, just for safe keeping and historical reasons which you can sell in
Kuldahar but do not sell them until you speak with Orrick The Gray for one of
books is the one he's been seeking. Review the Quest portion of this chapter for
more details on returning the book he seeks.

Two flights of stairs exit this level, one going down to level 7 while the last
leads to level 9 and Larrel! Let us go there now brave warrior!

THE SEVERED HAND LVL 9 - The Astrolobe

"Welcome adventurers! The sight you see before you is The Astrolobe!"

Indeed it is and this is the highest part of The Severed Hand one can reach and
also where one can find Larrel and his assistant Gelarith, the latter who is
looking for the missing parts to the Astrolobe. Now if you've come to this part
without the help of the rest of this chapter, you will need all the missing
to the Astrolobe before Larrel will converse with you. Restructuring the
Astrolobe will retain some of Larrels sanity and he will be able to converse
you then rather than his mindless dribble.

Are you missing some or all parts of The Astrolobe? Tsk, tsk, tsk. You haven't
been exploring very much now have you brave warrior? Well then, off you go to
continue thy search or simply go here for the answers.

Once you have recovered the missing parts to the Astrolobe that Gelarith needs,
he will put the Astrolobe back in working order and Larrel will be able to be
understood as well as talked to, which I suggest you do. If you've picked up the
DIARY OF EVAYNE hand it over to Larrel for it was his daughters before the tower
fell. Larrel will unleash the power of the Heartstone Gem and will give you a
vision of where you are to go next in your quest for the evil that plagues

Return to Kuldahar if you must to rest, identify or sell items as well as get
your reward and item from Orrick The Gray.


There are a few quests given to you within The Severed Hand and some given to
before that can now be completed and gotten experience for and I will cover each
and everyone and detail them below for you.

THE ASTROLOBE QUEST [story advancement]

The Astrolobe is a vast network of gears, sockets, switches and other parts that
lets the users pear into the sky and the black universe above but it is
not working and Gelarith needs the missing parts. The Astrolobe and the parts
also tied with Larrel, who's sanity will be regained when the Astrolobe, one of
his grand creations, is put back together and is running smoothly. You will have
to find all four parts to the Astrolobe to get Larrel to speak and help you with
the Heartstone Gem. The parts can be found as detailed below.

1ST Part of the Astrolobe

This is found on The Severed Hand LVL 1.

2nd Part of the Astrolobe

This is found on The Severed Hand LVL 5 on Kaylessa and is given to you when you
complete her own quest.

3rd Part of the Astrolobe

This is found on The Severed Hand LVL 6 in Tower 6a.

4th Part of the Astrolobe

This is found on The Severed Hand LVL 6 in Tower 6d.

DENAINI'S QUEST [mini-quest]

Denaini can be found on The Severed Hand LVL 5 in Tower 5a and is looking to
clean the water and return them back to their original state as she remembers
them before the tower fell. Denaini is looking for some HOLY WATER that will
restore the water and create beautiful and clean pools for her to look at for
of eternity. The HOLY WATER you seek is above her in the same tower on level 7
Tower 7a. Find the HOLY WATER and return it to her for your reward.

As well as the HOLY WATER, Denaini is also looking for you to lay her fellow
Priests to rest that are scattered through The Severed Hand. Doing so will also
get you some extra experience.

KAYLESSA'S QUEST [mini-quest / story advancement]

Kaylessa can be found on The Severed Hand LVL 5 in Tower 5b and is looking to
her fellow Swordsmen to rest who are scattered through The Severed Hand as the
priests are in the quest above from Denaini. By giving her Swordsmen a brave and
fighting end to their haunting lives, Kaylessa will in return, give you the 2ND
PART TO THE ASTROLOBE that she has on her. Do her quest, for you will need this
part of the Astrolobe to give to Gelarith so he may fix the machine which will
also bring back some of Larrel's sanity so he may help you with the Heartstone

When you return from killing all of the Elven Swordsmen within The Severed Hand,
Kaylessa apon giving you the 2ND PART TO THE ASTROLOBE will ask to be laid to
rest as well and join her fallen Elven Swordsmen in their resting place and she
will attack you. Before this happens and before you speak with her, save the

The reason for doing this is because this is another location the Elven Chain
Mail can be found, a random occurance which will be on her corpse if you did not
get the Elven Chain Mail that was randomized on Level 7 in Tower 7a. If you
missed it from that location, you have a chance to find it on Kaylessa's corpse.

Unfortuantly when I went through The Severed Hand for this solution, I did not
get the Elven Chain Mail in either places noted and only found out about its
location after the fact I had completed this. The information passed to me is
from the official Icewind Dale message board from a reliable source BUT if you
find any of this information incorrect regarding the Elven Chain Mail or I have
the wrong locations, please let me know and I will fix this part of the solution
to match the correct information.

Otherwise, as of now, that is the two locations for the Elven Chain Mail, which
you can only find once.

ORRICK THE GRAY'S QUEST [mini-quest from Kuldahar]

Noted from Kuldahar in Chapter 1, Orrick The Gray has been looking for many
for a book which chronicals a forgotten Elven Outpost, which you happen to be in
for it is The Severed Hand that he is talking about. The book he seeks can be
found on Level 8 in Tower 8e but exactly which book it is I am not to sure as
there are about 8 to 10 books you are able to take from the library. Take them
all to be on the safe side as I did and return to Kuldahar, speak with Orrick
Gray and receive your reward.

At the time of this publication, Interplay still had not released their public
patch and when you return to speak with Orrick The Gray, the item he is supposed
to give you will remain on his body as you receive an error message about the
dialog. What you can do, if you wish to continue is save the game then pick
pocket him. If he attacks you, simply reload until your pick pocket attempt is

Once the patch is released, it will fix this problem and others that have been
found since Icewind Dale was released.

DORN'S DEEP - About Dorn's Deep
On thy way to the Dwarven Hall nestled deep within the Spine of the World and
your next location after finishing and completing The Severed Hand. It is Larrel
who has lead you here to search and seek out the very reason as to what has been
troubling Kuldahar and its people. Dorn's Deep will begin a series of events
will begin to unfold as you journey through the Dwarven tunnels made ages ago
lure you deeper and deeper into the very depths of the earth in your journey for
the answer you seek!

I hope you are well prepared for the adventures that await thee will not only
bring you fortune and fame, but also lead you through a series of quests as well
as continue to fuel ones the party has come across in previous chapters. It is
with this knowledge I give you that we begin to unfold these very quests and
events in the start of Chapter 4 - Dorn's Deep.

DORN'S DEEP - Outside of Dorn's Deep

Cold and chilling are the peaks that Dorn's Deep rests on, a snowy ledge packed
with thick layers of ice and years of snow falls that have layered upon each
other. Footsteps will be one of the first thing a quick party member will spot
they knell down to investigate the fresh fallen snow and it is Orogs that will
burst into the scene to attack each member! Swing thy blade true and cast thy
magic well and dispose of these foul creatures, a task that should not be very
difficult for the party you have created and brought this far.

When you've had enough of flexing thy muscles and bragging about how powerful
are, take a step inward brave warrior and let's see how you fair against the
beasts that make their home...inside.

DORN'S DEEP - Inside Dorn's Deep

Magical is it not how the caverns have carved themselves over the centuries
have protected and given the Dwarven race a home.

The first sight you will come across is the wonderful, light blue glow being
given off by the very mushroom patches that rest some feet away, an excellent
addition to the breath taking graphical work they have put into this product.
With that aside, walking forward into the cavern, the party will be greeted by
Blue Myconids who live in the very patches of mushrooms that you can see.

Dispatching them was not very difficult for my party and even their attempts at
having my members go into beserk mode with their, what looks to be, spit attack
even failed. Even the very sound made when hitting these creatures gave me the
impression that my sword was cleaving them into bits and pieces of shrooms and
soon, a large pile had accumulated around my fighters.

Along with the Blue Myconids which you will encounter through out the cavern and
deeper within, Ettins also make their home within the damp, vast caverns and
do pack a serious punch if the numbers reach four or more, so take care while
battling them. My dwarf within the party went bonkers when he found them
lumbering around within the very passages that his own blood had lived and
created so long ago and eventually, even the Ettins were starting to pile up
around him that he got stuck in the middle! Everyone shook their heads and had
help him out, but besides that, it is all we encountered monster wise during our
journey here.

High above the the floor though, rests a tower of sorts, the warm glow of lights
shine dull through the windows giving a welcomed feeling to go inside and greet
whoever lives inside. Well, my greeting was rude, foul and insulting when I
met Bandoth, the wizard who resides within the towers walls. During our
conversation, I was able to calm him down enough or perhaps ignore him
to purchase some of the spells he had available and other trinkets he had on his
dusty shelves. Although I was told there is a possible quest here to retrieve
something from the Ettin Lair further down, I have not been able to get this
quest with both of the parties I have created for this solution. This might be a
combination quest of a certain character class or alignment that neither my
has, so if you know anything about this, slip me some mail and I'll update it
within the solution and give you credit for it.

Besides Bandoth, there are three caves which one can enter as well as the
entrance to Dorn's Deep LVL 1 and we'll look at those next.

DORN'S DEEP - Inside Dorn's Deep - Orc Lairs

Orcs. Back to the pits from wence thy came foul beasts and it is where you will
be sending them as you clear out the two Orcish Lairs found within the vast
caverns you are exploring. Each is as easy as the other and even a less
experienced party should have absolutely no trouble fending the Orcs off and
laying them to the dirt.

Enjoy cleaning thy blade after the battle because as you go deeper, you will
less time to do so, so enjoy it while it lasts brave warrior.

DORN'S DEEP - Inside Dorn's Deep - Ettin Lair
The sound of rattling bones will echo to thy ears as you walk towards the
entrance to this vast and tall cavern which houses numerous Ettins and hanging,
human skull bones which they have gathered since they moved in and made it their
home. Be ready with thy blades and magic for there Ettins will defend the very
home they live in and do their best to beat you to a pulp and join your skulls
with the others dangling towards the cavern floor.

As stated above, there could very well be a quest item here that Bandoth
but due to the construction of my party, I have never come across such a quest
and if you do know of it, please send me mail. If you happened to get the quest
from Bandoth, it is here that you will be able to find the item and you will
receive experience upon its return.

DORN'S DEEP LVL 1 - Stand ready!

         'tis about time you reached this place for I have been waiting for your
adventure to really begin here within Dorn's Deep and I was wondering what was
taking you so long to get here! Regardless, you have arrived and it is with that
comfort that I can now sit back and warn you of the dangers that await you

Warmth will be felt blowing out of the cave entrance, the heat coming from the
lava rivers that flow beneath the stone you are standing upon and it is with
that has made this place livable by those who could not live in such harsh and
cold conditions. You will be welcomed by a front line of Orc Elite Archers, who
are there not only to pack a serious punch, but to take your attention away from
the Drow Sorcerer's who linger in the shadows waiting for their chance to strike
you down with spells! Backing them up will be the Drow Spellswords, whose own
magical resistance will have your own casters targeting the Neo Orog Marauders,
Neo Orog Generals and Neo Orogs who stand in the wings waiting for their chance
to run you down!

This, in my opinion, is a great battle that uses high ground tactics to create
havoc within the party as arrows will fly from either side of you while you
the lava river, only to be greeted by a wall of Drow Spellswords, Neo Orog
Marauders and Neo Orog Generals that will keep your own fighters stuck in
This gives the Drow Sorcerer's plenty of time and space to weave their spells
have explosion upon explosion slam into each and every one of you.

I highly suggest resting if you are having trouble getting through their wall of
defense and have a few distance, area effect spells such as Web, which is great
for holding the Drow Sorcerer's at bay, giving you some time to hack your way
through their front lines. Remember, Drow have great magic resistance and are
also immune to Sleep and Charm related spells just as your own Elves are if you
have any in your party. Fireballs are devastating to the archers who rest near
the Drow Sorcerers and there could be a good chance that the Drow's magic
resistance fails them a few times, but remember to have the blast hit the
majority of the Neo Orog Archers and the outer blast to catch the Drow. This
if you make a direct hit on a Drow with a fireball, the outer blast may not
the Neo Orog Archers and you'll still have them making your party into one giant
pin cushion.

Haste is another great spell to use on your front lines who are battling the
other front line. The sooner you get through them, the sooner you reach the Drow
Sorcerers and strike them down.

If you have anyone who uses arrows, pick them all up for they are great to have
further down the road.

Once you've cleared this first wave of greetings that was waiting for you,
continue to explore this area, which is dotted with Neo Orog Marauders, Neo Orog
Generals along side of Drow Sorcerers, Drow Spellswords and Drow Vanguards.
are two exits leaving this level, one leading down to Krilag, an Orog Chieftain
and another leading into the Tomb of Terikan the Lich.

DORN'S DEEP LVL 1 - Puzzle Chamber

It is with this I bring you the solution and answer to the deadly, yet enjoyable
puzzle that you must solve if you want to get any further in your exploration of
Dorn's Deep and that is to solve the Lightning Bolt puzzle that awaits thee!
Found on this level behind a secret door as marked on Dorn's Deep LVL 1 Enlarged
Map, you must do a few things first if you plan on going onwards.

First you will need to find the secret door, which is easy enough by having a
thief searching the room it can be found in and if you are having trouble doing
so, please check Dorn's Deep LVL 1 Enlarged Map for more details. Upon finding
it, you will then have access to the chamber beyond and the puzzle that awaits

Now without spoiling it for you, I will simply say that the answer to this
lays in the room you just came from and one with a sharp eye will make note of
the runic designs on the table but how you go about using them to solve the
puzzle in the next chamber I will leave to you.

Of course, perhaps you have tried this numerous times over and over again to the
point of utter frustration that you're starting to look like your father since
you've been pulling out all your hair in anger. Well, fret not brave warrior
because you have come to the right place for your answer.

What I found best to do in this situation is have your Cleric cast Protection
from Lightning and place this on your strongest character, most likely a Fighter
of sorts for protection in case you walk on the wrong stone. Every time you do
step on a wrong stone, a Lightning Bolt slams into you, but with this spell
active, the lightning bolt does nothing but go through you to bounce around in
the chamber.

There are three stones you will have to step on, each part of the circular floor
design. The first stone is on the outer rim of this circle, followed by a stone
in the middle rim and lastly one on the inner rim. Stepping on these in order as
stated on the Dorn's Deep Floor Trap Enlarged Map will disarm the trap.

Once you have disarmed the trap, you might be standing around scratching thy
wondering when something is going to happen. Well, something has happened and
be found by returning to the room you came from. Search well the statues and fix
the arm on one of them to complete this puzzle. Once you have placed the arm
in place, return to the chamber where you disarmed the trap and you will notice
that the floor has sunk, revealing a twisting stone stairway leading into the
darkness below. When climbing down these stairs, you will come to a small room
full of gears that activate the stairs you have just used to gain entry. On the
floor you will spot a body, strewn in blood and with its bones cracked and skin
cooked. Step lightly while on the flagstones that make the floor for it is here
one can easily be roasted by the fireball trap that awaits thee. Disarm this
and continue on thy way to Terikan's Tomb.

If you have not cleared out Dorn's Deep LVL 2, do so before heading down these
new flight of stairs because you don't want to miss picking up the 1ST BADGE
which you will need later on.

So with that said, let us continue our adventure brave warrior for adventure,
fortune and fame!

DORN'S DEEP LVL 2 - Krilag the Orog Chieftain

Deep within these earthly passages await to be explored and you will be greeted
by an Umber Hulk who was once the leader of the Orogs at one point or other but
who has now met a sad fate. Sabblic-tan is slowly losing his grasp on the life
once had as the Umber Hulk and its mind have begun to decay what little life he
has remaining before becoming a full fledged beast. Listen to his story and
listen well and learn of Krilag, the Orog Chieftain that has now replaced
tan and who is holding the 1ST BADGE of six that your party will have to find.

You will need this and all six if you plan on facing the foul evil that is
everything that has been happening within The Spine of the World, so search
caverns well and find this Krilag and his goons, lay them to rest and return to
Sabblic-tan for more information and experience.

Besides Krilag and his Neo Orog men, there are also Ettins that occupy these
lower tunnels and caverns which you shouldn't have too much trouble with as
are only a small handful that will bare your passage.

Your main goal here is to retrieve Krilag's Badge and be on your way to the Tomb
of Terikan the Lich and of course, we will go through a step by step of how to
get there next.

DORN'S DEEP LVL 3 - Entrance to Terikan's Tomb

Although the Entrance to Terikan's Tomb Enlarged Map shows lava flowing from the
large statue in the middle of the hall, this will only happen once you have
defeated Terikan so please do not be confused with the screen capture I have
taken as I took it after I had defeated the Lich.

Otherwise, the entrance is the same and it is here you will come across
a ghost whose rest has been disturbed by Terikan as well as the other
of this Dwarven Resting Place who walk and do Terikan's bidding. It is up to you
to lay them to rest and to do so, you will have to defeat Terikan on his own
turf. A task that may not be very easy for some but I shall do my best to guide
you through it as I did when I first went through these darkened passages.

Speak with Norlinor and learn what you can of Terikan as well as what happened
Dorn's Deep many ages past and when you are ready, step forward through one of
the passages and let us begin your venture into the heart of Terikan's Lair and
slay this foul undead sorcerer!

DORN'S DEEP LVL 3 - Terikan's Tomb LVL 1

Crypts line the walls of this resting place as do the walking dead who will move
in to stop you from getting any further. My dwarven Cleric screamed at the top
his lungs to his deity and vowed to avenge those who had been woken from their
eternal slumber, raising his holy symbol high he spat the words to return the
dead to wence they came! Skeletons exploded, their bones rattled across the
flagstone floor while Zombies kept their distance. Tears strolled down my
friends face as he asked those in the front lines to use crushing weapons, as
to disfigure his comrades any more than needed. Nodding their head in respect,
swords were changes to clubs, war hammers and maces as the Zombies were taken
care of. The fury in my companions eyes roared and I knew that he would be the
one would would deal Terikan his final death blow!

Directly up the stairs of this Tomb you will encounter Terikan for the first
time, who will blast you down with his magics and summoned, animated dead
he will continue to send your way. Deal with him quickly for the longer you
the more undead he will animate and bring into the battle, protecting him and
prolonging his exposure to weaken your party.

As soon as he has been dropped, be nimble and be quick to search the crypts near
by as some items may very well help you in defeating Terikan and his foul
minions. A rough hand touched mine as I reached for the first crypt, my dwarven
companion looked me hard in the eye knowing that to loot would only disrespect
him and his people who were laid to rest here. It is up to you if you wish to
loot the places that the dwarves now rest, especially if you have a dwarf in
party. For respect to my companion, I left the items behind and helped him
restore the lids to their proper positions and returned the bones of the
skeletons as well as the zombies back to their resting place before heading

The only item that my dwarven companion would let me take was TERIKAN'S KEY,
which you will need also to open the door before you and gain entry into his
Inner Tomb where the final battle will take place.

If you loot, don't take long for Terikan will return and you will have to battle
him again and this will continue until you finally defeat him. For that, we will
get to next.

As for strategy, I really didn't have one except that I attacked him with
everything I had, surrounding his undead form and hacked away. Arrows are
on undead for they deal no bashing damage so you're just wasting your arrows.
in there, mix it up, take some hard earned damage and don't be a pussy wart by
using ranged weapons for every battle. Ranged weapons is a sign of a coward, so
hope your whole party isn't equipped with them. My dwarven companion turned the
undead that Terikan brought forth so the only threat was Terikan himself, who
quickly dispatched by the swing of a good fighters weapon and strength while my
mage sat back and watched, for Terikan has a high resistance to magic.

DORN'S DEEP LVL 3 - Terikan's Tomb LVL 2

You have just found the Inner Tomb to Terikan's Lair, where other resting places
also await thy exploration and battle vetraned warriors. Terikan can be found at
the very end of the chamber, but I suggest you explore each little crypt chamber
on either side of the hallway and of course, always be quick to look for traps
that are out to harm thee! Within the little crypts you will find treasure that
will help you in the battle ahead, as well as helpful items needed to slay
Terikan once and for all. If you recall, Norlinor spoke of TERIKAN'S PHYLACTERY
which must be taken to Jamoth's Tomb when Terikan has been dropped by the party
and by doing this, will stop him from regaining his power from the Phylactery
returning to fight you over and over again.

Now, to retrieve TERIKAN'S PHYLACTERY you have to make your way up the hallway
the forth crypt on your left side and I suggest you check Terikan's Inner Tomb
Enlarged Map for the exact details and location to this item so you aren't
wandering around getting yourself waxed by his evil minions. I found you are
to very easily sneak your way forward and explore the crypts up to the forth one
without Terikan spotting you and sending in his swarm of undead to assault you.

The third tomb on the left side has a Greater Mummy nested inside which you
should be ready for and also have some Cure Disease potions and spells on the
ready in case one or more party members is touched by this foul creature. Send
him back to wence he came and prepare thyself for the final battle against
Terikan after you've snagged TERIKAN'S PHYLACTERY.

Other items of interest within the smaller crypts is EVAYNE'S JOURNAL who is the
daughter of Larrel within The Severed Hand, the Lich who sent you here in the
first place. As always, he is interested in knowing the final moments of his
daughter and by handing over EVAYNE'S JOURNAL or at least the telling of it,
gain your party some extra experience with Larrel.

Upon the death of Terikan and after you take TERIKAN'S PHYLACTERY to Jamoth's
Tomb, return to speak with Norlinor and tell him that Terikan and his minions
have been put to rest, in which he will thank you for a job well done which will
gain your party some well rounded experience and also tell you where the FORGE
KEY can be attained.

You will also notice that the area itself has been brought back to how it once
was as the forge now burns a bright, firey red and within this forge you can
the FORGE KEY that will get you past the locked door within Terikan's Inner Tomb
and also take you to our next Chapter, Chapter 5.

On your way back to the door that will lead you to Wyrm's Tooth, your
will be stopped by two very large Bronze Sentries who will do their best to bare
you from going onward and it is best your front lines be wielding at least
weapons of +2 or better to do any damage. Mages within thy party will have a
time doing any damage to these Bronze Sentries for as the Lich Terikan, their
magic resistance is high. Honestly, I didn't find them any problems and I bested
them with my front line very quickly so I could continue to journey and
in solving the mysteries I had been sent out to find the answers for.

And like myself, you are ready to do the same so let us turn the page to Chapter

DORN'S DEEP - The Quests

The main quest within Chapter 4 spans the remaining two chapters as well and
is the quest to find all six badges which is the key to giving you entrance to
the final and last battle that will complete your adventure and give you the
answers as to who and what is behind all of this. The badges that can be found
Chapter 4 will be listed and because it is an ongoing quest between three
chapters, make sure you don't miss any because you'll be pulling your hair out
you do!

BADGE'S QUEST [story advancement / major quest]

1ST Badge

This is found within Dorn's Deep LVL 2 on Krilag, an Orog Chieftain

SAABLIC-TAN'S QUEST [story advancement / badge quest]

Saablic-Tan can be found on Dorn's Deep LVL 2 and is an Umber Hulk who will be
the first to introduce you to the major quest of finding all six badges and will
give you the location of the 1st badge you will find on Krilag, an Orog
Kill Krilag and return to Saablic-Tan for your reward and more information.

NORLINOR'S QUEST [story advancement]

Norlinor can be found at The Entrance to Terikan's Tomb and is a ghost who's
spirit cannot leave the material plane because Terikan has made all those
within the Tomb to return as undead and serve him. Fortunately for Norlinor, he
resides outside of the Tomb and has some semblance of his true form and because
of this, he has asked you to help him lay his brothers and sisters to rest by
slaying Terikan. Upon doing so, return to Norlinor for the location to the FORGE
KEY as well as gain some experience for the deed.

FORGE KEY [chapter finale]

The FORGE KEY is used on the door where you finally defeated Terikan and will
unlock it so you can begin Chapter 5.

WYRM'S TOOTH - About Wyrm's Tooth

The icy chill of the northern winds cut through Wyrm's Tooth like a sharp blade
that slices through to the very bone of those who travel to these reaches.
in time are the cliffs, waterfalls and the life that dwells around these snow
covered mountain cliffs. Following in the death of Terikan the Lich from Dorn's
Deep your party will arrive here, in Wyrm's Tooth who's secrets lay beneath the
very layers of snow and ice waiting to be discovered. I found this chapter to be
the shortest of all and had very little difficulty in completing the quests that
await thee. So without further notice, let us take a look at this icy world
as Wyrm's Tooth.

WYRM'S TOOTH - The Icy Outskirts

Ice Trolls, Greater Snow Trolls and Peak Yeti's will greet you with a snarl and
slash of their sharp claws as your party steps foot onto the snowy banks of
Wyrm's Tooth so do make sure you have some Burning Hand spells ready to lay the
final death blow on the Greater Snow Trolls. The Ice Trolls and Peak Yeti's will
not prove to be very difficult at all for neither need to be laid to rest by
or acid like the aforementioned Greater Snow Trolls and moving about for your
party should be like a walk in the park. As for the strewn and dead bodies
around everywhere, rather than spoiling it, this you will learn as you explore
Wyrm's Tooth.

Wyrm's Tooth is broken down to two parts. The first is the Museum located in the
centre of Wyrm's Tooth, a Museum full of frozen fish and sea mammals which can
clearly seen through the layer of ice that makes their grave. Although there is
machine that is obviously keeping the museum frozen along with its occupants, I
could not get this machine to reverse its effects and unfreeze the museum.
Regardless, I was still able to continue on with my journey and complete Wyrm's
Tooth and I'm not sure the effects are reversible to begin with.

Now the museum is broken down into two parts. The Upper Museum and the Lower
Museum, each having a part in the story that is told within Wyrm's Tooth and
get to that in a minute.

Besides the Museum, we have Joril's Lair, a frozen, icy cavern full of Frost
Giants, Wyrm's and even a dragon's skeleton which spans two caverns across and
was obviously slain long ago. Joril's Lair can only be reached by crossing the
bridge at the bottom left of the map but you'll need the BOOK OF BRIDGES from
Lower Museum to fix it first, which ties the Museum into the rest of the story
and we'll look at that next.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Upper Museum

The museum is a place frozen in time and as you explore its rooms, you will
realize that it once was a beautiful aquatic aquarium full of colourful fish and
coral reefs. Now frozen, these underwater creatures remain in a stasis and I was
never able to change this by any means, even though there is a machine that is
obviously keeping the museum cold and frozen for the Frost Salamanders that now
make it their home. Even without the use of the machine, I always wondered why a
whale would be in the middle of the Spine of the World where it is cold all year
round. Anyhow, rather than getting all worked up on this let me get back to the
point of why you are here and that's to get some help in thy journey.

Entering the Upper Museum I thought for sure I was going to get attacked by the
Frost Salamanders guarding the entrance but I was wrong. I guess being born as a
Frost Salamander freezed their brains just like their surroundings and they'll
tell you to go visit their leader, which I did to save me the hassle of fighting
them and those within. This approach works well and will not only save you time
in having to fight everyone at the beginning, but also speed up your journey and
get you to the last and final chapter sooner than expected.

Kerish is the leader of the Frost Salamanders, who upon your approach will think
you work for Marketh, another name in the chain of power that has spanned and
plagued Kuldahar and the problems within the region and someone you should take
note of because you'll be meeting him soon enough. Frost Salamanders, Greater
Trolls and Winter Wolves dot the Upper Museum and also follow Kerish so you need
not worry about them attacking you just yet.

Now Kerish is not the brightest fellow and you will learn this as you speak with
him for he continues to blurt out information that he shouldn't as well as tells
you why there are so many dead bodies outside laying around in the snow. Now
of the slaves have escaped the foul beasts that you had to kill to get to the
museum and Kerish will also tell you where they are, a place that is too warm
his sentries and guards to enter and this is where things get interesting.

You can do two things. You can do Kerishs' bidding by removing the slaves from
the Lower Museum and killing them or you can accept but then turn and backstab
Kerish by getting the slaves to safety. If you're role playing, do what you see
fit for your own party and liking, but if you want as much experience as you can
get, you'll want to free the slaves from the Lower Museum and get them to

Now the slaves didn't revolt on their own, they had the help of their leader,
Kerish also wants slain and that very person would be Vera, who is hiding out in
the Upper Museum out of the way of the foul beasts that are roaming its
Vera organized everything and is worried for the slaves who are in the Lower
Museum for they have no food and need her help to escape, but she can't get
anywhere with the Frost Salamander patrols everywhere. Since Kerish thinks you
are working for Marketh, you are free to move about as you wish and it is Vera
who will ask that you help her get the slaves to safety.

You can do either quest, that is up to you but just make sure you get the BOOK
BRIDGES that is on Soth, a slave in the Lower Museum because you will need this
to cross the bridge and get to Joril's Lair. Once you have this book, you are
free to free the slaves or kill them all.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Lower Museum

The sound of suffering and the smell of it too will waft to your noses as your
party enters the Lower Museum where the remaining slaves have run off and hid
the place you needed to go to complete your quest. Now before doing anything,
talk to the slaves and hear their side of the story, which might very well
your mind on completing Kerish's quest to slay and rid the slaves and their
leader from Wyrm's Tooth.

Soth, a slave who has been reading books while down in the Lower Museum has come
across a BOOK ON BRIDGES which you will need to cross the broken bridge and to
reach Joril's Lair. Once you have gotten the BOOK ON BRIDGES, you are free to
kill all the slaves or free them.

Killing them is the easy part and once you've done that, return to Kerish for
your reward. You will also need to kill Vera, the leader of the slaves and she
can be found in the Upper Museum and upon her death, return to Kerish for your
reward. Now you get more experience for getting the slaves out of there and if
that is what you wish to do, you will need to speak with Gareth instead of
killing the slaves.

Gareth knows the Frost Salamanders situation and knows that the Lower Museum is
too warm for the Frost Salamanders and Kerish to enter but he also realizes that
they have no food and they will only be able to last a short while longer.
way, they are dead in Kerish's hands and dead staying in the Lower Museum.

Gareth will tell you that Kerish is holding the CHAMBER KEY, the key that they
need to open the chamber door to allow them to escape Wyrm's Tooth and Kerish's
clutches. Doing this is pretty straight forward and very easy since Kerish is
both stupid and afraid of those working for Marketh and he will give you the
CHAMBER KEY just as long as you tell him you will not let them escape. Upon
this, the key is yours.

Do know, that once you do free the slaves and let them escape to safety that
Kerish and his guards in the Upper Museum will now be hostile towards you and
attack you on sight. Frost Salamanders, Greater Ice Trolls and Winter Wolves
greet you when you return as you battle your way back to Kresik to slay and give
him a little frost bite from thyself!

If you've opted to free the slaves, you'll want to return to Vera to get more
experience who is waiting for you to find out if you were successful in getting
the slaves out from the Lower Museum. Battle your way to her to let her know.

WYRM'S TOOTH - Joril's Lair

The wooden bridge to cross the chasm and enter Joril's Lair must first be fixed.
Its creeking and swaying support planks will not hold the party if they attempt
to cross it without fixing it first. That of course is done by finding and using
the BOOK ON BRIDGES which can be found in the Lower Museum on Soth, a slave
hiding out there from the Frost Salamanders and Kerish who resides in the Upper
Museum. With this book, your party will be able to fix the bridge and make it
crossable so you can enter Joril's Lair and proceed in thy journey!

There are two caverns within Joril's Lair, one being the Lair of the Frost
that Joril leads and the other a cavern full of Yeti, Greater Snow Trolls and an
Auril priestess named Kontik who has come to get revenge on Lysan, the Auril
priestess you killed back in Chapter 1 for Kresselack. My route while doing this
solution was upon entering Joril's Lair, I went through the small opening that
lead to the cavern I have just described and it's the one I will go into detail
first on this part of the solution.

In this icy and chilling cavern is where, as mentioned above, you will come
across Kontik, the Auril priestess who has come to get revenge for your murder
Lysan and she is not alone in her bidding as her followers, Black Ice Knights,
will defend her to the best of their ability. Now for quick results, I highly
suggest you explore this cavern all around fully and kill the foul beasts that
will no doubt get your party into trouble if you leave them be. Slay all the
you come across as well as Winter Wolves and Greater Snow Trolls before you walk
underneath the skeleton of the dragon to confront Kontik the Auril priestess. I
say this because when I first came here, I didn't explore the entire cavern and
during the battle against Kontik and her Black Ice Knights, I exposed the five
six Yeti just off to the right of where Kontik could be found and before I knew
it, I had a slew of Yeti, Kontik and her four Black Ice Knights on me. Of
I didn't last very long and I had to reload and remove that threat before I took
on Kontik.

Kontik for starters isn't a push over the way Lysan was and she's pretty tough
take down while her Black Ice Knights are cutting their way through your front
lines, but with enough effort and Monster Summoning cast behind the Black Ice
Knights, I soon had her number along with her followers. Now that the snow was
stained with her blood and her followers, searching behind her proved to be well
worth the effort indeed as magical items of power awaited me as well as the PURE
WATER, one of the three items that Valestis asked me to find from The Severed
Hand to help bring back his atrium to its former glory.

Once you have cleared this cavern of foul beasts, you can either return to the
entrance you came through or go through the other one at the top right from
you slew Kontik the Auril priestess. Either way, each opening will take you to
the Frost Giants and to where Joril is and it is where you should go next
it is here that Joril holds the 2ND BADGE which you will need later on in this

Joril is a jolly old soul and a jolly old soul is he and is more friendly than
hostile and doesn't really give much fright to those who look up, look way up to
his hard carved facial features. At first glance, Frost Giants are intimidating
but once again, much like our Frost Salamander friend Kerish and his men, they
not attack you at first sight. This of course puts you and your party at an
advantage, being allowed to roam freely through their lair and explore it fully
so you know what to expect but its building the story this way as well. You see,
Joril is also afraid of this person they keep noting as Marketh and it is
they would rather speak with you than fight someone who they think is working
Marketh. Once again, I used this to my advantage and when you speak with Joril,
give him the impression you are working for Marketh and do everything in your
social power to attain the 2ND BADGE without any confrontation. This will earn
you lots of experience and also allow your party to walk out of Joril's Lair
without a fight against the Frost Giants that Joril leads.

Once you've gained the 2ND BADGE, you will want to make your way to the slave
pens where a good number of human slaves are being held and also being
by Joril to Frostbite, a nasty and foul looking Wyrm who resides in Joril's
Joril feeds the captured salves to Frostbite and his pack of Wyrms to keep the
Wyrms happy and out of the Frost Giants hair, a mutual agreement that works for
both parties, except for the slaves who become a meal once a day.

This arrangement has Davin, one of the slaves, worried because every day,
from the slave pens are taken away and fed to the Wyrms which he wants no part
of. Davin will do anything to save the rest of the slaves but he needs your help
to do so. First of all, avenging those who have been eaten by Frostbite the Wyrm
is asked of you, although not in its direct fashion, but you'll get the general
idea that your swords will be swinging and your magic will be weaving. Killing
Frostbite and his pack of Wyrm's didn't prove difficult for me at all and do
sure that once the battle is complete, you check their lair very, very
I would have walked away from the hidden treasures that lay beneath the straw if
I hadn't moved my mouse by mistake and noticed the grabbing hand going for
something. Once Frostbite and his Wyrm's have been taken care of, return to
with Davin and of course, to gain some experience.

Now that Frostbite and his pack of Wyrm's have been taken care of, freeing Davin
and the rest of the slaves is next, which he will also ask of you to do. The
thing about this is he speaks of the entrance to the cavern where Kontik the
Auril priestess was and how that cavern leads to an exit that leaves Joril's
Lair. Since that cavern has already been cleared by you, if you've followed this
solution step by step, all you will have to do is take care of the single Frost
Giant guard who is watching that very exit to the cavern. Simple enough indeed.
If you haven't cleared out the cavern where Kontik the Auril priestess resides,
do so, then return to Davin and kill the single Frost Giant guard.

If you're interested in killing all the Frost Giants within Joril's Lair but
don't want to have to put up getting any of your party members hurt, simply
attacking them before you free the slaves. Put your party inside of the slave
and take one party member out to engage in a fight and lead those Frost Giants
back to the slave pen. With your party inside the slave pen already, have your
party member leading the Frost Giants return and join the rest of your party.
Since Davin is blocking the slave pen entrance and the Frost Giants are too big
to pass along side of Davin, you now have the Frost Giants circling the slave
pen. Pull out your bows and start casting thy magic. Continue doing this until
all Frost Giants are dead and collect your loot.

So by now, you've gotten the 2ND BADGE and have freed the slaves and either left
the Frost Giants alone or totally cleaned them out and as short as Chapter 5
there is still plenty of adventure, fortune and fame to be found within our last
chapter, Chapter 6, The Lower Dorn.

WYRM'S TOOTH - The Quests

The main quest within Chapter 5 spans from Chapter 4 and well into Chapter 6 and
that is the quest to find all six badges which is the key to giving you entrance
to the final and last battle that will complete your adventure and give you the
answers as to who and what is behind all of this. The badges that can be found
Chapter 5 will be listed and because it is an ongoing quest between three
chapters, make sure you don't miss any because you'll be pulling your hair out
you do!

BADGE'S QUEST [story advancement / major quest]

2ND Badge

This is found within Wyrm's Tooth - Joril's Lair on Joril, a Frost Giant Leader.

KERISH'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option one]

The Frost Salamander leader is looking for some assistance in removing the
found within the Lower Museum due to the fact that the temperature there is too
warm for Kerish or his gathering to enter and take care of it themselves.
Although you will be doing the bidding of one who you may not rather do the
bidding for, this quest is still available to those who wish to kill the slaves
rather than save them. Along with killing the slaves, Kerish also wants the
leader of the slaves slain as well, who is none other than Vera, who is hiding
out in the Upper Museum.

Doing this quest has its draw backs, most notably less experience than you'd
receive if you saved the slaves and there is a good chance you may kill Soth,
has the BOOK ON BRIDGES and if he is killed, there is a good chance you will not
get this item. The BOOK OF BRIDGES is needed to gain entry into Joril's Lair and
without it, you won't be going anywhere.

So remember, if you take Kerish up on his quest, before you kill the slaves,
to Soth and get the BOOK OF BRIDGES and then go on your killing spree.

Return to speak with Kerish once the slaves are all killed and Vera is laying on
the cold floor of the museum.

VERA'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option two]

Vera is the slave leader and the leader that Kerish wants dead, if you accept
quest before you accept Vera's. What Vera wants of you is to free the slaves,
something she herself cannot do because Kerishs' men are all over the Museum
looking for her. Since you have the ability to roam as you wish, freeing the
slaves yourself for Vera is her next best option and taking this quest rather
than the one offered by Kerish will give you more experience than the latter.

When you've freed the slaves from the Lower Museum, return to Vera for your
experience and to let her know the slaves have been set free.

DAVIN'S QUEST [story advancement / slave quest / option two]

Davin's quest will only happen if you yourself decide you want to free the
rather than killing them as Kerish would ask of you. Davin understands that
although the slaves have gotten away, they have no food and sooner or later they
will either die from starvation or die returning to Kerish. Neither option is
very good to Davin and he asks that you retrieve the CHAMBER KEY from Kerish so
it can be used to get the slaves out and to freedom.

Speak with Kerish and retrieve the CHAMBER KEY noting that you will not let the
slaves escape, then return to Davin and free the slaves.

By doing this, all of Kerish's Frost Salamanders, Greater Snow Trolls and Winter
Wolves will be on the look out for you and attack you on sight. Battle your way
to Vera and let her know the slaves are free, then clean house and kill all
within the Upper Museum, including Kerish.

BROKEN BRIDGE [story advancement]

Although this is not a quest given to you by anyone, it is something you will
need to do if you plan on retrieving the 2ND BADGE from Joril's Lair. To do
you will need to fix and then cross the bridge that is located at the bottom
portion of Wyrm's Tooth but first you will need to acquire the BOOK OF BRIDGES
from Soth, who is located in the Lower Museum. Get the book and then return to
the bridge to use it so you will be able to cross and fight the foul creatures
that reside on the other side!

THE LOWER DORN - About Lower Dorn

Greetings brave warrior, 'tis a good sight for sore eyes to see you have made it
thus far in thy journey for adventure, fortune and fame. Thy wounds look deep,
but wounds of a veteran and one that is very close at completing the journey you
embarked on so many moons ago back in Easthaven. Please, walk with me for a
so we can reflect on where you've been and how you've gotten to this very point.
Yes, yes. This way. Come along now.

This is the final chapter, you do realize that correct? I hope so, for your
because what we are going to face together will put you through the test of
strength, dexterity, wisdom and intelligence. I should not forget about
constitution either for it will be your very will to take a beating that will
you through this foul and evil place. Charisma you ask? You won't need a smile
and a wink of thy eye to get you through this part. I assure thee!

Art thou happy with thy weapons? You will surely need a good blade as well as
powerful magics to ease thy journey into the heart of this final chapter and I
hope you are ready. Let us begin...

The Lower Dorn is quite the place and even I was taken back by its vast size and
network of tunnels and underground chambers that had me scratching my head a few
times as to what went where and how I got there in the first place. For you
though, all the maps will be easily marked, as they have been in this solution
since the start, so without further delay, let me guide you through the final
chapter of Icewind Dale!

THE LOWER DORN - Into its depths

Molten rock will bubble and glow a devils red as you enter this place, blasts of
heat will singe thy hair and burn thy skin if you walk too closely to the large
vats that are scattered between rivers of melted metal and mining tracks.

'tis a perfect place for Fire Salamanders to walk along and whip the Gnome
into shape or perhaps rip out their tongue if they step out of line. Ordered
around by the Tarnished Sentry's, the Fire Salamanders patrol the grounds
for any type of trouble and of course, you are like an alarm going off when you
step forth to challenge them.

Casting Protection from Fire by your Cleric or multiple ones if you have, will
not only help keep the heat from bothering thy skin, but also keep you protected
from the fire blasts from the Fire Salamanders while you battle them up close.
They shouldn't be much of a problem for thy party and if they are, I suggest you
look yourself long and hard in the mirror and ask thyself if you are ready for
the challenges that lay ahead.

The Tarnished Sentry's will not sit back and watch their patrols go to work on
your party and will also join the fray, drawing their bows and launching a slew
of arrows in your general direction but don't let that fool you. Although
for using a bow, they can hold their own up close just as well and deal some
fairly deadly blows on weaker members of thy party. Step around them carefully
during thy battles.

As your party continues to stumble across Fire Salamander after Fire Salamander,
eventually you will make your way to the doors of Marketh's Keep, where a short
little male halfling fellow named Seth will greet you, asking about your
in the Lower Dorn as well as if you have papers stating your reasons for being
here. Unfortunately, I had no such papers and if there are any that got you past
the situation that happens next, please e-mail me and fill me in. You'll get
credit for it in this solution as always.

Seth shook his head as I told him I had no papers and his jaw clenched as he
pointed a small, stubby finger at my general direction. "Attack them!" he
and I then realized I had possibly walked right into a trap as thieves began to
appear all around me, their blades glistening in the molten rivers of metal that
ran from the giant vats near by.

Now this was unexpected for myself and my party, which got careless in their
approach and I was lucky to still have my mage standing after the battle as many
of the thieves targeted him first and chased him down. If it were not for the
invisibility spell he had memorized, he would have hit the dirt very quickly.

The thieves appeared all along the bridge and to each and every side of my
which made this battle very dangerous as my route to escape, if I needed one,
now blocked and using any type of offensive radius spell proved useless. That
was, until I recalled the Protection from Fire cast before to protect me from
fire blasts of the Fire Salamanders.

After all the thieves had gone after my fighters when my mage vanished, it was
mage who returned the surprise to them as he began to weave his hands and casted
two fireballs into the circle of thieves around my desperate party. Fire danced
everywhere and it was only the thieves who took damage as the rest of my party
laughed in glee as one by one, the thieves fell to the licking, hot flames of

Seth will vanish and if you follow him, he'll lead you into the Atrium but more
on that later.

It's not all foul beasts and men coming out of the shadows to lay the beats on
you as you'll come across a young girl by the name of Fengla who sadly happens
have her tongue cut out. She's very helpful, even though she doesn't say much
will hand over the WATCH TOWER KEY which you will obviously need to enter the
towering Watch Tower that you found her near.

Fengla was on her way to deliver food to the archers in the Watch Tower but
rather than going up once again to get some action with the male archers, she
opts to move into the shadows and vanish, leaving you to the dirty work which
should make you smile as it's your turn to show those male archers it isn't
to fool around with a young little girl!

Now I found this battle to be pretty difficult not because of the archers in
general, but because of the limited space I had to move around. With an archer
the tower floor then more running up along the stairs to the floor above, I had
to kill each one before I was able to get to the other. I'm sure you could knit
pick your way around them if you wanted to but I couldn't be bothered. I
had to reload this a few times because my mage kept on getting waxed by the very
top archer who had a damn good shot! Eventually, with a few helpful spells known
as Haste, Bless and Prayer, the archers were mine for the taking.

You can rest on the second floor safely and I did so more than once, otherwise I
didn't find much use for the Watch Tower after this.

This part of the Lower Dorn has many exits to other parts of the Dorn, those
being the Elevator down to the Lower Mines, the entrance to The Atrium, one
leading into the Upper Mines and another that takes you to The Twisting Streets
that lay just before Malavon's Keep. Check The Lower Dorn Enlarged Map for more

I found no traps here.

THE LOWER DORN - Upper Mines

The sound of pick axes ringing off the rock face deep within the mines tunnels
can be heard as Gnomish Slaves work day in and day out, digging their way
the earth to find new resources for those who have enslaved them. Do thy best to
help any if you can, but keep your mind on the cause for within these very mines
are the 3RD BADGE and 4TH BADGE which can be found on the Priest Maiden Ilmadia
and Brother Harken respectively. Finding them won't be a problem.

Now here is also where you will find Guello, a Ruby Priest that was captured by
Markeths henchmen Seth and thrown into the mines to work with the other slaves
and fortunately, he still has his tongue and will be able to speak with you when
you find him. Guello will ask a small favour from you and that is to kill the
Salamander King Shikata and his kin who are watching over the slaves and Guello
within the mines. An easy task for such brave warriors such as yourself yes?
Fairly so and I had absolutely no trouble at all with Shikata or his pals who
reside in this area. Once Shikata and all the other Fire Salamanders are slain,
return to speak with Guello for your reward.

Once you've cleared out this area, move on to the next. There were no traps to
found here.

THE LOWER DORN - Upper Mines:
Maiden Ilmadia's Lair

Priestess Maiden Ilmadia resides here along with her fellow followers of Fire
Giants who were sent by Maiden Ilmadia to keep the Fire Salamanders in line, who
also dot these parts of the Upper Mines and who will attack you on sight. Swing
thy blade through their burning scales and drop them to the very dirt and
continue on thy way. Just like the Frost Giants back in Joril's Lair, the Fire
Giants in Maiden Ilmadia's Lair will not attack you, at least not just yet. You
can speak with one of them to get directions to Maiden Ilmadia so you can go
a little word with her and of course, to attain the 3RD BADGE which she holds.

This battle is a major pain in the rear, or at least I found as I continued to
get waxed by the wolf pack tactics used by Maiden Ilmadia and her ever so hot
headed Fire Giants who, as you may recall, were friendly to us before, have now
turned against us. The wolf pack tactics are very simplistic and they work well
for a party that isn't very well prepared for the battle at hand, which I was
when I first came to speak with Maiden Ilmadia. First of all, all the Fire
that are near by will flock to Maiden Ilmadia to aid her in putting you out of
business, which they do an excellent job as they cross the wooden bridges and
come from behind.

The first time around, I was not at all prepared for that due to the fact all
foul beasts before hand were pretty stupid. If they didn't see you, they didn't
come knocking. I ask myself, where was this great tactic during the rest of the
game? It would have kept everyone from pulling out each monster one by one
the game and it's disappointing to play a game where the AI is just so lame.
time though, I give them full credit for using the surroundings to their
advantage. That's when I had to begin to think out my own plan of attack as well
as defensive positions for this battle.

First of all, cast Haste. Although all your party members will need to rest
afterwards, it's one spell that is a great help in times like these. Second, add
Bless and Prayer to your party, two excellent spells that will help you during
the battle. Third, Monster Summoning 1,2,3 and Elemental Summoning are very
helpful since before you speak with Maiden Ilmadia, you can place them at the
of each bridge. As the Fire Giants come to Maiden Ilmadia's aid, they'll have to
battle through your summoned creatures first.

With that done and laid out, I spoke with Maiden Ilmadia and got myself ready
a large scale battle of blood, which I hoped was not going to be mine!

One member of my party immediately went after Maiden Ilmadia while a second and
third took care of the two Fire Giants that are situated near her during the
dialog and afterwards. The fourth and fifth armed with bows, launched arrows at
the Fire Giants battling on the bridge, one attacking either side. Last, my mage
began weaving like a mad man and I dealt out everything I could to the bridge on
the right side for it is here a very large slew of Fire Giants come from.
Remember, Fire Giants are resistant to any fire damage, so use cold based
if you can to deal a greater amount of damage.

When the two Fire Giants that were close to Maiden Ilmadia were dropped, my
second and third party members helped finish Maiden Ilmadia off then immediately
went to patrol the bridges and finish off any Fire Giants that made it through
the monsters I had summoned. The two members using bows continued to launch
arrows into the fray and I had my last party member, my mage, do some house
cleaning and picked up all the items I could while the battle was taking place.
Being inside of the shack, the remaining Fire Giants simply attacked my fighters
rather than going after my weakest character as many foul beasts like to do.

Gave my blades a good cleaning of their blood and wrapped it up.

Don't forget to grab the 3RD BADGE which is on Maiden Ilmadia's corpse for you
will be needing this!

THE LOWER DORN - Upper Mines: The Idol

         This is an interesting room and one should also note, the room where
six badges will be used to gain use of the stairs that lead upward so you'll be
coming back here in good time. Since we're here already though, I didn't think
was reasonable for me to skip this part and save it for the very end and doing
this now isn't going to make much of a difference if you saved it for later.
You're here so clean it out!

You will be greeted by Bone Guard Skeletons, Greater Mummies, Zombie Lords which
are scattered through the room and crystal like formations which surround bodies
caught in the stasis within. You'll also be introduced to a nice looking Idol
will either annoy you or not be an issue altogether.

For myself, the Idol was simply nothing to get worked up about even after I had
come across a good amount of messages regarding the Idol and how difficult this
room was, it wasn't as difficult as people were making it out to be. Now from
what I've heard, the Idol is the source of these foul undead creatures and
continues to bring them back to life and send them back to fight you over and
over again until you kill the Idol. I never experienced such a thing and the
Greater Mummy's in the room caused more of a threat to my party than anything
else for the spells they cast I had no protection from. Symbol of Pain for one
which sent wracks of pain through my characters and another one that left a few
of my party members immobile, leaving them as an open target to the Zombie Lords
who shuffled slowly towards them. Fortunately, I didn't lose anyone as my mage
brought forth Summoned Creatures and Summoned Elementals to help defend my
unmoving party members.

My clerics ran around casting Protection from Fire on everyone who was immobile
because the Greater Mummy's just unleashed blast after blast of fire explosions
on the unmoving party members along with Symbol of Pain gave me a headache while
I battled them with my two Clerics and my Mage. All my fighters were unable to
move which only slowed things down. It's not a fun battle when you have three
Greater Mummy's blasting you over and over again which were my main concern and
target during the battle. Remove the Greater Mummy's and you remove the majority
of the threat.

By the time my fighters were able to move again, I was thankful no one had died
and that I was able to slay the three Greater Mummy's which left the Zombie
to be dealt with by a very weakened front line of fighters. My mage had used all
his spells and my Clerics had nothing left in terms of healing because they kept
the fighters alive when they were unable to move. By now, all that was left was
this silly looking Idol just near the stairs, which I had my fighters take care
of quickly, which results in all the crystal stasis that surround the people in
the room to become undone.

Set free are Brother Harken, Sister Incylia, Brother Adson and Brother Perdien
which I suggest you speak to each and everyone of them and learn what has
happened as well as what has been going on and how they got there. Learn as much
as you can and get the 4TH BADGE from Brother Harken who will hand it over to
as he explains the situation of what became of him after he left Easthaven.

Once you've done all you can, prepare thyself as we head to explore The Lower
Dorn - Lower Mines.

THE LOWER DORN - Lower Mines

         The Lower Mines are gotten to by going down the elevator from above in
The Lower Dorn, which takes you down into a very large chamber full of crystals
and of course, Gnomish Slaves who are working as hard as they can to meet their
deadlines. It is here that you will meet a talkative Gnome named Tarnelm who
greet you as you come off the elevator and of course, he's a little skeptical of
your party, but once you assure him you're not working for anyone and are there
to help them, he will ask something of you. That will be to get some FOOD for
himself and the other working slaves for they have not been fed for some days
are very hungry, telling you that food can be found in the Palace of Durdel
Anatha. As well as the FOOD, Tarnelm wants you to kill all the Fire Salamanders
above and when you've done both of these, return and speak with him so he can
give you more information and another quest to complete.

Seems like there are Umber Hulks in the area searching for the hidden Gnomish
Outpost and Tarnelm fears that sooner or later these search parties will
definitely break through the earth and into the Gnomish Outpost and kill the
remaining Gnomes who have not been made slaves. Tarnelm asks for you to search
the Chamber for these Umber Hulks and take note of the walls for any cracks
a possible Umber Hulk has been.

If you haven't taken note of the Rhinoceros Beetles and Umber Hulks in the area,
you will want to rid these foul beasts before you start your search for the
burrowing Umber Hulks and the Gnomish Outpost. Deal with this threat now because
you certainly don't want those Rhinoceros Beetles attacking you when you come
across the burrowing Umber Hulks as they burst out from the very chamber wall.

Now if you're having trouble finding where these Umber Hulks burst out from,
check the Lower Dorn - Lower Mines Enlarged Map for more details as to where you
should take your party to find these burrowing Umber Hulks. There are nine Umber
Hulks that you will have to deal with and could cause you some trouble if all
your fighters end up getting confused and attack other party members.
you will have to defeat them all, so do your best and then return to speak with

When you're ready, return to where the Umber Hulks burst out and let's go visit
this hidden Gnomish Outpost Tarnelm was speaking of.

THE LOWER DORN - Gnomish Settlement

         The warm glow of hanging, multi-coloured lanterns will set you at ease
and relax you as you step forth into the Gnomish Settlement hidden away from the
trouble and foul evil you have crossed in your journey to the Lower Dorn. The
Gnomish Settlement is safe from all prying ears and you can rest within a
building a short walk away and rest thy wounds, memorize thy spells and prepare
to continue thy journey. Of course, the Gnomish Settlement holds more than just
nice relaxing place to rest as there are few people one can speak with while
moving through the small settlement.

Most namely is the Dark Elf Nym, a merchant from the Underdark who has made her
way through those twisting passages and traded with those she has come across
now she stands before you with all her goods. This is a great place to stack up
on goods for you will want as much as possible when the last battle arrives for
running out of arrows will do an archer no good and plenty of arrows does Nym
have. Besides her goods, she has a very interesting story to tell and one I will
not spoil here. What you do after you've learned the information she has is
totally up to you.

Nym also has two quest items that you will want to grab if you took the quest
from The Severed Hand and Valestis who was looking for AN ANIMAL to repopulate
his garden at the top of the tower. Nym has two animals which you should take to
Valestis, but don't forget, you also need the PURE WATER and SEEDS, the SEEDS
be found in this chapter further down while the PURE WATER is found in the Frost
Giant's Lair within Wyrm's Tooth if you happened to miss it.

Besides Nym, there are a slew of Gnomes scattered through the settlement, each
with a little thing to say to you but the most important Gnome would be Beorn,
who was the Gnome who greeted you when you arrived at the Gnome Settlement. Once
you're done looking around and doing what you have to do, go speak with him in
the clearing where the circle of rocks are. He is suspicious of your party
though, so he will ask you to go and free Guello, a Ruby Priest within the Lower
Dorn - Upper Mines area. Now if you've already done this, simply close the
and speak with Beorn again and if you have not done this yet, head to the Lower
Dorn - Upper Mines, find Guello and return to speak with Beorn.

Situated within the Gnomish Settlement is a Gnome Smith who will make you a
shield made from the Umber Hulk and armor from the Rhinoceros Beetle hides, or
I've been told. It takes at least 10 game days for the shield and another 10
for the armor. Although I never did this, nor even found the this Gnome Smith,
you do know the location and the exact details to this, please let me know and
I'll update the solution and give you the credit.


Don't be fooled by the stunning beauty of this place. The green grass, the
flowers, even the cobble stone walkways through dancing fire flies best not put
thy mind at ease for if it does, thou shalt be fertilizer! Red Myconids, Fire
Salamanders, Bone Guard Skeletons, Blind Minattours will all be part of your
battles along side of the Shriekers that call them forth to do battle with thee!
The Red Myconids shant be a problem for your skilled veterans, but do know that
for every shriek a Shrieker makes, they call forth a wave of Fire Salamanders,
Blind Minatours and Bone Guard Skeletons to do battle with thy party. To remove
the Shriekers is to remove the waves of foul beasts sent to do battle!

In the middle of all of this are Callard and his helper who are carving a
beautiful portrait on a stone statue of Marketh and if you speak with them
and long enough, Callard will give you the very portrait they are using to carve
onto the stone statue.

Anyone figure out what to do with this portrait you receive from Callard? If so,
e-mail me and let me know and I'll update this solution and give you credit for
it. I completed the game with it still in my inventory and I never did come
across a dialog option or place that I would have had any use for it.

There are plenty of arches that your party can go through and to view them all,
check The Lower Dorn - The Atrium Enlarged Map for more details and
of where these arches lead to.

THE LOWER DORN - Marketh's Palace LVL 1

This is also known as the Palace of Durdel Anatha which Marketh has come to call
his own and it is here that Marketh and the 5TH BADGE lay as well as the
of where you can find the FOOD that Tarnelm asked you to get when you went to
Lower Dorn - Lower Mines.

First though, you will have to deal with the handful of thieves who are hiding
shadows through out the Palace as well as take care of those who are within each
room on the bottom floor before you make your way upwards to face Marketh and
retrieve the 5TH BADGE.

The first floor is very easy and there you will find Fleezum, Flozem, Ginafae
the Chef who resides in the kitchen and where you can acquire the FOOD, which is
a sack of potatoes, for Tarnelm.

Pick your way through each room and take down the foul thieves within this
complex and when thou art ready, head up those stairs like the champion and
warrior that thou are and bring Marketh to his knees!

THE LOWER DORN - Marketh's Palace LVL 2

Dotted with hidden thieves, Marketh's Palace LVL 2 is a simple walk in the park
as the only real threat is Marketh and his companion Seth, who is also hiding in
one of the rooms waiting for the chance to strike. Marketh can be found in a
by himself and I suggest it best to walk through the complex and clear it out
before you confront Marketh for there is a good chance that when you attack him,
that all the hidden thieves will appear to assist him. This is just speculation
and I'm not sure for I killed all the hiding thieves before I went to speak with

The battle itself against Marketh was pretty straight forward and as soon as the
dialog ended, I had my wack and bash team of four rush up to engage him, while
Thief shot arrows and my Mage weaved some spells. Before I knew it, he was
dropped and I got nothing in terms of bleeding wounds or worry during this
battle. That surprised me of course because I was expecting something much more
elaborant would have taken place.

I found Seth in the room next to where I found Marketh and he is sneaking around
in the shadows and I would never have found him if I didn't double check the
complex for he was in an odd place. When I first entered the room, I found
nothing, but when I returned for a routine double check, he appeared and
me. Taking him down won't be a problem for anyone in the party, just watch out
for the cursed item that will be found on him, although this item could have
random as well. Always identify items before you put them on.

Now on Marketh's corpse is the 5TH BADGE which you should obviously pick up and
take with you, the most important item on his body upon his death.

Although Marketh's Keep was relatively small and could have been larger, there
still more on the way and the last badge that you'll need will be covered next.

THE LOWER DORN - The Twisting Streets

Old buildings boarded up long ago along side of debri make this an interesting
and enjoyable trek through what seems to be a deserted underground town.
turned tables, chairs, crates, wooden planks make much of the level along with
Blind Minatours, Umber Hulks and Petrification Traps so do move about carefully.
Chances are, you're going to breeze through the streets as the Blind Minatours
fight rightly so and a few hard hits will bring them down quickly. Umber Hulks
also linger around corners and in dark alleys and the only real threat they have
is confusing your own party into attacking each other but due to the groupings,
you'll only be facing two to three at most. There are a few Umber Hulks that use
a surprise tactic of bursting out of the surrounding walls but once again,
nothing that your party should have any difficulty removing.

Now because of all the debri littered everywhere, it is a pretty good place to
put items you want hidden from others so I highly suggest you search all the
crates, barrels and other small boxes very well for I found a good amount of
scrolls here for my mage. Another very nice addition to my party was the Paladin
sword Pale Justice and if you have a Paladin in your party as I did, this is a
sword you will want to have and bring along for the final battle that you are
very close to approaching.

This sword looks like an ordinary long sword and can be found on a dead body at
dead end of an alley way, which is the one that is right behind the place where
Umber Hulks blasted out from the earth. It'll seem you can't move behind the
building but you can and there you will find the decaying body as well as Pale
Justice. If you're not totally sure of where this is, please check the Lower
Dorn - The Twisting Streets Enlarged Map for more details.

Clear the streets of any trouble and while doing so, do make sure you search for
traps because there is a real nasty one waiting for the rushed. When you feel
you've gotten everything and killed everything you could, it's time to enter
Malavon's Keep and get the 6TH BADGE.

THE LOWER DORN - Malavon's Keep

Finally! The last and final badge can be found here on Malavon and of course,
gaining it is a great challenge because of the amount of foul beasts that you
will have to slay while you battle Malavon himself! First though, this level is
simply dotted with Gnomish slaves, their tongues cut out as they work quietly by
themselves on whatever Malavon has them doing at the time of your arrival.

Now this battle is a lot of fun and I ran through it twice as I noticed the
time I needed some defensive spells to help me get to an easy victory but easy
is not, just helpful in the end.

Before you battle Malavon and speak with him, I suggest casting the following
spells if you have them at your disposal.


The added saving throw and to hit bonuses you receive from the spells mentioned
above will give your party better odds at making the saving throw against the
Umber Hulks gaze because the last thing you want are all your fighters being hit
by other party members as well as the foul beasts because they're all confused.

My mage also casted Summon Elemental and Monster Summoning 3 to help deal with
the creatures that Malavon brings into the fray and this gave me more time for
main fighter to rid Malavon's dummy, who is not really Malavon himself as
is waiting in another room.

Dimension Door, Web, Death Fog, Stinking Cloud, Flesh to Stone, Disintegrate and
other deadly spells are just a handful of those you will encounter when you meet
Malavon and he really loves to use Dimension Door as he jumps around the battle
field casting Web and other area effect spells which will slow your party down.

Now once you've taken care of Malavon's dummy, they'll be some dialog explaining
what has happened and he'll also comment about the Golems if you've taken care
them already along with the Summoned Monsters he brought forth against your
party. The real Malavon can now be found and killed, but do be careful for he
wields spells that give a nasty bite!

For myself, I had my mage go against him, one on one since an item I had found,
believe a robe or perhaps a cloak, if you removed it and put it back on again,
would continue to add magic resistance percentages to my mage, so by this time
mage had a magic resistance of 127% I don't recall what cloak or robe it was but
I no longer had it at this point as I found something better suited for my mage,
but I still had the benefits from previously wearing it.

Anyhow, weave after weave did my mage and Malavon go, until Malavon no longer
any spells left and moved in with his dagger to attack my mage, which I quickly
brought in my Paladin and finished Malavon off once and for all.

Hopefully, this battle goes as good for you as it did for me. Double check
everything and don't leave anything unturned for there are plenty of mage spells
and items that can be found within Malavon's area, the most important ones being
the 6TH BADGE and the SEEDS that Valestis is looking for from The Severed Hand.

I've been told that a force field goes up at the entrance to Malavon's Keep,
something I and many others have never encountered and why this happens and
exactly when, I do not know nor do I know how to rid it if you happen to come
across it. If this happens to you and you know why it happens and when, drop me
line so I can update the solution and give you credit for adding it.

So now, if you've followed through this solution of Chapter 6, you now have all
six badges and are no doubt dying and more than ready to face the foul evil that
has plagued Kuldahar and the surrounding Icewind Dale area so without further
ado, let us get to it!

THE LOWER DORN - Using All 6 Badges

So you have all 6 Badges do you or perhaps you have missed one along the way?
Very well, before I continue with where they are to be used, let me recap where
they can be found:

1ST Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 4 on Krilag the Orog Chieftain.

2ND Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 5 on Joril the Frost Giant Leader.

3RD Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Maiden Ilmadia in The Upper Mines.

4TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Brother Harken in The Upper Mines.

5TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Marketh in Marketh's Palace LVL 2.

6TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Malavon in Malavon's Keep.

Well then, to use them you must return to Lower Dorn - The Upper Mines - The
location where you spoke with Brother Harken and if you need a reminder of where
this is, simply check Lower Dorn - The Upper Mines - The Idol for more details.

To use the badges, simply click on the badge markings that rest at the bottom of
the spiral staircase until all have been clicked and activated.

Once you've done this and you're ready to go up the stairs, do so and let us go
through the stages that follow by finally meeting up with Revered Brother

THE LOWER DORN - Revered Brother Poquelin

Finally, you meet him at last and he does have quite the story to tell you as
your party enters the chamber where he stands behind a small gathering of
and after the dialog is completed, a battle will ensue so be prepared for the
Revered Brother Poquelin will begin to cast crackling magic as well as Summon
foul beasts to fight by his side. Unfortunately, this is not the final battle
is simply a taste of what is to come. Once you've given Revered Brother Poquelin
a certain amount of damage, he will vanish and a movie will follow explaining
what has happened and where he has gone.

With that, we are off to the ending of Icewind Dale for we return to Easthaven
where changes have occurred which I will cover next.

EASTHAVEN - The Return

Welcome back to Easthaven brave warrior, it has been quite a journey has it not?
Who would have thought you would be returning to where you first started but the
place does look different does it not? The buildings are now ruined and smashed
and a very thick layer of ice which makes up the Crystal Tower lays about
Easthaven. Joining all of this are Cyclops' who tower above thee waiting to
thy body into the snow you stand on. The villagers can be found, still alive and
to the south, being guarded and once you get past the Cyclops there, speak with
Everand who will share some information with you as to what has happened and how
to get into the Crystal Tower.

You may also want to make your way to speak with Jhonen who, if you had bothered
to help back when you first started in Easthaven, will have a sword to give to
you, which you would have acquired from the Sea Elf if you completed that
particular quest back in the Prologue. This sword will help you greatly during
the battle that you will be facing shortly, so make a note to return and speak
with Jhonen if you had in fact helped Jhonen before. The reward is well worth

When you feel you are ready, take your first step into the Crystal Tower and
prepare for the battles and events at hand!

EASTHAVEN - The Crystal Tower LVL 1

The entrance to this frozen place, which used to be the Temple before everything
was covered in ice, will only be revealed to thy party when you speak to the
captured townsfolk, and more importantly, Everard who can be found in the area
just south of the bridge. Upon your entrance, an animated sequence will take
as Everard walks into the Temple and will enter the dialog to discuss Jerrod's
Stone, which you are to find another possible way to its new location. To do
this, simply climb up the stairs to the next waiting level. Do note, once you've
entered the temple, you will not be able to leave so make sure you've done
everything if there is anything you wanted to do because we are approaching the
final leg of your adventure!

EASTHAVEN - The Crystal Tower LVL 2

An ordinary room, filled with mirrors, beds and of course, ice which is the room
that will be and is your only resting place if you need one.

Before heading onwards, I suggest you cast Protection from Lightning because
you'll be experiencing a lot of that on the next level so prepare thy party and
protect them from the damage that will bring everyone to their knees if you do
not have this type of protection. A cleric can handle this spell, so memorize as
many as you can.

Other helpful spells are Haste, Courage, Prayer, Hope and Bless, which will not
only speed up your attacks for your front line fighters, but also give you a
to hit as well as add to each characters saving throws for the duration of the
spells. Once you're good to go, head up and prepare to wax some ass, but do take
note, this is not the final battle.

EASTHAVEN - The Crystal Tower LVL 3

The False Pomab awaits thee on this level along with a few of his most trusted
foul beasts known as Crystal Sentries, which are something else to bring down
while the False Pomab begins to weave his magics and electrify you with his
of lightning.

This battle, for the first time I came across it was a pain in the ass and I had
to reload it and then proceed to protect myself with Protection from Lightning
casted by both my clerics on my entire party, just so I could last long enough
take down each duplicate image of The False Pomab. The Crystal Sentry's I kept
battling with five members of my party while my strongest and hasted front line
Paladin, took care of The False Pomab, simply hacking and slashing at any image
she came across.

After the battle is complete and you're licking your own wounds, return to the
previous tower level and rest up.

DO NOT cast any spells on your party on your way up to the final battle because
it'll only get removed once the final and last battle takes place. You should
have the following spells memorized to help you speed things up when you're

Quicker attacks means quicker damage. This is a serious life saver.

+1 to all Saving Throws and to attack rolls. Makes it easier to hit and helps
against spell attacks on the party.

Protection from Evil
+2 to all Saving Throws, +2 to AC. Best casted on a front line fighter who has
haste casted on them.

+1 to all Saving Throws and attack rolls. Helps the entire party.

Emotion: Courage
+1 to attack rolls, +3 to damage, +5 extra hit points. Helps the entire party.

Emotion: Hope
+2 to all Saving Throws, attack rolls and damage rolls. Helps the entire party.

Cure Light Wounds
Take as many as you can. You'll need them.

Like the Bless spell, this will also add 1d8 bonus hit points to the party
it is cast on. Excellent for a front line fighter.

Cure Moderate Wounds
Take as many as you can. You'll need them.

Resist Fire/Cold
Blasts of fire will come during this battle and it's best to have some type of
resistance as flames explode all around thee!

+1 to all within the 60 foot radius while enemies suffer -1 to their own damage
rolls, attacks and saving throws.

Protection From Fire
Gives 80% protection against magical fire, which you will will be seeing during
this battle.

Cure Serious Wounds
Take as many as you can. You'll need them.

+2 to attack and saving throws while enemies receive a -2 to their attacks and
saving throws. This does not remove a Prayer spell so having both working
together is a sweet score!

Cure Critical Wounds
Take as many as you can. You'll need them.

Always helpful and having 1 or 2 for serious measures is best to have.

Offensive spells are useless during the final battle, so don't bother stocking
on them and think defensive. Your fighters can handle the blows while your
clerics can heal them from behind. Potions are always another nice touch and if
you have any that will raise any of your characters strength above 21 or more,
quaff them as the battle starts. It'll make connecting with a weapon easier as
well as deal more damage to blows that strike true! Healing potions should also
be in each characters quick slot so they can rely on themselves rather than
having clerics going crazy with healing spells. If you can have your clerics
battling along side of your fighters, do so.

So with this in mind, prepare thyself and let us go brave warrior! It's what
you've been waiting for!

Proceed up the ladder which will take you into a very small room with a magical
mirror. Simply click on it and have your party walk towards it, more or
less "entering" the mirror which will take you to the last stages of your

EASTHAVEN - The Last Battle

As stated above, hopefully you're well prepared. Enjoy the speech you hear and
course, sit back and watch what happens as it is very enjoyable to do so. When
the time comes though, you'll need all your smarts, strength and know how to
this final beast of evil! The two Golems that appear are simple distractions and
they'll most likely target your weakest character within the party, as many
beasts have done during thy adventure. During my time, they went after my mage
just as he completed the haste spell and I had them running around while the
of my party dealt with the real threat. Since my mage was running around quicker
than they were, he was still able to cast after spanning the room, stopping then
casted and ran away. Golems are so stupid as are the programmers who wrote the
for the Infinity Engine. I spat in your general direction. Get with it already
and smarten up.

Once you drop the foul beast at the end, that's all she wrote.

I'll see you for the Baldur's Gate 2 Online Solution, which I will be receiving
shortly to begin to write up and play.

I'd also like to thank everyone who continues to send me e-mail on quests and
little things I've missed because without you guys keeping an eye out for me,
this solution wouldn't be as full as information as it is now!

Sylvus Moonbow - Paul


The main quest within Chapter 6 spans from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 and that is
the quest to find all six badges which is the key to giving you entrance to the
final and last battle that will complete your adventure and give you the answers
as to who and what is behind all of this. The badges that can be found in
6 will be listed and because it is an ongoing quest between three chapters, make
sure you don't miss any because you'll be pulling your hair out if you do!

BADGE'S QUEST [story advancement / major quest]

3RD Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Maiden Ilmadia in The Upper Mines.

4TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Brother Harken in The Upper Mines.

5TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Marketh in Marketh's Palace LVL 2.

6TH Badge

This is found within CHAPTER 6 on Malavon in Malavon's Keep.

FENGLA'S QUEST [watch tower entry]

Alright, perhaps not a quest for she more than readily gives you the WATCH TOWER
KEY but it should be noted it is worth while to receive this key because you can
rest at the very top of the tower. Although you will have to take care of the
pesky archers within, it's still a good place to base your operations if you do
need a place to rest.

GUELLO'S QUEST [mini-quest]

Guello's quest is simple and he needs to gain your trust before he continues on
with anything else he has planned to tell you and that is to slay the Salamander
King Shikata as well as his kin who are watching over the slaves and Guello
within the Upper Mines. Do this and return to Guello for your reward and other

TARNELM'S QUEST #1 [mini-quest / story advancement]

Tarnelm will ask of you to kill all the Fire Salamanders above the Lower Mines
well as find some FOOD for himself and the other slaves who make this area their
home. The FOOD he seeks can be found within Marketh's Palace LVL 1 within the
kitchen. Return this to him, which it will be a Sack of Potatoes and you will be
rewarded as well as told of another quest he would like you to complete.

TARNELM'S QUEST #2 [mini-quest / story advancement]

After you have returned from Tarnelm's first quest, a second will be asked of
and this time it is more brute force that you will need rather than playing
all afternoon. The Umber Hulks in the area have been searching for a hidden
Gnomish Settlement and Tarnelm fears that they will find it soon enough. You are
to find these Umber Hulks and slay them before they find the Gnomish Settlement.
Check the Enlarged Lower Mines Map for a more detailed location of where you
have to go to meet up with these Umber Hulks and gain access into the Gnomish

VALESTIS' QUEST [mini-quest / previous chapter relation]

If you recall from The Severed Hand, Valestis was looking for some particular
items to bring back his garden at the top of his tower and it is here that you
will find the last remaining items you will need to bring back to him. These
items are found on a Dark Elf Merchant named Nym within the Gnomish Settlement
who will sell you the ANIMALS you will need. Return to Valestis once you have
of the items he requested for your reward.

The last of Valestis' quest is that of the SEEDS he had asked for and those can
be found within Malavon's Keep after you have defeated him, hidden in a far room
within the keep.

BEORN'S QUEST [mini-quest / slave quest]

Deep within the Upper Mines resides a Ruby Priest named Guello who Beorn will
for you to set free and settle his thoughts and suspicion of you and your party
members. Once you have found Guello and freed him as well as completed what he
asked of you, return and speak with Beorn for your reward.

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