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Чит-файл для Incredible Toon Machine, The

Incredible Toon Machine, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Jeff Tunnell Productions
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Multiplayer:(2) hot seat

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.


Информация актуальна для
The Incredible Toon Machine FAQ
by Ed the Moogle
Version 1.0
Copyright 2000-2001 Ed the Moogle

Not official in any way. Don't copy or alter this FAQ without
permission. If you wish to copy this FAQ, you may not change it from its
original TXT or DOC format, and it must not appear within a frame or
with a pop-up window or ad banner of any kind. I am not to be held
responsible for any damages done with this file or it's contents. Latest
version is at http://www.gamefaqs.com. Check the latest version before
you e-mail me with questions or comments, or before telling me I'm an
idiot because I made a mistake. Failure to do this will result in your
e-mail being ignored.

Domains that CAN use this FAQ

(e-mail me at edmoogle@hotmail.com or brunerp@juno.com to be added to
the list)

Domains that can NEVER use this FAQ (I have had some bad run-ins with
these domain/domains before. They have either somehow been making money
off my FAQs by the use of ad banners or otherwise).


If you see this FAQ on any of these sites, or any other site that uses
my files without complying to the conditions in the disclaimer, report
it to me immediately and I will put an end to it (edmoogle@hotmail.com
(Subject: chocobo) or brunerp@juno.com)

These files are still incomplete, mainly because I can't finish the
puzzles or I'm too lazy to write up the solutions for now.

Gizmos and gadgets and stuff

Note: I got most of this info from the game's Help file.

Sid Mouse - Sid will not move unless you tempt him with a piece of
cheese, a banana, a speeding angry Al, etc. He will walk straight toward
the item he wants, even if it means walking right off a ledge or into
another hazard. If he comes across any ladders or tunnels along the way,
he will automatically enter them. If, upon coming out of the tunnel or
ladder, a proper "inspiration" is not provided, he will walk a few
inches to the left and stop. If he sees Al, he will taunt Al into
chasing him. Sid can fall great distances without harm.

Al E. Cat - Like Sid, he won't move unless he sees a banana, a pair of
scissors, a fish, etc. He will chase after Sid if Sid taunts him, and
will follow the same movement mechanics as Sid. He will also brutally
mangle and eat Sid upon catching him. Al will fall asleep upon being
left idle too long, which can be a problem in some cases. Al will also
be killed if he falls too far. Al will also try to run away from danger,
such as bullets and other scary things.

Bik Dragon - This guy just floats in the air, and breathes fire whenever
someone touches him. This will torch Al or Sid until they are a pile of
ash, or heat up teapots.

Eunice Elephant - She'll turn around when she sees Sid, throw objects
that hit her trunk (the way she throws them depends on where it hits),
and will suck in any Peanuts in her range. The suction will cause her to
pull in other objects, but not actually inhale them. She will also
objects away if something hits her from behind.

Hildegard - Wasn't Hildegard a guy on Dragon Ball or something? Anyway,
if you bop the chicken with any moving object, it will lay an egg that
can cause reactions by Sid and Al, among other things. For some reason
gravity does not affect Hildegard, although her eggs don't apply to this
rule. Hildegard can lay up to 99 eggs.

Teapot - This guy just floats in place, not doing much. But if he's hit
bya  blast of heat, it's a different story. He'll shoot out a big blast
of steam that can blow objects around and blast Sid into oblivion.

Ratapult - He'll float in the air, like a lot of things do. When
something hits him, he'll launch a rock from the end of his catapult. He
can carry up to 99 rocks.

Balloon - The balloon will float into the air and off the screen unless
you tie it down with a piece of rope, or it comes to a stop against some
sort of object. It will bounce off of ramps, and can be popped with
balloons or moving gears.

Air Matress - Every time Al or Sid jump on the matress, they will fly a
little higher into the air. They cannot get off unless they are moving
left or right at the time of jumping on the matress, or something else
gets them off.

Magnifying Glass - If Sid taunts Al while near a magnifying glass, Al
will get scared and run away.

Piano - If you've watched a lot of cartoons, you have a good idea of
what this does. You can drop it on Al or Sid to take them out. You can
also tie it to ropes.

Anvil - Basically the same as the Piano, except that it doesn't break
when it hits something.

Hat Pin - The next best thing to metal spikes. This will cause Sid or Al
to recieve a nasty poking.

Pencil - A cartoon character's worst nightmare. Sid and Al will pick up
this weapon if one sees the other, and they will immediately wipe their
adversary from existence.

Bubble Gum - The bubble gum causes Sid or Al to chew a piece (or, in
Al's case, the whole pack) and blow a bubble which will cause them to
rise into the air. They can be bounced off ramps and such, but will fall
back to earth if they hit a pin.

Egg - Drop it on Sid or Al to get their attention. A great way to wake
up Al in case he falls asleep before you can get something done.

Fish - Al's favorite. He will do anything to get at a fish, and will eat
it upon getting it. Sid will ignore fish, however.

Cheese - Basically the same as the Fish, except that Sid will go after
it and Al will ignore it.

Peanut - Eunice's favorite. Eunice will inhale it if it is within her

Banana - Both Sid and Al will go after bananas. If either one of them
eats a banana, they will throw the peel away, which can come into play
later. You also have the option to start out a banana as a banana peel.

Banana Peel - When Sid steps on it, he will slide across the floor until
he hits something. If Al steps on one, he will simply slip and fall in

Rope - The rope cannot be used alone. However, it can be tied to various
objects to cause different results, depending on what you tie it to.

Teeter Totter - It's great as a makeshift catapult, but can also be used
to trigger traps if used properly with ropes. It defies the law of
gravity by floating wherever you place it.

Eye Hook - You can tie rope to it to hang an item from. It floats in

Scissors - Basically for cutting rope. Al and Sid will go after
scissors, and won't stop until they yank them shut.

Pulley - Used to manipulate ropes. If you don't get a reaction from
using a rope at a certain angle, these will help you out.

Pistol - When the trigger is pulled by a weighted object on a rope, a
bullet will launch out. Bullets can blast Al and Sid (and kill Al if it
hits him from the front), pop balloons, or activate other things, such
as Bik. Pistols can hold up to 99 bullets (no reloading, either!).

Lunch Whistle - Upon hearing the lunch whistle, Sid and Al will take a
short lunch break. But after that, it's back to work as usual. It can
only be activated with a rope and a weighted object at the end of it.

Trap Door - If the bottom of the trap door is knocked away (either by a
flying object or a weighted object on a rope), the wooden platform will
fall away, causing anything on it to fall through. It can be flipped in
the case that the opened door may interfere with something.

Belt - Used to manipulate Conveyor Belts, Gears, and other things. It
will spin in the opposite direction that the "starter" object is moving.

Conveyor Belt - It will not move unless a moving Belt causes it to. It
will move any objects on it.

Gears - Can be used to reverse the direction of Belt movement.

Cliff Ant - Can be used to manipulate Belts, which in turn manipulate
Conveyor Belts, etc. He will not move unless you bop him with something,
and even then he will only go for about three seconds. He also defies
gravity by floating in the air.

Chow-Man Motor - Another means of manipulating Belts. He won't react
until you drop any food item onto his tray, and will move for a couple
seconds after doing so. Like Cliff Ant, he floats in the air.

Electric Outlet and Switch - When the switch is thrown by a falling or
rising object (ropes won't work on it), anything plugged into the outlet
will activate. When the switch is flipped back the machines plugged in
will stop.

Vacuum - Sucks up anything within its range. This includes Al, Sid, and
any other item that is affected by gravity. The vac itself is not
affected by gravity. Requires an Electric Outlet to perform.

Hair Dryer - Requries an electric outlet. This thing will blast out air,
which can move around various objects and turn Al into a big puffball.
It is similar to the Teapot in the fact that it melts Sid and sets off
the Teapot.

Timer - After the time is up on this thing, the hand will jet out and
push away any objects in its range. It can be set anywhere from 0-5
seconds. Requires an outlet to work.

Up/Down Counter - When the left side of the counter is hit, the counter
will count down, and the right end will push away any objects near it.
When the right side is hit, the opposite happens.

Thumpulator - When the top or bottom button is hit, the ramrod will
knock away any objects in its range. In the extended version, the two to
five ramrods will keep "ramming" if the button keeps being pressed.

Electro Ramp - A big ramp that will switch its slope's direction when
something moves under it.

Message Machine - When the bottom of the machine is hit, pulled (by
rope), or otherwise, the symbol under the curtain will be revealed. You
can alter which letters, numbers, etc. appear.

Transroto Matic - An item which requires both a Belt and a Rope to be
attached to it. When either end of the chain is activated, this machine
will react and activate the other end (So, for example, if you were to
cause a Cliff Ant to activate the Belt, and the rope of the machine was
attached to a trapdoor, the machine would set off the trapdoor).

Skeleto Bobbin - Similar to the Transroto Matic, but it will pull on the
rope or belt in continuous motion, rather than stopping and going
frequently (if an anvil was pulling downward on the rope continously, it
could potentially keep a conveyor belt going indefinitely). Also, it can
only be started by motion from the belt.

Ball Bomb - When fire touches the fuse, it blows up, taking out Sid, Al,
or any floors or other bombs within its range. These can cause large
chain reactions.

World War 2 Bombshell - Rather than needing fire, this bomb will explode
after it falls a certain distance. After all, what's a cartoon without
an Atom Bomb or two?

Dust Bunny - This thing will float around in the air and cause Al to
spit a hairball if it hits him, which makes a lethal projectile against
Sid and can also activate objects. Sid will just sneeze if it hits him.
Plus, for a really gross trick, if one cat spits it onto another cat,
the cat will lick it up and spit it onto another one, etc.

Rock - Ratapult throws these, but you can also get them without
Ratapult. Makes a pretty lethal weapon if you drop it on Al or Sid.

Ball O Yarn - Al will jump on one of these if he sees it. He'll play
with it for a few seconds, eventually getting tangled up and

Bob Baseball - A talking baseball that will talk upon hitting the ground
(mostly he just says "OW!"). He bounces about 1/2 his height every time
he hits the ground.

Soccer Ball - Pretty much the same as Bob Baseball, but larger and it
doesn't talk.

Beach Ball - Bounces the same height every time it hits the ground. Its
also quite large.

Marble - The only "ball" object that floats in the air. Will not move
unless something hits it.

Ball Bearing - A wicked metal ball that will cause headaches if it hits
Sid or Al. It's not very bouncy.

Striped Super Ball - A large rubber ball that will bounce higher and
faster with each landing. It will also ricochet in several directions if
it hits something.

Dinky Blue Ball - The smallest version of the Soccer Ball/Baseball
family. Drops a little lower with each bounce, then eventually stops.

Small Super Ball - Basically a Super Ball, but smaller.

Ladder - Sid and Al like to climb up and down these if they come across

Tunnel - Sid and Al will go through these if they cross their path.

Rug - Sid can walk safely across it, but Al will fall through it if he

Wall O Steel - Can be used to build walls and floors. It is the most
slippery floor, meaning objects will slide a longer distance than other
floor types if something moves them.

Wooden Wall - Basically the same as the Wall O Steel, but less slippery.
(Wasn't the Wooden Wall a card in Magic: The Gathering?)

Rock Wall - Another wall, but very little slickness.

Log Wall - More slick than a Rock Wall, but less slick than a Wall O

Vertebrae Wall - The least slippery wall.

Dog Bone Wall - A very slippery wall. Not quite as slippery as the Wall
O Steel, though.

Candy Cane Incline - Basically a diagonal floor. Objects that hit it
will slide off of it. The most slippery slope.

Tile Roof Incline - A moderately slick slope.

Thatched Straw Incline - A not-very-slick slope.

Stone Incline - The least slick slope, second only to...

Vertebrae Incline - The least slick slope.

Cracked Bone Incline - More slick than the Stone Incline, but less slick
than the Candy Cane.

Puzzle Solutions: Cake Walk

Introducing: Sid and Al!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: Two Candy Cane Inclines, one Ball Bearing
Description: Just fill in the gaps in the ramp with the two Candy Cane
Inclines, then drop the Ball Bearing on the ramp to open all of the
machines. The puzzle will end when the Ball Bearing drops on Al's head.

Introducing: Eunice!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One piece of Cheese
Description: This puzzle's even easier than the last one. Just drop the
cheese on the small ledge that the top Sid is facing. The puzzle will
solve itself from there.

Cheese, Ladders, Tunnels
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: Two pieces of Cheese
Description: Well...these first few puzzles live up to the name of their
difficulty level well. Just drop them to the right of the upper two
ladders, and Sid will do the rest.

Introducing: Bik Dragon!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Bik Dragon, one Balloon
Description: Just position Bik next to Sid, and then bop Bik from below
with the balloon. Easy as pie.

Up/Down Counter
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Up/Down Counter, one Beach Ball
Description: Position the up-down counter to the right of Al, then bop
the opposite end of the counter with the Beach Ball. Easy, easy, easy.

Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Ratapult
Description: Yet another easy puzzle. Just put the Ratapult in the small
platform nearest to Sid, then hit Action. Al will do the rest.

Electro-Ramp I
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: Four Tiled Roof Inclines
Description: This one's so easy it ought to be illegal. Just extend one
of the four ramps all the way, then place it in the gap in the incline
nearest Al.

Magnifying Glass
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Magnifying Glass
Description: Another mercilessly easy, no-brainer puzzle. Position the
magnifying glass between Al and Sid. You win.

Electro Ramp II
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Electro Ramp
Description: Just line up the ramp on the Electro Ramp so that it
connects to the highest-up Candy Cane Incline, then flip it.

Eunice Flips Out
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Eunice Elephant, one Ball Bearing
Description: Position Eunice so that the beach ball hits her from
behind, and position the ball bearing in front of her so that she blows
it into the counter.

Catapult Programming
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Ratapult
Description: Getting tired of these easy puzzles yet? Just put the
Ratapult in the middle of the platform, and click the little computer
icon with the palm tree on it to program it to fire five rocks. The rest
is history...

Vacuuming Up
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Vacuum, one Ball Bearing
Description: Put the vac in the box near the switch, then hit the switch
with the Ball Bearing to suck up the bomb before Al bites it.

Conveyors and Gears
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Gear, one Belt, one Egg
Description: Just place the gear to the right or below the other gear,
then attach the belt to the chow man, and drop the egg on his tray.

Switches and Hair Dryers
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Hair Dryer, one Switch
Description: Position the switch so that the flying pack of gum will hit
it, then plug the hair dryer into the outlet and blow the cheese toward
Sid with the dryer.

Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Tunnel, one Fish
Description: Connect the platform with Al to the platform with the pack
of gum, then place the fish on the opposite side of the tunnel.

Say Cheese!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Air Matress
Description: Put the air matress in the gap between Sid and the cheese.
If this puzzle was any easier...

See ya later, Thumpulator!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Boulder, one Thumpulator
Description: Put Thumpulator behind Sid. Hit button on Thumpulator with
rock. Sid flies off. You win.

Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Teeter-totter
Description: Put the teeter-totter on the screen, flip it, then position
it under Sid and the boulder. Easy.

Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Teapot
Description: Do you really need a description for this one? Just put it
between Bik and the Baseball.

Difficulty: *
Pieces Given: One Scissors
Description: Note that Al and Sid don't appear to talk to you before
this level. Hmm... Anyway, put the scissors next to the bottom Sid so
that he saves himself.

Timer Tumble
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Timer
Description: Put the timer to the left of Al.

Trap Door
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Pulley, one Rope, one Anvil
Description: Just do the same thing that you see Al doing on the left
side of the screen. I'm getting tired of all these easy puzzles, aren't

Rug Burn
Difficulty: *********************************(just kidding)
Pieces given: One Rug
Description: This one's a no-brainer. Put the rug between the two
platform gaps.

Introducing...Hildegard Hen!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Hildegard, one Ball Bearing
Description: Position Hildegard above Al, then bop Hildegard with the
Ball Bearing.

Chow Man
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Chow Man, one Egg, one Belt
Description: Easy puzzle #90347934875098357234806437834. Face Chow Man
to the right, rig up the Belt to the conveyor, and feed him an egg.

Pop goes the Pistol
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Eyehook, one Super Ball, one Rope
Description: Only five pitifully easy puzzles to go! WOOHOO! Attach the
rope to the pistol and pulley, and drop the super-ball on the raised end
of the ramp. Ignore that worthless Eyehook.

Black Ball Bomb
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Ball Bomb, one Small Super Ball
Description: Easy, easy, easy. Just position the black bomb inside the
"cabin," then drop the ball on Bik.

Programming Hildegard
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Hildegard Hen
Description: Set Hildegard to lay two eggs, then position her over the
ramp leading to Sid.

Skeleto Bobbin
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Skeleto Bobbin, one Belt, one Rope
Description: Position the Skeleto Bobbin on the right side, attach the
Belt to the Gear and the Bobbin, then attack the Rope to the bobbin and
the trapdoor.

Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Trans-Roto-Matic, one Belt, one Rope
Description: The last Cake Walk puzzle! Woohoo! Position the TRM in the
stone box, then attach the belt to it and the conveyor, and attach the
rope to it and the teeter-totter.

All Brawn, no Brains

Tunnel Hopping
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Switch, one Timer, two Ball Bombs, three Cheeses.
Description: Your first REAL challenge. Whoopee! Woohoo! Yay! Anyway,
just set up the Timer and the Switch near the falling Ball Bearing in
the upper right, and position two bombs on the bone platforms near Al.
That takes care of that problem. Then position some cheese to the right
of Sid on the small platform, behind the ladder near the air matress,
and on the purple conveyor belt.

Look Out Below!
Difficulty: *
Pieces given: One Scissors, one Trap Door, one Eyehook, one Rope, one
Bik Dragon
Description: The game makes you think you need more pieces than you
really do. All you need are some Scissors and Bik. Just put the scissors
near Sid so he cuts the rope and the anvil drops on Bik, who should be
waiting near the bomb to detonate it.

Hungry Eunice
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Air Matress, one Rope, one Eyehook, one Scissors, one
Pistol, one Switch, one Hair Dryer
Description: All you need are the Scissors and the Rope. Attach the rope
to the Trap Door that Sid is standing on, then rope it through the empty
Pulleys and the free end of the teeter-totter. Then put the scissors
near the rope closest to Al.

Clobber the Critters
Difficulty: ** (Honest way) or * (Cheater's way)
Pieces given: Nine Straw Thatch Inclines, one Super Ball
Description: There's two ways to beat this level. The cheater's way, or
the honest way. I'll list them both.

Cheater's way: Just drop the Super Ball on Al's head. You win.

Honest Way: Fill in all the gaps in the platforms with the Inclines,
then hit the bottom of the trapdoor to release the ball bearing in the
upper right with the Super Ball. The only real catch is knowing where to
position the two ramps so that the Ball Bearing falls into Al's box, and
setting the super-ball so that it takes at least two bounces to open the
trap door.

Note: Contrary to what the objective tells you, the puzzle ends when you
bop both of them with ANY object. So it doesn't matter that you whack
Sid with the Boulder and Al with the Ball Bearing. Thus, the Cheater's
method works very well.

Thumpin' and Bumpin'
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Hildegard Hen, one Teapot, four Pins, one Gum, one
Fish, one Rope, one Teeter-totter, one Belt, one Conveyor belt, one
Trans-roto-matic, one Skeleto Bobbin, two Vertebrae Inclines (phew!)
Description: Don't be fooled by that huge list of items. All you need is
one Pin and the pack of Gum. Put the Gum a little to the right of the
Trapdoor that the Cheese is on. Then position one of the pins in the
upper steel beams and make the pointy end face right. Easy.

Oh, What a Life!
Pieces given: One Ball Bearing, One Thumpulator, one Switch, two Timers,
one Hair Dryer, one Cracked Bone Incline, one Straw Thatch Incline, one
Stone Incline.
Description: Easy. Just place the Thumpulator so that it's pointing at
the topmost fish, then use the Spring and pull it down twice. Now drop
the egg on the ramp, and the Ball Bearing on the belt.

Cat Splat
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: Two Stone Inclines, one Scissors, two Eyehooks, one
Pulley, one Rope, one Magnifying Glass
Description: Simple as can be. Position the scissors near Sid so that he
cuts the rope, then lead the two stone inclines so that the anvil hits

Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Thumpulator, two Stone Inclines, one Ladder, one
Description: Another simple puzzle. Just put the two stone inclines so
that they go diagonally up and to the right in the box below Al, and
position the gum underneath the incline.

Cheese Chase
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Bubble Gum, five Bananas, two Ladders
Description: Yet another simple puzzle, but this one actually REQUIRES
most of the parts you have. Anyway, just position the pack of gum next
to Sid, and then put a ladder leading up to the platform with the
tunnel, and put a banana to the right of the tunnel. Then position one
on the small Wall O Steel above the purple conveyor, and another behind
the tunnel after the purple conveyor. Now put one to the right of the
ladder above that.

The Mice will Play
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Tunnel, five Cheeses
Description: Put the tunnel to the right of the bottom-leftmost Sid and
the other end to the right of the bottom-rightmost Sid, and put a piece
of cheese to the right of it. Now drop some cheese to the left of the
topmost tunnel, to the left of the bottom-rightmost Sid, and to the
right of the Bottom-leftmost Tunnel.

Feed Me!
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Eyehook, one Scissors, one Switch, one Hair Dryer, one
Tile Roof Incline, one Rope
Description: Thread the rope onto the free end of the seesaw and through
all the pulleys, and finally to the trap door. Now put the scissors next
to Al so that he cuts the rope. Position the switch so that the ball
bearing will fall and hit it, and put the Hair Dryer near it and point
it left at the Raw Fish.

Pin Cushion Kitty
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Scissors, one Candy Cane Incline, one Eyehook, one
Pulley, one Rope, one Air Matress, one Eunice.
Description: Position the scissors so that Ra4tapult's boulder will hit
them. Now thread the rope to the top end of the Teeter-totter and the
bottom of the trapdoor. Position the candy ramp below the beach ball on
the trap door, and face Eunice toward Al and put her to the right of the

Al Goes Ballistic
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Teeter Totter, three Cheeses, one Rope
Description: Put the cheese a little to the right of Sid, then put some
up on the ledge made of bone up above. Then position the see-saw a above
and slightly to the left of the trap door, and thread the rope to the
lower end of it and through all the pulleys.

Fry Time
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Air Matress, one Cracked Bone Incline, one Stone
incline, one Chow Man, one Gear, one Belt, one Timer.
Description: Position the two inclines to the left of the lower
conveyor, so that the Ball Bearing won't roll over the top of them. Then
put the air matress below the switch, and the Timer to the left of Al.

Sid and Al Chow Down
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Teapot, one Hildegard, one Ratapult, one Belt, four
Description: Position Hildegard close to the floor above so that the
Blue Ball hits her and an egg drops on Bik. Put the teapot on the
platform right of Bik, then hook up two gears going Right to the already
existing gear. Attach the belt to the third one and Cliff Ant, and then
position Ratapult near Al, so that the boulder will hit the cheese off
the small platform.

Spy VS Spy
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Pistol, two Ropes, four Pulleys, one Eyehook, one
Soccer Ball.
Description: Position the soccer ball just over the raised end of the
Seesaw, and put an eyehook right above it. Thread the rope from the
upper end of the teeter totter, through the pulley, and on the pistol
near Sid. Next put a Pulley below and to the left of the teeter totter,
then to the left of Al. Position the pistol so that it will hit Al the
moment he lands.

Sid's Breakfast Bonanza
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Rug, one Air Matress, one Fish, two Bananas
Description: Put the fish on the platform with Al, but just a little bit
right of Hildegard. Put a banana behind the ladder that Sid is facing,
then put a rug to bridge the gap between the platforms. Put the air
matress slightly below and to the left of the "stone box" under the
second ladder and put the banana on the tiny ledge on the other end of
the stone box.

The early Al gets Sid
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: Two Biks, two Hildegards, one Fish, one Cheese, two
Bananas, one Tunnel.
Description: Just position the two Hildegards on top of each other in
the upper right hand corner, and then position one tunnel next to Sid,
and make the opposite end above the other existing tunnel on Al's side,
and put some Cheese to lure him into the tunnel.

Storming the Fort
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: Three World War II Bombshells, one Black Ball Bomb, one
Tile Roof Incline, one Air Matress
Description: Position the BBB next to the "Fort" and drop a WW2 Bomb
Shell on it. Then position the air matress right below the bomb so that
Al bounces into the fort.

The Cheese Stands Alone
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: Two Ladders, one Banana, one Ball of Yarn, two Fish, one
Tunnel, one Stone Incline.
Description: The last of the semi-semi-tough puzzles! Just positon the
Stone Incline above Sid so that he lands on the platform. Put the rug on
the small gap near Al and extend a ladder up from it. Then extend a
ladder to the left of the rightmost chunk of cheese upward, and put a
banana to the right of the ladder.

Really, REALLY Hard
(they don't really live up to this name, but some are pretty tough)

Mouse Trap
Difficulty: ***
Pieces given: One Switch, two Ball Bearings, one Timer, one Banana, one
Chow Man, one Belt, one Hildegard, one Eunice, one Peanut, one Pin
Description: Put the pin behind Al, then drop the peanut on top of it.
Position Eunice so that Al gets drawn backward into the pin. Then set
the timer and the Ball Bearing down below Al's starting point, and set
the timer for five seconds. Put another Ball Bearing at the left end of
the Timer Put the banana on the ledge near the "Lizard," and then put
Hildegard so that she gets hit by the ball bearing. Put Chow Man down
below so that he catches the egg, and rig the belt up to him and the

Porkin Peanuts
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Teeter Totter, one Chow Man, one Thumpulator, two
Ropes, two Eyehooks, two Air Matresses, one Belt, one Cracked Bone
Description: Tie the rope to the anvil and thread it through the pulley
to the eyehook. Put the thumpulator in the gap below, and put the Chow
Man to the left of the cheese. Hook the Belt up to Chow Man and the
conveyor, then put an Air Matress so that the peanut bounces up to

Tight Rope Rodent
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Ball of Yarn, two Ropes, one Air Matress, one Balloon,
two Eyehooks, one Pin, one Wooden Wall
Description: Place a pin so that its sharp end is just barely over the
pointy end of the third pin to the right. Now put a Balloon above it,
and tie it to the trapdoor on the right. Extend the wooden wall all the
way up to the left of the ladder.

Pool Table Teaser
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One WW2 Bomb Shell, one Switch, one Vacuum, two Ball
Bombs, one Soccer ball, one Eunice, one Timer
Description: Position the two Ball Bombs along the bottom of the "table"
and then drop the WW2 bomb between them so that it blows out the bottom-
most platform.

Prison Break
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Tunnel, two Bananas, one Fish, one Bik, one Rope, one
Teeter-totter, two Eyehooks, one Hair dryer, one Ball Bomb
Description: Positon the tunnel to the left of Sid and put a banana
behind it. Move the other end of the tunnel down below, to the right of
the tunnel, and put a banana behind it.

Mouse Hunt
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Air Matress, one Cheese, one Eunice, one Chow Man, one
Conveyor Belt, one Belt, one Soccer Ball
Description: Just drop the soccer ball on the Ratapult, and position the
air matress at about the same level as Al's platform over on Sid's side
of the screen, so that the boulder falls on Sid.

Special Delivery
Difficulty: ***
Pieces given: Two Conveyor Belts, one Teapot, one Bik, two Belts, one
Hildegard, one Up/down Counter two Teeter-totters, two Belts, one Rope
Description: This one's pretty hard to figure out. Position the up/down
counter below the Chow Man so that the falling Ball Bearing sets it off.
Set Hildegard at the other end of the counter, and Bik at the bottom of
the slope. Make sure the Teapot's steam blasts Cliff Ant (turn it around
if you need to), and put a Conveyor under Sid, and rig a belt to it and

The a-MAZE-ing Sid
Difficulty: ***
Pieces given: Six Bubble Gums, seven Bananas, two Ladders, one Wooden
Wall, one Tile Roof Incline, two Air Matresses.
Description: This one isn't as tough as it looks, but it kept me
guessing for a while. Put an item in the box to the right of Sid, and an
Air Matress to bridge the gap. Then put an item behind the ladder above
Sid, and another to the right on the small platform and behind the
ladder. Extend a ladder slightly to the left and above the short Ladder
that goes all the way up to the upper left area. From there, put an item
on the small ledge and under the wooden box, and extend another ladder
up to the platform with the cheese.

Hungry Al!
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: Two Gears, three Belts, one Trans-roto-Matic, one Skeleto-
Bobbin, one Fish, one Rope
Description: This one's actually easier than it looks. Hook up the
Skeleto Bobbin to the Chow Man, and thread the rope to the Trans-roto
matic. Hook the TRM up to a Gear, put another Gear to the right of it,
and hook up the right-hand gear to the conveyor that Sid is on. Now just
drop the Fish on the right-hand side of the screen, so that he walks
over there before the anvils fall (they should just barely miss him).

Difficulty: ***
Pieces given: One Eyehook, two Ropes, one Balloon, two Air Matresses,
one WW2 Bombshell, one Boulder, one Bubble Gum
Description: Don't let all those pieces fool you. You only need two of
them. Just set the air matresses side by side and a little above the

The Gamey Show!
Difficulty: ***
Pieces given: Two Air Matresses, one Teeter-totter, one Tile Roof
Incline, one Soccer Ball.
Description: Reverse the teeter-totter, position the ramp so that the
raised end is under the leftmost steel ball and the right end is just
one click below the metal beam. Now put the soccer ball on the lower end
of the teeter-totter, put the matress between Hildegarde and Eunice so
that it's one click above Hildegarde and one click to the right of
Eunice. Now extend the wooden ramp all the way out, reverse it, and make
it so that the topmost end of the ramp is just below the rightmost
message machine.

Missile Mouse
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Hair Dryer, one Timer, one Rope, one Eyehook.
Description: Position the Timer so that it's left of the anvil, and the
hair dryer so that it's left of the balloon. Attach the rope to the
Anvil and the right side of the teeter-totter. There, that was easy!

Hairball Hall of Fame
Difficulty: **
Pieces given: One Hildegarde, one Teapot, one Air Matress, one
Magnifying Glass, one Ladder, five Stone Inclines
Description: Half those pieces are useless. All you need is the
Inclines, the matress and the ladder. Position the matress just to the
right of the bottom-most floor so that Al doesn't fall to his doom, then
extend the ladder up to the floor above. Now use all five of those Stone
Inclines and extend them between the "box" where Al was and the "box"
where the piece of lint was. There are already two ramps there, which
will give you an idea of where to put them.


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