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Читы для Ishar: Legend of the Fortress

Чит-файл для Ishar: Legend of the Fortress

Legend of the Fortress

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр


Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1992 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Listen to the wind when you arrive and look around carefully. When you see a
man, walk towards him. If you talk to him he will tell you about the good pub
guide. He can be enrolled in your team, but he is a traitor, so take his gold
and place him in the front row.

Now travel NE and near a pool you will find a young maiden called Kiriela, who
will prove an asset to the team, so enlist help and place her in the second
row having prepared a fireball rune.

You can now take a trip to Angarann where there are some wandering Orcs for
you to gain some experience on and get paid for doing it. You should also
visit Akeer who will give you a clue. Travel to the pub and get drunk.

While in this state enrol a fellow warrior called Kirian. When sober, assess
your weapons and buy accordingly. Remembering that it takes 1000 coins to save
your adventure! Now head S and you will come to a house with a large amount of
gold. You can take the gold because it's free. Take the bridge to Lotharia,
where in one of the pubs you will find the Unknown who can be taught the
lightning spell; you will need it later on.

Travel S and you will come to what looks like a bridge guarded by a barbarian.
It is, in fact, Lake City, so kill him, gain your reward, eat and rest in the
pubs. Targhan and Fhironn can be enrolled if need be. Remember to take their

Head S once more to cross the bridge and then turn S to find the lizard's
house and the gold in the bushes. From here, head E to Rhudgast and when you
reach the border turn N.

Travel around a bush-type maze and you'll encounter the White Knight. Be
warned - he will take some killing. The fireballs and lightning are useful
here. When you have fried him, take his helmet as it will allow you to detect
the predator later.

If you look around there is another bag of gold hidden in the bushes. Go S
from here and you will come across the spirit of Azalghorm, who will tell you
about three quests. If you follow the river S you will find a pedestal with a
Runic Tablet on it - take this and it will offer some sort of protection later

From here head E, put on the White Knight's helmet and enter Fimnuirh Forest.
Find the predator, kill and take the fire rings from him. At this point in the
game it may be a good idea to go back to Lotharia to rest and see what you can
Head back to where you killed the White Knight, travel E until you reach the
river then head N. Eventually you'll find some dwarves who are looking for a
fight. Take their gold when you have killed them. If you side step into the
woods, in the distance you will see the entrance to the Dungeon of Rhudgast

In here are four keys, two lots of food, three throwing knives, a flask for
mixing potions, a flask of oil, two treasure chests full of gold and a runic

In here is also a very powerful giant, who is blocking the way to the flask
room. It's best to blast him with everything you've got and then go back to
Lotharia to recharge your psychic energy. The skeletons in the dungeon
regenerate, so kill them and collect as fast as you can.

Go N to the river and travel E to the bridge, kill the dwarves and then cross
the bridge. Head E to the next river and then N to the next bridge. This is
guarded by a large minotaur, so have plenty of psychic energy ready. There is
a bag of gold lying around and also a dwarf who will offer to join you.

Going N from this bridge is a merchant who will sell you a potion for 5000
gold coins. After trading it is a good idea to recharge your energies before
crossing the bridge because there are a lot of barbarians hanging around and
also a giant called Gato who guards a tortoise, which will be traded with
another merchant for a useful potion later on. Cross the bridge and head S to
the large city of Urshurak, which is full of orcs, shops, spell learning and,
best of all, plenty of good pubs. Search and listen well.

West of Urshurak is Kandomir where Jon the Alchemist lives. If you're
intelligent enough you'll be able to read a scroll that will tell you about
the potions you can make from the supplies that can be found and bought in the

It is now time to travel to Halindor which is north east of Urshurak, where
you learn that Erwin's daughter has been kidnapped and is held in Elwingil.

You will rescue her, but be warned - one of your party will fall in love with
her and you will need a 'disrupt charm' before you take her back to Erwin's
house. If you are successful, Erwin will give you a key to Valathar Dungeon.

In Zendoria there is a merchant who requires Turtle. It will be used for the
pig transformation potion. In Baldaron there is a rock containing a magic
sword. If you cannot pull it out, kill a few more baddies and try again.

On the way to and from Elwingil are two fireball throwing wizards for which
you will need to distribute the fire rings from the predator. In Gilaras there
is another runic tablet which you can collect, but before you do, you had
better have a cure blindness potion because as soon as you step over the
border you will be struck blind.

North of Halindor is the forbidden house which contains another runic tablet,
although 'brain wash' potion for all the party will be needed. In Elwingil,
the orcs regenerate every time you enter, so take your time, go in and out,
collect a lot of money and rest in the pubs.

When you have gained enough skills, leave Elwingil and head for Halindor then
head E. In some birch trees you will find a transporter. Take the transporter
and it will take you over the river into another Elwingil. Do not be confused
- keep heading E and you will come to Fhulbrod Forest. It is here you will
find a trader who will give you something for free. If you enter the forest
and try to find a clearing you will be attacked by dwarves, then you'll find a

This is really Morgula, a witch who was transformed, so now you know why you
want a 'pig transformation' potion. The witch has the much needed Anti-Krogh
spell. She has a very low constitution so give her plenty of food. It is now a
good idea to travel to a city to strengthen her as much as possible for the
task ahead.

Remember that in Elwingil lives Thorm, who has some monk's robes that you will
need later on, so go up to Thorm and collect them. By now all your party
should be on level ten and have collected 31,000 experience points - if not,
it is a very good idea to go and collect them because they will be needed

You should also have four out of five members of your team carrying runic
tablets. Head back towards the Fhulbrod Forest and then head N.

Make sure that all of the team have a 'brain wash' potion and you can use a
protection spell or something similar because you will meet a very powerful
wizard who could blind, inverse and bind your party. Some effects wear off,
but not inversion.

When you have despatched the wizard you will gain the entrance to the Valathar
Dungeon. Make sure that your team have been refreshed. If they haven't then
now is a good time to refresh them.

Having opened the door with Erwin's key you can enter the dungeon. The first
few rooms contain zombies that you can burn quite easily. Be on the look-out
for treasure and food, and most important of all, try to find a key.

Leave through the opening and you will find at the junction that there is a
locked door. Turn right into a diamond-shaped room, this is where the Black
Knight lives. Instead of swapping tales about good and evil and generally
being polite, fireball him.

Continue into the next room and then turn right and enter a maze that contains
treasure, oil and yet another key. Open the locked door in the Black Knight's
room and follow the maze. Collect the oil and eventually you'll come to a

Turn left into a room with two levers and a key in it. Operate the lever that
was on the far wall as you first came into the room. This lever opens the
barred gate at the other end of the T-junction. Going that way you will
encounter a spider guarding some food, and you'll also come across yet another

Now go back to the locked door and open it. Collect the oil and travel up the
top of the corridor. To the right is a giant to be sorted out. Once the giant
is defeated you will gain another key.

Go through the opening in the distance. You will be confronted by a baddie
through the archway, so fireball him. If you are running low on energy at this
point, go back and refuel - remember that the zombies you killed previously
will regenerate. Find the correct combination of levers to gain an exit from
these two corridors, at the end of which there is a long corridor with a
T-junction. Some Blue Ghouls will appear from nowhere and attack you you;
defeat them with your team.

The left hand exit has some oil to be collected. The right hand exit leads to
some more ghouls and a spiral corridor which terminates with a key and a
transporter which will take you to the next dungeon level. Now is the time to
recharge again because there is plenty of work to be done before you complete
the game.

Use the teleport to go to the second level, immediately go left and left again
into a corridor with a lever and a door in it. This is a gas chamber, so give
each of the party a drink of the 'worgaz' potion to protect them. Once you've
done that pull the lever, this will allow gas to enter the room, but the door
will now open.

Search everywhere because there is a lot of treasure to be found. At the other
end of the room is another lever; pull this and you are now through the gas
chamber. There are two exits to this room, both of which are guarded by some
very deadly skeletons.

Search both exits and you will gain more treasure and a key. Now head back to
the gas chamber - remember to use the correct potion again. Return to the
teleport room that you first arrived at, strengthen your team and then head S.
After not too long you will come across a treasure box and a corridor to the
right. Contained within is a Demon.

Protect your team of adventurers before attempting to kill it. This
diamond-shaped room contains two doors for you to search behind. Travel E from
the diamond-shaped room and you will come across a lever. Pull the lever and
travel down the corridor to the west and you will find some oil. Carry on W
and then turn S and you will have a choice of three corridors. Each one leads
to the same room.

This room contains the last runic tablet - however, it is guarded by lots of
spiders. There are also two hidden rooms; one to the south and one to the
north. Now go back to where you pulled the lever. It might be a good idea at
this point in the game to go and recharge all the members of your team.

In the big room facing the lever is a maze complex containing more treasure,
oil and another room containing a talisman (it looks like a jewelled broach).
While you were wandering around you should have found a wall with three

These levers operate the last barred gate - it is the outside two that need
pulling. You can then travel up the last corridor and be met by Medusa. It
would be a very good idea to use the 'brain wash' potion again and then go and
kill her.

Be extremely careful though because around the next corner is her pet dragon
who will take some killing. Finish him off and then strengthen your team. You
will now need to be wearing the monk's robes - after this transport there is
no going back! Kill the monk and then use the transporter.

You will arrive in a very long corridor which is guarded by three powerful
monks, if you've got the potions to recharge your team's psychic energy then
now would be a good time to do it.

After this you will confront Krogh himself, so protect your team of
adventurers and use the Anti-Krogh spell, hit as often as you can with any
weapon you can, because he has many hit points (the magic sword takes off 720
points) and with any luck you should survive having killed him. The defeat of
Krogh means that your adventure is at an end and Ishar is long gone and

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