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Читы для Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

Чит-файл для Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

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Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
A selection of advanced playing tips  -  By Simon Burrows

1.  When playing against Tom, and perhaps some of the better CPUs
    as well, getting the cue ball trapped in the jaws of a pocket
    is not such a bad thing. This is because, if in attempting to
    pot his  target ball,  the CPU  has to  actually hit the ball
    'through' the  surrounds of the pocket, then he will do this,
    even though  the result is a ball going off in completely the
    wrong direction  and nearly  always missing  the  target.  Of
    course, it is extremely dangerous to try and get the cue ball
    into the pocket's jaws, but it's just something which you can
    be thankful  of when  it happens,  and be  aware of  when the
    option is easily available.

2.  When using the option that shows you the line of the cue ball
    after it  has hit  the cushion   (right  button on the 'line'
    icon), always  check with  the plan  view before  making  the
    shot. This  is because, looking at it from a low angle, it is
    often very  deceiving, and  you may  well find  that when you
    take a  look from  above, the  cue ball  won't go  where  you
    thought it would at all!

3.  If the  situation ever arises  (and it will!)  where you can
    see no  obvious way to pot your desired ball, your first step
    should be  to see  whether a  double or a treble is possible.
    If you're  not sure  about these terms, a double is where you
    pot a  ball after  it has  hit one  cushion, and  a treble is
    after it's  hit two.   To  see if  one is possible, go to the
    plan view,  then use  the right  button on the target ball to
    set up  a completely  straight shot.  Now, it the dashed line
    leads right  into a pocket, then go on and take the shot with
    quite a bit of power to make sure of things. However, if not,
    use the  precision angle  controllers to move it around a bit
    until you  are hitting  either side of the target in order to
    affect where  it bounces  off the cushion, and thus, where it
    hits in regards to the desired pocket.

4.  Another thing  to look out for if you are completely stumped
    as to  how to get in your desired ball, is the possibility of
    'setting up a fluke'. Now I know that this is a contradiction
    in terms,  but it  is in  fact possible  to make shots, that,
    although you  don't know which pocket the target ball's gonna
    go in,  you give  it the  best chance  to go  in at least one
    pocket all  the same.  The best  example of this is where you
    hit the  target ball,  at a very narrow angle, against one of
    the cushions  between middle  and corner  pockets, very  hard
    indeed.   As you  do this,  the ball bounces off the cushion,
    then, at  a slight  angle, bounces  off the opposite one, and
    then back  to that one again, moving slowly up the table each
    time it  goes.   Although by  no means a certainty, this will
    often lead  to the ball finally going into one of the pockets
    as it travels backwards and forwards across the table.

5.  Unlike in  'real' snooker,  it's nearly impossible to make a
    snooker that your CPU opponent will not be able to get out of
    in this  game.   Because of this, it's often best not to even
    attempt setting  one up,  and either attempt a more difficult
    pot, go  for a  loss valuable ball, or just use a safety shot
    to make  potting the  next ball  as difficult as possible for
    your opponent.   (Often  by moving  the cue  ball as far away
    from his/her target[s]).

6.  This may sound really stupid and a complete waste of time  -
    but it's  true.   If you  want to  get better at devising and
    carrying out  safety shots,  the best  thing to  do is  watch
    snooker on  the telly for a bit. The professionals are always
    using clever  techniques for  making it  difficult for  their
    opponent to  pot the  next ball,  and it's  worth remembering
    some of  these to  incorporate into  your game.  Examples  of
    shots you  may learn  is the  glance shot  where you push the
    only 'open'  red into the pack so your opponent can't pot ANY
    reds, and  the bulk shot where you use spin to direct the cue
    ball up  behind the  bulk colours  (yellow, green and brown),
    so your opponent can do nothing except open the pack for you.
7.  This isn't such an 'advanced hint', but is still important to
    remember.   When setting up a shot where you are viewing from
    a long  way from  the target  ball (plan view, or full-length
    shots for example), remember that the detail of where exactly
    the cue  ball will  hit the  target ball  is decreased.  This
    means that,  when you  zoom into  the target  ball, you often
    find that  now you  have better  detail, you realise that you
    were not  going to  hit the  target ball  in the right place,
    after all.   To  make sure  this doesn't  affect  your  play,
    always zoom in and check the angle before you make the shot.

And, finally...

8.  Always use  the controls  sparingly  (sounds  like washing-up
    liquid now!!).   What  I mean  is that  most things will give
    more severe  results than  you think, so you need to remember
    this when  setting up  shots.   The two examples that come to
    mind are with spin, and with angles.  In terms of spin, it is
    very unlikely  that you  will ever  need full  back-spin, for
    example, because this is so severe that the cue ball will fly
    back on contact, and usually hit several cushions as it goes.
    In terms  of angles,  when you  first look  at a shot and the
    angle looks  right from  low down on the table, you soon find
    that it  is far  too severe  to pot  the target ball when you
    view from  above.   This means that you should always set the
    angles up  to be  a little less than you think necessary when
    looking from  low down,  otherwise you  are unlikely  to ever

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