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Читы для Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time, The

Чит-файл для Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time, The

Journeyman Project 2:
Buried in Time, The

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Presto Studios
Издатель:Sanctuary Woods
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Похожие игры:Journeyman Project Turbo!, The, Journeyman Project, The

Даты выхода игры

вышла 12 декабря 1995 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
     Buried in Time is the 2nd installment of this game. It is as vast a
leap beyond the 1st game as the pentium is to the original PC.  The
graphics are superb, the interface is easy to use, and the puzzles are
challenging, yet logical (with one possible exception).  There are many
items in each time zone that work, even if they are not needed in the
final solution.  These add to the rich detail of the game.  In addition,
there is a lot of interesting historical information, assuming it's
true, delivered in an entertaining way.  I did have a couple of minor
complaints - a couple of the reasons for dying are obsure or misleading,
and some of the items you need to use will not work/move until you have
other items that need to be combined with it thus making it difficult to
determine if you can't use that item at all or just until you combine it
with some other item(s).  All things considered, I'd rate this as one
of the better adventure games I've played in a long time.  The graphics
alone make this game well worth getting.  They are even better than
those in Myst due to their rich textures and attention to details.


     As with any adventure game, examine everything.  Read everything
that can be read since you get research points and these items provide
many hints.  Finding Arthur 1st is helpful as he provides many hints
along the way, but most puzzles are logical enough that he is not really
necessary right away.  The time zones are small enough that you don't
need to do any mapping.  Be aware that many of the items needed to solve
any time zone are found in one or more of the other time zones.  Also,
the order in which you solve puzzles is not important.  However, if you
want hints, find Arthur right away.  Even though the game says that you
can leave a time zone, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have all
that you need from that time zone.  Finally, be sure to save often.
Note: I was able to finish the game by solving 19 out of 20 puzzles.  I
have no idea what the 20th puzzle is.  I do know that I used all my
inventory items except the metal bar and the remote control and never
found the batteries for the remote.  Do these items have any use?

Gage's Residence
  - talking to yourself can be very informative
  - who said that you never learn anything useful from tv
  - sometimes the commericals are better than the programs
  - what do you suppose that machine in the kitchen is for
  - you might want to listen to Geno now - the experience may be useful
    in the future
  - I hope you can speak and read all languages, you're going to need to

Chichen Itza
  - what day do you think it is
  - did you know that copper has a low melting point
  - what do you think would impress a war god
  - you'll be able to advance only if you use your head
  - what do you think would impress a rain god
  - if you can't climb the ladder to success, get down to basics
  - what do you think would impress a wealth god
  - why do you suppose the dead land offering slot looks different
  - I hope you have the heart to make a blood sacrifice
  - you've seen some of those words on the coffer somewhere before

Chateau Gaillard
  - the jumpsuit is impervious to all environments
  - you'll need to grapple with a solution to scale the tower walls
  - remember, out of sight, out of danger
  - the study contains most of the clues you need for this time zone
  - the key to solving this time time is getting down to the bottom of
    the problem

DiVinci Studio
  - what do you think those metal tracks in the tower well are for
  - these inventions ought to come with a set of instructions
  - I wonder how DiVinci would attack the problem of getting into a
    locked tower.  Hmmm, if this was a castle...
  - when you find this evidence, you'll be seeing things in a different
  - I never knew that DiVinci was so interested in anatomy

Farnstein's Lab
  - did you read Gage's personal log
  - who is that talking?  A Interesting question
  - no matter how much oxygen you have, it will take all of it just to
    enter the Biomass Processing chamber
  - didn't Arthur say something about oxygen
  - what good is an empty water container

Missle Silo
  - what could that password be?  What do you know about her interests?
  - the 1st thing you need to do is get the lights back on
  - now, how do you get out of here - didn't agent 3 do something that
    might give you a clue
  - don't blink or you'll miss the transport code
  - wasn't there something new in the news
  - INN is truly interactive
  - strong Windows users may be able to find the alien prefix codes, but
    for most, you'll be seeing red until someone helps you along

Alien Residence
  - that control panel must do something, but without a course in alien
    technology, you're better off to just go exploring
  - there seem to be 3 transporter pods.  It's up to you to decipher
    which one does what
  - there may be aliens here, but you can hide in plain sight
  - if the alien went that-a-way, which way do you think you should go
  - it is just like the phone company says - let your fingers do the
  - you've found the historical artifacts, but you'll need to be very
    powerful to get them out of those pods
  - figuring out which pod to open 1st will give you an edge
  - you have the artifacts and are trying to escape, but you have been
    spotted.  Stop the aliens before they cut your life short
  - you've be caught at the last second and if you don't find a way to
    interfere with the transport, you are dead
  - you'll only be safe when the alien doesn't have a leg to stand on

                        Detailed Solutions

     This walkthru will get you to the end of the game, but ignores
most of the interesting, although unneeded, steps along the way.  It
won't tell you what to read (for the most part), or items that can be
activated if they are not necessary for the final solution.  Also be
aware that you get research points that aren't considered here.
     The following abbreviations will be used:
         RHS - right hand side     LHS - left hand side
         RH  - right hand          LH  - left hand
         F   - move forward        F#  - move forward # times
         L   - turn left           L#  - turn left # times
         R   - turn right          R#  - turn right # times
         U   - up                  D   - down
Gage's Residence
1 - touch doll of agent 5 on shelf to get instructions
  - go to environ chamber and sit in chair facing the Hi-Rez Environ
  - watch all of the INN programs
    - from commercials, get shopnet order codes for:
        Geno - A Fond Remembrance           538-48-257
        Cheese Girl                         625-94-978
        Translator Biochip                  689-22-378
  - get remote on chair in environ chamber
  - go to VAL 9000 Replicator (in kitchen) and order above items
  - personal log on desk gives hint on how to get to space station
  - jump to Farnstein's Lab (1)
2 - go to environ chamber and sit in chair facing the Hi-Rez Environ
  - put environ cartridge into Omni-System and play - make sure that
    your lens filter is still attached to the jumpsuit camera lens
  - agent 3 will capture and imprison you (see Missle Silo section)

Chichen Itza
1 - enter the pyramid
  - set calendar (dials on wall) to a holy day - I used 7 Obsidian
  - take ceramic bowl from the floor
  - exit pryamid and place bowl on Chac Mool statue's stomach to enter
    the underground caverns
  - take skull from 1st skeleton
  - take copper medallion from 2nd skeleton
  - go to war god's temple - 1st RH path
  - put bloody arrow in offering niche
  - take skull from skeleton on floor
  - touch RH doghead and put skull in mouth to stop 1st set of spears
  - touch LH doghead and quickly pass thru door before it closes
  - touch inner LH doghead and put skull in mouth to stop 2nd set of
  - take skull from skeleton by inner door - LHS
  - jump to Chateau Gaillard, get another bloody arrow, and jump back to
    top of pyramid
  - repeat above steps except that you must put 3rd skull in LH doghead
    mouth to open and keep open inner door
  - enter temple and take obsidian block from altar
  - jump to Chateau Gaillard (2)
2 - enter the pyramid
  - set calendar to a holy day
  - take ceramic bowl from the floor
  - exit pryamid and place bowl on Chac Mool statue's stomach to enter
    the underground caverns
  - go to wealth god's temple - far LH path
  - put gold coin in offering niche
  - tie coil of rope to peg on ground at front of bridge and climb D
  - enter temple and take jade block from altar
  - jump to Gage's Residence (Recall) and get another cheese girl, then
    jump to Farnstein's Lab (2)
3 - enter the pyramid
  - set calendar to a holy day
  - take ceramic bowl from the floor
  - exit pryamid and place bowl on Chac Mool statue's stomach to enter
    the underground caverns
  - go to rain god's temple - 1st LH path
  - put water in offering niche
  - cross bridge and return to set platforms swinging
  - move carefully from platform to platform to cave mouth
  - enter temple and take limestone block from altar
  - jump back to pyramid
  - enter the pyramid
  - set calendar to a holy day
  - take ceramic bowl from the floor
  - exit pryamid and place bowl on Chac Mool statue's stomach to enter
    the underground caverns
  - go to dead land temple - far RH path
  - record evidence (glass fragments) on ground
  - put 3 blocks in offering niche
  - enter temple
  - record evidence (synthetic blood) on altar
  - put preserved heart in blood - will see mayan puzzle box
  - examine puzzle box and set to "The Breath of Itzamna"
  - touch RHS of puzzle box to open
  - record evidence (environ cartridge) inside puzzle box
  - take environ cartridge
  - jump to Gage's Residence (Recall) (2)

Chateau Gaillard
1 - take the arrow from the soldier's back
  - jump to Chichen Itza (1)
2 - go D stairs one level, go down passage, open RH door, enter balcony
  - turn R and go to 1st alcove
  - take grappling hook from alcove
  - return to door and go straight to end, turn L, wait until wall
    explodes from cannon shell
  - go F-R-D-R and open door to blacksmith's workshop
  - take hammer from floor
  - go to fireplace and lift brick on RHS to expose key mold
  - put copper medallion in pan, stoke fire, touch pan to pour in mold
  - take copper key
  - exit workshop and go to moat
  - record evidence (footprint) an LHS by water's edge
  - go thru moat to tower
  - throw grappling hook up to tower window
  - go up rope quickly or soldiers will drop a cow on you
  - cloak before soldiers enter bedroom
  - touch the castle door picture on the wall by the fireplace - this
    is needed to open the trap door in bottom of chest in cellar
  - go down one level to study
  - read both diaries on small table to get clues
  - look at tower map on main table for clue to secret room under cellar
  - get and read letter from fireplace for more clues
  - go down to cellar
  - record evidence (teleporting time agent)
  - open locked chest with copper key and go D
  - take gold coin from chest at foot of ladder
  - go to back of treasure chamber and find brown cross behind book
  - record evidence (King Richard I's sword)
  - jump to Chichen Itza (2)

DiVinci Studio
1 - record evidence (footprint) by red paint on floor
  - turn key in door, open door, go out to balcony
  - record evidence (person in other tower)
  - re-enter studio and go to machine on far RHS
  - pull LH lever down to unlock platform
  - push RH lever up to set platform direction to upward
  - turn wheel to raise platform in tower well
  - enter platform and turn wheel to go to bottom of tower
  - go down RH path and take coil of rope from ground
  - continue until door, open door, and enter workshop
  - go to RH alcove
  - take drive assembly
  - go to LH alcove
  - take wheel assembly
  - take wooden pegs
  - read instructions on building siege cycle
  - put drive assembly on siege cycle bench
  - put wheel assembly on siege cycle bench
  - put wooden pegs on siege cycle bench
  - use hammer to secure wooden pegs
  - take siege cycle
  - examine siege machine plans on small desk by wall
  - goto to yard - there are a number of interesting items in yard that
    work although not necessary for solution
  - go around wall to find siege engine
  - turn siege engine around by turning wheel at base of engine
  - climb on the back of the siege engine
  - sight on the 2nd tower
    - turn LH wheel on siege engine until centered on tower (R8)
    - turn RH wheel on siege engine until centered on balcony (D2)
  - pull lever to launch siege engine rope at tower
  - put siege cycle on ropes (place on metal runners in front of engine)
  - touch cycle to climb on and then go F to get to tower balcony
  - unlock and open door with balcony key
  - record evidence (lens filter) on floor
  - take lens filter and put on jumpsuit camera lens (touch in inventory)
  - record evidence (formulas in sketch book) - only seen via lens filter
  - take preserved heart from cabinet
  - jump to Chichen Itza (2)

Farnstein's Lab
1 - use cheese girl on RHS of screen to move toward space station
  - turn torward "Capacitance Array" hatch (L-U-F)
  - move to hatch, open, and enter
  - turn around and take metal bar from hatch
  - turn around and go to "Docking Bay" hatch
  - find control panel on wall and pressurize docking bay
  - open "Docking Bay" hatch and enter
  - cross bay (R-F-R-F-L-F-L3-F-R2-F-L-F-R-F)
  - open hatch and enter
  - select "Yes" option to both questions
  - enter Nexus override code: 32770
  - turn handle
  - swap green(G) lights with red(R) lights as follows:
           R  R  R  R  -  G  G  G
           R  R  -  G  G  G  G  G
           R  R  R  R  R  R  -  G
           -  G  G  G  G  G  G  -
           G  -  R  R  R  R  R  R
           G  G  G  G  G  -  R  R
           G  G  G  -  R  R  R  R
  - now you have Arthur - listen to his comments
  - jump to Chateau Gaillard (1)
2 - use cheese girl on RHS of screen to move toward space station
  - turn torward "Mining Array" hatch (L-D-F) - won't open because of
    pressure differences, but Arthur will override (note that you have
    just obtained an explosive charge)
  - enter car - touch green light on dash to move - exit car - press
    the up arrow on the transport cable twice
  - turn around and enter car - get water cannister - exit car - press
    the down arrow on the transport cable once
  - turn R and examine control
  - run mining cycle (press LH button)
  - turn back to control and run O2 extraction (press RH button)
  - turn L3 and examine panel
  - put water cannister on purge value and touch yellow cirle to fill
  - take filled water cannister
  - refill O2 from emergency reserve hose on RHS of panel
  - return to transport cable and press up arrow
  - enter car and touch green light on dash to move
  - go to environment control panel (opposite "Biomass Processing"
    hatch) and pressurize the Biomass Processing chamber
  - turn to hatch, open hatch, and enter
  - go to programming station C and examine harmonic resonance control
  - set control to 11 Khz and press the green bar
  - go U and touch the interactive sculpture to record evidence
  - jump to Chichen Itza (3)

Missle Silo
  - enter password "GRAVBALL" to activate computer virus - will remove
    agent 3 and kill the lights
  - examine the power generator, eject and take the burned-out core
  - get new generator core from floor by bed
  - put core in power generator - lights will come back on
  - go to Gravis Plasma Tools machine and get transport code:
  - examine note on bulletin board for clue to alien agent 3 was helping
  - watch INN programs on screen in center of bulletin board
    - notice new item about Krynn Ambassador Icarus
    - in symbiotry section text touch red words for more information
      (this is like hotspots in Windows help files)
    - get Krynn alien prefix: 272
  - go to transporter and enter transport code and alien prefix
  - enter teleporter - will automatically jump you to alien residence

Alien Residence
  - go to teleport tunnel (F2-L-F-R-F)
  - turn right - will zoom in on aliens
  - cloak quickly or you will be discovered and die
  - uncloak once alien passes by
  - touch transport cable (short cable at bottom of screen)
  - go to center of room - touch pods to expose artifacts - find sword
  - put explosive charge on exposed pod with sword
  - take King Richard I's sword
  - use sword to break open all other pods
  - take Interactive Sculpture
  - take Codex Atlanticus
  - take Mayan Puzzle Box
  - take Environ Cartridge
  - leave storage room
  - cut transport cable with sword immediately after zoom
  - return to teleport entrance - will meet Icarus who will trap you in
    one of the inorganic teleport pods
  - put up burned-out core to cancel teleport - knocks Icarus into the
    opposite teleport pod (he is only stunned)
  - quickly press teleport button on his pod to teleport prosthetics off
    of Icarus (or he will be able to recapture you)
  - enter center teleport pod and press teleport button
  - ***** Game Over *****

                          Inventory List

    Item                    From                   Used
    =====================   ====================   =====================
    Geno - (EC cartridge)   Gage's Residence       Gage's Residence
                            VAL9000                omni-system
    Cheese Girl             Gage's Residence       Farnstein's Lab
                            VAL9000                to move in space
    Translator Biochip      Gage's Residence       Everywhere
                            VAL9000                deciphering
    Remote Control          Gage's Residence       ?????
                            Environ chamber        ?????
    Ceramic Bowl            Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            inside pyramid         on Chac Mool's stomach
    Skull #1                Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            1st skeleton on path   war god temple
    Skull #2                Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            inside war god temple  war god temple
    Skull #3                Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            inside war god temple  war god temple
    Copper Medallion        Chichen Itza           Chateau Gaillard
                            2nd skeleton on path   blacksmith workshop
    Obsidian Block          Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            war god temple         dead land temple
    Jade Block              Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            wealth god temple      dead land temple
    Limestone Block         Chichen Itza           Chichen Itza
                            rain god temple        dead land temple
    Environ Cartridge       Chichen Itza           Gage's Residence
                            dead land temple       omni-system
    Gold Coin               Chateau Gaillard       Chichen Itza
                            in secret room         waelth god temple
    Grappling Hook          Chateau Gaillard       Chateau Gaillard
                            in alcove on wall      king's tower
    Hammer                  Chateau Gaillard       DiVinci's Studio
                            blacksmith workshop    common workshop
    Copper Key              Chateau Gaillard       Chateau Gaillard
                            made at blacksmiths    king's cellar
    Bloody Arrow            DiVinci's Studio       Chichen Itza
                            in soldiers back       war god temple
    Coil of Rope            DiVinci's Studio       Chichen Itza
                            on side path           wealth god temple
    Drive Assembly          DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            common workshop        common workshop
    Wheel Assembly          DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            common workshop        common workshop
    Wooden pegs             DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            common workshop        common workshop
    Siege Cycle             DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            made in workshop       courtyard
    Balcony Key             DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            1st tower door         2nd tower door
    Lens Filter             DiVinci's Studio       DiVinci's Studio
                            2nd tower              2nd tower
                                                   Gage's Residence
    Preserved Heart         DiVinci's Studio       Chichen Itza
                            2nd tower cabinet      dead land temple
    Metal Bar               Farnstein's Lab        ????
                            capac. array hatch     ????
    Arthur                  Farnstein's Lab        Everywhere
                            Nexus chamber          provides hints
    Explosive Charge        Farnstein's Lab        Alien Residence
                            mining hatch           analysis chamber
    Water Cannister         Farnstein's Lab        Farnstein's Lab
                            2nd transport car      mining control panel
    Water                   Farnstein's Lab        Chichen Itza
                            mining control panel   rain god temple
    Burned-Out Core         Missle Silo            Alien Residence
                            power generator        teleport pod
    Generator Core          Missle Silo            Missle Silo
                            on floor               power generator
    Transport Code          Missle Silo            Missle Silo
                            plama tool machine     teleport pod
    Alien Prefix            Missle Silo            Missle Silo
                            omni-system            teleport pod
    King Richard I's Sword  Alien Residence        (Just needed to end)
                            analysis chamber
    Interactive Sculpture   Alien Residence        (Just needed to end)
                            analysis chamber
    Codex Atlanticus        Alien Residence        (Just needed to end)
                            analysis chamber
    Mayan Puzzle Box        Alien Residence        (Just needed to end)
                            analysis chamber
    Environ Cartridge       Alien Residence        (Just needed to end)
                            analysis chamber

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