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Читы для Kingdom o' Magic

Чит-файл для Kingdom o' Magic

Kingdom o' Magic

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sales Curve Interactive
Издатель:Sales Curve Interactive

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Hints by Darksheer
Yawn. What I was talking about?... Ahh! Kingdom Of Magic.
The papers with info on this walkthrough have been covered
by dust since I wrote them but I see noone is gonna publish
those, excluding me...
I will write this as hints because in this kind of game its
more convenient - you can go solving puzzles in any order.
I will NOT cover 'Slightly Twisted Quest' puzzles, because
2 others pissed me off. Also I played this game as Shah-ron,
so maybe some of the actions will fail for Thidney.

Also I want to tell you that this game is lame. It has a zero
replayability although it offers you 6 "different stories" -
its nonsense - I suggest you to play only '7-11 quest' as
Shah-ron or as Thidney and dont bother about 'Slightly Twisted
Quest' and a 'Traditional' one.
Your goals are - '7-11': to gather an army of heroes
                 "Slightly": kill Dark Lord
                 "Tradit.": kill dragon
I can tell you how to solve a traditional one - see for yourelf
whether you want to spend 3-4 hours on this crap or not:
you go all the way to Minar Tragedy and kill enemies (you must
earn at least 100 gold pieces), then you buy a dress in the
shop o'stuff and then give it to one of the elves wandering in
nearest forest (is his name Eden, or was it Eternity?), he gives
you a voucher, you bring it to Rivendull gates' guard and tell
him to kill dragon. Not enough challenge to play, isnt it?

So, play only '7-11 quest' - it has almost anything what other
quests in this game offer. And remeber - this game is nowhere
as good as Quest For Glory series and KOM pretends to be better.
So please forgive me some omissions in these hints if there are
one, but I dont want to replay this shitty game (sorry SCI).

The following hints are for '7-11 Quest' only. When you have all
heroes joined your team the game will show you the ending.
Flake Town Disco

To enter it you need to rent a costume in the costume-hiring
shop here in town. For Shah-ron it will be a set of gown, bra
etc and for Thidney it will be a suit. It'll cost you 1 gold.
Then, at night put it on and talk with bouncer - almost any
comment will lead you inside. Inside, talk with disco king
and trick him to go outside and then kick his ass with some
magic. Get his medal from the mound. Then reenter disco and
use medal. You will win golden boots (they are useful for


Pick up a brochure and talk with him. He will spoil your hair
but dont be afraid, Shah-ron will rush out to the wigs shop
and you will buy a wig there (you'll spend lots of money though).


If you will talk rude to her, she will lwave and then you can
take her caged grandchild. Be sure to pick up a sack between
barber's and granny's houses, just outside backdoor of the disco.

Jolly Mutant tavern

Inside, you can sleep at nights to restore your magic points and
health. Also use your sack to capture a parrot, sitting near the
entrance. You can enter toilet and help Conrad with paper when
you have one (from King Afro). Conrad must join your team for
you finishing game.


There's a policeman here. To get rid of him and also to take his
sunglasses use donuts from Baker's house. There's a way down here.
Give a parrot to pirate and he will be so grateful to take you to
the Baker's house anytime you'd wish.

Baker's house

Use caged child outside mansion to get rid of monsters inside.
Also there's a water elemental near the wheel (he appears only at
daytime). Talk with him to turn the wheel. I am not sure, but maybe
he will join your team when you talk to him (I am sure that if it
is so, then you dont need to do anything to persuade him joining,
just talk).

Inside Baker's house

Talk with professor. He will give you donuts. Enter kitchen. Pick up
rolling pin and use it on dough. Then get a cutter and use it on
dough to cut a figure. Use bellows to transport it into the room with
professor. To revive Gingerbread man you need to get a jar o'lightning
from the wizard of the tower and use it outside baker's house. Then
go upstairs from kitchen and use a switch. When you descend talk with
Gingerbread man and he will join your team.

Gorgon's Cave

To get rid of the Gorgon use sunglasses (from the cop at the pier)
inside her cave. Then look at her photo album, open cooker and get a
weapon and a doll of the king. There are also 2 items taken outside
her cave: a sword o'normalness and an axe (a weapon). Those weapons,
there are many in the game, they are not important for gameplay, they
are placed in separate inventory, as scrolls are. I wont mention all
these weapons in hints but you are sure to get all of those by the way
as you play.

Elfis's Statue

You need him to join your quest either. You need to give him a
microphone. This one is taken from the wizard wandering nearby Gorgon's
Cave, just kill him and take microphone. Just beware, because he also
casts spells at you in combat.

Dragon's Cave

At the entrance, there are 2 pillars. The left one has a secret button
upon it so examine it closely and press a button. When you do a secret
passage appears. But what is inside is not essential for '7-11 quest'
but as I think - in 'Slightly Twisted Quest' (STQ) Goliath opens it
for you when you help him with boots.


There's a dwarf in the game who is wandering throughout the whole
country - you need to give him golden boots from disco. If he wont take
them, then just talk with him (carefully, he's very nervous) until he
tells you he's too short. Then you help him out. After some time, when
you meet him at some road, talk with him and he will thank you and
join your quest.


He's also a 'random location' character - he can often be met nearby
Dimwit Dale (but you cannot meet him at the beginning of the game -
he just appears there after some actions). To make him join you, talk
politely with him many times.

Backwood Forest

Here you pick up a list of instructions, a cellular phone (you can
even get hints by that (but they are nowhere as good as mine...{G}),
and also search smoking boots for an item.

Spiders and Cow

These are not essential for '7-11 quest', but to get rid of the spiders
you need a flamethrower (maybe Gingerbread Man gives you one) but its
only in STQ, so I dont bother.

A castle with stuffed mailbox

To enter it you need to use a hamster from Don Elfondo's wedding party
on the mailbox. Inside, you just go up and get a stone. If you play STQ
try putting it in empty donut's box and try using it on the roof of the
wizard's tower.


They are very annoying. Just kill all of them. Some of them have spells
and money, but you need some of the spells to complete game.


Talk with any of them you meet, they will give you tips. Also they do a
great job of killing some Ringwraiths in combat.


Maybe they arent gnomes, but I dont care about those fantasy stuff. These
can be met to the left of the Elven King's tree only in daytime. They have
tubaware you will need later. To get it, talk with them until they begin
talking nonsense. Then you need to talk with them in correct order and
picking the correct of the responses. Its a bit tricky but your goal is
Shah-ron jumping at one of them and smashing him. Save then and quickly try
to smash the next one and the next one in the same way. But they recover
quickly so you need to grab their tubaware quickly.

Elven King & Queen

Elven King has a wrench you need. Talk with him and he'll tell you he wants
ice. It can be found 3 screens to the left in the centre of Kalibre's pass
(the location where your health meter decreases constantly) - it is hard
to spot but there's a piece of ice lying in the very middle of the screen.
A queen on the other hand has an amulet and a toilet cleaner. To get any of
them you need to bring her a hand mirror from the inn in the Edam City.

Cleaning the toilet

You need to clean a toilet which is standing in the forest after you cross
Kalibre pass to clear the water in the lake, where a mutant octopuss is
leaving, to make a safe crossing of the lake. To clean the toilet you need
a plunger and a cleaner from Elven Queen. Use them and note that water in
lake is now clean. Go left. To enter doors dont use a card from the shoes
in the Backwood forest on the card swiping machine but on the crack in the
wall. It'll open. You will enter a set of caves. Here kill all goblins,
sleep at inn in the caves, kill them again until you kill the last one.
A person of your interest here is Humphrey Balrog, a 'flaming' man. You
need to help him with his teeth. Go to the big boulder in the caves, tie a
rope to it and use a boulder when Humphrey is near. He'll join your team.
There is also a place in caves where you can pick up some hay.


There is a barrel. To reach the hidden cave you need a cork from Edam City's
wine cellar and a duvet from the inn in Edam City. Use them on a barrel and
use barrel. In the cave use tubaware on grail to get it. Swim out of the cave.

Wizard's Tower

Kill all the goblins near the entrance. Enter tower. There's a hotspot here,
where you dont see a usual hotspot's b-z-z noise - you need to click on the
valve in the center of the screen (took me 30 minutes to find the spot) and
suddenly stairs rise. Upstairs, talk with wizard. When you return, use
incontinience spell on him, then spell o'floater, when he enters magic
toilet cast incontinience again and then go downstairs, use wrench on valve
and if everything is ok you should see the death of the wizard, if not then
you have to try again (this game has some moments where you cannot tell what
you need to do to achieve something, and its very annoying - for example
first time I played this moment I did it much easier (killing wizard) but I
failed to repeat that; though what I have described here should work).
After he is dead pick up all valuable items in his room (I recall a scroll,
a weapon and a jar o'lightning) and go upstairs. At the roof go right, open
a cage with an animal and it will join your team.

Minar Tragedy

Near the entrance pick up orc's eye. There is an inn here where you can play
a game with a man who's sitting at the table. If you win, you get a doll
from him. There's a ninja baker in this city. To trick the guards and bring
weapon into palace put a sword o'normalness into his vat with dough. He'll
make a loaf of bread which you should take. Now go to palace and guards will
not take bread away. Go in and kill the king. Then use sack on his body and
use doll from Gorgon's Cave on throne. I failed to open doors in throne room.
You can also buy some stuff in Minar Tragedy's shop o'stuff.

Elevator & Dark Castle

To make an elevator ride you to the 2nd floor you should use a 'small key'
item which you can obtain by killing an orc in the very beginning of the
game - there is only one orc in the beginning of the game wandering in
Flake Town. At the 2nd floor kill all enemies, go left to the backdoor of
the castle, enter it, get stuff from the shelves, use orc's eye on the
scanner near the door, inside take orc's costume, wear it, but remove it
when you are going to leave the elevator. Defeating the Dark Lord is
only for those playing STQ so they can kill a goblin who is guarding
entrance to the party by using Dark Lord's doorbell 3 times. And after you
enter the party place, figure out by yourself how to defeat the statue
of Dark Lord (only way to defeat him IMHO is to defeat his statue).

Rivendull gates

To enter the party (another one) you need a gift and an invitation. You
can get a gift from tombs, guarded by Timmy The Dog and invitation is in
the house of 3 goblins just across the road. If you have both, talk to
guard and enter mansion. Inside, examine Dark Lord's gift. Enter office.
Talk politely with Don Elfondo and he'll give you a hamster.

House Of 3 Goblins

Just kill all of them (tricky) and pick up an envelope with invitation.

Car Remains

Pick up a handle and use it on ferry to get across the river.

Timmy The Dog And Tombs

Talk with Timmy for a very long time. When you return to him at night you
will pick up a bit of drugged meat in his bowl. Get it. Also Timmy will
let you enter tombs after this freely. Enter rightmost tomb, use sheet
from inn in Edam City and go to the leftmost tomb. There you will obtain
a gift for party.

Edam City

To enter it for the first time just use drugged meat on guards and walk in.
At inn look at the guestbook and sign there. Go upstairs, kill the cat
(cats have 9 lives, do they?), then take sheet and duvet from the shelf.
Enter honeymoon suite and get hand mirror on the bed. Examine mirror.

Wine Cellar

To get there you need to hunt down an 'exit' spot in the inn in Edam City.
It's in the left part of the inn. When at cellar, get a cork for a barrel.

King Afro

He wants grail and he will give you toilet paper for it. Grail is behind
the waterfall, in secret cave. And toilet paper will help Conrad in Flake
Town's Inn and he will join your team.

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