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Читы для Kingdom o' Magic

Чит-файл для Kingdom o' Magic

Kingdom o' Magic

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sales Curve Interactive
Издатель:Sales Curve Interactive

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
General Information

This was written after having seen the rather poor and often inaccurate hints
from some guy calling himself "Darksheer" .Apparently, he didn't like the game
so he got really sloppy.

He also only covered one quest, claiming that the others were too boring to
comment. In his walkthrough, he eventually mixes up all three quests and even
gave some hints which were just plain wrong.

This solution covers all three quests!

Some minor aspects may be different when playing with Thidney, I played in
Sha-ron Mode.

"How do I work this?"

I tried to keep this as fair as possible. The text is divided in locations
where you get basic hints first ("You need:" and "You get:").

The solution is mostly given in a Q&A style, so you can first read the
question, think about it and then proceed with the answer if you want to.

Often, you will only want a very basic hint to avoid spoiling the fun
o'exploring the Kingdom by yourself.

After the solve, you will find information about the people you meet while
walking around the kingdom, followed by Miscellaneous hints.

At the end o' this file, you can find a rough listing o' how to finish the
quests. This is general information in case you don't know where you are
supposed to be going. There be spoilers here, so beware!!!

Since the names o' the quests are a bit long to type out, the following
abbreviations have been used:

* The Good Old Traditional Quest (GOTQ)
* The Magnificent 7-11 Quest (M711Q)
* The Bizarre & Slightly Twisted Quest (B&STQ)

If you spot a parenthesis with the word (day) or (night) in it, it means that
this place can only be sensibly visited during that particular time o'day.


Important Information

The best way to use this solve is probably to print it out and cover the pages
with another blank page. Peek only when and where you must.

This is not an official document. It was written for fun. It may not be
entirely accurate and it may not be entirely complete.

Send your comments to MOATMAI@aol.com; send your flames to >NUL. If this solve
spoils your fun with the game: not my problem.


I am in no way associated with SCI, its international distributors or the Dark
Lord himself. This document may be only freely distributed online, and on the
following networks: Internet, FidoNet and America Online.

It may not (repeat: MAY NOT) be distributed outside those channels. You may
print it out for personal reference, but you may not, at any point, charge
money for it.

All rights reserved. ъ 1996 by MOATMAI@aol.com.


Flake Town

You should definitely always start out in Flaketown to get your first
experiences with the Interface and how to deal / talk with other

Wig Shop (day)

* You need: Hair
* You get: Wig, Sign

Is it open? Get the cheap wig. Do you have some spare hair? Give it to him
and get the sign.

Hair dresser (day)

* You need: Wig, Sheep
* You get: Hairspray, wool

Don't visit him without a wig in your inventory. Is it open? Get the
brochure on the counter. Wear a wig before talking to him.

Is there hair on the floor? Get it and deliver it to the Wig-Meister.

Do you have a sheep? Have it shorn here.


* You need: Sign
* You get: Lighter

Do you have a sign from the Wig-Meister? Trade it for a lighter. Is there a
parrot? Use a sack on him.

Is someone in the toilet? Give him toilet paper.

Are you playing M711Q? Look behind the innkeeper: There is a back room.

Granny (day)

* You need: Wool
* You get: Child

Is she there? Be evil to her and use the word "tea" .Grab the child. Do you
have wool? Give it to Granny.


* You need: Money, Parrot
* You get: Ride in ferry

Do you have a parrot? Give it to the ferryman.

Costume Shop (day)

* You need: Money
* You get: Costume

Is it open? Get the disco threads.

Disco (night)

* You need: Costume
* You get: Necklace / Golden Boots, Sack

Is there a sack next to the back door? Get it. Do you have disco wear? Put
it on and enter.

Talk to the disco king and get his necklace. Use the necklace in the disco
to get golden boots.

Elfis Golem

* You need: Microphone
* You get: Plunger

Do you have a microphone? Talk to him. Get the plunger.

King Afro's Palace (day)

* You need: Grail
* You get: Toilet Paper

Is it open? Get your quest. The hippie woman can be killed. Do you have a
grail? King Afro gives you toilet paper for it.

Police Officer (day)

* You need: Donuts
* You get: Sunglasses

Do you have donuts? Give them to him and get his mirrored sunglasses.

Baker's Island

* You need: Caged Child, Jar o' lightning
* You get: Donuts, Rope, Gingerbread Hero

Be sure to get the donuts. Do you have a caged child? Use it on the house.
Inside, you find a plan and donuts.

Is there a water elemental next to the house (day)? Get him to turn the

Is there a mad baker inside? Get donuts from him. Use the secret plan on
the baker.

Is there a rope on the wall? Get it.

Is there a cooking form in the back room? Use the rolling pin and the form
on the dough on the counter.

Do you have a jar o' lightning? Open it outside o' the house.

Do you have a gingerbread hero? Put it on the ballows.

The Gorgon's Valley

* You need: Sunglasses
* You get: Axe, Sword O' Normalness, Paper Bag, Action Figure

Do not enter the cave without sunglasses. Does the statue have a book next
to it? Get it.

Get the weapons outside o' the Gorgon's Cave.

When the Gorgon appears, wear sunglasses.

Inside the cape, get open the gas cooker and get the paper bag.

Dwarf's Mountain

* You need: Stilt Plans, Goliath
* You get: Asbestos Suit, Treasure

If you are playing GOTQ, absolutely do not enter the cave! Were you led by
Goliath? Use Goliath on the Dwarf Head Key.

Is there a head dwarf at the front gate? Give him stilt plans. Get the
armor and the treasure from inside the cave.


* You need: Hairspray, Lighter, Book O' Knots
* You get: Card, Instructions, Telephone, Spell, Cow

Look at the instructions, look at the shoes, get the telephone (you can get
hints from it). There is a spell on a sign next to the bridge.

Do you have a Book O' Knots? Use it with the web on the tree.

Do you have hairspray and a lighter? Use lighter with hairspray. Use the
flamethrower against the spiders. Pick them up.

Dark Tower

* You need: Hamster, Empty Donut Box
* You get: Palentire Stone

Do you have a hamster? Use it on the door. Go up the stairs. Put the
Palantire Stone inside the empty donut box. Always put the stone back into
the box after using it.


Leafy Glade

* You get: Tubbaware

Are there little guys? Announce to stomp on them (talking), stomp on them
in quick succession and get the Tubbaware. This is not easy, save before

Royal Clearing

* You need: Ice, Mirror, Visitor's Book
* You get: Wrench, Toilet Cleaner, Spell

Talk to king before getting the ice. Never take a thermal detonator, but do
threaten with having one.

Do you have ice? Give it to the king (hurry).

Do you have a mirror and a visitor's book? Use them on the queen. If you
are good, you can get a protective spell and a toilet cleaner.

The Kalibre Pass (day)

* You get: Ice

Get the ice (hidden in the middle o' the high point of the pass) and hurry
back to the king o' De-Lorean with it. If you've already done that, be sure
to cross the pass quickly.

Do you have a plunger and a toilet cleaner? Use them on the very public

Top and Bottom O' The Falls


* You need: Cork, Duvet

Is there a barrel? Look at it. Do you have a cork? Use it with the barrel.

Do you have a duvet? Use it with the barrel.

Never enter a barrel which isn't corked and lined.


* You need: Tubbaware
* You get: Grail

Get the grail. Do you have Tubbaware? Put grail in Tubbaware. Deliver grail
to King Afro.


Is there anything happening there other than Ringwraith Mobbing?

If you're smart, you can avoid physical battle with most Ringwraiths by
choosing your dialogue carefully. Sha-Ron is rather weak in physical

The Great Western Road

* You need: Crank Handle
* You get: Crank Handle

Get crank handle from car. Use it on the ferry to get to Edam. Is there a
sign on the pole next to the ferry? Look at it.

Troll Cave

* You need: Brochure
* You get: Spells, Invitation

During the day, the trolls usually are in the cave. It is better to attack
them in the night, one by one. Spell O' Cabbage, followed quickly by a
physical attack, worked best for me. Do you have a brochure from the hair
dresser? Open it in front o' a troll.

If you use the brochure, you will not get the baseball bat.

There is a spell outside the cave. There is an invitation inside the cave.

Rivendull (day)

* You need: Invitation, Cup, Gift Voucher
* You get: Hamster

Do you have a wedding invitation and a cup from the burial chamber? Talk to
the guard. Do you have an Elven Gift Voucher? Give it to the guard. Tell
him to get rid o' a dragon.

Get hamster from Don Elrondo.

Never insult Don Elrondo. If you do, you will have to dispatch an Annoying

The Bearing Downs

* You need: White Sheet
* You get: Drugged Beef, Mallet, Cup

Talk to Timmy. Go to Edam Gates, go back to river, go back to Edam Gates,
go back to Timmy. Is Timmy drugged? Get the drugged meat. In the right-hand
burial chamber there is a mallet.

Do you have a white sheet? Wear it before visiting the burial chamber on
the left. Get the cup.


* You need: Drugged Meat
* You get: Mirror, Visitor's Book, Cork, Duvet, White Sheet

Do you have drugged meat? Use it on the gate. Go to the tavern. Use the
visitor's book.


* You get: Mirror, Visitor's Book, Duvet, White Sheet

In the honeymoon suite, look at the bed. You will get a mirror. Is there a
cat in the cupboard? Repeatedly apply a ten point spell on it (i.e.

Is there a duvet in the cupboard? Get it.

Is there a white sheet in the cupboard? Get it.


* You get: Cork

The cellar is hidden roughly in the middle o' the tavern. Is there a cork?
Get it.


* You need: Rope
* You get: Hay, Humphrey Balrog

Is there hay in one o' the caves? Get it. There is a toilet in the back o'
the Tavern in the caves. Use plunger and toilet cleaner on it.

Is there a fire giant walking around the Cave with the chasm? Talk to him.

Do you have a rope? Tie rope to rock, use rock with Humphrey Balrog.

Sewer Lake

* You need: Plunger, Toilet Cleaner
* You get: safe passage

Do not try to fight the monster. Do you have toilet cleaner? Use it on the
toilet in the tavern.

Do you have a card? Use it on the crack in the door.

Dimwit Dale

* You need: Hay, Beans, Raisins
* You get: Horsepoo, Beanstalk, Candle

Is there a horse outside? Give it hay. Do you have beans? Put them in the

Is there a beanstalk? Climb up and enter the Giant castle.

Have you dispatched the spiders? Give them (as "raisins") to the giantess.
Get giant candle.


* You need: Palentire Stone, Dead High Steward, Wrench
* You get: Jar O' Lightning, Stilt Plans, Light Saber, Spells

Make sure the High Steward is dead and you have the Palentire Stone before
going in. Kill the orcs. Step on one particular, unmarked stone in roughly
the middle o' the room, next to the valve indicators.

Do you have the Palentire Stone? Use it (get it out o' the box first).

Do you have a wrench? Use it on the valve. Marshghast, the evil wizard,
"gets it".

Put stone back in box. Go upstairs. Take the light sabre and the stilt

Is there a jar o' lightning there? Get it.

Top O' Rhite-Gard Castle

* You get: Beastie / Sheep

Go further upstairs. Go to the helipad. Is there a sheep? Get it.

Is there a caged beastie? Talk to it and let it out (If you are playing the
M711Q, tell it to go to the Tavern).

In B&STQ, the beastie serves no purpose other than comic relief.

Minar Tragedy

* You need: Sword O' Normalness
* You get: Little Yellow Fellow, Orc Eye On A Stick

Get the orc eye at the gate. Do you have a Sword O' Normalness? Use it on
the Ninja Baker's vat o' dough. Get loaf o' ninja bread.

In the tavern, talk to the Suspicious Fellow and play the game. Get a
Little Yellow Fellow.

High Steward

* You need: Ninja Bread, Action Figure, Paper Bag
* You get: Dead High Steward, Small Key

Turn back if you have no ninja bread, paper bag or Kingdom O' Magic Action
Figure. Talk to guards. In the castle, insult the High Steward.

Look at the remains (In B&STQ, he has a small key).

Put remains in paper bag, put action figure on throne.

The Palentire Stone works only after you have killed the High Steward.


* You need: Small Key

Never press the "3" button. Do you have a small key? Use it on the keyhole
beside the elevator.


* You need: Orc Eye On A Stick
* You get: Orc Disguise, Spells

Do not go in through the main entrance! Kill all enemies if possible. Go in
by the back entrance. Get the spell o' Airstrike.

Do you have an orc eye on a stick? Use it on the eye scanner.

Get the orc disguise and wear it.

Ring the Dark Lord's bell three times.

Mt. Boom

* You need: Asbestos Armor, Giant Candle

Do you have asbestos armor? Use it. Do you have the giant candle? Put it on
the candle holder.

This is the end o' the B&STQ.


Meeting people

If you kill anyone, be sure to look at the tombstone. You will get their
possessions. Before attacking someone, look at him or her. If the health
points are not numerical, this person cannot be defeated in direct combat;
you will have to find another way.


* You need: Underwear
* You get: Gift Voucher


* You get: Money, Spells

Kill them all. If you don't want to do it yourself, wait until the Elves do
it and collect the loot.


* You get: Sword, Small Key

Kill him.


Leave him alone.


* You get: Money, Spells

Kill them, if possible.


* You need: Golden Shoes

Make him show you the back entrance to the Dwarf mountain or join the


* You need: Cow
* You get: Beans

The cow is the one hanging in the spiders' web. You have to have a Book O'
Knots to get it.


* You need: Little Yellow Fellow
* You get: Microphone

He wants a friend. A little yellow fellow will do. Get a microphone from him.



The number o' parodies is innumerable. Check out the Nazi / Rob Schneider
Wig-Meister, the Christopher Lloyd-like Mad Baker, Humphrey Balrog, the
Ringwraiths... never mind Puff The Magic Dragon, Terrence, Pinhed or Conrad
The Barbarian.

Tips for playing

The spell o' cabbage is good only if you immediately follow it up with a
physical attack.

Hurry with that ice.

Sometimes, the tomb stone o' a dead character is only two pixels wide and
tall. Clean your mouse before playing...

Ignore any stones lying around. There is only one significant stone in the
game: the one in the Dark Tower.

Always save your game before important conversations or events. If you
don't get a conversation to work the way it should, you can always go back
to that very same point.

There are a lot o' red herrings: Things that can be done in one quest, but
which cannot be completed in other quests.

You can get hints via the mobile phone: Call the actual hint line (see game
manual) using the phone in the game! Every hint costs you a gold piece,
though, and sometimes the hints are next to useless (The hotline number in
the British Edition is: 0 1703 631 826).

Some fun things to try out

Generally speaking: It is often fun to get really insulting to see what

Ask Elfis for a clue. Ask what you get for one gold piece or accept the

Ask the king o' De-Lorean about his tiger wife.

Be very offensive with the Queen o' De-Lorean.

Talk to one o' the elves about vandalism.

Make a really bad pun with Terrence and the Wig-Meister.

As Sha-ron, talk dirty to Terrence (or to anyone, really).

Try to get thrown into prison by the Cop.

Do try out the thermal detonator sometime. That's one way to finish the
game VERY quickly.

Don't put the Palentire Stone back in the box.

Look repeatedly into the Palentire Stone after offing Marshgast.

Talk with Timmie a lot. Tell him his name.

Try to get different favors from Don Elrondo and the Elf Guard.

Comment on Pinhed's voice.

Have a long conversation with the Beastie.

Ask the Ninja Baker about his body odor.

Look at the left tusk o' the Dark Lord's tower.

Try to rumble.


Don't be in Don Elrondo's quarters when night falls. Else you cannot move
until the sun rises again.

There is an instance where it snows in De-Lorean.

Sometimes calling the hint line crashes the game. Always save your game before

How To Complete The Quests

Each o' the games has a different goal and conclusion. This is where I
spoil all the fun... so if you want to turn back now, do so...

Some Common Problems

Always get the donuts, defeat the Police Officer and the Gorgon, kill the
High Steward and neutralize the Evil Wizard Marshgast. Always confront the
Queen of De-Lorean, get the ice for the King of De-Lorean and re-vitalize
the Elfis Golem.

The Good Old Traditional Quest (GOTQ)

The point o' the quest is to kill the dragon.

Never try to do this yourself - this will be taken care o' by some Mafia
Elves. You have to get a contract on the dragon first ("Elven Gift

It is a fun quest, but very frustrating as you end up rather stuck at
several points o' the game, directionless and confused by various red
herrings: Ignore the Spiders, the Ferryman / Pirate problem, King Afro's
Palace as well as the Lift leading to the Dark Lord's Tower.

The game ends when you hand the gift certificate to the Elf Guard at

The Magnificent 7-11 Quest (M711Q)

The point is to gather seven to eleven companions.

O' course, the "to eleven" is just a pun - seven are enough (Mr. Tree,
Humprey Balroh, Goliath, Conrad The Barbarian, Gingerbread Hero, Elfis
Golem, Beastie).

There are some red herrings here, but not as many as in the GOTQ (no way o'
defeating the Dark Lord): Ignore the Spiders, the Hairdresser and the

The game ends when you have recruited the seventh companion.

The Bizarre & Slightly Twisted Quest (B&STQ)

The point is to kill the Dark Lord. The whole "Lava Lamp" spiel in the
introduction is somewhat misleading.

Not as difficult as the game designers want to make you believe, really...

There are less red herrings here: Ignore the Grail quest, the Flake Town
Disco and the Costume Shop.

The game ends when you wear an asbestos suit and put a candle in the giant
candle holder on Mount Boom.


Legalese (Refresher Course)

This document may be only freely distributed online, and on the following
networks: Internet, FidoNet and America Online.

It may not (repeat: MAY NOT) be distributed outside those channels. You may
print it out for personal reference, but you may not, at any point, charge
money for it.


I am desperately looking for the Hardback Edition o' the Kingdom O' Magic
Manual or at least some good photocopies o' page 35.

"Kingdom O' Magic" and all characters therein are ъ 1996 by SCI (Sales Curve
This solution is ъ 1996 by MOATMAI@aol.com. All rights reserved.


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