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Читы для King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown

Чит-файл для King's Quest 1: Quest for the Crown

King's Quest 1:
Quest for the Crown

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line

Даты выхода игры

вышла в сентябре 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
 King Edward's domain has been ravaged. Through trickery, three
of the King's items of power have been stolen from him. The
kingdom lies in ruin. It's downfall is imminent. It is up to you,
Sir Graham, to recover the King's treasures. Succeed and you
shall be crowned King of Daventry! Fail and the worst of fates
shall befall you.

 One word of caution before you start: Never drop anything until
you're told to do so. Once an item is dropped in this game, you
cannot pick it up again. For some reason, you're never weighed
down by too many items; so you should be able to pick up and
carry every item with you at all times. Also, in order to get
maximum points, you must pick up everything you can and look at
it, read it, or whatever is required. (I lost 2 points for
pouring some water on the ground!) Enough said.

 Begin your quest by going northwest to the garden. Once there,
pick a carrot and go west to the other side of the garden, south
to the left of the castle and west to the rock. Stand on the
north side of the rock and move it. Doing so reveals a dark hole.
Look in the hole and then get the dagger. Then go west and swim
west across the pond (both screens). Once out of the pond, go
north to the well and west to the gate in the corral.

 Open the gate and enter the corral. When you see the goat, show
it the carrot. Now he'll follow you wherever you go. This is
important as you'll soon see. Exit the corral and head west
twice. You may or may not see a fairy godmother handing out
blessings. If you do see her, she'll give you a short lived
protective spell. If you don't see her, no problem. She'll pop up
every now and then.

 Now go north to the clover patch and get a clover. This is a
four-leaf clover and will protect you from Leprechauns if the
need arises. Go north to the wooden bridge. (Goat still with
you?) As you start to cross the bridge, an ugly troll bars the
way and refuses to let you pass unless you throw him a treasure.
However, your goat, which hates trolls, rushes the troll and
butts him off the bridge! The troll is swept downriver, never to
be seen again. The goat, having fulfilled its use, strolls away.
So wave goodbye and cross the bridge and continue north.

 You've found a crotchety old gnome and when you talk to him, he
informs you that he has something to give you that might be
useful...but only if you can guess his name! The crusty old
fellow gives you three chances. Type "IFNKVOHGROGHPRM" and the
gnome, in amazement, says "That's Right!" and leaves a handful of
magic beans laying on the ground. The gnome's name, by the way,
is a cryptogram. The alphabet's been reversed and the new letter
set has been substituted for "Rumpelstiltskin".

 Get the beans and go east to another wooden bridge. Be careful
you don't fall in the gorge! Cross the bridge and go east to the
flower patch. Plant the beans here and all of a sudden, a huge
beanstalk stretches up out of sight into the clouds! Don't climb
it yet, though. Go east and swim east across the lake. When you
exit the lake, continue east Look in the hole in the big rock as
you pass...what an odd green glowing!) Go east again. A little
dwarf may come and make a quick inspection of your possessions to
see if there's anything of value. You don't have anything of note
and he leaves. Now go east once more to the little beach by the
river. Get the pebbles you see laying here then go west back to
the beanstalk. CAUTION! Save your game here. Climbing the
beanstalk is a risky business and you'll most certainly fall off
it many times before you reach the top.

      Part II

 Climb the beanstalk until it enters the clouds. Leave the
beanstalk by going  east into theclouds and continue east until
you enter an area of trees. When you reach the first set of
trees, head south then east twice until you come to  a tree with
a hole in its base. Look in the hole and get the sling. Go back
west twice to the fruit tree then north. Now this is a bit
tricky. There is  a tree on the upper right edge of the screen
that you should go to before you  go east to the next screen.
This area will give you the most amount of time  to evade the
giant before he kills you!
 Go east...there he is! Go as quickly as you can and hide behind
the center tree. Make sure Graham is completely hidden behind the
tree. Now just wait there. Eventually, the Giant will become
tired and lie down under the tree and go to sleep. Now's your

 The chest he's carrying is King Edward's Magic Chest! Get it and
head west back to the beanstalk. Make sure you walk in the right
places or you'll fall out of the clouds! It would be a good idea
to save your game before you descend. Go back down the beanstalk
and head south three times then east to the well.

 Stand on the north side of the well and cut the rope. Cutting
the rope gets the bucket for you. Now lower the rope into the
well and climb down the rope. When you get to the end of your
rope (so to speak!), dive under the water and head southwest into
the hole. Careful not to become tangled in the weeds!
 When you exit the hole, you're face to face with a fire-
breathing dragon! Stay in the middle of your screen and go only
as far as the second rock. Throw water on the dragon's fire and
he's vanquished! In fact, he's so embarassed that he moves a
boulder blocking the western exit from the cave and skulks away!
On the northern side of the cave is the King's Magic Mirror! Take
the mirror and leave the cave by going west twice. Outside the
cave, you see a large, friendly bird flying back and forth. We'll
get to him later, though, so head south twice to the stump.

 Look in the stump and you see an old canvas pouch. Get the pouch
and look inside it. When you do so, you see it's filled with
sparkling diamonds! Go east and swim east across the lake twice,
then continue east to where you found the dagger and north to the
big tree. Climb the tree and go to the nest. Craddled in the nest
is a large golden egg! Get the egg and climb back down the tree
and go north twice to the tree.

 Laying on the ground under the tree are walnuts. Get a walnut
and open it. On the inside you find a solid gold walnut! Go east
and get the bowl you see, then go south. Running around the banks
of the lake is a friendly little elf.
 Talk to the elf and he's so impressed by your manners that he
gives you a magic ring! Wearing it will make you invisible...but
only once! So save it until you need it!

 Go north, east twice and north twice to the back of the
woodcutter's house. Now go west and enter the front door. Inside
you see a deplorable sight. A starving woodcutter and his wife
sit dejectedly at an empty table. Too bad you can't help
them...say perhaps that bowl...? Look at the bowl and you see the
word "FILL" written on its bottom. Give the bowl to the
woodcutter. He looks at you wonderering why you'd give them an
empty bowl. Say "FILL" and the simple ceramic bowl fills to the
brim with hot stew! For this precious gift (an unending supply of
food!), the woodcutter gives you his only other possession, an
old fiddle laying in the corner. Get the fiddle (careful you
don't fall through the floor!) and leave the cottage.

            Part III

 So go south from the woodcutter's house, swim across the lake in
a southerly direction, then continue south and go around to the
front door of the Witch's Cottage. (Taste
her house if you must, it's quite good!) Save your game at this
point. Open the cottage door and make your way to the bedroom.
Now wait. Eventually, the witch will come home. She won't see you
because you're in the other room. Sneak up on her and push her
into the stove! You done the old hag in and can move about her
house without fear now.

 Go to the cabinet on the north wall, open it and take the cheese
wedge. Now go back south and leave the cottage. Now comes the fun
part. Go west and south to the front of the cave where you found
the Magic Mirror. The large friendly bird seems to be waiting for
you! Go down to the lower middle portion of your screen and keep
jumping up until the bird (which is actually a Condor) catches
 The Condor flies high up in the air and carries you to a small
island which lies in the moat in front of the castle. When he
drops you, your head spins as you try to regain your bearings.
There's an odd hole in the ground here, but don't go down into it
just yet. Head west and get the mushroom you see growing here.
Now go back east and down into the hole. Oops, the long drop
seems to have set your head spinning again! When it stops
spinning, go south to the end of the tunnel then *cautiously*
head west.

 There's a hungry rat running in circles here and when you talk
to it, he says he won't let you pass until you give him a
treasure. Don't get too close to it! Throw the cheese to the rat.
Being hungry, he's just as satisfied with the cheese as he would
have been with a treasure, and he scurries away into some unseen
crevice in the rocks. Go to the door, open it, and go west
through the door.

 On the other side of the door is a tiny leprechaun, who, upon
seeing your clover, lets you pass unmolested. Go south and play
the fiddle for the King of the Leprechauns. They dance and dance
to your music then finally they all leave the hall. As the King
of the Leprechauns leaves, he forgets to take his Sceptre! Get
the sceptre and look! Next to the Leprechaun King's throne is
King Edward's Magic Shield!

 Get the shield and go west up the stairs. Continue west until
you come to the little hole in the western wall. Now, eat your
mushroom and you're shrunken down to a size small enough to allow
you to enter the hole. Go west into the hole and you find
yourself in front of the big rock where you saw the strange green
glow! Eventually, you regain your former size, but wasn't it fun
being so tiny?

 Go north twice then east three times to the left hand side of
the castle. Walk (carefully!) across the bridge and open the
door. Enter the castle and follow the hallway to the throne of
King Edward. Bow to the King and he descends his throne. You've
managed to recover the Strength of Daventry and the king places
his crown upon your head! As he does so, he falls to the ground
in a seizure and dies. Heavy lies the head that wears the crown.
You ascend to the throne to govern Daventry as King Edward
had...guarding the Treasures of Power that you labored so long to
recover. Thus ends the King's Quest...congratulations, King

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