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Читы для King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human

Чит-файл для King's Quest 3: To Heir Is Human

King's Quest 3:
To Heir Is Human

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line

Даты выхода игры

вышла в октябре 1986 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
The Solution
Written By:  Kloey Detect (c)1986

Special thanks to the following for all their help in solving this
radical adventure:

Balboa                                  Sam Brown
CatchClaw                               The Shadow
The Game Master                         The Undefined Being
Happy Hacker                            The Guardian
Mr.Wonderful                            Mickey Mouse
Bleu Beard                              PC Pirate

   Once again, thank you very much for all of your help in
solving King's Quest III.  All of the above helped in one way or
another.  Not all provided valid or even intelligent thoughts to
the solution, and you know who you are!  But if it was not for
the support of the following on the Gallifrey, King's Quest III
would have taken much longer to solve.  Once again thank you and
enjoy this tutorial help guide.

                                   -Five O

Special Thanks To SPI for cracking King's Quest III.
Special Thanks to Kloey Jr. for his insight and thoughts !!!!!

       This Tutorial is dedicated to my sister, who is now mourning
the death of her pet guinea pig, Max, who left us while I solved
King's Quesy III in the wee hours of the morning.


"Hot damn!  I beat your ass.........Jesus-H, it is 4:58 AM.  I
will write the tutorial tomorrow night."

   You have just witnessed the past events of December 7....1941,
a day that will live in infamy, whoops, wrong story.  You have
just witness the events of last night or this morning as the case
may be.  I have now sat down, after three hours or so, of
re-writting my maps so that people, other than ostriches, could
read my handwriting.  If you would like a formal map, please
leave e-mail for Kloey Detect on a BBS near you.

   Well, Sierra On-Line topped themselves again.  This is the
best of the King's Quest series yet, as far as the toughness
goes, but I still feel that King's Quest II was more based on fairy
tales and mythology like King's Quest.  Well a different guy
did this one.  Look for King's Quest IV between June and July!!!


   You have been captured by the evil homosexual wizard Manannan,
who if you can't tell by the name, probably lives in
Greenwitch Village and skips to work wearing a pink flowing
gown.  You must escape from Manannan, rescue your sister, and
take her back to Daventry in time, or the kingdom will suffer
further ruin and be destroyed, which we would not want to happen!

   Because King's Quest III is so large [actually smaller than
King's Quest II], but a bitch to map, it makes it very difficult
to explain step-by-step how to solve it, so I am going to help
you solve this adventure, but not really:  I will provide the
information necessary to do so, but for those of you who do not
want to take the cheaters way out, you will only get the hints
that you need.

Here we go...................

* NOTE *

       The following maps are the most "conceptual" maps that there
are:  You may be at a poin and go south, when you go north to
return to the beginning, you will not return to the point you
started at, but instead be to the left or right of the starting point.

There is a wrap-around effect in the game and it applies only to
the north/south borders.

* - Magical item which you may not possess while Manannan is
    still in the house, unless you enjoy being killed!

O - Ocean, which you can not swim across completely or defend
    yourself against sharks!

# - Non-accessible area which is between/in the cliffs, chasms,
    walls, mountains, etc.

You have exactly 30 minutes on the game clock in which to either
gather your stuff together and solve the adventure or return to
the house, stash the stuff under your bed (pay attention, clue #1)
and then wait for Manannan to blow off.

   ---Remember to ALWAYS put the wand back when you return home.
|  ---Remember to ALWAYS shut the trap door & move the book back.
|----------If you do not do this then Manannan will blow you into
               cocaine dust.

Manannan's House - 1st Level

                            8       6
               2  |    |
                         \1 -- 7

Manannan's House - 2nd Level

                            3   4
                            | /
                            2 -- 10

Manannan's Laboratory


"The World Below The Castle"
Greenwitch Village !
                 /      \
E   D   26 -- 25    12    24/23 -- 19   OOOOOOOOOOO
N   E   |     |  ########  |  |     |   OOOOOOOOOOO
D   S   27 -- 31 ########   21 --- 20   OOOOOOOOOOO
L   E     |     |  ########   |    |       |   OOOOOOOOOOO
E   R     28-- 30 -- 13 ----  14 --- 15 -- 16 -- 17 O
S   T   |     |     |       |       |   OOOOOOOOOOO
S               29 -- 32 -- 33 ---- 22 --- 18   OOOOOOOOOOO

Pirate Ship (U.S.S. Five O)

                            42 -- 41 -- 43
                            44 -- 39 -- 40
                                    37 -- 38

Ladder Tree (Robber's Home)

              34 -- Outside The House
Bear's House

Daventry! - The Beach/Mountain Scenario

                                51 -- 52 -- 53
                                   |          |
                49 -- 50          55 -- 56
                  |  |                     |
              47-48                     57
                       |  |                     |
              45-46                     |
                                 Down Only to #58

Daventry! - The Return Home ..........

                  68 -- 67 -- 66 -- 65
                                  |     |        \
                       61 -- 62 ######  64
                                    |     ######### /
                                    60 ######## 63
                                    |         /
                       59 -- 58

     Just as a brief note: The majority, 99%, of these maps have
been drawn as an overhead/cross-section view, but I guess by now
you have seen that!

     In the following pages you will have the numeric key to the
above maps.  To understand them you must be at least 10 years in
age and be able to read 3 syllable words.  I will list the # of
the map location followed by the description of the location, and
then all the things that should be done on the screen.  Now bear
in mind that you may have to complete certain conditions in order
to perform certain commands.

Example: 666 - Satan's Party Hole
                     [1]Sacrafice virgin
                     [2]Get pitchfork

Comprende !!??!!


Extra Hints:

1] To poison the porridge, place the cookie in it.
2] To get the cat fur: a)Hold cat
                     b)Get fur

3] To stay safe during the journey to Daventry while on the
   Pirate's ship, remain at the rear of the ship untill you reach
   land.  You have to figure it out from there.

4] SAVE YOUR GAME FREQUENTLY!!!!!  I used the following format
   when I saved a game:>

              136/210 : Captn.Room : 1:26:23

      This is the score I have : Location : Time used

5] The eagle will drop the feather randomly, so GET IT !

Before we continue let me just say I finished King's Quest III,
but did NOT have all the points, which I don't give a crap
about.  I attribute the loss in points to the following:

Failure to complete the folowing spells:
Understanding the Language of creatures(10 pts)
Causing a deep sleep(10 pts)

Failure to gain the following objects:
Reptile skins

I needed the above two objects to complete the above two spells,
simple, isn't it!  If you could leave e-mail to me, I would
appreciate it to soothe my desire for knowledge.

Points not listed in Map/Tutorial

Leaving the pirate ship and making it to Daventry(5 pts)
Evading abominable snowman(4 pts)
*Cat fur(1 pt)
*Eagle feather(2 pts)
Dropping fish powder(4 pts)
Poisoning Manannan with porridge(10 pts)

IMPORTANT: When Manannan first appears, he will ask you to go do
               something, DO IT, you get now points, but then you
               won't get turned to cocaine either!!

Numerical key to the maps in the above:

1 - Starting place

2 - Top of staircase

3 - Manannan's bedroom
       [1] Get pot (To humor Manannan)
       [2] Open drawer (by mirror)
              [a] Given *mirror(1 pt)
       [3] Open dresser (right hand side)
              [a] Given *Rose essence(1 pt)
       [4] Move clothes
              [a] Given *map(7 pts)
       [5] Look top cabinet
              [a] Given *key(3 pts)

4 - Observatory
       [1] Get *fly(1 pt)

5 - Feed chickens (To humor Manannan)
       [1] Get chicken
       [2] Get *feather(1 pt)

6 - Get broom (To humor Manannan)
       [1] Get bowl(1 pt)
       [2] Get spoon(1 pt)
       [3] Get knife(1 pt)
       [4] Get bread(1 pt)
       [5] Get fruit(1 pt)
       [6] Get mutton(1 pt)

7 - Manannan's dinner room
       [1] Get cup(1 pt)

8 - Manannan's study
       [1] Unlock cabinet
              [a] Gives you *wand(4 pts)
       [2] Move book
       [3] Pull lever(5 pts)
       [*] The stairs lead down into the lab.

9 - Manannan's laboratory
       [1] Get *powdered fish bone(1 pt)
       [2] Get *nightshade juice(1 pt)
       [3] Get *mandrake root powder(1 pt)
       [4] Get *saffron(1 pt)
       [5] Get *toad spittle(1 pt)
       [6] Get *toadstool powder(1 pt)
       [*] Toad cast spells you must "Turn to page 'x' "
              [a] Where 'x' is the page the spell is located on.
              [b] Spells are at the end of the tutorial.
              [c] You gain ten(10 pts)points for every spell done.

10 - Your bedroom
       [1] Hide all

11 - Winding Path (SAVE GAME FREQUENTLY)

12 - Bottom of Path

13 - End of path

14 - Stores
       [1] General Store
              [a] Buy *leather pouch(1 pt)
              [b] Buy *salt(1 pt)
              [c] Buy *fish oil(1 pt)
              [d] Buy *lard(1 pt)
              [e] Pet Dog
                     [1]Gives you *dog hair(1 pt)
       [2] Tavern
              [a] Talk man
              [b] Give coin(3 pts)

15 - Docks
       [1] Get water(1 pt)

16 - Extension of docks
       [1] Get on ship(2 pts)

17 - End of docks

18 - Beach at the docks

19 - Beach

20 - Stream

21 - White trees with stream leading north

22 - Trees on beach
       [1] Get *mistletoe(1 pt)

23 - Cave
       [1] Dip feather in essence
       [2] Fly towards cave entrance
       [3] Enter cave
       [4] Get *stone(3 pts)

24 - Waterfall
       [1] Get mud(1 pt)

25 - Forest/desert

26 - Medusa
       [1] Enter the screen and face away from the way you entered
       [2] Wave mirror when Medusa is VERY close to you(5 pts)

27 - Curved desert basin

28 - Desert with cattle bones
       [1] Get *cactus(1 pt)

29 - Crackled desert floor

30 - Ladder Tree(Robbers Hideout)
       [1] Place hand in tree(4 pts)
       [2] Climb ladder
       [3] Get off ladder(2 pts)

31 - Large rock with trees

32 - Tall tree

33 - Bear's house
       [1] Knock on door
       [2] Walk over flowers
       [3] Open door

34 - Robber's house
       [1] Get *purse(4 pts)

35 - Bear's main room
       [1] Get porridge(2 pts)

36 - Bear's bedroom
       [1] Open drawer
       [2] Get *thimble(1 pt)
       [*] Leave house and go into garden and fill thimble(1 pt)

37 - Holding pen
       [1] Drop crate(2 pts)
       [2] Jump crate
       [3] Jump crate
       [4] Jump

38 - Storage room
       [1] Get crate(? pts)

39 - Captain's room
       [1] Open chest
       [2] Get all(3 pts)

40 - Store room
       [1] Get shovel(1 pt)

41 - Main Deck

42 - Galley

43 - Front of ship
       [1] Dip feather in essence(5 pts)

44 - Back of ship

45 - Beach

46 - Beach

47 - Foot of mountain

48 - Foot of mountain

49 - Path to mountain

50 - Path with waterfall

51 - Mountain caps with snow

52 - Path with cave at right

53 - End of path and mountain

54 - Abominable snowman's house

55 - Cliff and caves

56 - Cliff path

57 - Cliff path down

58 - Old house

59 - Old well

60 - Gnome's house

61 - Castle(left half)
       [1] Open doors(4 pts)

62 - Castle(right half)

63 - Stairs

64 - Stairs

65 - Stairs

66 - Cave entrance

67 - Dragon
       [1] Screen before(#66) rub ointment on body
       [2] Stir brew with finger
       [3] Cast storm spell(7 pts)
       [4] Untie girl(3 pts)
       [*] Take girl back to castle and you will win !

That's all folks

    It took me about 10 hours to complete the thing and to map
it all out and put the above info in a decent order.  I only got
169/210 points, and I have allready discussed why.

    I have only provided you with 80% of the solution.  What I mean

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