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Читы для King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Чит-файл для King's Quest 5: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

King's Quest 5:
Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line

Даты выхода игры

вышла в ноябре 1990 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Complete with step-by-step solutions, event point values, and area maps!
by Jessie Eubanks (C) 2001.

1.	Introduction and Notes
2.	Serenia
3.	The Desert
4.	Back in Serenia
5.	The Dark Forest
6.	The Last of Serenia
7.	Mountains
8. Beach/Harpy Island
9. Mordack's Island and Castle
10. Acknowledgements and Copyright Info

Before you start King's Quest V, there are a few things you should know, both
about the game itself and, if you're using it, this walkthrough. They will be
listed below, one by one, with two asterisks marking each new note.

** There is a score for King's Quest V. It is sort of the predecessor to the
idea of exploring every nook and cranny of an action platformer game today
and getting 100% of all the items. Although this is an outdated system (this
game was made in 1991), not achieving the maximum score will probably have
you replaying the game, sniffing out every single area looking for something
that you didn't find or do. Worry not - I will clearly indicate when a thing
you do or find gives you points. Unfortunately, by you looking through this
and me writing down event point values (my term for how many points you get
for performing a certain action), I am flushing any potential replay value
down the pot.

** The maximum score for King's Quest V is 260 points.

** SAVE OFTEN! By often I mean every time you're about to do something that
is even slightly potentially dangerous. That is to say, about every two
screens or so. Also save after a major event takes place.

** Event point values will be indicated like so: (+P) where P is the number
of points you get for doing something. You can get anywhere from two to five
points for an event.

** The order of information for an area in this walkthrough will be important
characters first, followed by a map, and then the walkthrough, unless it is a
section where you are returning to Serenia, in which case there will only be
the walkthrough.

** If you're the kind of person that has to fool around with every single
pixel of the screen to see if there's anything special or secret, I've got
your number. In certain areas I will post a list of Time Wasters that may or
may not have an effect on the game but are fun to do anyway. I will clearly
indicate if you need to save your game before testing a Time Waster.

** Remember the old Final Fantasy tip - "Talk to everyone..."

** Since the game is copy-protected, every now and then you'll have to enter
a code to advance further throughout the game. Refer to whatever came with
the game for the code, and don't lose it, since without it you can't go any
farther than the beach.

I. Characters

CRISPIN: The old wizard. He gave you your wand and your ability to talk to
animals. Now he's useless to you.

CEDRIC: Your little owl friend who goes everywhere you do (almost). If you
talk to him while you're in Serenia he can tell you where everything is, but
he isn't quite sure of himself once you hit the mountains. He is very
cowardly and won't go anywhere he thinks is dangerous. Occasionally you will
have to save Cedric's life when he gets in trouble.

SNAKE: Lives south of Crispin's house. He blocks the entrance to the

MAN FIXING WAGON: You can offer to help him, but he won't accept. If you
leave town and go back in, you can pick up a silver coin that he drops.

TAILOR: Has a cloak that Graham really likes, but you have to find his golden
needle to get it. If you hang around, there's a rude customer in the back who
yells out some pretty funny things.

TOY MAN: Has a sled that Graham thinks is cool. Give him the gnome grandson's
marionette to obtain it.

SHOESHOP COUPLE: These people are dead broke. They don't have a single pair
of shoes to sell, and they would love you forever and ever if you could find
them a pair of shoes to sell. You can't take the boots off your own feet and
give them to the couple out of generosity, so get the shoes from the elf in
the Dark Forest instead.

CAT AND RAT: Outside the bakery, once you have either the shoe or the stick,
a cat will be chasing a rat. Chunk either item at the cat to save the rat's

BAKER BROTHERS: Guys with pies for sale. Fork over a silver coin and you can
have one.

SAD PRINCE: He's sitting on a log bemoaning his girlfriend's fate. After you
talk to him he walks away.

WILLOW TREE: Strums sadly on her harp all day. Find her golden heart in the
forest and return it to her to make her human again.

GNOMES: The old grandpa wants his spinning wheel back. You can grab it in the
forest once you've infiltrated the witch's house.

INNKEEPER: Rough and tough guy with two rough and tough pals. Don't talk to
these guys until you're equipped with a few things.

BEES: West of the inn is a hive that's bee-ing (sorry, couldn't resist)
invaded by a bear. Give the bear a fish to divert his attention.

ANTS: North of the beehive, some ants are experiencing the destruction of
their colony due to a stray dog that's got nothing better to do. Maybe the
dog would like a stick instead, or perhaps even a shoe...

GYPSIES: Some Bohemian travelers have set up camp here, and one of them is a
fortuneteller. It costs one gold coin to have your fortune told.

II. Map
                        DARK FOREST
 D      Camp     Tree    Entrance     House
 E       |        |          |          |
 S       |        |          |          |
 E <---Anthill---Gnomes----Prince-----Snake---> MOUNTAINS
 R       |        |          |          |
 T       |        |          |          |
   <---Beehive---Inn and---Bakery----Outside----Inside
                Haystack              Town       Town

III. Walkthrough

You start out outside Crispin's house. You can either head south to the town,
or you can try out some of my Time Wasters.

** Go back in his house. He'll kick you out, and you can't go back in after
** Fool around with the funny-looking gizmo in the front yard.
** Drink from the pond (choose the hand cursor and click on the pond).
** Try to open the cellar.

Go south one screen and you'll meet up with the snake. He'll kill you with
his venomous bite, but if you want to pet him and die for the heck of it,
save your game first.

When you go south one more screen you're outside the town. Go in. Cedric'll
stay behind on this one.

Talk to the man fixing the wagon. Even though you offer your assistance, he
politely refuses. That's just as well - he never fixes it anyway. After
talking to him, leave town.

Go back in the town. There should be a silver glint where the man was. It is
a silver coin. Use the hand cursor and click on the coin to get it (+2).

Click the eye cursor on the barrel in the corner to look into it. There is a
dead fish inside. Use the hand cursor to obtain it (+2). If you wish, look
inside all the shops and talk to everyone as you please. Right now, there's
nothing else to do in town, so leave. Once outside the town, go west once.

Go inside the bakery. You'll get the "hold" icon busted out on you, which
means there is some action taking place, but you can still use items, talk,
etc. In fact, you can do anything during the hold period except walk around.

** During the hold period, talk to the lady and her son.
** Mess around with the cat.
** Try to take a pie.

When the hold period is over, give the silver coin to the baker to purchase a
custard pie (+2).

At the beehive there is a bear rifling through it. He's looking for honey,
but you've got a fish that he'd like to have too. Throw the fish to the bear
(+4). The queen bee thanks you and then allows you to take a honeycomb as a
symbol of her gratitude. Reach in and grab one (+2). They won't sting you.

If you don't have the fish yet and the bear's not there, go near the beehive
and they'll sting you to death. SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE GETTING STUNG TO DEATH.

Go off the beehive screen and then go back. Pick up the stick lying on the
ground (+2).

Go north to the anthill. Throw the stick at the dog to distract him (+4). The
ants will thank you and offer their help to you whenever you need it.

** Go up to the dog without throwing him the stick - he'll growl at you.
** Approach the anthill when the dog is gone and Graham will do what Cedric
calls the "BUG-a-loo." Pretty corny, yes, but that's what Graham gets for
walking too close to an ant castle.

Go east one screen and south one screen (or vice versa) and dig through the
haystack using the hand cursor. While you're digging, the ants will help you
find the needle. Once you have it, go give it to the tailor to get the cloak

There's nothing else to do in Serenia for now, so you had best head on to the

I. Characters

BANDITS: They have the staff that Graham needs to open up the temple. Graham
needs to do a few things first though, and he needs to be really fast and
quiet to get the staff.

SKELETON: He isn't going anywhere anytime soon...

II. Map
D=Desert  O=Oasis  C=Camp  S=Skeleton  B=Brushland  *=Hole in Cliffs

            Inside Temple
E <---D---D---D---*---D---D---D---D---D---D---B---Gypsy
N     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |     |
D <---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---B---Anthill
L     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |     |
E <---D---D---D---D---D---D---O---D---D---D---B---Beehive
S     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
S <---D---O---D---D---S---D---D---D---D---B-
      |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   (If you go in this area,
D <---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---D---B-   you will die of a nasty
E     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |    scorpion bite. There is
S <---D---D---D---D---O---D---D---D---D---B-   no reason to ever enter
E     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |         this area.)
R <---C---D---D---D---D---D---D---O---D---B-
T     |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
         E N D L E S S   D E S E R T

When you try to go into the desert, Cedric will launch into a tirade about
the desert being an extremely dangerous place and he'd never go there if his
life depended on it, and so on, ad nauseum ... just ignore him.

Enter the desert from the anthill for the easiest results. If you go too long
without drinking from an oasis, Graham will pass out from dehydration. Refer
to the map above for where the oases are located. To get you started, from
the brushland west of the anthill, go four screens west and one screen south.
Drink from the oasis (+2). You will only get points for drinking from an
oasis the first time you do it, so don't run around sipping from every single
oasis in the desert. Save after you quench your thirst.

When you get to the skeleton, pick up the shoe (+2).

Make it safely to the bandits' camp (+3). You can only get points for
discovering it the first time. Drink from the clay jar and move on, or you
can do some good old-fashioned quality Time Wasting... ;)

** Drink from the clay jar a whole lot. (Don't worry, this is the desert -
you won't retain water.)
** Play with the embers.
** Try to wake up the unconscious drunkard on the ground.
** Try to talk to the unconscious drunkard on the ground.
** Try to take things from the unconscious drunkard on the ground.
** Go in the small tent and look around.
** Try to go in the large tent. Save your game first though - they'll kill
you the minute you step in the door.
** Look at the camels.

Once you've found the bandits' hideout, you can go north to the temple. Be
sure to drink at the oasis along the way.

You'll earn some points for discovering the temple (+3). When you get there,
you'll have a little bit of time to drink from the oasis, but not much. What
you need to do is hide behind the large rock next to the oasis and wait on
the bandits to get there. While you're hiding, they'll go up to the temple
and tap the staff lightly on the door to open it, and then they will leave.
Now that you've hidden from the bandits and observed how to open the temple
door (+2), you need to go back to the bandit camp. If you didn't hide well
enough the bandits will engage in a little ride-by killing, so save after you
drink from the oasis.

Back at the bandits' camp, you need to go into the small tent. This is one of
the areas where the game's copy protection may go into effect, so have your
documentation ready.

Inside the tent, walk around the slumbering burglar and snatch the staff from
its resting spot (+2). This would be a good time to max out the game's speed,
and if you don't know how, go to the row of icons at the top of the screen
and choose the one that looks like a slide bar. Click on it and max out the
speed control, as this is certainly a situation where it helps to move

If you talk to the bandit, he will kill you. If you touch him while walking
around him, he will kill you. If you take too long getting the staff, he will
wake up and kill you. If you dilly-dally at all while you're trying to get
your job done, you will die. End of story. Get in and get out.

Go back north to the temple and rap the staff on the door (+2). Since Graham
doesn't handle it delicately enough, it breaks and can't be used anymore, so,
as with the robber's tent, you'll have to do what you need to do and not do
anything more. In fact, save before you open the temple door to be safe.

Once inside, quickly switch to the hand cursor and pick up the gold coin (+2)
and the brass bottle (+2). Do not touch the massive pile of treasure. It is
cursed, and touching it will kill you. This area may be excessively difficult
for you if you have an affinity for shiny objects.

The temple door will close behind you when you leave. Leave the desert the
way you came.


With you back and Cedric glad to see you, go to the gypsy camp and give the
man outside your gold coin (+3). He'll let you in to see the fortuneteller.

You will see a vision in her crystal ball of Mordack interrogating Graham's
son Alexander. You finally figure out that Mordack wants his cat turned back
into a human, because his cat is really his brother Manannan! Since Alexander
is the one that made Manannan a cat, he's the only one that can reverse the
spell, but he doesn't remember how, so Mordack is just going to keep their
shrunken castle in a bottle until Graham's family dies. How horrible! Before
you leave, the fortuneteller gives you an amulet that protects you from "all
but the strongest magic (+2)." Equip it when you get outside by choosing the
amulet icon from the item menu and clicking it on Graham.

Now just wander around a lot and come back to the gypsy camp after a while.
They will be gone, but there should be a tambourine where they were. Pick it
up and take it (+2).

Go to the screen where you found the prince and go south to the bakery. DON'T
game, walk south, and right when you see the cat chasing the rat, move up to
the row of icons, get out your shoe, and move the cursor down really fast and
chunk it at the cat (+4). You have to do this quickly, and if you don't do
it, you can't go on very far at all.

That's all you can do in Serenia for now, so head up to the Dark Forest.

I. Characters

WITCH: Presides over the entire dark forest. She will turn you into a toad if
you are not equipped with the amulet the fortuneteller gave you. She has
quite a few people's possessions hidden throughout her forest, and gets to be
quite annoying as once you survive her magic blast she follows you everywhere
and keeps you from leaving the forest.

ELVES: The elves are only in one part of the forest, but they are hiding
behind some very dense foliage. You need to have a few things in your
inventory before you can get them to come out of their safe place.

II. Map

   Elves' <---Forest-----Foliage-----Witch's-----Tree with
  Hideout    Clearing    (Elves)      House        Heart
                            |           |            |
                            |           |            |
                         Path to-----Path to-----Path to N
                         N and E     Witch's       and W
                            \         House          /
                             \                      /
                              \                    /
                               \                  /
                                \                /
                                 \              /
                              Fork to East and West
                                 Back to Serenia

III. Walkthrough

Before entering the Dark Forest, you need to make sure you have a few things.
Make sure you have the following:
** The amulet from the fortuneteller. Also make sure that it is equipped.
** The brass bottle from the desert temple.
** The honeycomb from the beehive.

When you are ready, enter the forest (+2, first time only). You will get many
more items while in this forest.

Take the east path at the fork - from here, you cannot leave until you
accomplish everything you are supposed to. Eventually the witch will appear.
She can appear as early as the first screen after the entrance or as late as
when you make it to her house. Not being able to toad-ify you will make her
angry, and if you try to go anywhere she will start following you. To rid
yourself of her, give her the brass bottle (+4). She will release the genie
inside, who is now free. He will then make her captive inside the bottle,
which will then disappear.

Now that you're rid of the witch, you can go in her house, which may or may
not be another copy protection point, so be prepared.

There are three things to get in the witch's house, so whip out the hand
cursor and listen up. Click on the incense burner that is suspended from the
ceiling to get a small key (+2). Open the drawer and get the pouch filled
with emeralds (+2). Open the trunk to get a spinning wheel (+2). Those are
the only items of interest in this house.

Outside the witch's house, go east once and go up the winding path to the
tree with the door in it. Use the small key you just got to unlock the door
in the tree (+3). Once it's open, grab the golden heart inside (+2).

Now go west two screens to the foliage with the eyes peeking out. Squeeze the
honeycomb from the beehive onto the ground (+4).

Go up to your item menu and use the hand cursor on the pouch to open it. You
now have three emeralds at your disposal. Have Graham throw one emerald out
onto the ground (+2); he will throw it past the honey on the ground and the
elf will go get it and take it back into the foliage. Toss out a second jewel
(+2); Graham will throw it a little closer to the honey this time. When you
bait the elf with the third emerald (+2), Graham will drop it in the honey,
causing the elf to get his feet stuck. Since you caught him, he will show you
the path to his elven hideaway.

Go into the clearing and crawl into the tunnel (+2, first time only).

When you are in the elves' cave, go and talk to the elf you caught. As a
reward for catching him, he will give you an exquisite pair of finely crafted
shoes (+2). You can leave the Dark Forest by climbing the ladder to the far

** Revisit the elves' hideaway after leaving the forest. It will be empty the
second time around, and there is a pit you can fall in, so be careful.
** Try to give the witch objects other than the brass bottle.


It's time to give the items you got in the witch's house back to their
rightful owners. After escaping the forest, head west to the willow tree.

When you give the weeping willow back her heart (+4), a scene will commence
in which the human princess and her elated boyfriend are reunited. Pick up
the harp she leaves behind (+2).

Go south to the old gnome's house and give him his spinning wheel. In
exchange, the grandfather gnome will give you his grandson's marionette (+4),
at which time they will go off to find wood to carve another puppet.

** Try to open the gnome's front door with the key that opened the tree door
in the Dark Forest.

Go to town and go in the toy man's shop. Give him the marionette in exchange
for the sled on the wall (+4).

Head on over to the couple at the shoe shop and give them the fine shoes you
got from the elf in the forest (+4). The cobbler and his wife will leave the
store to sell them for a ridiculous amount of money and retire. As a token of
thanks, he will give you his cobbler's hammer.

You are finally well enough equipped to take on the man at the country inn
and his mischief-making hooligan cohorts. Take a deep breath and save your
game before you go in.

Either try to move past or talk to the innkeeper. His associates will hold
your arms back as he jars your brain loose with a metal bar. When you wake
up, you will be tied up in his cellar, which is heavily locked down in case
you try to escape. If you were a good adventurer and saved the rat back at
the bakery, she will come out and gnaw through the rope for you. When she is
done chewing through the rope, pick it up and take it with you (+2).

You can't escape yet because the door is held shut with a padlock. Use the
cobbler's hammer to break it (+4).

Once you get it you will be in the inn's kitchen. Whatever you do, do not go
back into the main room from here. The innkeeper will beat you silly again,
except this time it spells game over for you. If you think curiosity might
get the best of you, save here.

What you need to do is use the hand cursor on the cupboard to open it. Inside
is a leg of lamb that you will need later on in the mountains. Get it (+2),
then exit the door to the left and never go back in the country inn again.

Go to where you saw the snake just south of Crispin's house now. Use the
tambourine that you got from the gypsies to scare off the snake, thereby
clearing a path to the mountains (+3). This will be the last that you ever
see of Serenia - save here, then head off into the mountains.

T h r e e   w e e k s   l a t e r . . . . .

I. Characters

WOLVES: The wolves are going to be quite pesky in the mountains. They're
going to capture Cedric first, and then they're going to kill you if you
don't act fast enough in the Ice Queen's castle.

QUEEN ICEBELLA: Not a particularly funny pun, but it gets its point across.
This is one hardhearted lady, but King Graham always has something up his
sleeve. You gotta be able to do something to make her feel love again...

EAGLE: There is a starving eagle outside the queen's castle. Feed him half
your leg of lamb to get him going again.

YETI: Near the Ice Queen's palace, in a large cave, lives a yeti who has
invaded her territory. She'll spare Cedric's life and your own if you can get
rid of him.

ROC: Just when you think you've passed every obstacle in this stinking range
of mountains, a roc (that is, a two-headed bird) comes and captures Graham,
thinking it will make a great meal for its baby who is about to hatch. This
is quite the sticky situation ... can you get Graham out of it?

II. Map

 T                           Rock-----Slope-----Icy-------Outside
 O                           Jump               Pit      the Castle
                              |                              /
 S                            |                             /
 E          Mountain        Jutting         ICE QUEEN'S------          Inside
 R  <------>  Path  -------- Rock             CASTLE                    Cave
 E                                              /                        |
 N                                             /                         |
 I                                       ------                          |
 A                                      /                                |
                                       /                                 |
                                  Path Behind--------Near the---------Outside
                                  Ice Castle           Cave             Cave
                                                     Path to-----------Roc's
                                                    Roc's Nest          Nest
                                                             (flown to beach)

III. Walkthrough

Put on the cloak as soon as you get into the mountains (+4). If you don't put
it on you will freeze to death at the next screen. Also, use the leg of lamb
on Graham to stave off hunger (+4). It's not like Graham has ever had a
problem with hunger up until now. It must just be the atmosphere that makes
his hunger pangs twitch. You will only eat half the leg of lamb when you use

At the next screen you will come to a frozen waterfall, and you have to get
to the top. Use the rope you got from the inn cellar, but DO NOT THROW THE
ROPE ONTO THE BRANCH. It will break under your weight and kill you if you do
this. Instead, click the rope on the jutting rock so that Graham will make a
lariat and be able to climb up to the jutting rock (+5). Once at the top, it
is imperative that you SAVE YOUR GAME.

There is a series of rocks leading to the other side of the waterfall at this
point. Some of the rocks are perfectly stable; others will crumble under your
feet. To hop across to each rock, click the hand cursor on the rock you want
to jump onto. If a rock breaks and you freefall to your death, start over.
You'll earn a few points for successfully making it across (+2, first time
only). Walk across the log to the next screen. Cedric will get captured by a
wolf, don't worry about him.

From this screen, board your sled and speed down over the icy pit (+5). The
reason you need to sled over it is that the small ice bridge will break if
you try to walk over it. Once over the pit, the sled breaks upon the impact
of the fall.

Stroll on over to the next screen to see the starving eagle. Give him the
rest of your leg of lamb (+3) and then approach the castle. The wolves will
then take you in to see the Ice Queen, Icebella (+2).

The queen is ready to condemn you to a grisly death by her wolves. You won't
be able to convince her of anything, so she'll sic her dogs on you, starting
up the hold period. During this hold period, you need to VERY QUICKLY go up
to your item menu, choose the harp, and click on either Graham or the Ice
Queen. The beautiful music will soften her hard heart (+4), and she will give
you a chance to redeem yourself. She wants the yeti in the nearby crystal
cave eliminated, and it's up to you to go and do it.

You have one screen's leeway to save before you go face the monstrous yeti.
When you do go and see him, he will lumber slowly out of his hiding place,
giving you more than enough time to do your job. It's a good thing you didn't
eat the custard pie from the bakery (you didn't eat the pie, did you?), as
it's the perfect tool to dispose of the yeti. Click the pie icon on the yeti
to throw it in his face. He will stumble around until eventually he meanders
off the cliff (+4).

Before departing, go into the crystal cave and break off a piece of crystal
using the same cobbler's hammer that you broke the padlock with (+4).

Having defeated the evil yeti, Queen Icebella will release Cedric and allow
the two of you to continue on your quest. Go south from where you saved
before you gave the pie in the face to the yeti to get to a twisty path. Walk
all the way to the top, and you will be captured by a roc (+2).

You have to act quickly in the roc's nest - there is one thing to get while
you're here. Do you see the golden shiny object? It's a locket that someone
lost. You need to pick it up (+2) before the eagle that you fed comes and
saves you from being turned into baby food. If you didn't feed the eagle
before entering the Ice Queen's Castle, he won't save you and you'll be eaten
by the baby roc. If he does save you though, you'll be taken to a quiet beach
area, where Cedric will meet you.

I. Characters

OLD MAN: He can't hear a word you're saying and he'll keep telling you to go
away until you actually do. You can't do anything for him yet, but you will
be able to later.

HARPIES: Evil creatures with women's bodies and birds' talons and wings. They
eat men, and Graham is a man. Did you do the math? There is a word that you
can make from the first four letters in their name, and it is coincidentally
also an item you have on you. See how you're gonna deal with them now? Huh?

SEA MONSTER: A huge monstrosity that keeps you from sailing out into the sea
forever and ever. It will tear up your boat and eat Graham.

II. Map
O=Ocean  H=Harpy Island

                        S  E  A     M  O  N  S  T  E  R
                        |      |      |      |      |            SEA
                        |      |      |      |      |          MONSTER
                        |      |      |      |      |            SEA
From                    |      |      |      |      |          MONSTER
Nest                    |      |      |      |      |            SEA
                        |      |      |      |      |          MONSTER
   Old Man's House------O------O------O------O------O------
                        |      |      |      |      |
                        |      |      |      |      |
                        S  E  A     M  O  N  S  T  E  R

III. Walkthrough

TIME WASTERS ON THE BEACH: (might as well list 'em now, 'cause there's only
one time-wasting opportunity left after these)
** Walk off the rock hanging over the sand.
** Keep ringing the old man's bell.
** Walk right into the waterfall.
** Try to push the boat out to sea without fixing the leak.
** Try to swim to Harpy Island.

The first thing you want to do is pick up the iron bar lying on the beach
(+2). As with everything, you'll need it later. Unless you feel like wasting
time, leave the hermit alone and go north to the broken boat.

It has a hole in it. Fix it by plugging it up with the beeswax left over from
the honeycomb in the forest (+5). When the boat is fixed, you can push it out
to sea ... but wait! Copy protection is back to thwart you! And this time it
won't leave you alone. You have to have your documentation to go any farther
in the game. Once you've done away with that, you can go on.

When you have the boat in the water, go south one screen, then go right until
you run into an island. This island is Harpy Island (+3).

When the harpies surround you, play the harp that you played for Queen
Icebella (+4). They love the sound of the harp more than eating a man, so
they will take it from you and scamper off and play it the rest of the day.

There are three objects here for you to get - a fishhook (+2), a seashell on
the Harpy Island beach (+2), and ... what? Cedric (+3)? Yes, it seems poor
Cedric got hurt in his short stint on Harpy Island. You actually have two
options here. You can leave Cedric for dead and go on to the end of the game,
which is a pretty shallow thing to do to a friend, or you can take him with
you to let him recuperate. Either way will get you to the end, and each will
affect the outcome of the game differently. It's your choice...

To get back to the beach, just retrace your steps. In other words, if you
went south once and east four times to get to Harpy Island, you need to go
west four times and north once to get back to the beach.

Go to the old man's house and give him the seashell you found on Harpy Island
(+4). It will act as a hearing aid, and the old man will then be able to help
you in making it to Mordack's island.

I. Characters

MORDACK: The evil wizard who shrunk Graham's castle and family and encased
them in a glass bottle. He pops up occasionally in the castle at random
intervals. If he pops up and annihilates you with his magic, start over from
your last save point.

MANANNAN: The resident cat in the castle who is also Mordack's brother.
(Manannan was turned into a cat by Graham's son Alexander in King's Quest
III.) If he sees you, he'll tell Mordack you're in the castle, and since you
don't want that, you're going to have to find a way to shut him up.

BLUE BEAST: A large blue beast will attempt to catch you and throw you in the
dungeon sometime during your stay in the castle. Really you should let him
catch you once, but only once! Getting caught once allows you to reach an
item in another part of the castle. Remember to only get caught once! Once
now, you hear! Once, boy! :) Sorry, got carried away some...

DINK: The dumb monster living in the labyrinth. He is very excitable, and
would probably like something to play with.

CASSIMA: The sweet princess who's been reduced to working as a slave for the
evil Mordack. She's missing something of hers, and she would probably help
you out if you knew what it was and you gave it back to her.

II. Maps
** There are maps for Mordack's island for outside, under, and inside the
castle. I will display them as you come to each area that they apply to.

III. Walkthrough

Using the directions that the old man in the shipwreck house gives you,
navigate your way to Mordack's island in the boat. Once you make it to
Mordack's island, you cannot turn back - the boat wrecks on the island (+3)
and is broken beyond repair.

On the shore of the island, pick up the dead fish you find (+2).

Be careful at the stone serpent gates - the statues can shoot lethal lasers
at you from their eyes. To destroy the statues, hold up the crystal that you
obtained in the yeti's cave to make the lasers bounce back to the statues

                     Entrance to-------Castle
                      Labyrinth         Gate
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |            Serpent
                          |             Gate
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |               |
                          |             Island
                          |              Beach
                       down to            |
                      labyrinth           |
                          |               |
                          |            View of
                          |             Island
                          |  entrance
                          | to pantry
                          |   /
                          |  /
                      LABYRINTH--------Dungeon Cell

You can't enter the castle through the front gate, so go west to the other
side of the castle to find a grate. This grate will lead you to Mordack's
underground labyrinth. You can't open it with your bare hands though; to get
through it, you will have to pry it open with the iron bar you found on the
beach (+4).

If you're having trouble with the labyrinth, you can do one of two things: 1)
refer to my map below, or 2) click the eye cursor on the black part outside
the labyrinth. It will reveal a compass that will tell you which direction
you are going. Keep in mind that when you turn a corner you will be facing a
new direction, so if you ever get confused, click the eye in the black area
to find out which direction you're facing.

Labyrinth Map                                        * O  D
D=Dink  H=Hole  C=Cell  *=Path  O=Door              ** ****
                                                   ** *  *
                                                   * ** ***
                                                   **H **
                                                     *** *C
                                                   D * ***
                                                   ***** *D

As you can see, Dink has three different places where he can hide. He is the
one who is going to get you out of this labyrinth. Find Dink at any of his
hiding places and give him the tambourine (+3). He will play it excitedly and
tromp off elsewhere. Pick the hairpin up off the ground (+2) - it is in all
actuality the key that unlocks the door to the labyrinth. Once you have the
hairpin key, go to the door and unlock it (+4).

Map Inside the Castle
                               FIRST LEVEL

                    Kitchen----Downstairs----Dining Hall
                       |        Hallway           |
                       |                          |
                    Pantry    to Upstairs         |
                       |        Hallway           |
                       |           |              |
                       |           |              |
                       |         Foyer-------Dining Hall
                 to labyrinth

                              SECOND LEVEL

                   Mordack's----Upstairs----Laboratory w/
                    Bedroom      Hallway       Machine
                       |            |
                       |      to Downstairs
                       |         Hallway

Once in the pantry, you need to get a bag of peas from the cupboard (+2). You
will use it twice. After you get the peas, save before going any further. The
things you do here need to have a specific order to them.

After the pantry comes the kitchen. Princess Cassima is in here toiling away
at her work. Give her the locket that you found in the roc's nest (+4), as it
belongs to her. She will thank you, and help you out when you get in a jam
here in just a little bit. Save before going into the next room.

Upon entering the next screen a blue beast should come at you. Let him catch
you (+2, first time only) and throw you in the cell. There is an item in the
cell that you need to get. Not only do you rack up points for letting the
beast nab you, but you actually need to do this to beat the game.

While you're in the dungeon cell, check out the mousehole. Inside is a piece
of cheese that is just beyond your fingers' reach. Use the fishhook from
Harpy Island to extend your reach enough to snag it (+4). Around this time
the princess whose locket you returned will come by and surreptitiously let
you out of prison. Be careful from now on, as this is the only time she will
do this for you. If you get caught again she'll let you rot in the cell and

Go back and encounter the beast a second time. This time, instead of letting
him catch you, spill the bag of peas on the floor. The beast will slip on the
peas and be knocked unconscious (+3). You no longer have to worry about the
beast; it's the cat you have to focus on now.

Whenever you run into Manannan, preoccupy him with the fish you found on the
beach some time ago. When he's distracted by the fish, get him with the empty
pea bag so he can't go off and rat you out to Mordack (+2).

** Play the organ (but save your game first - Mordack will hear the noise and
do away with you).

Once you're upstairs, go into Mordack's library (it's left one screen and
down one screen, in case you're unaware). There's nothing to do in his
bedroom - yet.

Kick around in the library for a while, keeping out of Mordack's line of
sight through the doorway. While you're in here, you need to do something.
There should be a book of spells lying open on a table. Look through it (+3)
and observe the spells in it carefully. After waiting around in his library
long enough, you will see him go into his bedroom and go to sleep. This is
what you've been waiting for. Go into his bedroom and take his golden wand
off his nightstand (+3).

Now go into the laboratory all the way to the right. A funky machine is in
here. What does it do, you ask? Well basically, it sucks the energy from one
object and puts all that energy in another object. There are two trays on the
machine that makes this possible. First, put Crispin's powerless wand on one
of the trays (+4). Then place Mordack's charged-up wand on the other tray
(+4). There's no "on" switch on this machine, unfortunately, so you're going
to have to find a different way to turn it on. You have something in your
inventory that turns the energy-switching gizmo on - cheese. Put the cheese
in the machine to crank it up (+5). Hey hey! You've got a cool wand now!

Uh-oh. Mordack just materialized into his laboratory, didn't he? I was afraid
of this. Well, here comes the final battle, and staying true to adventure
game form, the most useless item in the game ends up being the one thing that
is so powerful it could offset a massive Armageddon and destroy everybody.
Grab up Crispin's now-awesome wand (+4) and let the magic battle commence!
Oh, wait, no ... did you read the spell book in his library? If you didn't,
you've got no magic and it's time to die.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is where it matters whether you saved Cedric at Harpy
Island or not. If you did, Mordack will hit Cedric with a blast of magic
instead of you, and that gives you time to retaliate. However, not saving
Cedric results in not having a "shield" for you, as it were, and Mordack will
instantly zap you to kingdom come. So yes, it paid to help out your owl buddy
Cedric way back on Harpy Island.

Get ready for the battle. You should already have your wand in your hand.
This is where the spells in the book make themselves available to you. First
off, Mordack will transform himself into a really ugly flying monster. What
to do? Ah yes, the spells. Choose the spell that looks kind of like a tiger

After his ugly flying beast form, he decides to transform into a dragon. For
some reason, the people at Sierra are inclined to believe that a rabbit can
stomp all over a dragon. I am not quite sure of the logic behind this, but
use the rabbit spell to go up against his dragon spell (+4).

Now Mordack will take on the form of a cobra. Science teaches us that the
mongoose is a natural cobra-butt-kicking machine. You ought to have a spell
that resembles a mongoose. If you don't know what a mongoose looks like, it's
a ferret-like creature with a long, slender body and a long tail. What would
you do without me? :) Take out Cobra Mordack with Mongoose Graham (+4).

Finally, Mordack turns into a scary flame hoop. If you still had the tiger
spell, you could have a little bit of circus-type fun and Mordack and Graham
could go into business together as circus freak pals, but Mordack is still
mad at you and that ain't happenin'. Get in gear and use your last spell -
the rain cloud (+4). Graham will rain all over Mordack and extinguish his
flame, thereby annihilating him completely and resulting in you beating the
game! Now you can sit back and watch the concluding cinema.

First of all, I need to take a little time to pay my due respects to what
should have been my first FAQ - a Lemmings walkthrough that I toiled for a
week-and-a-half on. Unfortunately, while trying to e-mail it to GameFAQs, my
friend's floppy drive became unstable and corrupted my 24-page walkthrough,
and I was forced to lay it quietly to rest. Maybe I'll try it again someday,
but I would like to make one for Oh No! More Lemmings, as it is a far more
difficult game than the original.

Now I would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this FAQ:
** Sierra for making a very cool, very in-depth game.
** GameFAQs for being a place where I can post this.
** Neal Lundberg, who, even though his floppy drive trashed my Lemmings FAQ,
still got me involved in all this. (No hard feelings, Neal!)
** My dad for letting me use his old laptop for my FAQ writing needs.
** My brother for pointing out what wasn't funny (namely, he thought, the
whole walkthrough).

This walkthrough (C) June 21, 2001. Anyone caught plagiarizing or otherwise
trying to rip off my hard work will be caught and I'll do bad things to you,
whether it involves legal action or showing up at your door with Cloud's
Buster Sword.

If I missed something and you feel the need to point it out to me, you can
mail all your suggestions, complaints, smart remarks, chain letters, etc. to
me personally, at . I won't respond to the two
latter pieces of subject matter, but I will update and acknowledge you if you
send in something I can actually use.

Other than that, have a nice day and enjoy King's Quest V!

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