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Читы для King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Чит-файл для King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

King's Quest:
Mask of Eternity

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
ISO статус:релиз состоялся 21 ноября 1998 года
Жанры:Action / Adventure / RPG / 3D / 3rd Person

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Version 1.04
Copyright й 1998 by Lars & Noah
Last updated: 25/12/98

Daventry - Dimension Of Death - The Swamp - Underground Realm of the Gnomes -
The Barrens Region - The Frozen Reaches - Realm Of The Sun

Mask of Eternity is a major departure from previous King's Quest games. For
the first time ever, you play a peasant from Daventry, rather than someone of
royal significance. The green grass and dirt paths from the traditional old
King's Quest games are back, along with the control from the arrow keys. No
more single cursor, or "candy-coated" Disney-esque graphics. This game was
written for an older audience with a dark, serious, myth and folklore-oriented
story line. The entire world was blighted by an evil curse, and by fate alone,
you were spared. You (Connor) must learn about this strange chain of events,
fight enemies, solve puzzles, and use your wits to become the savior of the
world, the "Champion Eternal"!!! You begin upon finding that all mortal
inhabitants have been turned to stone, and you set off on the ultimate quest:
to destroy the evil chaos, and to restore the world to its former splendor and

Kings's Quest: Mask Of Eternity - The Solution

Kingdom of Daventry
Notes about this world: Take every single mushroom you find, plus all the
coins some of the monsters leave when you kill them. Also, notice the fountain
near the lake - use this to heal Connor, should he become wounded, and save
the mushrooms for later. Explore the interior of each building, examining
everything that you see! You will find many useful items that will aid you in
your quest. Please remember that Daventry is an "easy" world, intended to help
the player adjust to the feel of the game. Later worlds will increase in
complexity and difficulty, as you gain experience.

Start by clicking on the raven - and after it flies away, run after it. It
will lead you to the water where you'll meet the Wizard, who's still alive -
but only half it seams. Talk with him, and he'll tell you about your quest and
he'll even give you a magic map (lucky you... this will become very handy, and
will be more and more visible throughout the whole game for each world. and
Run back to where you started. Enter Sarah's house, and take whatever you may
find. Exit the house, and go right. The next house is Connor's, so enter and
pick up the knife on the table. Notice how Connor's stats change... Also click
on the small chest on the self to get the gold.
You will need a better weapon will the weak knife you just got. Proceed to the
windmill (beyond the bridge), but beware of the Spriggens. Kill them, and
enter the windmill. You will encounter another Spriggen with a crossbow. Kill
it! Now, look up at the ceiling, and look at everything. You should notice an
axe. How do you get it? Look for something to climb on. The nearby bale of hay
should work nicely. Push it so it's right below the axe (maybe a little
before), and jump on top of it. Now grab it and leave the building. Be
prepared to fight! The monster you just meet and killed is one of Lucreto's
guards, and he'll send out more to try to prevent you from getting any more
mask pieces.
Next, go to the watermill. Notice that the wheel is turning. Go inside. How do
you climb on that platform, if it is moving? The simple solution is to stop
it. Did you notice anything that might create a natural dam outside? The tree
might work. Use the axe that you got, and cut the tree down. Now, you can
enter, and explore. Jump on the platform, and again into the loft. Notice
something? You should now have the rope and hook, which is required to proceed
in your quest.

**NOTE: The rope and hook aids you in climbing, however, you should use
extreme caution. Always use it to climb DOWN, as well as up. In most cases, if
you jump down, you will be injured, or even die (as in previous King's Quest
titles). But a helpful arrow will be visible when you're near anything that
Connor can climb.**

Now, walk to the church, and use the rope and hook to climb up. Use it again
to lower yourself inside. Get the candle. Proceed further. Put away your
weapon, and PUSH the urn. Lo and behold, the door to the mausoleum will open,
revealing a secret portal. This portal has been hidden (and forgotten) for
centuries. Leave the church by using your rope and hook to climb upward, and
then downward, once on top. If your experience level is at least "5", then you
must proceed to the graveyard. If not, look for some enemies to kill, to raise
your experience points, and then go to the graveyard. You must fight some
zombies, and kill the spriggan guarding the mausoleum. What have you here? A
crossbow!! Take it, and enter the mausoleum. Go through the portal to the
Dimension of Death, and watch the video sequence. You will then be returned to
Daventry. Go back to the wizard, and talk to him. He will ask you for three
items: A flame from a sacred place (you already have this. it is the candle
from the church), some ashes from a torch, and the ring of a dead hero. You
may proceed to your second quest.

Go to the the MAGICAL HOUSE. The door is boarded shut, so you will have to
break it open with the axe. Once you do so, enter. Take the script for the
spell of Might. You can also pick up two other magic potions. (If you like
beer, you can drink that, too!!) Take them and exit... Behind the house
there's a path - follow it, and talk to the beast, uhm, unicorn (sorry!!!).
She will give you some important information, and a task. Keep talking to her
till she has nothing more to say. After you finish you'll learn that there's a
secret entrance to castle Daventry, behind the waterfall.
Follow the path, and draw your weapon. In this case, a ranged weapon is VERY
useful!! Kill the spriggan (guarding the crypt) with the crossbow. Once it
dies, the knight appears.... Talk to the knight, read the inscription above
the crypt, and click on the gate with your play cursor. Bolted shut, eh? No
problem. Use your axe to break open the door. Enter the crypt, put away your
weapon, and push on the coffin. The lid should pop off. Look inside. Lying
alongside the corpse is a ring. the ring of a dead hero, which the wizard
asked you for!!! Take it, of course, and continue on your journey. That is 2
of the 3 needed items, which you now possess.

Walk to the waterfall, and use your rope and hook to climb up. Put away your
weapon, and push on the table. Some bricks will fall into the water, creating
a dam. Use your rope and hook again, to climb down. Enter the opening that was
previously hidden by water. This is a good time to save your game. Continue
your journey inward, and you will be asked to load a new region. Say "yes".

Castle Daventry
Follow the tunnels, and you will find your way blocked. Simply turn the dial
(to your right), and you will see the interior of the castle. Walk over to the
picture of King Graham, and push on it. A secret hiding place!! Get the golden
key that is hidden here. Now proceed to the throne room. Along your way, you
will notice some torch ash. Remember that the wizard asked for this, as well,
so you should get it. Continue inward. A sad sight awaits you. King Graham and
his minister and guards are all stone statues. Look into the magic mirror. As
it swirls, click on it. You will be heckled by Lucreto. Leave the castle the
way that you entered, and you will find your way back to Daventry. Save the
game again, in case you haven't already done so. Congratulations! You now have
all three items needed by the wizard.

Back in Daventry Again
This next part is optional. You can proceed to the castle ruins, or you can
just go back to the wizard. Should you go to the ruins, you can use the key
from Castle Daventry to reveal the teleport area (mind the booby traps!!!),
and you can get some protective armor at the very top of the building- this is
highly recommended to do, because once you have revealed the teleporter, you
can always travel back to Daventry in a faster way within other worlds..
**End optional part**


While in the Wizards House, use the reveal portion, and you'll discover a
small chest... Try opening it (come on... you're dying to see what's in
there...)... Take the bell, and climb down the cliff, and insert the bell in
the strange sculpture near the water. Use your axe on the bell a few times,
and it will ring... now enjoy the animation, and have fun with your new
STRONGER weapon (it's recommended that you keep this throughout Dimension Of
Death, till you defeat the Egyptian Skeleton... do not replace the weapon with
the week weapons the normal skeletons leave when they die).

Back to the wizard. Give him all three items, and he will cast a spell for a
magical ring of illumination. You are now ready for the Dimension of Death.
Save your game, if you haven't already done so, enter the mausoleum, and go
through the portal. Congratulations! You have successfully made it through

Dimension of Death (not completed)
Notes about this world: Be aware of skeletons on the walls. Use the Sylph's
sacred water, to heal Connors health, and continue to save the mushrooms.
After you have arrived in this dead place, note down the symbols on a piece of
paper, because you'll need it soon (otherwise check below, where you'll find a
Start by walking around in the area, killing all the skeletons. Take whatever
they leave, and goto the the statue of Lord Azriel. Take the spinning
keypaddle, and run down to the fallen warrior. Click on him, and Connor will
make a comment about his shield, which is broken. Take the piece from the
shield, and run to the four flashing light. If you choose to break to wooden
boxes, beware of the skeleton that hides in one of them. In the other boxes
you'll find mushrooms, which will come in handy if your health reduces.
Insert the keypaddle in all the flashing lights, one after one, turning the
key. After this is done, the big doors, will open, so walk into the building.
Another set of doors opens for Connor, so continue into the next room, where
you'll encounter a puzzle!!! Remember the strange symbols you noticed
earlier... (you did remember it, didn't you..). Make Connor jump on the
symbols in the right order as the one you have written down - from left to
NOTE: You can also use your portion of reveal if you have one - this will
allow Connor to see what tiles must be jumped - you'll noticed that these
tiles are red.

After he has done this, you'll meet Lord Arzial. He will give you his key to
the Compund of the Dead, and you will be returned to the big doors. Go up and
left until you come to some crates. You can either push them, slice them, or
shoot them. Be careful, as some contents can help you, while others can
contain skeletons. Along with the boxes is a dead warrior. Click on him, and
his shield will break apart. Click on the broken piece of shield, and pick it
up. You are ready to enter the compound of the dead. You enter the compound by
going right, and then up. Select the triangle key from your inventory, and
apply it to the keyhole. The gate will open. and you must be prepared to
fight! Kill the two skeletons coming towards you, and run down while avoiding
the skeleton with the arrow - which you also should kill. Go right, and
beware... lots of skeletons awaits you there... ""Tip; Don't run to them
first... walk slow, and make sure you place the camera so you can see them in
the distance... now, use your armbow and kill with skeletons with the arrows
first). After that is done, open the small chest on the ground and pick up the
strange key, and continue down the way. Another skeleton will encounter you,
so kill it! Run up on the side way, and after running a few rounds, you'll
come to a building. Use your rope and hook you found in Daventry, to climb the
building. On the top, you'll meet a strong skeleton which have a better armor,
that will increase your strength. If you're not powerful enough, it's
recommended, you don't climb the building, and instead wait till your stats
are higher (you can try and save your game before, and then enter). Your goal
here is to hits the skeleton, so he moves backwards, and ends by falling down
the building. If you make him do this, climb down the building, and take his
armor. Next, run back to the gate where you entered the compound of the dead
and continue the other way... Some strange symbols written with a white color
should appear on the walls... Follow the way that the arrows on these symbols
point, and kill any skeletons coming you're way. Eventually you will come to a
patch where there's burning lava, and a dying knight in the corner. Talk to
him, and he'll tell you about his smaller sister, and then sadly die...
Well there's you're next clue...

The Swamp (not completed)
Notes about this world: Avoid the lighter green water, since it's poisoned by
the swamp witch. You need to solve a puzzle before Connor can walk in it
without dying, and another puzzle to actually "clean" the water. The green
"octopus-monster", moves fast, and is very dangerous,since it's shooting some
meatballs (heheh) after you, so try to kill them as soon as you meet one. And
another tip... find the arm bow right away - the Hammer Of Azrial is only good
for lowering the bridge in DOD.

Start by discovering this new world, so you are aware of the different places.
As written in the notes about the Swamp, it's highly recommended that you find
the armbow right away, to you can replace the Hammer Of Azrial. The armbow is
in the corner, where the dead knight is lying, and where there's a lot of tree
monsters (name soon to come...).

Find the talking tree (picture of map soon to come with location)... Click on
it to begin talking with it. The tree will tell you that for a price of one
gold coin, it'll give out information. Keep giving the talking tree money,
till he has no more to say... However, you're now well informed, and should
have enough knowledge to continue... Go to the top of the map and use your
sword to kill the "snake" monsters - there's many, so get started, but hold
your distance... they only require one or two hits. After you have killed them
all (btw, no need to kill the ones going into the left patch, since there's
nothing for you there to explorer... but you might like to kill them to gain
experience), you'll finally come to the cute swamp wisps. Click on them and
Connor will start a conversation with them, and they tell him that they want a
juicy secret in return for a portion that will let Connor walk in the
poisonous waters...

Go explorer the lower part of the map, where you'll find some houses... Inside
the first one you'll see some people turned into stone... sad, but while
you're there you might as well take their money, as they'll come to more use
to you, then to them.
Use your sword to break the door open to the second room. Here you'll also
find some money, plus another barricaded door, which you'll just break like
the other. Now, in this room you'll find a very handy item... a hearing
horn... Remember that the swamp wisps wanted a juicy secret, well you'll need
this horn to find/ hear one!!!!

Now that you've found the unicorn horn, it would be a good idea to return to
Daventry, to return the horn, plus check up on the little girl you rescued in
Dimension Of Death. In the witch's tower, you'll find a teleporter which you
can use to travel back to Daventry in a zap... if you prefer, you can also
take the long walk through the swamp and Dimension Of Death.
Now back in Daventry, run to the swamp pool where the Unicorn is standing -
click the horn on it, and watch as it transfer from an ugly beast to a
beautiful unicorn. In return you'll get a weird pyramid shaped diamond, which
will come in handy later.

Go to the house near the windmill - this is the house where Gwennie (the
little girl...) is living. Go inside and talk to her. She'll give you her
parents money.

Back in the swamp...
To get past the death trap on the second floor, throw a stone, so the trap is
automatically will trigger. If you haven't got a stone, look downstairs - in
the room with the dead skeletons (maybe the witch' did some voodoo stuff on
them...).Now, proceed further upstairs, and take the new armor suit. On the
other end of the top is a chest.... Congratulations, you've found the second
piece of the Mask, but unfortunately Lucreto's helper also wants the piece, so
you'll have to fight with him. After you win, and that piece of metal is gone,
take the hand and exit the tower. Now, go to the place with the hand on the
door... yep, Connor's hand didn't fit, so you'll have to use the new one you
just found. Once the door is open a new puzzle awaits you. Now your goal here
is to jump on the times that won't toast you, so save your game right away,
because this can get tricky - not to mention messy! Try to follow the patch
where the tiles are the same height - they usually don't shoot fire when you
step on them. When you have safely come across the puzzle, more danger awaits
you inside the building - select one of you weapons (I recommend using the
hand weapon), and go inside - kill the spriggens, and examine the chest -
you'll find the golden ladle. To exit the building, pull each rope and press
the button in the wall - outside you can jump across any tile, since the fire
is now off.

Remember what you were told earlier in this world - to clean the water, you
must have a golden ladle- well you have one now, so go to the witch's tower,
and use the ladle on the huge pot with green "soup" in - now the water will be
clean, and you'll meet King Arthur, who's one charming fellow, and he'll make
an entrance to the Gnome World.

Underground Realm of the Gnomes
Notes about this world: Beware of the nasty bats in this level, plus the stone

Connor is kind of trapped in this level, as there's no exit - only one back to
the Swamp... It's a little hard to actually write the way to go to the places
in the Gnome Underground, so I suggest that you start off by exploring the
world, so you're familiar with the locations... Now, first you should talk
with the very old man sitting by the fire - he'll tell you about the missing
light - so we'll start by inventing some light. Use your sword to chop of some
of the white crystals next to the man - leave via the invisible bridge, and

The Barren Region
Notes about this world:

The Frozen Reaches
Notes about this world:

Proceed to the back side of the castle - this is a climbable wall, to climb
up, and walk to the trapdoor and watch the animation... Well, you better be
aware, because Lucreto want's you dead BADLY!!! Enter the small building in
front of you - here you'll meet DLDLDDL. After talking to him, walk outside
and climb down the building, and go to the front entrance - kill the monsters
and take the key plus the other healing items + weapons you'll find. Go back
to the GDFFG and release him - he'll fly right away, so run back to the dragon
and fly across the lake, and pay him a little visit. GDG will thank you and
give you a blue gem.

Remember the scroll you found way back in Daventry? Well, you should now have
all three items to make the Spell Of Might. Start my putting the piece of the
golden mushroom in the chair, followed by the basiticicicic tounge and then
the blue gem you just got - now pull the lever, and you have the spell of
might (look at your stats)..

Realm of the Sun (level 1)
Notes about this world:

Realm of the Sun (level 2)

Realm of the Sun (level 3)

Realm of the Sun Altar Room
Well, the end is very close, but what an adventure this has been!!! But,
before you can relax, you should probably finish your ultimate task (might as
well since you have come so far!)... Click on the ghosty figure and you'll
enter the altar room. Guess who's waiting for you - Lucreto. After you have
finished your friendly little chat it's time to battle - DO NOT hesitate to
use any of your healing or help items - I had a lot of them back so always
make sure Connor's health is full. Fight Lucreto, and when he falls, run to
the altar and place a piece of the mask. Continue to do this, until you place
the fourth piece. After this is put on the altar, Lucreto don't show up, so
hurry and put the final piece. A vortex to another dimension will open, and
you must fight Lucreto into this vortex (just like the skeleton on the
building from DOD)-

Copyright й 1998 by Lars & Noah

Lars' Sierra Page: http://home5.inet.tele.dk/urschel/
Noah's KQ:MASK realm: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Lair/7500/

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