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Чит-файл для Knight Orc

Knight Orc

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
KNIGHT ORC has one of the most user-friendly parsers of any computer
adventure. For purposes of this walkthru, we will be taking full
advantage of that parser. Instructions such as GO TO THE MOUNTAIN or
FIND THE TROLL do not require you to search around or enter a string of
directions. Simply enter that command and let the program do the work.

 Unfortunately, the game is populated by a party of adventurers who will
try to start a fight with you for any or no reason. When starting out on
any one section, it does no harm to enter the "ramsave" command. If you
take too long trying to accomplish something, you may look around to
discover that every adventurer and his auntie are getting in your way.
In these cases, entering "ram restore" will bring you back to a,
hopefully, manageable situation.

 Finally, although the game comes in three parts, note that Parts 2 and
3 are intimately related so that you actually complete them together. If
you're anxious to understand the workings of these two parts, read "The
Story Behind the Story." Otherwise, you can try to piece the background
together as you proceed.

 Good morning Grindleguts! Sleep well? Bit of a headache? Sorry for the
inconvenience but you're about to be skewered. It can't be avoided I'm
afraid so you'll just have to suffer the indignity; that's a good orc.

 Wake up again and smell the garbage Grindleguts, it's time to get
moving. Wear the cloak (the less people recognizing your Orcish
features, the better), take the knife, and leave the trash heap. First,
go to the Bar and examine it. There's a lot to see and explore there,
but all you need is the spear. Take it and go to the castle. The
innkeeper may, at any time, decide he wants his spear back. If he takes
it, simply follow him back to the Bar and take it again. From there, go
to the castle and read the note on the drawbridge. Throw the spear at
the drawbridge (lucky you decided not to knock on it yourself!), pick up
the spear, and go in. While you're standing on the lowered door, drop
the spear and continue north. Go north to the stairway and up. From the
top of the tower you can see every place you'll need to visit in order
to complete Part 1: the Gibbet, the Clearing, the Crossroads, the
Fairground, the Lawn, the Cave, the Oak, the Tower, the Well, and the

 Go down the steps and leave the castle, picking up the chest and the
spear on your way out. Start at the Gibbet (which is apparently where
criminals such as yourself usually end up) and take the noose. This is
the first piece of rope you must obtain in order to escape from Part 1.
From here, go to the Fairground and examine the flagpole which has the
halyard tied to it -- another piece of rope. Tie the halyard to the rope
you already have and you can be on your way.
 Go to the Well and tie your rope to the roller. Climb down the rope and
take the Hessian hawser (yet another piece of rope), take the bucket if
you wish, and climb back up. Take your rope and tie the hawser to it.
Take the welcome mat and the key which you find underneath it. With the
key, unlock the chest from the castle. There's a cord which supports the
back of the chest -- yes, help yourself to it and tie it to your rope.
By now, you've noticed that the so called treasures really aren't worth
anything to you. But one, any one, will now come in handy. Take it and
go to the Cave. Inside is a hermit who breaks into laughter when you
offer him your treasure. When he turns around to put it in his (ZORK?)
trophy case (If you've played THE PAWN, you're going to enjoy this!).
HIT HIM! While he's flat on his face, take his belt and tie it to your

 From here go to the Clearing. There's a goat here with a tether. (If
you've played GOLDEN PATH, you needn't be worried). Take the tether, tie
it to your rope, and ignore the goat. Go to the Crossroads. Tie your
rope to the signposts, and shortly you'll see a wild orc-hunter swinging
his lasso and coming right for you. Your rope will trip him off his
horse and leave him momentarily dazed. Take his lasso, tie it to your
rope and leave. Go to the Oak and enter it. Ignore the gold piece and
take the washing line. Tie it to your rope and go to the Tower.

 The Tower is separated from you by a heavy growth of thorns. Put the
welcome mat on the thorns and go north to the Tower. This is Rapunzel's
Tower! This is Rapunzel's hair! This is indecent! Cut the innocent
girl's hair, tie it to your rope, and go to the Lawn. Here, as Sir
Gawain was once challenged, so will you be by the Green Knight! He
offers you his ax and lays bare his neck for you to sever. Kill his
horse! The green guy is buried in equine gore for the moment, so you can
take the late horse's reins and add them to your rope.

 At this point your score should read 100 and you must have the
innkeeper's spear. If he's taken it back, simply return to the Bar and
get it. Then, go to the Viaduct. Tie your rope to the spear and take one
step south of the Viaduct. Throw the spear at the ring which hangs over
the Viaduct and you will complete Part 1.

 You are not an Orc, nor are any of the other Orcs. The Rainbird is not
a bird, the troll is not a troll, the dragon is not a dragon, and the
mouse is not a mouse. You are all robots, programmed to play roles in a
live action adventure being staged for the amusement and participation
of a group of role-playing adventurers.

 Visors, worn by human and robot participants, holographically transform
the dull interior of a warehouse into the apparition of Middle Earth.
Similarly, participants are transformed into wizards, warriors,
barbarians and so fourth. Hence, you are not an Orc; you are a robot
programmed to behave as an Orc.

 When you crossed the Viaduct you suffered just enough trauma to loosen
your visor and make yourself aware of your true surroundings. By reason
of your intelligence, you are overcome with the drive to escape the
warehouse. To do this you need to reprogram (or recruit) other robots to
help you along. To wit, the mouse, the troll, the dragon and the

 Keep your visor on. There is only one time it will be necessary to
remove it, or it can be removed any time you wish to see things

 Accumulating treasures, as you have seen in Part 1, is not your goal in
Knight Orc. They may not be valuable, but they are useful. Pick up the
silver loaf. Try to hold on to it, and any other treasures you come
across. But don't get upset (DON'T FIGHT!) over the theft of one of
these treasures. Go to the mountain and read the inscription. Your score
just went up and you can now cast the GLOW spell. If you don't believe
me, enter the mountain and CAST GLOW (on yourself will do nicely).

 Once inside the mountain, go south which will take you into a very
small maze. Go southeast and CAST GLOW. This will transfer the glow from
yourself to the walls of the room. Go east and this room will be dark.
There are glowing letters there, the COLD spell, which you cannot read
when the room is lit. Cast the glow spell back on yourself (check out
the letters if you didn't believe me) and go west, northwest, north,
east, north, east, and up. WHACK! You've been assaulted by the
Orc-pounder! You need a helmet to go up these steps, and Oink is the Orc
who is wearing one. FIND OINK. Once you do, take his helmet and wear it.
GO TO LANDING then go back up the stairs. Now you can take the sack, the
tray, and the knife. Put the silver loaf (if you still have it -- if not
don't worry) inside the sack. Anything in the sack will be hidden from
sticky-fingered adventurers. Go down, then west twice. Leave the tray
for Grok, but be sure to take his map.

 The Rainbird is a very important character in the story. You'll need
him to help complete the game, but first you can get a lot of valuable
information simply by asking him about things. GO TO THE RAINBIRD. Once
there, you'll also notice a book. It's sort of a hint/spell book. If you
decide to read it, you'll learn a free spell. But if you solve 100% of
the game's puzzles, there will be no need to open the book. The book can
only be read once, so think carefully before touching it. Also near the
Rainbird is a small pond and a druid who wanders in and out. Watch the
druid -- you'll learn the CHARISMA spell which will make you or anyone
else more handsome. Best to cast it on yourself -- an Orc needs all the
help he can get. For now, ignore the ants and their anthill. Before
leaving this area, ask the Rainbird about his perch to learn the LOCATE

 Find the frog now, and when the slimy, green creature stands still for
a moment (this shouldn't surprise anyone), kiss him. The frog will belch
up a pebble which you should read to learn the JUMP spell. There is only
one spot in the game where the JUMP spell is useful. Go to the mountain
entrance, and go east until you can't continue in that direction. CAST
JUMP EAST and you'll be in a secret room where you'll learn the SWORD
spell. CAST JUMP WEST will return you to your possessions which you lost
when casting the spell previously.

 Go to the Garden and take the garlic. Go west and you'll be inside a
shed. Wait for the custodian, who will eventually join you and point out
a piece of paper with the GROW spell. Leave the shed and CAST GROW ON
MARROW. Examine the marrow and you'll learn the very useful CURE spell.
Anytime your health becomes compromised, you can cast CURE on yourself
and be fully recovered. Go east from the Garden to find the Haunted

 Enter the House and go north. In the Brown Study is a fireplace. Cast
cold on the fire; then examine the fireplace to learn the mysterious EYE
spell. Go east and then south. Save your game here because there's a lot
to accomplish in this room, and you're likely to be interrupted by the

 The mouse enjoys this room, and if you look under the bed, you'll see
his favorite hiding place. Cast the EYE spell and tell the floating eye
to enter the hole. From inside, you'll see a strange card. Take it, put
something else (perhaps Oink's helmet) inside the hole, and close the
door. Try to catch the mouse -- he'll try to hide in his hole, but
you've prevented that; he'll hide in a crack in the wall. When he
emerges, put something in the crack, such as the garlic. Try to catch
him again, and he'll hide in a crevice in the wall. When he emerges from
the crevice, put something (such as the knife) in the crevice. Drop the
sack and try to catch the mouse again. Now you've done it! No place to
hide so the mouse runs right in your sack. Pick up the sack and anything
else (the garlic, etc.) you used to plug up mouse hiding places. You
should have the mouse now, though you have not yet "recruited" him.

 Leave the room by going north. You should now wait for or find the
ghost. Follow him for a while, and eventually he'll take you to another
bedroom in the house and show you a secret part of this room which
contains some old bones. Take the bones then drop them. You've just
learned the SLOW spell. And perhaps you've noticed how the mouse is
trying to communicate with you. CAST SLOW ON MOUSE and he'll teach you
the DEATH spell (overuse of which will cause you to be evicted from the
game). Even though the mouse will pay attention to you, he is not yet

 Mouse in hand, go to the dragon. A terrible beast, he has only one
vulnerable spot on his lizard body. Too small for you to reach, but no
problem for the mouse. Once again, you've stopped a belligerent
creature, but not yet recruited him. Go back past the dragon, and follow
the halls until you come to his hoard. Don't bother with the gold, just
take the piece of dragon-scale.

 You must now encounter the troll, a hideous woman interested only in
wealth. You will need some treasures for her such as the silver plate,
silver fish, silver moon, silver sixpence, silver candlestick, silver
sliver, silver salver, silver fox or many others which you will find in
Middle Earth. Take advantage of this unusual parser and ask it to find
the various treasures you've seen lying around, then put each one in the
flour sack where they will not be stolen. When you have at least seven
treasures, GO TO TROLL. Save your game here! Thousands of things can --
and will -- go wrong before it all works out the way you want. Remove
your treasures from the sack while standing next to the troll. Wait for
her to steal something from you. When she does start moving away from
her bridge. Go west if the bridge is to the east, or go south if the
bridge is to the west. She'll follow you (though you may have to wait a
bit) and, taking her time, will steal another treasure. Move another
step away and wait for her again to show up and steal another treasure.

 Repeat this process until you are about four or five moves west or
south of the bridge where you found her. Then drop the remainder of your
treasures and GO TO BRIDGE. There is a door on the bridge leading north
which is locked by three bolts. The command, OPEN DOOR, will have to be
given three times before you can enter the troll's secret room...IF you
have led her far enough away and left her with enough treasure to
distract her. Once inside the room, grab her wallet. She'll show up and
beg for her wallet back. Don't give it to her, not even if she bargains
for it. Not until she admits defeat are you ready to recruit her.

 Recruiting in Middle Earth is no easy chore. In fact, you were never
meant to recruit anyone in the first place. Have you died yet? There is
no permanent death (well, almost none) in Middle Earth. Like Viking
warriors, you're scooped up from the battlefield by the ever vigilant
Valkyrie and dropped into Valhalla, where you experience resurrection
and re-emerge back into the game. At the instant of death, all of a
player's equipment, except those being worn, are dropped on the ground
where they can be recovered after the adventurer has been raised from
the dead. As a robot, however, you discover that Valhalla is,
appropriately enough, a repair shop where a useful item is kept which
will affect other robots. First, you must find a dead character. The
adventurers fight among themselves, so you should be able to find one of
their fallen. Or, if need be, kill one yourself. Whoever it is, give
that character the glittering card you found in the mouse hole.

 Now wait for the Valkyrie. She'll be there soon. When she picks up the
courier-carcass, follow her or go directly to the glittering gates. Once
you see the Valkyrie enter the gates with your deceased card-carrier,
remove the visor and cast the DEATH spell on yourself. You're dead. Look
around Valhalla and pick up the glittering card, which you can now see
is a magnetic access card. Open the closet in Valhalla (which would not
be visible if you were wearing the visor), and take the device inside --
the reprogrammer -- the recruiter.

 Once you emerge from the pearly gates, you'll find the objects you
dropped when you "died." Take everything, and once again wear the visor.
Make sure you have the garlic and the mouse (remember you can use the
"find" command should anything be missing), and go to the Graveyard. You
should now RECRUIT MOUSE. South of the Graveyard is a tomb which you
cannot yet enter. South of that is a vampire. He'll drink his fill from
the mouse (the garlic is protecting you) and then teach you the KNIVES
spell. Take the half-coin which is there and go north. You may wish to
heal the mouse with your CURE spell or the Valkyrie will do the job for

 Find the troll and, using the recruiter, recruit her. Have her follow
you to the tomb, then give her the half-coin; tell her to go north then
insert it in the recess in the Gravestone. She'll go north, and shortly
the tomb will open to reveal the DETECT spell.

 Find the troll again and instruct her to follow you to the apple tree
in the Garden. Tell her to catch an apple while you shake the tree.
Examine the apple to learn the EMPATHY spell.

 Again, with the troll, return to the bridge. There's a piece of
slippery rope hanging from the bridge. Instruct the troll to pull the
string, while you do the same yourself. As a result of your combined
efforts a ring will be recovered from the water. Don't waste time
examining it at this point. Go back to the fireplace (in the house) and
throw the ring into the fire. Then examine it to learn the EXORCISE
spell. (This last one was a trick question unless you had read THE LORD
OF THE RINGS previously. If you're upset, blame the authors). Now find
the driftwood (which also defies reading), and cast the EXORCISE spell
on it. Here is the all-important FLY spell.

 Once more, with the troll, find the plaque in the Marsh. Instruct the
troll to clean the plaque while you do the same. Only through the
efforts of both of you will the plaque become clean enough to read the

 Return to the Garden and cast FLY on the statue. Look under it to find
the SHIELD spell.

 You are now ready to enter the Castle. Go to the Castle and cast the
KNIVES spell on the ropes which are supporting the door. Cast the SHIELD
spell on yourself, and boldly go south through the front door. Cast FLY
on yourself to go over the pool of acid. While you are over it, notice
the button at the bottom of the pool. Cast the SWORD spell and use the
resultant broadsword to push the button. Continue south.

 At the end of the hallway, go west and then north. Here is a guard who
quickly attaches a ball and chain to your leg. Don't worry about it (But
make sure you have it strapped to you before leaving!), and go north
until you find a suit of armor and a dagger in a scabbard. Wear the
armor and take the scabbard, then return south. Go east, past where you
entered the hall, until you come to another door. Open it. (Without the
ball and chain, as well as the armor, you would quickly be fried.)

 Go north and you'll encounter a monk who is most unhappy to meet you.
CAST FIREBALL and instruct it to attack the monk's spell scrolls. Go
north again and read the panel to learn the LIGHTNING spell. Return
south to the hallway, then west to the entrance. You can now cast GROW
on the ball and chain in order to leave it behind. Go north until you
are out of the Castle.

 Find the troll (who will not enter the Castle) and give her the
scabbard. With her holding the scabbard you can remove the dagger which
contains the TELEPORT spell. Have her go with you to the Rainbird.
Instruct the troll to kill all the ants around the anthill, while you do
the same. When the number of ants reaches zero (only for a second!) take
the piece of amber from the anthill. Examine it to learn the MAGICIAN
spell. Cast it on yourself, and if you've learned the other 20 spells,
you can recruit the Rainbird.

 Go to the dragon and recruit him. Give him the small piece of dragon
scale and escort him to the main exit. Once there go south, and watch
the fire alarm go crazy.

 Go back and get the Rainbird, the mouse and the troll. (This trio tends
to wander around a bit, particularly the troll, so keep an eye on all of
them.) Bring the three of them down to the exit hallway (where the fire
alarm is), and lead them all west. Instruct the troll to open the
Maintenance Hatch. Give the mouse to the troll, and have her put the
mouse in the hatch. You can now continue west to examine the Kiosk.
Instruct the Rainbird to enter the Kiosk. You've escaped!
Wonderful!...or is it?

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