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Чит-файл для Knights of Legend

Knights of Legend

 За игрой наблюдают: 1 человек

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

	In this game, you can form up a party of up to six characters.
  There are many classes you can choose your character from. The most
  important statistics in this game is foresight, strength, endurance
  and body points. Good foresight will allow your characters to foresee
  the opponents moves and respond to it. Balance represents your
  character's courage when faced with terrifying creatures. Speed is
  also not very crucial as speed boot can be found in the game. In this
  game you will find lots of quests to complete. The main aim is to
  rescue Seggallion the knight from Pildar. To complete the game, you
  will need to complete all 24 quests in the game.

General tips and combat

  	The map is rather big and you will need to explore it
  thoroughly. Every towns/areas have an entry point, and if you did
  not position yourself at the right place, you won't be able to get
  inside there.

  When you are creating your party, make sure that you have a good mix
  of characters from the different races. There are certain location
  where certain races are not welcome, ie the person there won't talk
  to a certain race. Make sure you have at least two characters from
  difference races with charisma above 80 so that you can obtain quests
  from people of all kind. Have one or more archer with very good
  foresight. Get at least one kelder as they are the strongest fighter.
  As for spell caster, make sure they have at least intelligence of 70
  so that they can join magical order. You will need at least two spell
  caster for those tough battle against giants.

Tips on how to gain money and extra items:

	In this game, money is very important, because you need cash to
  save your party to the inn, buy weapons and armours. And if you lose
  a combat battle, there is a high chance for you to be robbed. But,
  there is no option for you to transfer money from one character to
  another in this game. You can only trade items between characters.
  So it is very important to learn how to gain extra money.

  	To gain extra money is a tedious but rewarding job. You must
  first create a few dummy characters, preferably Brettle Regular
  because they start off with 3000 GC. Have them bought as much
  plate armour as possible. Then, trade the armour to a single one of
  them, said dummy A. Now, save dummy A to to the disk by going to the
  inn, do not save the rest of the dummies. At this point, quit the
  game by pressing ctrl-q when you are outside the inn. Load the game
  again, this time bring in your own party. Leave an extra room for
  the dummy, Have him trade all his armours to your party. Do not save
  the dummy afterwards. After that sell the armours to the armour shop
  for extra cash. Repeat this as many time as you like until you are
  satisfied with your money. You should give the dummy the most
  expensive item possible so that the number of time you need to
  repeat this is lesser.

 	With this in mind, you can also give the dummy any useful
  items you may want to duplicate, eg Truth Sword, courage coat, etc.
  Make sure you keep at least one copy of these items in your dummy,
  because you might lost your weapons when you flee from any battle.


	The combat sequence in this game is extremely long. When in
  combat, let your archer check through all the opponents action by
  aiming at all possible enemy. Take note of the oppenents move and
  their direction of attack. Your archer must have high foresight in
  order to see their moves. Have your characters respond to the
  attack using the information you have gathered.

	Jump is very effective against attack to the lower part of the
  body. Duck is very effective against high attack. As for attack to
  the middle, backup is useful though it sometimes depend on your
  weapon defensive skill. With higher skill level, you can parry the
  opponent attack even when you move straight into their blade. To
  kill opponents fast, attack their chest (berserk) until it is all
  red, then with another attack to the chest, you can kill them
  instantly. Attack to the arms will disable their arms so that they
  cannot fight anymore. Attack to the legs will make them impossible
  to jump. So, the usual  option for attack is : thrust to the area
  the opponent is moving. Jump, duck if you know that your opponent
  is attacking in that area. Backup and thrust to the middle if your
  don't know what your opponent actions are.

  	When you find the truth sword, you can kill most of the
  opponent easily. The sword is powerful and light weight. However,
  you will almost certainly get wounded during the battle because
  you can't improve your skill for it. However, if you greatsword
  skill is high, you hit slightly better.

	Before your characters found courage coat, you may find your
  characters frozen in terror when face with creatures like trolls,
  giants, etc. This is because your characters courage is not high
  enough and the only way to overcome it is to wear a courage coat.

	If you encounter creatures your party cannot due with, don't
  be afraid to flee the battle. But before you flee from the battle,
  put your weapon back to your belt first, otherwise you might lost
  your weapons in the process. However, this does not apply to
  missile weapons like bow, crossbow, etc. ie you may still have them
  in hand when you flee.

  	When your party is on horseback, there is a option for you
  to attempt to run away. Learn how to recognise which message
  represent what kinds of creatures. If you think that you can win
  them, don't run away, whack them for more experience points and
  items. Also, don't run away from travelling healer, otherwise
  you will have to pay for healing in town.

Magic :

	Your characters can only join one magic order at one time.
  And they cannot quit the order they are in. It is best to learn as
  many difference kinds of spells from all the difference order
  before you try to join any order.

  	Though you can only learn the basic spells if you don't
  join any order, when you join an order later, you will be able
  to modify those spells you have already learned but the only thing
  you cannot change is the race. For example, if you have join the
  white pearl order, you can only select spells for human and elves,
  but if you have already learn some spells for dwarf and kelder
  before joining the order, you will be allowed to modify the spell
  for dwarf and kelder provided you don't change the race, ie you may
  also heal a kelder greatly though you are in the white pearl order.

	You will be allowed to modify spells only if you have join
  a certain magic order. To modify the spell, you will need enough
  experience point to do the modification. The more powerful the
  spell, the more expensive it will be. When you are in the modify
  spell menu, use the arrow keys to select and modify the parts of
  the spell. As for races in which subclass need to be specified,
  try to learn a spell that is higher in the subclass list, ie at
  the bottom of the list. If your spell can effect a certain subclass,
  than all other subclass below it will also be effected. For example,
  if your spells effect the subclass 'walbar', than it can effect the
  rest of the subclasses because it is the highest subclass.

Magic Order :

  Order		Location	Races
  White Pearl 	Brettle		Human,Elf
  Blue Gem	Tegal Forest	Kelder,Dwarf
  Black Onyx	Shellernoon	Elemental
  Secret Storm  Poitle Lock	Giant
  Red Mist	Thimblewald	Legendary
  Dark Stone	Olanthen  	Undead

Gaining Levels and Skills:

	In this game, you might not advance in certain skill level
  because this game is opened for expansion and there is a option
  to harbour masters from other scenerio. So, do not be disappointed
  when you cannot find the appropriate masters to advance your skills.

	I have list below a list of all the weapon master I have
  found and what level they will teach. You can use it to choose the
  skill you would like to learn. If you intend to carry on with the
  next scenerio, you may try to pick those better skill like
  greatsword, great axe, etc. But if you just want to play this
  scenerio only, you might choose those skills in which you can gain
  higher skill level. But you have to remember one thing, you may
  only learn up to four skills. The number of skill point you can
  have is dependent on your rank. The formula is as follows :

	total skill points = 20 * level

		where peasant = level 1
  		      serf    = level 2
 		      .... etc

  So, if you manage to reach level 25 which is Knight - Baronet,
  you learn up to 25*20 = 500 skill points.

  Since most weapon have a offense and defense skill, said 100 skill
  point each, then you may learn up to two hand weapons and a missile
  weapon. For the hand weapons, you may choose a one hand weapon
  followed by a two handed one.

  At higher level, you foresight will improved, and will hence hit
  more often. But in long run, a higher skill level is crucial to
  your success in the game.

  When you train with a weapon master, you can train at most 5 skills
  level per session and you need the corresponding amount of
  experience. A raw estimate is about 100 experience points to 1 skill
  level. You may gain experience by winning battles or completing
  quests. When you have used up the amount of skill points you can have
  for your current level, you will be asked to fight in the arena. If
  you refuse, you will never be promoted to a higher rank. The arena
  is located somewhere north of Brettle. Just follow the north road,
  after passing a 3 ways junction, head north for about 2 days and
  you will see a building by the side of the road. This is the
  arena, where you will fight a monster randomly chosen. If you lose
  the battle, you will be kick out of it and you will have to try
  again. If you win, you will gain a level. So, prepare yourself
  carefully before entering the arena because you will have to fight
  the monster alone without the help from the rest of the party. Learn
  the weak points every kind of creatures and react to it. A Truth
  Sword is very effective against man sized creatures but if the
  opponent skill is high, try to use your skill against it.

The masters and their skills :

  Fortress of Brettle,	Hvrad Myth

  	Longsword	 0 - 30
	Broadsword	 0 - 30
	Short Spear	 0 - 30
	Battle Axe	 0 - 30

  Tower at 3-way junction north of Brettle, Fistan Stockhard

	Broad Axe	 0 - 45
	Hand Axe	 0 - 45
 	Hvy Crossbow	 0 - 45
	Great Axe	 0 - 45

  Htron, a residence, Zachary Bladeshure

	Scimitar	46 - 95
	Greatsword	 0 - 30
	Shortsword	 0 - 55
	Bastard Swd	 0 - 45

  Htron, Training Grounds, Mornag the Merciless (kelder not welcomed)

	Scimitar	 0 - 50
	Mace		 0 - 60
	Lt Crossbow	 0 - 55
	War Hammer	 0 - 50

  Tegal Forest, The Portal, Monvin the Elder

	Halberd		 } 45
	Morningstar	 } 55
	Flail		 0 - ??
  	Broadsword	 } 30

  Building along Krell Way near the Hobe, Weapon Master, Nigel Gulliam

	Club		 0 - 45
	Halberd		 0 - 45
	Great Hammer	 0 - 45
	Quarterstaff	 0 - 45

  Shellernoon, Weapon Trainer, Kelmore Stratsmoth

	Long Spear	 0 - 25
	Morningstar	 0 - 55
 	War Maul	 0 - 25
	Heavy Maul	 0 - 45

  Olanthen, Rhun Manor, Rhunholland

	Longsword	 } 30
	Broadsword	 } 30
	Bastard Swd	 } 45
	Greatsword	 } 30

  Klvar Wood, Klvar Tree House, Tyrolliar Cellana

	Self Bow	 0 - 55
	Elf Bow		15 - 70
	Long Bow	12 - 35
	Dagger		 0 - 60

Weapon and Armor :

	Two handed weapons are effective but your characters must be
  strong enough to wield them. If they are not strong enough, they
   will get tired very fast thus increasing fatigue. When using one
  handed weapon, you can equip a shield to increase protection. If
  you want archer, it is best to let them use elf bow but since the
  master only train you if your skill is at least 15, it is only
  possible if you choose characters who have it as their basic skill.
  You can buy elf bow from Htron if you need them.

	Magic ingot can be forge into a weapon. You will be allow to
  give it a name. However, changing the name to some common weapons
  do not make them behave as one. If you name it as 'longsword', it
  don't look like one or behave as one, since when you see a two
  handed longsword? So, even if you have longsword skill, there is
  really not much effect. You may called them Dragon Slayer, Soul
  Stealer, etc if you want you character to process something
  special. Use them just like the Truth Sword you have found.

	The armour for the your character have to depend on their size,
  strength and the weapon they used. Smaller size means smaller armour
  hence lesser weight. Strength determines how much weight your
  characters can take. And if they are using heavy weapons, they can't
  fight well if their armour is too heavy.

Quests :

	There are 24 quests in this game. You will need to obtain
  these quests from differece people you find in the game. In order
  for them to give you the quest, you must talk to them using the
  right word. You may find clues to these words by talking to other
  people. When the correct word is used, the person will ask you
  whether you will like to take on the quest, if you reply 'no',
  the quest will not be given. As long as at least one person in
  your party is given a particular quest, the rest of the party can
  take part in it. So make sure the character that is given the quest
  is present when you go for a quest. To play it safe, you might want
  everyone inside your party to be given the quest, you can do this by
  making them talk to the person who give you the quest.

	After obtaining a quest, you need to talk to other people
  in order to find out the quest location. I have enclosed a map with
  all the quest locations marked. When your party is ready for the
  quest, you will have to travel to the quest location. It is best to
  buy a horse for everyone in the party. Remember that you party
  movement speed is equal to that of the slowest character. So be sure
  to find good horse for everyone in the party. You can find stables in
  many towns, but some stable don't welcome certain races. In that
  case, try another one in another town. Now, with good horses, you
  will travel faster and reach the quest location in fewer days.

	When you come to a quest location, you will find a long message
  being displayed on the screen ending with the question " Will you
  partake ?" Answer yes and you will be entering the quest location.
  There you will find certain creatures guarding the item you are
  looking for.

	There are two ways to complete the quest. Firstly, you can kill
  all the monsters in the location and you will automatically exit from
  the location, you may then get the quest item after the battle. So,
  be sure to take note of the number of creatures at the start of the
  quest as that is the number of creatures you will need to kill.
  Secondly, you may fight your way in and let one of your character get
  hold of the quest item, then that particular character with the item
  must run to the exit (the place you enter the location, so make sure
  you know the way out!). At the exit, you will be asked if you want
  to flee, answer yes you will exit from the quest. This method has
  some drawbacks because you will lost all the experiences for killing
  these creatures. Completing quest offers slightly more experience
  points than normal encounters. There is one thing you must remember
  if you attempt to run to the exit, do not attempt to flee the battle
  before reaching the exit, otherwise the quest is not completed and
  you have to do it one more time though you can have the quest item.
  Also, put your quest item in your backpack after the quest.
  Otherwise the next time you flee a battle, you might lose the item.
  Going back without the quest item after completing the quest will
  not do you any good as you need to go for the quest again.

	After completing the quest, go back to the person who give you
  the quest, when you step into their house, a message will be
  displayed telling you that the quest is completed and you might be
  given rewards or clues in return. At the same time. a medal will be
  given to you, check your medal to see how many more quest you have
  to  complete. You have to be careful when you enter their house, if
  you miss the message being displayed, you will never get it back
  unless you complete the quest another time. The message may contain
  useful information, so it is wise to save the game before you go to
  the quest personnel just in case you want to read it again.
The 24 quests :

	There is no need to complete the quest in the order being
  stated, they just happen to come in my mind in that order. If you
  cannot complete a certain quest, simply skip to the next one and
  come back to them when you are stronger. Do not be afraid to flee
  when you find the creatures too tough. Go back to town to customize
  a spell to counter the creatures if possible and try again.

	It is necessary to complete all the quests in the game.
  Otherwise, the last quest to save Seggallion will not be given.

1.	Find Stephanie in Brettle. Talk to her about 'gavel' and she
  will give you a quest. She will ask you to retrieve the gavel from
  the Ruffians that have stolen it and escape into the Tantowyn. Just
  go out of Brettle and move along the River Passing. At a point where
  the river just enter the Great Wood which is roughly one day journey
  from Brettle, you will find the creatures you are seeking. The
  Ruffians aren't very tough so the fight shouldn't be a problem. When
  you have find the gavel, return it to Stephanie and she will tell
  you a code word 'Kydar'. Note down the first letter, you will need
  it later on.

2.	Find Stephen in Brettle. Talk to him about 'standard' and he
  will give you a quest. The standard of Stephen's guild is stolen by
  a bunch of bandits and have escaped to the north. Go outside Brettle
  and follow the road north, at a three ways junction with a broken
  tower. Turn left into Krell Way, just move along the path and you
  will find the bandits. The bandits are not very strong but slightly
  difficult to get hit. If your characters foresight is good, you will
  have a higher chance to hit them. After finding the standard which
  is a flag, return it to Stephen. He will tell you another code word
  'Aklom', note down the first letter too.

3.	Find Hegissa in Brettle. Talk to her about 'knight' and she
  will give you a quest. This time you will need to find the quill
  which is stolen. The thieves have entered the Klvar Wood. So, head
  for the wood which is to the south east of Brettle. Just walk along
  the Sheller Road for one day, the head south until you are in Klvar
  Wood. This time you will encounter some ghouls who are guarding the
  quill. When you return the quill to Hegissa, she will tell you the
  third code word 'Moram', similarly note down the first letter.

4.	Now go to see the mayor of Brettle, Benjamin. Combine the three
  letters you have found and then tell him. He will ask you to look for
  the sword of truth which was stolen by the goblins. This time, you'll
  need to head south to the south coast. At the coastal area wear of
  Usip Wood, you will find the creatures you are seeking. When you have
  found the Truth Sword, bring it to the mayor and he will give it to
  your party as a reward. The Truth Sword is a very powerful weapon and
  it will help you in the other quest. It can do a demage of 4-32 and
  it is very light. So using it enable your character to do great
  demage to his/her oppenents without losing lots of energy. However,
  there is one drawback of using it. The fact that it is special
  sword, indicate that there is no place for you to train the skill
  for using it which means that you will not hit creatures with very
  high skill level. However it is very effective when used in the
  arena against most creatures.

5.	Find Biblik the Sage in Htron. Talk to him to get the quest.
  Go to the Tegal River and move along it. At somewhere near the middle
  of the river, you will find the creatures guarding the crown. Return
  it to the Sage and you will be rewarded with a flying cloak. Wearing
  it allow your characters to fly.

6.	Talk to Sam in Htron about 'stod' and he will ask you to find
  parth oil for him. This time you'll need to go all the way to
  Berthand's Bay in the southern part of Ashtalarea. Walk along the
  coastal area of the bay and you will find the creatures guarding the
  quest item. Give the oil to Sam and he will tell you to mention
  'Nobjor' to pirates.

7.	The pirates lives in a small house to the west of Stone Island.
  When you reach there, talk to Pegleg about 'Nobjor'. He will ask you
  to look for his shipwheel. Go to Erwenwald just to the north of the
  pirates' house. You will find some hobgoblins guarding the shipwheel.
  In return for the shipwheel, the pirate will give you a map.

8.	Bring the map to Scotty next door of Pegleg and ask him about
  'map'. He will then ask you to look for his pirate hat. Go all the
  way to Prazen Point and you will encounter some slyphs. Make use of
  the terrain there to shoot arrows or cast spells at the slyphs when
  they cannot reach you. In this way, you will kill most of them.
  Afterall, slyphs are water elements which ones should carefully deal
  with. Upon retreiving the hat. Scotty will ask you to look for
  someone with initials T.D.

9.	Go to Htron to look for T.D. You should have guess it by now,
  the person you are looking for is Tulliana Daverland. Ask her about
  'map' and she will ask you to find her iron chest. Go to Ebbwater and
  you will find minotaurs guarding the chest. Minotaurs are creatures
  that should not be underestimated. They are slow in combat but they
  do lots of demage when they hit. It is best to throw spells at them
  before fighting. Truth Sword will help you little because this only
  make you easier to be hitted unless you can kill the minotaur first
  before he can hit you. Bring the chest to Tulliana, she will open
  the chest and give you a red ring.

10.	Talk to Belinda in Olanthen. She will ask you to look for a
  golden necklace. Go to the Mountain of Lorr to the east. You will
  find orcs guarding the necklace. Belinda will give you a magic ingot
  as a reward. Use it to make a weapon for your character or sell it
  for cash.

11.	Talk to Orofin in Poitle Lock. He will ask you to find the wand
  for him. Go outside town and you will find two rivers. Walk along the
  southern river towards Pauper Valley. After a short journey, you will
  find skeletons guarding the wand. The skeletons are very easy
  opponnents, they will collapsed into pieces if they move too much.
  When you have complete the quest, Orofin will tell you to say 'gold'
  to Sedfrey.

12	Talk to Sedfrey in Poitle Lock. You will be ask to search for
  the coat of arms in the heart of the Tegal Forest. At the centre of
  Tegal Forest, you will find the thugs who have stolen the coat.
  Return it to Sedfrey and he will reward you with the courage coat.
  The courage coat will give you courage to face terrible creatures,
  without it you can't complete certain quest.

13.	Talk to Milinya in Thimberwald. She will ask you to look for
  the oil of changeling in the downing swamp. The swamp is to the east
  to the town. The swamp is not very big so there should not be any
  problems finding the quest location. You will enter some muck things
  there. They are not very tough though they might look horrible. In
  return for the oil, Milinya will tell you the name of the spy, Delmor.

14.	Find Trimrose at Thimberwald and mention the name of the spy to
  him. He will ask you to look for a cloak in the Karg Hill. You will
  find the quest location at Northwald. Return the cloak to Trimrose,
  and he will tell you to say 'follies' to Yardley. Saying that to
  Yardley and he will tell you to talk to the Kelder.

15.	Talk to the Keldinarr in Thimblewald about 'vial'. He will
  then ask you to look for it. You can find the quest location at
  Windy Run.  Return the vial to him and he will tell you to say
  'scalfeth' to the warrior soul.

16.	Talk to Ballaster (the warrior soul) at Krag Keep. He'll ask
  you to help him find his millet. You can find the quest location at
  Wesswald. There you'll find mist giants guarding the item. In that
  place you will need to move along corridor will is only a person
  width. So you will need to fight with the mist giant one to one. So
  it is best to put your strongest character at the front followed by
  archer and spell caster. Here you'll need to have very high weapon
  skill so that you will avoid being hit by the mist giants. A spell
  or two that increased the skill level with help a lot. After that
  very tough battle to recover the millet. Ballaster will give you his
  deathblade will can do a demage of 5-27. He will also tell you to
  talk to the Fostering about 'rhording'.

17.	The Fostering is at the northern part of the Tegal Forest.
  Talk to Dunnigen. She will ask you to look for something in the Wood
  of Dream. Go to The Darkwood south of Krell Swamp. You'll find some
  orges guarding the quest item. If you have defeated the mist giants,
  the orges shouldn't be a problem as you will need to use the same
  tactics here. Returning the golden chalice to Dunnigen and she will
  tell you to say 'inthos' to the Hobe.

18.	Talk to Lord Stiveron in the Hobean Keep. You'll be ask to
  look for the hidden staff in the Downing Mountains. The quest
  location is at the southeastern end of the mountains. You will find
  stone ogres there. The stone ogres are tough in nature, hence the
  name. You can defeat them with spells or when your skill is high
  enough. You will get a pair of speed boot when you return the staff
  to Lord Stiveron. Wearing the boots will allow your character to
  move faster.

19.	Talk to Rodrigard at the Sheller Bridge. Tell him 'bryor'
  and he will ask you to find a wristband. Go to the Sheller Ridge and
  you will find ettins there. After getting the item, Rodrigard will
  tell you to talk to Aurin about 'grey'.

20.	Talk to Aurin (next door to Rodrigard). He will ask to look
  for something at the Thanakesh Hills. Fight the djinns there to get
  the quest item. Return it to Aurin and he will tell you to mention
  his name to the main guard.

21.	Tell the Sheller Elite Guard that Aurin sent you. He will ask
  you to find the shade ring in Westwash. The ring is heavily guarded
  by cliff trolls. You will need courage coat in order to face them.
  Return the ring to the main guard and he will tell you to say
  'silver knot' to Norgan.

22.	Talk to the Lord of Shellernoon, Norgan. He will ask you to
  recover the ward from Sodden Hills. The ward is guarded by sledge.
  Beware of this area, when you enter the quest location, your
  party will be split into six groups which mean that your characters
  must fight their own battle before they can group themselves
  together again. The sledge main weakness is at their head. But you
  have to be tall enough to hit the head. Return the ward to Norgan
  and he will give you the shade ring and tell you to see Dundle.

23.	Talk to Denswurth in Olanthen. He will ask you to find the
  statuette. Go to the Missip Valley south of the Mytrone Hills.
  You'll find trolls guarding the statuette. The troll are terrible
  creatures which will make your characters freeze in terror if
  their courage is not high enough. Make sure you have the courage
  coat before you come to this place. Return the statuette to
  Denswurth, and he will give you a great shield. The shield offers
  a great amount of protection and weighs little and you can change
  the pattern of the shield with the edit shield option in the
  openning menu if you want fancy shields.

24.	You must complete the above 23 quests before Dundle give you
  the last quest. You can find him at the Assembly Building in the
  Olanthen Barrier outside the Mountains of Lorr. Talk to him about
  'Seggallion' and he will give you the quest. Go to the Ghor Hills
  to find the quest location. You will find cyclops guarding the
  area. The final battle is quite tough and requires the same tactics
  when you are fighting storm giants. After defeating the cyclops,
  you will be rewarded with a mini slide show. After rescueing
  Seggallion, he will give you his shuckles as an evident. Go back
  to see the black dwarf, and he will reward you with a black ingot
  which can do a demage of 3-36.

  At this stage, you have cleared all the quests in this scenerio,
  so watch out for the next one.

Do not read this part unless you are desperate !

Tips on hacking the game

	I will only touch on the first character. The rest of the
  characters will simply begin at difference offsets.
	This part is illustrated using Norton Utilities, you may
  want to use other programs to do the same job.
	Type in 'path:nu chardata' to start editing the character
  file. I do not want to spoil the fun by revealing the exact
  details for the characters attributes, so I will simply touch
  on how to get the quest from people if you cannot find the
  right word to say. I careful player should have no problem in
  finding the right word, so this portion is for those with some
	Between file offsets 482, hex 1E2 to 487, hex 1E7 is 6 bytes
  containing the status of your quests. The six bytes have a total
  of 12 hexidecimal digits, so each corresponds to two quests as
  there are a total of twenty four.

	The meaning of the binary code used is as follows :

		00	quest not yet given
 		01	quest given but not yet complete
		10	quest complete but medal not yet given
		11	medal given to quest

	So what they actually do is to combine two of these to form
  a hexidecimal digit.

	Here are the conversion from hexidecimal to binary :

		0000	0	1000	8
		0001	1	1001	9
		0010	2	1010	A
		0011	3	1011	B
		0100	4	1100	C
		0101	5	1101	D
		0110	6	1110	E
		0111	7	1111	F

  The position of the quests in the code correspond to that you see
  in the medal display. So just locate the appropriate quest and do
  the changes.

  Warnings :

	Do not attempt to set the quest to 10, ie completed, because
  in that case the person who give you the quest won't reward you
  since you did not return with the quest item. So, at most set it
  to 01 and go for the quest, completing it will reward you will
  useful items or clues. If you set them to FFFFFF, then you in
  fact have completed the game without fighting a single battle, but
  then you will miss the end game slide show completely. And you
  won't have all the useful items when the next scenerio is added.


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