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Читы для Knights of Xentar

Чит-файл для Knights of Xentar

Knights of Xentar

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Альтернативное название:Dragon Knight 3
Разработчик:MegaTech Software
Издатель:MegaTech Software
Модель распространения:розничная продажа
Жанры:RPG (Japanese-style) / Isometric / For Adults

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
1. Knights of Xentar - Notes on game operation:
 a) The CD-ROM version requires the disc to remain in the drive during
    play. Ensure that, if any changes are made via the INSTALL program, the
    correct drive is pointed to when all is said and done. Otherwise, you may
    be asked to put your disc in a floppy drive, or in the hard drive. The
    only way out is to reboot and run INSTALL again.
 b) Again, the initial music volume is much too loud, but this time
    pressing Ctrl-Alt-D (reduce volume for a PAS16) will cause the
    introduction graphics to be skipped. Don't worry about it the first time,
    just use the System menu once you start a game to lower the Background
    Music Volume (BGM) to an acceptable level. This will take effect
    immediately and affect the introduction music too. Then you can exit, and
    watch the whole introduction once without covering your ears.
 c) There is a noticeable temporary slowdown in tempo of the background
    music in both 16 and 8-bit PAS modes sometimes, for no apparent reason.
    And for some reason voice won't play, if Windows was ever loaded, until
    you reset or reboot the computer.
 d) The English in the manual and the text of the game is noticeably
    better than even Metal & Lace. However, the voices are a bit too contrived
    (not everyone has to have a silly accent!), and some of the spoken
    dialogue doesn't match the text (this is probably dramatic ad-libbing by
    the actors).
 e) Miscellaneous: Use the default names of Desmond, Rolf, and Luna to
    avoid strangeness between text and speech. The 3D mode doesn't really gain
    you anything. MDF stands for Magical Defense Factor, summarizing the odds
    of avoiding the effects of hostile magic. Too bad there's no map of the
    whole land. A right-click during combat will make you run away. Maximum
    inventory of 99 per item.
 f) This is the English version of the third game of a 5-game Japanese
    series. So when are the other ones coming? Also, I can see how there was
    -one- game previous to this, but two?

2. Knights of Xentar - Walkthrough:
 a) General Considerations Throughout Game:
    Unlike Cobra Mission or Metal & Lace, there aren't bonus items under
    every bush, but there are some. Every chest has fixed contents; they won't
    change if you restore and open them again, so don't bother (I checked
    early on and then stopped). However, the bonus that you get from a Stamina
    Drink, Speed Drink, Power Drink, Vitamin Mix, or level advance is random.

                 +HP      +MP      +STR     +DEX     +INT
     Desmond   8 to 11            1 to 3   1 to 3   0 to 2
     Rolf      9 to 12            1 to 4   1 to 2   0 to 2
     Luna      7 to 10   3 to 6   0 to 2   1 to 4   1 to 3

    Use Status Player to find how many experience are needed for the next
    level advance, and save game when one is close. The HP, MP (for Luna
    only), STR (not shown if 0), and DEX are shown when you advance, but to
    find out the INT, you have to use Status Player. If you don't get a good
    level bonus, load the saved game and try again. When a character gets over
    about 370 HP maximum, the HP display line splits into two and reaches a
    maximum at 740. HP over 740, to a maximum of 999, aren't displayed at all.

    Characters will stop advancing at level 99, about 155,000 experience.

    Talking to wandering people isn't easy - you have to pick a spot and
    wait for them to come to you, because Desmond can't move as fast as them.
    With 2 or 3 characters, you move even slower. Some people are just there
    to insult you or waste time, but some tell you things of interest. Note
    that if text has a little "down arrow" in the bottom right corner, the
    text will scroll if you click on the arrow. Be careful, because if you
    miss the arrow, you will be clicking on the box to remove the text
    instead! You may want to turn on voice and listen to everything at least
    once. Also, you aren't just talking, because sometimes you do things or
    give things to people, and they can give you things back or do things too.
    If somebody starts repeating themselves, move on. One exception is a pig
    in Dreadsden, where having voice is your only clue that something strange
    is about to happen.

    There are several times in the game where people will run away after
    talking to you.
    You'll freeze until they've walked off the screen; just wait for it to end.

    To talk (or buy and sell) with people behind counters, you must be
    standing directly underneath (across the counter) from them, then click on
    the person. Use the arrow keys for doing precision movement like getting
    close to people without talking to them, or checking lots of jars or
    bushes for bonus items.

    There is never any combat in a town, but there may be inside other

    Most but not all buildings and towns are entered from the south, and
    left the same way.

    If you are just exploring the land of Xentar and don't want to be
    bothered by monsters all the time, use a Skunk Oil. Effect is temporary,
    you will be warned a little before it wears off completely. Or you can use
    a Smoke Grenade for each combat. Or you can take your chances with running
    away each time.

    The price for a SELL at a store is 3/4 of the amount for a BUY, drop
    off fractions.

    The calculations for DEF and MDF also drop off fractions. See the
    weapons and armor sections later for these.

    The number and type of monsters encountered are a function of both
    where you are and how tough your character is. As you go up in levels but
    stay in the same area, you will meet more of the same monster (up to 6)
    and get less experience for them.  Eventually you can get only 1
    experience for multiple monsters. However, you can only get at least one
    monster, so if a Death Doll is too nasty for your level, you will still
    get one if you are in the area where they appear.

    Some monsters may leave behind booty when you defeat them. This is one
    item of a consistent type (according to monster), except that some have a
    second item they leave less often. And some monster types never seem to
    have anything! The really rare and desirable ones seem to show up only
    when you go up a level! There's a possibility that the game allows only
    some rare item types, and never allows certain other types to show up in a
    given game.

    The game starts off tough in the money department, but then from Squalor
    Hollow to Phoenix there isn't much to spend it on! Its easy to accumulate
    horrendous amounts of cash from monsters. The amounts found in jars and
    chests are then trivial. But you'll need $70,000 in Mellions...

    Megatech suggests the following for combat (with my snide comments):
    1) Slow down battle speed when you encounter unfamiliar monsters - find a
    setting that doesn't drag it out, but lets you see if characters are
    getting too low before they die. 2) Avoid offensive tactics until you have
    accumulated hit points and armor - the best defense is a good offense, but
    I used only "NORMAL" or "KNOWLEDGE" for Desmond, and early on "DEFENSIVE"
    too for Rolf. 3) Avoid combat if you are wounded and not carrying any heal
    potions - you deserve to die then, nobody said you can't go back to town
    often or carry sacks of potions into the dungeons.

    Before encountering any of the unique monsters, set combat to
    "NORMAL", and in some cases to "G8", and remember to restore your usual
    settings after. After getting to a new city and resting, run around
    outside the city until you've got 100% in the monsters found nearby,
    before trying to go too far away.

    You can never go up stairs in any Inn. You can't use any stairs
    blocked by people or even some others that others tell you not to enter.

    Most monsters have yellow hit point bars, but a white one means they
    have even more.  Something similar happens to Luna's MP bar later; it
    changes from flesh to white at about 355 maximum MP.

 b) Squalor Hollow:
    Although always level 25 with 10,000 experience, the other starting
    statistics for Desmond are random. In several tries, DEX is 49 to 55, STR
    is 48 to 56, INT is 25 or 26, and HP is 255 to 261.

    Start off the game by wandering naked around Squalor Hollow. Talk to
    people and get the hang of clicking on the screen, including on the
    borders, to move around. You can try to leave town, but the game won't let
    you yet. To start progressing you have to go to the tavern and Frump.

    Once you understand talking and moving around, go to the tavern in the
    NE of the town, and save your game under the title "MONARAPE"; this is
    your first sexy graphics in the game. Now walk into any one of the men,
    and spend a while reading or listening until things drop back to
    walk-around mode. Before you leave the tavern, get $50 by talking to the
    man behind the counter!

    Go to the SW of town to enter Don Frump's house. Go upstairs to talk
    to him and get a (poultry) Knife and (at least it covers) Leather Suit.
    There's also $100 in a jar upstairs at Frump's. You can now leave town and
    start adventuring, although you might want to wander around and see how
    people talk to you once you have covered your "assets". Click on the town
    to re-enter.

    Save the game as soon as you exit the town (through the opening to the
    south), and after every combat that didn't result in horrible wounds. Once
    your Knowledge value for a monster has gotten up to a reasonable amount (I
    use 10%), switch from "NORMAL" to "KNOWLEDGE" tactics for those monsters.
    I suggest using "kill weakest" all the time. You can wander around the
    wilderness getting small amounts of experience and money, but the big
    stuff is in the cave to the west (Mount Litmus).

    The type and number of monsters are very random. Don't be in a rush to
    get to the end of the winding hallway. Just keep saving the game after
    good combats, and accumulate enough cash to pay for rest in the Inn ($10 a
    night for full healing) and better equipment (get the best stuff before
    you leave the area). Eventually, you can make it all the way to the end
    room. Open all the closed chests before you go to the "bandit leader". You
    won't fight him, just go through another text and graphics sequence with a
    demon, and end up outside the cave. There's no point in going back in -
    there's nothing there now except monsters in the hallway.

    You should have gone up several levels by this point. For now, don't
    worry about what the bonus values were. Why? Because you will be losing
    all those levels soon! But it would be a good idea to get lots of levels,
    because they do translate into higher hit points later on. It also helps
    if you raise your Knowledge % for the monsters found outside, as it will
    help with combat later.

    Also, if you get either a BRONZE SHIELD or DAGGER+1 as booty from cave
    monsters, immediately save the game! These are rare items, and you won't
    be able to get them elsewhere until later.

    When you go back to Squalor Hollow to rest and then get your reward,
    you are told to go to a nameless village to the north. The only other
    things of interest in the region are Mount Litmus (the bandit cave) to the
    west, a large rock blocking the path south to Phoenix, and a small
    building in the pass to the north. Inside are Larousse (the old man from
    Squalor Hollow, or is it?) and 2 guards. This is the "barricade", because
    you can't get through (or progress in the game) without clicking on
    Larousse in the center. You go through a sequence that sets you back to
    level 1 (I told you, but it was a surprise the first time!) and drops you
    in the Nameless Village. There's no way to avoid losing all those levels,
    but it won't happen again.

 c) The Nameless Village:
    At first, you can't buy anything in the Nameless Village and most of
    the people won't even talk to you. There is $150 if you click on the jar
    in the NE of the building otherwise filled with barrels (on the NE side of
    town); apparently there is a side entrance that the character can see but
    you can't. To progress, find Don Frump in the big building on the north
    side of town, and go down many levels to meet him again.  There is another
    encounter with a demon, handled automatically as before, and then you get
    to walk back out.

    Now you can buy the best equipment you can get here, if you don't have
    it or better already, and people will talk to you. You will have to go all
    the way back to Squalor Hollow to get your reward from Frump (this time
    for real). But for now, spend some time wandering outside the Nameless
    Village to build your character back up. And this time, try to get good
    level bonuses! Go back into town and rest at $15 a night when you get low
    on HP; that's a lot cheaper than using up potions.

    Work your way up to at least level 10 before you start travelling too
    far. When you can handle 5 Daos (if you haven't seen that many at once,
    explore some more) without getting severely beaten up, its time to go
    south to Squalor Hollow. You will get your $100 reward from Don Frump, and
    Larousse denies leaving town. The hermit on the NW side of Squalor Hollow
    will also give you $200 the first time you talk to him.

    Now go back north and start exploring further out around the Nameless
    Village.  There's nothing to the east or north, and south is the other
    side of the barricade building (which you can now pass through at will).
    West is where all the action is.

 d) Clara's Place:
    To the SW of the nameless village, just S of an opening in the
    mountains that has three trees in front of it, is a building. This is
    Clara's Place, where she (the girl) lives with her grandmother. But when
    you first show up Grandma is out and Clara is about to be raped by the Big
    Bad Wolf. Yes, Clara does have a red hood on.

    Before you walk more than a few steps into the house, save the game as
    "WOLFRAPE".  Then walk in, get a sexy screen, a lot of text, and beat the
    wolf in combat. He shouldn't be too tough. You get a Stamina Drink as
    booty. After combat is over, save the game under another name, then try
    the Stamina Drink until you get the maximum of +9 HP.

    Now leave the house, go back in, and save the game as "CLARA" before
    you talk to Clara again. When you do, you have several sexy screens with
    Clara and get a rhinestone which sounds like one of your lost jewels.

    The third time you enter the house, you get to meet Grandma. You get
    $100 the first time you talk to her. Do this before talking to Clara
    again, or you will miss some text and dialogue. From now on, you can enter
    the house to rest for free by talking to either Clara or Grandma. No
    important changes here for rest of game.

    Although this place should be optional, Megatech says that in order to
    pass Tymm (see below) you must have saved Clara from the wolf.

 e) Dreadsden:
    Quite a ways W of Clara's place is the village of Dreadsden. You may
    come across a sign out in the middle of nowhere that gives you vague
    directions. If you wander too far S, the monsters will get really nasty.
    If you can't handle Death Dolls yet, go N because you are heading towards
    Coventry instead. Dreadsden is just a little E of the ocean and the south
    end of some north-south mountains. There are also large groups of trees in
    the vicinity.

    The first time you enter Dreadsden, you run into (literally) the Dark
    Knight. Nothing really happens, but note that one old man in town tells
    you that he's normally very polite. You'll be sort of chasing the Dark
    Knight (Arstein) for the rest of the game.

    The Inn charges $20 to rest here. A man in the Inn gives you random
    and silly directions to Phoenix which are good for nothing but laughs a
    few times.

    In the house W of the Inn, there is a Flammo Pocket Warmer in the jar
    on the W side.  This is a TREASURE, so save the game before you talk to
    the man in the house. He will give you $100 for it, and there being no
    other apparent use for it in the rest of the game, you might as well.
    However, selling it with Luna along may get you a Flame Gem too, but I
    haven't confirmed that yet.

    To the NW is a pig pen. If you persist in talking to the pig on the
    right, it will eventually say several strange things before refusing to do
    anything but "Oink". One is "that's a fair thought, to lie between maid's
    legs" (this is explained at the end of the game). The others are a
    suggestion to visit the SE corner of town for the dwarf cave, and that
    there is a pretty maid nearby with magical trinkets. The first is
    wrong, because the place you need to visit in town is in the NW corner
    (unless the game thinks that the town stretches outside the little icon on
    the map), but the second could refer to the treasure in Priscilla's house
    to the SE.

    Other people in town say something about a house to the SE with
    desperate women (must mean Priscilla), mention Desmond's Tower in Phoenix
    but monsters are blocking the way there, and that Coventry is to the S.

     At the pool area in the SE of town, after talking to the old man, you
     can get an infinite (you want to try?) amount of money, one at a time, by
     walking around to the south-facing nook above the old man and going S.
     Remember this spot for Luna later.

     You can walk around the outside of the town wall (save game after
     each click along the S edge in case you step outside) to get to the NW
     corner. You need to talk to the hermit down there later.

     Make sure you have the best weapon and armor from the shops in this
     town before going on. If you can't afford it, go out and beat up some
     monsters, but if you haven't been using Run Away, Smoke Grenades, or Skunk
     Oil this shouldn't be a problem here or elsewhere in the game.

 f) Priscilla's Place:
    The easiest way to find Priscilla's Place the first time is to start
    from Clara's Place. Rest there (no sex after that first time, sorry), and
    then start walking W, S and E along the mountains. You will pass several
    interesting places. First is a lake that appears to be surrounded by
    mountains - looks inaccessible. Second is a cave entrance, which shouldn't
    be hard to spot. That is Visel's Cave, and although you can go in there,
    the monsters were rather nasty, and Megatech says this causes a logic bug
    in version 1.08 of the CD - so don't go in!. You can safely enter with the
    Mystic Marble later.

    Keep walking along the edge of the mountains until you see another
    building with mountains to the south. Right after you enter, save the game
    as "PRISRAPE". Walk in and see Priscilla being raped by 7 dwarfs! You
    fight 6 Dwarves (this may be tough - use healing if necessary) and get a
    High Potion as booty. Then, without a chance to save, you fight Belcho and
    get another High Potion. Finally you get to talk to Priscilla and get the
    story. She says you need the Mystic Marble to enter Visel's Cave, which is
    almost directly north from here, and promises to give herself to you when
    you defeat Visel.

    There is $100 in a jar N of the W exit. Go around the outside of the
    house through the W door to get to the stairs on the E side. There are 8
    chests in there, with a total of $1100, 2 Heal Potions, Magic Wing, Skunk
    Oil, and a Speed Drink. Save the game under another name, and try the
    Speed Drink until you get the maximum of +5 DEX.

    Once you leave the house, you can now return and rest for free until
    you defeat Visel. Sorry, no sex until you defeat Visel. By the way, this
    is the cookie house mentioned elsewhere, although you can tell only by
    looking carefully at the background of the graphics with Priscilla.

    Head back to Dreadsden to that hermit in the NW corner. Now he will
    give you the Mystic Marble (a TREASURE), $200, and talk about that female
    presence looking out for you. Go back to Priscilla's and use it as a rest
    base for trips into Visel's Cave.

 g) Visel's Cave:
    Approach this place the same way you handled Mount Litmus. Expect a
    combat in each section of hallway. If running low on HP, run back to
    Priscilla's to rest. Open all the closed chests you see. There's a Vitamin
    Mix in one of them. Defeat Visel at the end of the hallway (get to SE
    corner then go N). Killing Visel will get you a Magic Nut. Fight your way
    back to Priscilla's Place.

    Save as "PRIS" before you get too far into the house. You get the
    Magic Mirror (TREASURE) from Priscilla, and have several sexy scenes
    involving ropes. If you return here later, you get to rest for free, but
    no sex. Now head W and N to Dreadsden, then S towards Coventry.

 h) Coventry:
    The Inn is $30 a night. People in town tell you that the way to
    Phoenix (to the E through mountains) is blocked by the monster Tymm. They
    also mention a "cookie house" to the NE (Priscilla's), naked people to the
    SE and Nero's Retreat to the SE (the same, and really E towards Phoenix,
    then S). The mention of a key to a wall safe is useless. Note that there
    are 2 sets of stores here - the tables below count the total of both as

    Buy two Quinine Shields here. This is the only known place to get
    them, and you may want to optimize equipment for high magic defense

    In the room with no apparent entry in the bar (just click on the jar
    to enter through the side) there is $200 in the jar. There is another $200
    in a jar in the NW of the upstairs hallway in the bar. Talk to the Dark
    Knight (Arstein). He tells you to use the Magic Mirror to kill Tymm. If
    you don't have it, you have to go back and make sure you killed Visel and
    visited Priscilla afterwards.

    There's a second Inn in Coventry that charges $100 for a night, but
    nothing special happened if I stayed there, even with Rolf and Luna.

    If you go all the way S, there's a man and a sign near the end of the
    peninsula. Once I had Luna, I was able to make the man go away by getting
    the Snow Gem in Dreadsden, then had to go to Nero's Retreat to get the
    man's speech about "suicide cliffs", then came back to the sign to find a
    Lightning Gem.

 j) Tymm:
    From Coventry, head E to the mountains, then follow them SE and E to a
    "stone igloo" blocking a mountain pass. If you have the Magic Mirror, you
    talk with Tymm and he vanishes. Megatech says that version 1.08 of the
    game (see CD inner ring) has a logic bug that prevents you from getting
    past Tymm if you entered Visel's Cave without the Mystic Marble (oops!);
    download their patch 1.08A to fix this. Also, you must have saved Clara
    and talked to the Dark Knight in Coventry to pass Tymm.

    If you return to Coventry after this, the upstairs of the bar is
    empty, the bartender says he may make it a brothel, and the Dark Knight
    and other guests are gone.

    As you proceed E of the encounter with Tymm, there is a stairway to
    the N. Go up and save game as "MARIE" before you approach the girl. Sexy
    scene here with Marie, apparently optional. Either way, when you leave a
    bunch of people will shout and scatter.

    From the far side of the stone igloo, Phoenix is roughly NE, but
    there's a forest in the way. Go either N, then E, or (easier to not miss
    it) E around the S side of the forest, then N between them.

 k) Phoenix:
    You'll find Rolf in Phoenix, but he won't join you until you have
    taken care of Kate in the SW corner behind the tree. Save game as "KATE"
    before approaching her. You have sex, she gives you a diamond, and ruins
    her marriage to Pietro for the rest of the game.

    The Inn charges $60 the very first time and $50 from then on. It
    apparently doesn't do anything special the first time.

    People in town generally go on about Desmond's previous adventures.
    They do mention that Arcadia is S then E through a mountain pass, only
    women allowed there. Also, Carnage Corners is to the SE - home of the
    House of Horrors (a strange name for a whore house!).

    In the NW building, there is $500 in a jar.

    If you leave through the north center, you enter the Tower of Desmond.
    If you enter with Rolf, you get two extra lines of funny dialogue. Talk to
    Marie, then go up to the top. Save the game, then open the boxes in this
    order: Right, Left, Middle. You should get a "Desmond (TM) Action Figure"
    (TREASURE), which is worth $1000 to the man in SW corner of Coventry. Like
    the Warmer, there's no apparent use for this elsewhere in the game, so you
    might as well sell it (wait until you get Luna rather than walking back
    and forth). If you don't get it, load and try all the other combinations.
    Saving and restoring is the only way to go! While a message on the
    Megatech BBS says you get a Flame Gem when you sell the Action Figure with
    Luna along, I haven't confirmed that.

    Go through the SE exit in town to enter the Cemetery where you meet
    Nora and get the hint to try bumping into tombstones. You will find a
    BRONZE ARMOR, BRONZE HAT, and Angelic Mist here. Then go S into the Crypt
    and get $300 from the chest, an AXE+1 in the SW corner, and a HEAD GEAR+1
    in the NW corner (these look like rocks). Do these before spending money
    on equipment for Rolf, because some of these are the best offered in

    Rolf is in what looks like a bar, the second building E of the NW
    building in Phoenix. If you do Kate first, you can get him by talking,
    leaving the building, and then talking again. If you haven't done Kate, he
    won't join until after you do. Note that you'll now get slightly different
    speeches because Rolf chimes in, although I think that what the other
    people say doesn't change.

    Rolf starts off 4 to 6 levels below Desmond with random values for
    HEAD GEAR. Get him the best equipment available before you leave town, set
    him at a lower Attack Gauge than Desmond, and turn on Defensive for now.
    At first, especially against the tough monsters E of Phoenix, Rolf may die
    quickly. So just take it easy at first, and build them up before going too
    far. Eventually you can make it to Carnage Corners or Nero's Retreat.

    With Rolf, you can now go N along the coast and move the boulder to
    get you through to Squalor Hollow, and can get back through again that
    way, or you can walk around the long way.

    Go to Squalor Hollow and find that everyone except Larousse is gone,
    and that your Falcon Sword is supposedly at Castle Kalist. The mention
    that it is a brewery to the N is bogus. Larousse will give you "Ivy's
    Twig" (TREASURE), but you don't know what to do with it yet. The Inn and
    stores here can't be used! The trigger for all this is getting Rolf to

    If you go to Nameless Village, the only change is that one man will
    mention that Squalor Hollow is now empty. No change elsewhere.

 l) Nero's Retreat:
    Generally S of Phoenix, but you have to go to the SE and then SW. At
    the far SW of the land from Coventry there is a sign and a man telling you
    that Nero's Retreat is to the E, but walking along the coast, bypassing
    Tymm, is impossible.

    This town is optional now, but a good idea with Luna later. Entry is
    $300 for the party. Don't worry, although you are literally stripped of
    all equipment in the town, you'll get it all back when you leave. If you
    save the game in town, then load, you can then do an Equip - otherwise the
    game won't allow it until you leave town.

    You can't buy or sell in the weapons shop, but there is a potion store.

    In the building on the E side with three stairs, there is $300 in a
    jar on the ground floor, $400 in a jar at the top of the right tower, and
    in a jar at the top of the left tower you'll get $1 several times and then
    a Diamond Ring (Snow Gem). The kid's treasure is a jar full of rats, but
    it won't do anything else without Luna.

    To the NE are three girls. Talk to the one on the left long enough to
    start guessing their ages, then go talk to their Gramps at the top of the
    middle tower (enter from N outside), then save as "3GIRLS" before talking
    to them again. This optional one is now turned on for almost the rest of
    the game, even if you leave town and return.

    The other girl to the NW doesn't ever actually show you anything.

    The Inn charges $40.

    Note that entering here with Luna later gets you an extra line of
    dialogue, but she strips down anyway. It isn't anything you can't get by
    removing her robe. The real reasons to come here are in the kid's jar and
    the jar at the top of the left tower.  You'll find a Lightning Gem (grants
    Thunder) and a Diamond Ring (really Snow Gem - raises Blizzard)
    respectively in them.

 m) Carnage Corners:
    Go S then E from Phoenix, over the bridge (yes, there's a bridge!),
    then go straight E.

    The House of Horrors is a brothel with 5 girls inside, which you
    enter from the W side of the bar in the NE of town. Pay $500 and walk
    upstairs to see a girl.

    Reactions afterwards indicate that the first 3 are bad and the last 2
    are good. From left to right, they are Lilith (domination), Nina (nurse),
    Mimi (under age?), Elena (OK), and Irina (talks about your mother). I
    saved before paying, then paid and saved in front of each girl as
    "LILITH", "NINA", "MIMI", "ELENA", and "IRINA",. You get different
    dialogue if you see the same girl more than once, but no change in

    You are told Carnage Cemetery is to the N. That's where a tournament
    is being held.  You need to pay $500 per person in the party to enter, and
    the game notices when you add more people. You get an Entry Card
    (TREASURE) when you've paid.

    The stairs down where you get the entry card are useless for the
    whole game.  There are 3 sets of stores here. The selection differs
    slightly between them, but the lists below show only the total

    An old man E of the NW corner says the (apparently) Dark Knight was
    here and left already. Most of the rest about being able to bust barrier
    to Arcadia is bogus, except for the passing mention of a twig. Arcadia is
    to the E, a young sorceress (Luna) is there.

    The Mayor's house is in the NW corner. $200 in a jar there, and the
    Mayor's daughter who just says random things for now. With Luna you get
    extra dialogue.

 n) Carnage Cemetery:
    Go N from Carnage Corners, then follow the narrowing peninsula to a
    man and the cemetery. You must have an Entry Card from Carnage Corners to
    enter, and you must have paid for all the people in the party.
    Theoretically, you could enter alone, or with Rolf, or with Rolf and Luna,
    according to the voice files.

    Be careful because you can't use Skunk Oil, Magic Wings, or Warp in here.
    Most of the chests weren't great, but the 3 on the island had a BRONZE
    ARMOR+1, a Heal Potion, and $1000.

    Anyway, make your way completely through here once. Go over the intact
    bridge, and through the first building. After the first building, go to
    the SW and save game as "DRAWING" before opening the chest and getting the
    Sexy Drawing (TREASURE). Now go into the second building. In there you'll
    find (in the SW corner inside mummy cases) a Speed Drink, Vitamin Mix, and
    an Angelic Mist. In chests you'll find a Heal Potion and a receipt for
    $100. Keep looking at the empty chest with the receipt to get 2 Vitamin
    Mix. A skeleton in the NW near the stairs has a High Potion. When you
    start having choices between hallways and stairs, take the middle hall,
    middle stairs, middle stairs, right stairs, left stairs, and finally
    middle stairs. You will end up pushing a man into a warp and then (might
    as well) going in yourself. This will put you back outside the Cemetery.
    But don't expect to do this in one trip! Unless you've built up both
    Desmond and Rolf a lot between Phoenix and Carnage Corners, you'll be
    making multiple trips to get experience and explore.

    Upon going back to Carnage Corners, a young man will tell you to go
    get Luna. The old man promises to give Transsexual Nuts for a sexy picture
    in the cemetery. If you went through the warp, you can trade the drawing
    for the nuts. With Ivy's Twig and the nuts, you can go to Arcadia to get

 o) Arcadia:
    Head E and a little N from Carnage Corners, until you get to a gap in
    the mountains to the east. You can get through with the Transsexual Nuts
    and Ivy's Twig, although there are no graphics of the sex change.

    Arcadia is the only useful thing in the area, which is otherwise
    surrounded by mountains, and not too big.

    Once again, the town is full of women that have a history with
    Desmond, or want to make some...

    There's $1000 in the jar in the building in the SE corner of town.
    There's a Magic Nut in the bush behind the church in the NE corner.
    Another one is in a barrel on the E side of the church. There's a High
    Potion in the jar in the front of the Weapons Shop. And there's an Angelic
    Mist in a bush (says barrel!) on the S side of the central pool.

    The women you'll meet say: Mellions to the N has rich men; go see the
    Princess; Mellions is N and Castle Kalist is E from there; and Sheila
    gives you silly random "measurements" for several women (Lulu, Luna,
    Princess, The Goddess, Jane, Helen, etc.).

    Luna is the one on the left in the church, her mother is Ethel. Save
    the game as "LUNA" before talking to her, because Luna's statistics are
    randomly determined (and she has impressive cleavage). She will be ? to ?
    (6) levels below Desmond with random values for HP, MP, DEX, STR, and INT.
    INT and MP are important for Luna. All you have to do to get her to join
    the party is talk to her, and sit through a lot of talking.  Note that I
    haven't mentioned the Inn yet. That's because you get a full heal when you
    get Luna to join. Its $60 in case you need it later. Luna regains all her
    MP when she rests at an Inn.

    One sexy scene here is with Helen in the Weapons Shop (save as
    "HELEN"). It doesn't matter if Luna is with the group, although you do get
    extra dialogue with her.

    Another sexy scene is with Lulu in the Tower. Enter the Tower from the
    SW corner of town. Lulu is in the SW corner of one of the middle levels,
    save as "LULU" before talking to her. Again, it doesn't matter if Luna is
    with the group, but she has extra dialogue. Lulu and the whole tower are
    apparently optional, but you should go to the top to talk to Aquarina. You
    can get $1000 (and some flavored gels?), an Angelic Mist, and a Stamina
    Drink here.

    Luna must be in the party before you can see the Princess by going N
    between the guards on the N side of town, although only Desmond goes in.
    There are 4 Maids (nothing but a little talk) and the Princess. Talk to
    her once, then save the game as "DIANA" after all the maids leave. Talk to
    her again for too talkative sexy scenes and to get the Virgin Medal
    (TREASURE), mandatory for progress. There are also a Vitamin Mix in the SE
    corner of the room, and a Stamina Drink if you walk between some of the
    columns in the NW of the room.

    The last (optional) sexy scene occurs if you go back in the church
    after finishing Diana. There's a match girl ("MATCH") in the NW corner of
    the church.

    Some strange things were noticed here: the guards to the Princess
    sometimes don't say anything when you talk to them (you get text but no
    voice), and if you talk for the first time to Annie (outside Inn) with
    Luna in the party, she and Annie both show blank text screens in the
    middle of the dialogue until you click on them.

    You can't buy any equipment in Arcadia, the Weapons Shop is just a
    empty counter where you can get an item and meet Helen. Luna has a Robe
    and Magic Ring to start with, but if you were smart you got a Robe+1 and
    Lune Ring in Carnage Corners earlier. Although you might start wanting to
    get Magic Nuts and Magic Potions now, you can get by without them if you
    use Luna's Warp spell (or Magic Wings) to get back to a town when she
    starts running low on MP. Luna knows Earth, Warp, and Fire when she joins.
    You'll find the other spells (Blizzard and Thunder) later.

    The Earth spell cures variable HP for 5 MP. The Warp spell costs 8 MP
    to put the party just inside the entry of any town already visited, or at
    the Wasteland warp location. The Fire spell costs 3 MP to do variable
    damage in combat. The spells with variable effects are better with a
    higher ATK value or higher level.  After finishing all your business in
    Arcadia, either walk out through the barrier or warp to Carnage Corners.
    With Luna along, you get extra dialogue in a few places (Clara's, House of
    Horrors), some of it amusing.

    Although this is cheating, because I didn't find any of these until
    the endgame, you can get most of Luna's missing spells now. In Dreadsden,
    that pool that gave $1 each time will give a Snow Gem after several tries
    and then be empty.

    Two other gems are at Nero's Retreat. A Lightning Gem is in the kid's
    rat jar, and gives Luna the Thunder spell, which shows on the lower right
    corner of the Magic Gem treasure. The jar at the top of the left tower
    gives a Diamond Ring (really a Snow Gem) after 10 tries of $1 each, then
    is empty, and you can get that one even without Luna.

    Another Lightning Gem is at the sign S of Coventry. You may have to
    visit Nero's Retreat first to get the "suicide cliffs" speech, then return
    to the sign to get the gem once the man is gone.

    You might get other (Flame?) gems by selling the Pocket Warmer and
    Action Figure with Luna in the party, but I haven't confirmed that yet.

    The only other gem I know of is a Snow Gem gained through combat with
    Haggis in Castle Kalist. None of these gems is really an item; stores
    won't buy them, just use them and be happy. The first gem gives Luna the
    spell (Blizzard or Thunder), the second upgrades the spell to affect
    multiple enemies, and the third enhances the spell further. The Magic Gems
    treasure will show how many you've used by changing its lower left or
    right corner on the Treasure screen. The picture in the manual even shows
    it as Magic Status. So far, the total is 3 Snow Gems and 2 Lightning Gems.

 p) Carnage Cemetery (finally):
    Make your way to Carnage Corners and pay another $500 to put Luna on
    the Entry Card.  You can't get in the Cemetery otherwise. Now go all the
    way through the Cemetery again (this is at least the second time here!).
    Save before the warp point. At the warp point, nothing will happen. Well,
    you will meet two Devilars running a monster generator, fight them, and
    get a Magic Potion. If they're too tough, do the cemetery some more, or
    use Luna's Fire spells.

    Now save the game again before going further S. Next you'll meet and
    eventually fight Yrnie. He leaves a Power Drink and the Key of Kalist
    (TREASURE). Now there are no monsters in the Cemetery for the rest of the
    game, and a girl is in the SW corner of the room. Save as "MONA" before
    talking to her. She's mandatory, because the game won't recognize that
    you've completed the Cemetery without her. She gives you a ruby pendant.
    The people of Squalor Hollow reappear then go home. Your new goal is now
    Castle Kalist to get the Falcon Sword (that's what you think!).

    After Mona finishes, you can walk out of the Cemetery. The guard will
    talk, then leave, and you can finally walk N to the end of the peninsula -
    nothing there, sorry.  Go back to Carnage Corners to get your reward(s).

    The man behind the counter in Carnage Corners N center will give you
    $5000 for completing the Cemetery. The message for the stairs is different
    but they're still useless. Some other people's messages have changed but
    nothing substantial. The girls in the House of Horrors are the same too.
    Save as "CLAIRE" before talking to the girl in the NW house, but she's

    If you go to Squalor Hollow, people say different things but nothing
    important.  Your next objective is to walk NE and N to Mellions because
    its the closest town to Castle Kalist.

 q) Mellions:
    Out to the NE of Carnage Corners, there is a sign that says: Arcadia S,
    Mellions N, Castle Kalist NE. You can read the back of this sign to get a
    full set of directions for the puzzle in Castle Kalist. Mellions is N and
    a little W from the sign.

    An old man in the NW corner of town tells you that Castle Kalist is to
    E, monsters and treasures there, need virgin and key to enter castle. A
    girl on the E side tells you that the Virgin Medal, owned by the Princess
    of Arcadia, powers the barrier, only a virgin can draw its power. An old
    man just NW of the town entry tells you the Virgin Medal changes from iron
    to gold on a virgin.

    The Inn is $70.

    You can't go down stairs (now or ever, although the message changes
    during the rest of the game) in the building just N of the town entry.

    To get all the information about the "9 staircase trap" in Castle
    Kalist, you have to save the game before talking to either Marcy (SE) or
    Arl (SW). Marcy will tell you to go down the upper right, then up the
    bottom left stairs. Or Arl will tell you to go down one, then up the
    bottom left, then down the bottom middle stairs. But you can't talk to
    both without saving and loading! Or you could just read the back of the

    There's a Magic Potion in a jar in Marcy's basement, and a Magic Nut
    in one in Arl's.  Also $500 in a jar on the first floor of Marcy's.

    There is $10,100 in a jar in the Potion Store; be persistent. There is
    $5000 in a barrel in the Weapons Store.

    You'll need $70,000 to afford all the equipment improvements available
    here! Bash monsters outside town to get more cash if necessary. When
    you're ready, head roughly E to Castle Kalist.

 r) Castle Kalist:
    A "dungeon" to the E of Mellions. The Falcon Sword is supposed to be
    here. You'll have to detour either N or S around a forest to get to the
    Castle. There's nothing in the other territory around, except for another
    land to the E that you can't get to yet, because its separated by water
    from Xentar. That's the Wasteland, which you'll get to later. You can also
    walk all the way around the mountains surrounding Arcadia.

    Yes, Luna is a virgin, and you need the Virgin Medal, the Key of
    Kalist, and Luna to enter Castle Kalist.

    On the entry level, you'll find a locked door and a "dimensional
    disturbance".  Remember where these are for later, but you can't do
    anything with them yet.

    The Paranoia monster has the rare booty MAGIC HELMET. Two of these
    would be nice if you can get them.

    Make your way down to the large area with multiple down stairs.
    Following a combination of Arl's and Marcy's directions (or the back of
    the sign S of Mellions), take the upper right one down (the first one
    you'll come across), then walk SW and take the bottom left one up, and
    finally walk a little E and take the bottom middle one down. Save game
    before you take that last staircase. You'll be losing Luna for a while,
    and things can be tough if you're used to magic winning combats. From this
    point on, you can't get back out without Luna.

    You eventually come to a small level with two chests. In them are what
    appear to be the Falcon Sword and Genji Armor, but (spoiler) they're
    really fakes. Their Equip values don't match what you actually get, and
    you're better off using a Light Sword and Gold Armor anyway. So, don't
    equip them, but you have to get them both while you're here. If you don't,
    you can't get Luna back (she won't appear in the last room). Note that the
    first chest will always be the sword, and if you leave the room with only
    the sword it will make the left chest be open when you return.

    After some more stairs, you see what appears to be Luna lying on the
    ground to the N.  I suggest healing Desmond and Rolf to full, and changing
    combat to "G8 NORMAL" for both, before you talk to "Luna". Save the game
    as "HAGGIS" (hint). You'll eventually fight Haggis, and she heals, so this
    may take a while. You get $1000, 300 experience, and a Snow Gem from her,
    and Luna will rejoin the party. The fakes will disappear.  Make sure you
    equip Luna before you start moving again, and change combat back to your
    previous settings. The Snow Gem isn't really an item - you can't sell it
    or even get a value for it in a store. But if you use it, Luna learns
    Blizzard (4 MP combat spell), and the Magic Gems treasure now displays 3
    little colored things instead of 2. If you've found the other two Snow
    Gems already, this one gives you "enhanced power".

    Now fight your way back up to the entry level. Ignore the extra
    staircases and just walk around to the NE after you come up the bottom
    middle one this time. You'll find that the original entry is blocked, but
    the locked door is now open and there's a Demonic Key (TREASURE) in the
    chest behind there. Now go to the "dimensional disturbance", and enter the
    pentagram to be warped to Wasteland.

    This is a new land to explore. You can warp back and forth from here
    (Wasteland) now.  Unless you went through Castle Kalist without a scratch,
    warp back to a town and return here after a rest and re-supply.

    You can't enter Castle Kalist anymore. While wandering around later
    (it doesn't matter where), you'll get some strange messages about a black
    cloud, which is apparently the Darkness others talk about later.

 s) Wasteland:
    There is a whole new cast of monsters here, not just one or two new
    ones. This means that for ALL the monsters your Knowledge will be zero at
    first. I suggest setting combat to "NORMAL" for a while. Note that the
    "Mad Hand" is particularly nasty; if you don't kill it quickly, it will
    rush around and squeeze Luna for lots of damage before disappearing.

    From the warp (starting) location, follow the spiral around until you
    start getting choices of where to go. There will eventually be an opening
    to the W, leading to a sign that says Moronvia is to the S. Go S (either
    way) to the town.

 t) Moronvia:
    This is a small town. Half of it is underground, but you can't go down
    there yet.  Your incentive is that the Pearl of Sorrow (a treasure) and
    Alice (the chief's beautiful grand-daughter) are both down there. But the
    guard wants some food first.

    A girl tells you the Xentar Temple is far to the N but it can't be
    seen. You are also told that is no conventional way back to the rest of
    Xentar from here, although you don't have to worry.

    There is a Magic Nut in the well in the SE corner, $2000 in the NE
    corner, and a Magic Potion in the barrel in the house just NE of the town
    entry. The Inn is $80.

    Get improved equipment here for a total of $29,500 before going on.

    Your next destination should be the town of sexy cat people to the E
    then N. Their prized possession was stolen, and they will reward you for
    returning it.

 u) Feline Farms:
    From Moronvia, go E, follow the path NE, then go N where there's a
    choice. Keep going N after the sign. Where you have 3 choices, take the
    left. If going back S, again take the left. The town icon looks like a cat

    Here you'll learn that the Temple of Xentar is to the NE, a shining
    sword was seen being sucked into the Temple. There are dogs in a cave to
    the N that stole the cats' tuna liver lumps, there are hidden passages in
    the dogs' lair. There is "Darkness in the sky" and "The Light is not here
    now". Also there are fairies at the forest lake to the N, and a human girl
    was seen rubbing her thighs against a tree in the northern forest. A
    Moronvia girl is to be a god's bride; Moronvia is S then W of here, where
    the Pearl of Sorrow is. Tuna liver lumps have a strange effect on humans,
    and are normally sold in the SE building. Almost all the cats (all are
    female!) are pining for tuna liver lumps.

    There is a Magic Potion in the bushes E of the town entry, and another
    one in the bushes W of the entry. In the central north building, there is
    $10 in a jar and a Magic Potion in the bed. You must talk to Partesia (fur
    fiends don't worry, you have sex later) to be able to get the Tuna Liver
    Lumps later. In the SE building, there is $10 and $500 in jars. In the SE
    corner, there is a Vitamin Mix at one of the graves.  The Inn charges $50,
    $60, $70, $80, $90, or $100 randomly. There is cat food in a jar here that
    raises Desmond's INT by 5 one time. No weapons or potion shop in this
    town, but it is a Warp destination. Use it as a base for the dog cave to
    the N.

    In the territory to the N and W, the Gull and Vampire monsters both
    have the rare booty MAGIC SHIELD. The Kumonger monster has the rare booty
    MAGIC ARMOR. If you get one, save game and give the first to Rolf. But
    like other rare items it only showed up when someone went up a level.

 v) Cave of Doggies:
    Not that far N, and just a little W, between two groups of trees.
    Finish the cave before going too far W outside. Home of brand new Para
    Dog, Killer Dog, and Gigantes monsters. Use Blizzard rather than Fire on
    them. On the entry level, there is $2000 in the NE corner chest. From the
    entry, go N, down stairs, around and up stairs, to room with Vitamin Mix
    and Magic Potion in 2 chests.

    From the entry, go N, E towards SE corner, through a "hidden passage"
    to get to stairs in SE corner. There are more hidden passages to the E and
    W just S of the skeleton in the hall below. Keep talking to that skeleton
    to get a Magic Potion. Go E, then N, and get Angelic Mist and Magic Potion
    from the 2 chests even though they look open. At the doorway, fumble your
    way through the darkness (click on the room N when you can see it).

    Set combat to "NORMAL" and save game before talking to Dog Boss. He
    heals but isn't too tough. Get $2000, 666 experience, and a Speed Drink.
    Tuna Liver Lumps (TREASURE) are in chest. Now fight your way back out.

    Go back to Feline Farms, and save as "PARTESIA" before talking to the
    chief in the central north building. Between sex, she tells you there was
    a dark evil form in the sky recently, and two lights (sword and armor)
    flew to Temple at same time. Tristrap is to the (N then W then) N. Xentar
    Temple is E of there, need Pearl of Sorrow and key to enter. Fairies to N
    hidden in lake have key. Tuna liver lumps will make a man fall asleep for
    several days. The Dark Knight was just here. You keep the lumps treasure
    for now.

    "MEWI" in the NW house, and "SILVIA" in the NE corner of the Inn, are

    I'm not sure if you can get in underground Moronvia yet by giving the
    man the lumps, leaving town, and trying again.

 w) Village of the Fairies:
    To the W and N of the cave, sometimes the ground is white. The Gust
    monster is healed by either Fire or Blizzard spells. The Magic Face
    monster is healed by Blizzard spells. You'll get sick and tired of these
    around Tristrap later. On the E side of the northern ice area (be careful
    about movement when saving "TREEGIRL"), you find an un-named girl humping
    a tree (optional). She doesn't show up in NR-13 mode, just NR- 18 mode.

    There's a sign telling you to try the next path W, eventually you
    should find the small lake that you enter to get to the fairy village.

    This is a warp location, but there are no stores, no Inn, and no items
    in any of the trees or buildings here. What you will find is a key you
    can't get to, a Magic Nut and a Magic Potion in bushes near the key, and 6
    fairies to talk to. The important one is Sylphie, third from the left and
    NW of the key. In total: the other fairies help Sylphie guard the key;
    evil is coming through the Temple now; there are monsters outside
    (really!?); motionless Darkness fills the sky (not noticeable like cloud
    effect once earlier); Tristrap is S, W, then N from here; two bright
    objects were sucked into Xentar Temple. I think talking to Sylphie is

    Make your way to Tristrap, the last village in the game.

 x) Tristrap:
    The Inn is $90. The weapons shop on the W side of town is the one
    listed below. Later the SE shop will open.

    They tell you: SE there is a "proper lady" in a clearing (that was
    TREEGIRL), the Moronvia chief believes his grand-daughter will marry a
    young god, the Temple to the E was the entrance to the gods' world, the
    Dark Knight was headed to the Temple, and there are Fairies in the lake to
    the SE.

    There is a Vitamin Mix in a jar in the building E of the Inn. There is
    $1000 in a jar in the NE building.

    Use Tristrap as your base to explore the area. The Xentar Temple is to
    the E, but you can't get in yet without the key. The next few movements
    are handled easiest as Warps.

    Warp to Moronvia, give the guard the lumps, leave town, come back, and
    finally go underground.

 y) Moronvia Underground:
    There is a Magic Nut in a jar in the entry building. There is a Magic
    Potion in the "Inn" building. After seeing Alice once with the Chief, he
    sends her away to hide.  You can't go down the stairs until later.

    Warp to Tristrap, and the man E of the entry will give you the clue to
    go to the fairies.

    Save the game as (mostly optional, from left to right) "RAMIE",
    "LOLA", "SYLPHIE" (mandatory), "CECILIA", "CAMRY", and "LISA" in the
    Village of the Fairies.  Personally, I'm a little disgusted by
    considering crying raped fairies as sexy. The key is gone, but you won't
    need it. Back to Moronvia.

    Everybody is gone except for the man guarding the lowest stairs, then
    he disappears too. Save the game as "ALICE" before talking to her
    (mandatory) to get the Pearl of Sorrow (TREASURE). Warp to Tristrap and
    prepare for more monster bashing. The SE Weapons Shop in Tristrap is now
    open, and "NASTASIA" (optional) appears in the SW house in Tristrap. Note
    that the DRAGON AXE isn't as good as the MIRACLE AXE if Rolf has STR 185
    or above. Except for the FALCON SWORD and GENJI ARMOR, this is as good as
    it gets until the end of the game - which is soon.

    You should hang out bashing Gusts and Magic Faces until their
    experience starts decreasing, before you go on to the Temple.

 z) Xentar Temple:
    For all the grief you get going to this place, its a shame they didn't
    make it a Warp destination. Walk here E from Tristrap, kill some monsters,
    then Warp out either outside or in one of the "safe" rooms. When you first
    get here, you find the door open, and meet Arstein just inside before he

    Among the new monsters in here, note that the Devilar is not the same
    as the two encountered in Carnage Cemetery. The narrow hallways have
    monsters, but the big rooms are "safe" (no random monsters) and you can
    Warp out there. On the entry level, the left door leads to 2 chests with a
    Speed Drink and Vitamin Mix; the right door is an empty room; the center
    leads up to level 2 right door.

    On the second level go W then N in the door. In this safe room, take
    the first S opening to a chest with the GENJI ARMOR. Note that it can't be
    sold. The second S opening leads to a chest with a Power Drink. The third
    opening S leads to the 3rd level E side.

    On the third level, the far W door leads to a chest with the FALCON
    SWORD. Again, it can't be sold. Also, although the FALCON SWORD should be
    amazingly great, it doesn't seem to be in combat. Anyway, the center door
    on the 3rd level leads to the W side of the 4th (and top of this building)

    On the fourth level, you can't enter the E door. The center door is
    opened by the Pearl of Sorrow (which isn't consumed). From this point on,
    you are always safe and can Warp out, although monsters still exist
    elsewhere. Walk through a lot of short hallways and finally reach the
    "clouds" level where the gods live.

    Here you can talk to a bunch of seraphs, but you eventually must talk
    to the Goddess Althea. You get a long speech which I won't spoil and
    finally are fully healed and teleported to a small island, just S of the
    entrance to the Arena. Desmond gets to do the next few things alone.

    Note that the sign for the Arena might take a long time to show up,
    and then only flash on the screen momentarily. Anyway, send Desmond in and
    N through a lot of hallway. You could avoid Arstein but you must talk to
    him to continue. When the sequence completes, save the game before trying
    to go back S. Desmond eventually fights Deimos. You should have a pile of
    healing available, and set combat to "G8 NORMAL"; I found that with G5
    Desmond doesn't do enough damage to keep up with Deimos healing himself,
    and "Attack only" is a quick way to die. Anyway, after winning there's
    more talk with Althea and Altair (who you never see) and Desmond is fully

    Leave S and rejoin Luna and Rolf. Find the Mirror of Illusion
    (TREASURE) under the sign, then Warp anywhere (Arcadia if you're in a

 aa) Endgame:
     Well, the game is now over except for a few things. There are now no
     more monsters anywhere, and all the Inns and shops are useless. Most of
     the people in towns and elsewhere say things about your victory and
     consequences of it.

     That pig in Dreadsden confirms that the line was from Hamlet, act 3,
     scene 2, and tells you to go to Arcadia now. When you leave Dreadsden, a
     group of people outside town start running a marathon (except one guy).

     In Coventry (Pietro's mom) and Phoenix, Pietro and Kate are still on
     the rocks. The boxes in Desmond's Tower in Phoenix are closed again, but
     there's nothing in them.  The rumor about Frump hiding his treasure in the
     Phoenix Cemetery turns out to be false. Nero's Retreat is now free, but
     you can't see the 3 girls. And in Carnage Corners, you can't see the girls
     in the House of Horrors either now that its free. In fact, the only
     optional girl that you can still see is Lulu in the tower in Arcadia.  The
     cat women are about to leave. The fairies have recovered, and will be gone
     if you visit them, leave, and return.

     Anyway, to end the game completely, visit Aquarina at the top of the
     tower in Arcadia, and then the Princess. You do get one shot of Priscilla
     and her dwarves in NR-18 mode, but nothing else with anyone, and
     especially no sex with Luna (bummer!).  A sequel is suggested during
     Diana's speech and a hands-off animated sequence with the credits. When
     the screen finishes the English credits, press ESC to exit the game.

     The "Xentar Photo Shop" option on the main menu shows up only if you
     finish the entire game with the Mirror of Illusion and see the credits
     screen. The next time you start the game, the presence of the 'KX.CRD'
     file controls if the option appears. You get an animated slide show of the
     girls in the game which Desmond "officially saw", but it doesn't include
     Haggis, Althea with baby, or hurt Althea. I've saved a "full" KX.CRD file
     if you want to see what it looks like.

 zz) Miscellaneous:
     ?Something about a picture of a girl ("look at the hooters on her!")
     in Visel's Cave voice file? never found anything like that, unless maybe
     you're supposed to ignore Vitamin Mix chest until later, or you get this
     only by going in without Mystic Marble?

     ?What happens if you don't go up and down the correct stairs in
     Castle Kalist?

     ?After Deimos, is there now a bridge or some way to walk between
     Wasteland area and rest of Xentar? It's possible to be trapped on the
     Wasteland island if you run out of MP to cast Warp spells!?

     ?Messages on the Megatech BBS say that you get Flame Gem(s) if you
     sell the Pocket Warmer and Action Figure when Luna is in the group. I
     haven't confirmed this yet.?

     ?What's going on with these gems you get from girls - rhinestone from
     Clara, diamond from Kate - are these magic gems or something else?

     If you don't install the NR-18 upgrade, the sexy scenes are either
     not shown (but you get some of the voices and text), or are edited for
     modesty. One in particular, Elena in Carnage Corners, actually looks

     I'm a little disappointed in the endgame credits animated sequence. I
     was expecting a sex scene between Desmond and Luna, and it never happened.
     Don't expect me to believe she's still a virgin in the sequel!

3. Knights of Xentar - Weapons, Armor, and other Items:
 a) Weapons: For the weapons, the numbers given are the bonus (or penalty)
    that it gives to various character statistics (except HIT), compared to
    NOTHING (hands). Those statistics not listed are not affected by choice of
    weapon. In a store, values are shown for ATTACK, MAGIC DEF., and SPEED;
    these are really (as on the Status Player screen) ATK, FTL, and SPD
    modifiers. When doing an Equip, WEIGH is the negative of the SPD penalty
    of the item, and the ATK modifier and HIT value are as shown. All weapons
    set the character's HIT % to the given value instead of adding on to it,
    when equipped. "DRL" signifies if an item is useful to, respectively,
    Desmond, Rolf, or Luna; "Y" is yes, "n" is no, and "-" is unknown
    (probably no). Note that FTL % is shown as MAGIC DEF. in the store
    display; Status Player proves it is changing FTL instead of MDF. Luna
    doesn't use a weapon per se, but her "fillet" items do affect her ATK
    value although based on INT (max 255?) rather than STR (max 255). Items
    with a "?" after the price are never bought, but the price is calculated
    to be that value.

   SPD = DEX - total WEIGH of equipped items (SPD minimum 1)
   ATK = STR + weapon's ATK bonus (for Desmond and Rolf)(ATK maximum 255)
   ATK = INT + "fillet" ATK bonus (for Luna)(ATK maximum 255)
   HIT% = weapon's HIT value (50 to 100%)
   FTL% is weapon-specific *shown as MAGIC DEF. at stores* (0 to 25%)
   DEX, STR, INT, DEF, EVA, and MDF are not affected by weapons
  Weapon Store codes are:
   S = Squalor Hollow
   X = Nameless Village
   D = Dreadsden
   Y = Coventry (composite)
   P = Phoenix
   C = Carnage Corners (composite)
   $ = Mellions
   M = Moronvia
   T = Tristrap (west shop)

Weapon Name      DRL   ATK   FTL%   HIT%   WEIGH   Cost   Stores
KNIFE            Ynn   +10     0     70      1       50?  (free from Don Frump)
KNIFE+1          Ynn   +15     0     80      1      150   SX
DAGGER           Ynn   +20     2     70      2      300   D
DAGGER+1         Ynn   +25     3     75      2      500   Y (rare
                                                          Minotarus booty)
DAGGER+2         Ynn   +30     4     80      2      800   YC
LONG SWORD       Ynn   +40     5     90      4     1000   P
POWER SWORD      Ynn   +50     5     85      5     3000   C
LIGHT SWORD      Ynn   +60     8     85      5     5000   $
FALCON SWORD     Yn-   +40     0     50      8        -   (fake in Castle
LIGHT SWORD+1    Ynn   +70    10     90      5     8000   M
LIGHT SWORD+2    Ynn   +80    12     95      5    10000   T
FALCON SWORD     Ynn  +100    25    100      3        -   (in Temple)
AXE              nYn   +10     2     60      5      400?  (Rolf at start)
AXE+1            nYn   +20     3     70      5      800   PC (and in
                                                          Phoenix Crypt)
WARRIOR AXE      nYn   +30     5     75      6     2000   C
WARRIOR AXE+1    nYn   +50     7     80      6     4000   $
MIRACLE AXE      nYn   +70    10    100      4     7000   MT
DRAGON AXE       nYn  +100    10     90      5    10000   (new shop SE
MAGIC RING       nnY   +20     0     90      0      200?  (Luna at start)
LUNE RING        nnY   +40     0     95      0      500   C
POWER RING       nnY   +55     0     90      0     2000   $
BARRIER RING     nnY   +70     0     95      0     5000   M
ANGEL RING       nnY   +90     5    100      0    10000   T (and new shop
                                                          SE Tristrap)
NOTHING          YYY    +0     0     50      0        -   (at start,
                                                          always available)

 b) Armor: Armor items are either for the body (armor), head (helmet), or
    shield. In a store, values are shown for DEFENSE, MAGIC DEF., and SPEED;
    these are really (as on the Status Player screen) DEF, MDF, and SPD
    modifiers. When doing an Equip, WEIGH is the negative of the SPD penalty
    of the item, and the DEF and MDF modifiers are as shown. You won't see the
    EVA modifier at a store or when doing an Equip, you have to do a Status
    Player to see it. "DRL" signifies if an item is useful to, respectively,
    Desmond, Rolf, or Luna; "Y" is yes and "n" is no, and "-" is unknown
    (probably no).  Luna can only wear body items, which are shown as "ROBE".
    Note that the Dragon Gear is for Rolf's head, not feet as stated in the
    manual. Items with a "?" after the price are never bought, but the price
    is calculated to be that value.

   SPD = DEX - total WEIGH of equipped items (SPD minimum 1)
   DEF = DEX/8 + total armor DEF bonus
   EVA % = total armor EVA bonus (see Status Player)
   MDF = INT/2 + total MDF bonus
   DEX, STR, INT, ATK, HIT, FTL are not affected by armor
  Weapon Store codes are:
   S = Squalor Hollow
   X = Nameless Village
   D = Dreadsden
   Y = Coventry
   P = Phoenix
   C = Carnage Corners
   $ = Mellions
   M = Moronvia
   T = Tristrap (west shop)

Armor Item         DRL   DEF   MDF   WEIGH   EVA%   Cost   Stores
LEATHER SUIT       Ynn    +5    +0      0     +30     30?  (from Don Frump)
LEATHER ARMOR      YYn   +15    +2      2     +10    100   SX
LEATHER ARMOR+1    YYn   +20    +2      2     +10    300   SXDYP
BRONZE ARMOR       YYn   +25    +5      3     +10   2000   YP (and in
                                                           Phoenix Crypt)
BRONZE ARMOR+1     YYn   +30    +5      3     +10   3000   PC
IRON ARMOR+1       YYn   +40    +7      4     +10   7000   $
IRON ARMOR+2       YYn   +45    +7      4     +10  15000   $M
GENJI ARMOR        Yn-   +25    +0      4      +0      -   (fake in Castle
GOLD ARMOR         Ynn   +60   +15     10      +5  30000   $
MAGIC ARMOR        YYn   +60   +20      5     +25  50000?  (rare Kumonger
                                                           & Devilar booty)
DRAGON ARMOR       nYn   +55   +15      5     +15  12000   (new shop SE
GENJI ARMOR        Ynn   +70   +25      3     +30      -   (in Temple)
ROBE               nnY   +30   +10      0      50    300?  (Luna at start)
ROBE+1             nnY   +50   +20      0      50    800   C
BARRIER ROBE       nnY   +70   +30      1      80   2000   $
POWER ROBE         nnY   +80   +40      1      60   3500   M
MAGIC ROBE         nnY  +100   +50      2      70   7500   T (and new shop
                                                           SE Tristrap)
NOTHING            YYY     -     -      -       -      -   (at start,
                                                           always available)

Helmet Item        DRL   DEF   MDF   WEIGH   EVA%   Cost   Stores
LEATHER HAT        Ynn    +5    +0     1       +5    100   X
LEATHER HAT+1      Ynn   +10    +0     1       +5    300   DY
BRONZE HAT         Ynn   +20    +1     2       +5    500   YC (and in
                                                           Phoenix Crypt)
IRON HAT           Ynn   +30    +1     2       +5   1200   C$M
GOLD HAT           Ynn   +40    +3     3       +0   2500   M (and new shop
                                                           SE Tristrap)
MAGIC HELMET       YYn   +45   +15     2      +15  50000?  (rare Paranoia booty)
HEAD GEAR          nYn    +5    +0     1       +0    200?  (Rolf at start)
HEAD GEAR+1        nYn   +10    +0     1       +0    400   P (and in
                                                           Phoenix Crypt)
PROTECT GEAR       nYn   +20    +0     2       +5   1000   C
MIRACLE GEAR       nYn   +30    +3     2      +15   2000   $
DRAGON GEAR        nYn   +40    +5     2      +10   3500   MT (and new
                                                           shop SE Tristrap)
NOTHING            YYn     -     -     -        -      -   (at start,
                                                           always available)

Shield Item        DRL   DEF   MDF   WEIGH   EVA%   Cost   Stores
LEATHER SHIELD     YYn    +5    +0     1      +20    100   SXP
LEATHER SHIELD+1   YYn   +10    +0     1      +20    200   SXP
BRONZE SHIELD      YYn   +15    +1     2      +10    400   DY (rare Mani booty)
BRONZE SHIELD+1    YYn   +20    +1     2      +10    800   YPC
QUININE SHIELD     YYn   +10   +15     1      +20   2000   Y (buy 2 of these)
IRON SHIELD        YYn   +30    +2     4       +5   1500   YC$
IRON SHIELD+1      YYn   +35    +2     4       +5   3000   C$
IRON SHIELD+2      YYn   +40    +2     4       +5   5000   $MT
MAGIC SHIELD       YYn   +60   +15     4      +10  50000?  (rare Gull &
                                                           Vampire booty)
DRAGON SHIELD      nYn   +55    +4     5       +5   5000   T (and new shop
                                                           SE Tristrap)
GOLD SHIELD        Ynn   +50    +3     5       +0   8000   (new shop SE
NOTHING            YYn     -     -     -       -       -   (at start,
                                                           always available)

 c) Items: These appear in the Item menu. The last 5 could be sold, but no
    store ever stocks them. Snow Gems and Lightning Gems can never be sold.
    The Eraser Pen can rename Desmond, Rolf, or Luna; you can only rename
    Desmond at the start of a new game.

  Potion Store codes are:
   S = Squalor Hollow
   X = Nameless Village
   D = Dreadsden
   Y = Coventry
   P = Phoenix
   N = Nero's Retreat
   C = Carnage Corners
   A = Arcadia
   $ = Mellions
   M = Moronvia
   T = Tristrap

ITEM             COST  STORES        EFFECT
Heal Potion       100  SXDYPNCA$MT   Heals 100 HP, booty
High Potion       200  SXDYPNCA$MT   Heals 250 HP, booty
Angelic Mist      400     YP CA$MT   Restore 200 HP to each character, booty
Deluxe Potion    1000                Heal all HP, never seen!
Smoke Grenade     200  SXDYPNCA$MT   Exit battle, booty
Skunk Oil         250   XDYPNCA$MT   Prevent outside encounters
Magic Wing        150    DYPNCA$MT   Teleport to previous town
Magic Nut        1500      PNCA$MT   Restore 50 MP, booty
Magic Potion     4000         A$MT   Restore 250 MP, booty
Eraser Pen      (3334)               Rename one character, rare Evil
                                     Sprite booty
Stamina Drink   (6667)               +5 to 9 HP, rather rare booty/find
Speed Drink     (6667)               +3 to 5 DEX, rather rare find
Power Drink     (6667)               +3 to 5 STR, very rare booty
Vitamin Mix     (6667)               +3 to 5 INT, rather rare find

 d) Treasures: The Status Treasure screen shows 15 boxes which are all
    empty at the start of the game:
  > Flammo Pocket Warmer - from SW house in Dreadsden - sell to man in
    same house for $100 - ? sell with Luna in group to get Flame Gem ?
  > Mystic Marble - from hermit in Dreadsden after Priscilla - to enter
    Visel's Cave
  > Magic Mirror - from Priscilla after killing Visel - to remove Tymm
  > Desmond (TM) Action Figure - from chests in top of Tower of Desmond in
    Phoenix - sell to man in SW of Coventry for $1000 - ?sell with Luna in
    group to get Flame Gem?
  > Ivy's Twig - from Larousse in Squalor Hollow after others vanish - to
    get through barrier near Arcadia
  > Entry Card - from man in north center of Carnage Corners after paying
    $500 per party member - to enter Carnage Cemetery
  > Sexy Drawing - from chest in Carnage Cemetery (go over bridge, through
    first building, then SW) - give to old man in Carnage Corners for
    Transsexual Nuts
  > Transsexual Nuts - from old man in Carnage Corners for Sexy Drawing -
    to pass barrier to Arcadia
  > Magic Gems - shows up when Luna joins, starts as 2 halves, Snow Gem
    makes 3, Lightning Gem makes 4 - spells known status only
  > Virgin Medal - from Diana (Princess) in Arcadia - to enter Castle of
    Kalist with Luna
  > Key of Kalist - from Yrnie at end of Carnage Cemetery - to enter
    Castle of Kalist
  > Demonic Key - from Castle Kalist after Haggis - to get to pentagram
    and Wasteland
  > Tuna Liver Lumps - from Cave of Doggies - talk to Partesia then give
    to guard in Moronvia, leave and return to proceed
  > Pearl of Sorrow - from Alice in underground Moronvia - to enter center
    door 4th level of Temple of Xentar
  > Mirror of Illusion - from sign after Deimos - turns on Xentar Photo
    Shop option after sitting through credits

4. Monsters and their Booty
   While the list in the manual is pretty good, it does leave out some
   monsters, doesn't say where any are found, if they throw magic or heal
   themselves, and especially what sort of booty (spoils) they might leave
   behind. Booty doesn't happen every time, and for rare items may not seem
   to ever happen. If two booty items are listed, the second one is the rare
   one. If one of Luna's spells seems to be much more useful than the others
   for defeating the monster, it is listed as "use ...". The boundaries where
   different monsters appear are where movement towards one screen edge
   produces a jump to another edge rather than scrolling. It is possible to
   run into "near Mellions" monsters NW of Feline Farms due to this. Unique
   monsters always have the listed booty, and you should set combat to "G8
   NORMAL" before fighting them. Experience for monsters is the most for a
   single monster, increases by 1/2 that amount for each additional monster
   in group, but decreases once Desmond is above a certain level.  Money for
   monsters increases for each one in group, but never decreases due to

 Near Squalor Hollow:
  Slime - Heal Potion, Eraser Pen
  Daos - Heal Potion, Stamina Drink
  Battle Bee - throw Blizzard - Smoke Grenade, Heal Potion
 Mount Litmus:
  Giant Clam - Heal Potion, Smoke Grenade
  Mani - Heal Potion, BRONZE SHIELD - 1 or 2
  Minotarus - Heal Potion, DAGGER+1 - only 1
 Near Nameless Village & Clara's Place:
  Daos - Heal Potion, Stamina Drink
  Battle Bee - throw Blizzard - Smoke Grenade, Heal Potion
  Joker - (rare) Speed Drink
 Clara's Place:
  ? Wolf (unique = War Wolf) - Stamina Drink
 Near Dreadsden & Priscilla's Place:
  Battle Bee - throw Blizzard - Smoke Grenade, Heal Potion
  Joker - (rare) Speed Drink
  War Wolf - Smoke Grenade
  Bandit - heals - High Potion, Heal Potion
 Priscilla's Place:
  Dwarves (unique group of 6 = Pygmy) - High Potion
  Belcho (unique = Pygmy Boss) - High Potion
 Visel's Cave:
  Pygmy Boss - heals - Smoke Grenade
  Blue Devil - heals
  Visel (unique = Paranoia) - Magic Nut
 Near Coventry:
  War Wolf - Smoke Grenade
  Bandit - heals - High Potion, Heal Potion
  Death Doll - throw Blizzard & Fire, Blizzard heals! - Smoke Grenade,
               Magic Nut
  Evil Sprite - throw Blizzard, heals, Fire or Blizzard heals! - (rare)
                Eraser Pen
 Near Phoenix & Nero's Retreat:
  Death Doll - throw Blizzard & Fire, Blizzard heals! - Smoke Grenade,
               Magic Nut
  Evil Sprite - throw Blizzard, heals, Fire or Blizzard heals! - (rare)
                Eraser Pen
  Fire Bird - throw Fire, use Blizzard - Smoke Grenade
  Demon Eye - throw Thunder - (rare) Stamina Drink
 Near Carnage Corners:
  Fire Bird - throw Fire, use Blizzard - Smoke Grenade
  Demon Eye - throw Thunder - (rare) Stamina Drink
  Living Tree - High Potion
  War Bear - Smoke Grenade
 Carnage Cemetery:
  Skeleton - Angelic Mist
  Zombie - High Potion
  Mummy - High Potion
  Devilar (unique group of 2 = Blue Devil) - Magic Potion
  Yrnie (unique) - Power Drink & Key of Kalist
 Near Arcadia:
  War Bear - Smoke Grenade
  Poison Cobra - Angelic Mist
 Near Mellions:
  War Bear - Smoke Grenade
  Poison Cobra - Angelic Mist
  Orc - heals - Angelic Mist, MIRACLE AXE
 Castle Kalist:
  Ghost - throw Blizzard, Blizzard heals! - Magic Nut, High Potion
  Wizard - throw Fire & Blizzard & Thunder, heals - Magic Nut, High Potion
  Paranoia - throw Thunder - (rare) MAGIC HELMET
  Mini Devil - throw Fire & Blizzard - Magic Nut
  Haggis (unique) - throw Fire & Blizzard & Thunder, heals - Snow Gem
 Near Moronvia:
  Evil Elephant - Angelic Mist, Magic Nut
  Goblin - heals - use Blizzard - (rare) Stamina Drink
  Kumonger - throws Blizzard - use Fire - Magic Nut, MAGIC ARMOR
  Mad Hand - use Fire - throws Thunder, grabs Luna if not killed quickly!
           - Angelic Mist, Vitamin Mix - only 1
 Near Feline Farms:
  Goblin - heals - (rare) Stamina Drink
  Mad Hand - use Fire - throws Thunder, grabs Luna if not killed quickly!
           - Angelic Mist, Vitamin Mix - only 1
  Kumonger - throws Blizzard - use Fire - Magic Nut, MAGIC ARMOR
  Gull - heals - use Fire - Magic Potion, MAGIC SHIELD
 Cave of Doggies:
  ParaDog - use Blizzard - Smoke Grenade
  Killer Dog - use Blizzard
  Gigantes - heals, use Blizzard - Angelic Mist
  Dog Boss (unique) - heals - Speed Drink
 Near Fairy Village:
  Kumonger - throws Blizzard - use Fire - Magic Nut, MAGIC ARMOR
  Gull - heals - use Fire - Magic Potion, MAGIC SHIELD
  Mad Hand - use Fire - throws Thunder, grabs Luna if not killed quickly!
           - Angelic Mist, Vitamin Mix - only 1
  Vampire - use Fire - (rare) MAGIC SHIELD
 Near Tristrap (on ice):
  Gust - Fire or Blizzard heals!, use Thunder - Magic Nut, Vitamin Mix
  Magic Face - Blizzard heals!, use Fire - Magic Potion, Vitamin Mix
 Temple of Xentar:
  Cockatris - use Blizzard - Angelic Mist
  Ninja - heals, use Fire - Magic Potion
  Tetsuo - throws Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, heals - (rare) Vitamin Mix
  Devilar - throws Thunder - (rare) MAGIC ARMOR - 1 or 2
  Deimos (unique) - heals, throws Fire & Blizzard & Lightning

5. Sexy Scenes
   There are quite a few sexy scenes in this game, some of which are
   mandatory for progress. The following lists all known sexy graphics and if
   they are optional or mandatory. You might as well do them all. Seeing
   these girls sets specific values in the KX.CRD file used by the Xentar
   Photo Shop option at the main menu.

  MONARAPE   Squalor Hollow bar     mandatory to start Don Frump sequence
  WOLFRAPE   Clara's Place          mandatory according to Megatech
  CLARA      Clara's Place          ditto, after WOLFRAPE
  PRISRAPE   Priscilla's Place      mandatory to eventually get Magic Mirror
  PRIS       Priscilla's Place      mandatory to get Magic Mirror
  MARIE      E of Tymm              optional
  KATE       Phoenix SW             mandatory to get Rolf
  3GIRLS     Nero's Retreat NE      optional
  LILITH     C. Corners NE #1       optional
  NINA       C. Corners NE #2       optional
  MIMI       C. Corners NE #3       optional
  ELENA      C. Corners NE #4       optional
  IRINA      C. Corners NE #5       optional
  DRAWING    Carnage Cemetery       mandatory to get Sexy Drawing
  LUNA       Arcadia church         mandatory but just cleavage
  HELEN      Arcadia weapons        optional
  LULU       Arcadia tower          optional (bytes $22-23 now A1 3A)
  DIANA      Arcadia princess       mandatory to get Virgin Medal
  MATCH      Arcadia church         optional
  MONA       C. Cemetery end        mandatory to complete Cemetery
  CLAIRE     C. Corners NW          optional
  HAGGIS     Castle Kalist          mandatory to return Luna (Haggis not
                                    in slideshow)
  PARTESIA   Feline Farms           mandatory to give lumps to man
  MEWI       Feline Farms           optional
  SILVIA     Feline Farms           optional
  TREEGIRL   E of Fairy Village     optional (not found NR-13 mode)
  RAMIE      Fairy Village          optional
  LOLA       Fairy Village          optional
  SYLPHIE    Fairy Village          mandatory
  CECILIA    Fairy Village          optional
  CAMRY      Fairy Village          optional
  LISA       Fairy Village          optional
  ALICE      under Moronvia         mandatory to get Pearl of Sorrow
  NASTASIA   Tristrap               optional
  ALTHEA1    Temple cloud level     mandatory pretty but clothed
  ALTHEA2    Arena                  mandatory Althea healed, Althea rising
                                    both clothed
  ENDSHOT    Arcadia endgame        mandatory (one shot of Priscilla in
                                    endgame sequence NR-18 only)

If you have anything to add to this file, or would like to trade
other adult anime games, please let me know.

Pete Karsanow - karsanow@wizrealm.com

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