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Читы для Last Bronx

Чит-файл для Last Bronx

Last Bronx

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sega Enterprises
Издатель:Sega Enterprises
Жанры:Arcade (Fighting) / 3D
Multiplayer:(4) head-to-head, модем, нуль-модем, LAN, Internet

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1998 г.


Информация актуальна для
The StoryBasic Game Play     Attack Cancelling      Combat Roll     Jumping
     Ground Attack     Rising From The Ground     Guard And Attack     Throwing
     Completion     Mirror MatchGeneral Move List     Description Of Commands
     Basic Move                         Body Attack
     Down Attack                        Throw
Individual Character Move List     Tomiie Hiroshi     Nagi Hojyo     Joe Inagai
     Lisa Kusanami     Yoko Kono     Zaimoku Saburou     Yusaku Kudo
     Kurosawa Toro     Ken Kono (Redeye)Tricks And CodesCreditsThe Story
=========In the days just before the Bubble broke...
Tension, chaos and snowballing rage culminated in the first all-Tokyo Street
War tournaments. Young gangs met in violence and slid into a wasteland of ruin
down streets drenched in their own blood.
Then, an enlightened gang of bikers - SOUL CREW put an end to that bloody era
in Tokyo's history, overwhelming all resistance through their unstoppable
fighting skills and their Free Soul philosophy. Appealing to metalheads,
thrashers and neo-punks alike, the SOUL CREW blazed a way for the freedom and
future of Tokyo's youth. Once again the streets grew safe and calm...
...until, under circumstances still shrouded in mystery, the SOUL CREW leader
was viciously killed, throwing the Tokyo balance of power into upheaval. The
delicate peace was shattered as every young street tribe with pride, dreams or
ambitions felt the shockwaves like a call to arms. The second Tokyo Street War
Tournament was ignited.Here is where the Last Bronx saga begins.
The Street War fights have been called many things by many people "...a
struggle for the undisputed mastery of Tokyo..."; "...a game for little
kids..."; "...a break from all that boring peace and quiet..."; "...a joke."
But, no matter what their feelings on the subject, the leader of every street-
fighting gang in town received the following ominously worded invitation:
Fellow Citizens:
     We have all grown tired of this bitter strife. And so I now call on each
of you in the name of peace and love. You all know how useless and regrettable
these recent squabbles are, and how wasteful of the blood of the young. I have
a modest proposal to remedy this unfortunate situation: I call for a fighting
tournament solely between the chosen leaders of each worthy gang a decisive
battle that will spare the limbs and lives of the young, while settling the
thorny question of which group has the power needed to rule Tokyo.
     I have already taken the liberty of arranging the arenas of combat I will
inform you of the exact dates and times for each match in the near future. Of
course, the fights will be held in secrecy, and the results will not be made
public. This is a fight for honor, not fame; only the particpants will know
where they stand in regard to each other when the fighting has ended.
     A final word: I regret that under no circumstances can a refusal to
partcipate in these games be accepted. In the event that any of you do not
attend, I will make arrangements to have flowers sent to the funeral. I look
forward to meeting each of you at the appointed hour.
                                                                RED RUM
Several of the recipients of this very peculiar letter shrugged it off as a
practical joke or believed it to be a trap set by a rival gang, but when
members of their groups were left half-dead after brutal assaults, the truth
of its warning became very clear. There would be no RSVPs.
And so the latest battle for the streets of Tokyo begins in an atmosphere of
secrecy and mistrust. Who is the shadowy Red Rum? What is the true purpose of
this new tournament? Eight young fighters set off into this vortex of
mysteries, seeking answers, and the right to call themselves worthy of the
Last Bronx.Basic Game Play===============Attack Cancelling -----------------
Also refered as G-cancel. To perform it, press guard button during an attack
motion. This allows you to abandon an attack after it has been launched. It
can be performed at any time between the time when the attack is launched and
the moment when it makes contact with the opponent. You can G-cancel just
about any move, even in the middle of a combo. This includes sweeps, and
ground attacks (d/f+P on a fallen opponent). However, there are one or two
moves that cannot be G-cancelled (or so it seems). Eg. Yusaku's PK move
(punch-roundhouse). Using the Attack Cancel feature allows characters in the
game to execute a disorienting array of feints and fake attacks. Mastering G-
cancel gives you access to a whole new level of realistic fighting tactics.
But more importantly, it creates an atmosphere of uncertainty that leaves your
opponents second-guessing every move, trying to read each other's minds. "Is
it just another fake left, or could this one be the real McCoy?" The only way
to survive this combat arena is to develop quick reflexes, quicker wits and a
keen sense of who's kidding who? Hehehe...Combat Roll-----------
The Combat Roll (or Rolling) maneuver lets a fighter get in close while
dodging an enemy's attack. The instant an opponent throws an high or mid-body
attack, push the guard, kick and punch buttons simultaneously to dodge the
attack and roll right up into the opponent's face. Used correctly, not only
will you avoid taking any damage, but your fighter will be in position to deal
out some bruises in return. The rolling is a good way of evening the odds
against opponents with long reaches, allowing fighters with short-range
weapons to get into striking distance without getting stricken. It also
broadens each fighter's attack arsenal, giving new range and depth to their
defense and counter-attack capabilities. One low punch or kick will knock you
down from your roll. However, the low punch or kick does not knock you down if
you use a crouch dash. Set up throws by rolling under an opponent's high or
middle level attack, and then throw him/her when you get up. It is possible to
cancel the end motions of rolling with G-cancelling. Nagi is special, because
she can cancel the end motions 5 frmames faster than other character. Jumping
-------Jumps are slightly more realistically-modelled. Slightly, because you can
still somersault over the opponent like nobody's business. Jump and kick by
pressing u+P, u/b+P or u/f+P. Using u+K usually results in one of your
character's moves, not a true jump.Ground Attack-------------
Pounce by pressing u+P. Some characters also have an u+K pounce. Pounces are
given a rather short range, and furthermore, I think not every knock-down move
allows for a pounce after that. There is no such thing as high pounce and low
pounce. A pounce is a pounce. Inflict damage on a fallen opponent by moving to
the opponent's fallen body and pressing d/f+P.Rising From The Ground
You cannot roll forward when getting up, only sideways or backwards (unlike
FV). A double roll is also possible (eg. roll back then to the side). You can
get up with a high or low kick, or roll and get up with a kick (again unlike
FV). High kick hits crouching defenders, low kick hits standing defenders.
Rising kicks are not knockdown moves, however... they only stun and push back
the opponent.Guard And Attack----------------
It is rumoured that you can do a fast guard motion by pressing f+G just before
the opponent's attack touches you. This has the advantage of a fast recovery,
so you can instantly strike back after the fast guard. The timing is kind of
severe, however, and is difficult to execute.Throwing--------
All P+G throws can be broken by pressing P+G. Failed throws have additional
animation frames, like FV. However, the punishment animation is very short,
and doesn't freeze you like a failed-throw in FV does. There are no back
throws in LB. Whenever an opponent jumps behind you, you automatically start
to turn around to face the opponent, during which time you can be thrown. But
you can also start moving or doing a move even while turning around.
Incidentally, turn-attacks have the mechanics of VF2, not FV (ie. you do not
have an extra punch when you turn around by attacking). All characters have a
crouch throw in d+P+G. Although the animation is the same for each character's
P+G and d+P+G throw (ie. you see the same thing on-screen), the P+G throw
cannot catch crouching defenders, and the d+P+G throw likewise cannot catch
standing defenders (no matter how close you are to the opponent). So you
cannot simply press d+P+G when you are near the opponent and hope to throw
him/her either way.Completion----------
Fight CPU enemies in the following order: Tommy, Nagi (one sexy chick!), Joe,
Lisa, Yoko, Zaimoku, Yusaku, Kurosawa, Red Eye. You do not fight against your
own character, and instead you skip to the next opponent. So there are eight
necessary battles (plus one more... will be explained later). The eighth
battle pits you against this bad dude called Red Eye, who has the same weapons
(and slightly more moves) as Yoko. You fight him on your own stage.Mirror Match
If you finish off all 8 enemies with the fastest time for your character, you
are given a bonus round (where the timer stops running, similar to fight with
Dural in VF2) in which you fight your Mirror Match, in a new battlefield
called the "Brilliant Room". This character has exactly the same moves as
yourself, except he/she is texture-mapped completely dull-gray (sometimes it
is bright metalic), and has a tough AI to beat.General Move List
=================Description Of Commands-----------------------
The 8-way lever (joystick) and the 3 buttons are thus defined:
Lever is translated into numeric keypad code.
These commands assume that you are using the character on the left side.
     7 8 9        K     4 5 6      P     1 2 3     G     G : guard button
     P : punch button     K : kick button     S : start button
     + : and (press the buttons simultaneously)
     / : or (more than one command to excute the same move)
     _ : hold (keep the lever held in that direction)
     (Sit)  : when you are sitting (lever is neutral)
     (Back) : facing the enemy's back     (Wall) : near the wall
     H : High-Attack (defend with a standing guard, or avoid by crouching)
     M : Middle-Attack (defend with a standing guard)
     L : Low-Attack (defend with a crouch guard, or avoid with a small jump)
Basic Move                    Command             Description
----------                    -------             -----------
Forward                       6_                  (Move)
Backward                      4_                  (Move)
Sit Down                      2_                  (Move)
Sit &  Foward                  3_                  (Move)
Sit &  Backward                1_                  (Move)
Small Jump                    7/8/9               (Move)
Large Jump                    7_/8_/9_            (Move)
Quick Forward                 66                  (Move)
Quick Backward                44                  (Move)
Sit &  Quick Forward           33                  (Move)
Sit &  Quick Back              11                  (Move)
Dash                          66_                 (Move)
Stop Dashing                  (Dash)4             (Move)
Rolling                       P+K+G               (Move)
Attack Cancelling             G                   (Special)
Provoking                     GGG                 (Special)
Provoking                     236S                (Special)
Body Attack                   Command             Level
-----------                   -------             -----
Standing Punch                P                   H
Sit Jab                       1_/2_P              L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
P Jump Kick                   7/8/9P              M
Standing Kick                 K                   H
Low Kick                      1_/2_K              L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
K Jump Kick                   7/8/9K              M
Down Attack                   Command             Level
-----------                   -------             -----
Pounce                        8P                  G
Ground Attack                 3P                  G
Throw                         Command             Level
-----                         -------             -----
Basic Throw                   P+G                 H
Basic Crouch Slam             2P+G                LTomiie Hiroshi==============
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Double Punch &  Kick           PPK                 HHM
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHM
Middle Shot                   (Sit)6P             M
Turn Punch                    1P                  M
Double Turn Punch             1PP                 MM
Double Turn Punch &  Kick      1PPK                MMMM
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Double Uppercut               3PP                 MM
Face Crasher Punch            33P                 M
Back Beat                     4P                  M
Double Back Beat              4PP                 MH
Triple Back Beat              4PPP                MHH
Low Sweep                     43P                 L
Double Low Sweep              43PP                LL
Shaped Punch                  46P                 M
Crossing Shaped Punch         46PP                MM
Elbow                         6P                  M
Tornado Punch                 632P                M
Middle Straight Punch         66P                 MM
Jump Low Punch                9P                  L
Jump Low Punch Combo          9PP                 LM
High Kick                     K                   H
Low Kick                      2K                  L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Spiral Kick With Stick        9K                  M
Low Spin Kick                 22K+G               L
Spin Stick                    P+K                 H
Spin Stick &  Low              P+K2P+K             HM
Upper Stick                   4P+K                M
Long Range Stick              466P+K              M
Straight Punch                6P+K                HDown Attack-----------
Pounce                        8P                  G
Ground Attack                 3P                  G
Ground Attack 2               3P+K                GThrow-----
Twist Throw                   P+G                 H
Hanging Throw                 214P                H
Leg Hold                      41236K+G            H
Double Arm's Pressure         646P+K              H
Twist Throw                   2P+G                L
     Age     : 18     Sex     : Male     Height  : 165.5 cm     Weight  : 54 Kg
     Weapon  : Battle Stick     Gang    : Helter Skelter (Border Team)
     Stage   : Cross Street
     Setting : A digital rendering of the Shibuya district of Tokyo
Character Summery-----------------
     Tommy spends his days snowboarding in the winter and skateboarding the
other three seasons. And he loves hip-hop and thrash metal - a typical LA
boarder. But sometimes he finds himself in Osaka, where his parents were born.
He even speaks the native lingo with a perfect accent, which can be
embarassing when he finds himself in metropolitan Tokyo. Tommy isn't
interested in inter-gang rivalries, he just wants to be able to skate the
streets undisturbed. But he can't stand having to respect people's turf and
get out of the way when tough guys come down the street. Tommy was trained
since he was a boy by the same old sensei that taught Lisa. He has fallen in
love with her, but that love is a one-way street. He uses a Battle Stick in
fights, twirling it rhythmically to hit distant targets and execute tricky
spins and thrusts. And the cries of pain he can evoke with it are music to
Tommy's ears.Weapon Summery--------------
     The Battle Stick is part of a group of weapons known in China as Kon,
made of hardwood andsharpened to a point at one end. They come in varying
lengths from as long as ten feet (3 m) to as short as four feet (1.3 m). This
type of weapon is used singly and generally held in both hands. Although
usually made of wood, there are occasional instances of Kon constructed
entirely of metal, or metal-tipped - which makes them somewhat heavier and
more difficult to use, but extremely damaging when they hit. The staff is the
oldest and most basic weapon known to man, predating history. But after the
advent of weapons of iron and steel, the staff fell into disuse. By the Han
Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.) in China, the Kon staff was a rarity, but it made
a reappearance in the Sung Dynasty as a weapon for use against mounted
knights. From that period, a wide range of variations on the staff sprang up,
and a number of fighting styles were developed for using them in combat. There
are tales of the school of staff-fighting from the Shaolin Temple, and the
famous magical staff used by Songoku in the Tale of Monkey.Nagi Hojyo==========
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Triple Punch &  Kick           PPPK                HHHH
Triple Punch &  Double Kick    PPPKK               HHHHH
Twist Shot                    1P                  L
Crescent Cutter               16P                 M
Crescent Shooting Star        16PP                MM
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Thrust Punch                  33P                 M
Thrust Punch &  Swing          33PP                MM
Cross Cutter                  43P                 M
Middle Thrust Punch           46P                 M
Middle Thrust Punch &  Kick    46PK                MM
Middle Slash                  6P                  M
Double Middle Slash           6PP                 MM
Double Middle Slash &  Kick    6PPK                MMH
Triple Middle Slash           6PPP                MMM
Snapping Back Punch           66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Hook Kick                     1K                  H
Rising Kick                   2K                  M
Low Kick                      2_K                 L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Middle Hook Kick              3KK                 MM
Step Edge                     6K                  M
Heel Dropping Kick            66K                 M
Flying Back Kick              9K                  M
Jump High Kick                K+G                 H
High &  Low Spin Kick          K+G2K+G             HL
Screw Fall Kick               2K+G                L
Low Spin Kick                 22K+G               L
Double Spin Kick              22K+GK              LH
Triple Spin Kick              22K+GKK             LHH
Combo Spin Kick               22K+GKK2K           LHHL
Low Sweep                     33P+K               L
Goddess Seer                  6P+K                MDown Attack-----------
Knock Turn Ground             3P                  G
Sexy Nail                     8P                  G
Flying Hip Press              8K                  GThrow-----
Leg Hugging Throw             P+G                 H
Head Scissors                 41236P+K            H
Body Scissors                 46K+G               H
Leg Hugging Throw             2P+G                L
     Age     : 23     Sex     : Female     Height  : 167.5 cm
     Weight  : 52 kg     Weapon  : Sai     Gang    : Dogma (Ladies Team)
     Stage   : Tears Bridge
     Setting : The area surrounding the Rainbow Bridge near Tokyo Bay
Character Summery-----------------
     Nagi leads the no-boys-allowed tribe of Amazon warriors DOGMA. Their
motto: "Men are pawns made to do our bidding." The members are equally noted
for their fierceness in battle and for their chilly unapproachability. Nagi is
the only daughter of a powerful director of a Japanese zaibatsu business
conglomerate. She's always been treated like a princess, which explains the
sadistic and hysteric streaks that run deep through her personality. She's
called the Dangerous Queen and even strong men feel weak in the knees at the
prospect of having to face her wrath. Nagi shows a peculiar interest in the
boyish Yoko, but can't stand the sight of Kurosawa and will attack him on
sight. She uses a pair of SAI to deadly effect, making the most of their up-
close stabbing and parrying power. Her long legs give her an arsenal of spicy
kick combinations, and add to her effective combat range. Watch out, men, this
one's feisty. Weapon Summery--------------
     The Sai is a thrusting and stabbing weapon made of metal and equipped
with a defensive hand guard. They are usually used in pairs. The Sai in common
use today have their points rounded off in the interest of safety, and are
used in several modern martial arts styles. But the original Sai were tipped
with sword-like points making them deadly stabbing weapons. Sai are not very
large, but they are well-balanced and easy for even small fighters to handle
Sai have a wide array of offensive and defensive capabilities including
penetrating jabs, probing thrusts, flat-edge strikes and disarming and weapon-
breaking guards. Strong wrists and the ability to snap the weapon forcefully
are essential to using the Sai effectively. History makes little mention of
the Sai, but it probably had its origins in China. They bear a distinct
resemblance to certain items found depicted in ancient Hindu and Buddhist art,
particularly to a weapon carried by the Hindu avatar Indra. The actual Sai
have been used in Okinawa for centuries, and they appear in Japanese history
as the Jutte used by police during the Tokugawa period (1600-1867 A.D.).
Joe Inagai==========Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Double Punch &  Front Kick     PPK                 HHM
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Triple Punch &  Spin Kick      PPPK                HHHH
Four Times Punch              PPPP                HHHH
Squat Swing                   2P                  L
Knockdown Punch               22P                 M
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Hurricane Shot                33P                 M
Double Spiral Punch           33PP                MM
Spiral Punch                  236P                M
Winding Stream                4P                  M
Winding Double                4PP                 MM
Winding Triple                4PPP                MMM
Side Slasher                  46P                 M
Slash Accel                   46PK                MH
Elbow                         6P                  M
Elbow Spin Kick               6PK                 MH
Palm Shot                     62P                 M
Tornado Punch                 66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Standing Kick                 (Sit)K              M
Squat Low Kick                2K                  L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Long Middle Kick              66K                 M
Back Spin Kick                K+G                 H
Shoulder Ramble               P+K                 H
Shoulder High                 P+KK                HH
Shoulder Crawl                P+K2K               HL
Up Draft Shot                 33P+K               M
Stealth Swallow               43P+K               L
Tempest Straight              6P+K                MDown Attack-----------
Sunset Swing                  3P                  G
Lightless Dive                8P                  GThrow-----
Shoulder Throw                P+G                 H
Beast Fang                    4P+G                H
Head Crusher                  46P+K               H
Hell Gallows                  41236P+K            H
Shoulder Throw                2P+G                L
     Age     : 23     Sex     : Male     Height  : 179 cm     Weight  : 76 kg
     Weapon  : Nunchaku     Gang    : Shinjuku Mad (Biker Team)
     Stage   : Dark Rooftop
     Setting : Shinjuku - the nightlife capital of TokyoCharacter Summery
     Formerly the Number Two man in SOUL CREW, Joe is a cool character,
spiritual-minded and charismatic, naturally inspiring confidence and loyalty.
But in the power vacuum left in the SOUL CREW following their leader's death,
Joe simply shrugged and said "Not interested," before quitting the gang. He
assembled an elite group of like-minded riders to form the gang SHINJUKU MAD.
Joe's born-to-ride spirit shows up in the way he left his home turf without
looking back. In quitting the gang he told Yusaku, "It's time for you to
become a man and take charge." Those words still echo in Yusaku's mind.
Yusaku's main rival. Joe wields Nunchaku in his right hand while delivering
powerful uppercuts and karate chops with his left. He's a tough fighter when
he can get inside his enemy's guard. Weapon Summery--------------
     Nunchaku are both light and easy to use, but even a brief lapse in
concentration can make them dangerous to the user. They are generally made of
some kind of hardwood, but some have been built of blackwood or metal, further
adding to their power. Simple in design, they consist of two short bars
connected by a length of chain, rope or nylon cord. In combat they are equally
effective for attack and defense, able to cover a wide area with lightning-
swift blows and whirling parries and blocks. The range of moves is almost
unlimited, with single-handed vertical and horizontal circular spins, direct
thrusts and two-handed blocks all playing a part in the Nuchaku's arsenal of
fighting motions. The Nunchaku, along with other Okinawan weapons like the
Tonfa and Sai, became world-famous after the kung-fu boom inspired by Bruce
Lee's "Enter the Dragon." There are no definite records of when they first
came into use, but it is believed they were brought to Okinawa in the
thirteenth or fourteenth centuries by Chinese immigrants. The Nunchaku is
directly related to the various sectioned staves used throughout Chinesehistory.
Lisa Kusanami=============
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Four Times Punch              PPPP                HHHH
Five Times Punch              PPPPP               HHHHM
Low Back Beat                 1P                  L
Double Low back Beat          1PP                 LL
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Uppercut &  Turn Heel          3PK                 MM
Spinning Punch                4P                  H
Spinning Double Punch         4PP                 HH
Spinning Punch &  Low Punch    4P2P                HL
Turn Level Punch              46P                 M
Thrust Punch                  6P                  M
Round Punch                   66P                 M
Small Typhoon                 7P                  M
Typhoonic Center              8P                  M
High Kick                     K                   H
High Toe Kick                 2K                  H
Low Kick                      2_K                 L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Spinning Kick                 K+G                 H
Spinning Rod                  P+K                 H
Double Spinning Rod           P+KP                HM
Lisa One                      1P+K                H
Lisa 1-2                      1P+KP               HM
Lisa 1-2-Shoot                1P+KPP              HMM
Low Sweep                     214P+K              L
Middle Screw Punch            33P+K               M
Sonic Wave                    43P+K               MM
Tomtom Rush                   44P+K               MMDown Attack-----------
G Cref Attack                 3P                  G
Tornado Jump                  8P                  G
Roop Kick                     8K                  GThrow-----
Flipping Throw                P+G                 H
Turn Over Throw               46K+G               H
Head Scissors                 42K+G               H
Drop Kick                     16P+K               H
Flipping Throw                2P+G                L
     Age     : 17     Sex     : Female     Height  : 159 cm     Weight  : 45 kg
     Weapon  : Double Stick     Gang    : Orchids (Band Team)
     Stage   : Moonlight Garden     Setting : The uptown Takeshiba district
Character Summery-----------------
     Lisa has been under the tutelage of an aged fighting master since she was
a girl. That master has schooled her in the ways of the Kusanami-do fighting
style. Lisa's mother was originally supposed to be the heir to the Kusanami-
do school, but she fell in love with the son of an American lawyer who had
been coming to the dojo to practice, and ran off with him. Lisa is the product
of their young love. Her mother left Lisa with the old master so she could go
to America with her lover when his father was called back on business. While
his training methods can be harsh, the old sensei is too gentle on Lisa, which
has allowed her to become a somewhat spoiled high school prima donna. To vent
some of the frustrations of living at the dojo, Lisa has formed the band
ORCHID with friends from the International High School. Banging away on her
drums, Lisa is more powerful than she might appear. Armed with Double Sticks,
she can make multiple attacks at high speed. She combines light footwork with
speedy attacks to make her opponents learn to see things her way.Weapon Summery
     The Double Stick is based on a type of weapon known as the Kan, and
consists of two short metal bars used in tandem. The sticks are about a yard
(90 cm) long and weigh about fifteen pounds (7 kg) each. The tip of this type
weapon can be rounded, square or triangular. Because they are made of metal,
the Double Sticks can shatter an opponent's weapon when blocking and parrying.
They could be said to be swords without blades, and they are used with
techniques that resemble swordplay. The Kan-type weapon first appeared in the
T'ang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.) in China, and was used with deadly effectiveness
by heavy cavalry. The metal construction of this weapon gives it formidable
crushing power.Yoko Kono=========
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Double Punch &  Kick           PPK                 HHH
Double Punch &  Double Kick    PPKK                HHHH
Double Punch &  High-Low Kick  PPK2K               HHHL
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Triple Punch &  Kick           PPPK                HHHH
Triple Punch &  Low Kick       PPP2K               HHHL
Triple Punch &  Air Raid Kick  PPP7K               HHHM
Twist Shot                    1P                  L
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Uppercut &  Kick               3PK                 MM
Back Knuckle                  4P                  H
Back Knuckle &  Kick           4PK                 HH
Double Back Knuckle           4PP                 HH
Vertical Punch                46P                 M
Vertical Double Punch         46PP                MM
Smash Elbow                   6P                  M
Middle Straight Punch         66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Toe Kick                      2K                  M
Low Kick                      2_K                 L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Knee Assault                  6K                  M
Heel Drop                     66K                 M
Air Raid Kick                 8/9K                M
Step Inside Kick              K+G                 H
Double High Kick              K+GK                HH
High &  Low Spin Kick          K+G2K               HL
Low Spin Kick                 2K+G                L
Double Hammer                 P+K                 MDown Attack-----------
Circular Swing                3P                  G
Para Troopers Attack          8P                  GThrow-----
Holding Arm Throw             P+G                 H
Stragle Throw                 4P+G                H
Reverse Throw                 46P+K               H
Neck Throw                    41236P              H
Holding Arm Throw             2P+G                L
     Age     : 20     Sex     : Female     Height  : 163.5 cm
     Weight  : 49 kg     Weapon  : Tonfa
     Gang    : G-Troops (Survival Game Team)     Stage   : Lost Subway
     Setting : Deep underground in the world's biggest subway system
Character Summery-----------------
     Yoko is a founding member of the G-Troops, which started out as a
survival game squad, but quickly evolved into a martial arts and tactics
training group. Bit by bit as they mastered military fighting techniques, they
gained a reputation that got them involved in this all-Tokyo fighting contest.
Yoko's older brother was the original leader of the G-TROOPS, but he was
seriously wounded by Red Rum after repeatedly refusing to join the secret
fight. So Yoko has been thrust into the spotlight, fighting for the honor of
the G-TROOPS and her brother. It's a big responsibility to carry on her
shoulders and sometimes she wonders if she'll be able to handle the pressure,
but Yoko hates to lose and she won't give up without a fight. Yoko deftly
spins a pair of Tonfa, combined with lightning-fast footwork and an array of
lethal kicks. She doesn't give her opponents a chance to think, let alone
breathe.Weapon Summery--------------
     Tonfa can be made of various hardened materials such as wood, metal or
carbon fiber, and consist of medium-length bars with a perpendicular hand-
grip. They are generally used in pairs. In combat, the long end of the Tonfa
can be swung forward for strikes, thrusts and whip-like spins. But perhaps the
Tonfa's most surprising attribute is its ability to swing back to function as
a defensive weapon, covering the user's forearm and protecting against attacks
from every conceivable angle. The unique construction of the Tonfa makes it
possible to parry an opponent's attack, and deliver a decisive counter almost
instantaneously. It is nearly a perfect weapon, but it is difficult to master
the intricacies of its use. The roots of the Tonfa can be found in Sung
Dynasty China, in a mining tool called the Kai. It isn't exactly known how the
tool evolved into a weapon, but the modern Tonfa has been around since the
late nineteenth century. The Tonfa is used by American police for self-defense
and non-lethal restraint.Zaimoku Saburou===============
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHM
Smash Hammer                  1P                  H
Rave Hammer                   1PP                 HM
Low Swing Punch               123P                L
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Swing Uppercut                26P                 M
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Lifting Uppercut              33P                 M
Double Spinning Punch         41236P              M
Knuckle Punch                 4P                  M
Side Hammer                   46P                 M
Rock Crasher                  6P                  M
Stick Thrust                  6PP                 MM
Knock Down Punch              632P                M
Volcano Attack                66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Low Kick                      2K                  L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Kenka Kick                    66K                 M
Neel Kick                     43K+G               M
Up Punch                      P+K                 M
Up &  Down Punch               P+KP+K              MM
Round Hammer                  3P+K                M
Head Attack                   46P+K               M
Punch Reversal                46G                 HM
Punch Reversal                43G                 L
Kick Reversal                 64G                 HM
Kick Reversal                 61G                 LDown Attack-----------
Head Crasher                  3P                  G
Hip Press                     8P                  GThrow-----
Strangle Throw                P+G                 H
Crane Throw                   22P+K               H
Bull Punch                    466P+K              H
Dr.Bomb                       63214P+K            H
Brain Buster Special          (Wall)63214P+K      H
Strangle Throw                2P+G                L
     Age     : 26     Sex     : Male     Height  : 183 cm     Weight  : 102 Kg
     Weapon  : Hammer     Gang    : Katsushika Dumpsters (Ex-Military Team)
     Stage   : Nightmare Island     Setting : Man-made Island 13 in Tokyo Bay
Character Summery-----------------
     Zaimoku is the third son of the owner of the Zaimoku Construction
Company. He was once a member of the SOUL CREW alongside Yusaku and Joe, but
left in disgust during the turmoil of the breakup crisis. He left and returned
home to work at his father's construction business. He's gotten serious since
his wilder days with SOUL CREW. Now he wants to make up for the troubles he
caused during his misspent youth and to reform himself through hard work. He
wants no part of Red Rum's tournament, but the other young men at the worksite
have gotten sucked into the vortex solely because Zaimoku once ran with SOUL
CREW. Now, in the interests of self-preservation, he's organized a new gang
the KATSUSHIKA DUMPSTERS. They use their construction mauls, hammers and
pickaxes in an original fighting style devised by Zaimoku himself. Zaimoku is
fighting more to preserve the safety of his young co-workers than out of any
interest in the struggle for the control of Tokyo. Zaimoku whirls his heavy
hammer around with deceptive deftness and speed. He specializes in putting his
power into devastating throws and slams which can send an unlucky opponent
into shock psychological as well as physical.Weapon Summery--------------
     The hammer used as a weapon in Last Bronx is actually no more than a big
construction worker's maul. It can be wielded one or two-handed, and many of
its moves consist of overhand attacks. This is the most powerful, if not the
most graceful weapon in the game. Hammers, while essentially farming and
building tools, have been used as weapons in all parts of the world. They are
generally extremely heavy and unwieldly, but feared nonetheless for the
incredible damage of their blows. In the European Middle Ages, similar weapons
such as the morning-star and battle axe, were valued nearly as much as swords
for their power in battle. However, because they are so heavy and require so
much strength to wield effectively, these weapons have never come into
widespread use.Yusaku Kudo===========
Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Beat Spin                     PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Bouble Beat High Side         PPK                 HHH
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Triple Punch &  Spin Kick      PPPK                HHHH
Triple Punch &  Low Kick       PPP2K               HHHL
Combo Over Top                PP8P                HHM
Open Beat                     1P                  M
Open Beat Accel               1PK                 MH
Sit Beat                      2P                  L
Uppercut                      236P                M
Upper Swing                   3P                  M
Crop Hammer Punch             33P                 M
Soul Swing                    4P                  M
Double Soul Swing             4PP                 MM
Burning Soul                  4PPP                MMM
Sonic Elbow                   43P                 M
Spinning Level Punch          46P                 M
Swing Punch                   6P                  M
Double Swing Punch            6PP                 MH
Power Loop                    8P                  M
High Kick                     K                   H
Sit Low Kick                  2K                  L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Fly Wheel Kick                66K                 H
Head Bash Kick                8K                  M
Screw Kick                    K+G                 M
Double Screw Kick             K+GK                MH
Low Spin Kick                 2K+G                L
Dual Knock                    3P+K                M
Exhaust Storm                 214P+K              L
(Low Sweep)                   43P+K               L
Shoulder Tackle               466P+K              MDown Attack-----------
Two Wheel Shoot               3P                  G
Jump Beat                     8P                  GThrow-----
High Speed Brain Buster       P+G                 H
Elbow Shoulder Attack         616P+K              H
2-Stroke V-Type Impact        16P                 H
Crank Throw                   632P                H
High Speed Brain Buster       2P+G                L
     Age     : 19     Sex     : Male     Height  : 171 cm     Weight  : 66 kg
     Weapon  : Three Section Staff     Gang    : Neo Soul (Bikers Team)
     Stage   : Naked Airport     Setting : The grounds of Haneda Airport
Character Summery-----------------
     Yusaku was once the Number Three man in the legendary biker gang SOUL
CREW. But after the sudden mysterious death of their leader, the gang split
up... The passionate young Yusaku felt the weight of responsibility settle on
his shoulders. But he has his worries, "Am I strong enough to command? Do I
have what it takes to be a leader?" Now, overcoming his doubts, Yusaku plans
to keep the spirit of the original SOUL CREW alive by taking the helm of his
new gang NEO SOUL. Yusaku is the hero of Last Bronx. His weapon, the Three-
Section Staff, can deal out punishment at any range. He's also especially
effective using shoulder tackles to put his opponent out of commission.
Weapon Summery--------------
     The sectioned staff is based on the principle of ampliflying the striking
power of a simple staff through the use of centrifugal force. Several shorter
staff sections are connected by rope or chain to add greater flexibility and
motion to the weapon's range. This simple type of weapon has been used around
the world for centuries. There are many varieties of sectioned staffs; made of
wood or metal, connected with chain or rope, and consisting of various numbers
of sections. The one used by Yusaku in Last Bronx is known as a Three-
Sectioned Staff. Other types include the Nunchaku and the flail. The sectioned
staff was frequently used by mounted warriors who employed it one-handed to
deal out punishing blows on all sides. It is capable of inflicting more damage
than a simple staff, and of sending crushing shocks even through armor and
helmets. The origins of the sectioned staff can be traced back to the Chinese
farm implement known as the Renka. It was first used as an infantry weapon
(called the Rentei) about the Ages of the Spring and Autumn Annals and Warring
States (722-221 B.C.). The Rentei featured two sections connected by a long
rope and was used to attack entrenched enemy warriors. It was later adopted
for use by mounted troops in the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.).Kurosawa Toro
=============Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHM
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      236P                M
Short Uppercut                3P                  M
Uppercut &  Straight           3PP                 MM
Wind Godfist                  33P                 M
Disorder Punch                4P                  M
Double Disorder Punch         4PP                 MH
Triple Disorder Punch         4PPP                MHH
Slant Low Sweep               43P                 L
Middle Thrust Punch           46P                 M
Body Blow                     6P                  M
Smash Punch                   66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Quick Low Kick                2K                  L
Low Kick                      2_K                 L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Dashing Kick                  66K                 M
Beat Knuckle                  P+K                 M
Step In Straight              3P+K                H
Straight                      4P+K                H
Palm Shot                     6P+K                H
Triple Palm Shot              6P+KP               HH
Head Attack                   66P+K               MDown Attack-----------
Pounce                        8P                  G
Ground Attack                 3P                  G
Ground Thrust                 3K                  GThrow-----
Strike Body                   P+G                 H
Trample Down                  22K+G               H
Punishment                    236P+K              H
Kurosawa's Anger              63214P+K            H
Neck Cutter                   623P+G              H
Strike Body                   2P+G                L
     Age     : 25     Sex     : Male     Height  : 177.5 cm     Weight  : 71 kg
     Weapon  : Bouken     Gang    : Ropponogi Hardcore Boys (Playboy Team)
     Stage   : Radical Parking Lot
     Setting : Roppongi - the dark underbelly of Tokyo's nightlife scene
Character Summery-----------------
     Kurosawa is the leader of the party gang ROPPONGI WILDERS. Mysteries
surround him, and no-one seems to know his story. It's impossible to tell what
he might be thinking, so people in the street tend to stay out of his way as
far away as possible. Everyone agrees that he does what he wants and doesn't
look back to survey the consequences, no matter how bad. There's no love lost
by Kurosawa for Yusaku and the remnants of SOUL CREW, and he sees the chaos
left in the aftermath of their break-up as a chance to wipe them out once and
for all. Kurosawa uses a wooden sword (Boku-to) in fights, but this isn't your
garden-variety kendo. He seems to put his whole body into every wild move,
cutting off every avenue of escape and connecting with so much accuracy and
power, it's almost scary. Actually, it's completely scary. Weapon Summery
     The Bokuto, or wooden sword, has gone under many names including Kidachi
and Bokken throughout its history. They come in a range of lengths from two-
handed katana to short sword-sized. They are all based on actual swords, and
used exactly as swords in combat. The wooden sword was used in Japanese kendo
for training and mock combat, and resembled the metal-bladed sword in almost
every detail, except its construction of wood or bamboo. The wooden sword
played an important role in Japanese history, after the Great Sword Hunt in
the time of Hideyoshi (16th century A.D.) deprived most of the populace of
their swords. When all the bladed swords had been confiscated by the
government, the wooden sword came into its own as a weapon and schools for its
use appeared in most towns. They quickly became popular as an alternative to
hiring the blades of wandering ronin for self-protection.Ken Kono (Redeye)
=================Name:                         Command:            Level:
--------------------------------------------------------Body Attack-----------
Punch                         P                   H
Punch &  Kick                  PK                  HH
Double Punch                  PP                  HH
Double Punch &  Kick           PPK                 HHH
Double Punch &  Double Kick    PPKK                HHHH
Double Punch &  High-Low Kick  PPK2K               HHHL
Triple Punch                  PPP                 HHH
Triple Punch &  Kick           PPPK                HHHH
Triple Punch &  Low Kick       PPP2K               HHHL
Triple Punch &  Air Raid Kick  PPP7K               HHHM
Twist Shot                    1P                  L
Crouch Punch                  2P                  L
Uppercut                      3P                  M
Double Uppercut               3PP                 MM
Uppercut &  Kick               3PK                 MM
Back Knuckle                  4P                  H
Back Knuckle &  Kick           4PK                 HH
Double Back Knuckle           4PP                 HH
Vertical Punch                46P                 M
Vertical Double Punch         46PP                MM
Smash Elbow                   6P                  M
Middle Straight Punch         66P                 M
High Kick                     K                   H
Double High Kick              KK                  HH
Toe Kick                      2K                  M
Low Kick                      2_K                 L
Middle Kick                   3K                  M
Sliding Kick                  33K                 L
Heel Cutter                   466K                M
Knee Assault                  6K                  M
Heel Drop                     66K                 M
Air Raid Kick                 8/9K                M
Step Inside Kick              K+G                 H
Double High Spin Kick         K+GK                HH
High &  Low Spin Kick          K+G2K               HL
Low Spin Kick                 2K+G                L
Jump Spin Kick                46K+G               H
Jump High Kick                66K+G               H
Double Hammer                 P+K                 M
Low Shot                      2P+K                L
Screw Attacker                66P+K               MDown Attack-----------
Circular Swing                3P                  G
Para Troopers Attack          8P                  GThrow-----
Holding Arm Throw             P+G                 H
Reverse Throw                 46P+K               H
Neck Throw                    41236P              H
Stragle Throw                 63214P+K            H
Holding Arm Throw             2P+G                L
     Age     : Unavailable     Sex     : Unavailable     Height  : Unavailable
     Weight  : Unavailable     Weapon  : Unavailable     Gang    : Unavailable
     Stage   : Unavailable     Setting : UnavailableCharacter Summery
-----------------     Unavailable.Weapon Summery--------------     Unavailable.
Tricks And Codes================
Choose 2P colour by holding start before selecting your character, similar to
Fighting Vipers.
There is a mini-cinema when Yoko beats Red Eye. This doesn't happen when you
are using other characters.
A 30-win streak gives your character a big head in the character select
screen, but not in actual combat.
You can do a self-ring out! Jump backwards onto the top of the fence, then
press P+K+G+S to drop to the other side.
You can select your winning pose (there are 3 of them) by pressing P, K or G
after the replay. This is similar to Virtua Fighter 2.
When the game is in attract mode (demo mode), and the time-attack record times
and survival mode high-scores are being shown, you can press left or right to
scroll through the different lists.
Taunt the opponent by pressing G rapidly (apparently 4 times, to be exact).
Alternatively, you can press d,d/f,f+S (start button) to taunt. Taunts do not
seem to have any use, though at very close range, cause just a minor bit of
damage to the standing opponent.
Survival mode - activated just like Ranking Mode in VF2 and Viper's Test in
FV... hold P+K+G before pressing Start at the beginning of the game. Survival
mode operates very differently, though. You fight a single round against each
opponent, using only one life bar. Meaning to say, if you get 60% damage in
the first round, you start off the second with 40% life only. Survival mode
can be switched on or off at the arcade manager's discretion.
You can change your weapon to a really comical version by pressing start 13
times (no more, no less) at the character selection screen. The weapon-change
trick is only cosmetic and does not affect your fighting ability.
     Tommy ---- broom,     Nagi ----- fork and spoon,     Joe ------ corn cobs,
     Lisa ----- barbecue utensils,     Yoko ----- umbrellas,
     Zaimoku -- big fish,     Yusaku --- toy bullet-train,
     Kurosawa - paper fan.
Red Eye code: To play as Red Eye, you must use a machine which has registered
completions for all 8 other characters. At the character selection screen, tap
R, R, L, L, U, D, U, D and then press start. You should hear Red Eye's laugh
as confirmation that you have executed the code correctly. Press P, K or G to
start the match!

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