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Читы для Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work

Чит-файл для Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patti Does a L...

Leisure Suit Larry 5:
Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / For Adults

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1991 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

                                By Erik Gos

                         Some notes from the author


  1. This walkthrough is intended to let you play the game and end up with
     maximum points, provided you own all you need to reach this goal : a
     computer (a 8086 won't do), the game software, a twisted mind and the
     two sheets with airport codes. Although the game itself is rather easy,
     reaching a maximum score is not that evident. In many situations, you
     have more than one option to solve a problem. Only one solution will
     give you the maximum available points. However, the "less-scoring"
     solutions can also be quite entertaining and therefore I will always
     try to give you the alternatives. Any sentences in italics will
     indicate such alternative solutions.
  2. During gameplay there will be some cutscenes when Larry or Patti are in
     a limo, or Larry is in a plane. Most of them are just dreams of our
     heroes while they are asleep. Yes, everyone needs a nap from time to
     time. Larry mostly, not to say always, dreams about Patti, Patti never
     dreams about Larry. Occasionally, some background information on the
     game intrigue is given. I will not describe these scenes. I will only
     mention them if they are essential to keep on track with the "very
     difficult to follow" plot of the game. So, you will nearly hear a thing
     about them from me. However, just undergo them when they pop up.

  3. Since you can gain points during gameplay, I will indicate the amount
     of points gained at each moment between parentheses (now you know what
     that "ping" you sometimes hear, means). At the end of each section, I
     will give you the total score for that section and the total score
     overall at that moment. Note that some actions can be done at each
     moment in the game. I will only carry them out at the moment I feel
     they are really needed, but if you are a little bit of a creative
     lone-rider, your scoring can differ from mine.

  4. If you are the suspicious type and decided to enter a password to
     prevent your wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend, mother and father in
     law, your parents, children, your friends and their friends etc. from
     seeing what you're doing in your spare time, and you forgot your
     password, well GET DESPERATE. You won't be able to play the game again
     in the future, unless you delete it and do a reinstall. Although, maybe
     not, the game doesn't allow you to play if you don't remember it, but I
     happen to have an easter egg for you. Don't tell anybody, but deleting
     the file "memory.drv" in your Larry V directory will solve the problem.
     And from now on, select the "Why bother?" option.

  5. Finally, never forget that you can click on everything that is hanging
     on the wall, lying on the ground, standing in your way or just
     irritates you. If I do not mention it, you won't earn anything by it,
     but it sometimes results in funny comments or actions. If you plan to
     (mis)behave this way, make sure you save often, because you'll
     sometimes wind up in a situation with no return possible. Doing things
     at random can also result in a less than maximum score.


                              Starting the game


  1. When the game starts, you are eye-witnessing a meeting between some
     underworld figures concerning the downfall of subliminal recordings
     (things like satanic verses and hidden messages when you play records
     backwards or at highspeed or both) due to the increasing success of the
     CD. On the other hand things aren't going good either with pornography
     sales. That's why they were concentrating themselves on pornographic
     home rental videos, but due to the increasing market of sex video
     channels on TV, this market isn't going too well either. One thing is
     for sure, as you will learn later in those cutscenes I won't mention,
     they're trying to do something about this, namely by the election of
     America's most sexiest woman (here's the link with Larry) and by
     bribing politicians through C.A.N.E. (Conservatives Against Nearly
     Everything). This scene gives you some background information on
     Patti's mission in the game.

  2. Next you see another meeting issuing the election of America's most
     sexiest woman. She has to appear in America's most sexiest home videos.
     We are at the company where our good old friend Larry appears to be
     working as "chief tape degausser" or something like that (it is for
     sure an executive job). After a few preliminary rounds, the selection
     team ended up with three finalists, one of which has to be choosen. The
     commitee agrees that during the final selection none of the girls may
     be aware of the fact that she is being auditioned, because she would
     certainly be sexy if she knew. Therefore they are in need of a man, so
     sexless and some more "lesses" that it would really require the most
     sexiest woman in America to drop for him.

  3. And here the game starts.


                            Larry at PornProdCorp


  1. While you are wandering around (bored as usual) in the entrance hall of
     PornProdCorp, you hear your boss screaming for coffee. Take the coffee
     pot and enter the door at the left. In your well-known clumsyness, you
     manage to spill it all over your boss. Although he gets angry at first,
     all of a sudden a lightbulb appears above his head. You are ideal for
     the job, he even offers you a job as vice-president of the company if
     you succeed (1).

  2. He hands you over a mini-camera, the latest "Auto-focus, auto-level,
     auto-color balance, auto-room, auto-pan, .5-lux,
     Complete-Video-Studio-in-a-Pocket-Protector" or in other words : "The
     Rob Lowe Model" (1). So, here is your mission. Go and find all three
     finalists and film them at their sexiest moment.

  3. You'll wind back up in the entrance hall of your company. Take a drink
     from the water cooler (1). Also take a look at the strange thing to the
     right-hand side of it (no, not the plant). It appears to be an award
     (1). For fun, you could put your hand in the electrical outlet close to
     the coffee machine.

  4. Now enter your workshop (in the upper left of the screen, around the
     corner). First of all, take the three tapes lying on the television set
     in the right-hand side lower corner of the screen (6). Now, disinfect
     your hands (1), and degauss all three tapes (6). It's your job, you
     know how to do it. In case not, the degausser is on top of the
     workbench at the right-hand side, the disinfecter is hanging at the
     ceiling to the east of it. Open the leftmost drawer of the workbench,
     and you'll end up with a battery recharger (8). Now walk to the right a
     little and then click your hand-cursor on the device just above the
     leftmost drawer. It's your radio (5). You can select your favorite tune
     if you want.

  5. Leave your workshop and enter the files-room (the only door left in the
     entrance hall, you didn't enter yet). Look at the desk and take the
     Aerodork Gold Card from it (5). Now open the upper drawer of the
     right-hand side frontmost file cabinet. Take the three resumes from it
     (8). Examine each of them in your inventory (3). Look at the three new
     items (1) (you got the point for finding Doc. Pulliam's phone number, a
     number you'll "need" later on). Now you know where you'll be heading
     during the game : New York, Atlantic City and Miami.

  6. So, you're done in here. Leave the building (right-hand side of the
     screen), take a look at the statue (1), take a leak at the memorial
     fountain, and enter the limo that's awaiting you. You can do whatever
     you want in here, but don't spoil your energy, nothing works and the
     driver will only take you to the airport.

    Points in this section : 48               Total points overall : 48


                        Larry at Los Angeles Airport


  1. Did you notice the trashbin to the left of the entrance door to the
     airport lobby. Forget it, you need the device to the west of it (that
     television screen kind of thing). Look at it. It's an ATM (Automatic
     Ticket Machine) Terminal. Insert your Aerodork Gold Card into it.
     Select New York as your first destination. Enter the appropriate code
     and take your boarding pass (4) from the slot. (You need your sheets
     with transport codes here. You did buy the game, didn't you. If not,
     tough luck. Go out, find the nearest software retailer and buy it.)

  2. Now enter the airport. Go to the left. Put your battery recharger in
     the electrical outlet (8), then place your camera on it (3). Look at
     your camera and take it back when it's 100% powered (1) (be carefull,
     electrocution is lurking around the corner). Put a videotape into your
     camcorder (4).

  3. For fun, you can walk back to the center of the airport lobby, wait
     until both ladies are off-screen and go to the right. Don't try
     anything with the ladies or the phones. It's useless. Reading add's is
     also useless, but maybe you'll learn something.

  4. So back to work now. Show your Aerodork Gold Card to the camera (9),
     enter the Chartreuse Lounge, make a complete fool of yourself by
     sitting on the chair, and enter your boarding pass into the slot when
     you hear the boarding call (7).

  5. Once in the airplane, make sure to take the Aerodork Magazine from the
     seat in front of you before you fall asleep (8) and start dreaming
     about, you'll never guess, Patti.

  6. After a little intermezzo, you know that Patti has been sacked and
     immediately got hired by the FBI afterwards. And this means Patti-time.

    Points in this section : 44               Total points overall : 92


                            Patti in the FBI-Lab


  1. After being updated on your mission and being introduced to Commander
     Twit, what's in a name, start exploring the lab. Look at the
     researchers to see the explosive brassiere (Hooter Shooter) (3) and the
     Vibrator (3) in action. (Talking with Commander ... also shows you both
     demo's, but no points in this case.)

  2. Then go to the right, undergo the paperwork, and only remember the
     contact phone number (1). There is no need to overload your brain. In
     case you already forgot, here it is again : 556-2779. Look at the
     researcher to see the Flatulence demo (3). (Here again asking Commander
     Twit about this man's research would show you the demo, but you won't
     gain any points for it.) Now enter the door at the right-hand side to
     get a "Safety First Field Locator Device" implanted in your ... yes,
     it's a men's world. Try to neglect the doctor.

  3. So, you got rid of all those interfering men. Leave the lab through the
     back door at the left-hand side of it. Enter the limo and try out the
     contact phone number (556-2779). Select either of both choices offered
     and receive a fax with additional information on one of your missions
     (13). Do this again to receive some information on your second mission

  4. Leave the limo and enter the lab again. Go to the right-hand side of it
     and take the two cartridges (Datapacks) from the desk (if you forgot to
     read the previous paragraph you'll receive your points now, but I'm
     sorry, you'll have to do without the enjoyment of receiving faxes).
     Then take the Dataman (5).

  5. Go to the left and take the Hooter Shooter from the desk (6). Look at
     it in your inventory (2), and wear it (5). Leave the lab and enter the
     limo again. Finally, some quiet and peace, what a terrible noise in
     that lab.

  6. Take the bottle of champagne (6), insert the Reverse Biaz Datapack into
     the Dataman (7), and show the Dataman to the driver (8). So, you're on
     your way to "des Revers Records". And now back to Larry.

    Points in this section : 75              Total points overall : 167


                              Larry in New York


  1. Still dizzy after your dream, you decide not to make a fool of yourself
     again and to do the obvious thing. You go down to the airport lobby.
     The first thing you notice is a charity canister. As charity always
     comes first with you, you check it out. A quarter! (5) Now, it's time
     to start reading add's. Keep on doing this until you discover the phone
     number of Faboulous Checkers Limo Co. : 552-4668 (1). Go to the
     rightmost side of the airport lobby, and use your quarter on the first
     phone from the left to order a limo (3). Leave the airport and enter
     the limo.

  2. Notice the thing lying at your left. Someone forgot his appointment
     calendar. Take it (12). And of course, look at it in your inventory
     (11). So, your coffee break (where was the coffee anyway?) is over, you
     still have some work to do. Take the Hard Disk Cafe napkin and show it
     to your driver.

  3. After arriving at the Hard Disk Cafe, take a good look at the entrance.
     Don't those plants look ideal for a little leak after that huge amount
     of coffee a few minutes ago. I know, it's all in the mind but walking
     behind the plant at your right, proves my point (1). Now enter the Hard
     Disk Cafe.

  4. You could take some time exploring the museum, but what the heck, you
     can't do a thing, unless you'd like to ennoy Bertha a bit. Why not, and
     while you're at it, take a close look at the pink machine at the left
     of the door in the back. Does it work? Nope. You need some kind of
     tape. Let's have a word with the Maitre d'. He doesn't seem quite
     coorporative. Don't let it bother you, just keep on talking and yes,
     sometimes words can be magic. He finally agrees to allow you entrance
     to the Cafe (to get rid of your nagging) and makes you a membership
     tape (3). Take the tape from the machine (4). Insert it into the slot
     of the pink terminal and enter the Cafe.

  5. Sit down on that empty chair and don't forget to look at the beauty
     walking by. Guess what, it's your "target" : Michelle Milken (3). You
     see here entering the Herman Hollerith Room. So, what are you waiting
     for, go after her. What a mess, your membership tape isn't working.
     Time to be creative again. Leave the Cafe, and when you're back in the
     museum take your time to read the Aerodork Magazine (click on it with
     your hand-cursor) (5). Now, use your tape on the music box at the
     left-hand side of the screen (12). Hope this works out. Let's try it.
     Enter your tape into the slot of the terminal and all of a sudden your
     name is Hyatt. What happened to Laffer.

     (There is another way to gain entrance to the Hollerith Room. You could
     start working on that Maitre d' again, but this time talking won't do
     the thing. You gonna have to use your credit cards. And you're not
     upgraded to Hyatt (John?) but to Superuser Larry. Not to mention that
     your scoring won't reach the dazzling 1 000 points at the end. Also
     forget about completely satisfying Michelle after this.)

  6. Insert your tape into the terminal inside the Cafe to enter the Herman
     Hollerith Room (12). Now turn on the tape recorder in your inventory
     (4). Start talking to Michelle (the women you're looking at in case you
     where wondering where to find her). Wow, she invites you to join her
     for dessert. Now talk a little bit to her until she asks you if you
     don't happen to have some cash she could invest for you. Yes, you have
     it. ACT QUICK NOW, if you keep on talking or don't react fast enough,
     you'll immediately hand it over to her and it might be a good idea to
     keep it for the great finale, certainly when gaining points is your
     primary concern. So, first hand over your Day Trotter to her (5), then
     the credit cards (5) and finally the cash (5).

  7. She proposes to make your booth a little more private and gives you the
     time of your life (40). Luckily you recorded this (20). When you return
     in the museum, use the phone to call Checkers Limo Co. again (Bertha
     finally stopped chatting) : 552-4668 (2). Get out, enter the limo and
     you automatically return to the airport.

  8. Outside the airport, operate the ATM-terminal and buy a ticket to
     Atlantic City (4). Enter the Airport Lobby, put a new tape in your
     recorder (the previous one will automatically be removed), recharge
     your recorder at the electrical outlet at the left-hand side of the
     lobby, get electrocuted, show your Aerodork Gold Card to the camera
     again, insert your boarding pass into the slot, and off you go, to
     Atlantic City.

    Points in this section : 157             Total points overall : 324


                         Patti at des Revers Records


  1. After almost being raped, but showing that you're not the easy type,
     enter the building. Take a look at the sign at the left. Notice "des
     Rever Records" being listed, look at it (3). Talk to the sleeping guard
     once. Then show him your Reverse Biaz fax or your Dataman with the
     Reverse Biaz Datapack in it (6). He'll call the elevator for you.
     (Talking to him again would also do the trick, but no points awarded.)

  2. Now inside des Revers Records, first go have a look at the gold record.
     Take it (12). Put it on the turntable, start the turntable (the middle
     button of the three at the left) and start playing the gold record at
     all speeds and directions you can, (switching speeds with the two
     buttons at the right and switching directions with the two extreme
     buttons at the left) in each case waiting until you hear a "ping",
     indicating you heard enough. You should try out the following four
     possibilities :

        * 33 1/3 tpm forward (3),
        * 33 1/3 tpm backward (3),
        * 78 tpm forward (3) and
        * 78 tpm backward (3).

     Except for the first message, these are all subliminal messages, in
     case you thought it's normal to here such things on records. Turn of
     the turntable and take the gold record with you as evidence.

  3. Look at the guy behind the window. He invites you in. Enter the door at
     the left from the window. So now it's time to play your piano session,
     Desmond so kindly arranged for you. You'll have to do three takes. In
     the first two, you can try to play your own favourite tracks. The last
     one, Patti takes over from you, and obviously she's better at it than
     you (8).

  4. Then Reverse Biaz invites you in to the recording room to listen to
     your piano solo. AS SOON AS YOU GET THE CHANCE, offer him some
     champagne to celebrate your successfull musical performance (18).

     (Of course you could try your zipper on him (if you're a little over-
     or is it undersexed or completely frustrated), or just keep on talking
     to him since he's a man and you're a woman, again however, you receive
     less points in these cases.)

  5. When he's completely drunk, he even gives you some more evidence on his
     subliminal recording activities. You get a tape from him (40). Once
     outside again, enter your limo and show the P.C. Hammer fax or the
     Dataman with the P.C. Hammer Datapack in it to your driver (don't
     wonder why Patti still wants to enter that car after what he did to her
     before, by the way, did you notice that his hair color is black when
     he's raping and blond when he's driving).

    Points in this section : 99              Total points overall : 423


                           Larry in Atlantic City


  1. Is it my imagination or was that really Bill Gates who was in the
     picture a few minutes ago. Anyway, leave the boarding room to the
     south. In the lobby go to the left. Play the second slot-machine from
     the left. You win ... a quarter (5). Start reading add's again until
     you see the phone number of Tramp Limo Service : 553-4468 (1). Then go
     over to the right and use the second phone from the left to call a limo
     (3). Leave the airport, enter the limo and show the Tramp's Casino
     matchbook to the driver.

  2. At the casino entrance, talk to the girl at the left twice. Say any
     number and you'll receive $10 (2). Now enter the casino and click on
     any Video Poker Machine to start playing (4). Raise your bet to the
     maximum possible amount and save your game. Keep on playing until you
     have about $1 000 ($525 would be enough, but to be on the safe side,
     make sure you have some reserve), raising your bet every time you win
     and saving immediately afterwards. If you forget to save and end up
     broke, you can always return to the girl at the entrance to receive
     another $10.

  3. Now, cash out and enter one of the doors at the back, pay the bouncer
     his $25 and take a seat (in the front row). As soon as Jennifer Jiggles
     shows up, look at her (8). Now leave the casino and go on the boardwalk
     (to the right from the casino entrance). Stay away from the edge,
     because you'll have to swim back if you end up in the water. Walk four
     screens to the east and enter Ivana's Skates.

  4. Walk over to the counter and talk with Ivana. She wants you to give a
     deposit in turn for a pair of skates. Instead, give your camcorder (8).
     (Giving her the money she asks, will result in less points, since you
     won't get it all back when you turn your skates back in. She notices a
     small nick in a wheel. She always does but she can hardly give you back
     a part of your camcorder, can she? They always find something, don't
     they?) Leave the shop, go sitting on a bench and wear your skates (3).

  5. Start skating over and back on the boardwalk, close to the edge until
     you bump against Lana Luscious, you second "target" (6). If you miss
     her, try to start talking to her instead. When you're sitting on the
     bench with her and have her in close-up, start talking to her until she
     invites you to her Mud Night Madness Wrestling match (2). When she's
     gone, take off your skates and turn them back in. Get your camcorder
     back (3).

  6. Return to the casino (walking to the left, otherwise you could walk for
     hours), or swim back if you like. Enter the ballroom again and talk to
     the bouncer again. Pay him his $500 (if you don't have it, you will
     have to go playing poker again) and choose "Lemme at 'em!" (12). Now
     turn on your camcorder and take a seat (in the front row again).

  7. You'll wind up in the mud with Lana. Try to click on the body parts
     flying around. Don't get desperate. Things slow down after a while.
     Finally, she gets interested in you, but "bucephalus" doesn't perform
     in front of 900 people (40). Oh boy, do you regret you recorded all
     this (20). After this humiliation, you'll end up back outside.

  8. Talk to the guy and ask him to order you a limo (2). Once you're back
     at the airport, buy a ticket to Miami from the ATM-terminal outside
     (4). Now, change tapes again, recharge your camcorder as before, enter
     the boarding room and board your plane, direction Miami. Dreaming time

    Points in this section : 123             Total points overall : 546


                               Patti at K-Rap


  1. Since you're at your destination, and could stand there forever, why
     don't you enter. Make sure to look at the Dataman with the P.C. Hammer
     Datapack inserted. It's rewarding (1) and now you know the access code
     for Mr. Krapper's office. (You can also read that access code from the
     fax, but this way you won't get a point for it.) Go to the door at the
     left and enter the access code into the combination lock : 45954. Now
     enter Mr. Krapper's office (1).

  2. Take the letter opener from his desk (4). Now it's time to take a good
     dig in the tree's pot. Hey, what's that, a glimpse of metal. Take the
     desk key from the pot (10). Open the desk with the desk key (13).
     (Opening it with the letter opener also works, but you lose some points
     with it.)

  3. Now, things get pretty tricky. If you don't like to end the game with
     999 points out of 1 000, be sure to LOOK (by using the eye-cursor) in
     the desk drawer (5). (If you start grabbing in it right away, you will
     gain one point less.) Carefully note down the access-code for Control
     Room B from the blue stickum, it's random each time you play the game.
     If you missed it, you can take a look at it again later. Now take the
     confidential folder out of the desk drawer (5).

  4. Take a look in the folder, yes ... incriminating evidence (4). Of
     course, you could try to take the folder with you, but eventually
     someone would notice and who knows what would happen than. So, walk
     over to the copier, and "xerox" the folder (12). Technology doesn't
     seem to be your best friend, look at yourself now.

  5. If you already forgot the access code from the blue stickum, this is
     the moment to take a look at it again. If you're sure you noted it down
     correctly and I mean SURE, since you can't come back again, return
     everything to it's original place : the folder in the drawer, the
     letter opener on the desk and the key in the tree's pot. Don't even
     consider that someone could conclude from a look at the copier that
     you've been messing around here. Now enter the door to the left. Lucky
     you, you're in the bathroom and there's a shower on the west wall.
     Enter the shower (7). How embarrassing.

  6. Luckily for you, after your trip ends, you notice some clothes hanging
     on a standard. You don't even have to think, just grab them (1). Since
     you don't know the code to get back up, you can kill some time by doing
     some window-shopping but eventually you have to end up at the extreme
     east side of the recording studio. Enter the code you noted down (you
     still remember, don't you?) from that blue stickum into the combination
     lock at the right-hand side of the door close to the microphone
     standard and enter Control Room B.

  7. Go over to the back and take a tape from the shelve (4). Place the tape
     on the recorder in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Now, click
     your hand-cursor on the mixing panel until you hear "2 Live 2 Screw"
     incriminating theirselves (you'll have to click 6 times or 7 times, if
     you count the first click that doesn't have any effect on the mixing
     panel) (8). Go over to the tape recorder, click on it and start
     recording your second piece of evidence down here (4).

  8. Unlucky again, P.C. Hammer notices you and blocks your way out with
     that heavy microphone standard and leaves. Luckily you see the code he
     enters at the elevator (don't bother, you don't actually get to see
     it). OK, your way out is blocked, let's try something else then. Click
     on the tape recorder to stop recording, click again to rewind the tape
     and once more to take the tape with you (7). Now walk over to the
     microphone hanging over the mixing panel, aim it towards your mouth and
     raise the control room speakers volume to an ear-piercing level. So,
     time for a high note, talk into the mike. Oh Yeeh, you broke the
     window, but you found your way out (15). Time to go back home.

    Points in this section : 101             Total points overall : 647


                               Larry in Miami


  1. You're getting used to it, enter the aiport lobby. Go to the left and
     check out the cigarette machine. Well, you're in Miami, two quarters
     this time (5). And the next one is also becoming a habit, start reading
     add's. You have to find two phone numbers. The first one is a contact
     number to obtain a Green Card : 554-1272 (1), the second one is, you
     already guessed, the North Beach Limousine Rentals phone number :
     554-8544 (1).

  2. Now start calling, using the third phone from the left. Let's try Doc.
     Pulliam (554-3627) first. Nope, line busy. The Green Card then
     (554-1272). You're lucky with this one (7). Of course, you also need a
     limo to get out of that depressing airport (554-8544) (3). Leave the
     airport and grab the Green Card from the trashbin (12). (You don't
     really need this Green Card, but if you're going for the points, make
     sure you have it.) Enter the limo and show Doc. Pulliam's card to the

  3. So here you are, obviously in front of Doc. Pulliam's Dental Hygiene
     Heaven. Enter the door on top of the stairs. Walk over to the table at
     your right-hand side and take the doily from it (5). Go over to the
     window in the back and knock on it. Don't get discouraged. Knock again.
     This time the lady seems to be more willing. But you have to answer a
     lot of questions. Here we go (13) :

       1. Do you have dental insurance? Yes
       2. Do you have LOTS of dental insurance? Yes
       3. Are your teeth overly sensitive? No
       4. Are you allergic to pain? No
       5. Do you ENJOY pain? Yes
       6. Do you enjoy sharing your pain with others? Yes
       7. Do you enjoy mechanical objects in your mouth? Yes
       8. Do you enjoy other people's hands in your mouth? Yes
       9. Do you enjoy rubber in your mouth? Yes
      10. Do you swallow? Yes
      11. Have you ever heard of AIDS? No
      12. Do you know anyone who has ever hired a lawyer? No
      13. Do you know the definition of "malpractice"? No

     (You don't have to fill out this questionnaire to enter the doctor's
     cabinet but it's kind of fun, and rewarding.)

  4. Now, since it seems to be the case you'll have to wait a lot of months
     before you will be able to see Chi Chi Lambada, it's time to start
     thinking. Hey, what's that phone doing over there. Sit down and give
     the Doc. a call (554-3627). Stand up, wear the doily (8) and knock on
     the window again. Well guess what, you are recognized as the patient of
     her collegue Dr. Payne (no kidding), and get instant treatment (17).
     (This would also have happened if you didn't fill out the questionnaire
     and forgot to give the doctor a second call from her waiting room.)

  5. So, you're sitting in the chair, and look who's coming, "target" number
     three : Chi Chi Lambada. Look at here and start playing with her button
     until, yes ... it opens (2). Now start talking to her, but don't talk
     to much. When she asks you if you can help her out to become a
     "documented" worker, you have to REACT FAST. Go into your inventory,
     turn on your camcorder and take the Green Card. Hand it over to Chi Chi

  6. Wow, who could ever have dreamed this, she invites you over to her
     apartment (40). (You would also have been invited to her apartment if
     you didn't give her your Green Card.) Being a real athlete, you're of
     course happy you recorded all this (20).

  7. Back outside, humiliated again, you only have one thing to do. Your
     mission is completed, so you have to get back home. First enter the
     Doc.'s waiting room again and use the phone to order a limo (554-8544).
     Go back outside and enter the limo. At the airport buy a ticket to L.A.
     (4) and board your plane (no more camcorder recharging).

    Points in this section : 153             Total points overall : 800


                               The Big Finale


  1. Did you ever hear of Leisure Suit Bogey and Ingrid Patti? Well, now you
     have. However, be prepared to start looking and reading a lot and doing
     more or less nothing, because from now on, they're throwing points at
     your head. Our good old buddy Larry is dreaming when all of a sudden
     the pilot of his plane decides to stop working. You know what that
     means, a 90 degree turnover of the plane, straight to mother earth.

  2. Heaven knows why, but you wind up in the cockpit with only one
     mission : save your life. Just start clicking on the control panel
     (with your hand-cursor of course) and you will manage it (100). Being
     the big hero of the day, your luck doesn't end. You get a phone call
     from the president, telling you your heroic intervention also saved the
     life of the vice-president's mother. Out of gratitude, you are invited
     over to the White House for a dinner.

  3. In the meantime, we join our heroine Patti in ... the White House.
     Because of the splendid way in which she accomplished her task, Desmond
     arranged a performance for her in the White House (the pour boy is in
     love). Imagine Patti's surprise when she sees Larry entering the dining
     room. After a lot of shit-shat about how they got separated (Patti even
     mentions Larry's amnesia, what crudeness, he never stopped dreaming
     about her), the three of them (yes, good old Desmond doesn't give up,
     but I have to admit, Patti encourages him a little bit) end up at the
     vice-president's table.

  4. Completely against her will and Larry's will, Patti gets involved with
     the big guy sitting at her left-hand side (your right-hand side).
     During that conversation Larry hears the name of the show he's working
     for being mentioned and starts to understand where the money behind the
     show came from. After Patti hears the name Julius, she also starts
     thinking (first time this game) and finds out this was the guy she was
     after all this time. Stupidly enough, she cries it out loudly. Now,
     being gunpointed at, she only has one more thing to do. Use that Hooter
     Shooter and see what it's worth (100).

  5. Tada, The End! You did it, I hope, 1 000 points out of 1 000! Up to a
     nice weekend on Camp David for two and a lot of others (fishing I
     suppose). Don't forget to read what happened to not to miss this last
     one) and all others mentioned in the game after the incident in the
     White House.

    Points in this section : 200           Total points overall : 1 000


                        Some important (phone)numbers


    Larry's Numbers
    New York Limo Service Phone Number              558-4668
    Atlantic City Limo Service Phone Number         553-4468
    Miami Limo Service Phone Number                 554-1272
    Green Card Phone Number                         554-8544
    Doc. Pulliam's Phone Number                     554-3627
    Patti's Numbers (yes, numbers not measures)
    FBI Contact Phone Number                        556-2779
    Mr. Krapper's Office Access Code                45954
    Control Room B Access Code                      Random each game


                            Feedback and comments


     Send any comments or corrections you have on this walkthrough to

     Click here to return to the table of contents.




  Leisure Suit Larry V - "Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work"
               is published and distributed by Sierra On-line
       This walkthrough is written by Erik Gos - All Rights Reserved

                      « 1992-1996, EGOS ProductionsTM

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