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Читы для Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out

Чит-файл для Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip Out

Leisure Suit Larry 6:
Shape Up or Slip Out

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / For Adults

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1994 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Alright guyz... Here it is... The complete document for Leisure Suit Larry 6.
I completed this game in 13 hours. Quite good, huh? And the best of all, I
think I got all the points there are to get. I know there is already a walk-
through for the game, released by SIERRA herself, but it doesn't provide you
what this document has to offer you : a complete solution of ALL the puzzles
in the game. Yepz, that's right. But they really aren't tough, so you should
be able to complete them all by yourself (if you try hard enough of course).

I'm not going to explain how to manage the controls in the game. I suppose you
all are familiar enough with Sierra games to find that out yourself. Well,
here we go.

The meaning of the game is to please some babes finding items for them so you
can get something from them (ya know what I mean!). I'll just start with the
beginning. You will see that this solve sorts out to be a complete chaos, but
that is because I'm writing it down while I'm playing the game.

You start in the lobby of a hopel. Take a key from the box on you left. Now
go down the hall on your right side. Enter the first door. In the middle of
the room is a bench full of ice. Under the ice you'll find an orange. Go
through the next door to enter the kitchen. In the trashcans you'll find a
can of lard. Near the refrigerators is a lift. You can enter this lift to go
to the room of Shamara. Remember this, coz you'll have to use it several times
later on in this game.
Go back to the hall. Further in the hall is a stair. Go down the stair. Now
take a match from the bar. Also plug out the cable of the microphone. Go back
to the hall and go further to the swimming pool. There is a bar floating in
the pool. Take the box from the bar. Open it. You'll find glasses and a little
You also see a green door. Enter it. Join the girls in their work-out. When
class gets dismissed, go talking to the teacher. Do this till you get her
ID-card. Go out through the second door and talk to Thunderbird. She'll
tell you about the handcuffs she needs. Go further to the mud-baths. Their
you'll find Charlotte. Talk to her to find out she needs 6 D-cell batteries.
Go further to the showers. Put off the fluids before going further. Outside
the locker-room you'll find Gary behind a stand. Talk to him, register to
get a towel and also take a brochure. Go back to the lockerroom. Get undressed
and go taking a mud-bath. Once you did this, go take a shower and then get
dressed again. Go back to the faggot. Now go to Rose. Talk to her. You'll
find out you got to get her a real flower and not a plastic one (ofwhich the
hotel seems to be full off). Go out her room.
Now go to the make-up place. Look at Shablee. She'll tell you to get her
a new dress. Also take the electric cord from the chair that ain't working.
Go back to the lobby. Go to the beach. Dig in the sand. You'll find a lamp.
Appearantly it's empty at the moment, so you'll have to fill it up wtith some
kind of oil.
Go to the bar. You'll find there a lady who's singing. Pull out the cable of
the microphone again. When she's sitting, talk to her. She'll tell you to get
her some beer. Now go back to the receptioniste and talk to her till you get
the key of your room and til she told you about the broken cellulose-machine.
She wants you to repait it for her. Now go to your room. Look at the blue, red
and pink card on the desk. Also take the flowers. Now go to your bathroom.
When you activate the sink, you'll notice there's brown water coming out of
it. So go back to room and call Building Maintance to have it repaired. Also
be sure to call Housekeeping. They will leave a 'present' for you on your
pillow. Go out your room. In the hall is a cart. Take toilet paper, soap and
handcreme from the front of the cart and a toilet cover and dental floss from
the back of the cart.
Go back to Rose and give her the flowers (that's one Babe pleased!). Now enjoy
the animation. In return she'll gove you an orchid. Go give it to Samarah.
Goback to your room. In your bathroom you'll find a plummer who's repairing
your sink. Steal a file and a wrench from him. Go out. Leave. The plummer will
also leave the room.
Now go to the garden at the end of the right hall. Wait till Art comes with
his tram. When he turned the car to go back, offer him the match. He will go
for a cigar. Now act quickly. Open the back of the car. Use the wrench to
disconnect the powercable of the car. When Art gets back, the car won't start.
Art will try to repair the car. Offer him some help. He'll give you a lamp to
hold. Once the car is fixed, quickly remove the batteries from the lamp. Then
give it back to Art. Now go bring these batteries to Charlotte (that's the
second babe you please). Now strip away the ends of the electric cable. Use
it to open the door (Yepz, high voltage will do). You will awake
in your room. Go back to the Electro-Shock-room. Find the pearl. Go out
again. In the room of the mud-tubs is a camera. Remove the flowers from the
stairs and then reposition the camera using your wrench. This will distract
guard. No go to the guard (outside the building) and steal the handcuffs he
got with him. Bring them to the girl in the fitness-room. (you already
pleased three girls now). Now find the room of T-Bird. Go in. Enjoy this
rather sadistic animation. When you awake in your room you'll find a dog-
collar in you're inventory. Remove the diamond from it. Go to Samarah. Give
her the golden sculpture, the pearl and the diamond.
Now go to the swimming pool. Find a floating device in the shape of a beaver.
Blow it up holding it against the tire of the car in the kitchen.
Go to the cellulose-machine. Use your wrench to open the red device. Take the
dirty filter from it. Close the device again. Take to filter to the kitchen
and get it cleaned in the sink. Put the cleaned filter in the device again and
make sure to lock it with your wrench.
Go to the fitness room. Take the band from the bun-skaker. Wrap it around the
broken cellulose-machine. Also use the lard on one of the devices. Now go
talking to Gammie and tell her the machine is repaired. Follow her to that
room. She want to get the cellulose 'sucked' out of her body. Once she
s laying
down on the table, attach the tools aboth her to her body. Talk to Gammie.
She'll tell you g-to get a cold cloth. Go out, put the washcloth in the
fontain and then in the refrigerator. Go back to Gammie and put it on her head.
Now she wants a drink. Go down the east hall, till you find a serviceplate.
There is some water on it. Take that water and bring it to Gammie. If she
ask you for an orange, just give her the one you got in your inventory. Ok,
that's it for Gammie. Shell leave (pretty pleased -> number 4). Now fill the
oillamp with cellulose from the tap that is attached to the machine. Go get
a new match. Go up to Samarah. Lite the match in the fire and then use the
match to ite the oillamp. Now gove the oillamp to Samarah.
Now go to the fance at the end of the eastern garden. Use your ID-card to get
in. Inside the tent is bucket filled with beer. Take some beer. Bring it to
the country-singer. Don't forget to pull out the cable of the microphone. Do
this twice to please theis babe (Yepz, babe number four). Now go to the
sauna. Do you remember your date with the workout-girl there? Well, forget
it, even your date will be gone. Why, just keep on talking till you spoil all
the water from the bucket in the sauna over the hot stones. Rather misty, huh?
When the steam clears up, the babes will be gone but one of them lost a silver
bracelet. Take it and bring it to Samarah. Now go taking a shower and get
dressed again.
Go back to the bar. Backstage you'll find the red dress of the singer. Take it
to Shablee (yepz, you pleased the fifth girl). You'll meet her at the beach
lateron that night. Keep on talking, touching her till she's ready for a fuck.
Then just use your condom on her. The condom? You'll find it on the pillow of
your bed in your room. When you awake, you're at your room. Go back to the
beach and take the champagne in the ice-bucket.
Now go to the pool. Use the dental floss on the napkin to make a swimming
suit. Get dressed for a swim. Do this by clicking the suit on your body. Larry
will fo to the bushed to get dressed. Now put your floating device in the water

and float toward the bar in the pool. If you want to talk to the red haired
girl, you'll have to order a drink. Just slam the tail of your beaver in the
water and a waitress will appear. Order a drink. When the waitress asks for
anID show her 'the-key-that-never-fits'. You'll get your drinks. Now talk to
Merrily to find out that she's B.A. (Bungee Addicted). Go back to the side of
the swimming pool and go talking to the guard till you get the key of the lock
to the bunjee-platform from him. Open the lock and go up. Once you're up, make
a copy of the key in the soap. Now use a file to copy the key. Then you gotta
go down again. There's only one way : JUMP! Get out of the pool, return the
key to the guard, put your floating device in the water again and float back
to Merrily. Give her the key. (Hehe, pleased the sixth one!). You meet again
later that night. Follow Merrily upstairs. Once up you have to undress. Then
Merrily will whisper some words in your ear. You're so surprised by her know-
ledge that you fall down the platform. Wow, that's deep.
You awake at your room. Go out. Use the ice-bucket with champagne on the ice
machine to cold the champagne. Go to Samarah. Give her the words that Merrily
said to you and then offer her a glass of champagne.

Well, that's it. You made it throughout the whole game with a maximum of
gamepoints. Now enjoy the final sequence which is really cute. You see. It
wasn't really hard to get through. In fact, you possibly would have made it
without my hints also!

That's it for now folks. I hope you enjoyed it! Really gotta go now coz
"Legend of Kyrandia 2" is already waiting.

Special thnx go out to Sven who helped me playing through the game. In fact
we played it together, so creditz for this solve are not only mine.


Bitbrain -=VSW=-
Sven     -=Nothing yet=-

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