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Читы для Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)

Чит-файл для Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Se...

Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love
(In Several Wrong Places)

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Sierra On-Line
Издатель:Sierra On-Line
Жанры:Adventure / For Adults

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1988 г.

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для

 Welcome back, Larry! It's been a while since we met you in Lost Wages.
You've come to Hollywood to live with your girl, Eve, but it doesn't
look like she's too interested in you. So, it's time for a new
adventure, and who knows? Perhaps even real love!
 First, a word of advice. Walk around the streets of Hollywood until you
know where everything is located. You'll spend a lot of unnecessary time
trying to find your way if you don't. (Also, as with all Sierra games,
you should save the game regularly).

Lottery and dating game
 You start the game carrying nothing at all. Right now you are
penniless. Go into the garage. Move to the right until you can't be seen
anymore. Look in Eve's pants. Wow, you've struck it rich! A whole dollar
 There's not much you can do with a dollar nowadays, other than buy a
Lottery ticket. So go to the Quickie-Mart and buy one. Pick six numbers
(any numbers will do). Now, off to the TV station to see if it's your
lucky day.
 Go up the steps, inside the door, and walk over to the secretary. (Not
a very bright secretary, I might add!) Give her your ticket to check the
numbers. Oh well, she can't read them without her glasses. But she has
the perfect solution, she'll tell you the winning numbers. Write down
(or just remember) the numbers she tells you. When she asks you what
your numbers were, just repeat those numbers back to her. (Come on. You
didn't expect Larry to really win the Lottery, did you?) She'll tell you
to wait in the green room. Go in, sit down on the chair, and wait.
 Time for Larry to play THE DATING GAME. The Dating Game? There must be
a mistake. Oh well, it can't hurt. In you go as bachelor number 2. (The
game more or less plays itself. Answer her questions however you like;
it doesn't make a difference to the game). Larry, this really seems to
be your day: You've won a cruise with lovely bachelorette Barbie!
 When you leave, sit down on the chair again. Now to receive your
lottery check. (The lottery also happens without too much help from
you.) One million bucks, Larry, you're a rich man! But where can you
change a million dollar bill?

Molto lira, quickie-mart, passport, barber, and music store
 Go to Molto Lira (the suit shop), and buy a swimsuit. The girl will
give you change. Go to Swab Drugs and buy sunscreen (it's on the left
wall). Go to the Quickie-Mart and buy a Grotesque Gulp. Now go back to
Eve's house. Search the garbage can. Search it again. What's that? A
Passport! Go to the barber and sit in the chair to get a haircut. (One
thing there's no shortage of in this game is barbers.) Now, go back to
the music store, go in, and talk to the girl. Hm! Must be a case of
mistaken identity. After a short conversation, she'll give you an
 As there doesn't seem to be much else happening in Hollywood, go to the
dock (it's the screen to the far right of the barber screen). Show the
man your ticket, and he'll let you on the ship. Larry, you are about to
set sail with lovely bachelorette Barbie!


Mama'a room, barber, and bar
 Enter your room. Not what you expected, is it? Take the fruit from the
stand. (Save the game here.) Go into the adjoining room through the door
on the right. Who is that? Barbie's mom? Well, things aren't going the
way you'd planned. Do NOT go near her bed (unless you have saved the
game and want to see Mama in action)! Leave the room and go back in
again. Eventually, the room will be empty. Now this requires some fast
moving; Mama has the tendency to return while you are searching her
room. Open the night stand, get sewing kit, and get out of the room.
 Go upstairs to the barber shop. It's at the front of the ship. Sit
down, and you'll get another haircut. Go up to the bar, and take the
spinach dip (it's on the left of the bar). Go back down to your room and
change into your swimsuit.
Swimming pool and escape from ship
 Time for a swim. Go back upstairs to the pool at the back of the ship.
It's hot here; you'd better put on sunscreen. Go into the water (type
SWIM or you'll drown), go to the center of the pool, and dive. What's
that? A bikini top? (Who leaves bikini tops at the bottom of a pool
anyway?) Get it, then climb up the ladder and out of the pool. You'd
better put on more sunscreen after that swim. Now, go and lie down on
the empty chair. When the girl comes over, ignore her! Do NOT follow
her: She's a KGB agent and will kill you! After she leaves, wait a few
moments. Then, go to your room and change back into your leisure suit.
 Now to get off the ship. Go up to the bridge (it's right at the top of
the ship). Walk over to the control panel on the right wall. Pull the
switch (it looks like a blue stick), then go down to the lifeboats
(they're half-way up to the bar). Jump in the lifeboat. As soon as you
start drifting away, wear the wig, and throw the spinach overboard. The
ocean scene will take care of itself. Make sure you have the fruit,
sewing kit, and drink (the Grotesque Gulp) with you.

Nudist beach and jungle (restaurant, hotel, and barber)
 When you arrive at the island go to the left. Larry, you should be
ashamed of yourself: This is a nudist beach! The girl on the rock might
invite you to follow her; DON'T! She's also a KGB agent, and will kill
you. Go back to the right, and go down into the jungle.
 The jungle scene is long, (a little) funny, and (thankfully) takes care
of itself. You'll find yourself in a restaurant. Wait until you're
seated (this guy has no respect at all!), then go to the buffet table on
the left, and take the knife. Leave the restaurant and go back into the
jungle. What? You've seen this before? No, you couldn't have! This time
you find yourself in a hotel. Take the matches. Leave the maid alone
(yes, Larry, unfortunately all the pretty girls in this game are
dangerous). Leave the hotel and go into the jungle again. Keep typing
GET FLOWERS. Eventually you'll be near enough to get them. You are now
in a barber shop. Sit down. (You knew that by now, didn't you?)
 Hey, you're back where you started! Go back to the nudist beach. (Can't
keep away, can you Larry?) Take the bikini bottom from the rock where
the nude girl was lying. Once again, into the jungle. When you get to
the restaurant, just leave. Now, to disguise yourself: In the hotel
room, put on the bikini. Wait, you still don't look like a girl. Put
money in bikini top; that's better! But what about all that body hair?
Back to the barber shop, sit down, and your transformation's complete!
Larry, you make a very pretty girl! Go back into the jungle one last
time, and you're once again on the beach.


Cliffs, Airport, and bomb
 Go to the right, and walk right past the KGB agents. Very clever,
Larry! They have no idea who you are. Now to get over past these cliffs.
(Look tough, don't they? Actually, I don't know anyone who has managed
to fall yet!) At the end of the cliffs -- before the screen changes --
change back into your leisure suit.
 Give the flower to the Krishnas. Enter the airport. You really could do
with a haircut! (After all, it's been four whole screens since you saw a
barber.) Go to the left, enter the barber store at the top, and sit
down. Take the hair tonic. Now to buy a plane ticket. Look at those
lines. Is there any way to clear the crowd? Go to the right and show the
guard your passport. Go to the next screen and over to the baggage line.
Take each case off. Eventually you'll find one with a bomb in it! The
game takes over here. Yes, that's one way to clear a crowd (although
probably not the most practical)!

Ticket and insurance
 Buy a ticket at the counter. Go back past the guard (you'll have to
show him your passport again), and past the baggage screen. Order the
Blue Plate Special, but don't eat it! Just take the bobby pin from the
plate. Now go to the machines on the right. Buy insurance. Well, I
suppose a parachute could be considered insurance. Get on the ramp. (Has
your mind ever wandered?) When you reach the end of the ramp, walk over
to the counter. Take a pamphlet, then give the man your ticket. Whew!
You just made that flight!

Plane and paruchute
 Sit down on the plane. Good thing you're slim, isn't it? As soon as the
pilot finishes talking, take the airsick bag from the seat pocket. That
neighbor of yours is a pain; perhaps if he has something to read, he'll
leave you alone. Better give him the pamphlet.
 Stand up and go to the back of the plane. Wear the parachute. Go to the
door (you can't actually see it; it's at the bottom of the screen near
the back). Use the bobby pin to unlock the door. Turn the handle, and
open the door. As soon as the next screen appears, type PULL RIPCORD.
Wow, Larry! You're getting pretty brave in this game, aren't you? You
(typically) get stuck in the tree. Use your knife to cut the ropes.


Killer bees, anaconda, quicksand, and vines
 Pick up the stick from the ground near where you fell. To pass the bush
with the killer bees, go as close as you can to the bush (save the game
first), and crawl underneath. Go down to the next screen, and wait at
the bottom until the anaconda decides to have you for lunch. Once it
starts to come toward you, type HOLD STICK. That's it! You've jammed his
jaws! Go to the right.
 The next screen is a little tricky, depending on which display you're
using (I actually found this part easiest on monochrome). You have to
cross the quicksand. There are spots that are marked in a lighter color:
Walk on these spots. (Save the game whenever you make some progress.)
After the quicksand, you find yourself facing a river filled with
piranha fish! To cross, go to the hanging vine (towards the right) and
type JUMP. Then immediately type JUMP again to swing to the next vine.
Repeat this until you get across. One of the vines on the other side is
loose. You never know when a vine will be of use, so take the vine. Now
enter the next screen (either right or down will do). Sit back and watch
a 5-minute cartoon: You've earned it, Larry! (Did you know that Larry
was a computer programmer?)

 Now look what you've gotten yourself into! Out of love for Kalauau, you
decide to help the villagers rid themselves of the evil Dr. Nonookee.
When Chief Kennywauwau shows you the chasm, go back to the fire pit in
the middle of the village and take the ashes. Go back to the chasm,
stand in the center, and throw the vine. It catches onto the branch, and
swings you across. How are you going to get back to your beloved Kalauau
without that vine?

Glacier and elevator
 Go to the bottom of the glacier. When you reach the steps, throw the
ashes to melt the ice, and go up. What's that? An elevator? Now how are
you going to get in there? Look at what you are carrying. Hm, make a
Molotov cocktail! (This piece is very text sensitive.)
 Go to the crevice on the right (where the steam comes out). Stand on
the left and type PUT THE AIRSICK BAG IN THE HAIR TONIC. If you are told
that "the area is not conducive to bombing," move a little, and try
again. Next, light the airsick bag with your matches, and throw the
bottle into the crevice. BOOOOM! You did it! The elevator door opens!
 In you go! The computer takes over from here. Sit back and enjoy a
15-minute finale, Larry: You sure deserve it!

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