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Читы для Les Manley: Search for the King

Чит-файл для Les Manley: Search for the King

Les Manley:
Search for the King

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Даты выхода игры

вышла (дата выхода неизвестна)

Solution [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
After having enjoyed the introduction sequence, you start in your own
office. Open the desk drawer and take both the thermos and the lunch bag.
Try to use the phone (this will get you extra points), listen to the radio
and read the calendar. Walk to the east.

Oh look, a door. Let's open it and discover some new areas of the
game...... No way JosВ, find the key first. Darn! Walk over to the
drinking fountain (yes, it's a drinking fountain. now don't tell me you
didn't see that!) and fill your thermos (after having opened it, of
course) with the water. Walk to the east twice.

This is your boss' office and what's that lying on his desk? I bet it's
the key to that closed door. Come on and steal it! Nah, better think of a
way to distract his attention. Remember the calendar? It said that today
your proba- tion period is over, so why don't you ask for a raise. It
works! Wait until your boss has his eyes fixed on Stella and grab the
keys. My, aren't you a sneaky little one. Okay, before you leave, watch
some TV and then go to.. yep, you've guessed it; the hall with the closed
door. Unlock, open and enter the door. Is that all? An equipment room?
Yes, that's all, but it's enough. Take the ID from the toolbox and leave
this room. Walk to the east.

Push the button and enter the elevator. The lobby. Doesn't seem really
exiting at first side. Wrong! Have a look at Dave's dream! Now don't get
all sweaty, you've got a game to play. Take the dream. ????. Yes, come on
and take it. I didn't create the game, so don't blame me for insanities
like this. There are many more to come. Okay, open the door and leave the
lobby. Walk east twice.

Walk over to the door and knock. Ding dong! Show your ID and you're in.
Now what? Go and sit next to Bobbi. If you want you can chat with her for
an hour or so, but since it's not necesary, I won't. Just ask for a soda.
You know polite people don't do that, but since you're not polite, what
the heck? After she's put the soda on the table, ask her to show you the
scarf. She'll also put that on the table. Now pour the soda on the scarf.
That's cruel, but effective. Don't mind yourself being thrown out, you've
reached your goal. Walk to the east. Climb the fence and take the scarf.
It's the first part of your KING-outfit. Climb the fence again and walk to
the west five times. Oh great, the circus is in town! Walk over to the
black part in the left of the screen.

Knock on the trailer door and ask for a job. Yes, I know you already have
one, but a man's got to take every opportunity to build a carreer. Now,
walk to the south. Take the shovel and start working. When you think
you've done enough you finish working and walk over to the trailer. Knock
on the door again and ask for the ticket. You are now officialy licenced
to visit the circus. Yipieee! Walk to the east. Walk over to the gypsy
wagon and have a look at it. Enter the wagon.

Ask about your destiny eight times. Isn't she cute? Shall we? Yes, why
not: Kiss Mme. Zarmooska....... What the hell? I think you'll have to take
some kissing lessons. But now she's gone, you'd better take advantage of
the situa- tion. Take the wax and push the lizard (trust me, I know what
I'm doing). You see, there's your free resurrection card. Might come handy
later. Now, get the hell out of here and walk over to the weight lifter.
See the difference between Luigi and his picture? He can't get his
mustache stiff anymore. Just his mustache? Could be worse. Now give him
the wax. Bril- liant uh? Now his mustache is alright again and he starts
lifting weight. Take the rosin and scram. Go to the bigtop.

Take some popcorn and enter the bigtop. Oops, troubles! Don't worry, just
drop the popcorn and walk to the east. Hmm, the rungs of that ladder are a
bit slippery, maybe the rosin will help, so give it to Fred. Yep, there he
goes and OUCH! he'll never go again. So since he won't be needing it
anymore, you take his cape and leave the bigtop. Walk over to Helmut Bean,
the world's smallest man. Helmut seems a little depressed. Maybe it'll
help if you give him the dream. You are clever! Did you figure that out
all by yourself? Now take Helmut. Remember the mailbox in front of the bus
station. Walk over there and put Hel- mut in it. Hey, that's cool man; You
don't even have to write the adress on the package. Yeah, thank god,
because you don't even know where YOU are going. Be grateful I do. Okay,
walk back to the circus and go to the Test-O-Strength or Strength-O-Test
or whatever and step on it. Bon voyage!

Did you have a pleasant flight? Walk to the east twice and answer the
phone. Soucy picture. Drink the water and walk to the west twice. Remove
Helmut from the mailbox and walk to the west. Climb the steps and enjoy
your ride in the ramp. Nice lobby, almost as big as your bathroom. Walk
over to the guy behind the counter and ask him to page Mr. Fabulous (You
don't know that Mr. Fabulous is here, but I do and that's what matters).
Walk to the northwest. The human flesh is glinstering so much, you wish
you had a pair of sunglasses. That can be arranged. Walk to the west. Sit
on the chair. Now don't go licking the screen or else you won't be able to
see the other great graphics in the game. Just wait until she's in the
water and take her pair of sunglasses (I told you that could be arranged).
Walk to the east four times.

Enter the elevator and push the button. Walk to the east. Enter the
bathroom and take the dental floss. Watch some TV, it might be
interesting. Have you seen that skeleton key on the maid's cart? I bet
that could open the door you need to open. So take it? Har har, she won't
let you. Then kill her! Nope, doesn't work either. You will have to
distract her attention, just like you did with your boss'. Okay, sit on
the bed, remove the Don't Disturb Sign from the door, turn it and put it
back on the door. Now wait until Juanita is leaning over the bed and take
the key. Simple uh? Thought so. Walk to the west.

Enter the elevator and push the button. Tatatada! Another suite. Walk to
the west. Tie the dental floss to Helmut, put him (Helmut, that is) in the
drain and... voila, a cleaner's receipt. Just what you need to get the
white suit from the cleaner's. Take the dental floss and walk to the east.
Enter the elevator and push the button. Walk to the west.

Open the door and enter the cleaner's. What did I tell you about the great
graphics? Ask her about the KING and show the receipt. Now take the suit
and leave the hotel. You're standing outside and you're in need of
transportation. So what do you do? Yep........hitchhike!

Don't even think of trying to open the gates. This is an adventure,
remember? Things aren't as simple as in real life. Walk to the south and
go to Red's Bar. Enter the phone booth and put on your outfit. Yes! You
look just like the KING (when he had been sick for a couple of months).
Okay, open the door and enter the bar. This is your big chance. Go on and
DANCE!.... Uh well, maybe you could use a little practice. Walk south and
enter the big house. I bet there's an alarm in the other room and I
suppose it wouldn't hurt looking for the switch in the bear's mouth. Admit
it, I'm a genius. Just put your little friend in the mouth and that's
that. Now walk east. Take the microphone and the guitar. The latter
doesn't seem to be perfectly alright so, clever as you are, you fix it
with the dental floss. Walk to the west.

Walk north. Take the banana from the fruit bowl and open the door. What's
that? It won't open. That son of a.... didn't make an entrance to the
kitchen. .......Yes he did. Follow me upstairs.

Nice bedroom. Just open the bureau, push the mechanism and slide down the
pole. Now don't tell me you couldn't have figured that out yourself.
You'll probably be getting a little dizzy, so why don't you leave the
pole, open the counter, take the bread, stand on the right side of the
stove, with your face to the rear wall and make a sandwich? Now you look
much better. Walk to the door, open it and go back to Red's Bar. Enter the
bar and once you're on stage, DANCE! this time is works better, I might
even say; too good. But this is what you wanted so you head of to heaven.
Isn't it great to see guys like John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix and Roy Orbison
back, and... look there's our big friend Elv.. I mean the KING. Too bad,
you can't stay, but you wanted to take your resurrection card with you and
now you are back on earth.......and you've won the contest: SEARCH FOR THE

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