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Читы для LHX: Attack Chopper

Чит-файл для LHX: Attack Chopper

Attack Chopper

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Electronic Arts
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Simulator (Helicopter) / 3D

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1990 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
                                Attack Chopper

If you're into cheating, use the LHX.  It is by far the fastest, most
manouverable helicopter of the roster.  It has limited weapons, but
Sidewinders for helicopters and airplanes, and Hellfire for others,
leaving the chain for stupid things (Men...), it is all you need.

If you're a serious player, use the Apache.  It is slower, but has
a wider arsenal.  You can complete any mission using it, save for the
Air Intercept one which requires BEAUCOUP of Sidewinders, but if you
are good, you can use FFAR's instead.

For cargo missions, use the Osprey.  General advice is to convert to
airplane mode (Using V while moving forward), and get in and get-the-hell-
out before you have to face any airplanes.  If you cruise low (150 feet)
enough and fast enough, you should have no problems.

CTRL-R = Recharge all weapons (including flares and chaffs) and even resores
         *Damaged* weapons.  It does not undo DAMAGE!

CTRL-U = Change yer shape!  Look from side, rotating, etc, and you can see
         your "new" look.  Notice the shadow stays the same.  The double
         bladed helicopter is cool, give that a try.  EA also included
         a flying truck!  Sorry, but the enemy will not be fooled by your


While under intense helecopter fire, it is convenient to change into a truck
and land directly ontop of one.  Half of the missiles will hit it, and then
after it is toast, run like hell(fire)!

In free-flight, or if you think you're cool because everything on the map
is smokin', cruise on up to the absolute top of the map!  Use F3 to find your
way, or set HDG: to 0.  When you get there, you should notice that it says
that you are moving when the ground stays still!  Confusing?!?  You can't go
off of the map, and that is a safety feature.  Ammunition can still go over,
so why not take a look with a TOW?

If you waste everything around you, save for A Mig, select it as the target
and watch it merrily waste you.  It should run out of ammo, before you
run out of flares, and you can watch it fly all the way back to the airport
to when it lands.  Use F8 or ShF10 for this.  Be sure that there is nothing
on radar when you do this.

If you are really bored, try level 5!  This will ensure that you come back
thouroughly perforated.  Pull out some hair?

If you are through with that, try target practice on the runway.  Fly over
at max speed at an altitude of about 200 feet, and hit every single dash
on the runway with an FFAR.  If you miss, try again.  If you don't, try
doing it at a lower altitude and using time compression (`T' key).

Don't you just love TOW missiles?  Load up with them, and hit full throttle
on the runway.  Time compress to save time.  Retract gear if avaliable.
When you reach 10,000 or 15,000 feet, stop ascending and put the stick forward
and fire a TOW.  You should see it go way down, and circle around, and then
feel a nasty bang.  Look through F10, and see for yourself.  It should go
around once or twice or even three times and smack into the helecopter.
Keep on doing this for even more enjoyment.  If you want more of a challenge,
fly away from the helecopter, and then fly back.  Use T if required.
You should eventually get smashed to death, and should plummet 10,000 feet
to the runway.  You leave a nice long smoke trail, and a black hole at that!

If you are dumb, load up with FFARs and try to nuke a mountain.  Good luck.

Use F6 for ground view, and then position the helecopter directly over it,
and you will get an inside view of the helecopter!

Pan around using F9 on Zoom: 1.  Stretch things much?

Fly the helecopter using a "remote control".  Try to shoot things using the
ground view.  It is much harder than you think.

Try to shoot your missiles. (Can it be done?)

Try to land on a mountain!  (You blow when you touch it!)

Shoot down a Mig using a chain gun.  Notice that the guns do not lock on
targets that are in the air.

Time yourself.  See how long it takes you to completely demolish a city
in Vietnam (Any bridge crossing a river has a city nearby).  It can be
done in around 2 minutes, with everything smoldering.  Use FFAR's for
the fastest time.


If you think that CTRL-R is a pain in the BUTT because it gives you a mission
score of ZERO the instant you touch it?  Try this to get ample ammo.

Pull out your handy file editor, like Mace utils, or Norton.  Load the file
LHX.EXE for editing.  Start editing at Hex offset 3A018, offset 237,592.  The
beginning should be the same, but the rest should be different.  The following
was produced using the Norton Utility.  Make the screen contain the same hex
codes as on this list.

4F570000 494E5445 524E414C 00000403 03026C13 AC260A00
00000000 4814AC26 011C14AC 2601F013 AC260200 00000000
A014AC26 017414AC 26010000 00000000 E011DC05 05000000
00000C12 AC260A1C 14AC2601 F013AC26 02A014AC 26017414
AC260100 00000000 1C14AC26 01F013AC 2602A014 AC260174
14AC2601 00000000 00009813 AC260A00 00000000 4814AC26
011C14AC 2601F013 AC260200 00000000 A014AC26 017414AC
26010000 00000000 6412AC26 0A000000 00006412 C4090A48
14AC2601 1C14AC26 01F013AC 2602A014 AC260174 14AC2601

Good luck on your game!

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