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Читы для M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration

Чит-файл для M.A.X.: Mechanized Assault and Exploration

Mechanized Assault and Exploration

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Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Interplay Productions
Издатель:Interplay Productions
Жанры:Strategy (Turn-based) / Top-down
Multiplayer:(4) hot seat, модем, нуль-модем, LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1996 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Strategy to the M.A.X.
by Steve Perrin

Writing  a  strategy guide for a game  can be a proposition fraught with
peril. In this essay I will attempt to avoid that peril and provide some
helpful  hints  based  on basic strategy  and  how it is implemented, or
avoided, in M.A.X..

In  general,  I  will be dealing with  long  term games of conquest, the
Custom  Games. The tactical scenarios included  with the game often have
divergent  strategies  and special lineups of  units that might or might
not ever arise in a standard conquest game.

How It Works

The  first  thing  to  keep firmly in  mind  with  M.A.X. is that it was
purposely  designed  to emulate a chess game  with a lot more variety of
units  and terrain. It doesn't look much  like a chess game, but certain
elements stand out.

For instance, attack and damage are constants. In chess, if a unit moves
into  a  square  (is in range of  the  square) the piece already in that
square  is  taken. In M.A.X., if a unit  is in range of another unit and
shoots at it, the target will be hit. Unlike chess the target may not be
instantly  destroyed, but it will be hit for a certain amount of damage.
This  damage  is always the same from  any  one unit. Only upgrading the
unit can change the damage it does.

Thus,  if  you are used to games where  a frontal assault by a few units
might  succeed because there is a chance  the opposition will miss and a
chance  that  the damage the hits do  will  be small, erase that mindset
now.  In  the  worlds  of  M.A.X.,  targeting  is  an  exact science and
munitions  are manufactured to rigorous  tolerances. The sights will put
the  shell into the best possible spot  and the shell will always do its
exact amount of damage.

Obviously,  Electronic  CounterMeasures are  useless in M.A.X.. Sighting
devices  cannot be fooled. It's a hard  fact that a M.A.X. Commander has
to learn to live with.

The Right Unit For the Right Job

There  is  no  such thing as the  ultimate  unit available to the M.A.X.
Commander. Every unit has its uses and liabilities and every unit can be
upgraded  far beyond its base attribute  levels. Tanks and Assault Guns,
with  their ability to partially move  and still fire, are excellent for
open  field battles with lots of movement. Put them up against implaced,
well-supplied-and-informed missile units and they become so much debris.
Ground  Attack planes are devastating  against undefended ground and sea
units, but drop like flies when anti-air units are present and prepared.
Implaced  anti-air  units are virtually  invincible against a reasonable
number  of  ground  attack planes, but  cannot  do  anything if they are
caught  moving.  Move  your mobile anti-air  weapons  and you leave your
other units wide open for the ground attack planes.

Some  of these weaknesses are obvious, some  are not so obvious and are,
in  fact, game balance decisions. Here  are some hard-learned lessons we
can pass on so you don't have to learn them in the middle of a battle.

*  Keep  mobile radar scanners or scouts  with  your long range units so
they can make the best use of their range. Protect moving groups against
ground attack planes with fighters, not mobile anti-aircraft.
* Do not put tanks in the first line of a beachhead defense force unless
you  just want to provide targets for  enemy ships. Pull your tanks back
and  keep  them  as  a reaction  for  against  breakthroughs. If you are
defending  a small area, don't build tanks, build gun turrets and mobile
units with long range weapons.
*  If you are facing a foe without much air capacity, you can use scouts
instead  of  escorts  to provide  information  for  gunboats and missile
*  Submarines  can  be  devastating  to  a  sea-based  power.  Corvettes
and-Ground Attack Planes dedicated to protecting shipyards and docks and
sea  mines may seem like a needless expense until these facilities start
blowing up in your back yard. Of course, a sea mine field is also a good

*  Mine  fields  are always useful as  a  protection. Your units are not
affected  by  them and the only enemy  units that can find them (without
blowing  up in the process) are very fragile. The best use of minefields
is  in front of a position that  can be protected by infantry and scouts
to take care of surveyors and minelayers.

*  Infiltrators are always useful. Even if  they just keep an enemy from
using  an  eco-sphere  for  a  few  turns,  their  contribution  can  be
invaluable.  Remember that Armored Personnel Carriers are amphibious and
virtually  invisible  unless  on  land. The  only  real  failing  of the
infiltrator  is  that  its ability to  take  over or disable enemy units
contains  the  game's sole concession  to probabilities. There is always
the  chance of failure, and the chance that failure will bring discovery
and disaster.

Strategic Upgrading

The  right  upgrade to units can make  all the difference in a long-term
game  and  in some of the tactical  scenarios  we have provided with the
game. But what should you be putting your research and upgrade time into

*  Attack  adds to the damage done  by a combat vehicle's weapon. It can
make   a  definite  difference,  especially  if  multiple  upgrades  are
purchased.  Enemy  units designed to be able  to absorb two or more hits
suddenly  start blowing up early. This can be very discomfiting. And, of
course,  it  is absolutely necessary if  the enemy has invested in armor

*  Range  is a costly upgrade. It  is also vital. For tanks, remember to
upgrade the scan (also costly) as well as the range. Having tanks with a
range  and  scan  of  5  when everyone  else  has  4  will  make all the

*  Small increases in Armor and Hit  Points are not very significant and
cost accordingly. Go for a second upgrade in these elements. It can make
the  difference  in being destroyed in two  shots or taking two hits and
getting back to a repair unit to fight again.

*  Speed  is  relatively  cheap  upgrade  and  can  make  a  significant
difference,  particularly  for units that  are normally slow. Fast tanks
are always frightening, and fast repair units and supply trucks can make
the difference between a blitzkrieg and a deliberate advance.

* Shots are the most expensive upgrade for a combat vehicle because they
can  make  all  the  difference. A  missile  crawler  with two shots can
suddenly  both  move  and fire¦a  deadly  attack combined with mobility.
Buying  an  extra  shot with a vehicle  is  always  worth it, if you can
afford it.

What to Build First?

A  M.A.X. Commander who has just landed on a planet has two imperatives.
Build  a successful colony and defend the colony. Unfortunately, this is
the classic guns and butter problem. You have only so many resources and
only  so much to do with them in  a restricted period of time. Likely as
not,  the opposition is going to find you early and you have to be ready
to defend your colonists. But you have to have colonists to defend or it
is pointless to build up a major defense force. The classic tactic is to
put your constructor to work on a Light Vehicle plant while the Engineer
works on storage units for the mining station and connectors between the
plant  and  the  mine. Extra  constructors  (which  generally don't have
supplies  at the start of a game) need to be put to work on the habitats
and  other colonial buildings like eco-spheres, training halls, barracks
and  research  centers.  Extra  engineers  need  to  set  up  some fixed
defenses, like anti-air, radar, and missile installations.
Early  on, you also need a heavy  unit plant to build the major fighting
vehicles  and  an  air unit factory.  Don't  forget  things like depots,
hangers,  and,  where  appropriate, shipyards  and  docks. Everything is
necessary except in special circumstances.
Once you have these facilities working, you are left with deciding which
units  to  build in them. In the  early  game, scouts are always useful.
Extra surveyors can be good if there is a lot of area to check for vital
resources. Engineers and supply trucks are good. If you get into a fight
early  on,  then bulldozers should be built  as soon as possible to take
advantage  of  the  debris.  Sometimes  the  debris  you  pick  up off a
battlefield  can  keep a colony alive  until the second and third mining
stations are built.
Which  air  unit  to  build is always  a  good  question.  Air units are
fragile. Anti-Air units are very powerful. Sometimes the best investment
is  Air  Transports  to  haul your units  around  the  map and set up in
out-of-the-way  places for unexpected attacks on  the enemy. An AWACs is
an excellent investment, especially if protected by a flock of fighters.
Upgrading  the  scan  of an AWACs might  be  very important in the later
stages  of  a game, to avoid being  brought  down by anti-air units with
extended range.
As  stated  earlier,  Ground  Attack  Planes  can  be devastating. Since
airplanes  never  have to land except to  rearm  and be repaired in this
game,  they  are  best  used at the  fringes  of  a conflict, taking out
constructors  and  engineers  trying  to  build  new  facilities, moving
columns  of  enemy units without  fighter support, and wayward surveyors
and scouts. They don't have a lot of use in straight conflict unless the
enemy  has  somehow  been deprived of  anti-air  units through an active
ground  offense  or gunboat bombardment. In  such  cases, they can range
throughout the enemy position and destroy his strategic facilities.
However.  if  the  player is using the  right  clan and can produce them
early,  enemy ground units are easy meat  for the Ground Attack plane if
the opposition hasn't built any anti-air units.
Also, ground attack planes with upgraded range and good intelligence are
probably the best answer to the anti-air problem. Anti-air is often only
as  good  as its supporting radar. Take  out enemy radar and your ground
attack planes have a longer lifetime on a battlefield.

Passive Defense

In  a game with a lot of units  running around, it is easy to lose track
of  the  fixed defenses and  the  passive defensive. Implaced artillery,
missiles, radar, and anti-air have obvious uses. Other elements, such as
concrete blocks and mines, can seem like superfluous afterthoughts.

The  main use for these two elements is in channeling the approach of an
enemy force. As the tips for the game state, it is not necessary to fill
up  every  square  of the map grid with  a  mine to create anxiety in an
attacking  opponent. If one unit blows up  in an area, the whole area is
suspect until it has been swept¦a laborious process. Use a few scattered
mines  to  make  an opponent channel an  attack  into an area covered by
every weapon the defender owns.

Concrete  blocks  are less subtle, but  also  less easy to eliminate. An
enemy  trying for a quick knockout can be very frustrated by the blocks,
particularly  if  he doesn't have the  long  range detection gear to see
them until he is in mid-attack.

Intelligence Gathering

In  M.A.X., Intelligence gathering is essentially the employment of lots
of  radar and the use of infiltrators. It is never a bad idea to upgrade
radar  range  and  build  radar units,  both  fixed  and  moving. Mobile
Scanners  are  quite  capable of operating  at  all times, unlike mobile
anti-aircraft  units, and the information they  bring in on the move can
be  vital to an attacking force or to a colonial force trying to get the
lay  of  the  land. One unit that  can  provide  knowledge of an enemy's
location  and  composition  is worth  three  combat units flailing about
blindly  without  a clue. Remember this  when determining what units you
will build.

Interesting Initial Deployments

Common  unit selection for an initial  mining station colony follows the
ones shown in the training scenarios. Constructor, Engineer, a couple of
scouts,  a  surveyor, and perhaps a couple  of tanks and an assault gun.
This  is a balanced group meant  to handle threats from similar balanced

But here are a couple of other possibilities you might want to try.

*  The Scout Horde is a deployment  that fills up with scouts, perhaps a
bit  upgraded  in  Attack and Speed. A  new  colony group can have up to
about  8  of these vehicles. If you think  you are going to land near an
enemy  colony, this is an ideal force  to swarm his defenses and destroy
his  mining station and power generator  and building vehicles before he
knows  what  hit him. You are, however,  putting everything on a fall of
the  cards  that puts you close to  your opposition. If he is far enough
away  to have time to build more scouts and other heavier units, you may
be destroyed easily when you finally make contact.

*  The Defenders option calls for  extra construction vehicles, very few
scouts  (maybe just one) a scanner and  a couple of missile crawlers and
or  rocket  launchers.  The  plan  is  to  sit  tight,  call very little
attention  to  yourself, and destroy anything  that gets close. It might
work  best  on an island off to the  side of a planetary map. A Defender
will probably lose to a Scout Horde unless he has had time to build.

*  The Heavy Metal option does away with scouts entirely in order to add
another tank or two or assault gun. Use tanks in teams of two to do your
exploring  and  hit  anything  you  find as  hard  as  you  can.  It's a
reconnaissance  in force tactic and chancy, but it might mean destroying
an  enemy before he can get started. This will work best on a world with
lots  of  connected  land, though it might  also  work on a landing area
that's  a  large  island. And, of course,  if  you build a light vehicle
plant  early, you will have scouts to  take care of wider scouting after
you secure the immediate area.

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