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Читы для Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds

Чит-файл для Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds

Magic Carpet 2:
The Netherworlds

 За игрой пока никто не наблюдает. Первым будете?

Выдержка из Энциклопедии игр

Разработчик:Bullfrog Productions
Издатель:Electronic Arts
Жанры:Action (Shooter) / Simulator / 3D / 1st Person
Multiplayer:(8) LAN

Даты выхода игры

вышла в 1995 г.

Hint [ENG]

Информация актуальна для
Although it can be very satisfying to complete a game under your own steam,
sometimes it helps if you get a few pointers in the right direction!

For this reason the programmers of Theme Park, Magic Carpet and Magic Carpet
II have put together

The Important thing is to keep in mind, when making the transition from Magic
Carpet to Magic Carpet 2 is that while the newer game is an improved and
enhanced version of the original, it's still at heart the same game. While you
may be firing different spells to different monsters, the actual tactics of
flying and spell casting remain pretty much the same

If you're busy cleaning out a level and the exit is visible, be careful not to
get too close the exit mark - it might pull you right through before you are
ready to leave. Hanging around after the world is finished also increases your
chance of finding experience scrolls. In fact, on many worlds the switch to
reveal extra experience scrolls isn't even set until all your objectives are
completed. Even then the experience just appear - you have to fly around and
do something to get it. Entrances to secret worlds also often don't appear
until late in the world - often about the same time that the main exit appears
- and when they do appear, they are camouflaged and need to be ferreted out.
In short, don't be in a hurry to leave the level until you're convinced that
you've got everything you might want out of it.

Secret Worlds
Hidden along your route through the netherworlds are five secret worlds. You
don't have to visit them to visit the game, and their entrances are usually
concealed. Each secret world can only be accessed through one specific
"regular" world. You can play through the entire game without even noticing
they exist. The secret worlds are treasure-houses. They're loaded with extra
experience scrolls, and even allow you to pick up a couple of high-power
spells several levels earlier than you would have on the normal corse of
things. Visiting and beating a secret world is a guaranteed power boost. They
usually involve a tough fight, and a few puzzles, but they're not loaded with
traps and they're never visited by other wizards. The entrances to the secret
worlds usually don't appear until late in the world, and even then they're
hidden, often by a building. If you can encounter a larger and sinister -
looking building that you're pretty certain didn't exist a minute ago, it's a
pretty good idea to blast away at it for awhile, just in case it happens to
conceal the entrance to a secret world.


* Use your fireball spell extensively. The more you use each spell, the more
experience you gain in that spell and the more rapidly youll achieve higher
spell levels. The Fire Storm (Fireball level 3) is one of the most powerful
offensive spells in the game and is superb when combined with other offensive

* Once youve completed all the objectives, stick around. Dont fly immediately
to the exit point. Kill creatures, gain mana, and gain experience in your
You may find a hidden exit, leading to a hidden realm, which may reward you
with experience scrolls or even a new spell (Use the Netherworlds map to
provide you with clues as to the location of the hidden realms).

* For economic recharging of your mana, fly fast toward your castle (assuming
you have one, of course. If you don't, build one now, you pathetic excuse for
a video games player) and hit the Backspace key when over the centre of your
castle. Press F3 to change the game speed to Fast, and wait until you are
echarged. Press F3 again to toggle back to Normal speed, and continue on your
way, (Master Wizard).

* Use the Barrel Roll (a distinctly underrated feature). Use this move
(hitting the left and right cursor keys simultaneously) to prevent all kinds
of creatures getting a target lock on you.
* The MetaMorph spell renders you one of them. That is, if you, say, come
across a huge swarm of bees, use your BeeMorph (MetaMorph level 1) spell to
mingle with them they wont attack you. Very useful indeed.

* If you DO decide to concentrate on Fireball experience, as mentioned
earlier, use your Castle Fire Tower as much as possible. Not a lot of people
know this, but every fireball the Fire Tower chucks out (successful hits only)
will contribute to your Fireball experience, therefore leading you toward the
Storm of blazing Fire.

* Use Speedup as much as you can, because EVERY time you use this spell you
will gain valuable experience, until you eventually become faster than light
(almost!) with SuperSpeed Plus. (Speedup level 3). It is not necessary to
speedup in any particular way or under any particular circumstances, to gain
experience, so if you have cleared a level: Charge up with mana at your
castle, and speedup up repeatedly around your castle until your mana has run
down. Return to the centre of your castle and charge up again (use [Backspace]
to stop, and [F3] to change game speed.

* Repeat this flying in circles like a nutter technique to gain Speedup
experience quickly and economically. It will be worth it when you can fly at
seventeen trillion miles per hour around the landscape, laughing at the slow,
inept enemy wizards. You may have realised by now that gaining experience in
the important spells is essential to progress in Magic Carpet 2.

* Concentrate on using your Rebound spell against Sentinels. Its the best
method of killing them, and will help you gain experience in this spell, until
you have one of the most powerful spell levels in the game: Amplify (Rebound
level 3). Once you have this, Sentinels will drop like flies at your command.

* The best tip of all: Get really good at the game and win. Don't die.

New Monsters
If you've played Magic Carpet you will recognise and will be able to deal with
some of the old favourites; bees archers etc. Here is a guide to some of the
new monsters.


Life 7500/80 Mana 3750 X 3 Damage 300/castle damage 60
One of the most aggressive monsters in the game. Persistent and annoying, but
not extremely dangerous unless encountered early on in large numbers.Far more
vexing that the cymmerians proper, however, are the three little castle-eating
bugs the creatures turn into when it's "killed". The bugs seem tohave a second
or two of invulnerability after they're created, to let them disperse rather
than just being wiped out by an extra Meteor after you killed their "parent".

Life 1000 Mana 4500 Damage 500
Although only really dangerous in very large groups in very close quarters,
devils are extremely aggressive, and on any world that has them you'll have to
periodically clear them out of your way and off your castle. They are
surprisingly good at hitting you from ambush. Small and agile, the preferred
weapon against devils is Meteor or another area-effect spell.

Life 600 Mana 300 Damage 300
Like bees, only nocturnal and less aggressive - fireflies never attack first.
Once they are riled, they do have a much longer-range attack than bees, but
they're more sluggish and easier to hit and evade.

Life 600 Mana 300 Damage none
Mana-on-the-hoof. Goat exist for only one reason: to be harvested for their
mana. They're completely harmless.

Life 920 to 1840 Mana 20,000 Damage 850
While the good-old wyvern may still be the single most efficiently destructive
monster in the game, the hydra is, hands down, no contest, the toughest to
kill. The life score given above is per head, of which there are seven, and
they regenerate fast. To kill a hydra, you have to get all seven heads reduced
to 0 at the same time. Once you have a hydra in range, it's merely a matter of
keeping the pressure on until it's dead. A good offensive strategy against a
hydra is to put Meteor on one button, Lightening Storm the on other, both at
the highest possible level. Then hit it with a continuos rotation of two
Meteors, one Lightening Storm (pausing as needed to rebuild your castle, of

Life 8000 Mana 4000 Damage 2000
Leviathans are the only exclusively aquatic monster in Magic Carpet 2. They
spend most of their time submerged, with only a tiny hump showing on the
surface. Every so often, especially when they're angry, they'll raise
themselves out of the water to strike at whatever happens to be handy (usually
you). They're only really vulnerable in those couple of seconds they're
partially out of the water. The only reliable way to hunt levathans is to use
yourself as bait. Follow the hump around at a low attitude, harassing the
creature with offensive spells (which won't do much damage while the thing is
submerged, but which will annoy it). When it rears to attack, blast it with
the most devastating thing you have - Meteors is preferred.

Mana Worms:
Life N/A Mana ????+ Damage N/A
Mana worms are completely immune to all of your attacks, so don't waste your
time. They can, however, be possessed, which will cause the creature to
undulate to your castle and be absorbed by the central tower. If you don't
have a castle, you can't Possess a worm, and if your castle is destroyed, you
loose all the unabsorbed worms you currently have possessed.

Life 10000 Mana 5000 Damage 350
Manticores are tough, mean, fast and travel in packs. Their green stun-rays
are more of an annoyance than a menace, but they can leave you vulnerable to
the monsters' leaping attacks, which can be devastating, particularly when
multiple monsters are involved. The important thing is to remember when
fighting manticores are keep firing and try to run ahead of the pack - don't
let yourself get surrounded. It also helps to fly high and attack from long
range, to make it harder for a manticore to hit you with a leap.

Moon Dweller:
Life 10000 Mana 100(initial) Damage 500 (auto)
Moon dwellers spend most of their time floating in the upper stratosphere, far
beyond the ceiling of your carpet. They show up on the all-seeing eye, but if
it's not too high the moon dweller won't be visible to the naked eye or within
range of any spells. They only descend to eat mana, and every mana ball they
eat adds to their mana total. A moon dweller has one of the most devastating
offensive attacks in the game - a high-power barrage of lightening bolts that
will rip right through most defences (an Invulnerability spell is preferred,
provide your energy levels are high). Your best bet is to hit first and to hit
hard, and with luck take it out before it gets a shot.
Life 36000 Mana 18000 Damage 500 (auto)
These floating stone heads are tough, but they have a glass jaw in the form of
the Rebound spell. The best attack against a sentinel is it's own attack
thrown right back at it. A Rebound spell backed up by a reasonable level of
personal mana makes sentinels almost embarrassingly easy to take out.

Life 5500 Mana 2250 Danger 100
Spiders are surprisingly hard to kill, due to their speed and their excellent
camouflage abilities. They try to pull you down to the ground with webs, then
sink their fangs into you. The worse thing about spiders is the tenancy to
attack from your blind spot right under the carpet. You'll have to do some
fancy maneuvering or use the Speed-up spell to lure the stalking spider onto
your line of fire. They also like to attack from dark, rocky areas where
they're most impossible to see. An area-effect spell like Meteor is extremely
handy against a camouflaged spider.

Life 16000 Mana 8000 Damage 1500
Big, tough and nasty, but slow. The biggest danger while attacking a
troglodyte is that another trog will blind side you while you're distracted.
Their attacks are severe, if they do manage to hit you. Staying high is a good
way to avoid these creatures.

Life 30000 Mana N/A Danger Lightening, Fireball 800 (auto) 1 Meteor 4500
In the final encounter of the game you go up against Vissuluth himself. It's
not particularly tricky - just a long, tough fight. Vissuluth is stationary
during your battle, so your tactics are simple. Go in with your best defence
spell up (Invulnerability is recommended), your best offensive spell ready,
and your personal mana levels high. Blast away until your Mana or life gets
dangerously low, then run or teleport back to your castle. As soon as you
recharge, do it again.

Life 4400 Mana 2200 Damage (auto):14
These strange and frustrating creatures do not physically damage, but their
eldritch moaning can drain away all your personal mana reserves and leave you
completely defenceless in a very short time. They also have the ability to
strip your spells from you, leaving them behind as a spell- jar you have to go
back and reclaim them later. There's no particular trick to fighting them -
just try to come in fast and blast them before can drain you.

For more hints, tips, advice and loads of other information, go to the Magic
Carpet II page.

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